Big Brother 20 Nominations! “Welcome to the block Fes!”

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 27th
HOH: ANGELA Next HOH: Aug 30th
Noms: Fes & Haleigh Have Not ?

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4:45pm – 6pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the nomination ceremony.

Angela Nominated: FES & HALEIGH

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6pm Angela in the HOH room by herself. Angela – AHHHHGGGGH… I hate Fridays! I hate Fridays! Tyler joins her. Angela – My heart is beating so fast! Tyler – that was incredible. That was so well spoken! It was perfect! Angela – did it make sense. Tyler – yes, 100%! You crushed it. Angela – do you think he (Fes) expected it? Tyler – not at all. Angela – I walked into the storage room and laughed .. this was so evil! Tyler – this was the exact move that you should have done. Welcome to the block Fes! Tyler — what did you say? Angela – Angela a day late and a dollar short. I would rather explain it to everyone than them one on one awkwardly to them. Why did you do that? I just told you, don’t ask any questions. And I am glad what you told me about Haleigh .. think about the timing. Angela – I wanted to make them feel stupid too… Like trying to pitch something to me .. I have had people that have been loyal to me for like ever!

6:10pm Bathroom. Fes and Haleigh. Haleigh – I am not shocked! I am definitely not shocked! So now what? One of us has to get off the block and we go from there. Fes – well one of us will win. Haleigh – you’re not the target.

6:25pm HOH room. Angela and Tyler. Tyler – I wonder who will get picked to play in the veto tomorrow. I hope I get to play. Angela – you always get to play. Haleigh gave me that I knew you were going to do that smile. This week is going to be so awkward. They watch Haleigh on the spy tv starting to run. Angela – that’s right wear yourself out for that veto comp! Kaycee joins them. They comment on how Fes and Haleigh probably won’t be up here any more. Haleigh had said she didn’t want it to feel like she was stalking you. Tyler – then stop stalking her?! Angela – even if he (Fes) does win veto and take himself off.. we will put up Sam and make her feel super comfy.. Then we’ll send Haleigh home. Just hope Fes doesn’t win HOH next week. Kaycee – I have a feeling he (Fes) is going to go this week. Kaycee – do you plan on telling JC what Fes said? Angela – yes. And then Fes also asked me what JC said. I just said that he was just seeing what I was thinking. Kaycee – that’s smart. You be making moves on your HOH girl! Angela – I really wasn’t trying to. Its scary. Kaycee – its a game .. if you were by yourself. .. but you have a team. Kaycee – did you hear Sam in the competition she was trying to buy promises. She said it to Haleigh, if I give you some chips, you have to promise you won’t put me up. Angela – are you kidding me? That’s such a Sam thing to do.

6:30pm Bedroom. Fes and JC. Fes – regardless if I sit on the block against Haleigh.. I go home. JC – why? Fes – because I’m a better competitor. I am not going to campaign against her. JC – did they tell you she was going to put you up? Fes shakes his head no. JC – I don’t think you’re going to go. You can win the veto. Fes laughs. JC – why are you laughing? Fes – because being on the block is funny. JC – I thought you were in here crying .. but you’re having the time of your life. JC leaves the room.

6:40pm – 6:55pm Haleigh joins Fes. Fes – you made it 66 days without going on the block. Haleigh – you’re only there because of me. I’m her number one target. Fes – since Scottie left .. whatever that meant. (Angela brought up Scottie in her nom speech because they sent home their own alliance member so how could she trust a deal with them.) Haleigh – I told you we couldn’t make deals with them. Fes – I know. That means one of us probably leaves this week even if one of us takes ourselves down. (Duh!) Haleigh – yeah. I know. Fes – you fell? Haleigh – yeah last night in the comp. I should have just won. They used your HOH to get rid of someone against them and now they’re getting rid of us. Fes – I know. Haleigh – I take two shots at them and I miss. And they take one shot and they will probably get of us out. Fes – who do they put up if one of us come down? Haleigh – Probably Kaycee. (Nope, Sam). Fes – lets just have fun this week. Fes laughs. Haleigh – its not funny. Fes – if were on the block together, I am going home. Haleigh – no you’re not. I am. We just have to get you off the block, I am not winning this game. I knew we couldn’t make deals with them. IF you take yourself off .. there is you and JC voting .. and maybe Brett but I think he is working with them. Fes – its just a game. Haleigh – I really wanted one of us to win though. This is like worst case scenario. I figure they will get one of us out, whoever stays will go next and then Sam and JC. Fes – can we enjoy this week… it might be a couple weeks before we see each other. Haleigh – yes. Fes – can we just say f**k it. Haleigh – no because if you stay here I don’t want them knowing this was a thing. I want you to make it farther than them. Haleigh – if there are havenots this week we are totally going to be havenots.

7pm HOH room. Angela, Kaycee, Brett, Tyler. Angela – if I have to pick havenots this week .. guess whos going to be a havenot!? Tyler – it is their turn! Savage! Angela – if I have to pick three people.. Haleigh, Fes… Brett – and JC! Its not that we’re upset with you JC, its that we know you’ll upset them.

7:26pm – 7:35pm Haleigh – I was thinking of talking to Angela. Fes – to say what? Haleigh – to see at what point that became a thing.. if this was something she was planning to do the whole time or what? I don’t want things to be weird between us. You don’t think it matters? Fes – its weird. Fes – I need to think about my exit walk. Haleigh – no you don’t. Fes – I told you I am ready to leave this motherf**ker… as long as you’re there waiting for me. Haleigh – I will be .. you need to prepare yourself for not leaving though.

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POETIC JUSTICE (noun): an outcome in which vice is punished and virtue rewarded usually in a manner peculiarly or ironically appropriate.

Botox Pelosi

I hate this battle back crap. It is too late in the season for this.

Elijah Clueless Cummings

I am not a fan of the Battle Back either but I must admit that seeing Rockstar get evicted again would be fun.


Yeah battle back is how production punishes good game play by L4……that’s the reward for playing flawlessly it seems.


bs, this is totally naive thinking… L6 is being helped by a production, someone is feeding them information… this is not coincidence that they always guess what the next comp is gonna be, they mentioned other little things that made me conclude this. Obviously the hive is making it even easier… but surely the game is rigged


Sure they get help but Bayliegh/Hayliegh(twice) got huge powers handed to them and they shit the bed…..L4 played their advantages flawlessly. Its up to the houseguests to use them correctly and the Hive were likely the worst alliance ever……and they won almost all the HOHs lol.


fair point!


They may be feeding L4 information, but they’re manipulating comps for Hayleigh.

I Stole Angela's Thong from The Hamper

FEZZY (noun;person): A clueless witless douche who spends 72 days in the BB House and knows less than when he entered the aforementioned BB House.

FEZZY (verb): ie “Pulling a Fezzy”. Acting in a manner by which you become a clueless witless douche who spends 72 days in the BB House and knows less than when he entered the aforementioned BB House.


Fester is super creepy with his pawing and begging with Hayliegh at night……how bad does this girl want to stay to tolerate him……I don’t think she likes him so she must be pretty desperate to stay…..reminds me of Austins creepy hand play with that dumbass twin lol.

The 2010 United States Census

How can you expect to be taken seriously when you wear your hat like that? I wouldn’t need any other reason to evict him.

Level 4 Rules

Fessi- Who flipped?

I Stole Angela's Thong from The Hamper

Gold Johnny!

King Silva

So happy these idiots are on the block together at last.

I can’t even...

Do they seriously think that nobody knows they are in a showmance? These people…omg…


No kidding, thats all I kept saying, moron fessieboy is rubbing off on moron haleigh. She is the one that thinks she is hiding it from the house, even with fessieboy and all his ‘duo’ comments, she still thinks the others haven’t caught on to them. As much as I like the way Tyler has played and I think hes played a great game, I look forward to the others comparing notes and realizing that he has deals with everyone, for some reason I think it will be sam who blows that up for him before anyone else does. LOL. Fessieboy and Sam should have been the showmance, both of them are brainless when it comes to this game. lol

Al Sharpton Wants to Hold Your Wallet

Way to go Angela. This is going to get ugly.

Charlie B.

Angela is a Boss.
She has more balls then the rest of these sissy ass’.


Oh yeah HUGE BALLS and she’s hiding them as usual in the HOH room! Real boss…

Smoke Show Angela

Fez spent his entire HOH in the room. He must be a eunuch.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

He bet all his nuts away!


Hiding them? She threw them in Fes and Haleigh’s face during the ceremony and told them to lick ‘Emelda.


Yes she is the boss, and for that reason I don’t really like her. She was not very nice to people even in the goodbye messages.

I Stole Angela's Thong from The Hamper

Mick, those people can go f@ck themselves! Angela is da boss! fan

Those people going out of the house were hardly nice to anyone. They all ran around talked shit about others, and then active like a victim! Fuck them! They should have really gotten ripped into! Not even Scottie went out like a champ, he at least on his last steps acted better, but he had done thrown everyone in the house at each other like a rat.


Amen…..the hive was a bunch of turds in the punchbowl.


No she is just a mean girl


You’re delusional and probably jealous.



That was well deserved for all these weeks being completely oblivious. Finally some chaos in the house again and we can’t stop the buddy buddy “no more blood on my hands” BS we’ve had to hear for months


Thank God! This ensures one of them goes. I’m so glad she didn’t put up Sam and took a shot at Fessy and Haleigh before they got a chance to take one at them. The only downfall is that The Hive is gonna control 5 of the jury votes. So they will all get together and decide who wins.

Dirty Harry Reid

You’re right but that is still a lot better than a Hiver winning.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

What’s the worst they can do?

Give 50k (on top of the regular show pay) to someone they really dislike.

Give 500k (on top of the regular show pay) to someone they really dislike a little less.


Winner and runner up do not get the stipend unless they’ve changed it. fan

Why wouldn’t they get stipend?


They don’t get the stipend because Big Brother doesn’t want to pay both.


I’m not sure they can get together and decide anything. That would take thinking, and that hasn’t worked out for any of them. fan

The hive is the first alliance that really never earned the right to have a vote. Its appalling that those people who have zero idea of the game they were actually involved in gets to decide who played the best at the final 2. They simply lack the qualifications. They should give Dr. Will and the rest of the L6 alliance a full week to explain the game, and then explain how they got out played in every maneuver, even when handed advantages by production.

Death the Kid

Angela- My heart is beating so fast. Tyler- That was actually incredible. That was the best speech I have ever heard. Angela- I think you are biased

told you so……expect marriage in 2 years

Tom A

I hate Angela, Tyler deserves someone waaaaaaaaay better.

Team Brett, Tyler, Kaycee, JC


You hate her because she has bigger balls than you.

Lee K

Everyone seems to forget that Angela or Tyler only got saved by the Kacee when she was the hacker, her balls are only in the house still because of production


Hypocrisy at its best. Haywhore got help in 2 straight comps.


Angela has burned several jury bridges which is likely to cause her to lose the game. The jury will def be bitter. Someone should tell them bitter and stupid is no way to go through life.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

They would be way less annoying as a couple than Brachel. Her voice alone makes me want to gauge my ears out of my head.


Yeah right. Angela is babysitting to minimize the damage that Tyler can do and to ensure that he doesn’t form a deal with Brett and Kaycee to get her out first. She knows she can’t trust the kid. Keep your friends close and enemies closer.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

It begins; Fessie telling JC he will not campaign against Haleigh.

I’m fairly certain he won’t, but I do recall how RS said she wouldn’t campaign against Bayleigh…while she was campaigning against Bayleigh. fan

Against Bay, she was counting votes against herself.

Dirty Harry Reid

I smell a new alliance coming. The Battle Back Hive member will join with the remaining Hive member in the house. Even if it is Scottie and Feysal they will team up because everyone sees Tyler/Amgela/Kaycee as a power trio. Sprinkle in Brett/jC/Sam any of which can switch at any time and you can shift the balance of power. Noting is really changing this week because at the end of the week there will still be two Hive members in the house. This is the best season yet and we have a lot of game to go. Buckle your seatbelts.


Whoever returns will have either Haleigh or Fez to join. Scottie will not work well with Fez, Fez will not work well with Blockstar. Bayleigh might work with either of them as long as they let her run things again but she’ll get tossed at the first chance. Not that it matters because Victor is the king of battle backs and he’ll return again=)


Even if Hayleigh is voted out, Fez will try to compete in the battle back as he will not have fully realized that he’s still in the big brother house. Quack, quack!


Scottie may be misted by Tyler and Brett to ignore Fessie and stick with them. I can easily see that.

Holes in the Hive

JC is the silent assassin.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Especially when he’s in the Have Not Room.


Yep. Sam was bargaining her chip in the veto. To Hay and someone else. Says if she gives them tokens they won’t put her up.
Oh. I thought she wanted to leave. Meh.

Fessi Super Genius

We really will see just how stupid Fessi is when he wins the veto and Hayleigh will expect him to use it on her. And he will.

Darrell G Irick

I would love to see him get evicted and than scottie coming back from Jury buy back and than tell him; i’ll make sure to take really good care of haleigh lol

Elizabeth Pocohantas Warren

That would be sweet.


Im hoping fes goes too. But the scenario you just painted would be even better. The cherry on top 🙂


Would love to see Hay go- she is the ‘brains’ of the operation. Fez will be just a blob of protoplasm (with or) without her. Plus it would be enjoyable to see her battle back against her old team. Then Hay can join the jury witches’ coven with Bay and RS. Bubble, bubble, BB trouble.

da f

These two are so stupid for putting up scottie, ruined their game…. just send them home. JC all the way. This year has been one of the stupidest seasons, brett should win the entire game for saving himself a dozen times!!!

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

This season has several strong players Tyler and Angela are killing it but don’t ignore Team Sleepers. Brett and jC are both playing a strong game too.

if a Hive member can make it to the finals there will be plenty of Hive voters on the jury and wacky Sam so anything is possible. What a season!


Brett and JC are both huge personalities and extremely popular on a personal level across the board, do not underestimate likeability for jury votes.

Elizabeth Pocohantas Warren

This Veto Comp is going to be a blood sport tomorrow. Either way Fez or Hay is going.

Kid Donny 07

Did they Tell Fess and H that the plan was to backdoor Sam? Those 2 will believe it.


Can’t wait to hear Angela’s speech. It sounds like it was a nice dose of reality for two living in a cartoon world.

*Knitting Faysal a Dumb Donald hat out of her best pink skein of yarn while singing…

“And I’m gonna sing a song for you
And (Granny’s) gonna show you a thing or two
You’ll Have some fun now
With me and all the gang
Learning from each other
While we do our thing

Na, na, na
Gonna have a good time
Hey, hey, hey!
Na, na, na
Gonna have a good time
Hey, hey, hey!”

Lyric’s source:


Fessy, Fessy, you BIG DUMMY, you had your chance. Ah well, Tyler FTW

Hi my name is Scott

Redd, is that you??

Hi my name is Scott

Hey Fes, how is that “Send home Sam and I be a genius “ thing workin out?


It’s working out OK, Scott. Once I win veto, Sam will go up and goes home, get it? So that’ll make me look like a Genius, right? Just watch me next few days and I’ll show you how it is done. Whoooooo


LMFAO GEE who didn’t see this coming?? FESSY!!!! IM DEAD LOL.

President Donald J Trump II

On the occasions that my First Lady Melania Trump is unavailable, I hereby declare by Executive Order Angela to be the optional First Lady. You will enjoy all the usual conjugal privileges that the First Lady and all my former girlfriends enjoy. MAGA2020


Angela is beautiful!


I feel so bad. fes and haleigh both think they are gonna be going home, both want the other to go further. Sucks seeing this. Hopefully whoever goes comes back

not me

they need to get over their pity party, they brought this on themselves

Level 4 Rules

Whereas I feel bad that they both can’t go.

Rigged Game

Mike, phuk you!


All these negative comments avput Haleigh, she is trying to play the game, biggest mistake is staying.loyal to Fes. Double eviction this wéek and Angela goes home would be awesome…

Hayleigh's Huge Mole

Hay is a mean girl. Good riddance.

Great season!

Agreed! She should have let Kaitlyn have him. She saw the game better than he did, but never really tried hard enough to help him get his head out of his butt. She wasn’t the best player, but she played like a brain surgeon compared to the moron.

I Stole Angela's Thong from The Hamper

Angela bent fezzy over, pulled down his pants, and went hardcore San Quentin on his sorry, pathetic, clueless a$$!!! Thank you Angela!


A little too much. Take it down a notch lol

Busta Fooligan

Just go already.

I Stole Angela's Thong from The Hamper

I would love JC to stir up more sh1t. JC to Hay And Fezzy—- “Whoever self evicts first, really loves and cares about the other person the most. Why don’t you prove your love to each other”????

Who said that!

Now that Fes knows how dumb he looks I feel bad for him.

Eh eh

I felt bad for him b/c his first dumb decision was to horn after Hay.


You guys are so annoying in the comments Fes and Hay are not crying because they are nominated you guys make it like a big deal its just a game people and there will be no drama just another boring week trust me why because we all know Fes is leaving no matter what if he wins pov he’s going to use it on Hay i think Hay and Fes just dont care at this point

Hayleigh's Huge Mole

As annoying as Fessi and Hayleigh have been all season?

Cra Cra

Wow, not one period. Did you have Fez as your teacher?

Rigged Game

Guy, your posts are annoying and you suck.

I just can't take much more

Kind of creepy…


Anyone else very impressed with how far level 6 got as a group? I feel like they’re the best alliance I’ve seen in a long time. No meltdowns or throwing their alliance under the bus as they get voted out.
Also side note, many of the evicted houseguests are emotional players so why are Angela and Brett messing their games up by talking so much smack, especially in their goodbye messages? What’s the point? No one in the house can see it. Although, it is fun to watch haha

Eh eh

Yup, except Rachel was a liability — actually getting played by the other side.


And that’s why they tossed her

The real rockstar

I’m sure Haleigh and Fesshole had the same reaction on their face when they go put on the block that Democrats had when they found out Hillary lost the election. There was a lot of crying going on that night.

Rigged Game

A great night!!!!! Maga

who me?

Actually they didn’t want Hillary in any way…that’s why Donald won

Fessy still doesn’t get it

The hive will have 5 members in jury and decide who the winner is….. and once they agree on who wins… one person will flip the vote and even though they are told who… Fessy will spend the next few months wondering who flipped and saying I have no idea what it going on here LMAO

Hive for the win

Serious Question—. I’m a huge big brother fan but have not seen all 20 seasons… working on catching up… anyway… as far as I can see Foutte/Hive has to be the dumbest/worst alliance in B.B. history. Am I correct to think so? Also Fessy has to be in the running for the worst B.B. player in history. Correct?


I started in 2003 with BB4 and have only missed 1-2 since then but I think you’re right