“We are the king slayers Our weapons of choice are fire and desire.”

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HOH: Frenchie
SAFE: Derek F, Britini, Azah
HAVENOTS: Xavier, Christian, Sarah and Alyssa
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Christian
– Christian also saved Xavier
Nominations: Kyland Travis and Alyssa
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Frenchie, Alyssa, Travis, DerekX, Tiffany | HOST = DerekF
Power of Veto: Derek X
Power of Veto Ceremony: DerekX used the veto on Kyland. Frenchie nominated Travis

WILDCARD Winner: the winner will also be safe for the week (just the winner, not the winner’s team). With this reward there is risk. If the winning HG chooses to accept safety for the week, it will result in a punishment that may affect them, their team, or the entire house.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Alyssa going is totally possible but right now it’s looking like Travis will be evicted. Tiffany is spearheading the anti-Frenchie initiative and finding a lot of people receptive. For some reason, Frenchie still has a lot of power in the house but he’s losing followers fast.

10:03 am Claire, Tiffany, Britini and Azah
They form an alliance called the king slayer’s
“WE are the king slayers Our weapons of choice are fire and desire.”
Claire and Azah leave.
Britini – in terms of this all-girls alliance (French Kiss) you’re not a fan of it?
Tiffany – I don’t even want to talk about the girl’s alliance.. Frenchie started the girls alliance because he’s scared his a$$ is going on the block this week and he wants o make sure none of the girls vote against him and therefore he’ll be safe.
Tiff – it’s not to protect us it’s to protect him

Britini says her nad Azah talked they will give Frenchie just enough info to keep him going.
Britini – in terms of this alliance I’m not a fan.. I need people to target
Tiffany still regrets being excited about the french kiss at the heat of the moment when it formed.
Britini mentions that Hannah is talking about the guys on her team who have been mentioning a girls alliance.
Britini – last night they had a team meeting. if that’s not already a DING DING DING DING I don’t know what is. I think it’s a bad idea we won’t have anyone to target.
Britini – If it’s HOH where I can control my fate I’ll be like take it.
Tiffany – I don’t want Frenchie to be safe cause if yo win it Frenchie’s safe..
Britini – I know. the only reason I would go for it is to make BIGD and Azah safe
Tiff – BIGD and Azah are safe
Tiff – there are stronger targets in this house that need to go home. I’m never going to an all girls meeting.. it’ll be impossible for him to get all the women in this house together.

Britini – Sarah Beth, We saw a whole new side of her last night
Britini – ohh how she can turn her personality like THIS. I told you she will be the dark horse of the season. I told you
Tiff – do you think she’s putting up a front?
Britini – not with me
Tiff – you think you can work with her
Britini – we talked yesterday we said we were comfortable with each other

Britini says if it’s her and Sarah Beth left in the HOH she’s gunning for it.

10:52 am Whitney and Frenchie
Whitney says within their group Christian will be the first to go followed by Ky.
Whit – beyond that I don’t feel safe..
Fry – Xavier makes me nervous. Extremely nervous in this house. If we can make sure he is like.. if I knew he was like 100% us instead of somebody else I wouldn’t be nervous
Fry – honestly best case someone on the other side of the house gets it takes him out. then that stops forming and we’re clean with it. We still vote our alliance but don’t have the numbers.
Fry – we’re fighting for our babies
Whit – we do have our babies on our side
Whitney says if they have to choose between a floater and one of their “strong Alliance” members they should pick the strong alliance member “otherwise we’re f***ed”
Fry – I would. At this point we know we’re not getting past five
Whit – what if one of the other strong members is up?
Fry – take the weak out you tetter totter it
Whit – So basically we’re working with both alliances.
Fry – even if we are on the block come eviction night we still have the votes
Whit – on both sides. unless we’re up against each other
Fry – we have to be very careful
Whit – we’re the only ones that know. I promise on my life.
THey pinky swear.
Whit – did we just make our final 2 official
Fry – we did
Fry says he’s “slaughterhouse or nothing”
Whit – unless Brett is on the block or X is on the block against them
Fry – people will try and target Christian first. I can beat Christian (in an endurance HOH)
Fry brags about his “Core”
Fry – I’m used to hold myself up on things. the cow shoot..
Fry – The next HOH I’m going to get that one to (the one after next)
Whitney says she’s only close to Britni on the other side
Fry – Azah worries me.
Fry says Azah has told people some things he said to her. They were unimportant he notes.
Fry says Claire started the other girl’s alliance
Fry – Brent has a horrible read on this house. everybody has a horrible read on this house. I think I have a very very good read.. (Of course you do)
Fry says he doesn’t want these “Vitoria like Floaters” to be targets first and all the big guns follow
Fry – I wanted to make a big move and that is what I did I took out a super strong competitor out of this game. somebody has to continue the trend
Whitney says that is why she wants to take out Claire.
Fry – if you can win HOH GET IT
Whitney – my goal is to get Claire out but if she wants to take out a big player ..
Fry – that what she said she wanted to go after the BIG GUNS

Fry says they can make Claire thinks there’s a backdoor plan. People throw the veto to him and he won’t use it. (sure just throw the veto to you)
Whitney – yeah I like that.. I’ll be like NO NO Frenchie.
Fry – if those three are out nobody else will beat me in competitions (BRent, X, Christian)
Fry – you and me ride that sh1t out
Whitney – we keep the strong females to target the strong males while we’re in an alliance with the strong males.

Fry – all angles.. to be completely honest with you now If I wanted to I could flip this vote in a heartbeat.. I got the numbers on either side to do whatever I want. Obviously, it’s in my best interest for Travis to go

12:18 pm Tiff and Hannah
Tiffany – right in front of Britni talking about his all-girls alliance.. I was like she wasn’t there.. he kept talking.. then he brought her in .. OKAY Devin
Tiff – if there was one player that f***ed up their whole game and everything that I said and I put it in writing that played the worst game.
Tiff – how in the heck can Frenchie start playing like that
Hannah – the very first night I was like I know he’s stressed but he made me nervous
Hannah brings up day one Frenchie going about a woman going out first and how he “Cant’ stand it”
Hannah – you put a woman up on the block. Had the veto not been used Alyssa would go home
Hannah – he said I CAN’T STAND when a minority goes home that’s great and all but the two people you put on the block are a Latino woman and a black man
Tiff – it’s all game.. I think in his heart that’s not how he feels OKAY in this game I think he’s talking that talk for strategy
Hannah says he shouldn’t bring up “social justice or equality” if he doesn’t mean it “that sh1t is real that’s more than a game”
Tiff – and don’t forget he’s a SUPERFAN he slipped up and said that.
Tiff brings up they’re Never have I ever gamer where Frenchie came up and said he’s never thought about having sex with anybody in this house
Tiff – that is his way of seeing where everyone’s head was in showmanship

12:45 pm Xavier and DerekF
Xavier says he’s feeling better about Frenchie and the two of them after their talk
X – he sees the writing on the wall too with the slaughterhouse
They agree the slaughterhouse does not trust Kyland
DerekF says if he wins HOH DerekX is going up “that’s no blood. that’ll make week three harder for the next person”
DF – if I really want to f** things up I would put Whit and Brit up there. That damn Whitney makes me nervous
X – the butchers are me, You, KY, Frenchie, and Chrisitan
Xavier – that means Brent, Brit and Whitney are to go. They were the last three to come in
DF – we’re not going to be able to keep everybody
DF – the hard part will be when we make it to three. getting rid of Frenchie (what a sucky take from DF)
X – it’ll just be a matter of winning that HOH
DF – he’ll take you. He’ll get rid of me cause he’ll be worried about my social game.
DF – I’m going to throw a vote to Alyssa (to keep travis)
X – you might not have to do that cause DerekX told me this morning he’s keeping Travis
DF – I want to throw another one
they laugh
X – trouble.. it’s trouble.. just want to cause sh1t
Xavier says the people on his team will be blamed, “There’s a member of the cookout on his team”
DF says the way he wants to play is to stir things up then sit back
X about Ky “Since he’s in the cookout we gotta look out for him”
DF – this cookout.. some people have to take their macaroni and cheese home cause it ain’t seasoned correctly i’m telling you
X – I told you we might make a sub (Hannah)
X doesn’t want another vote going to Travis cause Ky will be blamed
DF – just let me know when I can have fun
Xavier mentions that a lot of people went hard on the game talk this week. It’s only week one it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

1:20 pm Christian and Frenchie
Christian gives fry a debrief on his conversations with DerekX where he thanked him for using the veto on Kyland giving his teammate a better chance at staying.
Christian asks DX if he threw his name out there as a potential target and DX denied it
Christian – he said the first time my name came up is when you proposed it. I was like OKAY OKAY
Fry – he just threw your name under the bus again and I got witnesses that will clearly tell you that..
Christian – when
Fry – yesterday
Christian – I don’t believe a word he says
Fry – Brent was standing right there.. ask Brent
Christian – I told him he is not my target next week if a guy goes this week a girl has to go home next week otherwise girls will start knocking us off..
Christian says he’s going to be hanging out more with DX “I need the safety.. it’s just going to be all bullshit”
Fry – just get hat HOH this week

2:21 pm Whitney crying… misses her family

3:00 pm Feeds go to pound puppies.
5:17 pm Feeds return no idea why they were down.

5:18 pm Alyssa and DerekX
Alyssa is doing her one on ones with people.
DX says he’s not targeting Christian
DX – after Christian and X got taken off teh block (He means wildcard safety)
Dx – there was four guys left to nom.. m,e Travis, Kyland, and Brent. This is day two right. I knew that Kyland and Frenchie were very close or at least I thought that.
DX – I thought Kyland was not an option so that left me, Travis, and Brent. During that day .. I was probably overthinking things I thought he was strategically talking to people that were placed well with Frenchie. Like BIGD and X so I was like OHH SHIT he’s doing rounds and then also that day Frenchie pulled me up to his room and approached me about something.
DX – He heard that I did another crazy thing.. that was squashed but the fact that situation happened that day made me feel like ohh f*** of these three people I’m the bottom of this totem pole.. so I was like damn I’m going to be nomianted.
DX says he was trying to think of a way to get out of it. He was close to Travis and Kyland and thought the three of them could go talk to Frenchie “can we work with you this week we have safety and you get our vote for this week”
DX – it never got to that the rumor had spread that we were starting an alliance to plot against Frenchie.
DX – Frenchie thought we were doing this thing to take him out. We were trying to save each other.
Alyssa – how did that get out?
DX doesn’t know it’s the same was as the rumour spreading about him going after Christian
Alyssa – the same way people are thinking me and Christian are f***in f**ing
Alyssa – Frenchie told me 4 people came to him about me and Christian getting too close.

5:29 pm Sarah Beth and Kyland
Sb – Yesterday Frenchie started another alliance with the girls it’s me, Hannah, Azah, Claire, Tiffany, and Frenchie.
Kyland – awhh man.. so how many people total
SB – 6 people. so now he’s covered. He’s got the boys thing. Have you all talked about it again?
Kyland – we don’t meet with have individual conversations about it.
SB – he’s covered with the guys and the girls. The thing with Tiffany and Claire to and all three of us are like Okay girls alliance but we’re all sketchy about Frenchie. I’m not sure how into it Hannah and Azah are.
Kyland – We have the five but we didn’t really feel like we had any say in the other people besides Alyssa.

Sb – can you go over the big alliance again.. it’s the 5 guys
Kyland – It’s the five guys, Brent, Alyssa, and Whitney. We didn’t have a say with Brent and Whitney.
Sb says her problem with Derekx is he threw her name out there, “But I can forgive I’m a logical player if I felt I can trust him going forward than I’m good”
5:48 pm
SB – You can’t trust what Frenchie says.. I think if DerekX doesn’t win he’s a dead man walking.
Kyland – DerekX so far is the only person in the house that did what he said he would do at this moment.
SB points out it was the best possible thing for DerekX to do for his game so it was easy for him to do.

5:57 pm Alyssa and Hannah
Hannah says it’s smart for her game to keep DerekX around.
Alyssa asks if she has any ideas if she were to win HOH
Hannah – no
Alyssa – me neither
Hannah – I wouldn’t want to put someone up on your team.
Alyssa says SB has never said her name
Hannah – I don’t see SB really winning. She’s the problem I’ve talked the least to on your team.
Alyssa – she’ll go after DerekX because he was targeting Christian

Hannah – the two people that are on the houses radar are Christian, Frenchie, and Derek
Alyssa- you think Frenchie
Hannah – just because he was HOH this week it will be easy for someone to say you pissed me off last week so you are going on the block.
Alyssa – he made amends with me and Ky I don’t even think I would put him up
Hannah – what if Christian won who would he put up
Alyssa – I don’t know. I’m too scared to talk game with Christian because people associate us
Hannah says the people that don’t understand the game are Christian, DerekX, Travis, Brent.
Hannah says Frenchie knows the game the most.
Alyssa – you, me, Frenchie are the top
Hannah – Britni understands a decent chunk
Alyssa – Sarrah Beth she’s pretty smart
Hannah says they are the top 3 in-game knowledge – “Sarrah Beth, Brinti, Tiffany, X, and Kyland I feel like we know the game ”
Alyssa – you think Kyland does?
Hannah – yeah.. he brings up old references
Alyssa says she’ll play for Wildcard and if she wins it she’ll use it on Christian.
Hannah – you think that’s smart that will reaffirm everybody’s suspicions.
Alyssa thinks everyone will be suspicious anyway.

Hannah – with CLaire, Srah Beth, and britni it feels like their head isn’t in the game.
Hannah – if there was an all-girls alliance and Tiffany was involved Tiffany would tell me.
Hannah – BRent was telling me about an all-girls alliance in the house.
They say they are offended neither was offered a place in the all-girls alliance.
They go on bringing up old BB references like Meow Meow and the Rachel/Ragan fight from BB12.
Alyssa says out of the girls she feels the closest to Whitney, Hannah, and Sb
Hannah is closest to Tiffany, Alyssa, and Azah.
Alyssa – I don’t want people to think I am in an alliance with Britini and Claire. I don’t even want to know what their name is.
Hannah – I’m sorry, we’ve had Rachel Reilly play this game and Janelle

They tell the camera she and Alyssa have an alliance it’s called Enzo’s Angels

6:21 pm Travis, Frenchie, and Brent
Travis has four point:
1st Point – Alyssa and the potential showmances Xavier and Christian
2nd point – Loyalty – Alyssa hasn’t been in a position to prove her loyalty to the house
3rd Point – Potential Girl alliance.
4th Point – I am a shield – “The whole house is totally down and ready to send me home so if I stayed I would be easily the biggest target”

Travis – If I win HOH you’re totally cruisin
Travis leaves..
Brent – so you obviously he doesn’t know we’re allied with everyone.. but it was a good argument.
BRent – we’re getting rid one of their numbers and we have the number
Frenchie – there’s no way I’m sending Alyssa home .. I love his effort
Frenchie says the Xavier/Alyssa showmance would be the one showmance he wouldn’t go after

6:34 pm BRent and Frenchie
They’ve agreed that Travis is leaving tomorrow.
Brent says his team is going after Britini. “I’ve said this since day one I needed Hannah off the trail of let’s get out another guy. I’m working with all the other guys so I had to give them a narrative of all female alliance. I had some conspiracy around Britini cause she’s so compassionate, intelligent, athletic I’m like it doesn’t make sense that she’s not doing anything to me that was red flags. I have seen or heard she talks to anyone about game”
Brent – the fac tit’s coming to fruition it’s like WOW you put it out there into the universe and I told Hannah female alliance and it’s actually happening. Eventually, I’ll have to cut Hannah loose too.
Brent – we’re as safe as anyone can be. I have too many allies you have too many allies. There are 8 you have 2 from my team.. it’s 10 it’s too easy right now

6:38 pm Britini and Tiffany
WE jump in late on this conversation .. They’re talking about the girl’s alliance and someone is spreading that Britini started it.
Tiff – you know what’s happening he’s going to blow himself up
Britini – who started it FRENCHIE who wasn’t there ME so how am I the starter if I wasn’t even there. Doesn’t make any sense.
Tiffany says there were no girls that started the all-girls alliance.

6:42 pm Tiffany and Frenchie
Frenchie says he’s not worried about Alyssa leaving he’s trying to make sure DerekX is the bigger target next week.
Frenchie – if the vote’s unanimous then people think maybe he’s following my uhh… my plan. if there was one vote for Alyssa it looks like it’s him
Tiffany – you want a rogue vote
Frenchie – vote the way you want to vote but keep that in your head. Just a thought of mine to cause some paranoia
Tiff – would you like me to throw a rogue vote
Fry – that would be great. that would guarantee I stay next week
Tiff – will she know should I speak with her?
Tiff – I am OKAy with doing this on one condition I don’t care if we are in this house 7 more days or 1 thousand days. you will never tell anyone we had this conversation that I threw the rogue vote. If you do and I find out I know it’s you.. Brent, I feel like that’s your friend I don’t want him to know either.
Frenchie – I put it on my kids
they shake on it.

7:00 pm Chit chat. On the other feed Alyssa is having her one on one with Whitney.
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The Beef

Hey Simon! Are you guys going to be doing the “club” for those that donate, with the special “goody” package like you did last year? I’m still going to toss you guys some more change either way, but I was just wondering if we might have that to look forward too…..

The Beef

LOL – NOOOOOO! A kiss from Dawg is unnecessary! Plus, I live down near Atlanta anyway my friend, so nowhere near BC. Down in my neck of the woods, when they talk about the dawgs, everybody knows they mean the UGA Bulldawgs, which is where my oldest matriculated a few years ago. I’ll still be contributing, so don’t worry about that. You guys do a great job here, and I really appreciate what you do and the time you spend doing it! Keep up the good work!

too many alliances

but i thought Claire, Tiffany, Britini and Azah already formed an alliance called Sirens?


There have been so many alliances, alliances within alliances, fake alliances, and such they may have forgotten.

The Beef

I just don’t get how some people do their ratings. To me, nobody has done anything yet to deserve a 5. You have to work up to that level over a little time in the game, but that’s just my theory and opinion. I’m ranking most between a 1 and 3, and a lot of those are based on “potential” and my opinion or how they are interacting and moving in the game. Some haven’t done anything, spend a lot of time in bed, yet still seem to be ranked highly by many. I think that’s just the subjective nature of the so-called “social” game.

One things for sure to me. Frenchie is ranked right where he should be based on the chaotic way he’s run his HOH. I just don’t think there’s any mystery left in that guy, and everybody in the house knows it. I wouldn’t be at all shocked to see him nominated next week – and I think he would be a very easy target for most anybody in the house. Hell, he lied to half the house when he said he wouldn’t nominate a woman, and he targeted at least 6 different people at one point or another during his reign. Depending on the HOH, backdooring him would seem to be so easy, I don’t know why anybody wouldn’t do it!


Frenchie continues to blow up his game with unnecessary intel to everyone/anyone with whom he speaks.How does a so-called Superfan play the game this badly? It is too late to change course and become trustworthy…He.Is.Done. However,it is riveting to hear his delusions of grandeur, however puzzling they may be.?

i am enjoying Tiffany and Azah laying low and gathering info.and hope the strong,smart women do something miraculous this year, such as not picking each other off. ?????

So far good season?Great job as always Dawg&Simon!


Frenchie said he would watch BB and take notes on what he would do different. i guess he was only taking notes on the best players


He was probably taking notes on Fezzy…


I’m going to get the truth so I’ll nominate my alliance member when I’m HoH…in Frenchie’s case, I know I targeted you and nominated you but we can work together.

Get frenchie outtaaaaa here

Wonder why the feeds are down today ? ?

GW Wildlife visitor

Frenchy looks like exotic Joe


Kyland is currently having an introspective moment

James Boned

I found tonight’s episode pretty offensive and it’s frustrating as a fan of the show since it’s inception. Tiffany pulled aside Azah, Big D, X in the kitchen and basically said that they as African Americans need to stick together and find an “opposite” to stick to throughout the game. I just found it to be in pretty poor taste and kind of racist.


Legitimately I don’t like that either you should base your allies off of skill set not race!
It scares the hell of me that this Game has become this! I don’t like it.

They have even said this season how much Davonne has inspired the alliances cast members that they didn’t like David for not sticking with his own raceand having the idea that you to stick together about on voting just because of race!

I didn’t like it last season Davonne doing that week 2 when she said to Nicole A she couldn’t keep Nicole A over David because of race! It’s NOT STRATEGIC ! David wanted to work with X-mas who hated Davonne! Further proof why Davonne is an awful player.

Ps: Day told X-Mas that her closest ally BayLeigh wanted Tyler’s head on platter while Tyler was working with X-mas and probably had a final 2

James Boned

You summed it up so good. I just went back and re watched every diary room edit and over 82% of them from the African American cast members bring race into the game when it’s legitimately a game of social, competition, luck, etc. It just makes me feel like this season is setup and scripted for a person of color to win. It should be based on who is truly the best player


I’m right there with you this game should based on your skill set of competitions, strategy, and social manipulation to decide who’s the best player at the final 2
While this game can also have random luck involved with twist and how aggressive/successful certain cast mates could be if they were stuck on certain seasons.

It shouldn’t be based on what your physical appearance is. Getting voted because of what you look on race is totally inappropriate to me because it’s not game related at all.


I agree, but a tip for you, don’t post this on Twitter, it’s a racial mine field there! Trust me on this.


Until last year, a black person had not even made the jury in more than a decade.


2011- Kalia made jury

2013- Candice made jury

2014- Jocasta made jury

2016 – Day and Zakiyah both did

2018- BayLeigh did as well

The Beef



On live show the Powers That Be (TPTB) typically announce the alliance they want to see go deep (read — who’ll they’ll help in the DR & comps). Of course there is always the tomfoolery where they also present situations giving credit to hamsters they also want to promote.

Brent appears to be one of TPTB pets as they position him as essentially controlling GC & putting the target on Travis. GC is NOT a favorite as they show how he went back on his word – albeit they could’ve shown a lot more than they did.

As for alliances they show both Big D & Brent having F2’s with GC. Derek F (Big D) was destined as TPTB favorite so that part isn’t surprising.

They DO NOT mention the Slaughter House or Butchers so read into that what you will.
INSTEAD — the first alliance TPTB promote is the Cookout which is Kyland, Tiffany, Big D, Xavier, Azah & Hannah

In fact, Azah gets tons of air time with multiple of her DRs shown. We saw more of her on this episode than we have on live feeds. Look she’s been one of my favorites so I’m not complaining & I’d rather she get deep in the game than Brent. Outside of the GC, DX (b/c of POV) & the nominees the hamsters who got some airtime were SB, Tiff, Christian Big D (& Brent UGH).

Disappointed we didn’t see more of Claire b/c I like her too & I’m worried she’ll be the target if she doesn’t win HOH next week & also that this Brent airtime will mean he ends up with the safety next week. I don’t usually develop such a dislike this early for hamsters but this season Brent is someone I’d prefer to go ASAP.

As for the house happenings Brent is grandstanding believing he is in charge. For some reason he’s shifted off Claire as his target & onto Britini & subsequently is planting seeds about an all-girl’s alliance blaming Britini for starting it. The problem with this is GC started the alliance (w/o Brit in the room lol) so it’s only a matter of time before that gets exposed.

Cross your fingers Claire wins HOH or if not the next best scenario would be SB or Tiff b/c neither Brent or GC are on their teams although Tiff has one of the many F2s with GC so she also might keep him safe. Azah & Brit could target Brent (and likely Whit or Christian) but not GC b/c they’re on his team. Whit or Hannah winning is the worst scenario of the females b/c they won’t target GC & Brent is on their team.