Whit “I love that they want to target the guys! I’m down to throwing it to one of the girls.. accidently.”

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HOH: Frenchie
SAFE: Derek F, Britini, Azah
HAVENOTS: Xavier, Christian, Sarah and Alyssa
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Christian
– Christian also saved Xavier
Nominations: Kyland Travis and Alyssa
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Frenchie, Alyssa, Travis, DerekX, Tiffany | HOST = DerekF
Power of Veto: Derek X
Power of Veto Ceremony: DerekX used the veto on Kyland. Frenchie nominated Travis

WILDCARD Winner: the winner will also be safe for the week (just the winner, not the winner’s team). With this reward there is risk. If the winning HG chooses to accept safety for the week, it will result in a punishment that may affect them, their team, or the entire house.

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7pm Bedroom. Whitney and Alyssa.
Whitney – Honestly I can’t wait for you to not be in the havenot room because being in there was such a disadvantage. Alyssa – I know because I don’t know anything. Whitney – you’re passed out and away from people. You don’t have the luxury of walking into a room with other people. Alyssa – yeah I didn’t even think of it like that. Whitney – yeah its a huge disadvantage. I thought of it like thank god I can sleep.. but game wise. Maybe I’ll sleep down here at night. Whitney – because most of the conversations that I’ve heard happen at 2 – 3am because most everyone is asleep. Alyssa – I think it would be better too because I’m on the block. Whitney – yeah although obviously you’re safe. Alyssa – I give them credit. Whitney – the girls. Alyssa – I give them credit .. I’m so sorry guys .. I did not think they had it to do it. Whitney – except Azah and Claire. That surprises me. Alyssa – I kind of believe it because she did tell me no matter who I am next to … no matter what guy I am next to I am good. Whitney – I love that they want to target the guys! Its so f**ked up!! The fact that we’re in an alliance and they want to target the guys .. we’re literally the longest people in the entire house. I love that the girls want the guys so much! And I am so down after this week throwing it to one of the girls.. accidently. Alyssa – should we wait two weeks? Whitney – or should we throw it to them next week. Alyssa – like tomorrow? Whitney – yeah. Alyssa – no I am going for it. Whitney – And if one of them were to win HOH we would see for ourselves if they are targeting the guys. Not just a rumor but we would know they’re targeting the guys. Alyssa – who is the number one person you feel like you can’t trust? For me its Derek X and Claire. I don’t know her enough. Whitney – I think mine is Claire.

7:25pm Chess room. Kyland and Alyssa.
Alyssa – so I know you’re wanting me to leave this week. Kyland – obviously. Alyssa – are you going to give him a sympathy vote? Would you tell me? Kyland – yeah. I am going with the house. You’re handling it like a champ. Alyssa – thank you. Everyone is telling me that I should go ahead and plan for next week. Kyland – you should.

8:08pm – 8:30pm Chess room. Sarah and Alyssa. A
Alyssa – so I have your vote, right!? Sarah – yes. Alyssa – what I say to people when I talk to them is that I don’t know what I would do.. For you, I think you need to put up Derek X. I think he should be your target. He didn’t say anything good about my team. He said he trusted my team the least. Sarah – wow. Alyssa – he said he trusts me but he trusts my team the least. I think some people might be better at this than I think. I think it would be best for you or I to win (HOH). Sarah – I do too.. I’m worried there might be a guys thing. Alyssa – I do too. Sarah – I really wouldn’t be surprised if there was a guys thing going on. Alyssa – I did not think Claire was a threat. She knows her sh*t. I need to connect more with her. Sarah – I like Claire. I feel good about Claire. Alyssa – I feel good about her for this week. Sarah – I really don’t think she would go after you. I don’t know about the guys on in your group but I don’t think she would go after you.

8:38pm – 9:30pm Sarah, Christian, Alyssa and Xavier
Alyssa – who do you feel confident about outside of our team? Xavier – winning HOH? Alyssa – yeah. Xavier – Honestly probably Brent. Sarah – you don’t think he would put any of us up? Xavier – no. Christian – I don’t think so either. Sarah – okay that makes me feel better. Christian – I feel good about Ky. Xavier – I do too. Alyssa – I think the people you (Sarah) need to talk more to are Brent and Derek X. I need to talk more to Whitney and Claire more. You (Christian) need to talk to Derek X more. Christian – yeah. Alyssa – next week I need to talk to the girls more. Xavier – I think that would be smart. Alyssa – do you think I am not as close to the girls as the girls are to each other? Xavier – yeah. Alyssa – For next week the only people I promised.. that I don’t want to risk you as a pawn was Tiffany and Hannah. Xavier and Christian – okay. Christian – don’t promise any more. Xavier and Sarah leave the room. Christian gets close to Alyssa.

Alyssa – do you trust me 100%? Christian – yes! Alyssa – shake on it. Alyssa – did Frenchie tell you what happened last night? Christian – no. Alyssa – there’s an all girls alliance. Britini, Claire, Tiffany, Azah went up to Frenchie and tried to get him in it. And he agreed to it so that he can use that information to help our alliance. The thing is Frenchie didn’t tell me yet. So you don’t know yet. Brent came to me. Brent knows it. Brent, Whitney and Frenchie had the conversation. Brent is the one that told me we can trust Whitney. Britini, Claire, Tiffany, Azah went to Frenchie because they know he doesn’t want a girl to lose. Christian – wait they didn’t bring you into the all girls alliance? What the f**k is that? Alyssa – I think because the think I am close to the guys. Don’t tell X either. I trust you Brent and Whitney. Christian – the only thing that throws me off is Whitney. Alyssa – I am sleeping downstairs because this all happened last night. Christian – they’re going to find out they’re caught. Alyssa – then they get caught and we take them out because we have the numbers. Brent joins them. Christian – what do you think you sleeping down stairs might be perceived as? Brent – just say that you’re excited to hangout now that you’re not a havenot anymore. Brent – the only thing that is going to f**k us if the HOH goes to one of those girls. We have to pick them all apart. Alyssa – but I can get in their head because I’m a girl. They want to get guys out. Christian – you would think they want to bring you in. Brent – but you’re too close to us. Alyssa – I think me and Whitney can get in their heads.

9:40pm Bathroom. Sarah and Derek X
Sarah – I wanted to talk to you because I feel like when people were targeting you I did just not bother. Derek X – I would have done the same thing. Sarah – I know, I just feel bad. I know I joke about being bullied as a way to cope with it. I do know what its like to be in a group of people and feel like no one is bother to interact with you. I know that would suck even if you know that its a game. Its still an uncomfortable environment you’re living in 24/7. I also feel like if you had gone home this week I feel like I would have really missed out. Talking to you more, I feel like we could be really good friends. I do want to work with you. Derek – I don’t think after this week you do want to. Sarah – I do. They hug.

10pm Most of the house guests are sitting around the living room talking about best / worst first dates.

10:30pm – 11pm Bedroom – Big D and Britini.
Britini – They are playing a game in the living room called love it or hate it, which the topic that was presented was condoms. Which for me, my answer was not applicable because like I have never needed them. Big D – are you a virgin? Britini – Mmhhmmm. Big D – ohhhh mmmmyyy god you’re so frickin cute! Britini – I made a promise to myself when I was 14 .. just a personal promise. People can do what they want. I respect that. I just made a personal promise to myself that I would save myself for the man I marry. Big D – I can’t! Its so cute! A lot of people are not but that is beautiful. I love that. You make my heart melt. Britini – that’s why if I answered it would be awkward .. not applicable. Hi America! There are different reactions ..either oh that’s so sweet or oh you prude. Being that vulnerable is tough because I haven’t done it. I don’t want it to be seen as a negative and it shouldn’t. Britini starts tearing up. Big D – you have this, I know its hard. We’re all going to be on this emotional rollercoaster like up and down baby but we all have to be here for each other or we’re not going to make it. Britini – it means a lot. Thank you. Big D – come hug me. They hug. Big D – this is probably going to get too deep… but there are diseases out there and people are sucking and F**king and falling all over each other. Its your choice, its your body. Your life is your life. You should never feel like its something you regret but if it feels right you do it and don’t ever regret it.

11:05pm Bathroom – Alyssa and Frenchie.
Frenchie – she is one person that would absolutely going around the house ripping people a new a$$ if I went on the block next week. Alyssa – Tiffany… You’re not going to. Frenchie – yeah she would be pissed! Alyssa – it is either … if anything it would be you and Brent or me and Christian. Depending on who it is, you know what I mean? Frenchie – so do the two of us play safety comp next week? Alyssa – I am going to, yeah. Frenchie – I am going to also. Alyssa – I was like who would I save but I was like Christian because no one else is going after X or SB .. and people are like you’ll show your cards. Everyone knows we’re together anyways. What do I have to lose? I would save him over X and SB because I trust him over X and SB. I don’t trust X at all. Frenchie – you don’t? Alyssa – a little for the alliance. Frenchie – we’re on the same page.

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James Boned

I want to pretext this by saying that I’m not trying to be controversial though this question may lead to that. Is the show purposely setting up this season so a person of color wins this season? The whole idea of doing teams again, upping the prize amount, increasing the number of minorities in the game makes me feel like the show is pushing for this to happen? I’d be happy with whoever wins each season but I feel like it should just be based on social skills, comps, etc.

Even just looking at the daily player rankings I am seeing that every person of color has been put at the top of the list. I guess I’m just curious if people really feel as though they are the 5 best players or it’s just some type of pity aspect that causes this?

I also found tonight’s episode pretty offensive and it’s frustrating as a fan of the show since it’s inception. Tiffany pulled aside Azah, Big D, X in the kitchen and basically said that they as African Americans need to stick together and find an “opposite” to stick to throughout the game. I just found it to be in pretty poor taste and kind of racist.


Yep, sorry to say this, but I see it, too.

Buh Bye

And you’re “not trying to be controversial”? POC have always been underrepresented on reality TV shows. Of course, now the odds of a POC winning are higher. This year they finally dumped Kass and got a cast that better represents the diversity our country. You clearly don’t understand the meaning of the word “racist”. For example, I don’t find your uninformed comment racist, but it does reek of white privilege. Why are POC higher in the rankings? Unless Dawg and Simon are somehow messing with the board (giant eyeroll here), maybe, just maybe it’s because many of the contestants are 100x more likeable. Just a thought… Now let’s just enjoy the show without the “controversy”.

James Boned

I again do not want to sound controversial but people of Asian and Hispanic decent are even less represented on the show yet they have won multiple times. So underrepresentation is pretty much a falsehood when it comes to that debate.


Looking at all the previous winners, at a quick glance there are 3 non-white winners, 4 if you include CBB.


It seems to me, that you are obsessed with skin color. Who cares about who gravitates to who is that house. You certainly don’t care about the white folks gravitating towards each other. Only when POC do it. The show is great this year. Quit complaining every single chance you get about POC & shut up & watch the show or don’t. But stop trying to encourage fights over race. It’s 2021. Get over it already!

GA Peach

And also, James Boned, if four or four or more people of non color got together and formed an alliance…which they always do and have done. Would you have the same comment about the conversation in the kitchen? Ummmm….no.

Clearly, you don’t understand the dynamics of people of color. That conversation in the kitchen was neither petty, in poor taste or racist.

MDW-Gilbert AZ

i will be so happy when the world can look beyond the color of your skin, your sexuality, your political party, and base you opinion of a person based upon your experience with that particular person. It’s 2021, when are we all going to accept each other for who we are, not just because you are the same, but because you are a good and decent person, that’s the world that I’d like to see.

People of Color, people of every race, let’s all try something new, don’t judge, don’t hate, don’t dislike anyone, until that person gives you a reason to judge them, dislike them, let’s all act like 2 year old kids, they play together, laugh together, they don’t pay attention to the color of your skin, they just want to be your friend, play and have fun.

If we all learn to live this way, think of what a wonderful world this would be, I have always been taught to treat people the way that I would like to be treated, let’s all enjoy BB23, let’s stop making such a big deal about this season has more people of color, same goes for the people on the show. Production needs to sit down and tell everyone to keep the racial thoughts, BLM, whatever it may be, leave it out of the show.

Don’t be friendly with an opposite person, just so you fit in, and don’t look like you are just close to people who look like you. Let’s learn how to work together, respect one another, learn more about each other, it might sound corny, but let’s all just accept each other, and learn how to be together, disagree, but still respect one another. Sorry it it seems like I’m preaching, as a person of color, I feel it’s time for us all to try and just be there for each other, let’s all just give 100% to respect and care for one another, no matter what the color of your skin is.

James Boned

Thank you!!! We should be one tribe, the people of the world united. It’s like the media and these television stations want to drive us apart when we are actually looking for the same thing


Those are wonderful thoughts but realistically we don’t live in a wonderful world. Prejudice and racism exist, face it. This season is becoming a factual example of it. You can decide which “color” seems to keep that racism alive the most. Hint…it isn’t the whites be they privileged or not.

James Boned

I agree, I makes me sad being a life long fan of this show. Whoever wins this seasons will forever hold an asterisk next to their name


@james boned you keep posting the same shitty, racist messages. Yes your comments reek of racism. The game is not rigged for a POC to win just because there is finally a more diverse cast. The show finally included more than 2-3 POC and you’re screaming ‘rigged!!!’ Get the f*ck out of here dude.

Get Boned

And yet every single one of your comments has been about race…..?
You’ve even gotten lazy and are just copying and pasting the same drivel.
Give it a rest already and just let us enjoy the show dude.
An alliance is an alliance and to me this is no different than a bunch of girls trying to form one.
Plus I really like the Cookout Alliance, it’s full of solid players and hopefully goes far!

James Boned

The fact that you made a name to make fun of me shows that you’re not only a troll but that your silence on the deafening. I will not entertain your words


Alyssa’s got a bum for the ages.