“Whether you stay in this house or walk out that door you’re just a walking L to me”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Turner & Brittany
POV Players: Taylor, Brittany, Turner, Monte
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

Noon Monte hitting the steel
Monte – we all know Brittany has been doing some shady shit. Maybe taylor, maybe Turner have been doing their fair share of lying too. Out of everybody that has been the most egregious those tend to be the ones that get evicted and I plan on that. Another reality for this week not trying to be some sorta righteous savior for Big Brother But I will say that if there is a season I am a part of this here season 24 not going to carry somebody to final 3 just because I think I can beat them easier.
Monte – I don’t mind competition but I also don’t mind Reason and logic if I take Turner to final 3 along with Taylor and myself it is very clear in either scenario of them winning they will take me in their final 2. (facts)
Monte – why sit here and fiddle around with the idea of taking Brittany if I take her to final 3 and Brittany and Taylor if they win one of the competitions they will take each other. I don’t care what Taylor tells me I definitely don’t care what Brittany tells me. That is the raw reality.
Monte – for the black community I got to say it feels good to be able to have two African Americans representing the final 3 in this season of Big Brother and I have love and respect with what the cookout did last year. We did it in a different way and we proved we could do it in a different way. Even when people suspected we were doing it like last year we did it a different way.
Monte – love that.. love doing what people don’t expect of me love the surprise factor.

Monte- here we are the second to last week in this house. I’ve sealed my fate in the final 3. People can talk, people can make their pitches. It could be Taylor It could be Brittany. The sounds logic can never be defeated.
Monte – do I think Turner has a great resume? I do. Do I think he’s a great competitor? I do. Do I believe in myself? I do. Have a I beat Turner in a competition before? Just this morning and just two weeks ago. What makes me think I won’t be able to do it again. Even if that is not the case. If I come up short my risks are a lot lower with Turner winning or with Taylor winning. That I do not sit in the final two than if Brittany wins and they have the option to take each other. It’s simple reason and logic.

12:37 pm
Brittany sighs and continues to chew her mouth.

12:55 pm Taylor has put on her sequined outfit.

Monte approves “ohh wow”

12:56 pm After showing off Taylor heads back to change.

1:03 pm Taylor finds out that the HOH room is closed the AC was making noises. Turner says it spewed out dust.

1:14 pm Turner and Taylor
HOH is open again. Taylor offers Turner a cider. He says he’ll have it at night “I come alive at night”
They chit chat about the game. We’re so happy Monte won veto. Turner thought Brittany was going to be good at the competition and almost won “She was 1 day off”
Turner – someone in our final 3 veto holder that’s gas.
Turner – I’ve shown my character to Monte these past few months and I think Brittany has as well.
Taylor – the shade
Turner says his speech on Thursday will be “my speech is going to crazy not anything wild but. I’m going to have my Taylor moment. Part of the Taylor moment will be whether you stay in this house or walk out that door you’re just a walking L to me

They laugh
Taylor – you are a walking L to me.. you can say that to mother Teresa and it would be funny
Turner says Brittany tried to manipulate him and f** him over so much he’s not going to forget it. “I think the way I think and I won’t change my mind and that is how I feel. I don’t like Brittany and that is how it’s going to be outside this house”
Taylor laughs.
Tuner hopes she feels good about him in the end. Taylor does but is scared of him.
Turner downplays his comp wins compared to the other remaining houseguests.

Taylor – have you guys talked about Final 2?
Turner – me and Monte? no have you?
Taylor – you two scare me.

Monte joins them.

Taylor – I was just telling Turner how I am struggling with the idea that I’m abandoning women twice in this game. When I wanted to play a ‘Women forward game’
Taylor – you play with the cards you’re dealt and I can’t help it if the person I’ve been in it the longest ends up being a bad card.
Monte – it’s strange how all the women in the house have been like.. you’ve said it since day one apparently Jasmine had her qualms with you.. Like what the f***. you don’t even know people at that point
Taylor – she said to Brittany I don’t like her she’s not a girls girl
Turner – so dumb..
Monte – what a blunder
Turner – I know right.. jokes on them.

They talk about the veto again
Turner – I was tense for a second
Monte – Poor Brittany Blundered
Turner – BIG TIME
Monte – to not change the date
Taylor – yeah
Turner – that is crazy
Monte – it’s pretty big blunder
Turner – Divine intervention
Monte laughs..

1:46 pm Turner starts to listen to Beyonce. Monte heads to the shower and Brittany joins them.

1:58 pm camera pans around at Taylors HOH pictures.

2:12 pm state of the house

3:36 pm Feeds flip to the pound.

4:06 pm Houseguests got messages from home.

4:30 pm Lazy

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No Name

I appreciate the game Brittany tried to play.Unfortunately she was in a house with a bunch of petulant children who are all ego.Otherwise her game would be viewed differently.


Except for the 6 weeks she did what ever Michael wanted and she had no say in her game except to be a flea attached to the host.


Ehh, she let Michael make a lot of decisions that she shouldn’t have let him make. “Strategically” using kyle’s racism to pit the house against him instead of defusing it to a non-issue being most notable, but she also could have tried to vote out monte during brochella or be willing to make side deals within leftovers that didn’t require michael’s stamp of approval (or even include him)

Paul Sucks

She was in a must win spot because Turner and Monte realize that she would take Taylor to the final if she won.

She would be a great person for any of the three to sit next to because she really hasn’t had her own HoH and the argument would always be that she was nothing more than Michael’s acolyte.


Turner is a huge disappointment. I thought he had his head together better than that.

Blame Brit when he was the one who turned against Alyssa. All his’ Alyssa is my best friend in the house’ rhetoric is not that far off from Kyle’s, given he had always been working to evict her at some point.

He’s always lucky to come out looking clean bc there is always a bigger perpetrator. Time and again he has slipped under the radar.

He finally got called on it by Alyssa.

No Name

The worst part of his game is that he doesn’t own anything.Such a coward.


Turner crying about Alyssa making himself the victim is such an asshole move. Turner did this to himself. Every single one of his actions in power screwed Alyssa over.


Turner crying that Alyssa left is such bullshit. Turner ruined Alyssa‘s game. 2 HOHs he backdoored Amirah and Kyle who protected Alyssa. Third HOH he puts Alyssa up as a pawn where she almost left at the double eviction. Michael was just seconds away from winning a 7th veto. Then one week later he voted Alyssa out. Blaming Alyssa thinking she was not justified to not give him a jury vote if he voted her out. Instead thinking that he was justified for voting her out with her questioning their friendship and jury vote is such a chickenshit move. Turner is a man-child clown to blame Alyssa when his 3 HOHs and eviction vote royally screwed her game. He’s a coward because he takes zero ownership for blaming Alyssa after he ruined her game all season long. Did he not remember how pissed off he was when Taylor wanted to put him up as a pawn week six after he saved her three weeks prior? Short term memory there Turner? He voted for Taylor to stay after he was pissed about her wanting to put him as a pawn? Alyssa never wanted to put him up as a pawn but he saves Taylor instead? 1000% you have my vote Alyssa? Turner is a slimely trash bag who gets off to being a self-righteous hypocrite.


His lingo sucks too, Bussin, gas, discussin such BS, his style sucks and he tries to hard to be different. He wants to be Paul so bad! I’m not a fan of his dirty behind! Sorry, I’m salty!


Also really crappy of him to assassinate someone’s character.


I can’t stand Turner any more .

Avid watcher

Huh? It’s a game. She got played unfortunately.

No Name

I was referring to the overall game play all season.Bittnay’s style of play was more old school style,lie manipulate push your agenda.While the rest of these finalists played the new school FRIENDSHIP group think trash talk style.

Captain Kirk

Interesting how practically all comments (usually negative) about these contestants typically blame their actions or innactions on “game”. I don’t buy it.

What these contestants do on BB they do OUTSIDE the ” house” in everyday life. For the most part, they all show the scumness (is that a word? lol) of their characters.

Particularly, it’s amusing how Turner alleges Brittany to be an “L” (liar?), but turns right back and lies to Taylor about whether he and Monte has had an F2 discussion.

Equally, Turner lied to Alyssa’s face to the minute before voting. Turner is not only a convicted liar by those two examples ( and there are many others), but he is also a PU SIIIIII for not having the cojones to own his lies.

Turner is nothing but a confused sh*thead (is he going to try to get some bone from Monte now to ensure a F2), but also a convicted liar and SCUMBAG; a character trait much in common with the F4.

No Name

Food for thought; when you target someone for eviction,endlessly talk shit about them,demonize them as horrible people for playing the same game you are playing,shunning them,and then evicting them.You have created all the ingredients for a bitter jury.

Captain Kirk

True enough.

However, the jury members have NO CHOICE but to vote for one of the two scumballs left holding the flag. So, does it make a difference?

Would be interesting if there was a way (there is, but it’s just not an option) for the tv audience to declare a mistrial, thus negating the need for the “jury” to vote in the first place for one of the two scumbags. Hummm…


Didn’t Kyle get accused of being racist when he talked about a white alliance and the cookout but Monte can talk about his alliance and the cookout and he isn’t being racist? Kinda double standards.


In the real world the whites are constantly getting profiled; shot unarmed, and passed over for the better promotions by POC – so you are so on the ball with that theory about what constitutes racism in tv/entertainment. Wow.

Daisy may123

Kyle has apolized to everyone in the house and jury house, he probley has to go out in general population and apolize again for saying something that wasn’t really that bad. And on the last show just before voting he will be put on the spot again and have to apolize all over again, and for what something that really was not so bad I have heard worse!




I agree there is definitely a double standard in this game.the producers knew it from the start. All the producers wanted was a black person to win so they could keep up their numbers of viewers.

The Kats Meow

You surmised that by him saying he played a different game than the cookout? That he played by working with everyone regardless of color. Also chances are he’s taking Turner to F2. I think you’re reaching a bit much, but hey whatever floats your boat.

Avid watcher


Captain Kirk

SOME may argue that the Black contestant (particularly the ones in the “Cookout”) were not only racist but were overtly racist.

Somehow THAT gets lost in the discussion and dialogue for fear by Whites of being called racist by the Blacks.

Objectively viewed, it could be argued that the Blacks on BB have been playing a ” game” along racial lines, but SOMEHOW that’s okay, and taboo to point out intellectually.

Double standard?

Daisy may123


Captain Kirk

The propaganda has always been that Blacks can’t be racists.

Much of that NOTION goes back to people like Al Sharpton when he alleged some time long ago that Blacks can’t be racist. The flip side to what Sharpton was saying is that only Whites can be racists.

Well, Sharpton got that wrong too. Not long ago this year, a jury of 11 WHITES and 1 BLACK convicted three WHITE men in Deep South Georgia for killing a BLACK 25-yr old man back in February 2020.

The point here being that when it comes to practicing and engaging in racism, Whites, as well as Blacks, can engage in it.

So yeah, it’s hypocrisy when some of these contestants play it on the one hand, and play victim on the other.

L j

What has happened to this site!!! This is supposed to be about Big Brother, not politics. No need to respond, as I am not posting anymore.

Warren G

When you have Caucasian people winning 22 Seasons and only in the last two seasons . Where their equal people of color in the house. Can you use the word racism by Black people. It’s insulting like “Karen’s” telling black people they can’t walk in a public park. And understand the word racism and prejudice. Two different meanings. Nobody in the house this season is or was prejudice. If you want to talk racism you might blame production. That cast people unequally 22 season ago. But for the past two seasons. Zero hint of racism. Some people are not smart enuff to live in the real world. The majority of Television or movies are Caucasian people. Stop with the reverse racism crap, it’s insulting to intelligent people.


If the production company wants to practice equality, then they would have about 9% of the houseguests be Black, 6% Asian, and 35% Latino (if I remember my statistics correctly). What they did last year was to make close to half of the houseguests Blacks, with just a nod to the other POC. They did a little better this year. Let’s see what happens if we have true equality.

Warren G

When you have Caucasian people winning 22 Seasons and only in the last two seasons . Where their equal people of color in the house. Can you use the word racism by Black people. It’s insulting like “Karen’s” telling black people they can’t walk in a public park. And understand the word racism and prejudice. Two different meanings. Nobody in the house this season is or was prejudice. If you want to talk racism you might blame production. That cast people unequally 22 season ago. But for the past two seasons. Zero hint of racism. Some people are not smart enuff to live in the real world. The majority of Television or movies are Caucasian people. Stop with the reverse racism crap, it’s insulting to intelligent people.



Daisy may123

I have been saying that ever since they evicted him. Taylor is allowed to talk about not wanting to put up another black woman and they talk about their black alliance all the time. When bb let them do that form the cookout last year everything after that was and is racist and the white community better watch what they say.


Lmao…wow…the comments on here really show just how much racism exists. One poc wins BB last year & you confederate flag waving folks are screaming reverse racism totally ignoring who won all the others.
BTW, Kyle blundered but given his upbringing it was no surprise and at least he acknowledged it, unlike you all. You just can’t stand the idea of a non-white getting a leg up. I bet you all claim to be Christians too.


That’s my very statement, so sick of it , victims , yes have a soft spot for there culture history but stop using it as a crutch or reason you feel you deserve to win , it’s big brother not black and white ,,,,


Yeah because that’s how it is out in the real world?


Brittany played something of an underhanded game and this is where it comes back to bite her. I think some players have succeeded with it in the past, but she needed to be a little smarter about how she did it. In some ways I do not want to see Taylor win, because I feel like she is still riding a sympathy wave from her early time in the house.
Question if anyone knows…what is going on in the jury house? All I have been able to find online is just rumor or speculation. They also did not show a jury segment last night. The rumor is that Terrance was expelled from the jury house for fighting with Michael. So does that mean he is off the jury or just that they put him in a different place until finale night? If he is off the jury, will we see another America’s vote? On their podcast Derrick and Cody mentioned that seeing the jury house this week would be better than the actual house because they foresaw just this sort of drama brewing. Did it really happen or is this just someone saying something? If all this is the case what are things going to be like when Brittany gets there?


I believe Brit’s biggest problem was whining. NO one likes listening to whining. Beyond that there was nothing fundamentally wrong with her game play; she attached herself to a really strong player & was adrift when he got booted: it happens in BB. Takes time to find your feet. The justifications made by others is just that: excuses to validate their own hypocrisy. If you’re gonna make a game move, make it, own it, move on.

Jury house: if they had to boot Terrance for bad behavior he’s in a hotel somewhere—they need his vote & presence on Finale night. But that’s a hell of a rumor. And entirely believable.

The Kats Meow

Seeing the queen of ruining her own game leave will be good TV to me, sorry not sorry. The three who will be left are seemingly crappy people, but no worse than those tossed off or in jury. The majority of the jury are seemingly crappy people too (who better to judge them.). We have a week until it’s over and right now final two is still technically up for grabs. So kudos to which ever one of them schemed their way to a win.


Please tell me why they’re all crappy people. I would disagree with that. Your generalized statement is worthless.

The Kats Meow

Have you seen the feeds at all this season? Hell have you even read the synopsises on this page?
Crappy people who are gone or in jury (based on their words and actions)…Nicolee, Daniel, Paloma, Terrance, Jasmine, Indy, Kyle, Jealyssa, Michael and if she goes Thursday Brittany.) Crappy people still left in the game Taylor, Turner, and Monte, also based on their words and actions. Disagree all you like, but don’t pretend this season has had gems in it. Because you’re full of sh*t lolol


Brittany is such a SNITCH. Complaining to Production that the others are asleep in the house as if Production don’t already know that with millions of cameras in the house. What a KAREN!! Can’t wait for her to leave


She doesn’t like that they stay up all night and then sleep all day, while she is on a more normal schedule which keeps her out of their loop. It’s not about being a snitch. It’s about her social insecurity.

They way they ostracized and left her adrift, Idk why they would have expected anything different from a person who tends to become distraught.


Well she won’t have to worry about that after next week because thankfully she will be in jury

The Kats Meow

It’s hilarious to me that she runs and tattles. I mean let’s be honest if this was really something that bothered her she could take it in her own hands and stay up with them. She isolates herself quite often so that she can have her camera talking to America time. Why not just take control of your own life and stay up so you’re not missing things. Smh


Brittany and her crazy eyes are too wishy washy for me. She wants a pity party, well she can have one in the Jury house. Wonder what’s going to happen between her and Michael. We need live feeds in Jury

The Kats Meow

She’s gonna be all kissy and huggy with Michael within hours of arriving in the hous. Same with Jealyssa.and Kyle.

Captain Kirk

“Wonder what’s going to happen between her and Michael”
Late night “showmance”?

Then, later, she runs back to Dallas and gets a divorce, and then marries Michael in the little chapel in Las Vegas??

Honeymoon around the world as contestants in the Amazing Race??


Have you forgotten that 1. Michael has a fiancé, and 2. Michael is gay.


How can you “snitch” when (cough) Big Brother sees all and knows all? Production unquestionably knew where the players were. Those four were treating Brit badly—possibly thoughtlessly, possibly indifferently, maybe intentionally but I doubt it; it definitely wasn’t nice but nice fled the house a few evictions back…


I said that in my comment that Production already know because they have millions of cameras. I think she forgot about the camera and decided to “snitch”

un autre nom

So, I’ve already said Turner’s reaction isn’t sitting right, right?
I mean, he’s played the game in such a way that he has committed the exact same, if not worse offense to half a dozen other houseguests, or worse… and he’s crying victim now?
Poor me, someone played my own game at me… waaaah?

Damn. I’m still now questioning the veracity of his past allegations stories he’s mentioined in the house now. His pattern of behavior mixed with his overblown reaction have me thinking hmmm, and doubting him and I hate that.

I wouldn’t trust Monte to be a girl guide leader or to mentor any female I care about. I wouldn’t trust Britt to follow a list of instructions rationally. I wouldn’t believe a word out of Turner’s mouth. I wouldn’t take Taylor’s advice about the character of another person.

No Name

Turner has been completely consistent in how he plays.Entitled coward.If I could steal your nope he and Monte would have it.

un autre nom

everyone is free to use a nope any time they want. lol.
Given I didn’t use my preseason gut nope, and only noped three people this season…
I’ve been lax.

No Name

That would be dangerous for me,I’d start nopeing all the commenters on here.Hell,I’d start nopeing my family members.


Can Michael retroactively win? One whopper of a mistake—being nice to a liar—and he’s out. What’s left? A bunch of people who really don’t deserve to win (obviously imo). I’m amazed the cameras don’t pick up both sides of Monte’s mouth, or the flips to Turner’s flops; Taylor is so impressed with her, er, tailor that she’s forgotten we can see her character’s lack of character! And Brittany’s whine is not exactly of the fine variety.

This would be a great time for Zingbot to make a return appearance: Zingbot uncensored. Woof!

Captain Kirk

Yuuuuppp !!!


So what Monte and Taylor were saying about them working together. But not really like the cookout. Sounds like Kyle could have been right all along.


LOL!! Kyle was in an alliance of 4 – the Pound. Last I looked at the remaining two of those still in the game, one is white and the other is black. Tell us again how Kyle is right??

Captain Kirk

You are one week too early to make that argument.


Why can’t they just play Big Brother like they usr to? I am so tired of all this “person Of color”,black woman, my people, and racist remarks constantly. It should be people playing the game. I found last season The Cookout played a racist game by targeting white people. They were rewarded for it. It shouldn’t matter. Taylor has the most vuglar mouth by using the F word
constantly. Jumping in bed with anyone to have sex. The network is to blame to allow this to happen. Its not fun watching anymore. They have to tippy toe around not to offend the people of color now. I am a person of color also. Leave that at the door and play the game!!!! Taylor just said The F word and the GD word 5 times in les than 5 minutes. Not attractive at all !!!!


Who else did Taylor “jump into bed to have sex” with?


She wanted to with Daniel (yuk) then seemed to move on to joe now monte. I think that was her point.

Warren G

Taylor didn’t sleep with Monte

Warren G

When you have Caucasian people winning 22 Seasons and only in the last two seasons . Where their equal people of color in the house. Can you use the word racism by Black people. It’s insulting like “Karen’s” telling black people they can’t walk in a public park. And understand the word racism and prejudice. Two different meanings. Nobody in the house this season is or was prejudice. If you want to talk racism you might blame production. That cast people unequally 22 season ago. But for the past two seasons. Zero hint of racism. Some people are not smart enuff to live in the real world. The majority of Television or movies are Caucasian people. Stop with the reverse racism crap, it’s insulting to intelligent people.


Didn’t Kyle has sex with Alyssa?? Why didn’t you mention that as well


Hmmm. Why did I think that the messages would be tomorrow Or Sunday? Production seems to be really rushing things now and I am curious as to why


I think it’s funny how the tide has turned to make Alyssa seem the sympathetic and righteous one, while Turner and Monte look like turds.

I have to give her credit for making such effort to the point of actually messing with the remaining opposition’s heads.


Seems Monte is comfortable the Dan’s end-game strategy from BB14.

In this case, Ian = Turner, Danielle = Taylor, Brittany = Shane. Monte knows Brittany and Taylor will take each other (as Dan assumed the same with Danielle and Shane). Difference is, Monte doesn’t have to lie to be the one casting the vote, and he doesn’t have to dirtbag Brittany the way Dan dirtbagged Shane.

If Monte makes it to Part 3 of final HOH, I bet he throws it so that he doesn’t have to show his cards to either of his two F2s. Again, the same as Dan. As long as Monte doesn’t have to swear on his grandfather’s Bible and ring to the other Prt 3 competitor, he won’t be dealing with a jury nearly as bitter as the one in BB14 — perhaps Michael as an exception.


Looking at the jury I feel like Monte wins against either Taylor or Turner. He has Terrence and jasmines vote over either I think Joseph votes him over Taylor as well but not sure definitely over Turner. Kyle will definitely give Monte the I’m not racist vote. That’s 4 against either really not sure who indi would vote Alyssa also could go either way. Brittany and Michael definitely vote Taylor but would prob vote Monte over Turner. Then Taylor or Turner would probably vote Monte unless he wins final hoh and they’re mad about being cut

Captain Kirk

“Looking at the jury I feel like Monte wins against either Taylor or Turner”
I agree.


Sick of the racist bs. Taylor should have left as soon as she said she won’t vote out a black woman. Let a white person say that. This show is has gone south to make sure a black person wins everytime because they are so afraid of being called racist


Yep! When did black people become all holy? NEVER. We have and should continue to judge them by the “content of their character” like we do everyone else of our own race. It’s one thing to stand in solidarity with them against police violence, but completely out of line for the past 2.5 years to pretend like black people can do no wrong and everyone bow down to them.

Taylor does not deserve to win. Monte and BRITTANY final two!! Fuhk Turner for being such a scared little biatch quivering in his little penis pants to vote out a black person.

Daisy may123

To play this game you have to leave the word BLACK at the door or you are racist!


She didn’t say she wouldn’t vote out a black women just she didn’t want to do it on her hoh. She literally voted Jasmine out during brochela.

Lee Lopez

I would like an entire season of just husky Asian people and Hispanic dwarfs. I never feel represented.


I’m tired of the race card being used by Monte and Taylor I’m done with BB entirely


The game is ruined. Why does everything have to be about black and white? Kyle got humiliated off the show for it and Monte made it about race from the get go!


Not a fan this season , so people don’t want to be seen by color but they constantly are bringing up there color , make it make since cajt you just be a big brother player Why say black person needs to win ,

Lisa Gormley

The thing I don’t like about Turner is he tries to act all self righteous but is really a two faced bully