“He’s going to be a stray dog running the streets, animal control will pick him up”

POV Holder: James Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 3rd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 20-02-31-062_jpg
8:03pm Shelli and Clay enjoying some time together talking about Friends families, drinking, their relationships.

Jmac is walking around in the backyard.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 20-10-01-270_jpg

8:04pm Most around the table drinking. James is completely messed up with his season mixing up Jessie from BB15 with Danielle BB14.
Becky says he loves saeon 14 “Frank is a good guy”
James – it will be easy to get in a fight with someone.. Just go Brass tacks on someone
They wonder where brass tacks came from. Austin says he started saying it first. They all laugh at it

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 20-16-12-031_jpg

8:12pm Chit chat tonight..

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 20-31-28-430_jpg

8:26pm Liz, Vanessa and Julia
Vanessa – this game is hard I wish I had my sister here
Julia – it’s easier..
Julia says Liz and Austin were having some alone time so she just napped. They laugh
Austin rolls in says James is drunk.
Vanessa says it breaks her heart seeing Clay and Shelli being on the block.
Vanessa says she heard James talking about to JAckie and Meg. They didn’t know she could hear she was in the have nots sleeping. They were saying “you three, nobody wants to touch you guys that is why he wants to keep Clay because Clay is the only one to go after them”

Vanessa says Shelli won’t be coming after them, “HOnestly I don’t think anyone is coming after you for a long while.. they’re scared”
Austin is worried about Vanessa, She‘s worried too about going up doesn’t want them to peg her as a floater.
Austin reminds her if she goes up with a “floater” they control the votes.
Austin – “I want them to worry about Johnny Mac.. “
Vanessa asks if he’s planted the seed about getting out Clay
Austin tried but James and Meg are convinced Shelli has to go. Austin thinks he needs to stage a fight where he can publicly say look I can’t vote for Clay.
Vanessa warns about keeping clay – “It will be a unbelievable mistake it will be the one thing that comes back to haunt you”
Austin tells her Clay is leaving, “Clay has to go and we have to win HOH”
Vanessa says it’s very scary for her to work with them, “I need to know if you guys are being loyal”
Austin – YES
Liz – Vanessaaaaaaaaaaaaa..
Vanessa – I want to get to final 4 and whoever wins the comps wins the comps.. I’ve never done a disloyal thing
Jackie rolls by

[envira-gallery id=”126190″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 20-36-33-917_jpg

8:34pm Have nots Vanessa and Jackie
Vanessa saying she wasn’t them to meet up in the HOH and plan who to get out during the double eviction “All shake hands and do it”
Vanessa is recommending one of Chelli and a Floater.
Vanessa says Austin and the twins are down with having the meeting.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 20-39-27-475_jpg
8:39pm Austin telling the twins they possess a lot of power holding three jury votes.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 20-41-32-682_jpg

8:40pm Jackie and JAmes HOH
jackie says she caught Vanessa whispering to Austin and the twins. She wants them to form a group to survive the double eviction. JAckie says Vanessa wants one of Chelli and a floater up.
James says Vanessa flips so any group with her is only good short term, “None of her groups are solid”. James points out Vanessa is already flipping on chelli.
Jackie – Meg is saying Austin and the twins are unsure about Clay
Jackie – No, that’s not their decision they know the rules they know whatever you said.. (LOL)
James – they know I kept their a$$ off the block
They agree Clay and Shelli were not loyal to them and that is why they are going up.
James thinking maybe Clay will turn on Austin and the twins.
James – he’s going to be a stray dog running the streets animal control will pick him up.. If Liz, Julia or Vanessa win HOH I guarantee they will put Steve and Clay up.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 20-47-42-629_jpg

8:46pm Bathroom Steve and Vanessa
Vanessa says Steve’s got freaks and geeks he’s 100% safe if he goes up next week. Tells him they are going to make a deal with JAmes, JAckie and Meg to keep them off the block and put up one of Chelli and a floater (Jmac, Becky or Steve)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-04 20-42-36-690_jpg

8:41pm Hot tub time

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Pretty sure Dan and Doctor Will would have fun with this cast. (By fun I mean easily manipulating and controlling.)

Big Jacket

Listening live to Austin, Twins, Vanessa, Jame, Meg, and Jackie and Vanessa. Van thinks that they should target those that are not in power, and that she thinks she has been very fair in her actions. Vanessa wants them all to ‘pinky swear’ they won’t target each other. (Yea Right)

If I was in the house she would be on the block with JonMac. I would tell her that she is the pawn but Clelli survivor is the the target. That way Van is in direct fire, something she is not used to in this game. Jon Mac would be immobilized. Steve would have his thumb in his ass.

I like Van in this game but I love to show how the big targets should go out. Take her out houseguests.

Big Jacket

Jackie has it all figured out. She told James in private that if Shelli doesn’t go home
(after all the misting by fellow houseguests in a meeting in the HOH) then the house is lying to them again! She knows Van is sketchy and Van is the one that is working with the Twins and Steve (the guy with the thumb up his azz) and Jon Mac (the on that weeps for those to soon fall) to save Helli.
Jackie has Radar that the U.S.A. should contract to fight I.S.I.S., Syria and Iran! She has pinpoint precision. I didn’t ever think she would be my BB hero, But GO Jackie! You have EARNED IT!


You are absolutely right about Jackie’s instincts being spot on but I just don’t like her.


LMFAO! The comment about Jackie being a radar that USA must acquire is AMAZING.


Still holding out hope that Shelli is evicted on Thursday!

Like...I'm Jackie

But it’ll be so boring without both of them in the house!
What a couple of douce bags!
And…Vanessa saying that it’s only fair for people to vote their own way and not be forced is crap as she repeatedly has forced people to vote her way!


Jackie..”they know the rules, they know whatever you said”. Ahahaaaaaaaahaaa lmao


It’s a little too late in the game for Jackie to finally wake up. James is still in a coma apparently. This week started out pretty awesome. And now it’s just depressing…


Jackie is on the right track. Unfortunately for her she didn’t play a lick of game fro 6 weeks! (she didn’t even talk game with her best friend in the house Becky). Jackie is super pissed and can’t understand who “Vanessa thinks she is, saying who she is and is not going to vote out , fuck her” UMM Jackie FYI Vanessa has been working her ass off and playing this game while you have been doing nothing!! James is a great player but he has an uphill battle to carry these two along with him.
Vanessa has an equally hard task with the Austwins who are vain, brain-dead and way more easily swayed than James’s two Dumbos.. But Vanessa has the will power to stay on top of her minions and make sure they flip the vote keep Shelli and make the house a complete free for all cluster fuck on Thursday!! I can’t wait to see Jackies head explode!
I know most everyone is a Shelli hater but I respect a good gamer and she is one. She deserves to stay. Lies back stabs etc etc who cares I just won’t people awake and playing game on the feeds! Hope all hell breaks loose again this week.


James wasn’t in a coma. He was drunk. They all were. Let’s see how well a drunken deal holds up.


Becky’s a beauty @-;—

Becky looks TOTALLY lika DUDE

Are u kiddingggg me???!!!?????

becky the beauty?

u must only be looking at her tits bc u obviously didn’t realize her face got hit by a train. her tits are gorgeous though.


Only if you like big fake plastic tits! Big or small I prefer them natural myself. She looks like she has two inflatable beach balls in her bikini top.


It’s not just that this group is F*ck*d when it comes to intel…the three of them are idiots when it comes to this game. It’s clear they watched very little of the game in the past and what they did watch were only episodes.


…but, they did make the DE deal contingent on Shelli going home – very smart. Van already hedging and showing her stripes.

Meg/T-Rex Walker

Meg and Jackie = Dumb and Dumber


cant wait for meg to have a melt down when clay leaves .. lol looking forward to these dimwits being out played


Wow, Jackie, James, Meg, Becky. It’s like the movie Interstellar, and they’ve been living in another reality for four weeks. They deserve whatever happens to them.


I agree with you but would remove Becky from the list, at least temporarily, she seems to be doing some snake-in-the-grass manuevers that should give her a pass from being lumped in with the other three.


I GOT IT!!!! Or I think I do, Jackie looks like Pink Cat, From “Black Cat and Pink Cat” real couple.


unfortunate, out of those 4 jackie is the only one with half a brain. jackie is after vanessa, she knows vanessa is full of bullshit. she told james to change the noms and put vanessa up, but james followed meg’s instincts about trusting vanessa cuz vanessa’s “solo”. now coming for double eviction, james and jackie will have to deal with a full house of floaters going after them plus shelli+vanessa.

there is a 90% chance that james/jackie will NOT win HOH now, either of them is leaving 100% if they dont win HOH. the entire house is against james/jackie, and yes, meg is also against james/jackie. she is the reason why james/jackie are in this position.


Its so satisfying that everyone is catching up to Vanessa… aka the lone wolf. Get with it guys, cause here comes the lone ranger, saving her Tonto!


Shelli will have to raise clay.


I wonder what Clay will think when he gets out of the house and realize how people really view him & Shelli’s relationship…Unlike those evicted before him, no one likes him.


cant wait for the shitstorm when shelli stays. james and most definitely jackie will be super pissed and know about austwins and vanessa’s alliance. meg on the other hand STILL THINKS VANESSA IS SOLO…? DOES THIS BITCH HAVE A MENTAL DISABILITY?? by shelli staying, it will out them(the sixth sense alliance) HARD.

how are the austwins gonna cover up the fact that they deceived james by making him believe they are voting out shelli? they better hope jackie doesnt win HOH. jackie seems to have a more open eye than james. probably cuz she’s not around meg that much.


Saying “the majority of the house, a large majority wanted Clay out” seems to work.

Meg's cleavage ( . ) . )

Is it just me or does jackie, meg and james have NO IDEA what is going on. I mean kudos to James for the big move but man are their wires crossed… Becky is such a mole and they don’t notice, its amazing LOL

Ariana Grande stinks!

Jackie winning HOH (Meg is useless in comps anyway!), or even Becky… would be great — Vanessa would be shaking in her boots [and explaining it with 26576325 words/minute]


watching live bb afterdark….Someone tell Meg to SHUT THE HELL UP AND LISTEN!!! She is being to dayum goofy and Vanessa is clearly trying to steer them to vote out Clay and not Shelli. Witch is the opposite of what they are trying to accomplish.


James, Jackie, and Meg are incredibly stupid. They deserve what is coming to them which is a quick wipe out in double eviction.


Johnny Mac, has to win that first HoH and take out Austin or a twin… it does not matter once a person is in that Jury House… screw it the twins and Austin need to go into the Jury House that (3) needs to be turned into a (2) . This will free up Vanessa she will not longer have to cover for Austin… normally a lump of a target like Austin is good, but not when it is tied around your neck. People want to work with Vanessa she needs to free herself.

Once Austin leaves Vanessa still will have the numbers Liz, Julia, Steve and Vanessa… having her and Steve possibly working with Johnny Mac, Shelli and Becky… She will still be in the sweetest place with better options. You have to look at who you can beat and who you can’t. When it comes to final two she can take any of them to the final two and win it all.

Getting out James, Meg and Jackie is a waste in double eviction… you can easily get them out during the first (3) weeks of jury. Her targets need to be Austin first and she can use Johnny Mac for that or even being up there with him on the first or second Double eviction. Now the next Double Eviction Nominee to go mostly needs to be Becky or a twin.

that puts her in a house working with Shelli, Johnny Mac, Steve and twin or twins. What I really want is a final three of Jackie, Shelli and Vanessa… then have Vanessa take Jackie to the final two… that would be amazing.


Just when I was starting to think James had a brain game…..
He starts thinking like Meg. DANG Frustrating!


stupid is contagious apparently, i fear for jackie the most.


Why is Meg in this Game ? She said that it is clear that Vanessa is “Solo” ?

Where the hell has she been for the past 30 – 40 Days, she cannot see that Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia, Shellie, Clay & Steve are all working together.

I try to root for James, Jackie & Meg, but they are some of the dumbest BB Guests that I have ever seen, have they forgot every time the other side is in control, someone from their group goes on the block and they go home.

Vanessa just talked with Jackie and said, if this is a double eviction, they will target Shellie and a Floater. Did Jackie catch onto Vanessa said “Shellie”, Noooooo, it went right over her head. This is why they have been picked off one by one, either they sleep all during the day, they are not in the loop and know what is happening in the house.

Why does Jackie, Meg and James keep telling Becky who their targets are, don’t they realize Becky runs right back to Shellie and Vanessa and tells everything that was said. This is why I am having such a hard time trying to cheer for them, they do not understand how to play this game, and Meg saying that she cannot put Clay up if she won HOH ? Really !! Clay would put her ass on the block in a heart beat.

This is why all 3 of them will be sitting in the Jury House, James & Jackie are the only 2 that will go after actual targets. Meg is stuck on getting Steve out, Meg should have never been on this show, I crack up every time she has the nerve to call someone a Floater. Meg should have Floater and Dingbat stamped on her forehead.


im not sure chelli = shelli, it could mean clay/shelli combined maybe? i could be wrong but, i doubt vanessa said “SHELLI + floater” without jackie catching it. would be really really stupid indeed.


Weird that I’m starting to hate all the houseguests yet find this season very compelling. I thought last years group was dumb. Too much gameplay. Too many rats. Too much period. Yet I am entertained. Go figure.


Jackie will go after Vanessa if she wins HOH. She will break any deal she might have with her and make sure she gets her out. I wonder if that was a veiled criticism of James, who didn’t want to backdoor Vanessa because he had a deal with her, even though Jackie recommend that. Now they have to live with the consequences: Shelli may not be going home. I think Jackie senses that. She says the other side better f***n get rid of Shelli. Vanessa sees Jackie as a threat to her, and rightly so. Does Jackie somehow know that Vanessa wants her up on the block ASAP?


I thought it was pretty clear from the lack of true humour between them as Knight and Squire that they are both aware of the hate between each other but they are both waiting for double eviction night to get rid of each other.


vanessa knows jackie can spot lies, hence vanessa wanting her out just as much as jackie wants her out. jackie has been tracking vanessa since the dark moon alliance. jackie doesnt know all the facts, but she’s putting the pieces of the puzzle together and she sees vanessa’s face in it. too bad she is allied with the worst house guest in BB history, meg. meg single-handedly fucked james HOH as it stands right now.


When Meg says she can work Clay, she means just physically right? Because it’s really obvious she wants Shelli out so she can claim Clay.

Becky continues to be annoying.


Keep on down thumbing me but you’re lying to yourself if you dont think shelli staying will make for some good tv down the stretch. You don’t have to like the players but if you’re a fan of the game you damn sure know who makes it more interesting to watch


yawwwwnzzzzzz. if we really wanted good TV, audrey would still be running up and down the BB house with information. although, we dont know how shelli will be like without clay.. all clay+shelli ever did was just lay around anyway.. maybe now shelli will lay around alone? OR she will play the social game hmm… lets see how it goes.


I cannot believe Jackie said “They know the rules, whatever you said” ? Where is her head at, does she think they have to vote how James says? This is why I will be happy when Meg, Jackie and James are out. Then we get to see the 6th sense turn on each other and that is when the shit is really going to go down, I can’t wait to see Shellie’s face when and if Vanessa puts her on the block.

James made a big move, and I think Jackie will make one, but when it comes to Meg, she will never win anything. Meg is a Floater, but she thinks she is really playing this game, I hope Meg setup her DVR to record this season, I just want her to see how DUMB and out of touch with reality she has been during this whole game.

Casting Agent

Liz- clay is a big meanie
Julia- I knowwwwww
Austin- He’s not even in a showmance even judas gets a sympathy kiss the odd time.

Vanessa – I think that everybody should listen to me because if they don’t I’ll make a liar out of them. I’m with and against the house and I’ll prove it! Stop making my brain hurt green beanie!

Steve- I’m so much hipper than Ian! I may be a nerd but I’m a nerd with swag! I gotta have my shields! Vanessa, shelli, and jmac are smart so they’re my layers of shields! Can’t wait to get rid of all the dummies so I can face the stiffest competition! Yay! Floater indeed!

Jmac – argh marg doodle darf I’m just listening!

Becky – I agree with everybody! I am the queen rat and as Long as Steve leaves soon I will win just like Andy!

Clay – I get to go home yay! I will have wet dreams of my date with shelli in Texas where I will finally melt the ice queen!

Shelli – when clay goes who will I cock tease?! Steve? Gotta scheme with someone!

James – i make the best moves. I have balls. Big ones. I got so much blood on my hands meg thinks it’s stigmata. But I’m happy either way I did what I had to do.

Meg – we’re all safe next week right? I’ve never been wrong!

Jackie – they better all listen to us! We’re in power and like the last 2 years of big brother we still all vote with the house! Right?! Right?!


Love Jackie.!!!!.m….#JackieBadAzz

Big Jacket

Meg wants at any costs to to hold on to Clay. She says it every conversation but nobody scatches on…
Van mists everyone on why it is important to keep Shelli, and no one catches on…
The Twins and Austin continue to play the fence sitters and nobody catches on…
but Jackie has all this nailed! I admire her perception.


james said it right she is well rounded in comps and therefore a threat. The big problem is she will be a threat to James and Jackie and not the other side. Oh I hope the twins vote her out. I honestly can’t stand her.

Big Sister

The term is brass tacks, not brass tax.


where jace on the bb17 vote off i see no photo of him the white boy with the illumanti symbol on his chest with cowboy hat ???

Yo Yo Yo

I have nobody to root for to win this season. Looks like Vanessa for the win though. Not that she needs the money, but she is the best player.


i can understand having a useless floater as an ally just for numbers, but a useless floater that TALKS TOO MUCH, AND STUPIDITY? Meg rarely ever shuts up, she is constantly coming up with crazy frivolous ideas no one could ever fabricate even if they wanted to. when is this woman going to get evicted?

im sick of her voice, and her brain is giving me murderous suicidal thoughts.. I CANT WITH HER, I CANT. NO MORE MEG PLEASE! is there any way that jackie and james can be saved double eviction just for the sake of sacrificing meg out of the game lol? im dead serious.


I been reading lots of blog sites and watching the feeds late tonight between 1am est to 2:30am est and it sounds like the votes will go like this

Meg … shelli
Jackie… Shelli
Beckie…. Shelli
John…. tossup (leaning towards clay)
Vanessa … Clay
Steve…. Clay
Austin ….tossup(leaning towards clay)
Julia … tossup(doesn’t really care which one goes home)
Liz….tossup(leaning towards clay)

this is bb so it could all change up again by thursday lol

I think Austin and the Twins will be the votes that will either send clay or shelli home….

Ariana Grande stinks!

If the Jiz sisters vote to evict Clay, I’ll def hate them the most! Having Clay going after Austin is the best thing happening to them… [well, unless Liz is actually enjoying cuddling and spooning with Austin.] #WhoeOrNotWhoe


Actually julia is anti clay. It would take quite a bit to get her to decide to keep Clay. Liz and Austin are definitely a toss up.


I like “the outsiders”. Jackie’s really on to Vanessa now and determined to get her out, I hope she does. Just hope they can pull out some more wins.


Love Vanessa saying no one should be told how to vote. Too funny. She tells them all how to vote and then runs around like a CIA agent trying to ferret out a “rogue” vote. Then the voter lied to her face. Gotta love her telling James she had to justify in her mind voting out Shelli. James missed a great shot by not just telling her Shelli mentioned her as replacement nom. I would have told her that she did.


Meg should had gone on The Real World.


“James – I gotta go back to biblical terms hell has no fury like a woman scorned.. You piss a woman off its better to deal with a man.”
Oh, really, James? You better remember that when Clay is voted out. Who will be more furious and pissed off? You or Shelli? Huh? Well, it will probably be Jackie because she thinks there are rules to follow. She can’t seriously believe that, can she??? This is Big Brother!!! BTW, James, that quote comes from the late 17th century play “The Mourning Bride,” not the Bible. Take it from a literature teacher whose summer splurge is following OnlineBigBrother. Thanks, Simon and Dawg, for all your work! I love reading your write-ups! 🙂


The mental whiplash is exhausting !! How funny that Jackie didn’t catch Vanessa saying put shelli up next week. I like Jackie and she won’t be afraid to battle Vanessa. Even tho she will most likely lose. Just wish Thursday would get here. I’m fine with either one leaving. Prefer shelli. But I also do see the entertainment value in the drama that will go down if she stays.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

I wish Jackie, James and Meg (JJM) would stop patting themselves on the back for a job well done. They put up Shelli & Clay, and that’s great, but there is still work to be done. James needs to be checking in with Liz, Julia and Austin to make sure he still has the votes to evict Shelli. JJM should also be talking to Steve and JMAC to make sure they haven’t flipped. They can’t just make a big move and sit back. Where is the follow-up?


Hope Vanessa wins this season!!!

bla bla bla

And either Shelli or vanessa will win HOH Thursday of course. Probably shelli. I’m starting to get aggravated …


I think there is a secondary reason why James is targeting Shellie. Not only has she won HOH twice, and not only is she part of a showmance, but James has been the voice saying for two weeks that the men are being picked off. He wants to ensure there are enough men left in case there is a battle of the sexes brewing. Why isn’t he saying it this week? He’s aligned with women right now. Yes, her ability in challenges and her place in a showmance are two of his major reasons, and I wouldn’t write this if James hadn’t said twice that the men had to watch out because they’re being picked off one by one. But he did. Now I ask myself if this thought weighed into his decision. Is the fear that the women will decimate the men part of the reason why James is gunning so hard for Shelli over Clay?


I am gonna start calling the trio of James, Meg, and Jackie the Brains of this season, obviously they have it all figured out. LOL. Between the three of them they couldn’t buy a clue, hell if you gave them one they wouldn’t know what to do with it.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Incomprehensible! Try again pls


Actually why not try reading again, think it’s just you who is not able to comprehend. There is this thing called irony you know…

Too funny

Hey James take the kiddie sunglasses off, no one can even take u serious right now wearing those. Ur starting to sound like meg who has no clue where shes at or whats going on… dumb & dumber and dumbell… these 3 are a hot wreck!!!


Vanessa controls 5 Votes. Herself, Austin, Liz, Julia, & Steve. Unfortunately, Shelli isn’t going anywhere. If Jackie & or Meg (no chance) don’t win HOH…. This week is a total waste. 6th Sense is alive and well. Clay is just replaced with Steve. Vanessa is in total control. She has a Final 2 with Austin, a Final 2 with Steve, & a Final 4 with Austin and the Twins. Plus, James did her a favor breaking up Shelli + Clay. Something she could have never done herself. Exciting week on the feeds


What the hell is wrong with these people (FnGs)
Clay is close to Meg n Becky n JM … Shellie is not
Clay is a snitch … and they want to give him more info?
I see why our prisons are so overcrowded …
People just can’t keep their freakin mouths shut
I’m ready to just tune in on Thursday … all the flip flopping is making my head spin
FnGs need to stick to their plan(Clay out) (It’s about numbers) …
if they don’t … good riddance
I was for Vanessa but obviously she is to spun out on pharmaceuticals to think clearly
and I hope clueless Meg wins this season


I hope steve doesn;t have final 2 with vanessa because he won;t win the game. Same for Jmac. THe best strategy for becky and jmac is getting rid of vanessa and they will control the house. Because everyone loves jmac who doesn’t except for vanessa.


Becky and JMac running the house? Now that was funny. Those two couldn’t run a bath


I can’t stand watching Vanessa’s power trip she thinks she is on. With those buggy high eyes of hers, makes me sick just looking at her. She is so sneaky and so conniving. I guarantee that, that bitch is going to make it to the end. Whatever she is on, keeps her up too, you can tell, because bitch never sleeps. Where do they get these people? Seriously, the stock in America must be dwindling…

Meg Really?

Just watched the conversation between, Meg, James, Becky and Jackie and OMG! When Meg was talking all I could see was a set of boobs with a clueless brain talking. Does this girl even realize that she is on BB? Why, why and most importantly WHERE do they get these people. Although a number for their side, James and Jackie need to drop this idiot. Can you imagine if she did win HOH?????

Julia's dropped jaw

Jmac is The cartooniest dentist I’ve ever seen. Imagine being a kid and having that guy say open wide and put his hand in your mouth. Arf glug smurny don’t forget to floss!!


Vanessa, whether Clay or Shelli go home, you will still have the same number. Shelli doesn’t have 2 votes. In fact, if Clay stays, you even get Jmac on your side.