“Who would be America’s sweetheart? America has to have a player. She [SB] is somebody we need to get out.” **Updated**

HOH: Christian
SAFE: Xavier, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Azah, Big D, Britini
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Claire (safe 2 weeks)
Nominations: Hannah & Whitney
Power of Veto Players: Christian, Hannah, Whitney, Claire, Azah, DerekX | Host Alyssa
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – So far Hannah has the votes to stay. Looks like this week will be spent with the majority of houseguests planning out the next 4 weeks.

12:36 am Whitney and Xavier
Whitney has been turning up the Flirt all night.
Whitney – you are so cute.. I want a picture of you as a kid so badly

1:01 am Claire and Tiffany
Tiff – if we win next week what will we do?
Tiff – I would love to do my dirty work on the double eviction
Claire – I do not know what shot I would take. I’ve been trying to think it through
Tiff – SB and Ky on the block or SB and Britini
Claire – that’s interesting.. that duo.. SB/BRIT
Tiff – Brit wouldn’t go home she would be mad.. sorry
Claire – SB wouldn’t leave. Ky wouldn’t vote her out
They agree Azah, DF would vote for Brit to stay
Tiff – You could
Claire – yes, Hannah could. Derek maybe would
Tiff – DerekX that’s all we need.. Azah, DF, DX, you and Hannah. That’s five
Tiff – If I did Sb and Ky she would definitely leave. X will have to show his cards
They agree Alyssa and Christian would vote Ky out.
Tiff – DerekX will keep him, I think the votes will be the same for Britini or Ky
Clair e- maybe jokers take Ky out
Tiff – put Britini up so my hands get too dirty
Tiff – let those guys take the shots at each other.
Tiff – everybody knows that this is Alyssa’s HOH what they don’t know is she was going after Azah
Tiff wonders why Alyssa started talking about Hannah
Claire – SB
Claire brings up Britini saying she might put up Hannah.
Tiffany says she’s being influenced by SB
Claire says Alyssa isn’t that socially good at this game she’s in an obvious duo if she was smart socially she would do better hiding it.
Tiff – I want to keep DX
Claire – me too, at the end of the day DX understands strategy more than he lets on
Tiff – I know this game but he knows how to think.
Claire – he knows Survivor very well. he’s like Christian she knows Survivor
CLaire – in Survivor you make big moves in Big BRother you make subtle moves
Tiff asks who DX would put up
Claire – Alyssa and Christian. I wonder if it’ll change his mind if he knows Christian won’t come after him.
Tiff – as long as Alyssa is in the game Christian will have her back over ours
Claire – Of course
SB joins them
Tiff – Hey honey.. you going to bed (Her tone is very fake)

1:11 am Claire and SB
Talking about the likelihood it’s a double.
SB says everyone will be gunning for HOH next week, “We just have to make sure it’s an alliance member”
Sb – I just want to make sure I make Jury
Claire – I have that safety.. we have to get you to Jury to.. at least, C’mon
Sb – I’m worried because I’m on the Kings, I’m hoping if I’m on the block with another king that I’ll stay
Claire – the jokers really like you and my team likes you, That’s the votes.
SB – I know I have you and Tiff obviously and I know Ky would vote for me.
Sb – I feel good about the jokers if I won next week one of them is going up so..
SB – I think we’re in good places. I’ve never heard anyone mention putting Tiffany up. The people I heard putting you up are gone
Claire – or going home
SB – Hannah said she’ll put me up and she’s still here.. That’s one person
Claire -yeah
SB – I just have to hope she doesn’t win
Claire – it’s literally everyone against one for you.. (HUH?)
They talk about how good at the veto Azah was she almost won it but wiped out and “hurt herself.. who saw that coming”

1:11 am Snuggling ..

1:27 am Tiffany and Hannah
Tiff – I don’t know how you got on her radar..
Tiff says there are three people she would “cry real tears” if they left. It’s DX, Hannah, and Christian.
Hannah – DerekX might be a target next week for the kings..
Tiff – they’ll have to backdoor him
Hannah – kings can’t win
Tiff – I don’t think X will go for it. I don’t think he wants to win I don’t think he wants his team to be safe
Feeds cut..
When we’re back Hannah is saying if its a memory comp she can beat Alyssa and Sarah Beth
Tiff asks who she will put up. Hannah doesn’t know.
Tiff – you got to get one of them out.
Hannah – will yo be gunning for the HOH
Hannah – one of the 6 has to win or DerekX
Tiff – 2 of us can’t go on the block

Claire joins them.. (holy cow Claire is tall compared to the other girls

1:28 am Alyssa and Christian
Alyssa – who’s still up Ky and Azah?
Christian – Ky has a f**ing person on every team. SB, Azah
Alyssa – what if it’s the 8 with BigD and we win HOH put BIGD and KY up? Everyone agrees to Ky Out
Christian – YES
Alyssa – it needs to be BIGD . If I Won Hoh BIGD and Ky 100%. Not DerekX
Xavier joins them. Feeds cut..
X says he’s sleeping in the yacht room by himself
Alyss a- why don’t yo bring Whitney in here
X – I don’t want to do that
Alyssa – to cuddle
Christian – she’s going home
Alyssa – you don’t have to worry about our situation
X – I don’t want to lead her one
Alyss a- she’s leaving
X – I know..
Alyssa – if anything she’s leading herself on
Christian – she is that’s true..
Alyssa goes on about how he X should cuddle with Whitney “She’s going home, she’s a grown woman”

X tells them to “go upstairs and get R rated I’m going to sit down here on my little PG-13 a$$”

1:45 am Claire and Hannah
Claire – it doesn’t make sense why you’re someone’s target.. partially people don’t see the jokers as threats. I think the jokers are easy to read.
Hannah – hmm yeah.. I think it’s the kings that see me
Claire – it’s certain people on the kings I don’t know if it’s all the kings
Clair e- which one do you think it is?
Hannah – I’ve been told that.. I’m not on X’s radar and I’m not on Christians..
Feeds flip

1:45 am Tiffany and Xavier (chatting about SB being America’s player)
Tiff – SB is America’s sweetheart and she’s playing a really good game
Feeds cut.. (C’mon)
X – she was very adamant about Hannah and very adamant about making jury.. Me I’m like Jury I’m trying to get to the end.
X – I’m like Jury who the f* wants Jury
Tiffany – you know what.. I’m wondering if Ky might know.
X – I don’t think Ky knows
Tiff says Ky and SB have been very close since day 2
X – But Ky isn’t gunning for Hannah to get out
Tiff – I don’t think that him and her share the same agenda. I think he knows a lot more about her than he lets on
Tiff – who would be America’s sweetheart? I’m not America’s sweetheart
X – I’m not that sweet
Tiff – America has to have a player. She’s got a lot of personality
Feeds cut.. (C’mon)
Tiffany saying she’s been uncomfortable about Sb since last week. “She is somebody we need to get out.. I’m going to tell you if I win HOH.. one thing she’s after Hannah hard”
Tiff – I can’t read her game.
Sounds like Xavier is receptive about the idea SB is America’s Sweetheart AKA America’s player he keeps mentioning that SB wants to make it to Jury, “There must be money”
Tiff – Of course
X – she’s playing us (as opposed to?)
Tiff – she’s playing when she walked into the house, playing everybody
Tiff says if she wins HOH she’ll take a shot at SB
Tiff – I’m trying to win it’s my birthday on Thursday it’s HOH. I would love to win HOH and she is going on the block if I win. I’m really hoping it a double I don’t have to look at her for a week
Tiff – I don’t want SB in jury..
X – I’m thinking she might have to go first.
Tiff adds she’s uncomfortable about Christian and Alyssa but they can go “Back to back” they’ll use DX for that.
Tiff – DerekX can make that move
X – why not take SB first..
TIFF – it’s just after that. these two people we’re about to get out Whitney and the next person are outta this house but after that it’s jury.
Tiff – we needed the next three evictions, You got Brent, he got Whitney and us 6 have made it and we’re gold.
X – next week I’m torn between SB or CHristian. Christian can win the competition but SB..
Tiff – you can get Chrisitan out cause DerekX can whip hi a$$ if he wanted to
Tiff – the only way to send SB home is to put one of us up cause we have the numbers (A cookout)
Tiff – SB can sit next to anyone else and her a$$ will stay in this house
Tiff – But I have Claire and Claire is onboard
X – I’m convinced she’s (SB) something too much is adding up right now
X – SB has to go we’ll do Christian and Alyssa later

2:18 am DerekX and Claire
DerekX says he feels good about the kings doesn’t think they will come after them.
Claire says they’re probably safe until next week.
Claire – at a certain point they will want to turn on each other..
Claire – it’s like survivor when you go to the merge with the full tribe it’ll turn on itself
DX – I will gun for HOH
Claire- that is the concern they will put up Hannah and with Hannah you.
Claire – that’s a clear shot especially when there’s 3 jokers
DX – if they put up Me and Hannah the alliance is over
Claire – SB wants Hannah up though. SB is gunning for it but she’s just one person
Feeds cut.. when we’re back
Claire – I like Azah but there’s just not many of us
DX – you take out SB you lose Kyland
Clair e- who does Kyland go to? Who is he tight with?
Dx – you
Claire – me and Tiff.. there’s not that many people
DX points out if they take out SB you won’t be hurting the Kings at all. The kings will still be cohesive “SB is removable”
Claire – SB is good with everyone in the house except for Hannah
DX – taking a shot at SB is a wasted shot because you are ruining this alliance and you are going to have 3 people who are just as strong as before coming for you. SB is a wasted shot in my mind
Claire – that’s fair.
Claire says Chrisitan and DX are each other’s shields.
DX says Christian has double the competition wins.
Claire says one of Christian /ALyssa leaving next week is likely “Christian can’t win every week”
Claire – if we get to 8 I don’t think that will be bad.
Claire – in this game it’s easy to make a move too late.. and a move too early and gets f8**ed
DX – Brent was one week too early for my personal game.

Claire says when they had the meeting who to get rid of Hannah or Whitney things go heated.
Claire – we had to give some justification why Whitney so we did say Whitney had said the guy’s names to the girls
CLaire – A certain person in the room was really really really pushing Hannah
DX – that hard ?
Claire – to the point we were yelling at each other

2:10 am Whitney and Xavier
Whitney – keeping me safe would be a better idea because the house is against you guys so having a number on your side is a good idea..
Whitney says if the veto isn’t used she’s going to relax and have an “awesome last week”
Xavier – how about we wait and see how these days play out. Then potentially there can be a sleepover.
Whitney – ohh with you and me?
X- you just asked me to do that
Whitney – I wasn’t going to do anything sneaky I was literally going to show you this is comfy
X – if I get comfy am I supposed to de-comfy and walk my a$$ over here
Whitney – I would kick you out.. Get your a$$ outta my bed I would do that
X – I don’t believe you. If I get comfy in that bed and you get comfy in that bed I won’t leave
Whitney – I’ll kick you out I promise.. tonight yes.
X – what’s the point if you are kicking me out..
Whitney – why do you think everything I do is sneaky
X – I don’t think everything you do is sneaky I think it’s sexual
X asks her to say something to him that doesn’t have some sort of s$xu@l innuendo
Whitney giggles
X – you can’t even look at me.
Whitney – if you come into my bed I’ll kick you out
X I don’t believe that for a second

2:26 am Ky and Azah
Ky says he’ll ask her on Wednesday why she wants to win outside of the 6
Azah – at the end of the day we all signed up to play this game
Azah – where I am struggle is if this is morally right or is this morally wrong. This is a game. I need to find a purpose so I can step past that.. that Moral
Azah – after the 6 I think I’m good (yikes)

3:27 am Ky getting snuggles in with everyone

5:00 am Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

10:00 am Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

10:15 am waking up

10:18 am Claire
Claire – Kyland I would work with I do think I’m beneficial for his game. He clearly thinks he’s significantly smarter than me. I think he’s pretty smart. We’re probably equal but he’s way better socially
Claire – DX is the smartest person in the house but he makes it apparent too much. He’s too good at too many things.
Claire mentions DX went hard in the competition yesterday he didn’t have to. She comments on how shitty she did. She’s worried she’s playing up the goofy too much.
Claire – Britini is smart and is careful what she says.. Really I need to talk about Alyssa and Christian those are the question marks for people. It makes me nervous having Christian in the end. The guys will keep gunning for them even if they make is another week. Really the three guys make me nervous. DX, Ky, and X. I’m sure Ky thinks once Christian is gone he’ll be able to run the comps. DX thinks he’ll win every single comp he’s in
Claire – I’m so sorry about the big alliance we couldn’t resist. WE’re all turning on each other so that’s fun.. I wanted to turn on KY and Sarah Beth for two weeks
Claire – Hannah I think I could work with.. We don’t have an alliance I would like to have something written in blood.. unfortunately, I think Age is hurting her.
Claire – I do watch Live feeds I’ve watched live feeds since 17. I am a daily watcher. A lot of people are live feeders..
Claire – Christian and Alyssa, I wouldn’t mind working with them a bit longer.
Claire – I would love for Christian to take a shot. If we get Sb out. and then Christian would take a shot at Ky or something..
Claire – who do you put on the block next to SB so she goes home. Can’t do Ky too many people will make the shot at Ky

10:25 am Azah and BIGD
BigD – I don’t know what is more dangerous. Alyssa or SB. I can’t read SB. SB made it clear yesterday.. she was sitting next to the couch. I love it she’s a straight shooter she’s here for the money.
Azah – I would rather have a straight shooter than someone that goes back and forth. This is the thing Me from talking to her she is so much more honest than anyone else in this house. She reminds me of me she’s so honest and actually gives an emotional f** about things.. She cries after every competition.
DF – I’m worried about SB I’m worried about Claire
Azah – you gotta trust the six
Azah says right now they have to take care of the shared threat for everyone. The shared threats are Christian and Alyssa. Alyssa more than Christian.
DF – I would like to put up SB and Alyssa
Azah is going to talk to their group but for week 5 can they consider putting up a cookout as a pawn.
DF – we can never put each other up as pawn if someone wins veto ..
Azah – then we put another one up.
Azah says if she puts up Sb and Alyssa people will say that makes no sense. If she puts up DerekX and Alyssa people will be like “What the f**”
Azah says people outside of their alliance will understand if she puts up Kyland and Alyssa.
Azah – Tiffany how people view her in the house they would say her putting up Derek and Alyssa would make not sense. They would get it if she put up you and somebody.. Kyland they would get. If they put up me and somebody else.. you get what I’m saying?
Azah says she’s just talking about week 5 where they are trying to get out a king, “we have three options right.. we put up Kyland and Alyssa right”
Azah – I tell Alyssa I like you but I have to take out a king right.. Christian wins takes Alyssa off the block, SB I’m sorry girl I gotta put you up BOOM.. It’s understandable. She wasn’t the first option
Azah – what if people start getting suspicious
DF – I rather put up Hannah and Alyssa
Azah – yeah
DF – I’m not putting up a dude if I win HOH I’m putting up two girls
Azah – then we have to put Hannah up as a pawn
DF – Hannah you have to trust me go with it.
DF says Hannah has been putting words in his mouth saying things he didn’t say.
DF – Alyssa will tell me more about what is happening in the game. Her and Christian had an opportunity to put me on the block. They had one instance where someone came and told them that I said I was putting them on teh block. They had another instance where someone came and told them that umm.. I was coming for their team and another instance I was going to put them on the block
DF stresses why would he put up people that kept him safe this week
Azah – that makes sense for you
Azah says she was crying all over the place when Britini got put on the block last week “I don’t think that is going to happen to me anymore.. If I get nominated.. OKAY I’m not afraid to get nominated anymore.. I dunno… ”
Feeds cut..
When we’re back DF is saying the order of non-Cookout members getting sent out doesn’t matter to him.
DF – IF SB wins next week who does she put on the block?
Azah – Hannah and a Joker.. one of us. that will be scary.. guess what you have that no one else has? 5 other people (Hmm who would the cookout Keep DF or Hannah?)
DF – if me and Hannah stay on teh block one of us is going home (Profound)
Azah – it’s not going to be you. This alliance was originally the 5 they ain’t going to send you home

Azah goes on about how they have the best alliance in the house when they are on the block they know they have the votes when the other players are on the block they’ll be saying holy crap
Azah – when you are on the block you have a 90% chance to stay when they are on the block it’s 50/50
Azah – You can’t get mad at them.. you can’t you can’t talk about word. You have to give them grace. they are playing the best they can they don’t have what they have
Azah – I’m at the place where I put my morals aside.. cause this isn’t out there.

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Ky’s strategy is being a snuggle wuggle bear lmao!


Whatever works…Lol


I don’t want them to get rid of SB


Me too that would really suck if they went for SB next week! I like SB and hope she targets the cookout. As game player I appreciate that she eyes Hannah as a target- absolutely being the smartest move is to get Hannah out this week!

The Beef

LOL – I hope you’re BOTH wrong! As a Hannah fan, I hope she wins the HOH, puts SB on the block and sends her ass packing! I had no problem with Sarah Beth until she turned her laser scope towards Hannah. If SB wants to go after a Cookout member, let her go after Ky, or the two dead-weight members, Smoking D or Azah, neither of which have done anything in this game, but know they are safe because of numbers and skin color, unless they go up against another member of their own alliance, so let her put THEM up!


Targeting SB before jury is just a terrible move, hope it backfires on Tiffany


Doesn’t Tiffany have a final 2 with Kyland? She’s throwing his name out for eviction.


Maybe it’s just for cover so Cookout alliance isn’t exposed. If none of them appeared to be willing to vote a member out, the alliance would be found out sooner rather than later. They also need to balance the alliance’s interest with their own … jury management. Just speculating. I haven’t been watching feeds, just reading updates here. I’m sure that by missing the body language and expressions of the housemates my interpretation isn’t always accurate.


I think Claire and DX have a better read than we think, should be an interesting HOH since it’s an endurance and I am pushing for Brit to win because I think she will put up x an ky and maybe tiff if one comes down.


So the next possibilities for HoH: 1) Tiff: so Tiff’s cards are on the table and not solely behind the scenes 2) SB: Since multiple people are eyeing her as a target & 3) Derek X : Just to see what he would do


Perhaps she can get HoH after the teams end?


Death by Peanut? Some dark comedy in these conversations


Tiffany isn’t completely wrong in her monologue she just gave cameras but Tiffany is supposedly working with Kyland and she had no trouble throwing his name out there (1st flaws in her logic?). I want SB to stay as long as possible so I don’t want Tiffany to succeed in getting SB out now.


The only reason Tiffany wants to get rid of Sara Beth is cause she is jealous that she is close with Ky she think she can get Ky lmao she’s always by him or all over him it’s for stupid reason wish someone would take her out ugh

Jin Young

Azah – You can’t get mad at them.. you can’t you can’t talk about word. You have to give them grace. they are playing the best they can they don’t have what they have

…. Ahhh yes, they aren’t playing the season by creating an alliance based on race Azah. I can’t believe this racist shit hasn’t been called out yet by CBS.

The Beef

In Wednesday nights episode, CBS justified the reason for the alliance by broadcasting a conversation between Hannah and Xavier, in which they discussed how it’s only natural they would join forces in the house due to their “shared experiences” outside of it, and how they would form much stronger bonds because of that. It was a typical edit of a narrative the network clearly is in support of, so I wouldn’t be holding my breath if I were you, waiting on CBS to call them out for it. That only happens if the whole thing blows up in their face, and the players themselves refuse to continue to take part in what will then become a “race war” inside that house.


According to DF: NCDM (Non Cookouts Don’t Matter) Should we paint that on the street? Haha

Hopeful for a Good Season

Tiffany has good strategies. However her mouth is going to bite her in the bum.

another name

Random Thoughts:

Sarah-Beth has been social game sliding instead of climbing. Some of this is Kyland’s fault (telling Tiff he knew about Jackpot soured Tiff on both of them). Since the Queens were have nots, she’s dropped game talks with the Jackpots anyway. Because she doesn’t know about cookout, her rabid insistence that Hannah leaves has damaged her as well. Trying to pull in Joker support… um. uh. hmmm. I’m holding back the desire to grimace. but only barely. If someone said it looks like rain today, she’d find a way to say it was Hannah’s fault, that’s how bad her single mindedness is getting. Noticeably. And it’s getting a bit creepy to her social game stats.
The Jokers. It feels unnatural to not have Brit on the block. It feels unnatural to not have the Jokers whining about having a team member on the block. With Brit and DF encouraging Whitney today… I’m just thinking jokers gonna do what jokers gonna do. It does strike me that the most emotionally volatile members of the cast all ended up on the same team. Okay, the grimace snuck out before i could hold it back there.
Tiff and Ky are so overextended that it’s a farce. Reasonably speaking, their final 2 was real for a few days… then Ky had to start Kying about how he was getting information from his spy network (that Tiff figured were multiple final 2 deals), and decided he was out playing her socially. Neither can nominate 2 people if they win HOH without exposing their game because they’ve over aligned. This partnership could not survive long term in my opinion even without the Ky overshare and the Tiff hyperparanoia. They are overplaying too much singularly. As a duo that’s amplified. Definite sideye.
The Kings are set up in both the best and the worst position, simultaneously. As a four they’ve won multiple comps. The are seen as the most powerful group. This sets them up as the biggest targets that everyone is going to fear taking a shot at because 3 will still be in the house. Xavier is counting on stacking the jury in his favor (that’s why he exposes the cookout members saying a king needs to be on the block without exposing the cookout). The fact that the women of the house want the men to take each other out starting with Christian, and the men have no intention of taking each other out right now? This sets up the kings to continue. Most at risk? SB. Least at risk? X.
I admit, from initial interviews i was a suspicious of Whitney. I thought she would not be to my liking. I’m still not a fan. When campaigning involves lotion…. I can’t. Multiple eyerolls.
The Not a Showmance that dresses alike, does their hair alike, and conducts team meetings under the covers in bed….. shaddup with the whining how it’s not fair you’re seen as a duo. Serious Question… has Alyssa made a game move for her own sake that didn’t involve Christian? Christian may have told her about it, but at least he’s still able to pretend the Butchers are a thing and is still able to pretend his final 2 with DF from day 3 is still a thing. What has Alyssa done in the game as a stand alone move? That’s going to bite her in the ass. HUGE.

End Random Thoughts.