Alyssa “She [SB] literally just said that she was lying and being sloppy.”

Tonight HOH will be endurance on the live feeds

HOH: Tiffany
Secret HOH : Claire
Nominations: Sb and Ky via HOH, Xavier Via punishment
Power of Veto Players: SB, Claire, Hannah, Kyland, Xavier, Alyssa
Power of Veto: Hannah
Power of Veto Ceremony: Hannah used the power of veto on Xavier. SB and Kyland remain on the block.

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7:10pm Bedroom – Alyssa and Xavier.
Alyssa – KY was saying that people are still putting my name out there to him for next week. Xavier – who the f**k is saying your name? He is saying that if she (Alyssa) is HOH she would probably just take a shot at you (KY). Just coming up with BS as to why Alyssa would take a shot at him. Xavier – did he say who was saying that .. because that sounds like bullsh*t! Alyssa – well he said it without me saying anything. And I feel like people are having one on ones with people and don’t think about their game, they try to pin seeds at people before HOH because they know KY is possibly staying and he has potential to win. And they don’t know where Ky’s head is at so they’re using this opportunity to point him in a different direction and they think he is stupid and he is not. He is not buying any of it. Xavier – I don’t think anyone thinks Ky is stupid. Alyssa – well clearly they ..well here is the thing. He hasn’t talked to you Tiff or Claire yet. SO that only leaves Big D, Azah and Hannah. So I don’t know if this was before his one on ones.. people were saying these things.. I don’t really know I think people are just trying to find a way to go after you and I. And I think the girls would probably want me out. Xavier – you think the girls would want you out? Alyssa – seems like it! My name is the only one being thrown around. Xavier – I just don’t understand why, like we haven’t done anything. Alyssa – they don’t know where Ky’s head is at.. They think that Tiff and Claire are putting them on the block. I’m pretty sure Claire is the anonymous HOH. They don’t want them to be the next targets so they’re trying to pin whatever they can and they feel like they can outsmart me and not you. And people keep saying that X is such a loyal player but no one is saying that about me. People think that you’re holding my hand through this game. Xavier – no. Alyssa – no people think that is what I’m saying. I guess I don’t play for myself, you hold my hand through things, and everyone wants to blame things on me and put my name through the mud. Its just the easiest thing for their game. Xavier – that’s stupid.

8:15pm Living room. The house guests are speculating on what they think this weeks HOH will be and talking about other random things. They start playing “This or That”. Big D – Missionary or Doggie? Tiff – hey now! Azah – Doggie.

8:26pm Bathroom – Alyssa and Tiffany.
Alyssa – so I am talking with her and she like DX told me these things .. you know and I had to try and add them up. And she goes .. she starts babbling on saying well I didn’t say these things. And when Tiff was HOH I never said I was coming after you.. and I was like I didn’t say that, you said that. Tiff – what did she say? Alyssa – she said no that’s what I am saying. I never said you said that. Why would you think I said that. Tiff – why!? Alyssa – because you did say that. Tiff – she talking too much! That is why she doesn’t talk. Alyssa – I said I’ve been very vague about you because I don’t know where you stand and where your loyalty lies. I said I know you trust X but for some reason you don’t trust me. That is fine, that’s a game move but you saying things about me affects my game. She said that she was having very sloppy game play. Tiff – now she trying to back track it. She literally just said that she way lying and being sloppy. She just said that to me.

8:30pm – 9:36pm Havenot room – Claire and Kyland. Claire – if you go home, I am f**ked in this game basically. And then Big D is convinced I am coming after him. I am like what are you doing here? I was like Big D you know it wasn’t personal campaigning with the Britini stuff. Ky – campaigning for someone isn’t the same as campaigning against. Claire – yeah. And then he was like yeah. yeah I get it. If I get you before you get me. It is what it is. I was like NO! Big D that is not how I want to leave this conversation!!! They both laugh. Ky – that is amazing! That is incredible. Claire – I was like that is not what I was saying. So that is where I will be looking next week. I still can’t read X’s relationship with people. I still don’t know Alyssa’s relationship with people. I feel like I thought Alyssa’s relationship was an island for awhile and now I am like maybe she is not an island. Ky – well my new observation of Alyssa has less to do with her and if she is an island .. more to do with … I’ve been wondering more and more like with X what a crazy intense liar she is and now I am like what if she is not!

9:38pm – 10:45pm Havenot room. Azah and Kyland.
Ky – if its good for you keep me, its its good for someone else’s game then don’t. That is my full pitch. Alyssa feels that it is .. that her name or that most of the reasons why her name has been dragged is because of SB. Probably most if not a complete truth there even more than I know. Claire is basically following Tiff who I had expressed SB as her target for awhile. And SB is more aware now I believe. This morning she was leaning more towards likely that I would be more likely to leave. It appears that she is no longer feeling that way based on her overall tone shift. Azah – This is what I told her.. from a personal stand point it would be better for you (SB) to stay. And she said that no one had said that to her today. So I think that people have not been telling her .. you know. Ky – makes sense. Azah – because like I said I don’t hate you. On a meta level it would make sense for me to target you and for you to leave.. but I don’t hate you. Ky – oh I know. The other thing that I have been trying to reiterate is that there is still nothing happening with me and SB. Hasn’t been since… the whole time. Azah – that’s cool.. honestly I asked you once in the storage room and you told me no. Its not my business and I don’t care. And you tell me that it is no so I believe you. Ky – Everyone can do what they want but I would just prefer if there not be any jokes expressed about it because it does just bring it up more and makes her uncomfortable and probably just has other negative effects. Azah – I make notes not to make jokes about that.

11:30pm Azah and Big D playing chess.

11:35pm Havenot – X and KY.
Ky – Alyssa is downstairs right? I don’t need to check under the bed? X – yes she is downstairs. KY – everyone said that they were leaning .. Claire said something similar.. X – leaning to what? Ky – leaning towards keeping me .. I guess. X – yeah ahhh huhh. KY – I don’t know if you have talked with Tiff. ..but it was kind of like DX and the SB thing. Like it is her choice if she wants to. But she was leaning towards it being unanimous or her vote. She said she was going to ask everyone. Like if someone wanted to vote over her or if you both want it. X – Tiff wanted to give SB a sympathy vote? KY – apparently because she feels bad but it sounds like she is not going to fight for it. So if you were to ask she would say yes. X – I feel like for the purposes of the story it wouldn’t make sense for me. Its just more confusing. It is just going to cause issues that are not needed. Ky – I just think it should be one if anything. X – yeah I will talk to Tiff. It should be one or none. You or Big D should try to win (HOH). Ky – I think Big D would be fine. It would be entertaining.

1:20pm X, Hannah, Azha and Big D go to sleep.

12am – 2am Havenot room – KY and SB
SB – how about yours? Ky – indicative of that. SB – so yours were good. Ky – I guess that if yours were also good then they probably wouldn’t have been. SB – everyone was just super vague with me. Its like they hadn’t made up their mind which is not super helpful. KY – well first off I think everyone was reminded of the rules this morning. SB – yeah but you can still say it looks good for you or I am leaning towards keeping you. Those were not things that were being said to me. Ky – yeah. I’d say that my .. I had more time than I expected. Some of my conversations were long .. but more because of just personal conversations or talking about the game in general. My campaign was basically just if its good for you to keep me, then keep me. If its good for you to keep SB, then keep her. And then it was kind of defending you. SB – because people think I have been dishonest. KY – more or less. SB – can you just be specific!? KY – yeah it wasn’t so much in those terms .. it was more or less dishonest or disloyal to people that aren’t me. Ky – if you do go .. I just don’t want you to be in a situation where you feel sad and angry at me. I don’t need you to feel angry at DX for something that he did that makes total sense that was not malicious and just part of the attempts to survive and are now being misconstrued by Alyssa. SB – you don’t have to worry about me about taking these things out on people. I get its a game. Yeah I am going to vent and be angry because what he has done has hurt my game and is probably going to send me home. Of course I am angry about it. But when I get to the jury house, what the hell am I going to do about it.. nothing! Then we’re just to regular people. We’re not playing the game anymore.

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The type of game play by the CookOut is atrocious. One good thing that will happen once the season is over and the CO members are back in public is, they will realize that they have been judged by their character this whole time.

Game shows lover

Hahaha… this is BB and it is all about lies so people needs to stop putting normal life into the game, if people like evil-D could win the game and living his life so will be the Cookout players. Look, the non-CO players are saying it is the game because they all are liars. Not a single person wanting to play BB doesn’t know what the game has been about. The only problem is if they cross the line by being mean or saying racism slurs to others which is not the case this season to my knowledge.

People outside the house needs to realize from season one to today’s date BB will always be BB, there is nothing wrong with the game play this season, if there wasn’t prior.
We can name lots of bully and racism players the cookout doesn’t even come close to them.

The Beef

With all due respect, do you know anything about Evil Dick and his life outside of Big Brother? That dude has basically no contact with his own daughter, and spends his time pretty much being a Big Brother twitter troll, picking fights with others that have played the game – with his ego being the size of an iceberg! He’s the last person I would reference as a “successful” BB player with a “normal” life after the game. Not too mention he was completely vicious inside the house when he played, making horrible remarks to numerous players. ED is an a**hole, although he was entertaining to watch. I damn sure wouldn’t hold him up as one to emulate.


An alliance that excludes members because of the color of their skin for the purpose of racial dominance? Kinda sounds like the beginnings of a hate group but hey it’s Big Brother. Maybe next season there will be an alliance named “The Klan”.
But seriously, I doubt that the CO are a bunch of raving racist and of course their strategy is effective but the optics have this nauseating hue of racism. The CO should have been more hesitant when forming this group because some members are already showing serious remorse for the situations they’re about to be in. There’s always back peddling in this game but their excuses this time is something I would not want to explain but should be fun to watch.

Ida Clark

White racism has gone on for years in Big Brother

Jaymie lee

Name 1 all White alliance started for the white “culture.” No one has named even 1. Because it wouldnt be allowed. But because its Blacks all of a sudden its not racist?!?


Agreed! I would love to be a fly on the wall when the first POC steps into the jury house, should be interesting ?…


I can’t believe the CO thinks this type of strategy is a good idea. Who’s going to care about the coming cannibalistic drama of the CO alliance in the house, when the Non-black HG find out they were voted out because of the color of their skin that will be the real entertainment.
If I were a Non-black juror, I would wait till the Finale Night Vote, go to cast my vote and toss the keys over my shoulder and tell CBS to give my vote to the black one — TTFN and walk off the set.


Why are yall acting like CO is doing something new in BB. This strategy has been used by all white alliances in many seasons past. Only now you are having an issue with it? That’s funny…


I’ve never heard a white person on the show call for an all white alliance, ever.

Game shows lover

U don’t have to hear, white alliance, we all saw it play out through the years. If it wasn’t wrong then, it is not now.


When did they need to? Haven’t they always been the majority?


I agree. I think it’s past time for a minority to win BB, but they are going too far continuing to talk about keeping it all black. There would have been riots if a specific all white alliance was created. Never happened and the cookout should tone it down



Dennis Karp

I have never heard an alliance say “We are an all white alliance and lets vote out all the black cast members” . Let me know if I am wrong and tell me who, because I don’t think it has happened.


White people never have to acknowledge whiteness. An all white group forming is expected and accepted and the only people that would call it out are cast members of other races or the non white BB audience. Many of these alliances are not formed with intention to exclude ppl of color but regardless of intension it happens and sometimes like last season’s majority alliance they intentionally do so. And with all white alliances ppl of color are usually at the top of their target lists evicted one after the other. What the CO is doing is the same thing last year’s all white majority alliance did except they are black and finally have the numbers and skill to pull it off. The fact that yall so butt hurt about it … your hypocrisy is showing.

Jaymie lee

So your answer is White alliance=racist Black alliance = not racist. Wheres the logic? They are voting out the Whites because they dont have black skin colour and were gonna pretend thats not Racist. Please.

Jaymie lee

It hasnt. No one has named a White alliance playing for white culture. But remember its not Racist because there Black. Thats there reasoning.

Game shows lover

They are all upset because this great game play has not been done by their kind of people. I can bet that all the ones upset have not been upset at prior alliances but just cookout.


Generally my kind of people don’t exclude others by race.


Sorry to burst your bubble, but I thought last season was BS. Really disliked the winner and his bros and hoes. I WAS upset with them so don’t assume you know…

Game shows lover

A black player has toss the key to CBS so it is your dream and will Never happen. It is the same game play as prior alliances but better strategy. Credit to Tiffany for her great ideas on how to get the non-CO out?


Tiff has always been my pick to win BB but a dream of a HG being enraged about the tactics it took for a poc to win not likely but it still would be cool.


Exactly what I was thinking. This is the first year of BB that I have not watched the live feeds and really don’t care who wins.

Leave Them Behind Joe

It is looking like X or Hannah have the inside track to a win to me.

Jaymie lee

They will realize its okay to have an all Black alliance voting out the Whites because of their skin colour. And its not racist because there Black. Cbs and julie and the sjw fans think its fine and dandy. Yet theyd be up in arms for White alliance playing for their ‘culture’ or pride. Its only Racist if youre white. Blacks cant be racist. Thats what people are trying to argue.


I don’t know the impression I get from CBS is they want everyone to think everyone is racist but like most everything whites are better at it.


Dawg and Simon- Donated! Keep up the Good Work!!


Thanks chessie

orwell the out of work bbad owl

Simon and Dawg should get an emmy for watching this boring crap. JEEZ LOWEEZ almost a whole month still to go. I heard the ratings are worst than last years. A f***ing snail race is more exciting than this dull a$$ sh*t!!!!


It’s the first boring season ends that I have followed through and stopped watching. But I don’t track ratings. How do you know if they are worse? IM not surprised if they are.


Ratings are lower than previous seasons, but BB23 is still CBS’s top-rated show, so I don’t see the execs making any demands for GROD to take a new course next season.

Game shows lover

I heard the ratings are higher and best planned alliance so far. Keep on the good work Simon and Dawg.

The Beef

We are 8 weeks into this game and I still feel obligated to give 6 of these house guests 0 in the rankings, and THREE of those players are still in the game! There’s no way Travis, Brent or Whitney are going to improve there ranking with me, since they’re out of the game, but if the other three will get off of their asses and DO something, they could still improve their plight (I’m talking to you Alyssa, Azah, and Couch)! WIN something (without it being totally thrown to you) or actually do something in the game to actually effect it in a positive manner for yourself or your alliance, and I promise your efforts will be rewarded in my ranking of you going forward. Otherwise, it’s straight ZERO’s for these losers, and I don’t care how much somebody might “like” them. Do something!!!!!

Game shows lover

It is not time to do something, the real game will begin with the Cookout. Tiffany has set it up. Great game play so far this season.

Robbed Tyler

Comparing Alyssa to Azah and DF is ridiculous.

She hasn’t been on the block since week one. She got second place four times and almost won the wall comp and was the last female standing. A win is a win she won OTEV because she lasted to the very end of the competition and was the last one standing with Kyland she could’ve got eliminated earlier in the competition and been out. Heck DF couldn’t even get his big side up the wall. It doesn’t matter that KY threw it counts as a win because she lasted to the very end a WIN IS A WIN. Alyssa definitely proved her self better than Derek X there because she was smarter than him to play in the high roller room! That was a reason why DX left as well.

Alyssa has done way more and played better than Azah and DF the coasters because they aren’t even remotely close to winning any competitions as they just sit there and whine while they ride the backs of the cookout.

The Beef

Blah blah blah freaking blah BB fan. I know you absolutely LOVE the “meat shield” Nicole F. strategy, and I’m sure that explains your defense of Alyssa. Yes, Alyssa IS a better competitor than Big D and Azah, but she has still yet to win anything on her own. When Ky GAVE her the OTEV veto win, she of course didn’t use it, which means her “win” had no impact on the game. As for the roulette win, tell me, who ended up going on the block when she “won” that comp, in which nobody else competed? That’s right, her #1 partner and ally X went up! And since neither her nor X were in any real danger of going on the block that week anyway, since DX was the backdoor target, what was her motive for actually playing in that comp? You think it was so smart of her to play, yet doing so got her ALLY on the block, not only that week (he was able to remove himself via veto) but also the NEXT week as well, because he had to take a punishment nomination to win that veto! PLUS, she spent all her BB Bucks playing roulette, so she was unable to play the following week in the COD, when she really could have made a difference, and cut into the CO alliance! Yet YOU think that was a brilliant move? Even after it resulted in her putting her ally on the block? When neither of them were in danger? I think not.

Yes, she’s slightly better than Azah and Big D in competitions, but she’s still won nothing that wasn’t handed to her, and she’s done nothing strategically in the game but try to cuddle with men and ride their coattails to the end. As far as I’m concerned, the three of them are equally inept.


Dude you sound crazy with all your conspiracies calling other posters “BBfan”. You keep embarrassing yourself, just stop. It’s obvious you get your ass and panties in a bind every single time someone mentions something about Alyssa or Nicole F. Just a reminder because you don’t seem to understand it! Other people have opinions about them and recognize that they’ve had success at times in BB (Nicole more than Alyssa) especially more than couch or Azah who have done nothing. Just FYI Alyssa wouldn’t of had enough points or cash for the coin a destiny had they gone by the regular routine of just voting $50-$100 every week. There’s no way that she could’ve known that they would’ve awarded them with a secret envelope last week because Alyssa would have been short of $250!! So don’t be ignorant every time somebody mentions an argument about it that you refer to them as BBfan lmao

another name

The ONLY endurance comp that could be thrown to Couch without it being obvious doesn’t even exist….yet.
Chenbot: Houseguests, the HOH is up for grabs. This HOH competition is called Bedbugs. Each of you will have to lay down. if you get up, or move… you are out.
Otherwise, it’s going to look like the Christmas wins a foot race episode.

Game? I think Ky is still doing one on ones. I don’t know. I had to stop.
He wants the plus one masterplan put back into practice maybe? You know, the one he was so against while he had to stay on the block this week that has been completely dropped from the consciousness of the houseguests.
But then, a LOT has been dropped from the consciousness of the houseguests in the past 4 days. Instead it’s been replaced with kumbaya and Shellygate. There’s been a reset that hasn’t been explained. But hey, lets just not ask. New Koolaid flavor: Grodberry.

In case my annoyance has led anyone to believe otherwise: from a game aspect I’m totally cool with the cookout concept. The large alliance taking eveyone else in secret. I think it’s boring come week 8, but from a tactical perspective, I have absolutely no problem with the cookout as a game strategy. I don’t have a problem in theory with the plus one plan either.
I have a problem with lack of game ownership, bigly, but no problem with the tactical or strategic plan.

I have a huuuge problem with the production end of things this season.
No, not with the casting. Get real. It’s about time the casting method changed. Long past due.
Relax. I have Production end problems with most seasons, This most certainly isn’t my first Prodo kvetching. Season 18…. I still sneer when i think of the prodo issues from 18.
The Production end problems I’m having are more how to engineer a storyline issues.
The wildcard and team stuff was designed specifically to limit the number of eviction options an HOH had. That’s to guarantee that some people make it further in the game than others. Non Random school yard team picks should have tipped that off.
The High Rollers were designed to reinforce that guarantee. The last 2 High Rollers had one participant and 2 participants. Feeds were down for 5 hours each time. Really.
So feeds were down for the same amount of time with 4 participants as with 1. And changes to the actual game didn’t actually cause any damage to the large alliance that I contend the High Rollers games were meant to aid, not harm. How did Hannah know the rules of the comp to make the plan this week? How did the rules of a coup d’etat or Invisible HOH change to aid the large alliance member, and screw the non member? Nothing is by chance.
The placement of Individual Timed Vetoes. This I complain about every season. It’s manufactured. Individual Timed vetoes are Production reaches in and tweaks the storyline by heavily depending on the viewers believing what they aren’t shown in full. I haven’t believed an Individual timed veto since season 4. They always happen when a storyline calls for a guarantee.
The alteration of scheduling to have a double/triple on week 10. week 10? come on. That’s beyond suspect. That’s a guarantee. Doubles were historically week six, then two double practice jumped in with week 6 and 10. When teams were involved the doubles practice was 7 and 10. There is an exception that started: season 20 and 21 due to battle backs had their doubles late season. There is no pre-jury battle back this season, and 22 had their triple on week 8. So they are having the late season special eviction of a battle back season in timing… without having had the battle back.
No problems with this? Just me? Bueller? Bueller?

checked. Ky’s back to his Illuminatti schtick… that he’s in no way part of. He’s even trying to convince SB that it was someone other than him that convinced her to change her original nomination ideas. Like that six hour stockholming didn’t happen. He’s aiming at pushing her to conclude Tiff? What it sounds like because he pushed her off X. He’s sort of out of people to blame for who would get her to nom Claire and Dx. So Tiff? Hannah? Only possibilities he’s trying to blame.
Oh when jurors tell her what was going on. wow.
I still say he’s going to try to get with her before she goes to jury so he can brag that he banged her to make his re-eduation of Ofkyland complete.

So far SB’s being evicted because of an alliance that includes everyone except her and Ky… but is only the women… but includes Couch and X… but half of them don’t know about it (that spin near took my head off).
This is STILL SO pointless. She’s heading to jury. Unless they are sequestering jurors separately, it’s pointless.
He’s just revealed that the alliance he isn’t a part of is targeting Claire, a member of the alliance, and it’s a certainty she’s leaving next week. What? So the alliance Ky isn’t a member of is not targeting Ky next week, but targeting Claire, who he’s opined as one of the leaders to SB for 2 days now, and Ky has been told this by the alliance he is not a member of. Mmmkay.
Go plead my case to all the jury. He’s just fed her so many lies that are going to be exposed tomorrow, that she’s going to end up the jury Raven.
He is SO salty and bitter about not being as well liked or well respected in the house as Xavier. It’s obsession.
Shakes head and says it’s too late at night for Kyversation translation.


The CO a secret????
Claire is a damn IT code specialist and a computer engineer who writes code for mini satellites.
You dont think she can figure out only non-POC have been voted out & only POC are calling all the shots on who to put up and vote out???
CO is no secret. They dont know the name but they know whats shakkin!!
However SB and Alyssa believe they will be saved by their POC
CO member.

another name

I’m aware that Claire and Alyssa know. I’m also aware they each spent over an hour and a half in D/R this week at one point and Claire in particular came out acting like she didn’t even know what the word alliance meant.


Wonder why???hmmmm..


Then why would Claire leave the noms the same? She is a moron.


I think they have turned Claire into Patty Hearst.


So she is not canceled back in life!! Like I said she is not stupid. There is no since fighting the system when doing so will only make it worse for you in the long run.

The Beef

Contract and going along with the production story line? Being a gay liberal, maybe she’s woke enough herself she doesn’t want to risk calling them out, and either being wrong or looking like she’s racist herself for doing so? All of these reasons have been discussed here for weeks, as we wondered how some of these “brilliant” people didn’t seem to recognize what was happening right in front of their faces, and nobody knows the absolute answer for sure until somebody gives us one after it’s over. Even then, it may be total BS just to cover the real truth. We may never know when they actually KNEW about the CO and decided they wouldn’t or couldn’t do anything about it.


To throw to Couch would be a five min game with everyone doing a domino drop with Claire starting and would be most boring game. I want people fight to win. This is soooooo stupid even X which is my winner pick.


I just watched a clip of Alyssa calling out Xavier for wanting to throw SB a sympathy vote on big brother benny:
“Pick a side. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

This is the gameplay I need! Xavier is wayyy too comfortable. He’ll probably get the house to target her next week now lol

Leave Them Behind Joe

Aylssa or Claire is next on the chopping block.


With SB set to leave today & only two non-Cookout members remaining the six are circling the wagons and making their end game plans.

As Another Name notes there was ample feed blackouts & DR sessions the past few days for TPTB to set up next steps. Production has been interfering with BB seasons going back over a decade but it’s still a rarity for the preseason “chosen ones” or early season (first week – big alliance) to get their entire alliances to the end. Yet, the Cookout is on the precipice of doing something no other alliance has ever done — take out everyone before their alliance gets touched. If the CO can successfully evict Ally/Claire in the next two weeks they’ll be the most successful alliance in BB history (regardless of their makeup).

To wit, the most successful alliances in BB history are arguably:

  • The Brigade: Hayden won, Lane was second, Enzo was third & Matt made jury.
  • BBCan 7 Pretty Boys: 4 of 5 members made top five – Dane won, Anthony -2nd, Adam -4th & Mark fifth.
  • BB14’s “Quack Pack” was created later in the game (week 4) which was partially due to the season also starting with groups. Four of five members reach F4 (Britney Haynes was the lone member who missed out but made the jury). The truth is this alliance survived in spite of itself as Dan was occupied with “his funeral” & trying to get out comp beasts Frank and Shane. Meanwhile, Ian started winning down the stretch & became the champ. This was also the season with the infamous Willie Hantz ejection for violent behavior (head butting Joe).
  • BB22 had two alliances with six in them including the Slick 6: Cody, Dani, Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, Enzo & Tyler who got four in the top seven but the more successful alliance was the Committee with Cody, Christmas, Memphis, Tyler, Dani and Nicole F who all made top seven (but Enzo getting 2nd kept them from overtaking some of the other alliances listed).
  • BB16 Detonators had Derrick Cody, Christine, Frankie, Zach got four of their five into the top six with the top two finishers.

The odds of the Cookout displacing the above groups will come down to these next two weeks. At F8 the ideal winner would be Azah since she’ll put up both Claire/Ally to ensure one goes. Big D is an option but hard to imagine him winning anything (esp slip & slide or rope spinning endurance). Ky or Hannah could also win but it would be tricky for Hannah who has bonds with each of the ladies. F7 HOH would then ideally by won by anyone other than the non CO player & their duo partner.

Big D was still pushing to put up Claire/Tiff (his laser-vision angst toward Tiff is obvi) but it won’t matter b/c he won’t win endurance & Tiff will kill herself to make sure he loses F7.

Tonight, If it’s slip & slide the CO need to be aware if there is a “safety bucket” to ensure Claire doesn’t gun for that while simultaneously keeping an eye on Ally to stay ahead of her as she tries to win. That would be the worst case scenario (Claire- safety, Ally HOH).

Drama potential…

If Ally wins I’m not sure how X gets her to put up Claire let alone Tiff beside her when she promised her safety this week.

Something tells me Azah could be in the mix to win but Ky won’t throw it to her – – setting up more angst between the pair since Ky agreed to throw to either her or Big D. I envision Ky going for it which will in turn piss off X who may respond in kind. If X wins would he then put up Ky instead of Tiff beside Claire? Similarly, Ky winning would expose him regardless — if he puts up Tiff/Claire (instead of Ally/Claire) he loses Tiff’s trust that he wants to go to F2 with her. Ditto if he puts up Ally/X & he’s already on shaky ground for Claire’s vote having put her up once before.

Claire leaving is better for X/Big D while Ally leaving benefits the CO females so if Ky does put up both watch for Tiff/Hannah/Azah to vote out Ally setting them up for F7 HOH.

Hannah & Tiff should just let Ky & X do their alpha male sh*t this week & hope one of them does win F8 HOH b/c there is potential the following week Claire could win & take out one of the big dogs especially since either X/Ky winning this week would make them vulnerable.


This has been rigged by CBS since the inception of season.
Nothing great about this alliance
It was handed to them , scrpit prewritten.
CBS just needs to stop promoting this as a game.
A game is a contest. No contest to see here. No “unexpected” to “expect” here. We expect CBS to select the alliance they want to win.


I agree. I think because of what is going on in our country today it is all about BLM.

Game fan

It’s very complicated for X/tiff at f7
If they win they have to put Alyssa / claire
If they don’t they are on the block and can go if Claire/alysa wins veto . So i wouldn’t recommend for them to throw it.


We know it is an endurance HOH tonight. Assuming it’s not another wall comp, my guess is it’s either:

Option 1 – Ropes with feet separated (i.e. – Poison Ivy of BB21 when Holly won)
Option 2 – Ropes with feet together on a platform disc and spinning (i.e. – Pie in the Sky of BB20 when Tyler won after Haleigh got knocked-off hard)

For either option, I could see Alyssa doing very well. I could also see Azah doing well.

another name

depends on how they change the rules. Both of those comps are notorious for having rule changes made DURING the comp.

another name

According to Alyssa’s last talk with X yesterday, Claire is now her target. Because both X and KY seem to feel so strongly that Claire should be the target.
Barring a safety option or a veto miracle, Claire is toast this week. Both of the production complainers want her out. If both goldenchildren want her out that’s not good.
Since the Monday reset, when Claire suddenly started acting dumb as a rock about house dynamics, and Alyssa started her latest round of nobody respects me (makes you wonder what those D/R questions were about, doesn’t it?) I’ve been cocking my head to the side.
So the growing tension within cookout disappeared without explanation, and the other 2 started acting differently as well. After long D/R calls and feedcuts. It gets harder to hide this stuff when they are down to 9.


What I found very odd was Xavier freaked out about Ally telling Claire “you’re on an island – the only white person in the house” AND he told Hannah she said that. Why oh WHY is that being swept under the rug? Makes zero sense to me unless Production driven.

I’m also confused about Tiff/Hannah just letting this push to take out Claire go. Also – how does it make sense to Ky to keep Ally over Claire? Sure X can try to control/brain wash Ally but she’s been gung-ho to go after Ky correctly assuming it’s not just SB talking about her.

I do honestly believe if Azah doesn’t win HOH that the three CO women (if all off the block) would vote to keep Claire over Ally — if they don’t then that’s a real side-eye. Funny how Ky is bitching about Tiff wanting to vote for SB (ummm she told her that he was her target so the die was cast) especially when he’s done so much to get the sympathy votes for himself.

another name

What you should be more confused about: if it’s Alyssa and Claire on the block, how do Hannah and Tiff keep Claire’s jury vote if they vote out Claire? Final three made a couple of days ago.


The hamsters have vacillated on whether there is a jury battle back (which would happen after four evictions – so after next weeks eviction if it does occur) which is why the guys have pushed for a Claire oust at F8.

I’ve been trying to do the math & although they’ve added a show on the Friday it could just replace the cancelled Sunday show or be a season recap show.

And while many suspect the September 16th show is a triple eviction the math just doesn’t add up unless there is a battle back as that show begins with the F7 eviction so cutting two more hamsters would take them to F4 with almost two full weeks of game play remaining. Sure they could go off book & have a full week to cut the F4 person on the Thursday prior but that eviction has always occurred on a short turnaround (should be on Sun 26th).

Going against a battle back is the obvious leaks by the press to Baby D about the Cookout alliance – no they didn’t say the name but they let him know Claire/him had figured out the hidden alliance (they nailed CO except Hannah being in it) & then Ky also referenced a “secret week one alliance with ALL members still in the house” in his exit speech. So that would make for some tricky handling by TPTB b/c DX would most certainly win the comp to return OR – a fan vote could also determine the returnee & we know DX wins that 99% to 1% shared amongst the other jurors.

Since Claire or Ally would likely be the F7 evictee I suppose TPTB could set up DX to walk back in & tell the house your boy Ky outed your alliance in his GBM to me. That would set up a triple full of drama especially if Ky or X is coming off an HOH win making them most vulnerable to be the target.

Diving into the options of the 16th if there is only a double (no battle back) the F7 eviction happens and then a double results in F6 eviction at night end. If a triple (no battle back) they lose F7 at evening start and then also cut F6/F5. — Again it doesn’t make sense to be down to F4 on Sept 16th when the finale is Sept 29th and two full weeks of game left to play. F4 is typically cut on a short week – so on the Thurs prior (Sept 23rd) when F5 is cut they do a quick turnaround HOH & the F4 eviction typically airs on the Sunday (26th) taking the house to F3.

Initially, I thought there wouldn’t be a jury battle back b/c of COVID – but the timing seems to suggest they will. So what if the first four jury members battled off sight following the F8 eviction (w/o Sept 9th). So Brit, DX, SB, & Ally/Claire. Then the 16th could start with the F7 eviction then Julie could say tonight is a triple eviction but you’ll be joined by a returning hamster who won the battle back. That way it would still be F7/F6 leaving on 16th and keep them on schedule to cut F5 on Sept 23rd & F4 on Sept 26th.

The question is whether they would do two separate HOH/POV comps like they did the last time or follow BB Can who nominate three people. Likely the former — and would the returning hamster have immunity in the first HOH? If not it would set up DX returning & potentially winning first HOH & putting up X & Ky in the first of the two comps. For Tiff it’s still wiser to keep Ky in the game over X even if Baby D returns at least in the first HOH — if X doesn’t win HOH or POV they have to take him out first regardless of what Ky did b/c he’d still be the target in the 2nd HOH & moving forward.

As for the actual schedule tonight they evict F9 juror, Sept 9th the F8 eviction occurs setting up the weird schedule of week of Sept 10th through 16th when F7 eviction starts the night. The following notes calendar changes & evictions with my presumption being the 16th is either a double eviction or a battle back/triple eviction to keep the rest of the schedule on track for a typical season.

Thurs, 2nd: – F9 eviction
Thurs, 9th F8 eviction
Note: Sun, 12 starts half hour later (8:30 PM)
Thurs, 16th/2-hours: F7 eviction – potential of battle back returnee with triple eviction or no battle back & double eviction only with either still resulting in (F7)/F6 evictions
Note: replaces Sun 19th OR season recap –Fri 17th: 8PM
Wed 22nd: late start: 10 PM
Thurs 23nd: F5 eviction
Sun 26th: F4 eviction
Wednesday, Sept 29: 9 p.m. Eastern (two-hour finale episode)


Does anyone know what Ky say this morning that SB overheard that he’s beating himself up about this morning. I can’t figure out what he did? I not actually not sure who overheard for sure. I’m just sure Ky cussing himself out.


Does Ky know what he said 5 min. ago??!!!!!

DX fan

I had read elsewhere that Alissa was laying the the bed when Ky and Tiff were talking and they didn’t realize she was in there for a bit. It never said if she was awake or not though.


I know this so off topic but I love your logo duck for OBB. You guys are awesome. This is first season I’ve followed you but plan next season to continue following. Thanks again Simon & Dawg for all you do and surviving KY’s one on ones, Ky & SB cuddling and Ky’s personal speeches.


Hahah thanks that duck is from bb12


Cool ? I only started watching BB20. I love the ?? star babies

another name

While Tiff does her 25th cam talk of the week, let’s all just sit back, relax, and mute.
Her cam talks are not her gameplan. Her cam talks are her justifications to the viewers in order to try to get fan support. She’s pandering.

Whining about Dx? Was he Cookout? No? Then by the mission statement he had to go so stfu.
Saying this week three women working together won everything? Are all three cookout? No? then one of them isn’t working with you, but is being stabbed in the back by you so stfu.
Saying you would be tempted to keep SB if you weren’t cookout? I quote “fuck sarah beth and i said that shit” so stfu. Spent 5 weeks Gr8fulling her now you’d keep her? Really, stfu.
All in on coookout? Then what was Muffy night? What was Buella night? Why say you want to keep Dx? Both can’t be true. So… stfu.
Can’t wait for the remix next week, when she goes on and on about poor Tiff, Claire was so stupidly loyal to her… this is so horrible for Tiff. If it wasn’t for cookout she’d….stfu.

Cam pandering pisses me off. Pandering when it’s semantic gymnastics pisses me off more.
What she really needs to do instead of cam pandering is OWN her game, instead of saying what she’d do if cookout wasn’t a thing. It IS a thing.

Maybe look around the room before discussing cookout plans with KY, mentioning Alyssa and X, and how Ky is lucky he’s in the six…. while Alyssa is in the room.

I do like Tiff. I’m sick of Tiff doing logic spins in camtalk to pander.


reading that I could swear Ky wrote it, ramble ramble ramble


Ok so this is my first comment this season mainly because I have lost a ton of interest in this show. It now piles up on my dvr and i just fast forward to the noms/veto/evictions. I dont know why it bothers me so much about the Cookout. Might be cause i think if white people openly targeted black people or gay people openly targeted straight people or when it drives me nuts when men openly target women and vice versa.
I can absolutely appreciate the gameplay of an alliance and Tiffany’s plan to pair up and vote one out. Fantastic strategy and hence why they are in the position they are.
I think what bothers me the most is Azah, Big D, Tiffany and Chaddah have done nothing(Tiff won HOH for a hot minute). X and Ky have carried the load and if they end up a final 6 then Ky will probably be targeted and X has a clear path to the finish, the inverse will happen, or you’ll have 4 floaters at the end.
The show has turned it to survival of the floaters. While i appreciate a gameplay of laying low until you have to, thats not what this is anymore. Big D sleeps constantly and people want to take him to the end. I swear production just created some Azah drama so we would remember shes even still there. Tiffany thinks shes running the house but doesnt win anything and Chaddah talks herself in trouble but again doesnt win anything.
Everyone takes the safe way out for noms and voting. I thought Frenchie was going to add a little spice but he just went full on psycho after his HOH.
A battle back better be happening and if DX or Britini come back, hopefully the raise some hell and put two CO members up. Ky vs X or X vs Tiffany or Ky vs Tiffany. Putting up two floaters does nothing.


I understand your position but feel only Azah & Big D have floated. There is far more to the game than winning comps and even in that scenario Ky having three wins isn’t that big of a deal considering how many in the house have two wins.

X won an HOH that Baby D & Hannah threw (so they could take out his teammate Brent). And he won a POV. Granted he’s throwing comps but this week while being OTB he tried to win POV & got smoked by both Hannah & SB. Kyland was third in that comp.

Kyland has won two HOHs and a veto. Tiffany won an HOH that no one threw, as well as the Wild Card comp. Her (& Hannah) getting Claire in line prior to the Big Bucks competition to keep Tiffs noms in place highlights their activity behind the scenes especially since Claire would’ve put Ky & Big D up if she played her personal choice.

Claire also has two comp wins (Wild Card, and Secret HOH). Alyssa has two wins one against herself (b/c no one else played) and one that Ky threw to her although she was a solid second in OTEV.

Azah & Big D have no wins so I’m in total agreement on your assessment about them particularly b/c Big D was given $275 from fans & couldn’t even transfer that into a win (scoring ONE point in the coin roll). He spends his days horizontal complaining about Tiff, calling the women b*tches, and tells everyone how he’s the mastermind of the season — recently it came out Tiff was the one who first approached him to do the Cookout — maybe that’s why he’s so intent on targeting her first. Azah at least has been close in comps – he’s never even been second (or third that I recall). I’m not a fan of his game play to hide behind two male shields & tell every person leaving how close he is to them – never ever being honest about his vote.

What isn’t getting shown on TV is how much work Tiff and Hannah have done behind the scenes. Kyland has been extremely messy and is only in the house still mostly b/c of the Cookout. Xavier also benefited by being on the Kings b/c of Christian – it was easy for him to build relationships and lay back b/c either the Cookout or the Kings were winning or DX who was also protecting him due to the Royal Flush — and he was added to that group b/c Tiffany suggested it knowing if she didn’t he might go after both Christian & X (he was more wary of X than Chris truth be told).

Hannah knew SB & Ally were going to potentially target her b/c they recognized her intelligence & also weren’t necessarily wanting to play with other women so she was almost forced to sit back in comps or put a target on her back.

Tiff, Hannah, Ky & X have played well enough to be at the end while many hope DX returns via a battle back as the sentimental favorite. He played a great game but Tiff was also instrumental in his choices & helping him with strategy (as was Hannah). Had it not been for the Cookout I’m feel strongly it would’ve been a F4 of DX, Tiff, Hannah & Claire with the possibility X potentially being in the mix & most definitely Xavier & DX targeting each other. I’m not sure Ky would’ve even made jury b/c he was shady going way back & Tiff would’ve got him ousted early.

The Beef

I agree with most of what you say here, but there’s a couple of points I’d like to make.

#1 When you say Tiff won HOH when nobody was throwing that’s not true. X very clearly was throwing that comp, so that he could go ahead and get his mandatory punishment nomination taken care of the week when the COD was in play, and at the time everybody was thinking was most likely going to be won by a CO member, so it was smart for him to do that. Now I still think Tiff’s win was legit, as X was likely the only person throwing, but still, he did throw.

#2 Tiffany did “win” a wildcard, but only because her and DX teamed up against Britini, so it was 2 against 1 in that one. Does that make it less legit? Maybe a little.

#3 I don’t see how anybody gets credit for a win, when nobody is playing against you (Alyssa), and/or the only other person playing is obviously trying to throw the competition in an attempt to LOSE (Claire’s win in the COD). I mean really? Is that the only way you can win? When the competition is openly and blatantly trying to lose to you? That’s pretty pitiful in my eyes.

I don’t even remember the wild card Claire won, but as far as I’m concerned, Alyssa has the same number of competition wins as Azah and Big D. Yes, she IS better at comps than they are, and that should be considered as they make their decisions about who goes first, but in my eyes she still hasn’t won anything, and she hasn’t done anything strategically to merit any consideration as a strategic player.

Tiffany, Hannah and Claire have ALL been involved in strategic planning and maneuvering throughout the game, which is where they really stand out over the other three (Alyssa, Azah and Big D) IMHO. If you don’t win comps, you should be involved in other ways, as Danielle D. was, always talking and planting seeds in peoples minds – playing the game. These 3 haven’t done any of that at all.


funny game is over and we know it….lmfao


This old, white, conservative lady is actually starting to root for CO now. I know, right?
Are they the first group of six to form at the begining of the game and carry through to the final six? Pretty noteworthy I would say. They are cut-throat and their mission binds them like no other alliance I have seen. Impressive, most groups fall apart. I am looking forward to seeing them explode!
On the other hand, it is offensive that their gameplay is solely based on race. Mixed race? Expendable. Asians, hispanics, whites need not apply.

Jaymie lee

I dont get how anyone can say because thete Black its okay. Whites nope thats racist, Blacks oh there not racist just getting rid of the Whites. Nothing to see here. They cant be racist there Black! Well they sure dropped dereckx and alyssa for not having the correct skin colour.