Alyssa “You’re a f**king savage bro! YO WE BE GOLDEN!” Frenchie “The 3 of us are f**king golden!”

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HOH: Frenchie
SAFE: Derek F, Britini, Azah
HAVENOTS: Xavier, Christian, Sarah and Alyssa
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Christian
– Christian also saved Xavier
Nominations: Kyland Travis and Alyssa
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Frenchie, Alyssa, Travis, DerekX, Tiffany | HOST = DerekF
Power of Veto: Derek X
Power of Veto Ceremony: DerekX used the veto on Kyland. Frenchie nominated Travis

WILDCARD Winner: the winner will also be safe for the week (just the winner, not the winner’s team). With this reward there is risk. If the winning HG chooses to accept safety for the week, it will result in a punishment that may affect them, their team, or the entire house.

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11:10pm – 11:45pm HOH Room. Christian, Alyssa and Frenchie.
Christian – we’re forced to work together now.. everyone already thinks we are. Alyssa – I told him if I do the wildcard everyone was like you can’t pick him (Christian) because that’s going to show your cards. Christian and Alyssa – Everyone already thinks it. Alyssa – and I trust him over SB and X. So why wouldn’t I?! Frenchie – I’m with the alliance but I have some reservations and my reservations are the same reservations that you just told me. And if this f**ks me then whatever! Alyssa – you’re good. We’re on the same page and he’s my teammate. Frenchie – it isn’t that I don’t trust him (X).. I just can’t figure it out. Alyssa – here is what bothered me .. when you were possibly thinking about Derek X using the veto on me… he is my teammate and he didn’t even justify it. He was like no, that shouldn’t happen because he was worried about Derek stressing out .. I’m like okay, I’m your teammate. You should have my back 100%! Frenchie – that is what I am saying and that whole distance bullsh*t.. like its going into week 2. We should be able to hangout with whoever we want. This distance sh*t is bullsh*t. Christian – I have to watch my distance with you (Alyssa). I have to watch my distance with you (Frenchie). I have to watch my distance with Brent. Frenchie – If I make it through next week.. Alyssa – you will. If our alliance doesn’t win, its us (Christian and Alyssa) on the block, not you. The girls trust you. Christian plays dumb – what? The girls are working together? Frenchie – yeah I got approached with an alliance. Alyssa – and I’m not in it. Frenchie – you know who else is in it? Whitney. Alyssa – and Hannah? Frenchie – yeah she is. You’re the only two people I’m telling this to. I said I am bring this to the Slaughter House for the simple fact of you tell me which way I should do this. Christian – so we need to win. Frenchie – so you tell me yes and I can sway any decision they make. Christian – you have the most power in this house. Frenchie – I went to Britini and was like lets do this. Alyssa – you’re a f**king savage bro! Frenchie – the three of us are covered fully by the Slaughter House and Sarah Beth, Hannah, Azah, Britini, Claire, Me and Tiffany. They didn’t come up to you (Alyssa) because of him (Christian) and they didn’t come up to Whitney because of X. Frenchie – The 3 of us are f**king golden right now! We have both sides of the house. We’re golden! Alyssa – you can get them to not put us up. Frenchie – absolutely. Christian – so do we try to win HOH or not. Alyssa and Frenchie – YES! We literally run this house! But the minute we tell anyone about them.. they start f**king with them.

Christian – we’re f**king golden! Frenchie – I am telling you ..if the three of us severely stick together like f**king glue! Christian – her and me ..HAVE TO! HAVE TO! Frenchie – like f**king GLUE! We can run this! Alyssa – Whether I have to or not ..I have to trust him (Christian) the most because his game is my game now. After him, I trust you (Frenchie). After our alliance its him and then you. Frenchie – I put it on everything.. THE THREE! I am good! Christian – trio! Frenchie – and I would never, never, never.. Alyssa – YO WE BE GOLDEN! Frenchie – you get what I am saying with out being on the microphone? (Frenchie swears on his kid without saying it just pointing at their photo.) Alyssa – wait what?! Christian – yeah. Alyssa – oh. Frenchie – I would never go back on that .. ever! Alyssa – I know you wouldn’t. Frenchie – never joke about that. Alyssa and Christian head downstairs.

12:10am Chess room. Derek X and Christian.
Christian – the safety that I want to provide you, like I would love to feel the same way. Swear you will not. Derek x – I feel the same way. I got you. You can ask Frenchie too. Christian – we’re good. You’re good.

12:20am Gym – Brent and Travis.
Brent tells Travis that he doesn’t have the votes to stay..

1:50am All the house guests are sleeping.

6:00 am Houseguests sleeping. We will be returning this afternoon for the live show followed by a weekend of nonstop feeds. 🙂

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My favorites going into next week are

My least favorite are
Frenchie and anyone whose close to him

What’s everyone’s favs?


Same. I want to add Azah to that list but I need a more from her. Hoping she comes out of her cave this next week and really starts playing.


I am waiting to see what moves Azah will make. I think she has a lot of potential


Yessss I am loving Claire and Tiffany!! Hope they can actually win some comps and do some damage soon!! I also love BiG D’s energy and he seems to understand how to keep his friends close and his enemies (frenchie) closer.


Sarah Beth and Azah from what I’ve seen of them are up there. Hannah’s doing a decent job of staying out of the limelight without being forgotten.

My persons to watch would be Britini and Kyland.

I’ve soured on Big D and Alyssa. They have failed to read the room and see Frenchie isn’t going to work out. Like most people Frenchie is on the bottom with me.


Yeah I like sb, Hannah and azah. Good cast of girls. Kinda shitty cast of bros.

I had bigd as one of my favs starting the season now he’s at the bottom with fry


After the first 24 hours of feeds, I had picked Claire, Kyland, and Derek F.

After another 48 hours of feeds, I quickly replaced Derek F. with Tiffany.

I usually commit to a few favorite players by the end of Week 1. So, giving myself a few hours to make a change (if anyone does anything monumentally stupid going into the first eviction)… my picks are Claire, Kyland, and Tiffany.

But I agree with your choice of Derek X. Love that he won the veto and hoping to see him go far in the game.

The Beef

I like DerekX, but all he’s shown me so far is he’s willing to do what Frenchie tells him to do. I love the fact that he went out and won the veto when he needed to do it, but rather than evaluate the situation and do what was best for his and his teams games, instead he played right into the glue clown’s hands, in an effort to suck up to him, even though his power was basically over for DerekX since he had the veto around his neck! He could have used that power to get someone other than his good friend put up on the block, but he didn’t. To me, he just looked really weak in caving and doing the clowns bidding.

Yeah, this is just my opinion, but I don’t see that as great game play. Just more of the “I’m going with the house” crap we’re used to seeing year after year. Personally, I think it would have been funny to see him switch it up and put that veto around Alyssa’s neck and watch the Fry crap his pants, while trying to decide if he should still put up Travis against Ky! But his best move would have been to negotiate with the clown to keep Travis off the block, and maybe to just leave the noms the same. Frenchie would really have been screwed then.

James Boned

I want to pretext this by saying that I’m not trying to be controversial though this question may lead to that. Is the show purposely setting up this season so a person of color wins this season? The whole idea of doing teams again, upping the prize amount, increasing the number of minorities in the game makes me feel like the show is pushing for this to happen? I’d be happy with whoever wins each season but I feel like it should just be based on social skills, comps, etc.

Even just looking at the daily player rankings I am seeing that every person of color has been put at the top of the list. I guess I’m just curious if people really feel as though they are the 5 best players or it’s just some type of pity aspect that causes this?

I also found tonight’s episode pretty offensive and it’s frustrating as a fan of the show since it’s inception. Tiffany pulled aside Azah, Big D, X in the kitchen and basically said that they as African Americans need to stick together and find an “opposite” to stick to throughout the game. I just found it to be in pretty poor taste and kind of racist.


You copy/pasted this from the previous post. Move on, dude! Stop making this show about race. It’s a game!


It was Davone who started this dispute about race in the game and the audience.


Stfu about it already! Stop watching please.

Buh Bye

You’ve pasted this exact post in 3 different updates now. Enough already. You’re obviously trying to be “controversial” and looking for “likes”.


If you’re that big of a fan, why do you keep copypastaing this comment instead of talking about the game? Tbh, I find this season much less offensive than watching Aaryn imitating Helen and Candice or Jack imitating Jessica.


Until last year, no black person had made the jury in more than a decade.


They did have some historically bad players though – Davonne was always awful.


Davonne never deserved a second chance after getting 16th place.

When it comes to competitions, strategy, and social manipulation the three pillars of Big Brother – Davonne has shown she has none of these skill sets. She plays the victim every time and blames everyone else for her mistakes has ZERO accountability about why she gets voted out! For Pete Sake she thinks a final 2 is personal information while it’s clearly game related. She’s calls David an Uncle Tom and then blames Nicole for it.
When clearly Nicole lied to her about David because Day was trying to set Nicole up by turning on her committee alliance with the Ian vote.This was a real thing because Davonne was having this conversation in the side room next to the bathroom about how she was trying to set Nicole up and expose her by this vote- there’s tape of it!

Though I realize people aren’t huge fans of Nicole Franzel; you can’t blame Nicole for flipping it back on Davonne and exposing Day by lying to them about where her vote was going to be. That is solid gameplay by Nicole! It made them targets and Day couldn’t handle that she got out FOXED!

So it worked against Day so what does she do she verbally attacks David and blames him for it and calls him names and then when Nicole says that she had to lie to her about it to save face with her alliance she blames Nicole about why she said such nasty things and makes it personal when Day can’t realize that it’s so game related lying like that. She tries to be sneaky but when she gets out done by somebody else being sneaky she can’t take it – she got out played plain and simple.

She’s untrustworthy because gets super paranoid and trips people out by her inability to keep her mouth shut.
Example she betrays her alliances and allies by ratting out whose in her alliance, and there motives moving forward to people who’s she’s not aligned with.
I mean telling X-mas that BayLeigh wants Tyler’s head on platter when Tyler was willing to go home for the two of them!?!? That might be the dumbest move ive ever seen!

The fandom with her makes no sense because she makes this game personal and attacks people that don’t want to work her while playing the victim. Her social game and competitions track record is the worst we’ve ever seen.


Everybody knows Day is a bad player, but CBS/Viacom consistently brings her back because she’s good in the DR. Day is one of the few players you can tell doesn’t have to be fed corny lines by producers.


2011- Kalia made jury

2013- Candice made jury

2014- Jocasta made jury

2016 – Day and Zakiyah both did

2018- BayLeigh did as well


I think you know the answer.
BB23 is not meeting the US demographic ratios at all
8 White
6 AA
1 Asian
1 Latina

For reality/game shows that arent skill based they should meet the US demo, which means there can only be 12-14% AAs on the show or 2-3 members tops. However this year its 37.5%. I and many others will shut the show off if they make sure that a PoC wins.

Just some guy with an opinion

But you had no problem when minorites were under represented? This cast, so far, is more entertaining than many of the previous casts. The idea that many will tune out if a person of color wins is rather pathetic. If that does happen we’re all better for them leaving.


Uh, when did I say I had no problem. Thanks for putting words in my mouth.
More entertaining – your woke opinion.
So its good for the show to lose viewers, wow, we have a genius here.


Bachelorette and Bachelor went 20-30 seasons without a representative. That’s ridiculous. Asians are underrepresented on BB historically, just hate when production gets involved. Too early to tell yet.


So the antics of BB15 weren’t enough to make you stop watching but the black people being in an alliance goes too far. If you didn’t “shut the show off” when GinaMarie was in the house describing “n-word insurance” then I’m not too concerned that you’re upset that only half the house is white this year.


Again, putting words in my mouth. Black alliance is exactly what they should do. My problem is if production is predetermining the outcome.


Where are the people in their 50’s and sixties? They make up nearly as people in their 20’s and 30’s.

The problem with using demographics in a game like Big Brother is the fact that people tend to gravitate towards people like themselves. That immediately puts an non-white player at a disadvantage in a setting where they are one of 2-3 players with 12 white players. There is a basic cultural difference and in a game where people are looking for a reason to eliminate each other if you are one of the few outside that group, you make an easy target. It’s why albino animals rarely last long in the wild, they stand out.


Then have an edition thats reversed.


Then don’t watch the show!


What the actual F with your “pity aspect”? Ratings are based on merit dude.


I’m pretty sure the network was forced to have at least 50% minority representation (LGBTQ, race, disability, etc.). They just happened to choose more African American players, probably because those people had the strongest personalities out of their talent pool.

Who the strongest players are is yet to be decided.

And how having a big alliance and then pulling in an opposite to play with new? It’s an effective strategy that is used time and time again on this show. Is it racist or in poor taste when 20 something year old white people do it?


We get it your a racist who doesn’t want to sound racist move on the alliance won’t last. It’s a culture thing every year people from similar backgrounds stick together to a point. Bros valley girls country dudes veterans. This is no difference

Feet Watcher

Simon, have you noticed that the houseguest feet are really dirty this year?


That’s because they are dirty. If im living in a house with lots of other roomates, I’d be cleaning weekly. So, most likely they havent cleaned.


What are the chances that at least a couple of that trio is being played


Seriously Alyssa—He just nominated you for eviction now you’re best buds?


I am hoping Alyssa is playing him


Doesn’t seem to be at all unfortunately

The Beef

Alyssa doesn’t seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed. Or she could be like so many of the houseguests we’ve seen in the past – so afraid of the “power” of the big alliance – that she’d rather just try to go along with them/it to get along, than to try and fight against it. We see it every season, which means she’ll probably be gone in the next week or two.

Just Sayin'

That convo between Frenchie, Alyssa and Christian was literally cringe-worthy. Those 3 dumb dumbs pumping each other up, and saying they run the house in week 1….. haha just embarrassing. Also of course frenchie blows up the girls alliance that HE started! His lies are going to bite him in the ass


Frenchy is so irritating.


I know right?

Meanwhile —-Frenchie is doing more work on making sure he’s safe than Travis who is on the block.

As for the convos between this trio if either of C/A win the truth will come out & GC will be exposed. In fact, I’ll be shocked if it doesn’t get exposed next week anyway. Especially if two girls go up.


Frenchie is so ridiculous. I would LOVE it if one of the others called a house meeting and called out his BS. Just start it off by asking who in here has a final 2 w/Frenchie and then sit back and watch him self implode. He’s a freaking joke.

Backseat Driver

I’d pay money to watch him self implode……


Hiiii Simon, Dawg, and everyone! It’s Robin; I think I was last here in 2019. Glad to see everyone is doing well!
Super excited to see an all-new cast this season, although don’t really have a feel for them yet.
However, it appears Frenchie is Donny 2.0 and IMO, playing unnecessarily hard and fast. I wish Travis had the votes to stay; talk about an interesting Week 2 …


Heya Robin. Welcome back


Frenchie has been through a worldwind of shit in his life. Hes playing an absolute terrible game, and is delusional in so many ways, it is hard to watch. Mentally he can’t be all there though. Hes a veteran in the military, hes also lost a child and has gone through enough to drive anyone insane.

In his mind hes keeping it together and hes playing this great game. We know thats not the case. The jokes and hate im seeing of him on this site though is just as cringe. Watch him play his own game, watch him blow it up and move on. Ive been an active visitor on OBB for many many years and I love the site, but the hate this guy is taking across the board is uncalled for on so many levels outside of the game. I feel terrible for him, and its unfortunate he was casted this season because his wife and kids, friends etc will have to watch all this at home. He will probably head home, read all the clown shit people are posting about him and probably off himself. Guy is still a human and I hope BB steps up and throws him in the diary room to explain his stories and background of what hes been through so some people can be more understanding or relate to him. For his own sake I hope hes gone ASAP.


Personally, I think Frenchie is getting a pretty decent edit from CBS considering his messy game. The eavesdropping on conversations was sad and paranoid, but his behavior has been sketchy as hell.Who can trust him? And, if you are a fragile person stay off Social Media as a general rule. He needs to go home and hug a goat….STAT!


One other thing that is no bueno….DO NOT make game statements/promises while using your child’s life as the wager!!! Sorry, but that creeps me out so much. I loved Frenchie the first show, he was a favorite of mine and my Mom too. How we have come to this point in a week is mind boggling.


Did I miss something. It said for the wildcard winner ,With this reward there is risk. What was the risk?

Simon's Cat

Jeff Schroeder is the greatest BB player EVER!!


Like the name disagree with the post 😉

This is my 16 year old cat

1 of 3 I have 🙂

Simon's Cat

E V E R !!