Whitney “If I were here another week & if I were to win HOH, I would promise you not one of the kings would be put up.”

FYI – Endurance competition this Thursday Night!

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HOH: Christian
SAFE: Xavier, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Azah, Big D, Britini
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Claire (safe 2 weeks)
Nominations: Hannah & Whitney
Power of Veto Players: Christian, Hannah, Whitney, Claire, Azah, DerekX | Host Alyssa
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony: Christian did not use the Power of Veto Nominations are locked.

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6:45pm Bedroom – Alyssa and Whitney.
Whitney – I feel like its so hard to have a conversation about this because the HOH is your team member. So obviously whatever the HOH wants, your team is going to respect and follow. Like there is only so much to be said until I have that conversation with Christian. Alyssa – you’re doing him last? Whitney – yeah and then I am done with my one on ones. Basically I don’t know where the whole thing started where I was going to put up two of you or that I was going to put up X and Christian. Or that I was going to put up you and Sarah Beth. That never came out of my mouth. Alyssa – that is what the majority of people were saying. Whitney – that is what I was trying to figure out in my one on ones but not one person told me. Alyssa – so they’re BS’ing you. Whitney – Yeah, that’s what I was asking where did come from because I feel that was the reason why I was put up on the block. And everybody said that they were going to attack the kings because you are the main targets. And nobody ended up telling me who said that. Alyssa – interesting! Whitney – and that was one of my goals with the one on ones. When you guys watch it back you will see but I wish there was something I could say that would make you feel better about that but I know that is hard if it was being said by every single group. Alyssa – I will say for my personal game you going home isn’t something that I wanted. I do think that if I was HOH, that would not be something I would be going for because we had really good talks and especially because the guys were coming after you so why would I be doing their dirty work is how I see it. At the end of the day it sucks because its a guy that is HOH. Whitney – yeah. Alyssa – for me, I would just want to get someone that I didn’t want in jury… and I would want you in jury. So it was more so him being a guy, being HOH and hearing all those things and its sucks because you would vote for the better player if it was a girl and a guy. Whitney – YEAH! Alyssa – what stuck was you saying that in the first week and what stuck was me with Christian as a duo since day 3. And no matter what you do, all the jokes and stuff .. it sucks! I am sure everyone was saying we’re going after the kings and you’re the only one saying to the girls I am going to go after the guys.. and to the guys I am going to go after SB. Whitney – nothing would make me happier than see a girl win…
even if I am not involved… so putting both of you up would make no sense. Whitney – and look at who I talk to the most (Xavier) in the house.. in what would would I put him up. Alyssa – what did X think when you talked to him? Whitney – I feel like he tries to be very neutral. We honestly don’t talk that much game and he said that he is going to follow what Christian says.

Alyssa – so what would benefit my game for you staying over Hannah? Whitney – I would think that Derek X can’t be .. I don’t trust Derek X. Like the second I was put on the block he was no where to be seen .. he disappeared. If I had been in his position I would have immediately gone to see him. Alyssa – you would have comforted him. Whitney – I would have been like how are you doing, how can we get you out of this?! Lets work together and figure this out. But ever since then he has been MIA. I know that as far as winning competitions he is your guys’s number 1 threat and he is a member of my team. So I could benefit you guys like if I help throw the comp to ensure that you guys have a bigger possibility at winning over Derek X.. so I would be happy to do so. Alyssa – do you think Hannah would be someone to come after us? That is my only thing too because no one said that she was doing and saying those things. Whitney – which is really funny .. if you get a chance to talk to the other teams and ask them about Hannah. Maybe the Jokers would talk to you and be honest about it. The queens have the closest relationship with Hannah than anybody else in the house. I know she was already trying to get into Christian’s ear saying don’t win this comp, you guys are seen as threats. I immediately went up to you guys and said don’t throw this comp people are coming after you. Even though I know you were being told don’t do it. I hope that shows you guys that I was trying to be loyal to you. Versus this other person.. which I adore her as a person and she is my teammate so I don’t want to say anything bad about her. I am trying to tell you the truth without seeming like I am throwing her under the bus. Alyssa – no I don’t think that.

7:25pm HOH room. Whitney and Christian.
Whitney – …words bite us in the butt. And I know I said that I would love to have a hand in having a girl win.. Christian – and I held on to that. Whitney – and I completely understand that Like I am a lot more logical than that and its 750K on the line .. there is no way in hell I am going to be like oh you’re a girl .. you win. Christian – right. Whitney – that is not how I think what so ever. So hopefully if I am still here you will see that even more over time. If we were in an alliance I couldn’t let it be known that we were in an alliance together… so I most likely would have had to put up Sarah Beth and somebody else. And the somebody else probably would have been Azah or something. And that way I would have know that Azah would have gone home over Sarah Beth. I would have done something like that.. and who are those two people.. they’re both women. I have told you I would love to see a woman win but why would I put up two women if that were my main goal? That is not my main goal .. that would just be cool if that happened. Christian – so when you stay .. would would you say next week? Whitney – I would love to put up Kyland. Christian – and you don’t know who the pawn would be? Whitney – that’s the thing if you and I would be working together to save me, I would come to you guys and discuss what would be the best decision as a whole because I would owe you that. Because again, I don’t have my team. I don’t trust my team. Which is a really sh*tty place to be in. Christian – yeah, ..the aces have been no one trusts anyone. I don’t think I could trust my team to help me come up with that decision because I know they’re very loyal to the queens. I don’t have any relationship with the queens. If I were to talk to them I know what they would say but that wouldn’t be best for my game in the long run. I would prefer for you guys to stay over the queens. So if I were to stay I would promise you on my life that I would talk with you guys on what we should do. Christian – so you can promise me that next week I would not be a target. Whitney – you would not be my target, I promise you. Christian – If you were to stay .. you said you would put up Kyland and .. you said you didn’t know who else .. because I wouldn’t want a king. Whitney – if I were here another week and if I were to win HOH, I would promise you not one of the kings would be put up. You guys are my favorite people and preferably that is who I would like to work with. I don’t want to work with my team. I don’t trust Derek X. Hannah has been MIA but I can’t hold that against her because she is also on the block. I do know that she has an incredibly close relationship with the queens and not with our own team .. she is closer with the queens than she is with us. So I don’t really trust her. So I would have that discussion with you guys between the jokers and the queens who would have to be put up. Christian – I will talk to my team and thank you for not giving up.

7:38pm Chess room – Kyland, Sarah, Christian.
Christian – you know how she said that she didn’t pitch to you (KY), she said the same thing to me. She didn’t pitch to any of the Queens. Kyland – Oh none of them. Not that interesting I guess .. it makes sense. Christian – everything she said I am pretty sure was truthful which I was surprised about.

8:10pm Kitchen Chess games…

8:30pm Chess room. Alyssa and Christian.
Alyssa – so even though she (Hannah) thinks we’re all working together don’t talk too much game with her. Especially my game because clearly she wanted you to stay over me. Christian – I want her to keep thinking that she can manipulate me. Alyssa – no yeah but just don’t talk too much game with her or don’t add me into it. She thought she was going to be able to manipulate you. You don’t think if I wasn’t here it would work. If I wasn’t here saying listen this is probably what she is trying to do.. because you were like I like Hannah .. she is giving me good tips. Christian – yeah she was giving me good tips.. Alyssa – but she wasn’t doing that to help you. You thought she was being nice and that you could trust her because she was giving you good tips. When in reality she was just trying to take advantage of you. Christian – yeah. Alyssa – you said that, I like Hannah.. so in a way she did kind of get you. Christian – no! Alyssa – okay.. not yet. Christian – she thinks that she convinced me that we’re that close .. I’m not convinced. Alyssa – she convinced you that you don’t have to worry about her. Christian – yeah. Alyssa – mean while she was wanting me out. She would come after me. I don’t think so any more now that we talked with her and Derek but if we didn’t and this didn’t all happen. Christian – unless that is all a lie and Whitney is lying. Alyssa – I believe it. That is why I can’t wait to watch this back .. I respect that sh*t like that and I can’t wait to be like damn what a savage!

8:40pm – 9:15pm All the house guests are cleaning the house for tomorrow’s live eviction show..

9:16pm Bedroom. Alyssa and Xavier.
Alyssa – she said that I am the glue and ideally I should be the one to go and if I go their team isn’t as tight and that she (Hannah) has been manipulating Christian by purposefully brushing her teeth at the same time giving him pointers and game tips to make him trust her and that she can easily manipulate her … and if I am out of the picture it makes it easier. Xavier – and this was pre? Alyssa – pre HOH.. which who cares now. I knew that, it makes so much sense. And Christian was like I don’t even know why she thinks we’re that close but its because she wants him to think that .. I mean it makes perfect sense. Its just good to know. Xavier – I think if she was going to take a shot it would be me, yourself or Christian. Alyssa – I think if this didn’t happen this week .. I think she would have. I don’t think so any more. I do think whatever deals she made with Christian .. he probably helped us out more .. if anything it wouldn’t be me or you. I had a feeling that was the case. He was like I don’t even feel that close with her. I was like she wanted you to feel good before.. Then he was like now I don’t feel like she respects my game because she sees me as a lone puppy dog. It really makes sense she would take a shot at me because she wanted me gone to have Christian in her back pocket. And Whitney said if she was HOH next week she would put up Derek X and Ky.

9:40pm Bedroom. Tiffany and Derek X
Tiffany is annoyed because she can’t find her Big Brother name tag. She says it’s been missing for a long time. She wonders if Frenchie took it because he was taking a lot of stuff to auction off for charity. Tiffany – I haven’t seen it in a very very long time. I took something of Frenchie’s in exchange for something of his but I never gave him anything.

9:45pm Tiffany, Derek X and Claire.
Tiffany – who do you feel more comfortable working with betweem X and Ky? Claire – I don’t talk that much with X. Tiffany – to be honest, I don’t either. However I am trying to figure out who I am more comfortable trusting. X is very straight forward. Ky is very complex and know .. he is playing this mental game like he is losing his memory and sh*t. Trying to throw people off. Claire – Ky thinks that he is running this game. Tiffany – very much so .. he thinks he is running what goes on outside of this house. Claire – but people are more likely to target Ky than they are to target X. I feel like Ky could easily go within the next weeks. I don’t see anyone talking about X going in the next three weeks. Tiffany – so sometime in the next few weeks we have to building something with X. I think you (Derek X) can use Ky as a shield. I think X is using Christian and Alyssa as a shield. Derek – oh f**K I hope its an endurance comp Claire – I think it will be. Derek – I hope so .. I swear to god if they do another team sh*t again.. Claire – I really think it will be a double.

10pm HOH room. Alyssa, Xavier, Sarah, Christian.
Alyssa – Even if you did want Hannah to go now it just wouldn’t be a good look. Like he (Christian) can easily be persuaded. Sarah – I don’t think that is true. Now you have new information. And how Whitney is so mad at baby D. Like ignoring her all week. And I did hear her say that really mean thing when she was in the room. And I think it is only smart to constantly re-evaluate when you get new information. Alyssa – she said that if the teams were done she would go after Ky and Derek X.

11pm Bedroom. Whitney and Xavier play fighting.

11:27pm Bedroom. Claire talking to herself.
Claire – I do feel like the Queens and X are running this game. ..I am definitely not running the game but I don’t want to be at this point. Running the game is how you get yourself booted early. But I want to start taking those shots making those hits earlier than later. I don’t want to be an Ian. I want other people to be my collateral. My advice for other players is go cardio but there are also some comps that you just won’t win. Buy a bible it is useful just to have something to read. Do more mental math. Watch more seasons. Its also interesting that the number of seasons DX has watched keeps changing and he knows about some things that I don’t know about.

11:43pm Kitchen. Azah breaks out into a song “Can’t wait till I’m not a havenot!”

12am All the house guests start yelling and cheering Happy Birthday to Tiffany.

Everyone is eating burgers to celebrate the havenots being able to eat again..

1:10am HOH room. Hannah and Christian.
Christian – tomorrow all your worries will be washed away. Hannah – Maybe not.. because it depends on who wins. Christian – right, right.. wait are you scared of someone? Hannah – no but I am scared of the team twist ending. Christian – for you how? Your team is already down to two people. Hannah – It will just change the dynamic of the game because then you aren’t playing for you team, you’re playing for yourself. Christian – but why will that affect you as a target? Hannah – it wouldn’t directly. You shouldn’t ever feel safe. Christian – but you said depending on who wins? Hannah – yeah if Derek X wins I have nothing to worry about. If Alyssa wins I feel pretty good about that. Christian – but who is at the bottom? Hannah – the people that I haven’t spoken much game with… where I don’t know where their head is at. My big fear is since I went up on the block I’m worried of being thrown up again. Christian – the reason you’re sitting pretty is because no one wants you out. The votes will tell you too. How so you think you will do in an endurance comp? Hannah – depends on what kind? Christian – holding still. Hannah says he would be good. And good on the spinning type because she’s a dancer and knows how to spot.

2:30am Xavier and Whitney cuddling. Xavier – I’ll cuddle for 5 more minutes.

2:40am Chess room. Kyland and Sarah.
Sarah – I am thinking would it be.. I had a one on one with Hannah today and she said I wouldn’t mind working with you. Do you think it would be bad or good if I approached her and was like I am interested in working with you. I have heard your name out of peoples mouth when you kind of threw Britini under the bus. .. maybe to make Hannah trust me. So if Hannah wins she will go after Britini and not me. Kyland – you should absolutely do that… I don’t know how many times I have to tell you.. Hannah does not want to target you. There are like 8 reasons why you should do that.. so yeah do that. Sarah – I do think that Brit is lying I think she would take a shot at the kings. Kyland – correct. Sarah – or she would take a shot at you which is even worse. Kyland – thank you, I appreciate that. It would probably be indirectly though. I bet she would but up Hannah and Baby D (Derek X) or Hannah and a Queen. And then if anyone use the veto .. she would put up Christian.

3:10am The house guests are sleeping.

FYI – Endurance competition this Thursday Night!

** It is going to play out on the live feeds after the episode airs on the east coast! **

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Hopefully, the endurance competition lasts more than 8 minutes.


I’m hoping whoever wins HOH can unknowingly take shot at Cookout or Royal Flush. I want a shakeup and some drama.

Fraggle Rock Bottom

Sorry, not in the script. If Christian hadnt won HOH, he would have been gone, but the script also forced him to put the two he did. Whit(e)ney is gone guaranteed; next week Christian. then Claire, Brittni, and Sarah……

Take your stipend Whit(e)ney and be happy you lived in the house for 5 weeks…..Same goes for the next 4 POWC.

The Beef

Given your “script” scenario, that would leave us with 1 half latino and half white, 1 half black and half Mexican, 1 half black and half Indian, 1 Asian, and 4 full black cast members. Does that sound right? I guess Alyssa goes next, since she has white blood in her, and then DX, because he doesn’t have a drop of black in him, which then gets us down to the 6 Cookout members (or 5 and the one not deemed worthy by 2 of the members). Do they actually start playing the game then, or do they continue to vote based on skin tone here? I wonder how the four feel about which is a better “half” – Mexican or Indian? Probably Mexican, since two of them refuse to grant Hannah full membership benefits in the Cookout, so she goes out 6th and Ky would go out 5th. Maybe NOW is the time to start playing, but DF and Azah haven’t really shown yet they are great competitors, so even if they do start to play at 4, won’t it really just be between X and Tiffany, and isn’t that a bit of a mismatch?

This is why voting like this instead of on game play is not only racist, it’s just stupid, and totally destroys the integrity of the game. I’m not saying some of these players don’t belong in the final 8 – in fact some of them do, but some of them most definitely do not! My personal opinion is that probably 5 of them belong there and 3 don’t, but that’s just my opinion. The problem I have is with how they got there (assuming your scenario is followed). If that happens, I think there will be a lot more made of this than CBS thinks or realizes. Some will view it as heroic, but others will view it as racist. I suspect it will be like a lot of things are in the USA today – split right down the middle.

Fraggle Rock Bottom

The Beef, I’ve stated my eviction order 4 weeks ago somewhat tongue n’ cheek. Ironically, it has gone exactly to plan.

Your musings are sad, but inconveniently true. We all complained on previous seasons about this and that but still came back to watch the sh!tshow. I can’t watch anymore and knew this was going to happen (whitewash) when it was made apparent the head production in the US also manages BBCAN, and that was simply the worst season on record of any BB’s.

Lastly, on day two while watching the live feeds, Xavier made some very racist comments to KY and another POC I can’t remember and stated “his fkn Aryan comments”. Never knew who Xavier was referring to, could have been any of the 5 white guys….That was the final straw for me.

Hopeful for a Good Season

Whitney should have campaigned earlier. But here’s hoping she stays over Hannah.

The Beef

Happy to see that liar hit the door tonight! Christian and Alyssa are showing their gullibility by believing whatever she says in her desperate attempt to change the vote. She is lying when she said she did not say she would put up the Kings!

I do hope she can find a man to give her some loving when she gets home though. She is in some obvious need for some attention from somebody, the way she is following X around like a puppy dog and begging him for some. Does that woman not have any pride?

Paul Sucks

I’m setting the over/under for Big D tonight at 60 seconds. I’m taking the under!


I’m actually going to give him 2-3 minutes.

His knees will surely tap out before 180 seconds elapses.

If he passes 5 minutes he deserves to devour a batch of cookies..

I do hope the first four that drop are the have-nots though so he might not get to eat for the second week!


Assuming that is the endurance competition. There are a few types of endurance competitions including one where they attempt to fill up a jar with a substance as they are slipping and sliding their way back & forth across in their lane


The wall endurance competition has historically been after the 4th or maybe 5th eviction so it will be what happens tonight imo.

The slip in slide one will probably happen when there are like 8 people left.


I think the slip-n-slide HOH usually comes later in the season (not as many players, so they don’t need that many lanes). My bet is a wall comp. Tiff, DX, and Alyssa all have a good shot at wining. X, Ky, and Claire could also do well, but I don’t think any of them want to win it. The only way DF is winning is if it’s a laying on the couch comp.


Looking forward to the results of this endurance comp. I say Alyssa, Tiffany, or DX wins. As for Derek F, he will drop in 5..4..3..2..1.. lol

Fraggle Rock Bottom

Doesn’t matter, Derek F is part of the protected class….Final 4 for him, without winning anything….


You do realize that with comments like these, the universe is gearing up for Derek F to have a surprise HoH win. Do you think tonight’s endurance will be “The Wall” or Slipping and Sliding their way to put enough substance in a jar?


I like him he’s actually playing a good game no one is even thinking or scared to put him up


I don’t get it. I’m not a DerekF hater, he’s playing a real laid back game. Literally.
So, I wonder why people seem to scared to put him up. What have I missed? Did he say anything about going ballistic if he gets a Nom? Even as a pawn?


He has repeatedly said he will go ballistic if he’s nominated – some of the things I recall were something along the lines of I’ll make Evel Dick look tame. I’ll bust this house up, No one will be safe b/c I’ll be coming after everyone (implying he’ll be screaming & breaking things & verbally attacking people – calling them out) Don’t take me verbatim – but along those lines.

Since he already shoots sarcastic humor at the hamsters they believe him. For example – he made a comment at Tiff/DX taking out Brit in WCC, he constantly makes comments about Ally/Chris showmance, & has taken shots at others. In essence he finds a way to make a joke about what the others are talking about in private with his goal being to draw attention to those hamsters but b/c it’s a joke he typically gets away with it.

He’s been asked to “please don’t do that” (by Ally) he said okay but basically started doing it more. No one wants to confront him b/c they know it’ll become a bigger issue & no one wants to get into a mano a mano altercation.

Claire is already onto him & wants to take him out on DE (which would be smart esp if she put up two members of the Cookout). Sure would be interesting to see if TC would save him or Azah for example – it might be Ky/X wanting to keep Big D – but would Hannah/Tiff keep Azah given the issues they’ve had? AND how would the rest of the hamsters vote?


Oh Thank You SO Much, TTOTambz! I must have missed all those threats. Are they mostly from the feeds or have any been shown on the TV show? BUT that sucks. Don’t put me up, or else. I can’t believe that works.

I would get to banging two pots together like Josh #BB19
— Oh wait, he won that season. SMH.

j w

DF doesn’t have to play, he’s protected under the POC act!


Love! Love! Love! your updates….Thank you!

Tasty Whitney

The 4 teams is the perfect cover for the cookout to divide and conquer. I have to admit they are playing a really smart game. They are going to back door Christian. SB running off at the mouth and is totally clueless.


I totally agree! They are doing an excellent job at keeping the target off each other’s back without giving away the Cookout alliance. I’m tired of the whining about how someone (meaning a POC) doesn’t deserve to win because they didn’t play the game (strategize, etc.)

Tasty Whitney

The Royal Flush is actually doing the Cookout doing the dirty work. Brilliant game play


I agree! Royal Flush is doing all the dirty work for the Cookout. Well played. I would love a “Drop the Buff” Survivor moment to shake up the teams. That would be awesome!


Show is the most boring season yet. Everything is so predictable! I’m not evening watching just reading the blogs.


But at least we don’t have to watch Christmas again! #BB19 — did a quick rewind and was reminded how many MORE annoying house guests we’ve had than this year. So, I’m watching….and hoping for the best!