“If I get some power everybody is ***** I don’t give two sh1ts” **updated**

FYI – Endurance competition this Thursday Night!

** It is going to play out on the live feeds after the episode airs on the east coast! **

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HOH: Christian
SAFE: Xavier, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Azah, Big D, Britini
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Claire (safe 2 weeks)
Nominations: Hannah & Whitney
Power of Veto Players: Christian, Hannah, Whitney, Claire, Azah, DerekX | Host Alyssa
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony: Christian did not use the Power of Veto Nominations are locked.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Whitney is being evicted.

8:40 am Britini and Azah
Brit – Any move I make is justified at this point
Britini – it’s not going to be the wall comp. No way it’s the wall.
Azah – why they’ve spent 3 days on it (Backyard closed for 3 days)
Britini – we’re hanging onto something it’s not the wall. They’re not giving us the wall today
Azah – if we’re hanging I’m not going to make it.
Britini – at this point of the game winning HOH is crucial.
Britini – I’m throwing whit a vote. I’m going to go with the house on this one. I think it’s the easiest thing. Whit has NO ONE in this house she’s connected no one in this house. At the fact that Hannah is and she is connected to so many people at this point like Whit HAS NO ONE. Why are we getting out someone who has no one?
Britini – who we can pull. I keep going back in my mind about that. I know she’s said a lot. Hannah has the queens, She has Christian, She’s getting X she’s getting buddy buddy with everyone in this house. That scares me because I know she’s a smart a$$ player. Don’t tell me she’s not I’ve been telling you about Hannah week one. I was nervous about Hannah. I know Whit wouldn’t be afraid to take the shot if she won it (HOH)
Britini – I think about Numbers. Would Hannah be a number for me? No. Would Whitney be a number for me? Yeah.
Britini – I know it’s written in stone but do you get what I am saying?
Azah – Yeah.
Britini – If we can get 5 votes we can send a connector out of this house and keep someone that has been cast out by mainly everyone
Britini – I know it’s crazy. You’re telling me if we keep whit she’s not a number for all three of us?
Azah – I can see why you can trust her but I don’t trust her. That’s just it I don’t trust her
Britini – I know it’s already written in the cards (LOL )
Britini “I asked her in our one on one whos’ been talking to you normally this week”
Whitney said X, BIGD, Brit haven’t been distant. DerekX, Christian, and Alyssa are especially distant. The rest of the house is distant in general.
Britini – she’s being outcasted by everyone.
Brit says after the teams break up they have to figure out who they are working with and solidify it.
Azah – yup
Df joins them.
DF looks at Azah “get your a$$ up”
DF – in my gut last night it was telling me to stop playing nice and realize that this is a game and I have to take my feelings outta it and realize I can give zero f**s about any of these mother f**ers because these b1tches are not my friends my family is at home, My family is at home. I need to stop playing nice.. ohh my dignity how will people perceive me.. Everybody can kiss my black a$$. I don’t care at this point.
DF – If I get some power everybody is F****d I don’t give two sh1ts I don’t care.
Britini – are you 100% okay with Whtiney going home
DF – yes, I don’t need her here.. she can flip on any second.. Where Hannah wouldn’t come for her if she won.
Brit – Whitney told be yesterday that she is aligned with the queens.. Hannah.. Hannah is aligned with the queens.
DF scoffs says the teams will be over after today.
Britini says they have to figure out who they are working with moving forward.
DF – we’re working with the kings. (LOL)
Britini – all four of them?
DF laughs “yeah”

9:07 am Brit, X and DF
Brit telling X that Whitney told her Hannah is working with the queens.
Brit – I’ve walked in on Hannah talking with Tiffany, Claire four different times this week about game.
X – ok then someone needs to win.

9:25 am Alyssa and BIGD
BIGD has been joking around a lot about the showmance.
Bigd – I don’t want him to be upset to. I will tell him I won’t be saying these jokes anymore and If I get more quiet with you guys it’s just because I don’t really have anything to say..
Alyssa – there can be jokes without that.
BIGD – for me I don’t want… I’m still going to be joking about BIG blue couch s1ht
ALyssa – jokes other than a rumour about him and I
BigD – At this point, I have to make it look like we’re not aligned with each other.. does that make sense?
Alyss a- all the time him and I have to be worried about that and if you were in our shoes you would be so f**ing annoyed by that because it’s so f***ign annoying.. No one else has to worry about that
BIGD – I get it.. I’m just hoping me or you win some power today. If we don’t we’ll be on the bottom of the pole again. You know I like you, You know I love you.
Bigd- I told my team, ‘we’re working with the kings we’re working with the kings.. they know that’
They hug it out.

9:34 am Azah and DF
DF says if he gets power today ‘pew pew’ (Alyssa/Christian)
DF whispering about feeling disrespected. “you don’t play this game with people you don’t feel comfortable with”
Azah – I just worry man.. I know we have a while to get to the six. I feel like they will take me out
DF – I talked to TIFF this morning the most important thing is making sure the 6 gets past this week. After that We’re good. One of us has to win today. If one of us wins today. GOLDEN GOLDEN GOLDEN.
Azah – all right. I’ll stop worrying about that and focus on this week.
Azah – I’m just worried.
DF – you need to trust the people that are working to cover us
Azah – I know they are working to cover us but that’s the thing. I
Azah – I can’t tell things to Tiffany anymore which makes me sad.
DF – you don’t have to tell.. I don’t tell Tiff everything, I don’t tell Hannah everything, I don’t tell Ky everything, I don’t tell X everything.. I Navigate cause that is the leadership in me (LOL)
DF – I make sure the 6 gets through if it’s the last thing I do
Azah – when it comes to things between the 6 I just talk to you.
Feeds flip to kitchen chit chat for a minute…
DF – focus and mediate drink a lot of water.. we don’t know what will be thrown at us today. We have to be ready to hit the f**** back
DF says as long as a king doesn’t win he’s not worried about next week. Azah agrees.
DF – at the end of the day the target will be pointed at them no matter what. I will make sure of it. (Christian and Alyssa)
Azah – Tiffany will take a shot at Sarah Beth, Derekx at Christian, Hannah probably Sarah Beth

10:08 am DF and Azah
Azah – I feel like every time I talk to Tiff unless it’s her way it doesn’t go anywhere.. it’s hard. So I mean. She asked me how my conversation went I said it went great. I left it at that..
DF encourages her to let Tiff talk.. “let her rumble at the end of the day she’s not calling the f**ing shots”
Azah – she gets mad at the littlest things like why are like.. she gets mad when people don’t talk game with her. For example, I was talking to her yesterday. I was asking her where’s your mind at? She like Annoyed that everyone is whispering.
DF – today you should say Hannah, Tiff let’s all talk. (about HOH and plans)
Df – let her just rumble, let her feel like she’s in charge she’s calling the shots.
Azah – ok. that’s the one thing I struggle with. the bullsh1t
DF – the thing about me I will always keep it real I know how to bullsh1t.
DF gives her some examples of how to pull Tiff and Hannah into a team meeting.
DF – us girls have to stick together we are the POC, we are the cookouts. Whatever you need to do go do it. Your charm and let tiff just.. Yak Yak Yak.. if you need to agree with something ‘yeah yeah yeah girl you right girl’
Azah – ok
DF – I wish you can take my body and put myself into your body for a day and would do it for you. You need to pull out that girl ok
Df about Tiff ‘Let that b1tch go off’

10:51 am Feeds cut to Pound puppies 12:30 pm Feeds return.

12:37 pm Hannah and DerekX
Hannah – Sb pulled me aside.. She’s like I”m not going to lie I have been throwing out your name this week and even as a potential target and here’s why.
Hannah thinks Sb is just trying to cover her bases because she’s gotten a whiff people are targeting her and she can’t be certain she’s winning the HOH.
Hannah – she didn’t have to be honest with me so that took me by surprise and then she said just know if I win HOH next week you’re not going to see the block and you’re not my target anymore.
Hannah – I didn’t promise her anything I said I’m really glad we had this conversation
Hannah says shes been hanging out with Sb all week. Explains the reason SB is giving why she was after Hannah this week. A) She heard last week that Hannah had thrown out Alyssa and Sb to Xavier as targets. B) We never talked so she felt nervous about Hannah.
Hannah – I’m still gunning for this HOH.
Hannah says she’s heard that SB has turned her sights onto Britini.
Hannah – Ky is more loyal to her than to me
DX – you will take a shot at SB?
Hannah – that’s what I am trying to figure out.
DX – If she wins Veto you’ll have to take a shot at the jokers or Alyssa
Hannah – or Christian
DX – would you take that shot
Hannah – I don’t know
DX – I personally feel OKay with SB.. I feel like she would put me up. I would put her up. I would never put you up I would never put Tiffany up
Hannah – If SB and Alyssa are up I’m not dropping .. Even if Britini is up there.
DX – I want to take a shot. He is a shield for me but also my biggest threat (Christian)
Hannah – I’m still gunning, Alyssa and Brit.
DX asks if Alyssa wins and put up him with Claire who goes home
Hannah says he would go home next to anyone with the exception of Christian and Britini

Hannah saying that a King has to go next week they’ve won 6 out of the 12 competitions and it’s too early for them to turn on each other. I Wouldn’t take a shot at Xavier not now.
DX – I wouldn’t shoot Xavier
Hannah – I told you he’s got you
DX – if it’s double, if I win I’ll put up SB and Jokers and hope that they win Veto and I’ll put up Christian.
Hannah – I’ll put up Alyssa and Sarah Beth
DX – are you closer to Ky or X
Hannah – Xavier only because Kyland is so loyal to Sarah Beth, I don’t trust her.
DX – do I leave Christian in this game.
Hannah – that’s one person if you end up on the block against you will stay. If you send Christian home you would have to sit next to BIGD or Brit in order to stay. You literally cannot touch the block.
DX says he’ll be backdoored if people try to take a shot at him.

1:47 pm Claire is the only one doing yoga today.
Claire – what a boring day it must be for you. people watching.
Claire – I would be excited this week if I was at home. Who would think I was in a BIG alliance I wanted to blow up that.. What I was trying to do the first week the second week.. (Hard to hear her)
Claire – next week will be fun, hopefully, because I don’t want Azah or Britini going home any time soon either. I would rather keep them over other people
2:00 pm feeds go to pound puppies..

FYI – Endurance competition this Thursday Night!

** It is going to play out on the live feeds after the episode airs on the east coast! **

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Brit: “Any move I make is justified at this point” (cuz she was on the block for 2 weeks). Yeah, that’s not how Big Brother works.


I think she’s justified in putting up X or Ky since they put her up.


I agree that she is justified for X or Ky. But she’s been on the feeds talking about how many days each HG has spent on the block (who has never been on the block, who has been on the block for 3 days) and how she’s the most justified to make any move because she spent 14 days on the block. BB doesn’t work like that. It’s not a matter of taking turns on the block.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a Brit HOH. It could be entertaining. But sadly, she’d probably waste it on targets like Alyssa, SB, or Hannah, rather than X and Ky.

No fave yet

Am I the only one that can’t wait to see Baby Huey in the comp tonite? It’s possible production gives him a good edit again.

Late to the Party

I am amused by Big D feeling disrespected. He just sits on his “black ass” (his words not mine) on his blue couch. Other than spouting off to Azah, he isn’t even playing the game, IMHO.


can anyone win other than Tiffany, Kyland or Xaiver. I honestly dont think its possible…another awful, predictable season of BB lol


LOL. He might fake an injury or just drop at the onset and last 0 seconds, which is unfortunate since a DerekF HOH could be entertaining.

Cee Dee


Spare Me

That’s generous of you. I give him 8 seconds flat. LOL


I do believe Brit is running out of time to flip the vote. LOL!


I want someone new in HOH. I’d like to see chaos and drama. I loved the team twist but I think I’m getting BBitis where so much is predictable and boring. I give this much for the houseguest, they seem to entertain themselves better than past seasons.


I’m liking Claire and Azah!


As an looks like an alien to me. Not like an alien from another country…but from outer space. Like they’ve been watching a lot of 70’s sitcoms and modeled her after that and sent her here.


Danged spellchecker…AZAH…

another name

I’m not sure how much targeting has changed since I last looked, so grain of salt.
I THINK this is who everyone mentioned targeting last time i checked.

IMO it’s completely moronic for X or Claire to win this HOH. X because it reveals his cards, Claire because she has safety this week, but is completely vulnerable next week. So… one of them will accidentally win?

I’m sort of hoping the endurance comp WON’T be the season 8 upside down suspension comp (I think Dani won it?)
How would they plan to suspend the couch upside down anyway?

bb23 TARGETS.jpg

Each time you post a new, updated graphic, I find myself LOL at DerekF sideways.

another name

I’ve just started calling him couch.


That’s not fair. The couch is putting in work.

another name

sure, but it would look completely different if it were vertical instead of horizontal all the time.


BigD and DF are the same person, right?