Kryssie “You have a problem with a sexist but you spend everyday trying to f**k someone else’s girlfriend?”

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-09 22-27-17-834

7:20pm Backyard – Shane, Danielle, Justin and Neeley. Danielle – hopefully we pick people from our side to play (in the veto). Shane – I swear to god if I pick Shelby, I’m going to be so pissed. Actually I would be so happy because she’s not going to win it. Danielle – She might she was hitting them (golf balls) pretty good. Neeley – it is their going to be Scott or Monte that’s America’s pick. Justin – do we even have enough votes though to get him out of here? Danielle – yes we do. The house will be split 4 – 4. And America would hopefully vote out who they put up. Justin – I don’t think you should be worried. You’re gangsta at golf.
Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-09 22-32-44-578

9pm Alex and Scott are laying in the hammock. Shelby joins them. Scott – I’m just as cool either way (Danielle or Shane going). Alex – we’ll know more once we know America’s nom. Scott – thank you for not nominating me. Alex – A lot of people thought I was going to. Scott – I know because my stock in this game has dropped. Alex – It just doesn’t make sense for me to do what the house wants. I’m here to play my game. Scott – half of the people in the house won’t trust me. Shelby – I feel like they knew they were going up so they started that whole thing in an attempt to.. Scott – I feel the most betrayed by Shane. Alex – was he the one that blew up everything? Scott – I think it was Justin. Shelby – Danielle went and told Justin that Monte was being racist towards him. And he freaked out and said its because of what Scott said! Scott – which I had nothing to do with. They’re trying to pin everything on me now. Alex – of course to take the heat of them. Alex – how did that all start.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-09 22-45-48-511

Scott – Kryssie and Jason were asking me about my vote and I said I promised my vote where ever you wanted if if you didn’t put me up. And she was pissed about that. Alex – then the next morning everyone knew. Scott – I told here it was just a one week deal. I did it so she would get freaked out and save Jason and to make it look like we weren’t so close. .. But that all blew up in my face. I feel the most betrayed by Shane and its not unrelated to why he drank the potion day 2. Its not okay for people to go up to you and make a deal and then go around saying you’re the one that makes deals. When really they’re the ones masterminding things. Alex – Shane’s a snake too. Scott – you two are the ones I would never turn on in this house. Alex – I just need you to back me next week. Scott – I will, I have so many targets in this house .. but there aren’t enough HOH’s to win to get them all out. Alex – Danielle starts so much drama. Scott – should the veto not go our way, I’m going to have to make a deal with Jason. Shelby – do you think he will make a deal? Scott – I don’t know. It will have to be a good deal.. like my life for your life. Everything I will do going forward I will bounce off you guys .. you’re both way smarter than me. Like I was trying to figure out the parks puzzle .. and you figured it out in 4 minutes. Alex – I don’t trust Shane.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-09 22-41-42-826

10:40pm Plastics (Morgan, Alex, Shelby) Alex – she (Danielle) is asking to be sent home at this point. Morgan – did you hear what she said outside? “I’ll never be a havenot because I’m America’s favourite!” Who told you were America’s favourite!? I don’t understand what Shane sees in that (Danielle)! Morgan – She (Danielle) came in the kitchen and said I’m just going to be dramatic and make it as uncomfortable as possible. She’s just making herself look stupid. Morgan – well I painted her nails really poorly today. Shelby – good because she’s drinking all your chocolate milk. Morgan – If I see her drinking the chocolate milk tomorrow I’m going to say that’s mine. Alex – she acts so entitled. I cannot stand people like that.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-09 23-57-43-311

10:40pm – 10:50pm Backyard – Morgan, Whitney, Kryssie, Alex, Jason, Neeley, Justin, Danielle and Shane are hanging out on the backyard couch talking about random things. Whitney and Alex head inside. Kryssie – I cannot believe Monte told Shane he doesn’t like me. Justin – why!? He just don’t like people! Kryssie – he just doesn’t like people that are different from him. He just doesn’t want the world to look at him as something that he is not. But what he doesn’t realize is if you continue to perpetuate that kind of thing it will make it look even worse. The fact that he said he purposefully tries to run over squirrels! What the F**K is wrong with you!?! He is insufferable! Every time he digs himself out of a hole he does something sh*tty. Justin – that’s why his a$$ is a havenot. That’s why he’s eating that poor a$$ slop that smells like donkey d**k and monkey balls. You can’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Kryssie – f**k you dude .. you (Monte) don’t like me because I’m different. I’m pissed. Justin – hopefully he goes up on the block this week. Kryssie – it can’t be because we don’t have the numbers to get him out .. it has to be Scott. Kryssie – you (Monte) have a problem with someone being sexist but you spend everyday in this house trying to f**k someone else’s girlfriend. Am I wrong!? I’m sorry but you can’t say someone is a womanizer and say someone else is wrong when you try to d**k some girl that has a boyfriend across the f**king world! Justin – he’s just a b***h! He ain’t got no nuts.. I let my nuts swing baby! Kryssie – she (Morgan) has a boyfriend in Japan and she has said she is 100% taken yet he (Monte) is going to sit here and say if a man ever treated my sister like that I would flip the f**k out.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-09 23-14-13-138

10:55pm Bathroom – Alex, Whitney, Shelby. If anyone starts calling me racist or homophobic I am going to be pissed. They’re literally twisting everyone’s comments to make us look like it. Whitney – If she (Danielle) is so holy why did she call out James for talking about the hibachi grill? Shelby – I literally turned to Morgan and said PC police?! Apparently there’s no Asian in the house so its okay to say!? Whitney – I don’t know but she said it. Alex – we have to get her out. Whitney – even if one of them does come down I think we still have the votes. Alex – when I talk to Justin I’m going to tell him that he was thrown under the bus. Alex – I need her gone. I can’t live with entitled people. Alex – they wanted Scott up. They won’t even look at him. Shelby – if he wins HOH next week that would be epic! Whitney – Justin knows .. he has been watching Shane and Danielle going around playing everyone.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-09 23-33-48-730

11:10pm – 12am Backyard – Neeley is talking to Jason. Neeley – I tried so hard to get Shelby up and out this week but it didn’t work. Shelby is enemy number one for me. If I win HOH she is number 1! Jason – oh I want to nominate her just so I can tell her off in a big a$$ speech but I might not even want her to go home that week. She might be a pawn but I want to f**king read that b***h down. SO bad on sh*t that will for sure get aired!! Neeley – she was really trying to start some messy sh*t. Jason – like that squirrel on the road and the squirrel in your attic ain’t the same.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-09 23-41-20-037

12:35am – 1:15am Justin, Jason, Neely and Kryssie talk about Monte running over squirrels. Justin – I was horrified. Squirrels ain’t be doing nothing but get their nuts. Jason – that’s like saying human beings that commit crimes .. and human beings that commit crimes should also be punished. The squirrel in the road is not the one that went in your attic. If you want to f**k with the squirrel in your attic that’s on your property, I don’t give a f**k what you do in your attic. You can be torturing damn squirrels … I don’t endorse that but I don’t give a f**k. But for you (Monte) to say that I purposefully try to smash squirrel’s skulls on the street… after someone says I’ll wreak my car so I don’t run them over you’re proud to be like “I kill squirrels!” Kryssie – I cry if I run over an animal that is already dead. I’m inconsolable. Jason – He is a terrible person. We just wiped everyone’s slate clean … I’m not a homophobe or a racist but I am an animal killer. Kryssie – your actions are sh*t because your words are speaking louder. Kryssie – he is a f**king toilet. Jason – ain’t nobody sticking up for the squirrels but I am. I heard a rape comment that no one even said anything. I don’t even know what that was, there was so much else going on. Kryssie – what?! Jason – you weren’t even out here. It was about the sexist thing and he (Monte) was like listen I’ve seen girls be raped. And I was like what!? He was like about to go down the reasons of why sexism is wrong. Why is rape one of them and where were you when you saw a rape!? It wasn’t I beat the guy or I called the police .. no it was I seen a rape. Kryssie – he was panicked and started spitting sh*t out.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-10 06-25-09-671

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-10 06-32-32-770

1:17am Jason, Neeley, Kryssie and Justin
Talking about Morgan having a boyfriend and how Monte is chasing her yet complaining about Justin’s stories about cheating. Kryssie brings up how Monte would go on about having “Mad respect for Monogamy”
Justin – he doesn’t have a religion.. he said he doesn’t believe in that..
Justin says he can’t deal with Monte he had to “get on his knees” pray to god to have the strength.
Jason – this game is originally based off a game called the Golden Cage.
Explains how people would just get into fights so they get the first person to swing removed from the game, Adds it filmed only 1 season in Italy and was a cludert f***. They talk about Monte trying to bait Justin the other day saying how he wanted Justin to punch him.
Jason asking for Feedsters, America, BB fans, BB alumni to nominate someone from the other side.

Jason says if America isn’t over the other side he’ll leave social media forever
Jason says the other side are the most terrible people they could have found

Jason – we were teh most fun people they found and then they found a bunch of terrible people
Justin – a bunch of racist people I can’t deal with that shit ()
Kryssie says she can’t stand ‘Racist, Bigot, Homophobe”
Justin – all that sh1t
Neeley – Close minded and racist
Jason – MOnte ticks a lot of boxes.. Shelbey ticked a lotta boxes.. that’s why they are here.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-10 06-18-07-352

1:27am Jason, Neeley, Kryssie and Justin
Taking about America putting someone up first thing tomorrow morning at 10am then they have the veto at around 1.
Jason says that is what made Cornbread so sad he got put up by America then 3 hours later lost the veto.

Justin laughs says Monte and Cornbread will be “Best friends at this moment in life, they probaably be just sitting in a room toegether and be you know what bro… they be yelling White power … I dunno”

Jason says Monte takes offense when you call him Bro.

Justin leaves to bed..

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Alex is one of the better women players I have seen on any season of big brother (so far). I will be voting to move her forward in the game with my votes from week to week (even though I’m not a fan of the people she’s playing the game with). Everyone else can kick rocks!

Hillary Lies Matter

Alex has a ton of game.


Alex will win this. I can see it already. She’s hands down the smartest player in the house.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

She is smart and her winning wouldn’t surprise me.

sunny dee

i like the move she made. big target, and showmance right there. break that up, either way you go, it works. but i guess one of them won the veto, so it means only the showmance gets taken out, which is going to be the girl part of the showmance, not a stronger competition type win. and she has disadvantages in another HOH coming up when she does get to play again, also not necessarily a good thing.

now, why is jason talking about what gets aired, since everything is airing

Voting for Monte

I honestly hate Monte. When he said him and Cornbread were only hated because they’re white guys from the south with thick accents I literally couldn’t stop laughing. Last time I checked, Donny was a white guy from the south with a thick accent as well and he was loved! I can’t for him to get evicted.

I’m voting for Monte to be the third nominee.


Donnie was not loved by his houseguest if you remember! He was loved by America. They alienated him and tried to get him out from week to week.


She’s referring to being loved by America, not houseguest.


I think if you ask the former HGs, Donny was loved. Cody cried when he put Donny OTB. Donny was not part of the power alliance, he was one of the only people to figure out that Derrick was running the house which made him a threat, and no one wanted to take him to the end because they thought Donny would win against anyone in final 2.

Ya but

Feminists, SJW’s, and BLM weren’t running a muck back in 2014 like they are now!

Botox Pelosi

Monte is cooked.

BB15 Repeat

Honestly, I’m so pissed this season is turning into another version of BB15. Last week Monte said he didn’t want to nominate Neeley because he doesn’t want an angry black woman to come after him. This week he made that comment about Justin. And on top of that, he also said that Jason only hates Whitney because she can get married and have kids, which makes no sense. I can’t wait for him to go home!!! And the worst part is Shelby and the Plastics were trying to defend him. I don’t like Kryssie but I don’t want them to think what Monte said was okay, which is why I’m nominating him for eviction. Plus, everyone in the house, including the plastics, said they’d turn on him if America nominated him.

Hillary Lies Matter

I think Monte will be America’s nomination this week.

I agree

A white person calling a black person, black or angry is RAYCISSS !


I love Neeley the most so far. Hope she can win HOH next week, I’d love to see what she does.

Also, I’m I the only one who keeps pronouncing Monte as Bronte’s name was pronounced??


I can’t with “let’s get Danielle out for FALSELY (ehm..really?) accusing Monte of being racist “ mob. This is the SAME man who said I don’t want to nominate Neeley because I don’t need an angry black woman scenario. This is the SAME man who said he adores Trump and his politics and thinks that the current state of America is shitty. This is the SAME man who said THE VERY FIRST DAY that there are THREE people that are threatening looking (based on what fact? You barely know anyone) and that he needs to kick them out before anyone, guess who those 3 where? Right…all the black contestants. This is the SAME man who said that a white man experience most struggles in America and that WHITE men are getting racially harassed by minorities (and you want to keep him in and put Kryssie up for what reason? Oh right it’s because YOU are racist yourself and get trigged when someone of another race points that out so you lay blame on that person for “falsely” accusing you for being racist when you DEEP DEEP DEEP INSIDE know that it is what defines you. His reputation already been tarnished by his OWN racist comments, Danielle didn’t do anything wrong, Monte accused Scott for spreading rumors and Danielle went along with it until a certain point, then she apologized and told him that she said to Justin. Has Monte apologized to Scott for false accusation? HELL NO, but that doesn’t matter to you “hoes”, because in this country only POC needs to be held accountable for stupid shit that white people do on daily basis.


The reason the girls want to get Danielle out is not because she is black but because every time they tried to have a conversation with her she would interrupt and make it about her and because Shane was on their side before he started his showmance with Danielle. The division in the house did not start because of race – it started because the one side stayed up and the other side went to bed early hence the name “late night crew”. Justin told numerous stories about the pimping he did and drugs he did etc, He has also disrespected woman by taking his clothes off in front of them to get in the shower instead of doing what everyone else does and take his clothes off in the shower. And Justin told a story last night where Neeley accused him of stealing her leggings. While the story was funny he did said he needed to help find her leggings because he didn’t want an angry black woman after him. He did not go off on her like he did on Monte when Monte said he probably stole his clothes and he said an angry black woman but that’s ok. Monte was referring to him being a white southern boy stereotype not a white man. I did not see who Monte was referring to as the 3 threats. Are you sure he said the 3 black people or are you assuming it? I am not a fan of Monte’s either but it’s ok for some people to say and do anything they want but when he says something he is called a racist and homophobic. The reason people want Kyrssie as the 3 nom is because she is the one who started all this stuff and because that side has all the advantages because they are aligned with Jason. Kyrssie is a troublemaker. Oh and btw she is white!

Justin's Ho

Ya’ll leave Dady alone!!! Just cause he pimps and does a little drugs don’t make him a bad person. He’s a shef too!!! He cook for me all the time! I don’t like having to eat it out of a dog bowl on the floor but at least he lets me eat in the house!

Justin Pimp Daddy

Like be like, like ya dig?


Thank you Tim.


Morgan : “Danielle likes to throw around the race card a lot, it’s getting annoying”
You know what’s more annoying? the fact that white men took millions of african men, women, and children. Brought them to america and made them slaves for 500+ years. Raped, killed, beat, had them living in atrocious conditions and put them against each other. Decided to free them without any reparations for the deaths, and abuse they endured for 500+ years. Told the same people they had to get jobs and work to earn a living after all that they endured. Then demonized the same individuals in the news as if they’re the real criminals. However let them have the NERVE to point out the FLAWED system, it’s OH SHE’S USING the race card again. Whites always dismiss black people whenever they make legitimate claims.
Donald Trump: America isn’t great, we need to change it!
White America: Pls be our president!
Black people: America IS great but black people are still oppressed
White America: if you don’t like it MOVE THE FUCK TO AFRICA


Why are you blaming all of America for something a contestant said on big brother? That’s just as ignorant as them.


Cuz people here have said that too, that Dani is using the race card and that they are “over” it and want to evict her.


What about those Arab men who took millions more hundreds of years prior? That’s not that annoying to you I guess.

Look Monte is an ass hole, but the exceptionalism that social justice warriors employ for whites, wherein only whites are condemned for historic travesties while other races are (deliberately?) forgotten. Learn history.


I don’t want all whites or all blacks lumped into categories because we are all individuals. However, I feel your frustration. I don’t think I have been bashing Monte because he’s a white guy from the south with a thick accent. I actually don’t think I have bashed him. I have stated the reasons I don’t like him based on the things I have seen and the things I have heard him say. Any time I have tried to explain why I don’t like him I have been shot down. Try not to let it get to you though. I suspect a lot of comments are coming from the same person using a lot of different names. Either that or the Trump supporters are out in full force. BTW-I did not see the conversation where Monte supposedly said he runs over squirrels and crushes their skulls for fun but, if that is true it is one more reason for me not to like him. When a man tortures and kills helpless animals for fun and then brags or laughs about it, it shows a lot about the character of the man.

Misty Beethoven

Bet Monte and Corey would be great friends – squirrels, goats; what else can we abuse to get a cheap chuckle?

Franks fumes

Yes the boys started as young’ins with a magnifying glass and a few ants and worked themselves up to goats and squirrels………ahhh childhood.


Omg Tim, seriously stfu. It’s a goddam reality show. It’s ridiculous you’re bringing up 500 years of black history on a reality tv show site. Go preach where it’s important to do so cause no one here gives a shit about getting that deep into it. But really I’m sick of hearing them bitch, Jason it’s because he’s gay, Justin Danielle and Neely its because they are black, krissie because shes over weight and odd looking – maybe its because they’re assholes? It can never be just because they don’t like them because they just don’t get along, it’s ALWAYS because they are racist, sexist or homophobic. Maybe Monte and the others just dont like them??? Why did it make Monte racist for saying crazy black woman but it was ok for Justin to say it? Why is it ok for Justin to say he was a pimp and been arrested numerous times but no ones outraged? You know why? Because maybe white people arent so dam sensitive or insulted when things are said that they know aren’t really said to be malicious. Who hasn’t made a comment about black women being crazy?? It’s not being racist its just a figure of speech. So can we all just stop with the dam racist, sexist, homophobic bullshit until its actually a real problem.


Monte referred to Jason as a fag. Sorry, but unless Monte is secretly from England there is no way I will believe that he doesn’t know the meaning of that word or that he didn’t mean exactly what he said.

Franks fumes

A lot of folks on here feel a need to deflect blame away from Montes actions all the thumbs down and vitriol for poor misunderstood Monte and the real problem is the late nite crew unjustly condemning him……are you f#cking kidding me. Have you seen the feeds?


it was black africans who enslaved other black africans and then sold those slaves to countries all over the world. The arab countries bought many times more african slaves from the black african slave traders that america did.

Tim Blow

What a crock.


I love that Monte is concerned over Justin’s “sexism” yet he spends HOURS to trash Danielle and Kryssie for their appearance and “manipulation”. Danielle is the big bad wolf and fully responsible for his Shane loss….Shane apparently doesn’t have a brain and can’t think for himself so we need to take out Danielle in order to keep hold of him. This applies to this forum as well, EVERY post I’ve witnessed so far regarding the showmance suggests to evict Danielle and NOT Shane….what happened to girl power? Oh that’s right, it only applies to white women (aka Plastics) what happened to we need a STRONG black woman that is not a stereotype? Oh but she’s intimidating because she’s the total package and we’re insecure so we can’t handle a woman like her (you guys analyze EXACTLY like the plasticts, full of envy and concealed racism)


Speaking of blaming Danielle, one of the plastics told Monte, that Shane was listening at the door when he was talking to Scott. Monte’s reply was “that’s it SHE’s out of here”. Danielle was nowhere near.


Morgan – She (Danielle) came in the kitchen and said I’m just going to be dramatic and make it as uncomfortable as possible. She’s just making herself look stupid. Morgan – well I painted her nails really poorly today.

haha Morgan is awesome

dumb from Krissy and co to snub Scott and smart from Alex to take him in as a number


He admits to being involved in pimping and drug dealing and making. I think Justin’s a good guy who turned his life around but don’t act like he hasn’t lived on the other side of the law. He’s ADMITTED IT!


wtf i did not even mention justin in my post, which was about morgan, danielle, alex and scott, the topics being doing nails and taking scott in as a number, im confused

Power Players

Scott and the Plastics are very much over dramatizing Scott’s situation. He is not being shunned by the other side. Scott shunned himself at first by staying alone in the HN room and then by himself outside. Nobody told him to get away. When he joined the group, he was talked to. It took a little time for everyone to be normal around him again, but he wasn’t shunned. The Plastics love (esp. Shelby) love to demonize the other group with over exaggerations and lies. For example, Morgan said that Danielle said that America loves her and won’t put her on slop. Not at all. Danielle said I HOPE America loves me and won’t put me on slop. Big difference. Shelby is the queen of talking something that was said and twisting it to make the person look horrible. That was a tactic Audrey used and, as a lawyer, something Shelby if fully capable of using as well.

Franks fumes

Yeah Davone and Paul did the twisting shit up to the house about Frank last season too…..almost all the houseguests do this demonizing every season this bunch is no worse.


i meant jasons side were snubbing scott in terms of being a number on their side, not that they weren’t talking to him


Justin was probably arrested 11 times for the same thought that Monte expressed on day 1, too threatening looking……. and as he recently claimed looks like someone who steals stuff for living, yet the same crusty dude thinks people stereotype white men for being racist, GTFO

Justin's Ho

Yeah!!! I’m with you. Dady is good to me!

Don Con-stipated

What a victim.


So I get everyone wanting to break up the showmance! Point taken. However, lets not forget that Morgan and Alex are sisters! Ok? I mean how thick does the water have to get before the blood fills the boat? Hmm


That’s what I’ve been saying. Both are couples. The only difference is everyone knows about one but the other is still a secret. Which actually gives Alex and Morgan but a huge advantage.


Vote for Krissie so Danielle can lea v e the house.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Kryssie will probably be the replacement nomination.


I can’t take this late night backyard crew anymore. Vile human beings!
I’m glad these America voting twist are helping that side of the house, because they need all the help they can get. Otherwise the other side would steamroll them!


Meanwhile Shelby playing her role perfectly…if BY crew only knew she is a lawyer they would die but they are too stupid ! They also have no idea Morgan & Alex are sisters… funny the ACTUAL intelligent ones are keeping their secrets perfectly! BY crew language is completely disgusting! Making up stuff and saying things that are totally false! Monte has certainly NOT been trying to #### Morgan, he has been completely respectful to the girls and a gentleman. Comments coming out of Kryssie, Jason, Danielle,& Justins mouths are sickening, foul and pathetic. Sad they have to resort to that kind of behavior!


How does that make them stupid because they don’t know she’s a lawyer? Lol. I guarantee YOU wouldn’t know either if she hadn’t told us. Smh


You are misinterpreting the comment. Yes, Shelby is trying to appear like she is a “dumb” girl. That is her strategy. She is doing it well. The BY gang assumed that she is dumb and judged her that way. Trashed her for it. They did exactly what they accuse their opposing alliance of doing. They trashed Scott and bullied him simply because they realized he might not have been a loyal jamboree member. They all assume Whitney is one of them as well. If/when they find you she is not totally on board with them, she will be dead to them as well.

Guy from St. Paul

My thoughts exactly!! All Jason does is sit and smoke and run his mouth. Kryssie is a burping vile mess. Ugh!


Sitting around and doing nothing……..isn’t that the definition of a floater?


No. That’s the definition of a coaster. The term floater is someone that floats to the power week to week. And floating is an actual stradegy.



Power Players

And meanwhile, Monte says vile disgusting things about Justin, and Shelby says and makes up lies about all the Misfits. Monte is blatently misogynistic and racist (yes, racist). Shelby has the foulest mouth in the house. And the BY crew have only in the past few days started trash mouthing people and that’s only because they have been the victims of it. So, no one is pristine here. Even Morgan and Whitney have trash talked them and they are the “good girls”. ALL of them trash talk and ALL of them lie. Spread your disgust around.


They’re only going on what the see, two single people sleeping in the same bed every night when there other places to sleep. Why is this girl with a boyfriend choosing to sleep with a man she just met? They will be on the same side even if she didn’t.


Kryssie is upset because nobody wants to grab her pu$$y. It is much to bigly


You are the problem.


My, how self righteous the Jamboree crew has gotten. Everything they claim to be against, the do. The have all judged their opponents and have no clue who those people are. They are really the ones judging and not liking those who are not like them. Mocking those who are different behind their backs.

Franks fumes

Both sides have been knee deep in throwing shit at each other…….lets not get this twisted they are playing the race card on both sides. Monte says because im white and southern and Danielle because shes black and a woman…both are at fault.


Exactly. I just turned my feeds off because every camera had groups of people just sitting around talking trash. One cam had Morgan, Shelby and Whitney going on and on about Danielle for 20 minutes. Blasting everything she’s said blah, blah, blah. “She brought up her kid to Jeff, she talked about her coach during the comp.”

So I switch cams and it was more of the same. I give up.


Monte is pretty insufferable but let’s be honest, he’s been slandered pretty badly by multiple houseguests this season. I’ve seen nothing to suggest that he’s racist and sexist. He’s an arrogant delusional jerk but not racist and sexist.


No one said Monte is sexist. Monte is the one that has called Justin sexist multiple times. Besides that, he doesn’t even use the term correctly. No one has been sexist lol. Kryssie is talking about Monte always calling Justin a sexist, she is not calling Monte a sexist.

And tbh Monte has said a few things that show his mentality toward minorities. It’s obvious he hasn’t really watched big brother, otherwise I’m sure he’d be a bit more careful with his words.


Actually she did in her defense of Justin. She thinks it is ok to get naked in front of another woman even if she does not like it like Justin did. Monte has not tried to do anything with Morgan as Kryssie claims he has tried to every day since they got in the house. No spooning no cuddling no pda, no nothing other than sharing a bed. Well I guess if sharing a bed meant anything in BB, Neely and Whitney must be a showmance, Scott and Justin shared beds until Cornbread left so they must have been a showmance. Give me a break with saying the BY crew is not being hypicritical and not being judgemental and not being bullies.

Franks fumes

Seriously have you seen the feeds?


If you want to see what’s wrong with Amerikkka, look at this house. The white priveleged cheerleaders and their jock team up against everyone who doesn’t meet their standards. Then blame the others for the tension in the house. Just like the real world. Poor misunderstood white people.


Who sits out on the couch in the backyard and calls who names all night? Who makes up reasons to hate whom? Jamboree crew says all night how they will petty and go after the other side then whine all day about how sides have been drawn and why can’t they all get along? Kryssie has been calling the other side garbage since she got in the house. Justin was the one on the 1st night who said he was sleeping in the BR with the girls because he would not sleep in a bed with the guys. Monte shared a bed with Shane from night one. Jason was sharing a bed with Scott until Cornbread left. Sorry to burst your bubble, take it from one who never fit in with the pretty people, the Jamboree crowd is god awful nasty and assume America loves their bullying.


You make my point perfectly.


??? How am I making your point?? Your point is that the ones you are calling white privileged cheerleaders (only one is) and the jocks only one of the 6 is a jock are the ones causing trouble. To me it is the ones who whine that they are being judged by appearance are the ones doing the judging. The Jamboree crew, not the cheerleader/jocks, are the ones doing the bashing and mocking and judging based on appearance. Not making your point at all. Now if you were being sarcastic. then yes I am making your point. I do not believe you are being sarcastic though.


Who built the wall? Alex and Monte built the wall!


I don’t like Monte but I love Alex and he is on her side for now. All my votes are going to Kryssie.


Well they’ll be wasted…

Yet Another Hillary Lie

You were right.


Wish Kryssie knew how bad Shane wanted her out at the beginning. The sisters have plainly said they are willing to go against each other, and the Showmance never will. Yes, Alex is awesome



I am so perplexed by the comments I have read on here and other social media outlets. People who claim to want to vote out the showmance but are perfectly okay with the sisters; people who condone Monte and the “plastics” and vilify anyone who defends them; and the counter- people who view his comments and actions as ‘deplorable’ and have labeled with as a racist, homophobe, and sexist.

Here is my take, Monte has dug his own grave, and it started with the angry black woman card, and the dirt just keeps being shoveled out one comment at a time. His comment about how women are less because we came from man’s rib, his comment about Kryssie looking like a linebacker and that she is targeting Morgan because she is pretty, his comment about Justin and where he gets his clothes, all of this, if he had the courage to say these things to their faces then okay, you are not a horrible human, just not a very respectful one. He points fingers at Danielle and has made some really provocative comments claiming that she is causing drama, but by you whispering and cavorting with the “plastics” but not at least having the decency to bring your personal thoughts about a person to the person, you are creating just as much drama. My belief is that he genuinely believes that he is their leader, and it is his responsibility to keep them as “informed” as he can. But he is perpetuating far worse than any game drama that Danielle has started.

I cannot imagine living in a confined area under the scrutiny of cameras for a prolonged amount of time, with the end goal of being the one who outlasts all others for a monetary prize. All of the house guests are willing to say and do anything to curry favor on their “side”. Neither side is right or wrong for creating drama or trying to pass the blame off on other people. But, own your game and own your words. If you say things like “I don’t want an angry black woman situation without ever having a real conversation with a black woman.” No editing can twist that. (Nevermind the fact that there is no editing on this format).

I think Kryssie is just as bad at perpetuating drama and instead of going to the source sits and tries to rally the “misfits” to defend her. And it is her choice in the game. But nothing Kryssie has said this far has been about things a person cannot control.

Danielle made a pretty bad stumble yesterday with the whole hibachi/tepanyaki conversation then yelling out for James to validate that she was right. That is unacceptable, but her purposefully eating all the pickles and drinking the chocolate milk, great!

Jason called Shelby a b*tch and a c*nt and went on a rant about her. Not acceptable, but hiding her favorite chocolate, pretty damn funny!

Justin is like a child in the BB house, he has no clue how to strategize or what he is doing, and when he jokes around and tells stories he is painting himself in a certain light. That is fine…that is his choice. I understand being enraged at the Monte comment, and I actually admire how that was handled. But not less than 24 hours later (which I think is like a week in the real world) the two sides are still divided and both are doing and saying things that are both acceptable and unacceptable.

What I also find confusing is that for all of the accusations about Monte pulling out his penis in front of Morgan, it has never once been brought to Justin’s attention. I have not once heard the ‘Monte and the Pythons’ saying ‘hey, this behavior makes me a little uncomfortable.’ Or even saying something to an ally ‘Can you please ask Justin to maybe not get so naked in front of us in the bathroom?’ And the only ally in this scenario is Neeley, everyone else will blow it out of proportion.

In the end I want to like Alex and Morgan, but right from the beginning they had it in for Danielle. Sure, Danielle has managed to emerge as a pretty cunning, physical half of a showmance, and strategically it is not a bad idea to get her out of the house. But honestly, did she ever have a chance with the ‘Pythons’?

Alex and Morgan cannot say it is the showmance because they themselves are in a relationship. And have a very known alliance with Monte, Shelby, and Whitney, and now even Scott.

I think for the spirit of the house and game, Monte needs to go this week. This will actually take the target off the Pythons and the ‘guilty by association’- stop a lot of the tensions that are a direct result of his actions, and does put more numbers on the misfits side, but if one of them can win HoH, and America doesn’t lose their damn minds and starts looking at things from a strategic and privileged perspective, then the game can resume, and Alex’s HoH is not entirely wasted although this has been a pretty ugly week for Big Brother Over The Top and it was on her watch. She needs to take a good long look at her own game and decide once and for all her short and long term strategy. She says one thing but her actions speak loudly, and when she only cavorts with the other Pythons and does not make effort to really forge relationships with the misfits but instead takes the opportunities and then turns on them (her whole interaction with Kryssie and her scampering back and making rude comments about her- she got what she needed from Kryssie she should have been happy but then goes and says ugly things about her to the Pythons) and she has not once had a conversation with Jason since his first day in court. She is is beginning to get HoH-itis and has her minions doing all of her bidding while she trash talks people.

I am not sure who America will nominate, I think it is down to three people: Monte, Morgan, and Kryssie. I like the idea of Morgan, because of the sister aspect, and forcing that either out in the open or at least between them to really force their hands, but for the overall atmosphere it really needs to be Monte. And then Whitney wins the next HoH.


Good post.


Sigh…WTF? That made no sense and put me to sleep!


Wow, bunch of mean ass disgruntled douchbags. These “after dark” folks are so playing for the camera. I only like two people in the whole house. Would love to see Dan hit the road.

Hillary Lies Matter

From the poll here it looks like it will be Kryssie or Monte going up.


Of course, everyone is up except Danielle. Sleep in creep.


Today’s update won’t be until after the veto..

America nominates Monte for eviction

Veto Players are Alex, Dani, Shane, Scott, Monte and Shelby

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Thanks Simon.


Thanx Simon. I guess the thumbs down are for America.


I’m glad to see the folks here are seeing through the backyard crew’s BS. Now get out and vote!


No longer a Justin fan. == No longer a Kryssie fan.
I’ve been watching the live feeds and all Jason, Danielle and Kryssie do all day is bash Monte, Scott and Shelby. They are quickly becoming the bullies of the season. Kryssie is a know it all.
I used to love Jason and voted him back in this season. Disappointed in him.


Totlly agree, its really sad Monte got nominated by America. While Jason’s crew stay up late every night talking so bad bout all of Monte’s side. I know not everyone will agree with me, but I truly believe Monte is good guy that doesn’t deserve people attacking his personal character. I feel they might as well hand Jason a check and end the season.


A good guy who runs over squirrels for fun. Kinda like Jeffrey Dahmer. Do you understand the word SOCIOPATH?


Wait. What? Are you fucking stupid? A sociopath doesn’t kill squirrels for fun -.-, a sociopath is a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience. Squirrels, by-and-by, are considered ‘pests’ by the general public for their propensity to chew inedible and edible objects. Killing squirrels does not equal a sociopath, but thanks for making it seem like anyone who likes to kill animals (squirrels, again, an animal many people consider a pest because they tend to gnaw on /anything/ to get to food). Fuck, I don’t particularly like Monte for saying what he said about Justin. But didn’t Justin later say he had sex with three women before coming into the BB house and hopes they’re /all/ pregnant? Jesus Christ, wtf is wrong with that man.

Franks fumes

Yeah hes just great love all his hilarious sayings like Justins a sexist…..Krusty looks like a linebacker Lol and Jason was crusing him outside the bathroom but im gonna” wipe my sleeves” of him now.


I know people has says this a million times but I love Alex and think she would do fantastic in a regular BB season but…… I think she’s starting to get paranoid I don’t get why she can’t talk to the late night crew without there being a problem and the worst part is they talk to them and really doesn’t get to know them but talk behind there back and basically are the doing the same thing the late night crew there doing I think to resolve the tension America needs to put monte on the block he doesn’t win pov and gets voted out and it will kind of change the atmosphere of the house cause let’s be honest he’s a doucebag and entitled jerk and he’s the reason that the plastics can’t interact with other side but I think the late night crew are exaggerating the situation about monte a little too much and as a fan of Jason I’m kinda tired of the bashing of monte and shelby and I kinda wish he wasn’t safe this week because he would be fighting for his life in the game than always sitting on the couch smoking cigarettes and talking shit .


I would rather be “in bed” with the plastics then the late night crew. I am not sure how come it is ok to bash others for what they say/do while at the same time calling them c*nts, whores, hos and bitches. That Jason is a scumbag and is no better if not worse then many others. Much like the racists calling others racists. Racists and bigots come in every color and every religion not just white Christians.


Praying to the bb gods Monte or someone from his side wins


They all suck at golf, go Monte!


Shit, Shane won POV!


It’s clear to me Production is for the night crew. Really, putting all the negative things with one positive after names were selected. So obvious!

Katie Girl

The schedule says the Third Nominee will be revealed at 1pm et. But, we still dont know who it is.


Read Simon’s comment above.

Yet Another Hillary Lie



Only those that don’t make excuses for those that are racist and call it like they see it, regardless of whether or not you like the person can keep it real. Many people don’t even realize that they are racist until they are called out for it, like not caring for one person just because of their hue. They can not get away with doing the exact same things that someone they care for that annoys them to the fullest but it’s more tolerable because they are not what you dislike. Time and time again i see folks calling others for doing things that the very one they’re rooting for has done if not worse! Shame on it all and this happens every darn season! Target the blacks first so they won’t ever get to the end!!!!!

Little Timmy

Look in the mirror.