“I am going home to my kids and sh*t and my business and making more money than all of you motherf***ers!”

HOH: Christian
SAFE: Xavier, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Azah, Big D, Britini
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Claire (safe 2 weeks)
Nominations: Hannah & Whitney
Power of Veto Players: Christian, Hannah, Whitney, Claire, Azah, DerekX | Host Alyssa
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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11:18 am Claire and Tiffany
Claire – I want you to win it. I want to win it. Who will you put up?
Tiff – her and Ky or her and BRit
Tiff – If I win it and put them up I think Christian will be onboard
Tiffany says Azah and X are down with taking SB out.
Claire – maybe DerekF might be down
They speculate about Sarh Beth “she has to win HOH before jury.. something like that”
Tiff says SB saying all she’s trying to do is make it to jury “threw a red flag for X”
Tiff – why is that your line of thinking
Claire – she really really said that
Tiff – Ky really bothered me the laundry situation yesterday
Claire – he feels like he can do whatever he wants.
Tiff – Hannah is a threat
Claire – doesn’t matter if SB is a twist or not SB has to go no matter what. (ZOMG)
Tiffany peels off her mask “I’m done with my little mask you can’t take me seriously.. even X was like what is on your face..”
Claire – you look like a detective or something.
tiff – ohh the detectives what about the detectives?
they laugh
They talk about how “America” has had the least impact on this game that they’ve ever seen.
Tiff – we’re about to go into week 5 and America hasn’t said anything. Somebody is playing for America and it ain’t me
Claire – its not me
Tiff – that makes me scared..
Tiff – we are some conspiring snitches.
Claire leaves..
Tiff – Ohh America

Tiffany looks at the camera “I have issues. this brain does not rest. I have issues about things I think that Sarah Beth is hiding a lot of who she is and that to me makes her very suspicious”
Tiff – Why are you hiding you don’t really contribute anything Daily you show a very small dose of your personality and I think there is a larger than life person hiding inside this facade that Sarah Beth puts on
Tiff – why the truth be told the way she’s coming for Hannah is a really big turn off because you want to paint Hannah as a threat because nobody is saying her name. I can’t think of anyone in this house that wouldn’t go home if they were sitting next to you.
Tiff – YOu are just as big of a threat. if you can target Hannah that way you can target me. THat is a direct threat to my game (Ok)
Tiff – Plus I am working with Hannah I have a master plan in place and I need it to work and in order to make it work I need Hannah here that means Sarah Beth is trying to throw a monkey wrench in my game. (more Sarah Beth more Moneky wrench)
Tiff – whatever I have to do so people believe that she needs to go home is what I have to do it is called a game and it’s called the game of Big Brother

11:30 am Xavier and Alyssa
Thanks to the feed masters we jump into this conercation late.

They are talking about Whitney.
Alyssa – so what happened when you said that?
X – I said I have no idea what you said
Alyssa – this morning she asked?
Alyssa – when you said it last night was she like.. OHH ahahahahah
X – yeah then she came into the room and she wanted me to sleep on the couch.. or come over to the couch to see how comfy the sheets were (Whitney’s game)
Alyssa – and then
X – I kept my a$$ in my bed, I stayed right.. Why are you giving me that look I feel like the reason I’m not doing is good
Alyssa – I got excited
X – why I don’t want.. Ok me and Christian talk about this last night
X says he doesn’t want to lead Whitney on and he doesn’t want the house to see it. “the viewers”
Alyssa – why
X – mainly my Ex
Alyssa – I’ve been feeling that way too
X – I don’t like that. and it’s something I’m not sure to be pursuing after this I would rather not have that. I feel like they are pushing for that. (ugh GROD demand her showmances)
X – I feel like that is what they are pushing for. Cause every time we’re together the camera just ZOOOM
X- if we sleep together they are going to go gungho with that sh1t (Don’t bother with Whitney go for Alyssa/Azah)
Alyssa – all they’ll do is talk to you about it in the DR and be like we just wanted to cuddle and then she leaves on THURSDAY
X – I hear what you are saying..

X – did you play GOT IT last night? I noticed Chrisitan was sporting his Calvens and you were sporting those shorts
Alyssa – we’re in bed I wasn’t going to wear a bunch of clothes if we’re under a comforter
X – there something HUGE in that bed all right
Alyssa – no, We’re on TV. I tried to sleep. I was wearing my underwear because it was hot
X – part of it is that if I do that I’m giving them something to portray to the world that won’t necessarily be accurate
Alyssa – especially if you talk to them like you didn’t see her that way… Ok.. like a mickey and Kat thing
X – I come off like a f** boy
Alyssa – that makes sense.

X – Chrisitan and I have our shenanigans we do what we do
X – you guys might be DADS girlfriend and son but we are a BROMANCE..
Alyssa – are you jealous?


X – I think you need to be jealous cause you don’t see what we do when you aren’t around (GIF^^^^)
Alyssa – so you get invited upstairs
X – I have been I just don’t go because you need that Bonding time more than I do.. You are playing catch up

Alyssa – do you know a little bit about live feeds?
X – I know a little bit about live feeds

(Pro tip Xavier and Alyssa are showmance in waiting)

12:03pm Backyard. Britini, Big D and Whitney.
Big D – the more people go, the more and more its going to get more vicious. You said it yourself, you can go home to your kids, to your business. Baby let me tell you something, if I had that mindset that you do which is why I respect you so much I would be like YO! F**K Everybody! What the f**k! Its not guaranteed that all you motherf**kers get the money. Only one of you b***hes get the money. I am going home to my kids and sh*t and my business and making more money than all of you motherf**kers! If I had your status that would be me all day! I would still sit here and tell them this ones a liar and this ones a liar and that one is this and da da da.. That is how I would f**king do it! You’re a f**king p*$$y! You’re a b***H! You’re not going to make it Da da da! X, Y and Z! That’s what the f**k I would had did! Like I said I respect Brent because he didn’t really beg. Whitney – I am going to have a talk with Christian and to plead my case and explain why it makes sense to take me off and put that other person up. I will talk to other people but I am not going to bed. And whatever happens, happens but I think I have a really good case. Big D – you talk to your team but if you know they’ve double crossed you.. Whitney – they’re such good liars though. Big D – but if they lie to you, then that’s who your targets are. Whitney – oh 1000%, if I am still here those are my targets. Big D – exactly … like if Brit or Azah stopped talking to me.. Whit – they haven’t talked to me. They’ve been asking other people how I’m doing. What the f**k??!! I am kind of on a f**k you mode. I don’t want to talk to them because they’re just going to lie. Big D – you know what is better, when you call someone out on their bullsh*t.

Brit – I understand that this is a game but I made a damn promise to myself when I came in here that I would be proud of the woman when I walked out with my head held high and my morals still correct! Because the only thing you have in this house is yourself. Some times people don’t think before they speak. Big D – these people were put together ..like there are people on certain teams.. like this would be great if this was an individual game. This team stuff is cute but we need it to end. Like everyone has their cards flat and the dealer is like alright okay fold. And no one is folding because they have people that are probably on their team that are a bigger threat. Whit – if I leave this week will you please try to take out Derek X .. because f**k him! Big D – I umm.. Whit – no, no you do what’s right for you. I am just word vomiting because I’m pissed off.

12:47pm Bedroom. Alyssa, Derek X, Hannah and Claire.
Alyssa – Yeah she (Whit) is already doing the jokes. I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Claire – she is not kidding. Derek – Damn, I wished she joked with me. She went walking by the kitchen and I said I am so sorry about what just happened I just completely slipped and Whitney went – I need you to know that I am very angry with you right now and she was smiling. Alyssa – that’s kind of evil.

1:30pm – 2:05pm Sun tanning and working out in the backyard.

2pm Bathroom. Christian and Alyssa.
Christian – I feel so bad that Hannah heard me. Alyssa – don’t over think it. No it was me though. Christian – it was you.. I hope she doesn’t think I was trying to say it like look at her we need to get her out. Alyssa – no. And I am going to talk to her and tell her that I feel good about her and I hope she does too and then she is not going to worry about it. Christian – do you think you should apologize for me? Alyssa – no. Christian – Should I apologize again. Alyssa – no because then you bring it into light again. Drop it. Christian jokingly – you don’t think I should apologize 3 or 4 times again? Alyssa – all you were doing was complimenting her. If you keep apologizing it looks like you did something wrong. Christian – you’re so f**king smart. I need you here.

Bathroom. Hannah and Tiffany.
Hannah – we have to be around these people 24 / 7 and of course the real Hannah has a good memory. Tiffany – you can have a good memory, you just can’t expose it to everybody. Like I saw y’all talking this morning which is good but I did hear y’all going over days and I was like okay that’s interesting maybe they have a good relationship where he is not going to say anything. He left shortly after that .. and he was down at the kitchen table whispering to her about you knowing that date. I am not saying he said it meaning you were a threat but he immediately went to her and gave her that information. Xavier joins them. Tiffany – Don’t over think it. Just hold onto it and remember that. When people want to talk .. just listen. You have two ears and one mouth. Listen more and talk less. This ain’t school you don’t need to answer quick. Let me think about that. Xavier – and when it takes you longer to process things it doesn’t make you look like a threat.

2:55pm Backyard – Alyssa, Christian and Big D
Alyssa – so what were you saying that Whitney was going to say? Big D – Just that she was going to come Christian and plead her case. Alyssa – do you know what her case is? Big D – I think that she is probably going to bring up stuff that happened in the past. That what it seemed like. To build her case against.. Christian – it sounds like she isn’t really going to defend herself she is just going to throw the other person under the bus. Alyssa – what’s happened in the past? Big D – we’ll find out .. Frenchie throw a lot of sh*t out there.

4:05pm Kitchen. Azah and Derek are talking about past big brother seasons. Derek hadn’t watched any seasons before knowing that he was going to be part of the cast after which he watched a couple seasons. Azah tells Derek about Kaysar and other big brother all stars.

Bathroom. Whitney and Big D.
Whitney – if I don’t get taken off the block tomorrow my seduction is going to go shhhh…(through the roof).. f**king who cares! Big D – I hope so.. who cares! Whitney – I am just going to sit on his lap. And when I say seduction, aggressive where I mean probably need a restraining order.

4:30pm Living room. Derek X and Tiffany.
Tiffany – if this gets out I am going to know that you said something. You can’t talk to Hannah about this, you can’t say a thing. Derek – I won’t say it to anyone. Tiffany – I think she needs to go next week. Derek – can you fill me in on what her argument with Ky was about in that room. I will say that SB has been on my radar because she has surprised me the most in game conversations and that doesn’t make sense because she said that she wasn’t even really a fan of the show. It was her brother that was the fan. Tiffany – LIE! Derek – but every time she talks about the show she knows EVERYTHING! She knows all the people, she knows everyone. Tiffany – exactly she is way smarter than what she is letting on. Very intelligent. Very smart. Very strategic. They talk about how Sarah was pushing hard for Hannah to be the target. Azah joins them on the couch and the conversation turns to talking about past BB players again..

4:40pm Backyard – Hannah, Brit and Sarah are choreographing a new dance routine.

Bathroom – Alyssa and Whitney
Whitney – and then after the meeting they were just gone. Alyssa – I’m sorry, that’s kind of rude. Especially because they’re your teammates.

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Derek F. Is pretty immature for a twenty-nine year old.




And lazy to what is his strategy?


Sounded like he was winding up Whitney into a frenzy when they were in the backyard


Yes! he knew EXACTLY what he was doing there!!


Even though Whitney leaving this week is predictable and unexciting, I’m okay with it. I want for Hannah to stay. Hannah is far more likely to make strategic moves and take-out big targets later in the game. She’s become one of my favorite HGs.


I want Hannah to stay too! I don’t know why several of them want her gone! Christian and Alyssa need to go! They should both be put on the block. Alyssa has veen very annoying; also acting as if this is her HoH.?


So the Wildcard Competition was….a lesson in Physics


The choice given to Claire as the wildcard winner: Most of us would choose the “Safe Until Jury “ option so I am not surprised that Claire chose it


I hope Hannah goes home but I doubt it.


Dawg should get an Emmy for that jump rope video. Pure gold!


Come on hg, you gotta know there would be a race based alliance from not only the cast selected but by all the whining from past seasons. Sarah Beth might have a clue and seems to be testing it under the radar. Why would she make it obvious, it won’t take much to compermise the CookOut for them to expose themselves. I just hope it happens soon and hannaH goes home. (Yes I know I spelt Hannah backwards).

Jaymie lee

So its okay to have an all black alliance and its not racist? Hows that work? Hope this doesnt turn into bbcan all over again.

Senhor Sock

Feel free to look up the definition of racism instead of throwing the word around because this alliance makes you feel some type of way.

Jaymie lee

All black is Not racist but a white one would be, thanks for the help. 2 sets of rules i guess.

Gail Lessard

It will be BB CAN all over. It was predictable. But, mark my words, they will justify it.

big brother lover

i want a shake up please