Azah “I was like oh we act stupid? I’ll be dumb. Honestly, I love being dumb.”

HOH: Christian
SAFE: Xavier, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Azah, Big D, Britini
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Claire (safe 2 weeks)
Nominations: Hannah & Whitney
Power of Veto Players: Christian, Hannah, Whitney, Claire, Azah, DerekX | Host Alyssa
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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7:38pm Bedroom. Hannah and Derek X
Hannah – there’s four guys? Derek – there’s only 5 guys – me, Christian, X, Ky, Big D. You girls should just start an all girls alliance and knock us out already. Hannah – that’s why he was so adamant that a guy didn’t go this week. Derek – who would you try to take out? Alyssa? Hannah – out of the Kings, I don’t know. I really don’t know. Like I said the kings need to be split up. They do. Why would you want a team of four going into Jury when the other teams have two or three people. For a numbers thing, they need to be split up. Not only do they have a solid bond but they’ve won half the competitions in the house. Why would I want to keep all four of them in the game? Like would you want to target jokers? Like what benefit would that serve you and you must know that you would still be on their radar. And you’re leaving more people in the game to take a shot at you because you didn’t want to get blood on your hands. That’s all I know so whether I put up one king and one Joker. Or whether I put up two kings .. I don’t know. I don’t know how I would do it but I do want to split them up. You and I just need to figure out who we would most likely work with going forward and who would be a threat. Derek – you don’t think X would? Hannah – I don’t know .. he really likes you. I think he wants you in jury.

7:39pm Bathroom. Kyland and Sarah.
Kyland – we had a really good conversation with Christian earlier today that leads me to believe that everything should stay that same. Did you hear anything different? Sarah – I heard the same. Kyland – no, yeah I just wanted to make sure. I assumed it would but then you never know. Sarah – what you thought he was going to take someone down? Kyland – I never thought he was going to take someone down. I wanted to make sure that nothing changed that would cause him to take someone down. Sarah – oh okay. Kyland – we had a good conversation … but he is an actor so I don’t want to say that but he made me feel comfortable. Do you know any reason why that would be different? Sarah – I am confused why your brain even went there. Kyland – because of what you mentioned. And we have 3 but you need 5 votes.. So then that would go to the jokers. And then you would then have Whitney as an ally and as the fifth vote if you took her down. So that is the thought that came into my head after we talked and then after last night. Big Brother blocks the feed.

8:10pm – 8:30pm Chess room – Tiffany and Azah
Azah – he was like you guys don’t even know what’s going on. Tiffany – then what is going on?! Tell me? Azah – This is what I was like .. what do you mean? Britini is about to go and its not fair. He was like you guys got to think what’s going on here. And I was like well tell us what’s going on! Tiffany – as long as you play stupid damsel in distress .. he just .. he loves it. Azah – yes! I came to an epiphany with Big D.. I said oh okay I get this game. Everyone is supposed to act stupid. Tiffany – the stupider the better. He be telling me to shut the F**k up! I was trying to figure out Xavier saying this and everything worked out. I was like this guy ain’t dumb! He is like no even though you know its a lie, we just act stupid. I was like oh we act stupid. I’ll be dumb. Honestly, I love being dumb. It works really well. Tiffany – let me tell you who plays not knowing nothing the best. Who do you think? Sarah Beth plays stupid all the time. She plays like she don’t know nothing. Fake sleep on the couch .. all the time listening. Azah – I know what she’s thinking she wants the same targets we do. I like her though. Tiffany – I like her too. She is not allowing her game to be read which is very smart. I have a very hard time pretending I don’t like someone. If I don’t like you, you will f**king know it and everyone else will too.

8:50pm Bedroom – Alyssa, Christian and Derek X.
Christian – how was she (Whitney) immediately after the comp? Derek – I didn’t get a chance to talk to her. Christian – she wasn’t very happy. She wasn’t happy with the nominations. Alyssa – Obviously! You mean veto picks? Christian – yeah. You know what I meant. Alyssa – yeah I did, I just wanted to make sure he (Derek) did. They talk about how she isn’t doing the fake smile anymore. Alyssa – at least we’re chilling the rest of the week. Like literally there is no game talk. Christian – I don’t have to talk to the veto holder. Christian leaves. Alyssa to Derek – are you starting to feel okay? Derek – I am starting to think more about the final 8. Me and Christian together would be a powerhouse duo. Alyssa – yeah it would be dope. Its almost like why go after each other.. why not just work together. Derek – I already feel people trying to pit us against each other but like that’s dumb. Alyssa – here’s the thing no one would expect it. Derek – to work together? Alyssa – nods. Is there a fourth person you could see? Out of that eight? Me, you Christian.. Derek – would you trust Hannah? Alyssa – I trust Hannah but I wouldn’t go against the 8. I would be down to keep Hannah as the last one and then go from there. Derek – maybe honestly Tiffany because Tiffany is close to Christian too. Alyssa – Tiffany.. I am down to have me, you, Christian and Hannah sit down and have a conversation. We don’t bring up the royal flush with her. We don’t bring this up to the royal flush. We don’t even put a name on it. And be honest, you guys are seen as a duo.. we’re seen as a duo… why not work together… until there’s nine. Derek – the one thing about Hannah is that she is strong where Christian and I are weak (he points to his mind). Alyssa – me and him (Christian) work well together because he is strong at competitions like you and me and Hannah are the thinkers of the game. Derek – definitely, I think you and Hannah have good game knowledge. I can’t speak to you but I know that Hannah has a great memory. Alyssa – but would you want to go against the alliance? Derek – no. Alyssa – so you’re saying until 9? Derek – yeah. I also want to keep Tiffany because she’s had my back and I wouldn’t want to take her out. Alyssa – maybe when we get to 9 we talk to Tiffany and Claire and they’re wanting to swap Hannah for someone…. But that’s not a move until Hannah is in the 9.

9pm Whitney massaging Xavier..

9:15pm – 9:40pm HOH room. Alyssa and Christian.
Alyssa – I think he was trying to say he likes me, you, him and Tiff. Christian – more than Hannah? Alyssa – no out of the 8. He would want to work with me, you and Tiff. Christian – so maybe Ky and Sb are more of the target than SB and Derek. Alyssa – exactly. He is going to come up to talk to you. Christian – so specifically he is coming up to say.. Alyssa – that he is not coming after you and that its way smarter for him to just work with you. Christian – do you think he is saying that because he is scared of me though? Alyssa – no. I think he is really trying to make an effort to hang out with me more and he wants to more with you too. Alyssa brings up having Hannah as the 9th person. Christian – Hannah will take you out. Alyssa – you think so? Christian – who would you feel better as the ninth? Alyssa – Big D over Hannah. Christian – I didn’t tell you this but I was going to make him (Derek) feel good to the eight. Alyssa brings up how Derek wants to solidify it. They agree to talk to Derek later. Christian brings up how SB is scaring him lately. She actually f**king scared me. I was actually terrified. I am pretty sure what she said was “Oh my god my eyes are closed, it doesn’t mean I’m f**king sleeping!” I was actually scared.

9:55pm Living room. The house guests are playing a game..

10:43pm Big Brother opens up the backyard.

10:53pm Storage room. Xavier and Tiffany.
Xavier – if teams aren’t done next week, which we have to think about because its not guaranteed because not everyone has competed in the Wildcard competition. Derek F hasn’t, I haven’t,
Tiffany – they had 4 wildcard comps on the pretense that an entire team could have been taken out and then there would be no more wildcard. Xavier – in the event that teams are still together. Tiffany – I know y’all are going to be safe again. Xavier – what I am saying is if my team wins again.. Tiffany – who are they coming for? Xavier – Hannah. Tiffany – so who do we do because they could easily put two of use up and then we’ve got to pick who we’re going to save. Xavier – the only way that Hannah could kind of be safe is if she is sitting next to Britini. If teams are still here next week and my team wins, Hannah’s a$$ is going up. Tiffany – and if teams aren’t safe and SB wins Hannah is still going up but with who? Xavier – I have no idea but Hannah would be the intended target. Tiffany – what are you going to do about that Alyssa / Christian thing. Xavier – what about it? Tiffany – they’re so tight. Xavier – I can’t do sh*t about it. Y’all have to win and take one of them out. I can’t do a damn thing about that. Tiffany – I can’t do it. Xavier – Big D. Tiffany – he is going to have to do it. He don’t have no heart. He is going to have to do it. I think Azah would do it too. Xavier – they’re on my team. I can’t do a damn thing about it. Tiffany – when I went up to the HOH room and saw them it reminded me of being a fan and thinking y’all motherf**kers don’t see these two duos! Why is this even allowed.

11:40pm – 12am Hammock – Sarah and Whitney.
Sarah – I think you should fight to stay. Whitney – I just don’t know what you could say to make me want to fight to stay. Like I don’t know who else he could put up. Three guys have already gone out. So I understand he wants a girl out and what other girls are left. Obviously you guys are teammates. Hannah and I are already up. The Kings already promised that Brit could stay. He has a great relationship with Tiffany. Claire is safe. So literally the only other person is Azah. And I am not going to be like Christian I want you to get more blood on your hands. So I am honestly okay with it. Sarah – I will say that the target has not always been you. It has gone back and forth. There still could be a chance even if the veto isn’t used. Whit – of course I would love to stay and play longer. I would love for a woman to win this game. And I did say that which bit me in the a$$. They talk about makeup and alcohol tomorrow night..

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This season I feel like they are targeting every personality that has won in seasons past. Regardless of what they have done this far. Guess it’s still early but this love fest needs to be broken up a bit or we won’t have much to watch towards the end IMO.


Like every season we need the dominant alliance smashed or we’re heading to krakenville.


So much promise, then people started falling into, we’ll play after jury phase. That and the fact the cannon fodder didn’t realize they were cannon fodder is starting to get dull. Even in the cook out, Azah and Big D don’t see how pointless they are.