“What sweet revenge for BabyD AKA DX”

HOH: Tiffany
Secret HOH : Claire
Nominations: Sb and Ky via HOH, Xavier Via punishment
Coin of Destiny Coup D’etat: Claire won and kept noms the same
Power of Veto Players: SB, Claire, Hannah, Kyland, Xavier, Alyssa
Power of Veto: Hannah
Power of Veto Ceremony: Hannah used the power of veto on Xavier. SB and Kyland remain on the block.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Sb going to be evicted her campaigning means little. Kyland is also doing some one on ones.

10:46 am BIGD, X, Hannah
X giove his Theory of Shelly
X – one, Shelly does exist and that may not be a good look when she gets back
X – Two, Shelly don’t exist and her and Ky were a couple before they came into the house
X – Three, Shelly don’t exist and we were lied to by one of them.
BIGD – I need to know.. there’s a certain thing we can lie about in this game but I don’t like someone that can lie about .. she made this whole story about coming out.. I don’t like playing with sh1t like that.. in my community you don’t play with stories like that.
Azah – we know they slept in the hOH twice
BIGD – I told you about that one morning
Azah – Tiff say her come down two weeks ago when he was HOH
Hannah doesn’t think Shelly exists.
X says if they were really a couple “America would love that sh1t”
BIG – if America wanted her to stay they would have given her enough to stay.

X says he’s never seen BIGD put his bodysuit on before.
They go back to the three theories.
Hannah says she’s going with the third theory.

Azah says she’s never heard the theory so X repeats.
X 1- everything has been truthful and Shelly does exist
X 2- Shelly doesn’t exist and it’s possible her and Ky might that been a thing before they come into the house.. the picture of the girl could have been SB’s roommate and Ky’s picture of his friend was there to throw us off the scent.
X 3- Shelly doesn’t exist her and Ky didn’t know each other before she really digs KY, He really digs her but because she’s already lied she doesn’t know what to do about it.
Azah – I’m going with number three
X – question is are two people lying or one person lying.
Hanna – Ky knows so two
X – could be two or three.

Hannah brings up asking SB what did Shelly think of her coming on the show and she said “I don’t know”
Hannah – we were like how could you not have that conversation with her?
Hannah – so you guys had no conversations about Big brother and what would that mean for you guys?

feeds cut

Azah asks X to give her three theories why she got only 50 bbbucks
hannah – maybe not enough screen time
X – one, not enough screen time.
X says maybe BIGD was such a big character he stole the limelight.
X – two, I don’t think there is anything you said or done. … I don’t know it’s all encapsulated into one
Azah – I think you are being nice.
X – every other theory I have will be encapsulated into one. If you don’t have screen time people won’t know who you are.
Hannah – you have some of the goofiest weird personalities in this house. if it’s not being shown.
X says some of Azah’s funniest moments weren’t family-friendly “CBs can’t show them.”

11:00 am Claire, Alyssa and Tiff
Claire – SB conspiracy her name just Sarah
Alyss a- Shelly not real
Claire – I believe that
Tiff – I don’t believe anything about her

Tiff – She’s lying about everything to me
Claire and Alyssa “just Sarah”
Claire – we all know they slept up in the have nots room. What went down?
Tiff – I think she is in love with Kyland I do believe that. That is why as soon as she’s gone I will cuddle with him every day.
Feeds cut.. When we’re back
Tiff – what does BIGD do for a living? we don’t know..
Claire – he did say he did something with nuclear safety (Wait what the f*** )
Tiff – Ohh nuclear safety
Claire – then he got furlough after working that job for two months. then he’s been unemployed I think
Tiff – would you have BIGD do anything about Nuclear safety?
they laugh
Tiff – he did go to military school.. I think BIGD is really smart..
Alyssa – he watches everything..
Tiff – maybe he was a spy or something..
Claire – he’s got some big lie.. He really just wants to have a reality show after this maybe he’s not in the military.
They mention how he doesn’t know anything about Big brother prior to coming on the show.

11:20 am Tiffany, Claire and Alyssa
Chatting about the houseguests this season..
Alyssa – I can see Claire secretly married and they have this HUGE penthouse in the city
Tiff – I am so here for DX and Hannah. it warms my heart. Tiff – I thought
They talk about after the season DX will hook up with a lot of different girls “30 seconds max”
Tiff – then he’ll be like I had a real connection with Hannah
Alyssa – he’ll try things out but realize he really get to know people
Tiff points out that you miss an element of not knowing someone how they are outside of this house.
They think outside of this house Hannah will look at DX as a little boy and DX will look at Hannah as a woman (HUH)
Tiff – she’ll still like him but they have to grow together
Claire – give is a couple of years.
Tiff – she’ll feel she needs a more mature guy but she’ll realize her connection with him and his connection with her was very genuine
They start talking about X.
Alyssa – I think he’s a law student .. I think he’s a bartender but he’s going to school for something
Claire – maybe he’s getting his PHd
Tiff says X is the most disciplined organized leveled-headed 27-year-old male she’s ever seen in her life. “he has a career that shaped that”

2:28 pm Tiffany to the camera after her one on one
Tiff – I tried to be as honest as I could I think she’s playing an amazing game. I do think she is the most threatening girl to my game. I would like to hear what Kyladn has to see. We should see see see…
Tiff – I hope she’s not getting to other people because I would really like to see her go on Thursday
Tiff – what sweet revenge for BabyD AKA DX
Tiff says DX will be so happy seeing SB coming into Jury.
Tiff – I’m a little nervous the six views me as a threat
Tiffany says Sb is thinking she is staying she’s already anticipating who she will put up if she wins HOH “She’s telling me she wouldn’t want to make a BOLD move she would want to stay under the radar. but you know and I know she will come for me I promise. that girl is coming for me”
Tiff – If I have anything to do this week it’ll be
Tiff – unfortunately it means that Claire and I will be split up next week. Claire is my girl I do not want Claire to go before the 6 and my own personal game it only makes sense so I can’t play with my emotion here. I really have to make a decision based on what makes sense for the six.
Tiff – IF I’m on the block with Claire on 7 and Claire wins Power of veto and Claire is off the block they’re sending momma home.

2:36 pm Alyssa and X
Alyssa relays her one on one with Sarah Beth to X.
Alyssa – I came in here wanting to play a very loyal game and I have been.
Alyssa says she wanted Christian here for personal reasons, not game. She wanted him to get to Jury.
Alyssa told Sb that and asked why she stopped trusting Alyssa on week 5. Sb told her if she would stay in this game she would lay low and throw the HOH to them.
Alyssa – She’s trying to skate by she thinks Ky will always be a target and he won’t be able to integrate with people. She wants to lay low and not be a target. and she wouldn’t come after us and if she’s in power she’s a lot more straightforward than KY
Alyssa – that’s it. I said honestly since day one I wanted the kings to 4. I was honest about that. After Christian leaving I wanted us three to make it.
Alyssa – right now I’m very 50/50 I haven’t talked to Ky yet (this is what she told SB)
Alyssa – I was completely straight up with her.
X is going to tell SB that the things she said about Alyssa damaged her in the game if she really wanted to kings to make it “did you not suspect saying those things about Alyssa would ruin her relationship with other people in the house. Those relationships we would need as a four to move forward. Us four could have won everything but it’s possible we wouldn’t so we would need relationship outside”
Alyssa says she wouldn’t even bother mentioning that. Sb knew what she meant and she’s just being sloppy.
Alyss a- she told me that she told Tiffany I wasn’t coming after anybody. she said the only people she brought my name up to was DX and Claire.
X – if she told Claire that will get to Hannah and Tiffany
Alyssa – she said everyone is still up in the air..
Alyssa says SB “laying low” would mean her putting Alyssa up “She would put me and someone else up.. laying low would mean targeting the person you’ve been running your mouth about.”
Alyssa plans to tell Kyland “because of SB people are saying my name and the majority of people were saying his name so us going after each other makes sense.”

2:40 pm BIGD telling Hannah She’s too damn cute
BigD – too beautiful
Hannah – you have the cutest face in the world.. with your little nose and your beautiful almond eyes, Your smile and your full lips..


2:56 pm Tiffany, Claire, Alyssa, SB and Hannah (Claire and Alyssa make faces in teh mirror as they pass through)
Tiffany is talking about her personality and relationships.
Tiff – I do like being in control of things. In my everyday life, I am in control of everything. I’m a single mom I work.. I take care of myself. I pay all my own bills essentially I am in control of my household. When I meet someone and we talk about doing things together It’s a shift for me to do that.
Tiff – I really do like to date people that take the responsibility of making decisions. I have to date someone that is a great decision-maker.

3:30 pm Kyland and BIGD
Kyland’s side of the bed collapses a bit.
Kyland – that was terrifying
He bends over to look underneath
Kyland says one of the boxes came off
BIGD – I’m scared to get up but I am going to tell everyone we definitely broke the bed.. we literally broke the bed.. OKAY.. I’m so scared to get up right now.. Ohh my god.. Okay
Kyland reposition and they get to talking about the vote. he doesn’t want too many sympathy votes going to Sb because if Alyssa flips its a tie and Claire breaks it. Tiff was going to vote for SB but recently X has said he will too because of the “Kings”.
Kyland mentions their alliance “The trinity”
BIGD – it’s called the Holy BB .. Trinity BB I guess we can call it that
Ky – no Holy BB I just couldn’t remember
Ky says Hannah was pitching to him that Claire would never come after him when they get to 7.
BIGD – I know I told you what these girls are doing.
Ky – Hannah didn’t you tell me yesterday I was top of Claire’s list?
BIGD – they’re worried about Alyssa taking one of them out. If Alyssa wins hoh … I don’t know what to tell you

BigD – it’s very stressful working with you. You are not an easy person to work with. Ky, you know you are not easy to work with. I’m not easy to work with a spade is a spade.
BiGd – you are a smart man you have a lot of details and that’s good. You actually think 10 steps ahead. that is the reason why I like working with you. Does your mind travel sometimes? YES.
Bigd – that is ok.. it’s fine. I can deal with you because you’re like Adam to me. Also because you and me talk about stuff at home the emotional connection I have with you. You’re my person. no one has seen you snap beside me.. we have a safe spot this is our safe spot. 100% I think Azah .. She will put both of them up she don’t care.. (Claire/Alyssa = both of them)
BiGD says if it’s him, Azah and Ky left in the HOH just drop and Azah will throw it to him.
Ky asks what SB’s pitched was
BIGD – she’s like I can’t campaign against Ky I won’t campaign against Ky do what’s best for you game. I did more of the talking.
BIGD – I said yo know I like Ky I have a crush on Ky
Ky – after the veto ceremony she felt like
Feeds cut.. When we’re back..
Kyland says he doesn’t want to blindside SB. Kyland says tomorrow however people want to do it they can express to Sb that Claire is the secret HOH and push the vote onto Claire and Alyssa. “Push it onto those two”
BIGD – Claire just confronted me and said she did campaign against me which means someone opened their mouth and told her that I knew
Ky – it was DX
BIGD – no.. recently yesterday.
Ky – it was Tiff.. she wants Claire to be saved or something
BIGD – mmhmmm
Feeds flip when they come back.
BIGD – you talk in a different way than other people do. I could be like this bracelet’s black and you know what you will do.. this bracelet’s not black it’s actually a decent of a dark grey-black..

5:17 pm BIGD and Sb
BIGD – I got to sleep on it I don’t know.. I want to punch something I’m pissed .. what do I do.. you know.. you never know.. it could be you than me out.. we’ll all be in jury together
BIGD – you leave come right back in
SB – if there is a battle back it’ll be DX. Ky could be DX but I don’t think I can beat DX in anything
BIGD says it could be little brit coming back.

BIGD says he feels like a failure because he didn’t win the coin of destiny (Well you did talk about it like you had it for the 3 days prior)
BIGD says the competition was a lot harder than he thought it would be “I feel stupid about that”
BIGD says Ky was out the door week one “Because of Travis and DerekX” (wait didn’t DX use the veto on Ky?)
BIGD – this is another week where I’m like damn I’m going to lose someone I really like

5:56 pm Most of the house milling around the kitchen. In the have nots Kyland is melting Alyssa’s brain. (or maybe it’s the other way around)

6:20 pm Kyland and Tiffany
Kyland – I’ve been telling everyone I’m doing BIGD’s campaign
Tiffany complements him on his shirt says he looked very good in that colour


6:27 pm
Claire doing some runway
Hannah – New York Fashion week …
BIGD – the London look

6:40 pm BIGD rolling around on the floor pretending to act.
DF – it’s my Oscar-nominated performance it’s called BIGD
DF – You want something exciting this fall?
DF – you want to live on edge?
DF – you went to CLIMAX?
DF – come see the new movie BIG
Clair e- then they come in and see that performance?
DF – it’s a whole show.. it’s a whole movie

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Backseat Driver

Wasn’t there a “rule” back in the day that a HG was not allowed to talk directly to be camera?
I am effin’ tired of Tiff’s performances (at least twice a day). She’s clearly playing to viewers votes for favorite…..


not my favorite

another name

in some seasons, some houseguests are told not to talk to the viewers in cams. In those same seasons, they allow other houseguests to do so at will.
They haven’t enforced the rule lately, if ever.


There are only 2 rules that have been enforced every season: No singing and no violence


I get she’s not everyone’s cup of tea — I’m on the other island b/c shes my favorite player this season. “F*ck Sarah Beth and I said that sh*t!”

Again – shout out Janelle for her retweet of “Turn it Up, F*ck Sarah Beth and I said that sh*t remix music video… if you’re not a Tiff fan skip it… if you’re a Tiff, DX or Hannah fan it’s a must see.

another name

What happened in D/R?
SB is acting like a Slytherin just got 50 points for throwing a book through her head.


How can the Shelly/SB/Ky thing affect Ky’s game? People seem to be getting DR questions and their conversations outside also.

another name

It doesn’t so much affect their game as it effects their post game.
Think about the Cody/Christine. She was absolutely crucified. he acts like he got heat (at the time… he most certainly did not).
The only way it would have affected game is if his alliance believed his loyalty to her was more important than the mission. It is. But, his loyalty to himself is more important than her. This would only be important (his lack of loyalty) if there wasn’t bitterness about SB already present.


They really played up her reaction tonight while editing to make Kyland come off better than he was (I mean even X was annoyed with him).

I was curious as to what movie that Hannah & crew ended up seeing. I was planning on seeing Dear Evan Hansen before the BB plug for it since I have the soundtrack

another name

considering the subject matter of the movie / play … what type of veto could they possibly have played that would be appropriate?


Id say endurance would be a good one, but too long for veto. So maybe a blackout try to find object type challange; for finding your way metaphor?!

The Beef

I found the whole “nobody knows Claire is the secret HOH” edit to be extremely amusing/annoying in tonight’s episode. They really pushed that hard in several DR’s, especially Claire’s, and we all know everyone in the CO knows she’s the “secret” HOH, but apparently production doesn’t want the “casuals” to know that fact. Maybe it has to do with how the HOH comp goes down tomorrow night, I don’t know, but they really tried to sell that fact hard.


Yeah I thought that was amusing too. And people wonder why the people who only watch the TV episodes vote 100/75/50 the way they did. BigD is shown being funny, not laying around all day. Nobody knows Claire is secret HOH. Etc.


The two biggest revelations from this update:
1) DF works in NUCLEAR SAFETY?!
2) X is only 27 years old?!


No idea why Hannah used the veto on X. He wasn’t in danger. Seems the only point was to give the impression HG are making moves and playing the game.lol. Hannah & Tiff upset with Ky wanting to be taken down, But not with X who Hannah used her veto on. Makes no sense. And Hannh going on about how they all agreed to sit beside their other person. Hannah didn’t sit next to Derek X on the bloc.. Plus I thought Claire as HOH was suppose to put up another nominee because the veto was used? The games looks rigged. Bad actors and crappy script.


First X was a special nom so no one replaces him. Tiff being original HOH pushed her sidekick to keep noms. If Claire wanted make a move she should of change noms. As for bringing down X to build trust with X and the CO. PS other third noms don’t get replace if pull just part of game. I personally happy X is down and Claire have to throw her game tomorrow.


No replacement nominee for the 3rd nom.


Well it wasn’t a cookout member that sent dx packing was it? No it was SB. If a cookout member had been hoh she likely would have been sitting next to him. Most of the cookout want to be sitting next to their person on the block so that way they don’t have to worry about voting them out. For example x wants to sit next to Alyssa so he doesn’t have to potentially cast a vote to evict her and same with Claire. The only person that has tried to get out of it is kyland because if he gets removed Alyssa goes up x stays on the block (takes a vote away from alyssa) and then he tries to flip 2 more people that Alyssa should be the one to go instead of sb so he can keep his plus 1 longer. I don’t fault him cause that’s just looking out for yourself and Hannah saw that he was doing that so it was good gameplay on her part to leave him up there. To not understand that and to insinuate Hannah is being hypocritical leaves me dumbfounded.

All that said I do agree this year was a setup. I’m upset even though our community is going to get our first winner I feel like it was setup and handed to us. Personally i was far more impressed and proud of Danielle Reyes representing us and playing the game she did than the cookout.

The Beef

No need to add anything in commentary to this post except to say I AGREE, especially with the last paragraph! Very well stated! Danielle R. deserved to win BB3, and was screwed by production.

Robbed Tyler

Wrong! Lisa won that game hands-down over Danielle and production with the diary rooms had nothing to do with it. Lisa literally got no blood on her hands because every move she made was justified since she wasn’t the one that went against the original cartel. With not voting Eric back in the house and instead voting Amy in so she could take out Chiara to keep Lisa from getting her hands dirty. Lisa proved she could do it without having her number one Ally Eric. When you look back at that final four in season three Lisa completely out foxed Jason and Danielle. They were really naive and made a horrible decision not to get rid of Lisa in the final four especially over Amy? That is still one of the biggest blunders in Big Brother history!
Danielle had a blind spot and it was Lisa; Lisa totally deserved that win. As you saw Danielle doesn’t get to the end without Lisa.


Who the hell is Shelly?????


Sarah Beth’s girlfriend.


ok. missed that!


does she actually exist? ive been wondering hahahha


I was wondering the same thing!


I can’t possibly be the only one that can’t stand SB’s baby talk voice. She talks that way to appear sweet and innocent. Glad to see her go, and happy DX will take delight in watching her walk through the door in the jury house.

Miss Impression

Nope,it’s just you.Everyone else loves it.


I can’t stand to hear her talk either. Her voice was so annoying on last night’s episode


I don’t get the dissection of lies that aren’t lies maybe. Is she is or is she ain’t. Who cares? Why are they so fixated on it. If Sarah Beth does testify in court she won’t be able to for a while. They are creating baggage for no train. Why? Look in the mirror. I don’t like this story line for her or Shelly if she’s real. Why drag her through all of this. Thea people are not inanimate. It makes me hurt to read this. Really who cares? If she’s going what’s the fixation? That she may be in a healthy happy relationship? Rip it. That she cuddles with ky? Oh the shame. Tiffany should know about the importance of touch in our lives. They slept in the hoh room twice! Oh no! Grownups in a bedroom mind melding? They soumd like a bunch of puritans and it’s not a good look. Sorry just so high school for grown ass folk. So what?! Rant over. Grow the f up

Buh Bye

I think they’re bored to death and just making “exciting” conversation to stay awake.

Chessie _K

Are you guys on Twitter? Big Brother Fans have been going through Kyland’s Twitter account and roasting him. Seems like Kyland likes to complain about EVERYTHING!! They even created a couple of hashtags #KyComplains #KylandComplains. It’s hilarious

Chichi Riviera

They are calling him Kyren.

Robbed Tyler

I’m sure Claire doesn’t appreciate Tiffany having loose lips and ratting out letting the plan out that Claire is the one that secretly has the Hoh To kyland. What you saw tonight what happened Tiffany put Claire in a horrible position where she had to lie to Kyland about not having power and deflecting about nominations! You know damn well Claire wouldn’t appreciate being caught in a lie to kyland especially when it was Tiffany’s plan to keep it secret and Tiffany is the one that tells Kyland. That’s really bogus that Claire gets caught in a possible lie to Kyland about wanting to still be anonymous for the HOH when Tiffany is a Rat!

big brother lover

sooo did SB and KY hookup or not?

big brother lover

does SB really have a girlfriend?

Jaymie lee

I find it funny first she was gay then all of a sudden when theres a guy around she decides shes not. Its awfully convenient.

another name

She’s bi.
She’s been dating Shelly for 3 years.
She came out on feeds, saying most of her family will probably no longer associate with her now that they know.