Claire “I think it makes sense to send a King home. Christian is in our way of making a clean, clean run to the end.”

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HOH: Christian
SAFE: Xavier, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Azah, Big D, Britini
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Claire (safe 2 weeks)
Nominations: Hannah & Whitney
Power of Veto Players: Christian, Hannah, Whitney, Claire, Azah, DerekX | Host Alyssa
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony: Christian did not use the Power of Veto Nominations are locked.

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9am – 9:40am Big Brother wakes up the house guests.
9:40am – 10:15am Kyland and Claire are in the kitchen studying the days / events of the season. Claire – what do you think the odds of this being a double. Kyland – I personally feel like.. the only thing I am basing it off of is that they don’t believe in us enough yet. Claire – yeah, that makes sense. Kyland – we will ruin a live show. Claire – we would, people would be cursing. Kyland – yeah, people would be cursing .. like where do we go!? Where do I stand? Claire – that’s fair. That’s very fair. They both agree that they think teams will end this week. Claire – Its been four weeks and there were four people and they want us to all deserve it before going to jury. Kyland – yup. What do you think, like not even target-wise? Claire – I do think it makes sense to send a King home. I do think that.. and I could be wrong.. Alyssa and Christian would stick to the eight. I do think that Christian is in our way of making a clean clean run to the end. So I understand getting him out. Kyland – yeah. Claire – I do think it might be a case where the obvious move might be the right move. I do generally feel like that… I don’t know whether it would have to be a backdoor. Or if it is a F**K it and just put him up ..or what. That is how I feel. But I am in a weird spot with safety till next week. But I do also worry about the Jokers because I think people won’t want to get Britini out. And the thing is with Big D, everyone is going to want to take him far. Right!? Potentially. I mean I was even talking to Alyssa and she was like oh I would want to take him to nine. That worries me .. because they could take him over me, they could take him over you. But of course people will say loyalty, loyalty, loyalty but wouldn’t you rather take someone that you could potentially beat in a comp? Kyland – Yup! Claire – who knows too because maybe he will pull out a comp so its hard. But its tricky because Christian could be a good shield for you guys but also if there is a shot you just have to take the shot. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Kyland – SB on the whole Hannah thing is another thing that might.. Claire – yup. Kyland – but I guess we will see how the week goes and see who wins. Regardless if you’re looking at the four (Kings) and you took a shot… and you went through the back (backdoor) which person do you think creates the most likely opportunity of having all three come after you? And I feel like if X goes out, they would probably tighten up. Claire – yup, I think so. Kyland – I think if SB goes out, they tighten up. If one of the other two (Alyssa or Christian) go out, maybe two tighten up but I don’t think all three come after you. Claire – I think that is true. Kyland – this is all just based off guessing but if one of the two go you have less odds of them tightening up. I think between me, you and Derek X we can beat SB. None of us can beat him (Christian). That is the issue. That is my issue.

10:15am Bedroom – Whitney and Xavier.
Whitney – What sucks is I am against my teammate and I don’t want to campaign against her. Xavier – you fighting for yourself isn’t necessarily fighting against Hannah. Whitney – but if my reasoning is against her though… like for example she was very up front and honest with our team that she does talk to Christian every night in the bathroom in order to put game ideas in his head. So like she is really good at that. She has a great relationship with everyone and stuff so I do see her as more of a threat than I am. Xavier – Hmmm. Whitney – but then again that would be saying things against her and I don’t want to do that. But I don’t know how else to talk to people to be like this is why I should stay. Xavier – Frenchie struggled with that when he was up against Britini. He was like I don’t know how to fight to stay without also throwing shade. Either building her up as a target or putting her down as a target. That’s where it gets confusing or a little more difficult. Got to love this game. I wouldn’t recommend campaigning against Hannah and I don’t think she would against you. Whitney – I can make myself valuable without bringing someone else down. That’s what I am trying to brainstorm. Xavier – Hhmm… I feel like you are smart enough to figure something out. Whitney – it just sucks because then another person that is close a lot of people in the house leaves. I do like my alone time. Hannah has made a really good effort to get to know people and their stories. I like to just sit on the couch. She has done a way better social game. I don’t see it being possible but I am not going to give up either. I just have to figure out how to word it. Xavier – use that brain gal. Its big. Whitney – Big like a little orange.. I was going to say a pea but that is a little mean. Xavier – I don’t know too many business owners who have a pea size brain. Was this our one on one? Whitney – no, its not a one on one until I have your vote. I feel like you vote any way you want and whatever way your team wants… I feel like I would just talk to you last so you know which way your team is voting. Xavier – I do have a strong sense of loyalty with my team. Whitney – I know you’re also close to Hannah. Xavier – On a personal level I do adore you both. Hannah is baby sis. And you’re a vixen / Rudolf’s favorite person to look at. Whitney – no I am your first date outside of the house.

10:30pm Xavier talking to himself.
Xavier – I am going to need to talk to Christian to get him prepared for his one on one with her (Whitney) and Alyssa. I don’t think it necessarily matters if I talk to Sarah Beth… ahh.. I think our whole team as a whole should meet. I don’t want to meet with the whole team though. I need to talk to Alyssa and Christian to let them know that she is going to be campaigning hard today. We have to be stern. Hannah cannot leave. For the cookout to find success this season Hannah needs to stay as long as possible, which unfortunately means that Hannah has to go home. Baby sis (Hannah) versus a great friend (Whitney). Baby sis has to stay. Hannah is in the cookout now.. it is what it is.

11:10am The house guests are getting ready for the day / Britini and Big D are playing chess..

11:15pm HOH room – Alyssa and Christian.
Christian – Xavier just told me that Whitney is going to be campaigning hard today. I don’t know what she is going to tell me because I have 5 reasons why she can’t stay. Alyssa – you don’t vote. Christian – I said that to X. And X said that she will come to me because everyone is doing what I want because I’m the HOH. Alyssa – so what are your 5 reasons. Christian – One, she said she wants a girl to win so I can’t have her go to jury because I know I won’t have her vote. Two, Hannah voiced to me that next week I would be safe if she went up as a pawn and stayed. And Whitney never said that to me. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Christian – Five, I can’t remember what the five was.. They run through the reasons again. Four, Whitney wants a big target out. Five, Whitney threw all out names out there before.. she said all of our names at some point.

12:10pm HOH room – Big D, Alyssa, Christian
They’re studying the days / events of the season. Big D – what day is day 17? Is that when Frenchie went home? Alyssa – no, day 16. I used him to finger pop his a$$hole. Christian – A$$HOLE! Big D – I was up late last night snooping around seeing where everyone was sleeping! And I said ohHHhh… interesting! Big Brother blocks the feeds.

12:40pm The house guests are sitting around chatting about random things in the living room.

1pm HOH room – Big D, Alyssa and Christian.
Big D – with you two, I know you said I would go far but I don’t think so. Alyssa – I am not saying forever, I am just saying as of right now, I don’t see that. I don’t see you leaving anytime soon. Big D – I don’t see it. I mean if I make it to top five that would be cool but.. Alyssa – lets just say you have a way better chance of making top five than him or I as of right now. Big D – you think so? You know I’m a straight shooter so.. Alyssa – why would people be targeting you and not him and I? Think about it! People are going to target YOU and not him and I?! Big D – people think I’m a social threat. Alyssa – right now people are going to go after him and I and not you. Big D – I don’t know, I don’t see that. They only way to go after people like you guys is with a backdoor. You guys can win a veto … let me stop Alyssa you haven’t won but Christian can win a veto.. so I don’t see them taking a shot at you guys.. its more like lets work with you. I think people want to please you guys and work with you guys. Alyssa – mmm interesting. Big D – I like you guys but I need you guys around to do these physical comps because I can’t do them in order for me to further my game. I’m not stupid.

1:37pm Bathroom. Hannah and Whitney.
Hannah – I just wanted to let you know that I am not going to be campaigning against you.. but again you do what you have to do. So I am not going to ask anything of you. Whitney – I mean I came into this house and I literally said that I am not going to compromise my integrity or whatever and there is no reason why one of us deserves to stay over the other person. Hannah – yeah. Whitney – So I am not going to do that. If I were against like Kyland, who I love him as a person but I just don’t know how much I trust his gameplay. Then I would fight for it more. Hannah – you can still fight for it without bringing up my name. Whitney – No I will. Hannah – you do what you have to do. You know I respect the hell out of you and admire you. Whitney – same.

FYI – Endurance competition this Thursday Night!

** It is going to play out on the live feeds after the episode airs on the east coast! **

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Hopeful for a Good Season

I wish Whitney was staying. This is BB you have to campaign.


I feel like all these conversations and strategies are meaningless. Reading what Claire says to any POC is a fake conversation. In fact, any convo between a white person and a POC is fake. It’s like watching the Truman Show. The only think that matters is who wins HOH and Veto from week to week because they are the only things that will stop the CO from owning the entire season.


yep, i find myself skipping over these convos about alliances, and who they would put up and their boot orders, it all seems so meaningless this season, and ive never done that before in previous seasons


I don’t get the huge love for Hannah. What am I missing? Also when is someone going to overhear the cookouts plan. Where’s a wall yeller when you need

Hopeful for a Good Season

Yes where are the wall yellers


it’s usually TOOMS that does it every season, i guess he’s waiting for the right time. twitter @ToomsBB_


Looks like a Cookout steamroll to the end. The only non-Cookout member that has any shot at winning BB23 is DerekX, and that’s only if he wins about 7 vetos in a row. Claire is a very astute player and I think she’s figured out the Cookout alliance, but it’s too late. The other non-Cookout HGs (Britni, Alyssa, Christian, even SB) may think they are playing strategically, but their reads are completely off.

Victoria Victoria 3rd Place Victoria

Serious question, how was the cookout even formed? They never made mention of them actually all meeting at some point during the feeds and solidifying this alliance to my knowledge


it was formed by production pre-season

Scott D Hudson

They show the formation at the beginning of every broadcast. The five of them (no Hannah) were in the kitchen on the second day and quietly said they’d never vote any of them out, and then Xavier (I believe, or maybe DF) named it the Cookout.


They showed it briefly in an episode. The 5 minus Hannah were in the kitchen. Tiffany and Derek f brought it up and the others jumped onto it. They smartly decided not to meet as a group to avoid anyone finding out.