“What I’m observing is there’s a war going on between Ika and Neda”

4:00pm Neda, Kevin and Bruno comparing notes about Ika
Bruno says Ika is really pushing for Emily to stay.
Bruno – Emily is gone.. I think we should get her out.. if we don’t get her out this week she’ll make it to the end.
They agree Dillon will be a mess with Emily gone.

Kevin – What I’m observing is there’s a war going on between Ika and Neda.. Neda’s Army and Ika’s Army
Bruno – Ika wants me over there so bad but I’m not going to do it
Kevin – She’s playing on me hard too, you need to make her think you’re with her
Bruno – of course
They agree Bruno was going to go up if Kevin used the veto.
Bruno – I knew it, was the perfect shot to take
Bruno – they don’t know we are the 5 votes, we decide who goes.. they don’t control shit.
Kevin – Burnt the bridge with William and Karen..
Bruno – the line has been drawn for a long time..
Kevin – It’s very clear now
Bruno – if Dillon wins he’s putting you and me up.. and the thing is THEY put him up twice and their still pissed at us

Neda joins them ‘F***G children”
Neda says “they” (Dillon Eemily) did something to the pickles emptied it and poured something else in it.
Neda – I understand hiding food F***G food is another thing
Kevin says Dillon is claiming he pissed in the pool
Neda is going to talk to Production because they can “F***” with food and put it back in people could get sick.
Neda – it’s f***d up that Jon’s on of his good friends outside the house and he’s coming after me
Neda says Ika has been talking shit constantly about Bruno, Kevin and Sindy. Neda brings up her conversation with Sindy where they compared notes and Ika is telling Sindy and Neda the same thing trying to make them against each other.
Neda – Ika’s been saying the worst thing like Sindy like Demetres..

Neda says Ika told her Bruno is going around saying “Neda’s moods horrible I can’t be around that”
Bruno – WHAT .. WOW
Neda says her and sindy hashed everything out and know that Ika is a huge liar.
Neda – you got to jump on this anti Ika bandwagon
Kevin – I’m there
Neda says for them to do whatever they can to pull Sindy in make shit up if they have to

Neda – is is smart to keep Dillon
Bruno – Dillon without her might self destruct
Neda – today’s the day to jump on the Sindy bandwagon
Neda says Ika is viscous she doesn’t care who she f***s over
Neda says if she wins HOH she’s putting up Dre and William if there’s a backdoor option Ika
Neda – Ika is scarier than Demetres
Bruno’s thinking about throwing both Demetres and Ika up.
Kevin is going to try and repair things with William.

They talk about how Dumb (Gamewise) Dillon and Emily are.
Neda – if we pull Sindy in we can deny the 6 was even a thing
Bruno – that’s true
Neda – it would just be Ika and Demetres saying
Kevin – Sindy is key right now..
They agree Ika is good.
Neda – this is why she left early her season Ika is destructive
Neda – how can we turn Sindy against Dre and ika.. he has to be personal stuff and game stuff
It’ll be 5 vs 5 in the HOH competition this week

They start to debate who should go first the french connection, Ika/Dre or Ika/Demetres.
Neda says Ika has wanted Kevin out since week 1.
Bruno brings up when Ika was saying how useless Kevin was this week and Demetres was in the background saying the same thing right after Ika.
Neda calls Demetres “the parrot”
Neda – we have to make sure Sindy doesn’t trust Ika and Dre
Neda says William was fully throwing Kevin under the bus to Jackie today after the veto Ceremony.

Neda says if they don’t win HOH Bruno and Kevin are going to be nominated.
Kevin – Sindy is not incentivized to win the HOH
Neda agrees
Neda says they have to sketch Sindy out enough about Ika having already gone to the other side.
Bruno – Ika leaving would open this game up a lot for us .. she’s the quarterback we gotta get rid of it

Kevin – she doesn’t throw anyone under the bus to me
Neda – she doesn’t trust you
Kevin and Neda agree that Ika is so convincing they have to make sure Sindy is on lock.

Neda about Ika – She makes stuff up..
Bruno – Emily spilt everything.. the alliance to Dre..
Kevin – I love how we turned our back on them
Neda – that makes no sense they’re so dumb
Bruno – Ika and Demetres are key to get out.

Kevin – look how confident he is
Bruno – he thinks he’s king shit
Neda calls what Iak is doing to Jackie is bullying
Neda says Jackie is 100% with them they just need to lock Sindy
Bruno – I can’t believe we lost Dillon and Emily
Neda – there’s idiots.. hot heads idiots
Kevin – Maybe we can get Dillon back

Neda – Ika, F**** you
Neda – Jon your buddy Dillon sucks..
Neda and Bruno again saying EMily and Dillon are dumb.

Kevin leaves..
Bruno says Emily has flipped 100%.

Bruno says they aren’t going to say shit about their vote so everyone thinks it will be unanimous but they’ll vote EMily out.
(They are planning on Bruno, Kevin, Neda, Sindy and Jackie’s vote to evict Emily)
Bruno – we can be like look Dillon.. they voted against you and put you up.
Neda – our main job is Sindy
Neda says they have to point out to Sindy “Who is up all night Dre, Demetres, Ika and William”
Neda says Ika was saying that Neda was jealous of Sindy because she was close to mark
Neda also says Ika told her Sindy is Jealous of her because she got Demetres and Sindy didn’t.
Bruno is confident they can pull Sindy back he’s just not sure how deep Ika’s claws are sunk in.

Hot Tub Karen Dillon and Emily Emily – there were a couple people that I had my doubts about but he seemed to have a good relationship with them so I was like alright well.. Dillon – I sh*t the bed on this one. Emily – we both did though. How are we supposed to know. Karen – you don’t know because people look you in the face and tell you
brother .. you’re like a brother to me. I just want to know have they thought this out? Like if Will and Kevin had that conversation which is what I said yesterday and he said he would put up Jackie .. why wouldn’t they want to keep 2 strong people. I makes no sense. Emily – it doesn’t make any sense. So they had this scheme all along once they got Jackie back or what? Dillon – I think Sindy might be playing a little better than we think. She’s playing both sides of the house. Karen – she’s not though. I’ve watched them with her though. They don’t ever talk to her. She’s just in that room with them. No one ever talks to her. Dillon – as soon as they got Jackie nailed down.. we were expendable. Karen – Bruno said there are no better people to go home than you two.. there were no other names mentioned out of Bruno’s mouth than you two. Dillon – I believe it too.

5:23pm Bruno and Dillon
Dillon says Emily doesn’t trust anyone on the other side of the house.
Bruno – they are going to give her that false hope
Bruno points out they hang out all the time the only reason that side is putting effort is because they want Dillon to go and Emily to stay.
Bruno points out again that the other side of the house won HOH 5 times and 2 of those times Dillon was on the block.
Adds that the 5 votes against on Dillon came from the other side.

Bruno tells him if he wins the HOH he’s not coming after Dillon.
Bruno brings up his sons surgery and starts to cry.. “It’s just tough”
Dillon – sorry man
Bruno – no man it’s cool .. it’s just tough seeing him strapped to all those machines.. 4 year old kid can’t play..
Bruno – I have a lot on my mind.. I just got upset.. I didn’t mean to get upset with you
Dillon – sorry man
Bruno – I didn’t mean to take it out on you..
Dillon – we were fired up it happen..
Bruno – those braces were 5 grand when I heard 5 grand it triggered it.. (The argument after the POV ceremony)
Feeds cut..

5:39pm Ika, Dre and Demetres HOH
Ika says Neda wants Dillon to stay way too f***g hard.

5:42pm Sindy and Neda
Neda apologizes for not coming to Sindy earlier about what Ika was saying she was scared of Ika.
Sindy says she really wanted the six to work.
Sindy says the reason she didn’t share what Ika was saying about Kevin, Neda and Bruno is she didn’t want distrust to start.
They talk about Drama between Ika and Sindy that happend outside the game. Feeds cut..

Neda and Ika
Ika and Neda getting heated..

Ika and Dre HOH

8:25pm Karen Demetres and Ika
Demetres says Dillon is back with Bruno and Kevin he will put them up if he wins HOH.
Karen – how are these people this f***g stupid
Ika says William should have put Bruno and Kevin up.
Karen asks if Demetres is working with “Those boys”
Ika is certain he’s not.
Ika – next week it’s you me and Demetres playing HOH against all of them
Ika goes on about how much hate and anger she has inside, “There in a big surpsie when I have power”
Karen thinks Neda is mad at Ika because she can’t control Ika.
Karen adds that is why Neda doesn’t talk to her.

Ika – I say we put up Neda/Bruno or Neda/Kevin and we get neda the f*** outta here.
Karen proposes they put Neda and Sindy up
Ika about Neda “She is turning people against me so they come after me” (LOL Ika was doing the same thing to neda)

Ika and Demetres
Demetres – we’re going to have to keep Dillon we don’t have the choice..

Bruno, Kevin, Neda and Dillon
Neda – Dillon we have your f***g back
Bruno – we got you 100
They tell Dillon they’re voting to keep him.

Jackie Neda and Bruno
Agreeing if they win HOH they’ll put Ika and Demetres up.
Neda reminds them not to say anything about the vote just tell Emily she’s staying.

Kevin and Neda
Neda – today took such a turn for the better..
They agree to just focus on studying and staying on top of Sindy. They worry because Ika is so good and working on people.

10:18pm Ika and Neda
Ika – I feel really bad. About like everything.. And what’s his name just f**king threw me out. Neda – who? Ika – Demetres. Neda – why? Ika – because of how I spoke to you. Neda – oh right. Ika – I really don’t what to do this in this house and I feel like I don’t have anybody and I see you with Jackie and… Neda – its because you avoid me all day long. Ika – because I really don’t have anyone else in this house but you and I don’t want to loose that. I feel like I don’t what us to turn on each other. Neda – I know, I don’t want that either. Its just when I get spoken to like that.. Ika – I know, I’m so sorry. We get angry and we say things but I swear to god I love you in this game. I love you outside of this house. Neda – its just hard when you come at me like that.
Ika says she swears on her children she’s never told Dre, William and Karen about the 6 alliance she’s loyal to Neda.

Ika to Dre – the people that we gravitate to speaks volumes. we stuck together, then went together. Kevin & William went together for a bit. Which tells you that Kevin does like you. Sindy is a f**king liar. You want to go by your gut.. Dre – mine too. Ika – you going back to Bruno threw me and Demetres under the but. Bruno already said he wants to keep Dillon. Bruno has not said a word to me, so that conversation should not have happened. Dre gets up and says … Dre – okay I’m going to tell him I’m going to backdoor him. Ika – that doesn’t even.. I dont get it. Dre – so that I can be the new target.

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Kaboom! Ika’s game getting blown up! She better hope she or someone on “her” side wins HOHENWALD. Finally I feel like the line has been drawn and I can’t wait till the fighting begins! YIPEE! !


The videos say still processing. Am I here too early?

come now

yet no want get there hands dirty when there double elimination ansx stiolll cant put up 3 people on the block!stioll kevin sdidnt use pov and william gettn played!


LoL – Why is everyone saying Ika’s game is blown up? Her alliance of 6 was already on to her a few week’s ago !!! They have never trusted her, but let her go so she could provide them with information from the other side. The other 5 were always intending to put her and Demetres on the block sooner or later – It was just who would strike 1ST, Neda or Ika. I am personally loving the drama between Ika and Neda, at least Ika has the BALLS to say everything to a person’s face and not behind someone’s back, like Queen Sheba of the Bitches.
But if I was Ika, I would consider having a heart to heart with Dillon and pulling him in instead of Emily, voting her out instead this Week. The other side would never see it coming and the way he went after Bruno could be beneficial to all of them. I am so sick of Bruno and his pompous ass – When his game is in trouble he always brings his child in to the mix for sympathy. Nope leave that crap at home or for the Jury Vote if you make it that far.
Say what you want about Karen – all you Haters – But she is in the best position right now, because while everyone is fighting and slinging mud at each other she is sitting on the sidelines being Mama Karen, and refereeing the action and no one is mentioning her name. She hates everyone, doesn’t trust anyone yet she is a vote for everyone. – And she has one HoH comp win that people have seem to forgotten in that house.

ika over neda allday

i rsyher neda leave but she cant until safety is up!


Ika does not say shit to to people’s faces or she wouldn’t have been fake crying to Neda. Ika has been playing the middle for a long time. She has been trashing Sindy to Neda and trashing Neda to Sindy. Ika was too obvious about wanting to keep Cass and Gary which was clearly against the best interests of the six.

I agree that Karen is doing great for now. Even Neda said Karen will probably make final 3, Kevin and Bruno agreed. Someone like Karen or Sabrina usually makes it to the end because the big targets start taking each other out.

I’d say the strongest gaming alliances are now (assuming Emily is gone):
William Dre
Ika Demetres
Neda, Bruno

Biggest targets are, Neda, Bruno, Dillon, William, Dre, Ika and Demetres.

safest are
Karen, Sindy, Kevin and Jackie

I see a big physical challenge coming to test the men and to get them targeting each other.

If I am right then the next HoH will be one of Dillon, Demetres, Kevin, and Bruno.


ika gurlll…your days are numbered in this house


Ika will try to go with whichever side of the house wins the next HoH. I don’t think she realizes yet that she has burnt her bridges with the six.


Between Ika and Neda I hope Ika wins the war.


So I listened to the conversation again between Ika and Neda and it’s funny how when people get into arguments and try to re-tell a story how they embellish with curse words. Neda’s re-telling of her convo with Ika is giving me flashes of Sabrina by the hot tub argument.


Sorry about the previous typos. I meant HOH not HOHENWALD. Damn auto correct!


This is my first foray into BB Canada and was juuuuust about to ask about the specifics of HOHENWALD. Sounded exciting, lol. Gotta love autocorrect 😉


Ika’s biggest mistake was to tell on what William wanted to do with the POV replacement nom ! She should’ve shut her mouth and let them decide either way she wasn’t getting blood on her hands !!!Now its all blowing up on her face ,….


Ika stop being so dumb!!! If you put up Neda and Kevin/Bruno all it will take is the other of the Kevin/Bruno pair to win POV and take off the other and boom Neda’s safe and Sidney goes home. Put up Bruno & kevin..whoever wins POV me ill def use it and Backdoor Neda! Bruno & Kevin will cut Neda loose to save he other 100%! It’s like they don’t think about POV at all..so frustrating! Sid doesn’t really like Neda too much and she does like Ika so hopefully this plan doesn’t work or I will be pissed


i think every player has that one moment they look back on and think
it went all down hill from there
Ika boo boo this was it! What a dummy you had bruno on a silver platter and she ruined it like a freshmen in high school running up to seniors , notice how ika gives gives and gives but their all cautious with ever giving her info ( cause she talks so damm much they can just listean!?!? iwas really supporting her till she once again become a pigeon carrier delivering information to a side that took out indiviudals that you knew were never coming after you (gary, cass, dallas) who she could’ve really saved all of them if she wanted too.
ika you made your bed and unfortunately now you have to lay in it, don’t wory tho you took deme with you


i think every player has that one moment they look back on and think
it went all down hill from there
Ika boo boo this was it! What a dummy you had bruno on a silver platter and she ruined it like a freshmen in high school running up to seniors , notice how ika gives gives and gives but their all cautious with ever giving her info ( cause she talks so damm much they can just listean!?!? iwas really supporting her till she once again become a pigeon carrier delivering information to a side that took out indiviudals that you knew were never coming after you (gary, cass, dallas) who she could’ve really saved all of them if she wanted to.
ika you made your bed and unfortunately now you have to lay in it, don’t wory tho you took deme with you


The problem with Neda’s game is that the core of it is so ugly and unappealing. It runs on spreading fear and divisiveness by inciting hatred and vilifying people. This is what she did her season – which was one of the ugliest seasons. Its just dark and unpleasant.

Socially, she is not up to pair with Ika. She’s not fun.

Neda is like the dark side of the force. Ika seeks for balance, and at least plays around – it’s annoying at times because she’s spoiled the Bruno backdoor, the Cassandra save, and to an extent the Marks save – but the core is more entertaining than this dark-spirited/mean-spirited style of play that comes from Neda.


That’s just not true and it’s a mean thing to say. Neda has identified the threats and gone after them. This is a game. Ika is bullying Jackie for no reason.


Neda said she was about girl power but is clearly threatened by and seeks to destroy strong women / feminine energy like Ika, Cassandra (she got her out way too early when Cassandra was vocal about her respect for her), and Gary.

Instead she clearly wants to play with the boys: has said wants to play with another Jon, she tried to get close to Emily and Dillon (said repeatedly they remind of her and jon), and close to Bruno and Kevin.

Her game play is negative. As much as you don’t like it, her behaviour has been vile and bitchy. She does not have to make it personal. Yet she does. She did not have to make Gary cry. Or gang-up on Gary (like did they really have to give him five times more slop-cookies than everyone else?? A bit overkill.) Or make Sindy cry in DR. Or did what she did to Sabrina (the way she was demonized was just cruel). Or did what she and said what she said to Cassandra, who reacted with class, by the way. I’m sorry if you don’t like it. But she has behaved horribly.
Ika doesn’t like Jackie because of the way she betrayed Cassandra. Its all out there. We see it.

See right through

It was the Ika show so far. To a huge extent, she did this to herself. She did excellent game play, but her overall objective was severely misguided based on this sense of loyalty to the Six / Neda’s crew from the beginning. She decided to stick with Neda’s alliance and failed to trust her social connections (not just the veterans alliance thing): she let Dallas go, she let Cassandra go, finally she didn’t fight hard enough to get William to save Gary. All of those were so close, and she tipped it in favour of Neda.

It’s just sad because she is just realizing her mistakes – and its just as Gary said to Cassandra week 2: she’ll realize and regret it when Neda screws her over because they aren’t actually loyal to her.

It’s Neda and the ‘cool’ crew, and I feel sorry for Ika who did so a lot for the alliance but never was going to do enough to earn loyalty right from the beginning.

I dislike Neda – she’s fake, malicious. It’s like that week when she got Gary out — it wasn’t enough that he was leaving, but the way she has to vilify them and make it a case of trying to convince people to hate him as “justification”. Its hypocritical, self-righteous and just overall gross!

Not only is it base, and shows how much of an insecure person she is deep down, with a dark / mean side — its just so boring and not entertaining to watch. There’s no life. I’m so over it. I’m so over her.

That ‘argument’ was a total set-up and an excuse for her to run back to her alliance. How convenient that this ‘argument’ in which Ika supposed ‘blew up’ at her and was ‘so nasty’ comes right in the heels of their finally outwardly deciding it was time to cut her?

sunny dee

i will always remember gary’s comment after they were running the videos of the departed HGs for the next comp saying cass was the villain, and he says, oh honey you don’t know how it’s all being edited as to who is showing up as the villain and neda just gets a ‘look’ on her face lol


Ika has been playing the middle hoping each side will take the other out and she got found out by Neda and Bruno. Ika even told the camera that she doesn’t want to choose a side. She has bullied Jackie for no reason. She is constantly talking trash about people. Do you not watch the show?


Ika big mouth cost them at the end of the day.

Why would Ika want to report everything to neda if she really dislike her. It seems like Ika is constantly seeking validation from Neda.

Or Ika is playing the other side of the house all day long.


Each week, she seemed to over-play. Maybe she likes the drama. She plays both sides, and at the end of the day, she finally sides with Neda & their original alliance each week. She feels like her alliance owes her for all of her hard work — but they were always going to cut her and she was on the bottom.

It was really bad judgement. She’s just realizing it today (finally!) In her conversation above with Demetri (where she apologizes for getting him into the alliance), she is just realizing: she now regrets getting rid of Dallas & Cassandra for her alliance. If they didn’t go, then Gary would likely not have gone either.

It was not smart of Ika, to be honest. But I still dislike Neda more – her behaviour is just vile. The personal stuff is too much. With Sabrina, on her season, she pretty much made her out to be the devil. People hated Sabrina so she was popular and people had sympathy with her because she was the underdog and she at least had some humility. But it’s the same tactics, except this time her head is huge and she’s being bullying.


Ika is a fucken spaz. #Teamneda all the way.


Ika is their for the camera time and has 0% chance of winning, her crying at nedas feat was embarrassing to watch. Every weak might be the ika show but its nedas target that goes home.


So…..what ever happened with voting who the HOH wanted out? Oh right, neda is not running the hoh this week. *ROLLING EYES WAY FURTHER BACK THAN neda’s BIG EYESBALLS EVER CAN*
What a bunch of hypocrites! I cannot wait until neda’s immunity runs out!!!! Only thing I am looking forward to this season and FYI, ‘vorting neda for immunuity,’ stupid move, CANADA!!! smh. Sooooooo, disappointed in all of you… >:(