Turner “I was just about to say before this f**ker interrupted.. I love you guys!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Turner & Brittany
POV Players: Taylor, Brittany, Turner, Monte
POV Winner: Monte
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

5pm Hammock – Turner, Monte and Taylor.
They chat about random things. Turner heads inside. Monte – what were we talking about before he came out here? Taylor – ah final twos. I told him (Turner) no we (Monte and Taylor) do not have one. I asked if you two have one and he said no. And I was like you two scare me. And I was like you two scare me too. Monte – no to hell with it .. lets just all make it to next week and figure it out from there… the two of us. Taylor – yeah lets figure it out from there. Turner joins them again. Big Brother asks them to raise the outside awnings. Turner – I was just about to say before this f**ker interrupted .. I love you guys!! Taylor and Monte – we love you too. Turner – so now that you two are officially in the final 3, would you consider a big brother tattoo? Taylor – I am still thinking about that sword. (Back in the beginning when Taylor was really down, Joseph told Taylor all the time to not to give up and said that she not a shield, she’s a sword.) Monte – If I find something similar that I like I would. I don’t think I would get BB24. Turner – I like those two heads (backyard mural – see below image). Taylor – that’s not really big brother specific… Turner – it is to me.

5:20pm – 6pm Backyard – Monte and Brittany.
Monte tells Brittany that Taylor is thinking about getting the tattoo of a sword. Monte – which I think is really cool, its more than just a #BB24 tattooed on you. Is there anything that you take away from this summer thus far? Brittany – I think for me .. that’s a good question. I think it has called into question the type of person I want to be and the life I want to live. How do I want to show up for people? That has been the biggest.. like what kind of friend do I want to be .. what kind of.. Monte – wife? Brittany – yeah what kind of wife and just me individually… just coming to the show by myself. I keep thinking about how much I can’t wait to get to know each other outside of the house in our real lives. Even just talking with them (Production) I feel like I am my best self with Steven. We’re all out best selves when we’re with the people that brighten out days. Like I want you guys to know that Brittany. Monte – that’s what I am looking forward to as well. Brittany talks about past events of the season and when she went to get info from Turner to bring back to Michael and how Michael used that against her. She figures the only reason he did that was because he knew he was in trouble. Brittany then reveals her lie about her job. Brittany – I am sure this got around to you when he said that everything about me is a lie .. and that includes my career. Everything about me is not a lie but I will say that I have made a recent career change that I actually think I have been dying to tell you about. Monte – okay. Brittany – you would love it. So you and I share something in common way more than we have ever had the opportunity to talk about before. Monte – really!? Brittany – Say I had just recently left a job about market research .. what job do you think I would have gotten into? You recently got certified in something .. say I did.. Monte – life coaching? Brittany – actually a certified clinical hypnotist. Monte – what?! Oh my god! I did not see that coming?! WOW! That’s what’s up! Brittany – and why I haven’t shared is not .. well casting wanted me to be this (she does hand gustures for being a puppet master). And literally I need to tell Taylor and we might as well tell Turner too. I wanted to share with you because of the mindset stuff. Its something I had shared with Michael. And I didn’t share with the house because of the mindset stuff. Monte – well congrats! Brittany – I just wanted to clear the air and I know I wasn’t a good friend and Ally to you .. so I just wanted to opportunity to explain that to you. I wanted to clear the air. I wanted you to know me. At the very least I wanted you to know that nothing was malicious and that I gave myself too much to one person. Monte – I always knew in terms of mindset and life in general we were right here (on the same page). Monte – I am glad I have another sister in the fight and someone with an entrepreneurial spirit.

6:08pm Backyard – Brittany and Taylor.
Brittany – if I didn’t do my actual job what do you think I would do? Turner – work at NASA. Brittany – I am a clinical hypnotist. Turner – that’s what Joseph was saying. He said it when we were doing the group meditations. He said you were too good at it. Big Brother switches the feeds. Turner – that is dope! Thanks for telling me. I wonder if anyone else has a different job. Thank you for letting me know that. Brittany – of course. Turner heads inside.

6:23pm Kitchen – Monte and Turner.
Turner – I too just got the hypnosis chat. Monte – I do somehow believe her because of all the meditation stuff she does. Turner – HHmmmhmmm. Monte – I guess she figured this is the end of my time. Turner – I think that she thinks if she shows honesty to people that she has been dishonest with it will make up for it. But I liked hearing that. Monte – yeah. Best bet at this point.. like if you just continued to lie .. it is just going to kind of make things worse.

6:33pm – 7pm HOH room – Brittany and Taylor.
Brittany tells Taylor about how she cleared the air with Monte about her and Michael. When I thought Michael was trying to save me he was actually betraying me. Brittany then tells Taylor about her real profession. Taylor – oh my god.. what?!!? What is it?! Brittany – if you had to guess? Joseph guessed it right. Taylor – Therapist? Brittany – I am a clinical hypnotherapist. Can I just apologize. Taylor – I get why. Brittany goes into the back story again explaining why she kept it hidden. I shared that with Michael and obviously in confidence .. and then he used it against me. That I am still reconciling with. I just wanted to let you know because if there is any doubt .. your mind creates its own narrative which is a lot scarier than the truth.

7pm – 8:14pm Its a quiet evening in the BB house. Turner and Monte were playing pool. Now Turner is trying to seep in the hammock. Taylor is sleeping in the HOH bed.

9:38pm – 11:54pm HOH room – Monte and Taylor sleeping. Brittany in the back bedroom thinking in silence. Brittany comes up to the HOH room and breaks up the love birds. Monte moves to the couch. Brittany leaves and Turner joins them. Turner falls asleep and Brittany comes back to chat with Taylor. Brittany talks to Taylor about being a hypnotist.

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Monte finally being polite to Brit, angling for a jury vote. Brit indicating there will be future camaraderie with these people. There won’t when she sees how they talk about her behind her back.

No Name

Now that her game is over he can treat her like a human being.What a great guy.


You mean she’s a human being? She’s in a category of her own being so incredibly self centered and a betrayer. Look how easy it was for her to bad mouth Michael when he saved her behind so many times! She’s as two faced as they come.

Captain Kirk


Isn’t cannibalism part of the “game”?? lol


Especially with the F5!!


Ha! Apparently so..


Yeah, the jury management is atrocious, really shows getting out alyssa was probably a good move because as bad as she was at every other aspect of the game, the one thing she was good at was jury management


Alyssa is a nice girl. When she was talking to herself about loving animals and having a good life outside of the house, I almost mocked her for sounding naive. But the game is a mirror of what happens in a social/work group – in group and out group. Pecking order, rejection, “winning”. Every house guest has freaked out about expiring, and then made peace with their fate. The scapegoating is hard to watch, for me. Yet I still watch…

Captain Kirk

I agree.

I believe I have stated same along those lines in previous posts.

This “game” is a microcosm (for the most part) of the outside / “real life” world.

People are savages, and they behave like animals (especially when pennies become integrally related in the equation of studying human behavior)

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

There’s something about the houseguests being isolated from all outside influences and from the people that love and support them in real life. People handle it differently. I think it can bring it the worst in people because of the pressure she paranoia. I’ll grant them all some grace and assume they’ll be better on the outside of BB.

Captain Kirk

The Final 2 are ALWAYS going to be perceived as a-holes; particularly by the jury.

And for good reason; because they likely had to be in order to be F2.

Captain Kirk

“Monte finally being polite to Brit, angling for a jury vote”



Pamela Murphey

Brottany just doesn’t know when she’s talked to much. You can listen fora bit but she goes on forever.. she does more harm to herself the longer she talks


Brittany really hurt Michael’s game. She was running her mouth throwing him under the bus when he was protecting her. Now she acts like he was the bad person. Same with Taylor. At this point I don’t want any of the final four to win.


I know. Brittany is a miserable person. She’s degraded this season tremendously. Her and Turner.


Kinda feel monte wins if he makes final. Pretty close between Turner and Taylor. Turner really botched jury management since Terrance’s eviction and I think that will sour the jury to him. Meanwhile Taylor’s resume still sucks and if she tries to claim credit for game moves the jury will probably vote against her. Monte’s mostly just been there and doesn’t have major screw ups like Turner and while he certainly has a bit of a chip on his shoulder it’s not nearly as big as Taylor’s


Don’t agree at all. Taylor will win.


Well if nothing else she’s got good jury support.


I just don’t see it. She’s so unlikeable


To me, at this point, they are all unlikable for different reasons. Failed BB season in my eyes but it’s just a tv show so meh.

Not Jason’s Holly

I thinkTaylor will win if she’s in F2. She’s a woman so I think the women who are in Jury will vote for her. In my opinion, Indy, Jasmine, Alyssa, Brittany, Joseph, Kyle (if she’s up against Turner to show he’s not a racist), & Michael will vote for her. If Terrance is still there he may not vote for her. If Monte is in jury, he will vote for her. If Turner is in jury, he will probably vote for Monte!


Monte definitely wins over Turner. And rightfully so.

uncreative department

I’d agree with you if I thought the jury had a choice. Taylor is supposed to be the first Black female winner, production is NOT going to forfeit that milestone, and this jury is too social media-conscious to oppose the will of the zeitgeist (as over-represented by Twitter). To her credit, she wasn’t a prod favorite early on, so she gets lots of props for lasting.

I understand the inevitable result, and none of us can change it, but I wish they’d just get it over with. I don’t like any of these people, so I’m fine with Taylor being the victor. It’s cliché to point it out, but the ending of the season should really be compressed. :/


How can production finesse Taylor winning? Create questions or a final comp and veto that Taylor will surely excell at?

Not Jason’s Holly

I think the “Fashion Fest” was done for Taylor! Brittany almost screwed that up!


The tie breaker was about a comp Brit won… Production was handing that to Brit on a silver player and she CHOKED (2700 second lol)

Surf all day

Good riddens Britney. She deserves everything she’s getting. Monte owes her NOTHING!! She’s been throwing his name out all season. She can take those snake eyes of hers, straight to jury. Feel sorry for ANYONE that goes to her for therapy. She couldn’t keep her own shit together all season.


I really hope it’s Monte & Turner in the Final 2. I’m somewhat tired of the things Taylor keeps trying to push, leave all of that crap outside in the real world, this is a game, play it.

  • “Can’t Nominate a Woman of Color” – Jasmine put you on the block.

Also you had no problem voting to evict Ameerah, then Jasmine.

  • You want to “Push Women Forward”, so you want to see 2 women in Final 2. Brittany voted you out, she was trying to PUSH out the door, send you to Jury. Taylor be honest, you feel you can beat Brittany, you will push her in front of a bus for 750k.
  • I don’t like the comments Taylor made when she was talking to Brittany, about let her do her work on Monte ? she’s going to work him, he will keep Britt and send Turner to Jury. That won’t happen Taylor, Monte is Not That Into You, Brittany is leaving.

Whatever they are calling this thing with Monte & Taylor, honestly I find it awkward and kind of icky, just my opinion. I’ve never seen a Showmance, Fakemance, Whatever it is, never seen someone do this so late in the game (at final 5). Very Weird !!!

I feel Taylor is playing Monte, she’s messing with him, trying to make sure. she goes to F2.

I believe Monte is going to send Brittany to Jury, Keep Turner, Monte & Turner will be F2.
I don’t think Monte or Taylor are serious, it’s a Sexual Tension Release, I’m cool with that.

What about Joseph, Taylor cried her eyes out when Joseph did not come back.

Taylor & Monte said they are going to stop hiding whatever they have after the Veto Comp.

Why, why tell anyone about this Part Time Hook-up, with the guy who made your life Hell, along with the Mean Girls, Evil Elvis, Cruel Chef. It’s not a good look for you or Monte, if Indy hears about this, you definitely lose her vote, remember she said Monte is her type.

I’m pulling for Brittany going to Jury this week, Taylor can follow her as the last person evicted and sent to Jury.

Monte and Turner, Final 2. I am cool with whoever wins, 1 gets 750k, the other gets 75k.


I’m beginning to think that you have a problem with or maybe feel threatened by strong black women. Maybe just black peoples in general??


So TIRED of hearing that reply EVERY time someone expresses how they don’t care for Taylor. Many people just do NOT like Taylor in general because she is NOT a great game player to begin with, has a snooty attitude & a fakeless about her that is utterly annoying & prances around like she is some sort of entitled princess & has been carried to the end when she should have been out the door LONG ago!! Ameerah was the STRONG, powerful one…which unfortunately ultimately got her evicted . Taylor is dead weight that the men she latches on to, she tries to have them carry her along. Get OVER the race thing. Most people could care less about what RACE she is!! Annoying is just plain ANNOYING.

Mike Honcho

Wide nose havin’! Breathin’ all the white man’s air!


Monte listened to Taylor’s account of bullying on account of being a darker shade of brown, earlier in her life experiences, when they had an intimate talk, early in the game. Daniel was the one who made Taylor’s life hell, along with Nicole. Monte helped build a protective alliance around Taylor and the six people in that group, especially Joe, but including Monte, treated her very protectively.

Carlito's Way

No actually Monte was the first one to go on a rampage against Taylor. She initially went to Monte to warn him about the Girls’ Girls and Paloma. Monte immediately outed Taylor, took Paloma’s side, and the hard core bullying and ostracizing began. That’s on Monte. He also said frequently said cruel,ugly and malicious things about Taylor when he was schmoozing with Terrance as well as Turner. When Taylor sees these conversations, she is going to hate herself for giving herself and her game to Monte.


Taylor could insincerely cry her eyes out over burnt toast, just for the drama.

Not Jason’s Holly

That’s funny, but true!


Both Alyssa and Michael think of Turner as a slimy betrayer. I saw both of their more extended exit interviews online (Entertainment Weekly). They will definitely influence the jury. Monte has to know this.

So Monte’s dilemma is who does he take to F2? Turner who truly scum inside and and out, but he made a guys F2 plan with? Or Taylor who he’s now conjoined with and who has excellent jury management?

It will be BB drama to see how this plays out. And oh we do love the drama!!


It is not a dilemma. He promised Turner he’d take Turner. But if Taylor gets to choose, she’ll take Monte. No issues. Monte will win, regardless of any combo of final two.


Thanks for the clarification. I can feel OK with Monte winning.


I don’t think it’s that cut & dry – I’m going to drop a post on why later. 😉


He might realize it’s in his best interest to lose final hoh. Both will take him and he doesn’t have to burn a jury vote.


Oh my fckn GAWD!! Monte & Taylor together make me want to PUKE!!3? I disliked Taylor from the get go…she is just too fake, egotistical., annoying & an opportunist with men. Never had a problem with Monte…but NOW…those two are just sickening. I have stopped watching live feeds since Michael left. These past 2 seasons have RUINED Big Brother!! It is just so lame. I will no longer be watching it. I know a large amount of people have said the same. I truly am SO disappointed in how BB has evolved to this level of boring, lame game play. Anyways, my vote goes to Turner to win, even though that most likely won’t happen. But ya never know….so I will be back to these posts to keep me updated. No need to waste my time on actually watching the snoozefest airing of the show or live feeds. Thank you for keeping us informed on here!! I enjoy this much more!!!??


It’s been really boring and bad since Michael left. I stopped watching and just up with the written feeds.


Exactly the same thing here.

Not Jason’s Holly

I canceled my Paramount+ a couple of weeKs ago! I only rad this and watch the show (usually after it’s played so I can FF through it!


Whether you stay in this house or walk out that door you’re just a walking L to me – Turner


Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

I’m partial to “flea Vibes” lol also on the TV show the other night, Alyssa came up to talk with Monte and Turner again (hoping to stay)

A – “Can we talk?”
Turner – “Are you going to cry?”
A- “No”
Turner – “Sweet.”
Alyssa cried ? Turner’s face, though.

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

my username says it all. only chance is against each other after they get rid of brit. there is no way that jury doesnt give the win to taylor. so if monte or turner win final hoh at final 3. we will have to see if they actually realize that.

Captain Kirk

“there is no way that jury doesnt give the win to taylor”
Did I read that right?


It’s time for CBS to end BB the last few seasons are so orchestrated and disgusting behavior among housequests not to mention boring you don’t need to watch to know how it ends. I used to love watching it and have every season but don’t enjoy it anymore. Get rid of it and come up with something worth watching. Love The Challenge , Tough As Nails and Amazing Race. Hope they don’t try to do the same to them.


I completely 100% agree with you. I stopped watching ten years ago due to ho hum boredom. By chance I caught the first week and stayed on only because of Michael.

Hope Michael does The Amazing Race!

Carlito's Way

That would be great. But not with Brittany.

Captain Kirk

Amazing Race is probably the best of the ones out there. ? ??


Imaginary conversation of Taylor to Brittany “I know you voted to try to get me to jury.
I know you tried to get Turner to vote me to jury.
I know you bold faced lied about conversations you said you never had but you did.
I know you Brittany. Just stay here in my HOH room. Chill. Listen to music. Don’t let anyone see you cry. You are strong Brittany. The door locks I am the ONLY one who has the key. Cough your germ cough in my face all you want. I love you.”

Taylor is that first song on Beyoncé album Renaissance “I am THAT girl” deal with it. Taylor is true Queen Icon! She better win!


She’s a queen alright…..a drama queen!

Drew dog

I don’t think I would give a vote to Turner because he got played. Turner would have had Monte and Alyssa. Now he has to win everything if he gets past eviction.

Mike Honcho

Yes, probably the biggest bone head move of the season voting Alyssa out. Just in front of Michael and britt not taking out monte in brochella.


Here is a thought maybe Brit should hypnotize monte to vote Turner out lol


I’m just curious to know how Taylor will react when the shows over and see that Monte was the ring leader of the bullying she encountered in the beginning of the game.. has Monte apologized and owned up to the things he said and did to her?? If not they are both in for a rude awakening


I believe he did have that conversation with her about 3 weeks ago.


Some of these comments really exemplify why this country is currently in so much trouble.

It’s like listening to the confirmed family crazies go off with their distorted perceptions of other’s behaviors and relationships.