Where does James stand.. where does he want the house to be? “wants Jace out” -Clay

POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Steve, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 21-45-32-021

9:44pm Jace and Austin
Austin says the house is really breeding the paranoia “It’s f*** crazy”
Clay joins them says 5 alice is all a go.
Clay leaves and Jeff joins them. Austin calls Steve a nerd “It;s the NERD HERD” they talk about Steve solving the word “trombonists”
Austin – I didn’t know that was a f*** word.

They Agree it’s really annoying they don’t do the POV competition the same day as the POV competition.
The wait is really getting to Jace and Austin.
Jace – it’s so embarrassing to be the first one out.

They wonder how much pull Audrey has with James. Austin points out that she’s up in the HOH right now tells them she’s very manipulative.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 22-01-17-408

10:00pm Austin, Jace , Meg and Jackie
Jase saying his shoulder really hurt.
Jackie – I hurt my shoulder a while ago..
Lots of chit chat..

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 22-14-47-674

10:12pm HOH Audrey and DA
Da says she feels like Audrey has something with Shelli and Clay, “I feel when something goes on those are your go tos”

DA – My gut is telling me you told clay to use that on me to get in my good graces.. that whole speel was your idea.. everything he’s telling me sounds like it came out of your mouth.
Audrey – I’m ride or die I’m with you.
Says she has never done anything to DA to prove dishonesty.

Audrey says she’s social with lots of people and feels that jason and DA should be more social to other players in the house. Audrey doesn’t want jason and DA to be targets because they are a paru.
DA thinks the Obvious showmance is a bigger target.
Audrey says Clay has a very good social game he’s putting his work in with everyone in the house.

Audrey says Jeff is not dumb he knows him and Jackie are vulnerable. As much as he says they don’t Jackie and Jeff are working together.
Audrey says Meg is playing the same game as she is.
Da – Meg isn’t as smart as you
Audrey – She’s smart she has a really good social game.

DA brings up not being able to trust Clay anymore.
Da points out there are times when Audrey is talking to people is quiet when DA walks by.
Audrey says she’s a social player she talks to everyone tells her the house makes you paranoid.

Meg joins them.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 22-14-53-675

10:29pm HOH DA, Meg, Jackie and Audrey
Comparing notes talking about Austin, JAce and Liz “They gotta go”
Audrey saying that Liz is instigating a lot of “stuff”
Audrey now says that Austin And Jace are trying to get DA out next week. Saying she’s manipulating people “It would be simpler to get her out next week”
Audrey – Liz lied blantaly with no emotion didn’t blink once.. Austin admitted everything.

Meg – what do they want this week
Audrey and Da reply “ they want Jeff to go”
They laugh.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 22-36-40-796

10:33pm Clay and Shelli
Clay tells her about the 5 alive alliance says he doesn’t want to be part of any of these. Adds there’s an alliance with JEff, DA, Jason, Audrey and Meg. (High Rollers)
Shelli – you’re trying to tell me Jeff is in an alliance with DA
Clay – yes they’re all over the place.
Shelli is getting sick of not being included in plans she hears about these alliances 2nd hand.
Clay has had enough of Audrey’s scheming says she’s getting involved in way too much sh1t and it’s dragging him in it. He’s suspecting that DA caused most of today’s drama.
Shelli tells him she has a hard time following him because he’s talking so fast.
Shelli – where does James stand and where does he want the house to be
Clay – James wants Jace out
Clay says James told his this before the POV Competition.
Shelli – then you really don’t know.
Clay can still trust Audrey because she gives him information, he also trusts Austin but Doesn’t trust James. Clay trusts Jeff in the short term.
(Cam switches)

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 22-48-47-435

10:48pm Bathroom Liz and Austin
Austin says DA is a poker dealer. AS long as Clay and JAce are safe this week they are good.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 23-02-04-987

10:56pm Clay and Shelli

Clay says when Jace leaves Liz and Austin are going to be livid and go after Da.
Shelli – why would Austin go after DA for that was DA behind backdooring Jace
Clay – They don’t like her at all.. they never liked her
Clay says Audrey persuaded Austin the drama originated from DA.
Clay – we’ll see what happens
Shelli – you are some crazy people
Shelli – are you in an alliance with Meg
Clay – I was in that one but I got kicked out
Shelli complains about being left out of the game conversations.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 23-05-39-580

11:05pm James and Vanessa
She is telling him she’s a vote that will go his way if she’s off the block.
Clay rolls in.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 23-09-03-206

11:08pm HOH Jackie, Jason, Audrey Meg and DA
Talking about Jace is just on the show to gain instagram followers. They think Jace has ADHD. Jason mentions how people think he has ADHD but compared to Jace he’s a “sane as a damn bird”

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 23-23-12-692

11:22pm Backyard open

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 23-36-00-125
[envira-gallery id=”116794″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-26 23-43-49-609

11:40pm DA, Audrey and Steve
(DA is pissed at Steve)

Steve – Hi DA can you tell me how you are feeling..
Da – I’m ok
Steve – I have not trashed talked a person in this house not even in the DR
Steve – what is she mad at
Audrey – she’s upset she heard her name
Da tells him it’s OK they hug.
Steve – I’m so sorry you just scared me so much
DA – oh baby we’re OK no it’s ok we don’t need to talk about it water under the bridge
Steve – I have not said a bad word about anyone in this house.
Da leaves.
Steve tells her he’s not going down in history next to marcellas he is using the veto on himself

Audrey says Liz is a ruthless liar explains it as Liz pulling a “Bill Clinton” and says she “didn’t sleep with that women. “
Steve has been trying to distance himself from Liz and Austin.
Steve – Jace is working me and trying to buddy buddy with me
Audrey – do you know where Vanessa’s head is at
Steve says she’s had a rough couple days, “I’m good friends with her and i’m trying to help her through this”
Steve claims to not talk game with Vanesa.

11:54pm Steve to Camera

Audrey is good at this game if had to call a winner right now it would be audrey

[envira-gallery id=”116805″]

12:01am they get alcohol two bottles of wine and 6 beers.

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Gimme that beckyyyy


me first, me first. That’s a sexy girl.


I just hope so much that this season will be as good as this first week is.


So production outed Day being a poker dealer to Austin?? What is happening here??


Yeah one of the producers walked in and had a coffee and chat with Austin. What do you think numbnuts?


So production outed Day being a poker player to Austin?? He said he could tell because she requested cards and is from Inglewood. What does that even mean?? What a loser.


Shelli is so in love with pretty boy, it’s embarrassing. She shouldn’t be acting like that at 33. 10 years older, freshly off a divorce, and the way she stared at his eyes…. wow.


I know right? She’s embarassing herself!


Let the cougar play

Monika Wu

Audrey is pulling the strings..hope people start to see her game..it’s either amazing ( if you have no moral compass) or sketch…( if you do). I’m not a fan.. I don’t like liars. I prefer strategic, intellectual players. It’s easy to just lie to everyone and screw everyone’s head up for a few days..but eventually even the dumb ones figure your game out.


Suggesting people have no moral compass for respecting Audrey’s game is a bit far fetched dont you think? And who’s never lied and won on Big Brother? How do you watch the show if you dispise liars?

Strategy is ultimately just a means to an end, and if players are smart they play to their strengths. Snakes, Loudmouths, Floaters, Gamers, Coasters, Leaders, Colloborators, etc are all legitimate strategies to win if done well.

I totally agree with you that intellectual strategies are more enjoyable for me to watch (which is why I like Floaters and Snakes). But even strategic players like Jun, Will, Danielle, Dan, and Neda lie at some point.

The only players I despise are Do-Nothings (Kathy, Adam, Victoria), Coat Tail Riders (Jordan), and players who make serious vicious personal attacks (Aaryn, GM, Amanda). It’s a game and that is so uncalled for.

Monika Wu

Hann…I appreciate your comments. I do however disagree about liking ( despising…your words) liars. I happen to enjoy people that can manipulate without lying to every person they talk to. I find Audrey a bit disappointing because she chooses to basically lie in order to manipulate her housemates. There is a way to manipulate and work people without lying and basically shit stirring. I find her game base. It’s just my opinion. My guess is the houseguests will figure her out very quickly..a week or less.


I agree with you. Too hard too fast will be her down fall. Throwing her, “Alliances” under the bus for no apparent reason will make her a target when they all get together and start talking. Looks like Da see it now.


Thanks Monika! I appreciate your insights as well.

And I understand what you mean. Lying done well is one of the more easier avenues of manipulation, but people like Dr. Will who are just so charming are able to manipulate, and still be a joy to watch. Then you have intelligent manipulation like from Sarah Hanlon from BBCan 3 who knew how to say things in a way that people had a hard time disagreeing with her and she won.

But I don’t see Audrey making it to the end. People are catching onto her scheming (though seeming to forget about it in the next few hours except for Steve), and eventually her lies will catch up to her.

As a Floater she should have tried to be more like Jun. Meg I think is doing a better job as a Floater (and ironically she’s only on Audrey’s radar) because she’s more like Andy in her social game minus the ratting.


Can somebody tell me how many alliances have formed
In this house?


Id actually say Audrey is the worst at this game so far. She’s playing Andy style and we all know that only ever worked for Andy.


So far Audrey is just talking too much, throwing Da under the bus, in too many ears of the HGs, and making it obvious. I really hope Da is the next HOH. The ones I like are Jackie, Jason, Steve, and Meg (so far). Clay and Shelli make me wanna ralph, Austin….pfft, please musclehead, it ain’t all about you, Jeff, stop trying to be like Jeff Schroder. As for the rest, I have to keep an eye on them to see if I like them or not. Glad BB is back…holla!!


I am surprised that Da’vonne hasn’t outed Vanessa as a millionaire poker player given the fact that she is a dealer in LA which is not too far from Vegas. You would think a dealer would be familiar with a poker star of Venessa’s stature.


I was wondering the same thing.


The houseguests know for sure that Shellie has a fraternal twin and Jeff has an identical twin (although Liz and Johnny have not mentioned their twin status), you would think someone in the house would catch on to the twin issue by now.


So Becky and Shelli are non game entities. I actually couldn’t help laugh a bit when Shelli was shocked she’d been left out of so many conversations. The only game she talked was to stay off the block and vote with the majority.

Clay’s doing better than I thought he would (kudos). I still don’t get what his deal is with Da. He’s always talking about her. Then he says it was Audrey that convinced Austin that Da was starting everything.

Vanessa and Steve are the weaker players for now (but good on Steve for reconinzing how big of a threat Audrey is).

Audrey impresses me on how manipulative she is. I still don’t think it will take her to the end, but her ability to talk situations into her favor are impressive.

Da’Vonne needs to let the petty things go. You don’t have to trust someone 100%, but you do need a working relationship so people don’t want you out. She needs to hash things out with Austin/Clay, and keep a closer eye on Audrey.

Monika Wu

I agree..Steve might be one of the few that realizes how strong a player Audrey really is.


Monika, let’s just hope Steve doesn’t forget how big of a threat Audrey is like so many others seem to be doing!

I fear poor Steve may go up multiple times this season, but hopefully his game won’t end a tragically as Donny’s.


OMg this season is so good even though it’s just 1st week, imo.
I think everyone is playing this game in so many ways that really cunfuses me a lot but I guess it’s maybe a good start.
Audrey: playing way too fast but somehow really effective. She can throw ppl under the bus right before their face and no one is gonna doubt her. BUt she has to pull back a little if she wants to be in good spot every week
Austin: disappointing so far except for his guessing about Da’s job. I thought he would be better than this.
Becky: potential floater with BOTB ‘s in play. But I think she’s been doing very well with everyone
Clay: good social player with innocent but not so innocent face. He gets a lot of info and know how to use it for his own good. But if Jace goes home, i think lots of ppl will lose trust in him
Da: fishy teacher, doing well so far by doubting Audrey but she needs some damage control now.
Jace: he has been ne my nerves since his interview
Jackie: I don’t see her so often but she can gain ppl’s trust
JAmes: doing well so far, It’s been a long time since we got asian guy in the house so I hope he’s gonna go far with this alliance
Jason: He could be Andy, trying to get in an alliance then secretly sabotage it
Jeff: talk less please, you are throwing yourself out as a potential threat
John, Vanessa, Shelli, Steve, Liz: haven’t seen much from them. I think Vanessa is acting her way out as a crying baby, definitely expect more from her. She along with John may somehow get a key to Jury be blending into the background. Shelli just like disappear. Steve needs to step up. I see Donny in this guy but I don’t want a tragic ending like BB16.
OVeral, I think girls can win this season based on the intensity and strategy that they have shown. Da, Audrey, Vanessa?? play a mind game, Meg, Jackie, Shelli good social game, Liz and Becky still stucks in the middle.


anyone able to fill me in on what happened between Da’ and Clay?


anyone able to fill me in on what happened between Da’ and Clay?