“Why this week.. this week is the worse one.. I Don’t want clay to go home, Why why”

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 2nd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 17-17-10-032_jpg

5:12pm Bedroom Vanessa, Austin and Shelli
Austin is telling her if one of them wins PIOV they have his vote.
Austin – You do have my vote.. but what am I going to do if it’s liz
Shelli – AUSTIN you staying is what put us in this position
Austin wonders if there is something they can do to flip this
Shelli – that’s up to you because apparently you’re working with him
Austin – NO, I’m still sacred for me, I was thinking it will be me or LIz
Shelli tells him to promise James 3 votes in Jury if they don’t put them up as the re-nominations.
Austin – I know what you did for me last week
Shelli – Seriously Austin that is why we are here, you gotta help us back you gotta return the favour

Austin will do whatever he can to save them.
Shelli tells him he’s got to fix this it’s because of him they are nominated
Shelli starts to bawl “Why this week.. he went back on his word in front of the entire house.. why this week.. this week is the worse one.. why this one.. I Don’t want clay to go home”

Austin will do whatever he can to save them.
Shelli tells him he’s got to fix this it’s because of him they are nominated
Shelli starts to bawl “Why this week.. he went back on his word.. why this week.. I Don’t want to go home”
Vanessa – his back was against the wall., He said CLay was his target
Shelli – clay is the target
Vanessa – he said just said it in front over everyone you heard..

Shelli say the odds are not in their favour James is trying to convince the house to not use the POV
Austin – he’s trying to
Shelli says Clay is probably going home this week.
Shelli says they should have sent Becky home , “Who cares about Becky no one sides with Becky”

5:34pm Shelli and Vanessa
Shelli is pissed Becky is still in the game, She regrets throwing the HOH says she could have stayed up they’re longer.
Vanessa tells her she needs to focus on winning the POV all this backwards thinking will not make it easier, “This game is not meant to be easy it’s brutally difficult”
Vanessa – you can’t control everything,.. new hand is dealt.. adapt .. every week a new hand is dealt… in the big picture you have had some pretty good hanes.. look at the other side of the house they’ve had shitty hands. .
Vanessa is worried Shelli will blow up her game. Shelli says she won’t she won’t out “Sixth sense”
Vanessa instructs her to play the game like there’s a out because there might be “Play in the POV play your heart out.. people come back from way worst in this game.. Dan almost went home
Shelli – he was on his own he didn’t have another person
Vanessa says they can make it if Clay leaves. Vanessa says she hangs out with Mel (Her girlfriend ) 24/7 and being away from her in the Big Brother House Is hard but she can cope. She’ll help Shelli cope.
Vanessa – don’t give up until it’s over

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 17-31-38-393_jpg
5:33pm Meg, Clay and Jackie
Meg saying she would have been ride or die with them if things went down differently last week.
Meg leaves – there’s still game to play POV is tomorrow”
Jackie to Clay “I’m still loyal to you guys

5:44pm jackie and Shelli
Shelli – why target us this week.. there’s still 12 players
Shelli is actually threatening them if one of them go home this week they will not vote for James in the final 2.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 17-50-32-569_jpg

5:49pm james and Steve Chess

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 17-54-54-016_jpg

5:56pm Shelli, Vanessa and Clay Sad
Clay apologizes to Vanessa what was said earlier today
Vanessa starts to cry says she’s shocked and sad she really is .
Clay tells her if she wins POV to use it on Shelli.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 18-12-08-727_jpg

6:00pm HOH Jackie and Meg
Meg saying everything would have been perfect if last week never happened.
Jackie says Clay and Shelli feel like they were “D1cked over”
meg – How were they d1cked over
Meg – You voted out my Shelli you voted out my Clay
jackie – You voted out my clay.. I asked her how would you feel if Clay left.. she said I would be devastated..
Jackie – Like I know
Jackie says they wiped Jeff out no questions asked.
Jackie – he can’t win (POV)
Meg – he can’t win

Jackie – they’ll f** us hard they are ruthless they’ve already been ruthless.
Jackie – last week they f**ed us so hard.. and I’m on my period you don’t want to mess with me when i’m on my period

Meg says she’s obsessed with Julia
Jackie likes Julia better than Liz, “She’s fun”
They don’t like Liz as much because of her link with Austin.

They agree if SHelli had won the HOH they would be on the block this week.
Jackie – we have to fire now before they fire at us it has to be done.. if I want to stay in this game Shelli must go
Meg – exactly
Jackie- if they both stay at the end of this…
Meg – there’s no way how will that happen
Jackie – that’s what I said last week
Meg- Ya Vanessa was up here
Jackie – F****G b1tch, She’ dangling right now
Jackie can’t believe Vanessa took out JAson, Says she should have put up Steve. This would have kept her thing with Austin and kept the thing with dark moon.
The HOH screen starts working shows the Kitchen
Meg – Do they eat 24/7 they are always in the kitchen
jackie – they are eating slop

James comes in (WOOT WOOT)
they tell him Clay is saying he would use the veto on Shelli
James- they know one of the are going home they just have to come to terms which one.
They agree Shelli has to go.
Jackie says Shelli has to go calls her “rabid”
James – She don’t stop
James doesn’t believe that Clay will use the Veto one hand if he does, “That just shows she’s a gold digger.. i’ll tell her.. she’s already pissed at me”
Meg – What Clay doesn’t realize once she’s gone he’s got a good chance in this game
James – OK clay let her go.. what are you trying to to marry her and have kids.. you came in here by yourself.. Dude she’s like 15 years older than him that’s gross..
James says when he was coming out of the vagina she was going to college
Jackie corrects him they are only 10 years apart.
Jackie and Meg say if Shelli wins the POV she deserve to stay but if she doesn’t she has to go.
James doesn’t see her winning the POV. He thinks she’ll crack under the pressure.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 18-23-09-707_jpg

6:22pm JMAC and Becky
Becky – I don’t trust jackie
John – she’ everywhere
Becky – that girl when she decides she has a target she’s a rottweiler she’s a pit bull
John asks if Shlli clay are the target
Becky – f*** ya
They agree Clay and Shelli did not handle the Jason blindside well, Vanessa was clear cut they were wishy washy
Becky – Vanessa is the smartest player in the game by a long shot.. there’s still 12 people in the house i’m going to stay on her good side
Jmac – me two.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 18-38-48-474_jpg

6:33pm Steve and Vanessa
Vanessa says she feel super betrayed, “they’ve apologized for throwing me under the bus” (Shelli and Clay)
They wonder if they can get Becky up as a replacement nominations. Steve wants to keep Shelli and Clay in the house as a target. Vanessa thinks they can Get Becky out.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 18-58-29-253_jpg

6:56pm CLay, Becky and Jmac
Becky saying how Vanessa has no idea how close they are

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 19-01-01-255_jpg

6:57pm Vanessa, Twins and Austin
Vanessa tells them she has a plan she thinks it’s going to work and keep them all safe this week.
Vanessa – Unfortunately I’m the centre of the showmance shit storm.. I’m the centre of the showmance Twins Shit storm.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 19-07-14-532_jpg

7:04pm Becky, Shelli and Jmac
Jmac had a vibe this was going to happen and Vanessa was telling him she had the vibe too and not to tell Shelli and Clay
Shelli asks them if Vanessa can be trusted.
Jmac and Becky says Vanessa is with everyone.
Becky – “We don’t know where Vanessa is “
Jmac – she’s trying to put the blame on you
Clay comes in
Shelli tells them that Austin is very loyal to Vanessa.

Clay and Shelli leave. Becky tells jmac they kept her safe last week she’s going to try and help them.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 19-11-28-585_jpg

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Oh mer gersh!!! Shelli actually thinks it’s Clay going and not her! This is pure entertainment!!!

Like...I'm Jackie

It’s about time that somebody has some balls! James is vulgar most of the time…but he just moved up my list!
Shellie needs to except the fact that she just met Clay! It’s not like they have been together forever…it’s not like they are brother and sister…eewww!


Shelli! I hope it’s you leaving this week, you old ass princess!…take your facial bleach, hair bleach, rub in tan, pedi egg, salt and pepper vag and get the steppin..instantly assuming Clay is leaving this week and not you….How much coulda wood chuck chuck!!!!
Leave Wally! The Beave must leave!


if only James knew the shitstorm of excitement he has caused for all the live feeders. They always talk in the house about what the live feeder “like”… James! We Likey!!!
This is EXACTLY what we needed. A shake up in the house. A crack in the big alliance. Game changer week. Hope noms stay the same. Will love to see the cry face on eviction night.


This week is going to be fantastic.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

It really will! If I were James, I would just threaten everyone. I would call a house meeting and declare the following:

Austin, use the veto and Liz goes up.
Liz, use the veto and Julia goes up.
Julia, use the veto and Liz goes up.
Vanessa, use that veto and Steve or Austin goes up.
Becky, use that veto and Jmac goes up.
Jmac, use that veto and Becky goes up.
Steve, use that veto and we will target you next week.
Meg & Jackie, stick with the plan and we’ll make it far in this game.

The door

Don’t let me hit ya on the way out!!!


I heard the same comments last week at this time when we all thought Austin was dead gone…

We should all wait till the POV is played and who James put’s up because it seems Vanessa is going to do all she can to get Becky up and then vote her out…

I do hope Clay or Shelli go this week though….

Team Edward

Why all the Becky hate?


I would hope that they’ve learned their lesson from last week, and don’t listen to a word Vanessa says. Jackie is onto her, and I think they trusted her last week blindly only to get burned. I’m HOPING that if she tries anything this week, they actually do their homework, and she gets caught. James, Jackie, and Meg finally seem to be catching on…we’ll see!


I can’t stand Becky. Any respect I had for her is completely gone, she is this seasons Andy. The nominations need to stay the same and Shelli needs to go! James needs to make at least a 1 week deal with the Austwins and I think that would be beneficial. I hope Vanessa does throw Becky under the bus, just so Jackie/James/Meg know but I hope they dont act on it and put her up or that would be the stupidest move ever! I’m still so glad James made the move though 😀

Canadian Bacon

I reeeaaaaly hate Jmac and Becky…Vermin!!!

B-bad owl

Becky is NOT Andy. Becky couldn’t shine Andy’s Big Brother shoes. Andy had a game plan that he played almost to perfection. Becky. ……well she is in the house. Ummm……..she tells people she is a player. Ummmm……she was hit by a train. Ummmm….she is ……..ok, I’m out of positive things to say about her.


Clay and Shelli DID help her last week, same as they DID hurt Jason. It makes sense she’d want to help them. How does she think she might do that though? Winning POV and taking one of them down? The other would still (likely) go. Unless James puts up Vanessa, then Clay *might* stay too. But that’s a BIG might and I believe him when he says he won’t put Vanessa up. Austin then? Austin would (I think) go, and Clay is saved. Not getting either Shelli or Clay out this week would be a failed HOH for James and mondo target on his back next week.

Chill this Town

I see some people giving J-Mac some BS for sitting around, I think his game is pretty awesome right now. he is watching big personality go one after the other, while he sits back. if he is as smart as his friends/family say…and I do believe they genuinely were surprised by how he is acting in the house(dumb, aloof)

all that said, Becky lost me when she goes up to Clay and Shelli and tells them about her “game” and basically throws J-Mac under the bus by saying how well he did in that previous challenge, and how they have an understanding. why…why….why….Becky could take down J-Mac’s game. that is why I can’t stand her more than anyone…she is not a good player and she tells people that J-Mac coached her up to stay? stop it! unnecessary information that gets your friends burned.


I’m not sure people are getting tired of Jmac because he sits around (which is so boring), but because he’s ratting on people every which way like he doesn’t understand what strategy means. A strategic Floater would hold onto information, and then release it when it most benefited their game. He, Steve, and Becky are all trying to help the Silent Six alliances when all of them are in fake (sub) alliances with members of the SS. If you’re Floating you should be helping the current HOH (to cover your own skin), and trying to manipulate them into targeting who you want gone.

And playing under the radar and sitting around are NOT the same thing. Jun played under the radar, but was active each and every week, while scheming and manipulating her way to safety. Jmac is more like a Jenn City or Enzo right now. Likeable, and gets carried along, because they keep the HG entertained, but I thought his package of being ubber smart on the last episode, was a bit over the top. Sitting around and waiting to play until their are 6 or less people left is not really deserving of winning Big Brother.


JMac “ratting out every which way” – come on…really? An overover statement to be sure. If he kept any more “to himself”, he’d implode. The guy can’t sit there entirely mute about game – he’d be viewed as sketchy as Steve is viewed. I don’t recall Becky saying all that about JMac from the posts (I don’t have the feeds), but I can’t see her throwing him under the bus. I think she was likely selling that she could bring him in. How would she possibly benefit from throwing him under the bus?


I didn’t mean for it to sound like an overstatement, but JMac has been giving information from one player to another for a while now. That’s just what I’ve observed from this site and other update websites and Twitter. And he and Becky have thrown each other under the bus. Whether they’re doing it intentionally or not is another question entirely.

I’m not sure why Jmac would implode though. He doesn’t play much game to begin with at least from what I’ve seen. He was close to Jeff, but now he and Becky are so shoved up Clay and Shelli’s backside, and Steve is so shoved up the Freaks and Geeks backside that they can’t see how expendable they are. If Shelli or Clay comes down, and Vanessa convinced James to not put up anyone else from SS that means Becky, JMac, or Steve would go up.


To be fair Becky, JMac, and Steve are all playing the (Rat) Floater game. But none of them are as good as Andy was, and I’m seriously starting to question any of their game strategies. How is it in their best interest to not target the Silent Six? Do they think they won’t become targets if James and Jackie are evicted?

Andy on a personal level was horrible, but from a game perspective he was awesome. Like a true Floater Andy understood the social dynamics of the house (like Jun, Dr. Will, Shelly Moore, etc). Becky, JMac, and Steve all put some trust in people who view them as expendable. Shelli, Vanessa, and Steve are pissed that Becky is still in the house, and flying under the radar. Steve is on everybody’s radar, and even Vanessa was thinking about BD him last week instead of Austin. Jmac’s saving grace is that he is more likeable (than Steve and Becky), but I’m not even sure it can be contributed to his social skills so much as he’s doing a good job of acting like the house fool.

At this rate Becky, Steve, and Jmac would have to take each other to final 2, because right now they’re all playing for second place.

Floating is a great strategy that is entertaining to watch, and deserving of a win if done well (Dr. Will, Jun, Andy, etc). But a lot of players try to be Floaters, and lack the social skills and strategy needed to do it well. (Adam, Joe, Victoria, etc). These “Bystanders” need to move out the way.


thumbs up if u LOL’d at Shelli’s big teared picture!


Must have been Shelli’s best Nancy Kerrigan impression.
Too young to know what I mean? Google it. Lol

tonya harding

nancy k is a spoiled, entitled beeotch


So funny. Ginormous Chicklet Teeth.

Love it!

Unfreaking real how good this game is now! James tore it up!!!


Go James!!


Wow, I am surprised JohnMac and Becky recognized Vanessa’s game now. That is why I am rooting for JohnMac. Other houseguests are clueless about Vanessa.

Captain Crunch

Shelli can dish out the lying and backstabbing but when its flipped on her she cant take it. The only thing that would make it better is if the POV is used and Vanessa goes up so its Shelli vs Vanessa on eviction night.


that would be the best case scenario. most enjoyable one to watch too!


It can be billed as…. The Battle of the Titans… or… Eviction of the Juggernaut. Shellderly and Vanuisance deserve to be on the block together!

Doran Martell

I love how all this stems from austin. And unfortunately jason leaving.


It might be to early for this but a punishment POV would be great. Ten points to HG that will shave their head.


Is it rude to say that I love seeing Shelli freak out and cry?


ah, NO. Lol


Not a bit!


I really, really, really hope James, Meg, or Jackie win the veto. Otherwise I think both Clay and Shelli will stay.


not likely, if either of shelli, clay or vanessa win POV, shelli and/or clay would still go home. liz up against shelli/clay will 100% stay. i dont think austin or julia are voting for liz to go out.

Jay Jay

If Clay or Shelli wins the POV, the only way to ensure that the other goes home is to put up Vanessa as the re-nom. Clay or Shelli will win against ANYONE ELSE.

B-bad owl

Assessment of the 2 Queens:

Truly disappointed in how Shelli is handling this (loving it lol, but disappointed). Her and Clay fully expected Vanessa to take the full blame for Jason’s eviction and keep them smelling like roses to the others. Now that her back’s against the wall she is falling apart and tearing apart her alliance. It’s the whole entitlement thing. She actually believed that people would simply love her and Clay enough to take themselves out of the game to benefit them. And in a few players cases. …..she was right.

Am fully impressed with Vanessa’s handling of this. As soon as Shelli and Clay started to turn on her, she began rallying the troops. Basic game play that is so often overlooked, but is the second or third most important thing that a great player has to be able to recognize and move on immediately when it happens.


Vanessa is a whole lot more self aware than Shelli. I mean, Shelli seems to believe her own lies.


Did chirstmas come early this year?


Nah, if Christmas came early, Jessie Claus would do what he did in BB14. And make this already great week a little sweeter.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

James: It did, and you’re welcome.


If Clay/She’ll/Vanessa win POV they need to put up Liz. Austin and Julia would be forced to keep Liz then. Hopfully somehow a stupid pawn like Steve doesn’t go up.


Did christmas come early this year?


I love Jmacs personality, but wtf, Shelli and Clay used you to throw BOBs, how are they good to you? Why are you loyal to them, you have never really been in danger except when Shelli put you there on purpose.
Becky, you are their snitch. Of course they show a good side to you when you run to give them info and all they give you is a pat on the head.

I think that whoever the replacement nom is, they are leaving the house. I really hope for some reason Clay leaves and Shelli wildly combusts then she gets voted double eviction week anyway.

Vanessa is not long for this game unfortunately, even though she’s not nom’ed she could be first few jurors.

Sunshine is the New Black

JMac and Becky are the new Jason and Meg.


And this is why I hate Johnny Mac, he is all for entertainment but is playing like BB15 Judd to Mccranda. I hope that clelli rat him and becky out to Vanessa and she wins the next HOH to send one of them home. Still crossing my fingers that one of Clelli leaves this week but this could misfire if James hesitates to put up Liz next to Shelli/clay if veto is played.


I wouldn’t compare JMac to Judd. I’d compare to BBCAN3 Kevin. This is evident in his early comp wins, having a somewhat clueless partner, and kissing up to the power couple.


That’s actually a fair assessment of JMac. But we all know how things went down hill for Kevin. Hooking up with Pilar really screwed up his game. He became so isolated from everyone else.


James may have a toothpick pee pee but he has b@!!s the size of grapefruits putting those 2 up….


Lol James and Jackie made me laugh on this post hahaha! It’s true, sheli needs to chill out, she looks like a cougar ugh. Disgusting! This season is full of creepy ass stalkers and disgusting showmances.


I was hoping the 6 sense alliance would turn on each other, I just never would have guessed it would be literally 5 minutes after nominating! They held out a whole 5 minutes! Too funny.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Now it looks like they are trying to get Becky put up. I am just a little surprised that Vanessa is trying to keep her six-person alliance intact. She should just be grateful that she wasn’t nominated. Does she not realize that Shelli or Clay coming off the block means she could go up as a replacement nominee?


She does realize it, which is why she’s going to want that POV BADLY! I hope this doesn’t fizzle out and Shelli ends up leaving. I’m hoping Clay staying helps JMac’s game.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

I would rather Shelli leave over Clay. Shelli is the only link between Clay and Vanessa. I don’t see Clay talking game with Vanessa once Shelli leaves. Clay will probably gravitate toward Austin, Julia and Liz.


Sorry, I wasn’t clear here. I want Shelli out this week – I don’t want her LEAVING to fizzle out.


If I we’re james I would use the pov
On clay and up Vanessa because liz Julia and Austin would never vote her out and if u include Jackie and meg she’s a goner


Shelli didn’t bat an eye when she put jason up and backdoored him and now she is crying like a bitch when she and her little boy toy get nominated

Butters Mom

Shelly DIDNT put Jason up and back door him… VANESSA did! I dont care what anyone says… influenced or not, the HOH is responsible for their own nominations.

Vanessa's Acne

Super glad to see big moves being made and BoB being done forever (hopefully). But I think that Vanessa should be the primary target this week. Everyone is acting like it was solely shelli and clay’s doing to get Jason out, well flashback to when Vanessa and Liz had their little talk, I’m pretty sure it was them that started to go against backdooring Austin. Now she’s acting like it wasn’t her fault at all in sending Jason out? I’m sorry but Vanessa and Austin disgust me more than shlay, and I hate to see them make it further than shlay. Either way, glad to see the underdogs making HUGE moves, props to james


Nah, if it’s Clay, Shelli or Vanessa to go home it should be Clay or Shelli. Those two are a known couple they’ll never turn on each other, Vanessa is flexible she could team up with anyone but Clelli are an obvious duo to the very end, like the twins. So they should be split up.


Why are Becky and JM still snitching? They have so much to lose and very little to gain.

B-bad owl

Because they like the taste of the Shelli and Clay kool-aid so much, that they will make a pitcher of it themselves just to be able to drink it.


Can’t possibly be as delicious as Shelli’s tears.

As the Scorpion told the Frog

It’s what they do. It’s their NATURE.


They are already trying to protect Clay and Shelli. This could end up seriously backfiring on James, Jackie, and Meg.

the coreys

Shelli or vanessa this week and I’ll call it a complete success

The Truth

I really hate Steve’s game. And I really hate that he has given Vanessa the idea to push Becky as a renom. Hope James holds firm, and if she pushes too hard for Becky that he puts Vanessa’s ass on the block — which he should do regardless.

But it looks like the Sixth Sense will all gang up on her — hit her with a train. Don’t budge James.


I can’t stand Shelly and Clay. They are the power couple who control the players and the house. They need to be broken up.


I almost believe Shellie from the previous post where she said production rushed to the nomination ceremony just before SheClay could talk alone with James. Because what’s going on tonight is clearly the highlight of the last two seasons!! Wish I was able to get the live feeds (have to wait until BB After Dark in an hour).

(Not since the Rachel meltdown from a few years ago when Brendan got evicted the second time).


Is everyone forgetting about last week when Jason was supposed to speak with Vanessa about being the replacement nom and production called her in for the ceremony? So stupid Shelli you’re getting yours this time.


…….Oh Simon and your screenshots of Shellie 🙂

Audreys Balls

So irritated to see the RATS John, Becky & Steve trying to save Screlli! Argh! Idiots~! They deserve what comes to them for being idiots!


Okay, as per (my) usual. How does JMac now sit? I’m pleased as punch that Clay and Shelli are up and hope Shelli goes, because I think that would be best for JMac’s game – somebody to work with, along with Becky. I wonder if Clay realizes how getting rid of Shelli would strengthen his game…


John doesn’t sit. He floats.


Does Jackie and Meg finally realize that Vanessa is just as big of a snake as Shelli?? It is about time. I want both of them gone….but IMO Vanessa is far more dangerous than Shelli. Vanessa can talk and turn things around.. Shelli on the other hand gets tongue tied. That is why I want Vanessa to go first, but heck, I will take any one of that group to go. Becky, Steve, and Johnny Mac I am very disappointed in them. They are under the impression they are riding with this group, and they are giving the other side valuable information. Idiots!!


Becky is the worst player ever! She has some of the worst judgement ever. Has she and John just became permanent floaters?


Shelli’s breakdown is feeds gold! Clay is a fool if he would seriously use the veto on Shelli.

Jmac and Becky are trying to play all sides, but they’re on people’s radars (esp Becky). Becky doesn’t trust Jackie who voted for her to stay, and whom she’s been semi working with, but trust Clay and Shelli? What a fool! I hope she learns that Steve and Vanessa are unto her, and that Shelli wanted her gone last week.

Nice to see Meg and Jackie so enflamed, now if they can turn that into more HOH wins they’ll really be able to take control of the house.

James is walking around without a care, huge change from when he put Jace up. I love it!


Becky is like the quiet girl in high school trying to please the arrogant popular girl Shellie. Stop running to her with info.


Seriously, I took that vote. How is it that even after all that’s happened, John is the most loved out of everyone in the house. I can see top 5. But 1st place…for weeks now? Why? He is looking like he is a rat for Smelli and Claytoris. A rat like Becky. Two rats that is not helping James, Meg, or Jackie side. You all say your happy for the house flipping but your still making John your favorite when he is planting seeds with Becky to help out the other side of the house that clearly don’t need help with all the layers of side deals and sub alliances going on. I just don’t get why John is still first in poll.

Guy from Canada

I thumbed up for johnny prior to James putting up Shel-lay. John’s games has been consistent, won some comps, socially liked, is sorta with everyone and with no one, really playing the best positional game socially and a comp beast when needed. Johnny will always be a top 3 pick I think for either side of the house, and that’s why he is number 1.

Chill this Town

so the house is in chaos, all the big targets are circling each other…and J-Mac is being an idiot for staying out of it, siding with the people who will keep him safe and out of the fray another week? really? he should go in there and make waves? why? he can easily have no one angry at him, use becky to do all his dirty work(he knows how bad she is, he likes her, but he is well aware that anything she does will stick to her even if influenced by him. its not easy to believe j-mac is capable of influencing anyone. its part of his current game)

I honestly can’t believe he doesn’t get more credit. incredibly entertaining on CBS, his DR’s are the only non scripted funny sessions, he has funny 1 liners while sitting around….and so far has been as cool as a cucumber on the block multiple times….he is showing he has the makings of a winner….

and I am sure you were bashing Jackie early game too for doing nothing…right?


Fans think that he is a mastermind and is playing Clelli but truth is he is the one being played. Clay and Shelli will never be loyal to him as they are to Vanessa, and with Vanessa in the picture, Austin and the twins will be more important to Clelli than him. Jackie even had a talk with him and he completely ignores her warnings. He will still probably go farther than the underdogs (they just can’t win shit and poor strategists) but I doubt that he’ll win with his current mentality.


i find him very likable and his gameplay/true feelings have never been obvious. Out of the house, I truly think he’s a really nice guy and he has absolutely no airs. I think he has done a great job building his house persona.
My main dislikes are Becky, Meg, Steve, but we can’t vote dislikes. Everyone else I think deserves a good chance to win after Clelli are gone.

I think if people are allowed to vote for only one Jmac wouldn’t be top, I think it’s just a lot of people think of him in their top 3. He is definitely in mine just for likability and pulling through tough weeks (was on the block and was very very classy about it).


It is a bit of a mystery, I get that. For me, it’s because I see him as the least obnoxious and entitled person there, simple as that. Seeing him (and Becky) as “rats” is unfair. Becky’s been taking heat for weeks for doing pretty much nothing. She’s simply making her (potential) mistakes now rather than 1-2 weeks ago. Both of them say very little to others (JMac far less than Becky, but Becky was on the block last week). What would you have them do instead? The “other side” only JUST came on top YESTERDAY. What was there to attach themselves to before yesterday? Nada. Austin and the Twins (!?!, I think not). I think JMac is now trying to edge out a group with Steve, Becky and himself, along with Clay once (hopefully) Shelli is gone next Thursday.


I don’t get it either Critty. I mean he’s funny sometimes (the rare times he seems to be shown lol). But I don’t get why him, Becky, and Steve are trying to shove their heads up the Silent Six’s a**es this week when they aren’t even the ones in power. Yet again we have players trying to be Floaters, but who lack the social skills and strategy to pull off (IMO) one of the better strategies to win.




james better not ruin his HOH in case shelli DOES actually win VETO and put up becky against clay. james needs to take out vanessa or shelli, any other nominee is a waste of HOH at this point. BIG targets please james.


I’ve never understood why players always say “it’s too soon to take out a big player”. Instead they want to target Steve, who is harmless. Are they just chicken $hit? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that James took a big swing at Clay and Shelli. Let’s hope he doesn’t lose his determination and wuss out and backdoor a stupid replacement…..like Vanessa did last week. She had the chance to get out Austin but instead went with Jason. So dumb if you ask me!


Shelli sure looks like she is loaded up on Botox. No wrinkles when she cries.


No she has a lot of wrinkles, I’m a year older than her and and at this age, you get self conscious and notice wrinkles in everyone. I am thinking she can’t afford Botox.

The golden power of cheeto

Now I couldn’t stand Audrey, but I’m laughing how Shelli was when she nominated a very close ally and now she’s sitting on the block. She can dish it out but can’t take it. Hopefully these next few weeks help the ratings. The show hasn’t been this good since season 8.


Becky is seriously one of the dumbest people to ever play this game.


Feeds must be great right now. I almost bought them, but students return Monday and I have to be ready, not off focus. Yay for James and getting them both up. I k we Shelli would crack when she was backed up to the wall. Clay will play the fake gentleman to show mama how sweet he is because he knows it Shelli time out. Shelli was funny while crying why does it have to be this week. Classic drama queen.


Vanessa the genius mastermind is going to solve everything! Here goes the crazy wheels again! They finally woke up and their light bulbs are turned on. They are not going to fall for it anymore! Hope James lets Becky know that they are willing to sacrifice her to save Clay and Shelly. If Vanessa denies it, threaten to put her on the block as a replacement nominee.

Foreal tho

Awwwwwww Shelli is having an Audrey moment. Can someone please get her a blanket, sunglasses, and a microphone, “is this real? Is this really real? ” LMAO

Chill this Town

you know, I have to say it. many of us have had no problem giving james his props. I want to see people like Britney Haynes and others start giving it up to freaking Jackie.

some of us on here were staunch defenders of her when she put jeff in his place, sat back and watched him self destruct, then wanted to keep the twins over the possibility of a returning HG. I have had her as a final 3 finisher from the start. I think she is showing more and more that this “floater” tag that these former players gave her was total BS.

why are people here calling J-Mac a floater? do we really have to go back to defining “floater”? he is sitting back watching the chaos. why should he throw himself into something that is playing out in his favor time and time again while others get a bigger and bigger target on their chests? he is playing a very Dr Will type game just without manipulating every eviction. and frankly, why should he? floating? he isn’t floating, like Jackie, he is just waiting for the time to strike…


Also I find it funny that she’s praising Vanessa and wanting to work with her while at the same time Vanessa is in the next room over plotting to get her out.


Vanessa gets to have some fun now. Becky and Johnny are digging their own grave. Poor kids.

I love how Jackie just sits around doing absolutely nothing saying over and over “fuck that shit. I’m going to take everyone out” lmmfao. You are irrelevant and the only reason you not gone already is everyone knows u are a idiot and no threat. Sit down and fix your extentions and fake eyelashes. They look ridiculous. And the fact u NEVER don’t wear them tells all anyone needs to know about your pathetic self.

Ok. Ha. This is fun. Watch Vanessa steam roll fools.

“She is going home as soon as she isn’t HOH!” Hey haters. Guess what? She not going home.



LOL!! Jackie, “I’m on my period, they don’t want to mess with me on my period!” LOL!! She keeps telling Clay & Shelli that she is with them all the while they and Vanessa are her targets. Becky has recognized that she is a “rottweiler”, when she has her sites set on a target there is no changing her mind.This is the fiery girl I saw on Amazing Race. Becky says that she can’t trust her. No, you can trust her, you are just scared of her! I hope Vanessa does throw Becky under the bus. It will again expose Vanessa for being not trustworthy and with Clay and Shelli, she will lose Johnny Mac and damage Becky. Vanessa is not all that smart, what she did last week and what she is planning to do to save a couple she will have to split anyway is just plan stupid! Would shelli do this for her? Hope Jackie wins HOH next week. If she does.. Vanessa will go up!


Good point, Vanessa trying to save players she will eventually have to split up anyway. She should just sit back and hope no one plays the Veto.


LOL!! Jackie, “I’m on my period, they don’t want to mess with me on my period!” LOL!! She keeps telling Clay & Shelli that she is with them all the while they and Vanessa are her targets. Becky has recognized that she is a “rottweiler”, when she has her sights set on a target there is no changing her mind.This is the fiery girl I saw on Amazing Race. Becky says that she can’t trust her. No, you can trust her, you are just scared of her! I hope Vanessa does throw Becky under the bus. It will again expose Vanessa for being not trustworthy and with Clay and Shelli, she will lose Johnny Mac and damage Becky. Vanessa is not all that smart, what she did last week and what she is planning to do to save a couple she will have to split anyway is just plan stupid! Would shelli do this for her? Hope Jackie wins HOH next week. If she does.. Vanessa will go up!

Clay must go

Clay needs to go. Shelly will crumble without him next week which will lead to more drama with her, Nessa, and Judas. WAY TO GO JAMES! Thanks for bringing BB back from the dead. Can’t wait for the drama with the witchy Shelly this week.


Shelli has to go, She can win comps. Clay will crumble.


Shelli, lies to Vanessa’s face, threatens James,guilt tripping Austin and blaming everyone but herself. She is grasping at everything right now!