“Why things gotta be so awkward.. like Listen, just give him a hug”

POV Holder: James Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 3rd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 17-08-58-677_jpg

5:05pm Chit chat.. Jedi drilling

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 17-11-34-681_jpg

5:08pm Jackie and Meg
Jackie – If we can get rid of Clay than Vanessa.. we’ll be home free
Jackie seems to think someone is coming back from Jury
Meg isn’t sure
Jackie – I feel safer with Clay than Vanessa
Meg – If I win HOH I won’t be able to put Clay up.. we gotta play it like we’re going to .. Austin and the twins are starting to second guess keeping him
Jackie – they have to vote the way we want them to that was the whole plan.
Meg – do you think Austin and the twins will keep with what they are saying.
Meg is worried if they win HOH they will put her or Jackie up.
James rolls in they start talking about the vote (lots of whispering) . Sounds like james is going over a conversation Steve had with Clay at 5 in the morning.
James says dinner is going to be 7 or 8ish
James says Vanessa of course wants to get a temporary group together so they can all survive double eviction. james says he walked in on Julia and Austin talking game, “I thought we were all on the same team”
James claims if Austin walked in on them talking game they would just keep on talking. James warns them to keep their eyes open..
Julia walks in they stop talking about game and start talking about the food they are getting.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 17-53-22-462_jpg

5:24pm Backyard Liz, Austin and James
James says he thinks Jmac is going ot win. Austin isn’t sure says you have to do more than win a couple competitions to win the game. Winning should be the person that was involved in plays and almost went home but fought to stay.
Joking around about the “Beef Cakes” and the “Cup Cakes”
Beef cakes are male staff that help with the sets
Cup Cakes are the female staff that help with the sets.

James says some of the cupcakes are cute. they agree the staff work very hard.
They start talking about the HOH Austin says Meg needs to win it. James is going to run up and give her a kiss.

Austin jokes that Steve’s body will explode if he wins the HOH.
James – I think Vanessa wants to have a meeting.. keep people safe for double eviction
Austin – I think that’s a great idea sh1t keeps us all safe.
James is still going to pack for Double eviction “You just don’t know.. I have my stuff all over the house”

James leaves.. Liz and Austin start to snuggle.. he gives her a bunch of kisses on the cheek. She rubs his body.. Tells him they can make out if he wins the HOH.

Austin makes a comment that she’s so resistant makes life “Difficult”. They both rub and hold each other it’s definitely a more mutual encounter than we’ve seen in the past.
They agree they don’t trust jmac any more

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 18-08-10-528_jpg

6:10pm Austin and James working out
“Brass tax” is what is said when you lift a heavy rep and your form is clean.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 18-15-55-658_jpg

6:14pm James, Jackie and Meg
JAmes says Clay and Shelli are having a hammock date so his workout has ended.
James – Why things gotta be so awkward I want to go out they’re be like Listen just give him a hug

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 18-18-51-075_jpg

6:15pm Bathroom Vanessa and Liz
Liz is saying she was talking to JAmes and Meg and they want to keep Clay. They say it protect Austin
Vanessa- they don’t give a f** about Austin
Liz – they don’t mention you at all
They bring up talking to JAmes so they have an agreement going into the Double eviction. Vanessa proposes they target whoever is left from Shelli/Clay. It doesn’t matter Freaks and Geeks will protect the person as long as they don’t get put up.
Vanessa says Shelli was pissed at Austin because she felt he should have done more to protect her and steve because they did a lot for him last week. Vanessa adds Austin has a lot on his plate right now he was trying to protect himself and the twins.
Becky rolls in

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 18-15-18-665_jpg

6:18pm Hammock date.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 18-52-51-832_jpg

6:33pm Hammock Shelli, Clay and Meg
Clay – it’s such a fun group of people
Meg – I’m going to miss you two together
Clay says the only person he doesn’t think he’ll be close with is Audrey.
They wonder what twists are coming out this was supposed to be the season of twists and lies. They believe Audrey was lying about her job they think she was a psychologist or therapist.

Shelli wants a twist she says she loves running to the living room when they hear the takeover jingle.

They wonder what happened to the takeover.
Meg – we’re either not knowing about it or they they.. it’s not worth it
Clay – there’s got to be another big one…
Shelli and Clay say the season is boring without a twist. (only when you are both on the block would you say this)
Meg leaves.. They wonder why they were targets believe it’s because they were a couple. Meg is a great social player and still able to fly under the radar and not winning anything. They thinks it’s kinda like Victoria last year.
Clay says if he stays he’ll put up Meg and James. There’s nothing James/Meg can do to keep Clay from coming after him. Clay is thinking Austin and The twins will put them up whoever survives.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 19-02-37-524_jpg

7:02pm They got 8 beers and 2 bottles of wine. Plus food from a place called chipotle
Have nots can eat the food but not drink the Alcohol.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 19-02-32-522_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 19-16-10-740_jpg

7:30pm Family dinner

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Not a big fan of Chipolte- I’d probably rather have slop. LOL!


Vanessa is Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs!

Sizzling Wok

Confucius say……Man with hand in pocket not crazy…just feel nuts

Anonymous 2

You mean Cocoa Muffs!?!?


Actually, Chipotle is pretty good…at least the one I go to in Brooklyn, NY.


Actually, Chipotle is pretty good…at least the one I go to in Brooklyn, NY.


At less they made a good food choose!


Who’s got the biggest forehead….Shelli or the twins….


I once watched a wrestler smack the shit out of a (I think it was a reporter ) who asked the wrestler about the sport being fake. Afterword… The wrestler said, now was that fake?


Are you talking about Andy Kaufman on David Letterman


It was John Stossel getting slapped (might be late 1980s): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrX9Ca7LSyQ


Holy sh!t that’s gold, thanks for the laugh


This Thursday, Shelli will be crying outside big brother house!!!! Too bad Clay is useless.


So true….Shelli and Clay’s relationship is receding faster than Shelli’s hair line…

Where's Chloe at?!

Jackie looks like one of the ninja turtles in that armour. I wonder how Jackie and James will feel when they find out Shellie may be staying? I hope James can convince Austin and the twins to not listen to Vanessa and get Shellie out. I’m not sure why Austin and the twins are worried about clay as if he’s really going to side with the house that got Shellie out. They’re really not thinking. Shellie may be gunning for James but she wants Austin out too because she really thinks he didn’t go to bat to save her and Clay. He’s still dumb as a bag or rocks to let Vanessa tell him otherwise and not realize by now Vanessa is looking out for herself only and need them to further her own agenda.


I always get a chuckle out of people complaining that a player is only thinking about themselves. theres only one winner in BB

Anonymous 2

Well, first off…if you remember, Vanessa told him they (Austin & the twins) had to vote out Clay…in doing so, Austin & the Twins would have to go back on their agreement with James to vote out Shelli, so now Austin is ‘acting’ upset about everything Clay is doing & saying. Frankly, Austin just comes off as one big puss…a huge vagina (sorry & luv you ladies) & sad.


Austin looks like a pitbull but acts and speaks like an overgrown poodle.


No offense to poodles.

Anonymous lol

Hey Anonymous 2,
You said no offense to females for calling him a big vagina, but think of all the abuse a vagina takes, a whole lot more than “balls” do. Can you imagine him going through the pain of childbirth? I think he’s a dirty scrotum, and empty one at that!


Was reading through some comments earlier and realized that so many of the people who comment on this board are so silly.

Clay decides not to campaign and gently bows out so Shelli can stay. You guys complain that he’s a quitter and doesn’t deserve to be there.

Shelli goes to Steve and asks for votes/starts mildly campaigning. You guys complain that she’s a dirty player who turned on Clay.

Me thinks you guys just like to find reasons to complain. They campaign? You complain. They don’t campaign? You complain.

Simon/Dawg – Thanks for the excellent site and all the work you put into it… But some of these commenters are off their rockers.

Anyway. Hoping Shelli stays. It’s the smarter move for the majority of the house, she’s a better player, she wants it more, she knows how to win comps, she’s willing to play hard and definitely won’t be afraid to get her hands even dirtier especially if Clay leaves. Isn’t that what we look for in a player? So regardless of how you feel about her on a personal level, from a game level, she’s hands down the best choice to stay.


I agree. Also Vanessa has been strategizing since this season began and of course she’s playing for her own best interest, she wants to win! Not sure why people complain about that.

Jackie's Bitter Thong

Bonk…you are so dead on. I don’t know what has happened to fans this year! They have decided to pull for the non gamers, the non strategists and those that woke up last week and realized they are on BB!! I just don’t get the fandom for a Jmac or a Jackie who was more than willing to play behind Jeff…more than happy to hide behind a guy..until he left. At least Shelli and Van have been playing hard from the get. I’m hoping for a Shelli, Van, Steve final 3 .


Just because people came out playing full tilt this year does not make it a great strategy. The smart players lean back and let these hard gamers take aim at each other and fire. That is not to say Meg,Jackie,and Becky are using this as a strategy, however JohnnyMac and Steve certainly know the game well enough to stand back,watch and wait!


I would hardly say Steve deserves to be in F3.


Your reasoning for keeping Shelli Is actually the exact reason they should vote her out…she plays a better game…wants it more…wins comps…how is that good for her competition, silly?




@DealWithItDerrick – You’re absolutely right that getting rid of Shelli (for all the reasons I mentioned) is a very smart move for James, Meg and Jackie (and possibly even Becky?). But for the rest of the house, keeping her in the game is the best move they can make. They have many reasons to keep her over Clay:

Say what you want about her, but up to this point, she has been loyal (to a fault) to Vanessa. If she stays, that loyalty will most likely continue. She will also be a woman scorned and will most likely be hell bent on getting out James/Jackie/Meg… The only one who needs to worry from her alliance would be Austin, and I’m not so sure Vanessa/Julia would have many problems with that down the line. So not only will she be a pistol and a number to go after what remains of the rest of the house, she will also still be the biggest target for James/Meg/Jackie…. If Clay stays, there’s a very good chance he’ll work with Meg and Company. Shelli would be their shield. So Vanessa needs to make sure she convinces everyone to keep Shelli and use her as her own personal weapon to do the dirty work for her in the upcoming weeks.

Plus, it would just be entertaining as hell to see them completely defy James and go against his wishes since he flat out refused to do any negotiations this week. I think the smartest move for him to make would’ve been to target Vanessa, and I’d love to see his plan backfire and pay for it asap. 🙂


I absolutely agree with the idea that keeping shelli will be more entertaining for us, but keeping her, even within her own alliance, is risky. She is, undoubtedly, good at every type of comp, whereas Vanessa has only proven herself in a luck/mental comp., has made moves that went against the grain and her alliance, and can manipulate very well. Regardles, if she is a target in front of them or not, she is more likely to save herself, which makes her too dangerous to keep around. VanessaVanessa thinks she has a shield, but her game play is making her more of a target and Shelli seem more vulnerable than she really is. If Shelli stays, it’s going to be a nightmare to get out. She has to go, or they are all putting their game at risk.


I totally get your logic. There are risks either way and it ultimately comes down to unknown variables and things out of their control. I personally would take the risk and keep Shelli around on my side and use her to go to war against James. James mentioned tonight about there being nothing worse than a woman scorned, so I have to agree that leaving an angry Shelli in the house who has a much better chance of winning HOH and taking out James/Meg/Jackie is much better for Vanessa/Company than an angry Clay, who probably won’t be able to do much. But you’re right… It could still totally backfire, but I would take my chances. The fact that James/Meg/Jackie are so afraid of her is even more reason for me to keep her if I were Vanessa.

I do agree with you that if Shelli stays, it could be hell trying to get her out again…. As a viewer though, that’d be fun to watch. (And I’m not even a Shelli fan…. I just like good TV and think it’d be great to see everyone be forced to stick it out with her when so many of them despise her. Haha)

On a side note, thanks for being logical with your argument, and not just saying “Shelli’s a self righteous b*tch. I hate her. Get her out.” :))))))


Exactly They have a very strong player sitting on a platter next to a weakstick. If I’m looking to get to the end, strong player gotta go.


Guess it depends on your definition of “silly”, I think your comment is the silliest I’ve seen in weeks….
Shelli is the mean girl from high school, she runs and smiles with her fake smile to the have not girls, tells them they are so cute, they should hang out some time, says “I really like yall, sorry I’m a cheerleader and have to be seen with all those snotty girls, but hey, I’m really one of yall” then skips right over to the snoots and laughs about what she said and how they bought it, and they all six giggle and one of them tells her, “next time, tell Cindy (plain Jane) that roger (quarterback) has a crush in her…. Big Laughter
So, from a game level, if you’re in to that fake crap and just being who she really is in real life, you can tell, because she’s truly shocked that her two face is getting shut down….
I like the game play of people like James, ballsy, puts his cards on the table and takes that chance, or EVEN Vanessa, the manipulator, statistic keeper, strategize r,
And Shelli a great game player? Please, she’s won a couple comps! BFD snuggled with Clay..
But hey, silly is as silly does

Shelli's forehead

There are three types of people an average person does not like…

1. Attractive people
2. Intelligent people
3. Intelligent attractive people.

You.. My friend, are an average person.

junior high slumber party

Jeez did you just make that up

Jackie's Crusty Stripper Thong

Hmmmm…. Sounds like you are an average person too.


Don’t forget liars.
1. Attractive liars
2. Intelligent liars
3. Attractive Intelligent liars
4. Liars that think their attractive and intelligent but all they got going for them is that they are really good liars.

Grammar PoPo

It’s they’re ..as in they are. C’mon dude…you must be a Meg fan.


First of all I’m not a dude I’m a little old lady. Second, with all the bad grammar on these posts your going to call me out on that? Sounds like you’re as in you are a jerk. I mean that in the nicest possible way. Bless your heart. By the way, right now I’m a James and Jmac fan.


I’m #TeamGrandma


Ok, so what did Meg and Jason do to Steve that doesn’t qualify them as classic high school mean people?

Clelli are obnoxious but I don’t get why people think the “underdogs” are nice this season because many of their quotes are actually directly more offensive about other HGs then the Sixth Sense’s quotes.

is it just me

its only good when the person you are rooting for is winning and doing exactly what you want them to do otherwise the show sucks and these are the worst players ever until next year when all the sudden the guy who won was a great player and a genius who will not be matched again

every season same old story


You know, it’s rude and lame to shame people for stating an opinion! I am one of those people.
First of all, Shelli needs to own up to her shit! I am all for BB gaming, but she tries to pull off this “holier than thou” routine, when she is really a greasy gamer. Once Clay goes, I think she will start having more fans.
Clay has never really played the game, and he should have never been cast. Period. Bye!


I am completely befuddled that Shellie is clueless as to why they are targets. Hello, you’ve been in power (with Vanessa) for 4 weeks. What in that does not scream threat right in your face?


why did jmac become such a target all of a sudden?


I’d like to know that too. Why would Austin and Liz say they don’t trust him?


Right! They just keep trying to deflect onto someone to take the focus off themselves. So want JMac in the game for a while longer. Hope the bigger targets go first.


Becky is a smoke bomb @-;—

Anonymous 2

You’re joking, right!?!?
Beer-goggles much!?!?


Anonymous 2 is the devil

Hating on such on Angel


I’m finally at peace with Clay leaving haha I really enjoy watching this season it’s really unpredictable


When Shelli smiles her top lip disappears…but why won’t she….
Oh God please evict her Thursday!


I’m not much of a drinker but I’m surprised that they limit their alcohol this much. I don’t remember it being the case years back. You would think that with so many bored people being boring that they would at least try to get them drunk so they could have some blowouts and shake things up. At the very least they might get some entertaining antics for the tv shows which are boring and overly scripted and rehearsed.

I still don’t know what to make of Liz or Austin. Talk about a couple of weirdos. He is in love with her despite the fact that he has a girlfriend at home, he is constantly rubbing her trying to kiss her and she barely reciprocates. Does he not realize this or is he just so horny/desperate/delusional that he’ll take anything. If Julia wasn’t there I would swear they were switching without us knowing it since some days she says he’s gross and nooooooooooooo I don’t like him and then she’s rubbing him and leading him on. Here’s some free advice for Austin, if a girl won’t kiss you unless you do something first she’s not into you. How stupid can he be that he doesn’t see that she won’t kiss him unless he wins HOH. Has she not talked endlessly about her partying and sleeping around? Does he think she’s Amish all of a sudden saving it for marriage?


Late one night Austin was talking to Jason about being accepted to BB last year but his girlfriend gave him an ultimatum of her or the Game! He decided against doing the show for the sake of the relationship, however he said it put a nail in the coffin of their relationship.upon deciding to do the show this year they parted ways…he has no girlfriend, however he is still being made a fool of by Liz.

Willy R Wolny

Liz is a BB who-wa….trading affection for protection (which hopefully, for her, leads to the payoff)


this group of HGs never seem to have any ‘family’ dinners, like other seasons or like on BBCAN, do they.

just commenting on a random thing i just noticed there.

not fooled

Surprise! This will be the year a woman wins. Probably an all woman win… If Vanessa and BB gets their way. Exceptions.. JMac or Steve. And we will all cheer loudly of course.Vanessa is already setting Austin up for the out. Depends on who wins next HOH. That’s why the guys bow to the women. I don’t see it any other way . Shelli is Vanessa’s weapon, her excuse for votes or grudges.


Production gets what production wants! A female winner this season


I don’t agree that Shelli is the better choice to stay. We have seen the passive one in a showmance come back to play a good game after the more aggressive or vocal one has been evicted. Most times their whole personality seems to change and they play entirely different. Would love to see the “real” Clay.


Would love to see how quickly Clay cheats on his girl. Thinking if he stays he will hook up with Meg. That would be something for Shelli to see later.

Asian Hillbilly Boss Man

i want to see Clay and Austin go toe to toe, Big Brother Battle Royal No Holds Bar grudge Match. Jmac can be the ref with shelli coming from under the ring to hand Clay the steel chair for the lights out chair smack. Elizabeth!!!

Liz's Reflection

Haha I would also like to see that. And I hope you mean Clay’s manager is Miss Elizabeth and Austin’s is Scary Shari lolololol.
Austin thinks hes the only Alpha in the house. I love how he says Clay is acting his age and blah blah. Hes 23 FFS, how old are you Austin? He shouldn’t count him out.

RIP Rowdy Roddy Piper. *Sounds the Bag Pipes*

not fooled

Yes it would. I think they changed his script. Everyone knows he should have made nice… Yet he didn’t… Now we are all to think that’s why he’s going home. Do something dude…. Your not valiant… When you lay down and die. Ugh. Just UGH… GIVE ME A BREAK!


Austin is going to make the same mistake shelli did last week and betray the hoh.

Angela M

The only reason V wants S to stay is bc she believes S is a bigger target than her. But keeping her May puy Vanessa in first place as the no. 1 target?!?

Mina Harker

Oh hell, I’m watching Vanessa spin her tale/web to Austin & the twins in order to keep Shelli, because Clay will go after Austin whereas Shelli won’t. And if I hear the word “loyalty” come out of Vanessa’s mouth one more freaking time, I’m going to go out of my goddam mind.


Liz whoring again. lol…tells Austin if he wins hoh they can make out. I don’t know what’s worse….her confidence or his pawing.


That messy bitch Liz should have told Austin she was not interested in him that way. He would have left her alone there are prettier more interesting Fish in the sea. Austins was raised around 4 sisters… He’s used to the care of women. Clay is always with his hands on Shelli.. He wanted kisses too.. Typical men .. Doing typical guy things. If the other girls could of found a flirtmate they’d be at it too. All in the name of comfort. Liz/Shelli are two bitches in heat . esp..Liz


They are right though that their hasn’t been any twist lately, so I would be careful of that. I think they might still give someone the chance to comeback, otherwise it could get quite boring.


i love it james and jackie figured out venessas true colors. I wish i was in the house her ass would be like audrey sitting in a corner in a ball whimpering like a baby she is such a liar she just got busted wooohooo go get her guys


Chipotle! But they should have had Portillo’s flown in. Now that is a real treat!

Liz's Reflection

Love the complaining comments about all the complaining lols. I don’t want Shelli there because I don’t like her. Even if shes playing a good game doesn’t mean shes the one I want to win. I think people are forgetting that trusting people is also a big part of the game. Jmac was not only a pawn but hes liked and those decisions that he made got him further. When he didn’t want to throw it he didn’t.
I also like Steve. He does try to play but they don’t involve him that much. Well they are now but it was just him and Van that talked. Im not sure which of the twins he likes. I thought Johnny was close to Julia? Or was that for 5 minutes?
I have never liked Austin and I think hes a big fool. “If you win HOH I will make out with you”-So gross.
I also like Clay and have since day one. It was because of Shelli that him and Davonne had a tiff. That was a real shame that that happened.
There have been plenty of underdogs over the years that people have liked and voted for because they were the underdog, less we forget.


Its hard to complain about Vanessa without getting pushback on here. Just pike Derrick last year. Yes i agree that “at least they are/were playing the game.” Yes even dr will was narcissistic. The reason i cant appreciate theyre game as much as other players from past seasons is that the house follows their word as gospel (cody, victoria etc, steve, austin twins…). Alliances are good and laying low and floating sometimes is good too but dont follow her blindly. Thanks for actually playing vanessa but your game is overrated a bit

brotalk to human dictionary

If the others are too stupid to think for themselves, and blindly follow Vanessa, why is that a reason to hate Vanessa? If anything it’s a reason to hate the lemmings that dive off the cliff for her.
I don’t like her paranoia, I don’t like her need to repeat everything she says 1 million times to every single person over and over, but I don’t hate her strategic game. I’m disappointed in everyone around her for letting her dictate their game. She may be an obsessive compulsive control freak, but they are the morons allowing her to think for them.
As they catch on, and finally figure her out, if she is able to survive and overcome them, she’ll deserve what she gets. if she fails and can’t survive, she’ll deserve what she gets.


I think they should do a week where the fans vote some one off as a twist or we us fans should be able to put someone up on the block. Damn it Big Brother are you reading this I want pimple face Vanessa out of there

bb party

They use to give them more alcohol in previous seasons. What happened??I say give them more alcohol, they are going to want to go to the jury house, getting kinda bored in there.


Well I don’t think there are alcoholics like Rachel Reilly this year begging the DR for it.

Foreal tho

Everyone on here saying they hope Jackie wins hoh next. Seriously? Her response to Meg telling her everyone is thinking of voting clay out is”but that’s not the plan”. She’s too stupid to play this game and deserves to go home, Meg too!


I’ve watched the Big Brother CBS show on and off for a while but never really enjoyed it until I found this site. The feeds are so much better than the show. Since I have finally started to enjoy BB I have went back and watched old seasons, unfortunately I’ve only been able to watch the edited CBS crap show.
Since it’s slow on the feeds tonight, I was hoping that someone, anyone could please explain (preferably with all of the gory details) Rachel Riley’s meltdown/ breakdown for me? Please? Watching it on CBS, they seemed to gloss over it as though she was just upset to be losing Brendan. Anyone that can provide me with the deets will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


While I appreciate the thumbs up, I will be forever grateful if someone, anyone would answer my question.
I know that it happened seasons ago and most of you are over it and her, but my curiosity was more than peaked when posters were comparing Audrey’s breakdown to Rachel’s.
Please? Pretty please?
I’m begging for the real story.


I fail to see how Johnnymac is a floater. He has pulled off his BOBs and POVs pretty good.


Sorry if this ends up as a double comment. But I just asked all of you fans a question, hit post and now I don’t see it anywhere.
So I’m going to try again.
I’ve never been a fan of Big Brother the CBS show; too cheesy for me. But a few years ago, I found this site and now I’m hooked! The feeds are WAY better than that kiddie show that CBS airs. Since I’ve become a fan, I have went back and watched past seasons, but by only seeing the highly edited and scripted CBS version, I know that I’m missing the best parts.
So my question that I’m begging any of you loyal feedsters to answer for me is can you please explain (in every gory detail) Rachel Riley’s meltdown/ breakdown? Pretty please? On the CBS kiddie crap-fest they seemed to downplay it (compared to what little I’ve read from the feedsters) as Rachel just being upset that Brendan was voted out.
What’s the real deal guys? How crazy did she go? Certifiable? Please share all of the gory details?


Are you talking about season 12 or 13? I think both times she had a meldtdown and it was because Brendon left. She was also bullied by some girls in 13 who took her stuffed animal and other shit. Besides that probably nobody remembers.


Johnnymac was just talking to Clelli, they asked who he would put up. He said he would put of up Meg/Julia and backdoor Jackie.


I wish Jackie would have had more of a chance in there. The blonde’s always get the breaks. Damn

Meg's Twig Legs

Jackie looks transgender.


I’m hating vanessa right now. I’m changing my mind on who I want to win.

another name

If I heard it correctly Meg just said something like Vanessa doesn’t have any alliances, it’s clear she’s playing the game solo.
I can’t even come up with an insult or a joke. I’m just sitting here wide eyed and shaking my head.


When you like/love someone. They can do all sorts of lousy stuff- and people will make all sorts of excuse s for them ( in this casecdo nothing) But, when you dislike/hate someone- they can do no right.


I’m sick of Smelli, her ratty extensions, her veneers, and am waiting for her to bite an apple through a picket fence! Vanessa, wash that freaking hat and that black shit off your eyes; and if you say “loyalty” one more time, I’m gonna slap her to sleep! Meg and Clay kind of makes sense together (and they make a better looking couple)! Austin, you’re still creeping/grossing me out! Liz, you give “whore” a whole new meaning! Becky must be related Andy aka BB 15 resident rat and now she’s definitely this season’s rat! Julia, so glad you hate Austin and called out your sister! James, love your big move against Clayhole/Smelli! Steve, you’re no way on Ian Terry’s level! JMac, you must be Bobcat’s long lost son, but you’re so cool! Jackie, loved you on Amazing Race and love you on BB this season! Honorable Mention: Jason, you would’ve been good if you’d kept your mouth shut and listen! Da’vonne, you should’ve kept the twin twist to yourself and used it to your advantage! Jeff, you suck! Jase, who cares?