Monte wins Veto “I can’t think of anything else to say other than thank god” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Turner & Brittany
POV Players: Taylor, Brittany, Turner, Monte
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

10:30 am Feeds return Monte won the Power of Veto.

10:55 am Brittany and Taylor
Taylor – Do not give up do not give up
Britt – I just don’t know what I could remotely say. Of course I’m going to talk to him Logically it make sense. (crazy talk)
They go over the veto. Brittany says she was 1 off her first try, ‘I thought it was day three and it was day four’
Britt – I even doubled checked I was so certain.. it’s whatever
T – let me do my work
B – i’m so upset with myself.. I wish I would have come clean with Monte about protecting Michael. Michael isn’t even here
T – but that’s your friend. I still protected Joe
B – I got too deep in the lying for Michael it just felt for me to backtrack and come clean it just didn’t feel right.
T – don’t beat yourself up
B – I know he’s needed me out for awhile
T – Not awhile. since when?
B – since the double right. I was told
T- by who?
B – Alyssa
Taylor laughs.
B – he know Turner is going to bring him to the end.
T – let me talk to him. It’s still my HOH
B – at this point of the game he’ll make the decision that is best. He brought Turner last week and put you in Jeopardy. If he wasn’t going to try and get Turner to the end..

11:05 am Taylor, Monte and Turner
They’re all agreeing how happy they are at the outcome. Turner thought Brittany had won because he could hear her hitting the button.
Monte – I can’t think of anything else to say other than thank god
Turner – should I campaign I’ve never been up on eviction up
Taylor – mother f***er now you know how it feels now

11:07 am Monte and Taylor
Monte – I did it
Taylor – lets f***ing go
Monte – everything is happening as it needs to happen
Taylor – yes
Taylor – what a story, enemies to lovers to final 2
They kiss.
Taylor – you just have to make sure we’re sitting in those final 2 seats. YOu know Turner beats both of us.
Taylor – you are as sweet kind man with a gentle soul

11:20 am Monte leaves to work out
Taylor – this is perfect.. so perfect

11:22 am Turner and Monte
They’re happy Brittany didn’t win.
Monte – she knew she was playing for her life today
Turner asks if Taylor is still party to their final 3.
Monte – she is.. she’s worried about how strong of a competitor you are. I’m looking you in the eyes and telling you I’m taking you
Turner – thank you
Monte – I wouldn’t be able to stomach evicting you It wouldn’t feel right in my soul and my spirit
Monte – i would rather be in final 2 with you than Taylor
Turner – I’m telling you me and you to the end.
Turner asks if he’s told Taylor he’s taking him. Monte says he hasn’t said it explicitly. He’s doesn’t want her coming to him every 5 minutes about it.

11:41 am Monte hitting the steel

11:45 am Brittany and Taylor
Brittany asks if she’s talked to Monte yet about what he’s going to do. Taylor talked to him but it was more celebration they made it to final 3.
Brittany – tell him anything you need to tell him
Taylor – you know I will.
Brittany – I’m not getting my hopes up
Taylor – let me do it for you then
Britt – it doesn’t make sense on his part it just doesn’t make sense.
Taylor – I will do the hard work for you try to have a normal week be social and be present cause we have seen people alienate themselves and we’ve seen what happens
Britt – it doesn’t help that I’ve gotten so close here. I should have won it or been awful. We always know the first round is a physical thing. You him and me I’m losign that round. It’s just the second round.. I would have to win two and either one of you win one.. i just want the shot.
Taylor – I know I’m putting in my life’s work.
Brittany goes on about how Monte doesn’t win against Turner.

11:51 am Brittany sad… (Good)
Brittany – I could use a friend.. a husband a hug.. journaling.. something ..

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My stomach is still recovering from Taylor winning HOH. She is sickening. I have been picking and hoping Monte wins. I still think he will, but he lost a few notches with this Taylor thing.

Avid watcher


Paul Sucks

That’s just DISGUSTIN


Please stop…


Shouldn’t you be bombing a Black church somewhere


So is monte going to vote our turner or Brittany?

Carlito's Way

Brittany. I’d be shocked if otherwise. He is guaranteed a seat in final 2 by keeping Turner, But also dumb because if he is final 2 with Brittany he would win. I don’t think he can win against Turner or Taylor but he will pick Turner over Taylor because he knows he can’t beat Taylor. Hope he stays the spiteful, self-righteous, pompous asshat he has shown himself to be and keeps Turner. If he goes to final 2 with Turner and does not pick Taylor, there will be a lot of haters in the jury and the wrath of Taylor won’t be pretty. He will likely lose. This was the worst case scenario. Damn.


He may have a good chance of winning against Taylor but I don’t know that he does against Turner

Game fan

What? Joe is bitter at turner . Jas hates him . Michael is probably upset with his as well. Alyssa is upset with turner. Terrace is monte biggest fan .. Monte is winning against turner. Yeah , he is winning against Brittany but Brittany won’t take him. And also Tylor might not take him when Brittany is around. So it’s a f3 where you have to win against one you are guaranteed f2.. off course he would take out Brittany.


It’s been my viewing experience that jury management is often overrated. I’ve seen it time and time again they vote for the player they believe deserves to win, even though some think it’s a popularity contest. Say what you will about Monte or Turner (& we all say plenty) but either one is more deserving than Brittany or Taylor when you consider the entire season.


Yes Monte could easily beat Brittany, but I’m not sure he could beat Taylor. I think she would use the woman angle and she would possibly get votes for that. In any case, if he does not take Taylor to final two (which it appears that he does not plan to) she is going to be so so mad at him!! She’s going to lose her mind. I kind of wonder if that’s why she’s being so cosy with him, hoping that he’ll take her to final two. And if he doesn’t, oh my gosh she’s going to be furious!

Mike Honcho

Gag me with a spoon.


Hey boomer, it’s 2022. Not 1981. Your slang — and views on Black people — need to play catch-up.

Captain Caveman!

Monte is scum. How can he want to sit next to Turner. Worst move ever. Turner for the win unless Taylor beats him and Turner for one of those two chairs and her dumb loyalty to him brings him to the final two. I could throw my mouse at my laptop screen.

Game fan

Turner .. i love him so much , yet his jury management is pretty awefull unfortunately. Not even sure if kyle is gonna vote fot him, after he took out Alyssa. Any way that’s only one vote i can say he definitely have.


First off. Turner is one of the most undeserving potential winners to make it this far. At least floaters just float, whereas he makes active decisions against his own self-interest.

To even go to Brit on a personal grievance at this point is utterly foolish. He has nothing to gain from that, and only her vote and potentially Michael’s to alienate in jury.

There was nothing personal about Brit’s moves last week. It was actually Alyssa who realized that Turner was lying to her, and then chose to use the guilt/tear-gushing strategy.

Now Monte Taylor are saying that the one who goes to jury will expose Brit to Alyssa.

That is pretty disrespectful to Alyssa, who of her own accord is disappointed with Turner for voting her out in order to play Monte’s game. Despite her low-key game she is a super fan and surely knows better than that.

It’s more of the self-righteousness from Monte, that Taylor very easily latches onto.

Even if Brit had literally masterminded to get Alyssa to guilt Turner, big whoop.

These people think they can define some moral high ground line in the game.

The only line that exists is when it comes to racist or other group-specific social biases.

Turner needs to take responsibility for his own move, and the impact that had on Alyssa.

I do have to give credit to Taylor for using Monte’s tactics to get him to keep Brit. LIke hey it’s my HOH, let’s try to make an agreement of mutual respect and understanding.

She’s putting him into a corner of dissonance.

If she can pull this off then she deserves the win over him.


Most undeserving winners? Josh and Paul say hi. Also Rachel Reilly, Jordan, ratcole… I can probably go on


I said, ‘one of’. But regardless, you may have missed the point.

Whatever weak play the others may have exhibited is not on the level of ACTIVELY VOTING AGAINST YOUR OWN INTERESTS out of fear of your F2 person.

The Kats Meow

They made it to the final four, over everybody else, no matter how the game played out. This happens every single year, so I’m not sure why it’s so offensive to people this year. Of the four left, any deserve to win, not just those you like. Remember they’re HG’s playing a game, not your bestie f*cking you over in reality. A game by the way, based on lying, cheating, smoozing charming, and sneaking your way to $750.000

Game fan

I would usually agree but last year we had two clowns at the f4 so.. lol


Why do you assume any negative comment about a HG is based on personal preference?

This is my objective opinion on fear-based gameplay that I don’t believe has occurred to such degree in past end games.

I think with other F2s such as Derrick and Cody, their end game eviction threats were aligned.

It wasn’t one of the F2 voting to help the other one and not allowed to even voice an objection.

Turner just got lucky that the comps worked out in a way where Monte is going to carry him the rest of the way now.

The Kats Meow

I’m not assuming at all. Really any objective opinion is going to be based on your own preferences and mindset. It’s just human nature. Why do you think they really dig into your thought processes when serving on a jury? It’s not a personal affront to you, we all do it subconsciously.


At least the final five get a little bit more money and even though there’s negativity about Brittany I hope it will help in getting her a child


Well it looks like we might have a Cookout 2.0 for the finale. First black couple! The mischievous part of me sort of wanted to see Britflea’s big white face in the finale. Just to piss everyone off. Not because I think she would win. JMO

The Kats Meow

How do you see a cookout 2.0 in people who were enemies for the first 3 weeks? They we’re in the same alliance nearly the rest of the game. They work with everybody regardless of color and made it to final four. Does the color of who wins a TV show really get under the skin of “some” of you so much?


It’s not under my skin. Just my mischievous mind. I personally don’t have a favorite because they are all there competing. At this stage, it’s win or get out. I just like a little chaos.


Some people just see what they want to see.

Michaels Cat

If Monte and Taylor are final 2, that is not a Cookout 2.0. They got there without voting based on someone’s skin color. If they do make it, good for them and shows you don’t need a “Cookout” to make it happen. Don’t care for them but they are close to making it happen.


Agree, but don’t forget Taylor refused to put up black woman to on her HOH. That’s sexist and racist, when you say it out loud, right Kyle?




I do think it’s working towards Taylor being a first POC female to win big brother


Why do y’all keep bringing race into this? Why can’t you look at Monte n Taylor as just people? Why is this a race war for you white folks??? It doesn’t affect your real life or your privilege here in America! Chill out


I too wanted her in there for the drama let’s see if Taylor works that magic


The couple will only make it if Taylor wins HOH next and votes Turner out. Monte will take Turner. Turner will take Monte. 2 against 1 in final HOH competition. Bye Britt, bye Taylor.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

I don’t see this as Cookout whatsoever. Terrence, Nicole and Jasmine are gone. Monte & Taylor have never had a F2. There have been a lot of moving parts within The Leftovers.


IF Monte takes Turner to final 2, he is handing Turner 750k..

He need to consider Taylor in the coming days.


No he’s not. Only a Taylor stan thinks that Monte can’t beat Turner.

His resume is better than that of anyone remaining in the house, and his social game has been solid. (No one in the jury hates him.)

Vs Taylor, he’ll be down Brittany, Jasmine, Alyssa, and Indy from the jump. She’d need one more to win. Turner doesn’t have four guaranteed votes. He might not have any guaranteed after Alyssa figured out that he voted against her. And Kyle would be in a precarious position with such a vote.


Turner could have run away with this if he had better jury management down the stretch. Terrance, Kyle, and Alyssa went from near locks for Turner to anybody’s guess. It’s really tough to say who wins at this point


That really a stupid analogy. (I must be a Taylor fan)

Alyssa is Turner his best friend, come on, she is not going to hold it against him. (Game play vs friendship) sorry.. I hope she is smarter then that (Although that is questionable)

Stop looking at the last 2wks and look at the season.

Turner has made all the big moves. If some of the Jury are true fans of BB he get game play votes.

Monte’s chances to WIN are better with Taylor then Turner. (Turner has a better game and jury management then Taylor)

But then again this isn’t real BB is it!! its a production mfg. reality game to generate ratings and create drama. This BB isn’t the same BB that was years ago in the Dr Will or Dan era.

I could care less whether Taylor wins or looses…

Monte wins hands down sitting next to Taylor. Sitting next to Turner its a bigger gamble.

You must be a Taylor hater…. hmmmmm (Why ?)


Interesting points. I used to think Turner was a super strong player too until just recently when it appears he just does whatever Monte told him to do. For example I feel that Turner should have voted out Taylor instead of voting out Alyssa. (That was a very bad decision.) But then again Turner has really gained the loyalty of Monte and his trust and has been saved by him a lot, so that says something too. I think you might be right that it would be a really tight vote with Monte versus Turner at the end!


We’ll see when they get out if Alyssa wants anything to do with Turner. She confided in him a lot, every time she told him something…he ran and told the others. She confided about sex with a Kyle and he ran to Joseph. He later told the entire house outside while she was inside sleeping. He was not her friend. I get the game stuff, but to share her personal stuff is low.

Game fan

Jas and indy for tylor ? Why?
Michael i do think might go for her , but only him , Brittany and maybe alyssa.


They both said during their jury segment they would vote Taylor if she’s in final 2. Prob to try to redeem fans for the earlier bullying.

Michaels Cat

T – let me talk to him. It’s still my HOH
Taylor, it doesn’t matter if it’s your HOH! Why would Monte take the person that would benefit you over him. And also, Brit tried to take you out last week.


Miss Taylor: When you’re down to 4 your HOH doesn’t matter, it accounts for NADA !!!

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Taylor always over estimates her power of persuasion. She never gets her way. I personally like her but I don’t care for her game.



Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

send Brittany home, or cancel the season.


don’t agree at all but I am always for the underdog. This has been the best season in years


Careful. Two Black people kissing. That’s a lynching crime as far as these commenters are concerned.

Stay mad losers lol.

Just because nobody will fck you doesn’t mean you need to be mad at two people who actually CAN get laid.


Taylor fans are psychotic. Production ruined this game. Its no longer about strategy just an agenda. Taylor did nothing socially or won no power to stay from a backdoor around the 4th of July. Taylor is gone 1st had this been any other summer. Now her fans are acting like shes an incredible legendary player with a great social game, strategy, that can compete like none other? It is inconceivable that she deserves to win the game when she’s been dragged around like a dead body similar to a weekend at Bernie’s. Every year she goes home 1st yet her fans claim she’s a deserving winner.Taylor has been on the block 5 times – a total pawn for the majority alliance. Every move that was made to keep her was out of her control and others kept her apart of bigger plan not Taylor convincing them. Monte has Turner as his muppet. Taylor 1st HOH was a disaster and everyone knows it. Now a F2 Britney is leaving on her HOH. Taylor was given a chance for safety at the first eviction. In yet her fans pass it off like she made a master play there and has a great social game. Their standards are nonexistent. They have no recollection of the actual strategy in how to play the game. They just expect that their favorites like Taylor are given special treatment.

Michaels Cat

Right, Tayor didn’t keep herself from being voted out. All the time she was sitting next to someone that the house wanted out more. She had no game to say she did anything when on the block. Yes, she won 2 HOH’s, one that was horrible and petty.

Game fan

Her second hoh , a guessing “game” that my 5 year old child could won


Turner is Monte bitch that’s why she stayed at F8 and F5. Nothing Taylor did.




Bingo. Perfectly said…two thumbs up.


If Kyle had saved himself from eviction five times — with only two votes again him from start to finish — you’d be hailing him as the next Dr Will.

But it’s Taylor, so of course she’s not smart or competent enough to give credit to.

“But production helped her” is SUCH a load of BS lol. That’s what people say when someone they don’t like isn’t failing like they wanted them to.

Also: Taylor was the only woman to win HOH twice.

But yeah tell me how she was carried again?


I am a POC and I actually like Taylor, she seems like a sweet girl, but truly I feel Taylor didn’t do anything to save herself at all. The whole game she was mostly just being used as a pawn and/or was being protected by others. I truly feel she was carried along right to the end. Michael was my favorite and would’ve made a great winner but out of the 4 remaining, it has to be Monte who wins because he’s been playing the best game out of those four people. I used to think Turner was pretty sharp, but then I saw that he was really just doing what others told him to. (Mostly Monte.) I really hope the jury will see that.


You’re insane if you think Taylor did anything in traditional game sense to save herself from a backdoor week one. You are inhaling an Airsoft can if you think she did anything to convince Turner to keep her at F8 when Michael And Brit brought up race from weeks ago. You are tripping on acid if you don’t think that Turner is a muppet taking it up the pipe for Monte to give him his ideal F3 to be guaranteed F2. Monte is only reason why she stayed last night. The problem with you Taylor fans is that you coin this as great gameplay from her when you can’t even admit that had this been any other season she leaves 1st. By the way it’s not a reason to win big brother if you win two HOHs when the wrong person (Indy and Brit) that you don’t want to go leaves! Ding Ding Taylor
2 HOHs that is all the proof that you need. Taylor had no control over other Houseguests to convince to them do to what she wanted while she was in power which is why she’s an overrated player! You have serious issues with your agenda if you think otherwise. Taylor doesn’t deserve F2 when houseguests’ are afraid of America cancelling them from voting out a POC.


Everything you said is true. I like Taylor because she seems sweet, albeit very vain but if I looked like that, heck I would probably be vain too lol. But she definitely does not deserve to win because she was always just being saved by other people, she never had to save her self. It looks like Monte is the only person who deserves to win. I used to think Turner was a mastermind player, but then I realized that he’s made some huge strategic errors and just does what other people tell him to do (especially Monte).


Not everything is race related! Again, not everything is about race. Us white ppl are perfectly able to dislike anyone based off personality etc. I personally like Taylor but dislike monte. I guess that’s race based in your opinion right?


No, not everything is race-related. You’ll notice I don’t yell at everyone who dislikes Taylor’s game. Just those that seem to have a cartoonish dislike of her for no reason they can explain.

If you watched past seasons, you know Taylor is pretty inoffensive when you compare her to Jackson, Aaryan, Nicole, GM, etc. who were all awful people.

Taylor didn’t pick fights. Didn’t bully. Didn’t make fun of anyone. Didn’t drop any slurs. But she did avoid eviction five times and win HOH twice, more than any other woman this year.

And yet people here are calling her “disgusting” because her HOH’s didn’t go how they wanted? Please.

The hateful responses on here toward Taylor are almost laughable on their obsessiveness. And we all know where they come from: racism.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

What’s wrong with you??? I’m so sick of you bringing up accusations of racism towards anyone that disagrees. You’ve never met any of us so go pound salt.


I can’t wait for the Finale night Statement Questions! 🙂 Meanwhile I am trying to think if feeds will be down part of Wednesday with Brittany going to the Jury House (meaning the viewed eviction on Thursday would be taped instead of live)

The Kats Meow

Well I may be coming from left field, but I f*cking love this show! I always have since season 1. The dynamic of people from differing backgrounds interacting with each other is entertaining. I dig it when they get comfortable and forget the cameras are watching them all the time. That’s when they start showing their true selves both good and bad. I also greatly appreciate the hard work put into keeping a site like this running. Truly an awesome f*cking job guys! With just a few days left I wanted to make sure I said thank you.

Side note… The only thing that bugs me is how personal some of y’all are taking the last two seasons. Unless you’re one of their besties or family members, why doesn’t really matter to the point you’re throwing tandrums? Why are you so seemingly deeply pissed off when someone you don’t like wins something? I mean it kind of seems like it’s overly personally angering to some of yall. Which is hard to understand since the majority of us don’t really know the HG’s enough to give a sh*t. I really want to understand and I promise I’m not being facetious. I’m naturally sarcastic and snarky person yes, but I’m trying to be as nice as I can and ask a question. Why so serious??


Woe is me, quit your boohooing Britney, it is a game! Even Taylor may see Monte in another light when she watches the chitchat’s done behind her back. It is a game people, lying is a big part of it, if you are still in contact with these people in 5 years then consider them friends.


Come on guys and gals. Admit it. Final two is Monte and Turner, and Monte with a majority of votes. Who will Indy and Jasmine vote for? Who will Terrance and now Alyssa vote for? Joe? There is your majority. Again, I’m predicting 6 votes for Monte. There will be no Cockout alliance in the end.