Kyland “I could be like Alyssa has convinced Claire that you’re the best target for this week”

HOH: Tiffany
Secret HOH : Claire
Nominations: Sb and Ky via HOH, Xavier Via punishment
Coin of Destiny Coup D’etat: Claire won and kept noms the same
Power of Veto Players: SB, Claire, Hannah, Kyland, Xavier, Alyssa
Power of Veto: Hannah
Power of Veto Ceremony: Hannah used the power of veto on Xavier. SB and Kyland remain on the block.

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7:45pm Bathroom – Kyland and Hannah.
Kyland – I was talking to Tiffany .. I think you were there. Hannah – yeah. Kyland – but that wouldn’t be until … I am wondering if it should be tomorrow or Thursday. I’m thinking tomorrow. Hannah – I think she might figure that it will be a 7 – 1 vote. On Thursday I was kind of thinking of pulling her aside and being like sorry.. like what we did with Britini and DX. Kyland – yeah, exactly. I think it would just be like.. Hannah – because blindsiding her would be bad jury management on our part. Kyland – yeah, so I think it is literally just like on Thursday and or like I could pass the message. I could be like Alyssa has convinced Claire that you’re the best target for this week or whatever. Hannah – honestly .. because like SB knows that Claire is the anonymous HOH at this point right? Kyland – assumes .. yeah. Hannah – would it be a bad thing that if tomorrow we start doing that… that way so that Claire is even more weary of Alyssa? And vice versa. Hannah – kind of like throwing them under the bus. Kyland – maybe at the end of the night because what you don’t want is her to grab Alyssa and Claire and get them in a group. If she knows she’s going out she would ..but Thursday she wouldn’t. So on Wednesday night I could be like honestly this is the vibe I’m getting. And if you guys could like leave it uncertain.. like I am leaning towards you.. and if it is uncertain then all of a sudden it is different. And except for Tiff if she still maintains me as her target but she knows people might be shifting. There is no HOH anymore.. Hannah – yeah there is no HOH to defer to.. so people can do whatever they want. It would be really helpful if SB throws Claire under the bus to Alyssa. I think if Alyssa wins she would put up you and Claire. Kyland – yeah and.. Hannah – of Tiff and Claire.. but Alyssa can’t win. Kyland – I know. Hannah – I think you’re the only other person in this game that is technically unaligned.. you’re the only person that would have multiple valid reasons to go after Alyssa. Because the more that I talk to Big D, the more he is hesitant about putting up Alyssa. If we are that concerned about perception but if there is no battle back .. then.. Ky – it doesn’t matter anyway. Hannah – they’re going to find out anyway.

8:05pm – 8:20pm Dinner time..

8:56pm Big Brother blocks the feeds..

9:28pm The feeds return to the house guests still chatting around the kitchen table.. They’re playing the “Two Truths” game where you have to guess which one of the three things someone says is a lie. Azah mentions her spirit being broken in the Bahamas. Xavier gets up from the table and says that he is done and walks away. Alyssa goes to talk to him in the bedroom. He says that he hopes what he said (while the feeds were blocked) about breaking a horses spirit when he was younger wouldn’t be taken the wrong way. He said he didn’t mean it like that and loves horses. He’s worried the internet will take it the wrong way. Big Brother blocks the feeds again.

10pm The feeds return again..
Living room – Alyssa and Xavier.
Alyssa whispers to Xavier – after Tiff said to Ky.. You’re going home Thursday. SB definitely thinks she’s staying now. That is like really f**ked up to say. I didn’t like that. I felt bad. Especially when he’s not leaving you know and SB is. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Alyssa – I get the cuddling (KY & SB) but Holding hands!?? HOLDING HANDS?!!? Xavier – there was a lot of contact!

10:40pm – 11:10pm Bedroom – Kyland and Tiffany.
Ky – I don’t know if I can personally. Tiff – I think I can work on Azah. Ky – that’s what I was thinking. You’re going to have to work on Big D. Ky – I can. Okay. Because right now she is open but like I said I don’t want Azah to think that I am not a deep player I am greedy.. like if it came down to me and her to want me to. Tiff – its okay I will work on Azah. Tiff – I will see if Azah would be able to.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Tiff – I think it scares the sh*t out of us to go against X. Ky – not me. Tiff – ah ha ah It doesn’t scare me. They both agree they would lose next to X (in the final 2). Tiff – It is actually better for you if he doesn’t want to take me because if it comes down to me and you he will sit next to you .. f**k it. Only thing is I don’t want to f**king compete against you and X because he would choose you and you would choose him. Ky – I wouldn’t choose X. That is fact! Tiff – okay. Tiff – see the issue is we don’t want Derek F in the jury house talking to them… Ky – you said we need him gone.. Tiff – we do but we don’t need him messing up the jury. Derek has to get first because if he isnt he will be here at this (final 3). And if its me, you and Derek .. I am taking Derek! Ky – well you would lose to Derek. Tiff – f**k! Ky – anyone against Derek loses.

11:20pm – 11:40pm Tiffany talking to the cameras – I have to choose between Chaddha and Ky and that is the worst spot for me to be in at the end ..because I am going to choose Chaddha. And that means that I will have lied to Kyland the whole time.. but this whole time Kyland could be lying to me.. so how do you know?! And Chaddha could too. Best case scenario is I am the one that gets to choose .. and I choose Chaddha. But Kyland is going to be hurt by that.. but this is a game. And you never want to be in the position where somebody got to choose you.. but you do want to be in the position where both of them want to choose you. And is they both want to choose me regardless of who is up there hopefully they will choose me. If I have to choose .. I end up breaking my word to somebody and I do struggle with it because Ky had I have had a final two since week two. Ky and I are older players who might retire .. Chaddha is young who could come again and again and again and again to play this game. So even if she doesn’t win she has more opportunities to return and play this game than I think myself or Kyland do. So I think it would be great for Ky and a girl to be up there at the end but I do think if I sit next to Ky at the end it is a battle. I know he believes he would win that is why he doesn’t care who he takes but if he loses he would rather it be to me.

12:15am Havenot – Ky and SB
Sarah – who ever stays if they do not win this next HOH.. they are probably going to hit the block and going to have to fight for the veto. Ky – I don’t think that’s true. SB – why don’t you think that is true? Well the only thing I could think is maybe.. is if Tiff and Claire are trying to work with Xavier and Alyssa. But I do kind of think in the back of my head that they are just trying to cover their butts if one of them wins next week in the hopes that Alyssa and X would go after which ever one of us remains or someone else. Ky – I have a theory.. this theory is deadly to know.. Something that X said .. is how noms don’t make sense. I see ways that they do and ways that they don’t. YOu know how we have the five duos .. I think that there are three people that might be working together, not with their duo partners. And I think DX was the third of forth person. I think Claire was one and that is why they were willing to put up Chaddha.

1:50am – 2am Havenot room. Kyland and Sarah
Sarah – none of these people want to work with me Kyland. None of these people want to work with you either. I am just going to be honest. Chadda does not want to work with us. Tiffany does not want to work with us. Claire does not want to work with us. Alyssa does not want to work with us. Big D maybe. Azah maybe me. Definitely not you. And Xavier maybe. I feel like our only maybe’s are Big D and Xavier. Ky – why don’t these people want to work with us? Sarah – They don’t trust us. They don’t need us. Ky – besides Baby D I didn’t lie to anybody. Sarah – I don’t think they feel that way. Ky – so what else are they looking at so I can justify it. Sarah – I don’t know!?! I am not saying they’re making rational decisions.

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Bit behind today but I’m still alive.. updates coming..


Glad you’re alive! I was worried that transcribing Ky-speak finally did you in. Thanks for all you do!

another name

Cookout problem:
they are weaving these elaborate lies to tell the jurors before they go to jury.
Well, that’s just great if none of the jurors talk to each other, and if the bitter cookout members that go out before final three don’t spill.
Anyone that says “they aren’t allowed to talk about game in jury house”… um. Gee, Da’vonne had a multipart video about what happened in jury house in 22, and there was a lot of talk between jurors about the game if you believe 1 tenth of what she said. I believe about 20 percent of what she said. Jurors discussed each other a lot, not so much winner (d’uh that was decided before premiere).
21? i have no clue if there was jury talk. I just assumed upon eviction they were all told they’d be voting for Jackhole because Grod put a lot of work into trying to clean him up and sober him up.
20 had to have talked game in order to come up with the anyone but Tyler bitter jury plan.
19 had to have talked game in jury in order to come up with the anyone but Paul plan.
18? Oh we know for damn sure there was jury talk. and arguments with producers.

another name

Okay. here’s the set up of the week.
SB is the target, and please get her out before she’s made any more a fool of. If it isn’t Ky being a complete asshole to her, it’s Tiff being an absolute asshole ABOUT her. Don’t even TRY to defend them or excuse them. They’ve been season 21ing her since week 3.

Now Claire and Alyssa are happily going along with the story arc and saying they’ll nom each other now (thinking the bigger target will go home).

X and Tiff are planning to throw HOH last I heard. Ky wants to win, and is trying to talk everyone into letting him. Claire must throw, Hannah is injured. There is talk of trying to throw it to the furniture.

They almost had the week 8 strife happening (the build up pre veto meeting was setting up a popcorn fest), but after long feed cuts, they took away all popcorn. Back to status quo. No more talk of getting rid of Ky. Like, AT ALL. With NO explanation. Really. None. At all. And nobody is scratching their head and wondering what happened during those long ass D/R calls and longer ass feed cuts. mmmkay. just me then.

bb23 WEEK EIGHT.jpg

Thanks for the chart. As for Ky and Tiff I’m having hard time liking them. As for the goofiness of Ky leaving I think that was Tiff & Ky torching SB which is cruel. Hannah is one who wants to tell her ahead of time. I’m not sure how split the vote will be? There’s been off and talk of sympathy votes but not sure. I don’t know if I can handle a week of Couch HOH. I think I could handle Azah better even if she maybe a puppet. Sweet Dreams BB World

another name

Oh I think if X had gotten traction any of the 8 times he brought up ditching Ky, it would be a done deal. But he was saying it in non definitive ‘ifs’.
As far as torching SB? Like that’s not what the entire plus one plan is? Even now. Sure, they want to tell SB on Thursday: BECAUSE THEY KNOW SHE WILL BE BITTER AF. It’s not out of kindness, Hannah couldn’t give two shits about doing it out of kindness, it’s tactical. SB knows she’s going. Ky has pretty much laid out far too much info too her already, and told her she and Dx are in charge of getting him the win from jury. SB knows nobody is coming to her making future deals. If nobody is making deals with the nom that is staying… that nom isn’t staying.


Same here. Couch will lay around up in the HOH room like Jabba the Hutt. He is very unlikable.

Game shows lover

I am just waiting for the real game to begin with the Cookouts, Tiffany is so smart on how she position the alliance in which the non-Cookouts are oblivious to what is really going on around them including the ups and downs within the alliance. Best game play so far to me. Come on BB with double evection so the fireworks can begin, battle back will not help whoever return, so let go faster. I have The challenge and Survivor to watch ?


That’s a yep for me on Tiffany, The Challenge and Survivor. Let’s go!


OMG. You really put GROD in Ky’s F2 Club. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! I’ll also never stop laughing at your putting DF sideways cuz he’s always horizontal.

I complain a lot about production this season (cuz I complain about production every season!), but I have thoroughly enjoyed this group of HGs on the whole. Kudos to the new casting for bringing in people who want to play the game.


I absolutely agree about casting. There were a couple I could roll my eyes at, Frenchie and Brent, but no one to really strongly dislike/hate or feel disgusted by. The most negative terms I’ve used about a housemate this year is arrogant, delusional and annoying. Personally, I’m not fond of the flirt your way to the end tactic but that’s just me. This cast are definitely there to play the game first. It’s not about getting laid, increasing social media following or becoming an “influencer.” That’s really not too bad for a BB cast. Lol!

I expect the lying, double crossing, multiple alliances and unfortunately, the game includes using people to get ahead. That’s the game!

At the moment, I think SB has played the worst game by putting all her eggs in Ky’s basket. (No, I don’t mean sexually.) Sticking to Ky like glue cut herself off from the others, including her team, making them trust her less. I think Christian being voted out was good for Alyssa’s game.

I said “at the moment” because I could change my mind by tomorrow…or tonight!


100% agreed on all points (especially the changing your mind moment-by-moment cuz I do the same thing!).


No way in hell jurors don’t talk game with each other on any season. Personally, I would be bursting at the seams! How could you not?

another name

WTF is Ky doing?
He’s making up a fictional 4 person alliance using Hannah as an added but dispensable fifth.
He’s making it seem like he and SB are the outsiders to a fabricated alliance that started week one, that Ky isn’t in… that he is calling the Illuminati. It’s the cookout of week one and two… but he’s put Claire in his seat??? Is that what he’s doing?
Oh. wait. it’s a girl alliance now? Is this the shit where he tries to get SB not to campaign? Because the girls are in an alliance against her? He’s trying to send her to jury thinking the men are victimized by a women’s alliance? It’s the women minus SB trying to out brigade the brigade and out committee the committee?
WHY? What is the point of this crap? She’ll feel so bad for his position in the game that she’ll put out????
He…. knows she’s going to go to jury and Dx is there…. right? The same Dx he told he was in a large alliance that began week one. (that we know the press has filled in the blanks about… right?)
This is messy as shit.
There’s ABSOLUTELY no point to this.
He’s pumping her for bbhistory. Has a five or six person alliance ever made it to top 9 before undetected? She says the Committee last season. He says the fictional alliance is just trying to beat the Committee’s record, and then they’ll take each other out.

So, what happens if SB tells someone tomorrow during her campaigning that Ky was trying to convince her that there is a big secret alliance in the house that everyone is in? But she thinks he’s just being paranoid.

So number 2: he’s trying to get her to screw around with him tonight. Don’t look at me that way.
He definitely is trying to bang her before she finds out he has been playing the shit out of her.
Meanwhile she’s afraid she’ll no longer be able to do her job as a forensic chemist because appearing on BB and lying will mean none of the lawyers will want her to testify. She thought of this now?????


Yeah he’s messy AF — I think it’s partially his narcissistic side – he has been so much a part of the narrative the past 3 weeks that not being in control or only in “the camera shot” b/c he’s on the block was upsetting him.

Trying to figure out the four W’s of his actions with SB is a losing battle – we’re better off buying “Brainwashing techniques for Dummies“.

I do recall her bringing up her job concerns to live feeders but at the time she was feeling very confident she would win the game. Delusional – yeah — BUT if we put ourselves in her shoes I can see how she came to that conclusion. Other than not seeing the Cookout she did have a good read of the house…

Prior to the brainwashing session of her HOH she wanted to nominate Big D & Ally with the goal of back dooring X. At the time DX wasn’t necessarily targeting her.She had what she believed was a cemented F2 with Ky, Jackpot with Tiff/Claire, & a decent relationship with DX/Azah.

From her perspective she was looking at X, Ally, Hannah as targets (although her/Hannah had bonded over Ally trying to pin them against each other & the truth is like speaks to like (they know the other is intelligent & are underplaying their abilities) plus Big D was her other outside target she needed out so Ky wasn’t tempted to take him to F2 but wasn’t worried he would win.

What we don’t know is whether she truly did plan on cutting Ky prior to F2 — I used to think she was playing along with his nonsense b/c she enjoyed his company & him being her shield but really thought she might cut him to bring another female like Azah or Claire. Or that she saw all his under handed plays & was going to take him & expose those at F2.

Instead something tells me she — even more than Brit — is going to be the MOST bitter juror b/c Ky really played her beyond what was necessary.


Jurors Most Likely to be Bitter: SB, Azah (depending on when/how she’s cut after F6)
Jurors Most Likely to Vote Based on Gameplay: Claire, DX, Alyssa
Juror Most Likely to Vote Based on Gender: Couch
Juror Most Likely to Spend More Time Preparing a Finale Night Rap Than Thinking About Her Vote: Brit


Nailed it! Especially on that last one. Lol!

The Beef

I think it matters who’s sitting in the final 2 chairs as to who is voting what way. For example if X is sitting in a final 2 chair Alyssa is voting for him, period, end of story. Is that because he played the best game or because he’s her partner and best buddy in the house? Hard to determine that.

As for Claire, if it’s Tiffany vs. X, I think she votes for Tiff due to friendship and gender. But if it’s X vs. Ky or X vs. Couch, I think she’s votes X based on game play.

SB can be bitter as Hell, but what’s she gonna do if it’s X vs. Couch in the final 2? I think she’ll vote X because he deserves to win over Couch, but I could be wrong. If she’s really bitter, would she vote Couch?

And who does a bitter Azah vote for? She would be mad at ALL of the CO members left after she was voted out, except for maybe the one on the block with her. ANY vote she makes I guess would be bitter, but honestly, she’s lucky to still be in the game.

Easier to look at this a little later on I think, when we have a better idea of who might be there and who’s mad at who.


Agree K did not need to mess with her, I think she will be hurt by his actions, his words.


Probably true. In the end though, when all is said and done, she might be hurt by her on actions.


I Gotta say some of your breakdown in comments are pretty impressive and gives me a better picture of what’s going in in the house. I haven’t watched feeds or an episode in about 5 weeks so I’ve been relying of Simon and dawg. I’m hoping that I will watch the last few episodes but weirdly I found that I don’t miss it. And I’ve been watching since janelle, boogie, and Dr Will. I hope next season is more competitive.


Is there not going to be a double eviction? There has never not been one. I think production doesn’t want to take a chance of one of the CO being evicted until all the white players are gone.

another name

two hour episode is on september 16. so double/triple eviction is on that date. And yeah, basically it’s when all the non cookout are gone by storyline design.

The Beef

SB goes tomorrow (9/2) and either Claire or Alyssa goes the following week (9/9), so there will STILL be one left, at least at the beginning of the September 16 two hour live show. Depending on if that person is HOH or not will likely determine if they go out in the first or second eviction of that night, but it will be all CO after that.

another name

Last year’s triple: week 8. Day 58. Jurors 3-5.
This year’s special episode: week 10.
definitely moved to increase likelihood that the whole cookout would make it.
Canadian versions: predominantly jurors 2-4 in the seasons with triples. This is jurors 5-7 if a triple.

I still say seasons 21- 23 are a stand alone trilogy in the eyes of the writers and production team. I still say planning has been done for all twists and scheduling of special episodes to compensate.


There was only going to be a double if a cookout member left so they could bring them back in a battle back. Since they don’t need to bring a cookout member back there is no battle back and no double eviction. Unless of course one of Alyssa Claire win hoh next week and the other wins veto then magically it will be a rewind week and a double will happen the following week.

Trenton Makes

I think you’re jumping to conclusions and don’t know what you’re talking about.


maybe, but production can rig the comp. so if a CO gets evicted the CO member gets back in.

Sir Kirby Williams

Truth. Every player should know what they are signing up for when they say yes to the show and enter the house. Everyone will get played to some extent, only one winner.
Someone was lied to, cheated, fooled, manipulated; that’s a major part of the game. How many “clean” winners have there been in 23 seasons?
If viewers don’t like these tactics, why watch? The only answer there is to understand better how some humans use other humans for their own personal gain. These same things occur in our office spaces, work environments, dating, relationships, which is unfortunate. At least BB is a game where it is to be expected, and if a HG doesn’t expect it, chances are they get played the worst.


Even Janelle is getting in on the Twitter bashing of Kyland’s old tweets lol


What’s up with Azah”s entitlement atitude?! Acting like she’s royalty… couple weeks ago she got mad at X for putting her friend up , later got upset I believe with Ky… crying whining for not throwing a comp to her…if you want to win , play to win don’t expect it to be handed to you, that’s not the real world! Now, she’s complaining bc she likes X but X is is not pursuing her…WTF! I think everyone is playing a decent game except for Big D and Azah and they should vote them both out next , Useless Bid D first!


No No No
keep big D. He offers food to the game.




I remember the era before HGs filed “hurt feelings reports” with the DR. I remember when Evel D*ck was truly an “Evel D*ck” and still won the season because the other HGs respected his gameplay. Something is broken in Big Brother, and I think part of the problem is that everyone has gone soft.


I don’t think BB would cast an ED today. His kind of gameplay is now socially unacceptable.

Jaymie lee

How EvelDick is considered unacceptable but an alliance stating outright they are going after the Whites is aok. Freaking hilarious.



another name

The Kaitlyn comparison becomes invalid when you remember that Tyler was taking scorn over his second showmance (he was linked to Halliegh week one during his first HOH, then Kaitlyn week 2) UNTIL Kaitlyn started using Tyler’s dead father as a tactic, claiming psychic visions.
Tiff’s real reason isn’t the cunning reason. it’s egg on face bruised ego. Tiff was played by SB, and SB took Ky from her while she was crushing on him hard.
Tiff is the Sam in this situation making her Jezebel nominations.

As far as Tiff and SB go? It vaguely reminds me of BBcan9 Kiefer v. Rohan.


Really? You think Tiff was into him? I recall her saying X was more her type & I honestly never got that impression — I DO think she was mad about SB being in the way of Ky/Tiff F2.

I felt the Tiff/SB rift began the minute Ky outed that he knew about the Jackpot b/c it was his way of saying to Tiff – I can’t trust you b/c you aren’t telling me everything (even though he wasn’t telling her either). From that point forward Tiff watched how much time he spent with SB & noticed Ky wasn’t sharing any information with her. Factor in SB started pulling away from Claire/Tiff and the few times they did talk Tiff realized Ky was telling SB things he wasn’t telling her.

I’m not saying it’s logical – but I do think it was more game related — no different than how she views Big D needing to go at F6 to remove that option from Ky.

another name

check her body language last night while lying in the bed with Ky chatting about scenarios. Yeah. She has unrequited feelings.
She was talking about having a thing for Ky week 2. Then found out SB was his snitch and got pissed.
Up to week three, Dx was Ky’s plus one. It was Tiff that got involved and played musical pawns. She was trying to draw attention to Ky and SB out of pettiness.

The Beef

I gotta agree with AN on this one. I think the “scorned woman” in her came out big time, but the stuff you mentioned also played a part in it as well, just maybe secondary, and in more of a “pouring gasoline on a roaring fire” kind of a way.

If Ky wasn’t in the 6, I think we all know his ass would be gone this week.


How is messing with sb, who I believe should go, helping him get her vote ! Like you said Tyler did this and as it turned out it did not help him.

The Beef

Tyler lost in a close 5-4 vote with every member of the Foutte alliance voting against him except Haleigh (Fessy, Scottie, Rockstar, Bayleigh), with one of his final 2’s being the swing vote against him (Sam), which many felt was a bitter vote, and maybe a jealousy vote. Tyler never “messed with” Sam, but some felt she may have felt mislead, which could have lead to him losing her vote.

He also is famous for having a lot of final 2’s – kind of overplaying that part of the game (bad jury management), which again, could have cost him Sam’s vote.

another name

Azah. Still complaining about 50 BBbucks.
Maybe get out of bed.


Dearest Simon & Dawg,
I appreciate you both tremendously for all the time and effort you put in to keep us updated on the latest BB drama year after year. You never fail. Thanks! My question is —- in making donations with my PayPal account, it shows I made a payment to an individual, initials AM. Is that correct? I was thinking that in years past I would get notice of making my payment to Big Brother Online. I could be wrong. I just want to make sure money is going to the right place.

P.S. to everyone else: DONATE


Hey cujo. You’re good that’s the initials of the account. The older link had to be updated to an individual account.

Very much appreciate the support. It helps keep this site running.

another name

SB missing out on the actual campaign that could help her.
Here’s the campaign she should be using:
Last night I was told about a big alliance made week one. a group of 5 people and their plus ones victims.
I know the secret. Keep me or I talk. Keep me or I poison the jury. Keep me and I keep my mouth shut.
Go convince the rest of your people. We’re partners now. It’s in your best interest. Think this is extortion? It is. Call a reality tv cop.
Sure, the alliance she was told about isn’t the actual alliance. So what. There’s enough overlap to make it work as long as she doesn’t use this on Claire or Alyssa.
She was told it was multiple people. Choose someone that is never in danger and squeal. Loud.
This would never happen. I’m just bored.


We need more time watching Ky performing his soliloquies in the mirror…..
riviting tv!!!
If he has a breakdown is CBS liable?

another name

I still feel he’s in have not room not out of choice, but so the personnel can keep a closer eye on him due to advice from psych services.
It’s too season 21 not to be the case. They are observing him, so that they are not liable.


Could it also be b/c TPTB are fully cognizant of Ky’s constant attacks on corporations for something as small as a sausage biscuit being too expensive at McDonald’s to filing class action law suits against companies a month into the pandemic as corporations struggled to conduct their regular business processes.

I wonder if CBS worries he would sue them (in spite of signing a contract) if he doesn’t win. His social media history sure seems to point to someone like that.

One of his tweets was about a month after the world shut down in 2019 due to COVID — he was replied to a customer complaint about Sinemia (a subscription based service for movies) b/c they weren’t fulfilling requests for tickets. Kyland told people to message him b/c he was setting up a class action lawsuit.

Anyway — funniest part of it was Janelle commented on the tweet — comparing it to when James complained she harmed him in OTEV.

LMFAO — man I love Janelle.


The hamsters are getting frisky this afternoon it’s cute


What’s up
With the slow updates ??


Tues-Thursday daytime updates will be delayed for the rest of the season. Fri-Monday we’re still doing round-the-clock coverage.

Sorry folks this is the best we can do this season.

The Beef

And it’s plenty good! Appreciate you guys so much!


Who the hell is Shelly???????
I must have really missed something!!