“I want Shelli out if not than Clay either one of them has got to go”

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 2nd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 19-31-50-926_jpg

7:30pm Austin giving out rub downs

(Feeds have slowed down as everyone is planning on going to bed early for the POV competition)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 19-43-34-933_jpg

7:42pm Clay and Shelli
Whispering.. Shelli is concerned about vanessa telling John not to say they were going up.
CLay is done with working with Vanesa if they make it through this week. Shelli tells him they need Vanessa for now they needs the numbers.

Clay keep saying they have the numbers .,..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 19-49-59-933_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 19-57-39-788_jpg

7:49pm James and Steve messing around.. (One could say the feeds are sexy)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 20-31-41-899_jpg

8:08pm if this house was the entire body of human knowledge about physics. that little cue tip there is the knowledge he possess.

8:17pm I’m just pretending to lick it

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 20-29-53-892_jpg

Give the feeds a try 🙂

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 20-44-04-710_jpg

8:37pm Austin and Vanessa
Austin – it’s a field of landmines.. it’s dicey this week.. I think we have to wait for Veto before we make a move. I think it will be quick it’ll be tomorrow morning.. traditional schedule POV is 10AM.. POV players is friday night late.. that was old school..
Austin wants to have the Veto in his possession.
Vanessa does to. she hopes she gets picked.
They agree when Clay and Shelli go they will become the major targets.
Austin tells her he meant what he said last week “We’re back, We’re back in action”

Austin says “Chelli” saved him “I owe them, I’m in a tough spot.. a feel bad spot” ”

Julia comes in.. Tells them they were able to eat regular food even though the other twin was a have not.
Vanessa asks her if they have told her everything that happened last week. Vanessa starts to give her a light hearted racep of last week.
Vanessa says Austin going to jason had good intentions but was f***ed up “I Believe him at the end of the day there was no ill attempt.. I forgive him.

James and Liz joins they start chit chatting

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 20-46-51-796_jpg

9:00pm Steve, Shelli and Clay
Steve tells them James never told him who was going up, Steve just knew James was going to put up a power player.
Steve says he refuses to spend any time to think about factors that are outside of his control he only worries about the things he can control. (Steve’s a stoic, Marcus Aurelius would be proud)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 20-53-18-473_jpg

8:51pm Vanessa explaining to Julia how last week went down “My word is good

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 21-17-16-211_jpg

9:15pm Liz and James
Liz says they have his back with the vote.
James – I want to vote Shelli out if she gets stuck up there if she’s not than Clay either one of them has got to go
Liz thinks Shelli is more dangerous says Clay will have no one and will be easier to work with,.
James says Shelli and Clay were trying to get the twins up

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 21-18-12-203_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 21-25-30-365_jpg

9:37pm Shelli cries “We’re on the block for something we didn’t do because someone made a deal i’m so mad”

[envira-gallery id=”125333″]

9:37pm Liz and Austin

liz going over her conversation with James. Austin says one of them is going to wein the vteo ewithe rshelli or Clay, “that’s scarey”
Liz – why is that scarey
Austin – because he’s going to have to put up a pawn.. we’ll see who it is.
Liz thinks the only reason Shelli and Clay were with them is because they had the power.
Austin is worried if he goes up Clay and shelli are going to pull out so much shit about Judas.
Austin wonders if Vanessa can get them to put up Becky says they would then have the numbers to get her out.
Meg comes in points out that Liz and Austin are matching

Liz says they are trying to get their “nap on before heading to the dentist chairs.

See what they can’t show you on TV!

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Hype Squad

Has James become anyone else’s favourite player?
Becky is an annoying rat and I hope she gets outed
I hope Vanessa is next to go


Whoa, Whoa….that really chaps my ass!!! The pervert Austin puts his creepy hands on Becky’s sweet body!!!! How can BB stop this abomination! Immediate eviction! How dare you touch such a beauty!!!!


Why does it have to be the beautiful Becky that has to be hated on?
Her game is a product of Shelli’s insecurity, her inferiority issues with a younger woman…..I find it rather predictable with a woman of her age acting the away she is, struggling to maintain a relationship with a younger man…..your world is crumbling, show some maturity and know when your old goose has been cooked….let young adults passionately collide and step aside….Please leave gracefully crow


I’ve always liked him, but we just didn’t see any big moves with him

Bye Bye 6th Sense

They really think this is going to work out in their favor? If Shelly or Clay come down, either Austin or Vanessa is going up. The alliance is dead. It’s time for them to start aligning with the floaters before they go down too. There is no way Andy…I mean Becky goes home this week. Shelly, Clay, or Vanessa are going home. I am one of the few who actually liked the 6th sense, but there is no way in hell that all 6 are safe after this week. It’s cute that they think so though.


WOW WOW…brilliant caption BB/Simon…Austin stalking threw his glasses….
This is more serious than I thought.


Shellie n Clay blew it by overreacting and burning their bridges
Also the original plan was to put Liz n Austin on the block and backdoor Shellie
Then Shellie n Clay tried to BS James … That is what changed James mind
on the backdoor plan. So Shellie n Clay dug their own graves
This is what Clay gets for making freakin deals with every person in the house
All the girls n the house r stupid for wanting to keep Clay because they think
he’s good looking or whatever … Clay pissed me off last night during the comp
He keep trying to throw it like a fool and Shellie kept telling him NO
(just as I predicted yesterday)
Clay is a horrible player and a wussy … hope he goes
I liked the freaks n geeks better than 6th sense anyway
Anyhow should be a good feeds week

6th Sense

I like sixth sense too. I don’t understand all the hate! Is it because they have been so strong? I guess viewers tend to root for the underdogs? It’s just been nice to have strong females running the house this year. For that reason, I’ll be sad to see Shelli go. She is definitely the strongest player in the house so far this season. I would say Vanessa is a close second

big bro

Seems like people are more interested in getting into jury then rather trying to win Big Brother




Lol so true!


Hahahaha! Oh my gosh Simon! *Shelli and Clay* … “Fear”…

I love how the HG are still bringing Audrey up in conversation. She may be gone, but she’s left a lasting paranoia in the house that’s finally caught unto Clay and Shelli.

Clay needs to let Shelli go down in flames. He doesn’t realize that he would be in a great spot without Shelli.

I hope a lot of stuff gets leaked this week, so people have more reason to target other people instead of James, Jackie, and Meg. Becky and JMac could go after Vanessa, but would rather “be on her good side.” Vanessa on the other hand is ready to burn Becky alive lol! I can’t wait to see what she tries to pull this week.


this week has me on the edge of my seat!!!! Can’t wait for pov to be over!

After last week I’m not holding my breath. But seriously. SO EXCITING.

Captain Crunch

Shelli is being over dramatic about being nominated. I guess now she know’s how Day, Jeff and Jason felt about being blindsided the only difference is she gets to play in POV they didn’t.

Chill this Town

Vanessa is doing a pretty amazing job of cleaning up the messes she creates. she is riding this fine line with shelli and clay…now it won’t matter with 1 gone….and still has Austin/Twins going for her. the Twins are her shield from Austin’s crazy ways. Steve appears to like her but with Steve’s recent DR/voting madness I have no idea what that guy is really thinking. People still trust Vanessa, its kind of amazing. Is it possible she will play one of the most mistake filled games and still win? 50 percent sure.

J-Mac remains off the radar despite being very competitive in challenges, and well liked….maybe Becky can go home next week and somehow Jackie and J-Mac can team up. I feel like that would be such a strange pair that it would totally work. get it done DR. Jackie needs a real partner, and J-Mac needs anyone but becky….sorry J-Mac’s love life, you got to take a hit on this one for the betterment of your game.


I think Jackie, James, and Meg are in a great spot going into next week. Assuming Shelli or Clay go this week, the other side of the house is so weak. You have Julia, Liz, Austin +Vanessa floating inbetween groups, Floaters (Jmac, Becky, Steve), and Shelli or Clay by themselves. All James, Meg, and Jackie need to do is group up with Liz, Julia, Austin on one week deals as it seems they have mutual agreements for now. Vanessa’s game is kind of detioriating in my opinion, everything she has built has been wrecked in a matter of days, but she is doing good with what shes working with atm. GO JAMES, MEG, and JACKIE!!


All u folks who said that James meg Becky etc had no game guess what they are still there. I hope shelli falls down or screws up bad and stays on the block. Clay is harmless shelli is such a phone here true colors are coming out now. Bury her!!!!!


I think James, Jackie, and Meg could be in a good spot especially if people start turning on each more this week. I don’t see Austin or the Twins using the veto (Liz lied to Clay and Shelli about using it). Vanessa might, and if she tries to push putting Becky up on the block or Shelli pushes putting Steve or Jmac up on the block, and James uses this information against them, than other people may target someone else in the DE besides James, Jackie, and Meg.

James, Jackie, and Meg should definitely try to get closer to Austin and the Twins o make a deal for the DE.

I think so long as Jmac, Becky, Steve, and Vanessa don’t play veto, and Shelli loses, then Shelli will be most likely done.


All of you do realize out of James, Jackie, Meg…Jackie and Meg can only play in HOH. We all know Meg isn’t going to win sh*t, so that leaves only Jackie.

At minimum one of them will be on the block next week.

Down vote me if you want. Just being honest, not living in la la land.


10 thumbs up. These commenters think that James won HOH for the rest of the season. BTL, he’s toast unless Jackie does a Hail Mary in next week’s HOH, and I doubt she can do that because of all the dicks she’s promised to put in her mouth – she’s gross.


Cry me a river, I can’t get enough of Shelli and her pity party. How does it feel? James doesn’t owe you anything. You aren’t Little Miss Sunshine like you try to portray. You dug your grave now lay in it! Team James/Jackie/Meg all the way. Now if only Steve and Jmac can join in on this awesomeness. screw the sixth sense

Bye Bye 6th Sense

Meg is a huge floater. She’s not going to win anything ever. She makes Victoria look like a power player. How can anyone root for her. I get rooting for James. He’s been HOH twice in 6 weeks while still not aligning with the power group. I even understand rooting for Jackie because she’s not afraid to make a big move. Meg though, she’s useless. She’s going to float at least to final 6 because everyone knows she isn’t a threat. I’m still hoping Johnny Mac pulls out something, but I understand why he is flying under the radar for now.


I get it about Meg, I never thought I would have been rooting for her but she has seen the light with regards to Shelli. She is a number for James and Jackie, I don’t want her to win the thing. My dream team would be Jmac, James, Jackie and Steve. Pick off the 6th sense, then the rat Becky.


Meg isn’t a Floater. She’s been with James, Day, Jason, Jeff, and thought she was with Shelli/Clay, and now Jackie for the entire season so far. And besides Meg has won a BOTB, and the only comp Victoria won was a veto that was given to her. And it’s still many comps left. Austin and the Twins don’t have the best comp record either, so are they useless?

JMac, Becky, and Steve are the Floaters in the house who only Rat on other people. I’m not sure why they think it’s such a good idea to gang up with SS to take out Meg, Jackie, and James, when the SS would do the same thing to the three of them. Those three are terrible Floaters, and don’t realize that it would be in their best interest for Shelli t go this week. Flying under the radar is fine so long as you continue to actively play the game and make moves other than ratting on people. The only person to win after only really playing with 4 people in the house was Jordan, and she was one of the least deserving winners ever.


Ok meg isn’t floater. She just royally f*cking blows at comps.

She will never win the show, because she could never win comps at final 3.


At this point of BB last year, Victoria had won one BoB. She won two in total.


Just lick Victoria everyone in the house would want to sit next to Meg in the final. Its an automatic win.


I like the distrust in the 6th sense alliance. If austin was to be picked for veto and win it, that would he a super interesting scenario… it would almost be the most fun to watch James would tell him Liz goes up if he uses it but then he has Shlay threatening him with everything if he doesn’t. Could be a great time, for us viewers anyway :P. I want becky gone too soon though, not this week but definitely soon. She is such a rat and I can’t stand her. No respect for her game whatsoever. Hopefully Jackie/Meg can keep this up and win HOH next week! Can’t wait for POV

Amanda queefs slop

Seriously say what you want about shelli and clay, but fuck Vanessa. She should own her own HOH instead of pawning it off on clelli. For being a “straight shooter” she sure is playing a pu$$y a$$ game. No respect for her at all. She is the biggest hypocrite in the house.

but why

this is where I just don’t get the haters on here

ITS A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!! Shelli and Clay are on the block, and ARE taking the heat for removing Jason. its actually working. people who sit here and act like lying is a bad strategy in BB drive me bonkers!


Shelli is the devil


Just wondering what happened to Jace’s picture? LMAO. He must not be very important:) Julia replaced him.


altho I DONT CARE if Becky goes home cos shes acting like a rat..I rather Shelly! Becky can go home next few weeks but now it should be shelly. Dayvonne Audrey Shelli’s all girls alliance (the first alliance of this season) not 1 will made the jury AHAHAHAHAHAHA. im loving Jackie shes not afraid of anything if she targets
sonebody she cant be swayed!




James, For the LOVE of God if Shelly/Clay win the POV do not put up Becky… That is all… 😀


James is so f*cked next week. He will have 75% of the house that will put him up. Meg won’t win sh*t. So he is even more f*cked.

Meg's Twig Legs

James has one person in next weeks HOH…Jackie, because Meg’s twig legs are useless.


I would love to see Liz, Julia & Austin get picked to play in the veto ….that would be funny as hell….

skeptical onlooker

Did I read correctly???? Shelli says JAMES is on a POWER TRIP???? Eh. That’s called transference.
Interesting to see how Shelli is acting..now that’s she’s on the block. However..unlike Jason she gets to play in the POV.
What I see happening…( and this gives me a jolt of satisfaction)…Vanessa et al…in wanting (needing) to sacrifice becky..will spill the beans about what a rat becky is.
And..we KNOW..the Only reason Vanessa and Austin want to save Shelli..Clay..is because they * be Very, VERY scared..that Shelli will crack and tell all.
And do you know what? If Shelli is still on the block after POV…she WILL tell. She is a cold, fake, calculated woman.
I can’t wait.


I actually hope Vanessa throws Becky under the bus, this will open up another can of worms. Jackie and Meg finally are onto Vanessa, and I think they will tell James not to trust Vanessa, in fact they might be smart enough to get the other side to use the veto and put Vanessa up


Ladybug in every post you hate on Vanessa. So how mad you going to be when she wins the game?

And this to you and everyone else: We have to hear people in the house say “throwing me under the bus” 96 times a day. Can we all agree on not using it here? Can we agree it’s over used to the point of barfing? Now people will be mad I told them not to use it here but who cares. You don’t have to read what I write.

vanessa's joan jett eyeballs

James is a smoke bomb


Was james really in the military???? What part and did he ever go to the middle east????


Bless her heart. But Meg is useless at comps. Her knees are jacked up, now I know why she walks the way she does.

She is actually worse at comps than Victoria, but she isn’t as clueless as Victoria.

Jody H

Maybe Clay is saying to take Shelli down because he knows people like him a LOT better and he would have a chance of having the renom go instead?? Still way risky though..


Clay is becoming a special kind of stupid isnt he?


Clayfus has always been that way.

Brad H

I can’t believe Clay actually asked Austin to save Shellie if he wins the veto lmfao. Is he seriously that stupid?! I really hope he gets HG choice & picks Austin to play in the veto. Then I hope Austin wins the veto & doesn’t use it. That would be sooooo perfect (:

Brad H

Becky is so stupid for being Shellie & Clays informant when those 2 are going to push for her to be the replacement nom. J Mac & she needs to put some distance between the power couple, who happen to be on the block. It’s only a matter of time before Shellie & Clay tell everyone that Becky has been telling them everything.


Cry me a river Shelli you have done what is being done to you to almost every evicted houseguest except like people said on here you get to play for veto. She wins veto they should put up Vanessa. And really should evict Vanessa over Clay who’s a weak player at both social and physical parts of the game. None of this Steve or Liz as a replacement too risky.

another name

it’s Friday. I’m assessing the day. i’m not going to celebrate and go wild with speculations. If last week taught anything: don’t count your chickens.
happy to see shelli and clay on the block. happy to watch their meltdown. I’m an a$$hole, I enjoy watching them squirm because I don’t like them.
there is still what I estimate to be a 25-30% chance both of them could stay. There’s even a chance that the evicted houseguest could be non sixth sense. Could be Becky or John if one of the nominees wins veto and one of the sixth sense or nominees betrays them for tipping shelli and clay off. Until after the pov, i’m not going to get excited. I don’t know who will be on the block for the eviction vote.
what do we know? Post eviction the majority of the house will probably still be aiming for James, Jackie and Meg to go home. Probably in that order. If they sit back now thinking they’re safe, the posts next week are going to be pretty ugly.
Anybody can break a deal now. After two weeks of deal / alliance breaking, lol, promise anything. who cares. do what you want.
Could get pretty entertaining. Could get pretty cutthroat. And nothing is written in stone yet this week.


>.> I hate it, but because at the start I was rooting for Austin, despite him being a moron and creepy, I can’t help but keep rooting for him


I love how fast Vanessa, Austin and Liz turned on Shelli and Clay I get jumping ship, but wow hey did even wait two seconds. And this bull about it being Shelli and Clay, who got Jason out Vanessa was HOH, Jake also voted against him. Vanessa needs to go and go..she was also the one that took out Jeff on a set up lie..man these people are stupid.

I am not a huge fan of Shelli, but this is some major bullshit!


One of them is going to stay and I hope that one gets HOH next week and goes after Liz and Vanessa!


At around 1130 pm “Vanessa tells Shelli & Clay to be careful with the twins because they need their votes.. Shelli and Clay swear they have never badmouthed either of them. Vanessa asks them if it’s true and both say of course!”
I guess they don’t realize that motor mouth James has already told everyone
that Sheelie/Clay threw Austin/twins under the bus
They are throwing out the shovels and bringing in the backhoe to dig their graves
What fools!

Jay Jay

If James wants Clay or Shelli to go home, he better put up Vanessa as the replacement nomination. Anyone but Vanessa will go home over Clay or Shelli. If it’s JMac, Becky or Steve, the vote will likely be 7-2 (maybe 6-3 if Vanessa throws Steve a vote). If it is Austin, Liz or Julia, the vote will likely be 5-4 (maybe 7-2 Liz and Julia discard Austin).

This decision will be crucial!! Has anyone seen any discussion or strategizing among the James/Jackie/Meg alliance about this? I have not seen any and I am hoping its because I am not a feeder. Thinking ahead on stuff like this is what separates winners and losers. Vanessa and her crew would have already planned out all the permutations (and assigned probabilities). This crew, on the other hand, seems to be only basking in the glow of the big move and and not doing the necessary thinking ahead.

Triangle of Love

Your math is wrong. Put up Liz for renom, which forces Austin/Julia’s vote onto Shlay. Vanessa will also vote to save Liz, which brings along Steve’s vote, as he has no loyalty to Shlay.

Vanessa understands this equation, thus her focus on Becky as the re-nom, it allows Van to take control of the Aus-twins 3 votes.

Jay Jay

The math is not wrong. We simply disagree on whether Vanessa’s vote will be to save Clay/Shelli or Liz. Based on what I have seen Vanessa say, Vanessa values the Clay/Shelli relationship more than she values the Austin/Liz/Julia relationship (as evidenced by the plan to take out Austin last week). Vanessa could be lying to Clay/Shelli (as that relationship does seem to have been fractured a bit), but I believe they are much better for her game than Austin/Liz/Julia (if only to subsequently face a 2, rather than a 3, person alliance).

Vote up if you think Vanessa would vote to keep Clay/Shelli and vote down if you think she’d keep Liz.


At one point early in the evening, Meg & Jackie found out Clay would use the POV on Shelli. When they both heard this they told James, one of the 3 of them need to win the POV and if it’s a comp POV, not take the comp. Meg & Jackie then said they feel like they should take Clay down and leave Shelli on the block, because they feel they could work with Clay.
I don’t know if that is still their plan