“who ever the America nom is has a HUGE chance of going home this week HUGE”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-09 09-19-25-092

Monte – it’s cold… ohh the sun.. there you go..
Monte – hmm… Flipped on me.. I cam on too strong as the leader..
Monte – I didn’t judge him.. the entire house judged me.. they didn’t find anything wrong with me so they pinned the typical stereotype.
Monte – Hmmm.. .yup.. That’s the whole house couldn’t find what’s wrong with me and was intimidated.. went to bed at 12 Sorry makes me judgmental..
Monte – There that dumb good god.. I’m too smart to be in this house.. I’m the only one not stuck in the … … of things
Monte – Frigging Danielle.. there’s no reason to stir the pot like that.. No good..
Monte – I feel bad for Justin… really .. all because of frigging Danielle..
Monte – he is sexist.. that is true.. U dunno no guy talks football .. but a lot of girls do.. so I talk to.. well now you’re being sexist trying to get with all the women. .. NO.. I don’t click with any guys in here.
Monte – the only guy I click with is in a showmance with a girl that is drama heavy and tries to manipulate things there fore I have to be close to the girls.. Maybe Scott will come along..
Mont e- the house is painting that narrative on me.. the show is painting that narrative on me.. means my ass is going up and they’ll send me home.. it’s unfortunate..
Monte – I would rather go out losing a veto comp than a false accusation of my character, I’m smarter than racism and all that junk.
Monte – Some people in this house aren’t, obviously. Me Neeley been cool since day one shot me straight..
Monte – Very respectful to Jason..
Monte – Old cornbread.. house turned on both of us buddy.. white guys with a thick accent we didn’t have a chance.
Monte – That’s wrong I hate to say it.. But I haven’t given anyone reason to hate me.. that’s the only logical explanation.
Monte- that’s sad thought this country was more advance

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-09 11-12-58-442
11:13am HOH Shelby, Alex and Scott
They remind him that their side of the house are the only ones still talking to Scott. Scott mentions how the other side won’t look him in the eye.
Scott – I cannot go to the other side of the house..
Scott says other than Neeley that entire side of the house was not talking to him at all.
Shelby says Danielle thinks she knows everything about the game because she was on the block last week and stayed.
Scott says he made a mistake should have voted out Danielle, “Yesterday showed me where everyone’s true colours are”

11:34pm HOH Pictures

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12:20pm POol side…

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-09 13-59-21-193

1:06pm Shelby and Alex
Talking about Votes, Shelby – It’s only to make safe”
Alex – ya
They can’t make plans until America’s nominee is known.
Shelby – Monte is pushing for you to put up Kryssie
Alex – she’s not coming after us

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-09 14-32-54-268

2:31pm Shelby and MOrgan
talkign about Monte still trying to get Kryssie put up
Shelby says if Danielle goes Shane will be forced to move back with them.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-09 15-24-45-338

3:19pm Morgan and Shelby

Going over votes
Morgan – Scott would vote Danielle.. let say it’s me up worst case scenario.. You, Whitney, Monte, Scott
Shelby – our only for sure votes..
Morgan – ya
Shelby – the other side of the house will be Justin, Jason, Kryssie, Neeley … who are we forgetting
Morgan – that’s 4 and 4 and America’s vote
Morgan – we would need Neeley to flip
Shelby – I don’t think she’ll flip against Danielle though
Morgan – damn
they agree they’ll have to see with the “Veto thing”
Shelby – ant the America nom too…
Shelby says if the america nom is someone like Neeley or Kryssie, “It’ll be f**** awesome”
Shelby – if Justin is the America nom Alex wil be in a tough spot
Morgan says if Veto is played Alex will have to put Scott up and he’ll go home

Shelby laughs how Monte is still wanting Kryssie to go up. Even though he has safety “already had Her necklace lite up”
Morgan think they should keep Kryssie around “For another week”
Shelby – ya we’ll see
Shelby – Scott want to get her out Monte want ot get her out let those people do it..
Shelby says she’s not even goign to pick a target until she wins HOH
Morgan agrees..
Shelby – who ever the America nom is has a HUGE chance of going home this week HUGE
Shelby says she tries to stay up but she can’t the other side just doesn’t like her.
Shelby says the other side really likes Whitney.
Shelby – Justin might be down with splitting up the showmance..
Morgan – ya and I think Whitney is closer to Justin

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-09 15-32-53-209

3:34pm Backyard Alex and Shelby
Trying to figure out the POV competition tomorrow. Shelby says she’s glad the season is on the live feeds because it means everyone watching ‘Will know Monte’s not racist”
Alex – if it was more casual people watching it would NOT be strategic, It would be based on how you were edited.. it’s very different. (Alex = great maybe greatest )

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-09 15-39-51-024

3:39pm Shane and Danielle
talking about Kryssie “Hiding something” she would also talk about working out but she never works out in the house
They hear the camera moving and giggle “They’re waiting for us to kiss”
(if it wasn’t for the Overdose of showmance last season I would like this showmance. #Showmancenever)

3:50pm …… .. ….. . Happy Thanksgiving YO!!!!! !!! ! ! !

3:56pm MOrgan doing Danielle’s nails.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-09 16-11-07-189

4:10pm While everyone is outside Alex and Shelby are looking around the house counting shit trying to find “Clues”
Alex – I hear voices

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-09 16-20-58-068

4:20pm Whitney, Shelby and Alex
Alex says she still feels pretty solid with the plan. Nothing has blown up yet. Shelby is surprised “They” Haven’t come to her yet.
Alex – they are not even making eye contact

Whitney says she heard Danielle saying she think she’s going up.
Shelby – I almost told her not to unpack when she started packing her stuff.. but I didn’t. (Ohh damn)
They mention how last week Danielle said she wasn’t going to pack. they don’t like the cockiness.
Alex – “Rubs me the wrong way”
Alex says Shane won’t be in the same room as her at least Danielle will have a conversation.
Whitney – does he even talk to anyone cause he never talks to me
Alex – he talked the first 3 days then completely stopped
Whitney – him going to Monte.. umm that’s not how it works,.
Whitney adds Shane going to Monte to talk to the HOH instead of being the HOH is poor game play.
Shelby calls that a snake

Alex – they never talked to me one on one either…

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-09 20-35-26-256

7:05pm Safety Ceremony..

Shelby, Justin, Monte and Scott are safe. Alex nominated Danielle and Shane

Shane and Danielle nominated for evicton

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-09 20-41-47-353

7:08pm Shane and Danielle London room
Shane – it’ll be personal next week
Danielle – Stop
Shane – we have to kick butt.. America will put up someone else lets hope for the best

Shane – it’s the stupidest move cause.. one of us will survive and if I leave you’ll take her out
Shane – you leave I will take her out.. she has no one on her he should have put up a pawn.. it’s the stupidest move..
Danielle – ya..
Shane – hopefully America puts up Monte or Scott, we have the votes to take them out
Shane – she’s not goign to survive next week if our side wins HOH.. She made a stupid move..
Danielle says Alex did this because that is what Shelby wanted not what Alex wanted.

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Simon, can you help us out with some schedule information? When do we find out America’s non?


Thank you kind Sir!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Thanks Simon!

On America's Behalf

So that there is not a landside and still can be a power struggle, I hope we can vote out *DANIELLE* so that we can have power players battling it out, and so there’s not a landside number of individuals consistently leaving

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Love the screen name.

Power Players

Danielle is a power player. Shane is not. Shane doesn’t know his left from his right. Danielle is the strategic one and she’s a physical threat. So, just saying, if you want to leave strong people in the house and break up the showman, Shane is the one that should leave.


Wellif America’s nom is one of Monte’s crew and that person wins veto, one of the showmance goes home. If one of Jason’s crew is America’s nom, then for sure at least one of Jason’s crew is evicted. Not as dire this week as Monte’s crew thinks


To have to win both HOH and veto just ensure you don’t lose a number is a little ridiculous though.


I agree but since America gets a nominee and an eviction vote, it is what it is. On the flip side, If America votes to nominate one of Jason’s crew, veto will not stop them from losing a number.


It is what it is yes, and that is a big ‘if’ – regarding if America votes to nominate one of Jason’s crew – much more likely than not the 3rd nom each week is someone not on Jasons side.

I am amazed production are so cool with a highly likely Jason co hoh each week – very difficult for any other player to overcome no matter how well liked for personality, entertainment or game play due to his already large fan base before the season began. They could easily end the 3rd nom twist, as there would still be 3 other voting categories. Remember the takeover twist of BB17 got pulled very quickly. That is what I would do if I was production.


I am really agreeing with you. I said it is what it is because production made it that way. Hoping enough people see what idiots the Jamboree crew is turning into. Production will kill the franchise with this installment if they let the bullying continue unabated.


this Season is like the B- Squad of Big Brother.
I will say in some ways as far as drama and strategy they may be better that the huge Summer Seasons… still not worth the money to pay CBS to watch.
That being said… getting the showmance out is always the best move. breaking up Shane and Danielle is a good thing.
I will say that I have been a bit offended that the vote a Vet Houseguest in… has sort of offended me as a Gay man. Jozea and Jason are both former Gay Houseguests…. it is sort of insulting to have the gay men return on the crap online Season…. personally if they wanted a Gay Houseguest back in the game, give me Regan or Will Wilkie any day.


Dani and Shane rarely interact with anyone. Their nose is up each other’s ass. That annoys me. Play the game. Involve yourselves.


‘Merica! Please vote Neely as a pawn so that the coconut hoe Danielle goes home!!!!! In the words of He-Man “We have the power!” Can’t stand her entitled ass! Brat. No one was even talking about her and her pickle and she just kept bringing it up! Girl bye!


Much more likely to get Krissy on the block compared to Neely. Don’t split votes or waste any on Neely. If you want Danielle gone and/or want to help Alex, then vote Krissy as 3rd nom.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I think Kryssie is going to be the replacement nom.


I was thinking the same thing.


I can see by the poll on this website Monte is in the lead with votes. I completely understand his ego can get the best of him. Honesty please put that part of him away for now and lets think strategic. Every year fans grip bout showmances, we actually have a say this season so lets help Alex get rid of one of them. Nominating Kyrssie is the best thing we can do this week, her and Danielle are really mean girls. To make accusations of Monte being a racist and saying he has made gay comments is outrageous. To attack someones personal character is no way game related. I can deal with his ego alot more than I can handle these girls making up lies and stirring up unnecessary BS..

Dirty Harry Reid

I’m with you Stephanie.


I like your comments Stephanie, lets make a final 2 deal haha


Thanks, I just hope America takes advantage of this situation while they have a chance. It just such an unfair advantage with Jason there and his side keeps getting all the Americas votes. At least with Kyrssie on the block the other side has a shot, and then the numbers will be even.


You’re campaigning awfully hard. Are you related to Alex and Morgan??


I think her comments are well thought out and valid and many agree with her. She seems passionate about the game and if Stephanie wants to comment in favor or against any players it doesn’t mean she is related to them.


And many don’t agree if you’re looking at the majority on Twitter and the actual feeds. Which is where the majority of the votes will come from.

I love big brother too, but I’m not on every update pleading with people to vote a certain person. People are going to vote who they want regardless. It just seems like the OP takes it a little further than being “passionate” about OTT. lol Even writing that seems kind of silly…


Everyone should be free to comment any way they like. Some fans are more passionate than others. I have no problem with it.

To save the game

I don’t want someone who spreads fake homophobic messages about Monte to think America loves her and not to mention she belittled people due to receiving a care package…Nominating Kyrssie, so hopefully to even the playing field…


Can we change the name on the pic please?

Yet Another Hillary Lie


Do you have a prediction on America’s nomination?

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Good job on the pics Simon.

The Don was cheered when he said Hil-liar-y should be in jail

Krissy is like Hil-liar-y, a massive liar and full of herself and a hypocrit, thinks everyone loves her, but its not the case

Krissy, you’re fired!


Voting Kryssie as America’s Nom. Can’t stand her bashing of others. I want to call her a P.C. bully!
Shane didn’t deserve this – I truly believe he didn’t mean to offend anyone.
And as far as Scott, if that is his game play, then that’s his business. Why bash him like that?


I refuse to buy the feeds. I am too busy with work and life to keep up with them. I don’t want to sit with my lap top waiting for something worthy to happen in real time. I read up on what is happening, but it is very confusing without the CBS edited, I know, shows. I am disappointed in the feeds only show. I hope CBS changes their minds and adds weekly catchup shows.

The Don was cheered when he said Hil-liar-y should be in jail

The Don absolutely crushed Hil-liar-y in that debate



The Don was cheered when he said Hil-liar-y should be in jail

Can’t stop the Trump Train, full steam ahead.

Don the Con

Trump train?… riiiight. More like Access Hollywood bus.

Lying Huckleberry Hillary

I bet you were on the short bus.


After seeing the way Shane and Danielle acted after nominations, they need to go. It was really immature and totally unsportsmanlike. This is the first time in bb history someone walked away from ceremony, without even given Alex any respect. Everyone knows that took alot of guts, and she stayed strong. I have so much respect for Alex for putting them up, this a game not bachelorete . Please give her a break and do the right thing vote Kyrssie.


Just cast my 20 votes for Kryssie


I am trying to vote but it is not working!

Froot Loop Dingus

Likewise.. all 20 went on Krissie!


We just cast 40 for Monte. Lmao


America nominates Kryssie.

BB Fan

Who are the Have nots this week?


I’m tired of this whole race card being thrown around. As far as I have heard Monte made a remark about where Justin is from but that’s not a race thing. Jason is talking about where Shelby is from. Does that make him racist? The groups formed not because of race but because one group stays up late while the other group goes to bed early.


Okay, I am all for nomming Morgan for eviction…strategically, it makes sense (I am a fan of the Late Night Crew). She is a duo with both Alex and Monte, so taking her out cripples two players.

I am just trying to tally the votes, because it may make more sense to nom Scott.

If Morgan is nommed:
Morgan: Neely, Justin, Jason, Krissy, America votes to evict
Shane: he is just window dressing this week, so no votes to evict
Danielle: Monte, Whitney, Shelby, Scott

If Scott is nommed:
Scott: Neely, Justin, Jason, Krissy, America votes to evict
Shane: no votes to evict
Danielle: Monte, Whitney, Shelby, Morgan

Seems either way, America’s nom goes home.
Any thoughts/opinions?


Americas nom is safe if taken off the block after veto leaving Danielle and Shane as the only noms on eviction night meaning there is an extra voter and 10 total votes, then if it is 5-5 between Danielle and Shane, Alex is the tiebreaker

Katie Girl

Come on and vote Kryssie as third nominee. Monte is Not racist or homophobic. He’s a good guy.

Franks fumes

I’m sorry but Monte is an idiot who thinks white people are being discriminated against. I dont like Krissy but I’m voting for Monte as 3rd nom……Krissy can go up next week she‘ll get the message that her crap is uncalled for soon enough.


Krissie is far worse if you are basing your vote on who is more of an idiot or more annoying or less likable. She is not only annoying and mean spirited, but she is going out of her way to try to assassinate someones character on a really heavy level to use as a tool to pander to the camera for votes, just assuming we are dumb enough to buy what she is trying to sell us, talking about it in a way that could badly impact his life outside the game. That is not cool.

Krissy for 3rd nominee

Best way to get Danielle or Krissy out is to have them both on the block.

I am voting to put Krissy on the block to give her a reality check but more importantly to reward Alex on her HOH, who I am majorly impressed by. It will be a massive injustice if both Danielle and Krissy stay and continue to gloat, and someone on Alex side are evicted. Alex doesn’t deserve that and I just hope fans who respect good players agree and vote accordingly.


Totally agree with you, Alex did great on that comp and completely deserves to get her way this week. Kyrssie and Danielle are really mean girls and one of them need to go home asap.


Stop being for an alliance and start picking your favorites, otherwise no matter how awesome someone is, if they are in a stupid alliance they are screwwwwed, which just makes a boring season


Omgosh Kryssie give it a rest. She needs to stop talking!


Listening to this conversation with Kryssie, Justin, and Neeley is truly disgusting. They are personally attacking him, so sick of their mouths. How can America not vote Kryssie, Monte hasnt done anything to deserve this.

Power Players

Monte has said so many things that can be perceived as racist. The things he’s said about Justin (not just the clothes stealing) are deplorable. Did you hear all the ranting and raving he did after Justin got naked to get in the shower not to mention how he lied about how it happened making others think Justin was a pervert. I’m not saying Justin is a prince by no means. He’s done a lot of crappy things in his life. But he doesn’t deny it or lie about it. Monte can claim he’s not a racist or misogynist all he wants, but his words and actions toward others say something else. Not to mention the guy is just arrogant as hell and needs to be knocked down more than a few pegs. I’m praying this guy is up and out this week. So over him.


The late night crew is really being nasty tonight. Stealing all the krackles so Shelby can’t get any. That’s rel mature. Neeley is getting just as bad as the rest of them. She made this great speech about she’s tired of this side and that side but is guilty of it too. She also told Alex she would nominate Danielle and Shane but told them she does not like these nominations one bit.


That is exactly why I cant understand Monte leading on the polls. Makes me wonder why is it ok for the night crew to all be safe from going home, and everybody else is playing the damn game for Jason to win.

Team Alex and nobody else

I know it’s early but one thing that’s clear (so far) is that Alex is in the house to play and is, by far, one of the better women players I have seen on any season. I will be voting to move her forward week to week regardless of who she teams up with to get to the end.


Monti’s comments and actions have felt very sexiest from the beginning to me. From the alpha male , to the l need to protect the little women like we are to stupid ( not smart enough) to know how to protect, stand up for ourselves.
He also did say Justin did steal the clothes he has I don’t know if that was a a racist comment or what type of judgement he was passing but it wasn’t a nice one. If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all. The sad thing is some people don’t realize what, and how things sound when they are coming out of our mouths.