“I think she realizes we’ve put 2 and 2 together, we’re not idiots, she’s scrambling”

(FYI Videos can take some time anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes to upload)

10:14am Bruno and Neda
Neda fills bruno in on last night’s conversation with Ika. Ika is worried if she pulls the same conversation with Sindy than Sindy will believe it.
Bruno says Ika is talking to Sindy right now but once they’re done Bruno will talk to Sindy.

Neda – I think she realizes we’ve put 2 and 2 together we’re not idiots and she’s scrambling
Neda – she was even crying and stuff..
Neda says she told Ika she thinks she’s crying because she realized she f***d up her game.

Neda says Ika has been chipping away at the trust in their group since day 3
Bruno – it’s too much
Neda says she doesn’t care who goes first Dre or Ika

Bruno says Dre came up to him last night and said I don’t want to make an alliance with you I want to make a deal where they don’t come after each other
Neda – she’s such a sketch bag
Bruno – trust me this is my team that is their team
Bruno says day 31 and Dre decided to talk to game with them.

They agree to keep reminding Dillon they are keeping him but making it look like they are keeping Emily. (Bruno, Kevin, Neda, Jackie, Sindy as of right now are all deploying this strategy)

Bruno says Ika and Demetres stay up for hours talking, “Holy f** what is there to go over”
Neda – they’re playing 2 sides..
Bruno – they gotta cover all their lies .. go over all the stories they’ve been telling all day

Neda about Ika – I’m not Jackie I’m not one of these little girls you can scream at
Neda says Ika employs intimidation tactics.
Bruno – She’s definitely not with you I can tell you that right now
Neda and Bruno agree they kinda like Ika just being on the other side.
Kevin comes in.
Neda says Ika is trying to sell to her that she doesn’t want Kevin to vote Emily out because then Kevin can rebuild trust with William.

Talking about Ika saying that William trusts Kevin 100% but then telling jackie william doesn’t trust Kevin.
Bruno points out how Ika went into panic mode yesterday
Neda mentions to Kevin Ika was crying last night at first neda felt bad she was crying but after she realized Ika was only crying because she realized her game was f***D
Bruno – everyone just compared notes..
Neda warns if Ika wins HO sindy will jump on that side.
Bruno – they’re only 3 of them playing (In HOH)

Neda says this season is shaping up just like her season when Heather jumped to her side because she was bullied by Ika just like Jackie is.
Bruno says Ika knows they are onto her you can see on her face.
Neda is worried Ika will deploy some desperate measures. She still worried about Sindy.
Bruno says Sindy realizes that Ika doesn’t like her he’s going to keep working on her.
Dillon rolls in.. some chit chat. Neda leaves..

Bruno confirms with him that they are not saving Emily people might come to him and say they are but they are not.

Bruno – It’s going to go good buddy..
Bruno explains the instant and Double evictions to him. Says he thinks there will be a 9 person Jury.

10:41am Emily and Jackie
Jackie explains to her that they might have said they would have put her up but bruno would have been the person that goes up.
Jackie says things have been different between them asks her what William/Dre/Ika have said about her.
Jackie – I feel like they were trying to take a jab to me through you..
Jackie – they’ve gone and said so much sh1t about me.
Emily says they didn’t say a lot about Jackie it was mostly about Bruno.

Jackie reminds her that the two sides are trying to get everyone to flip “How long has Bruno had your back”
Emily says that Bruno told her and Dillon the exact same thing “You’re my ride or die I’m voting to keep you”

Jackie says every single person in the house has said they wanted Emily and Dillon out
Jackie – just like you guys aren’t going to stop until Dre/william or Demetres and Ika are split up
Jackie – Emily I want you to stay..

11:08am Neda and Sindy
Sindy going over her conversation with Dre.

Sindy says Dre is telling her Kevin is playing William.
Neda adds that William is playing Kevin
Sindy agrees says Dre will never trust Kevin and will say whatever there is to say about him.

Neda mentions how Iak was saying it was Dre and William’s plan to influence Kevin to use the veto so that they could put up Bruno.
Sindy – she told me that William asked Kevin to use the veto so he can backdoor Jackie.
Sindy mentions how Dre is wanting to Call Jackie out
Neda – what the hell has Jackie done these past 2 weeks

Bruno’s Birthday party in the hot tub

Dre and Ika
Ika says Neda went around to the whole house and said Ika attacked her.
Dre – she didn’t believe you yesterday.. by the way, she’s still telling people to watch out for you

Ika – it was a waste of tears.. took all the pride for me to do it.
Dre says Neda and Bruno won’t put Ika on the block they will get Jackie or Dillon to do it.
Ika calls Neda, Jackie and Sindy catty girls and they have joined together because they don’t like Ika.
Ika – the only way Dillon leaves is if Kevin votes with us
Dre – yo think Kevin will flip
Ika – William has to work on it
Ika says at first Kevin was playing William but then got worried about how he was being viewed so now he’s being like “I really like him”
Dre says Kevin voting out Dillon is his way to prove that he’s not playing William
Ika – we shouldn’t have told Dillon and Emily anything

Sindy Kevin and Bruno

Ika and Dre
Ika – If I win HOH i’m going to turn this house upside down

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I hope The Greek gets HOH in the double and gets Neda out – it’d be even more amazing if Ika could do it, though. They’d have to get her up against someone like Sindy or Bruno to get her votes down. It’s inevitable that Ika and Demestres will end up on the block together soon if they’re not able to take a few shots ASAP. I’ll honestly be sad if Ika is out before Neda.

yup yup yup

” I’ll honestly be sad if Ika is out before Neda. ” Agree to disagree 😀
I will throw a party following Ika’s eviction.


I hope it’s a 9 person jury! So during this double eviction the second person evicted will be the first member of the jury!
And hopefully Neda will no longer have safety!




unless you’re kevin, bruno, sindy, jackie, or dillon


no they are all dumb too…ika can be targeted every week, she is explosive and has already ruined her game Kevin and bruno are being puppetted around by neda its so funny


Ika is doing the most and sinking her game faster than Donald Trump can post a rant on twitter.

HJ's and Twitter

Kevin gave William a handjob last night. The video is on twitter. Also, apparently Jordan Parhar told Kevin and Ika to vote out Sindy first because he’s still bitter towards her. Risha called him out on it on twitter and he owned it.

Guy From Canada


If Kevin owned his sexuality no problem. But to cover it up as game, and if it actually is game, wow whole new level of sad.


I’m not entirely convinced it is just game for Kevin, but even if it is… they’re in the Big Brother house! People do this all the time in Big Brother, it just so happens Kevin is doing it with a gay guy instead of a girl. This show is filled with fake relationships and using people to get to the finale. Even if Kevin is being deceitful about his sexuality, it’s not the first time that’s happened in Big Brother either! Remember Kenny? He pretended to be straight so he could flirt with the women and use his relationships with them to his advantage in the game.

Good on ya Kevin I say! A good player to me means people doing what it takes to get to the end, even if that means making out with a gay guy and you’re straight (again, I get the feeling he’s just a wee bit curious, but who cares either way).

On a side note… William knows what’s going on. It would be different if he was clueless, but he’s playing Kevin as well!


send the receipts


please show the receipts…


I hate Ika more than Neda so I want Ika evicted first.


At the end of the day it’s just a game. Ika and Neda don’t even know you exist and will likely make up and hang out after the season’s over. Girl Bye!


^Clearly an Ika fan…

Neda for Prime Minister

Am I alone in thinking Neda is Abby beast. She is going to win this hands down and become the all time greatest player in any bb history!

I can’t wait for her book.


and we laughed and laughed – it’s good to laugh

Willy nilly

Lolll. Ika’s squad sucks at this game


I don’t get why Ika feels the need to verbally abuse Jackie. The girl did nothing to her. Its the same thing Ika did to Heather in season 2. Makes no sense. This girl is disgustingly vile and hateful. Her bitchy attitude is not her “being real”. Its her being a bully and lunatic who has a spaz attack almost everyday.


Jackie needs to get a back bone. All she does is cry. Tell her to f off.

Ika is a witch!

The worst part is that Jackie was bullied before… she’s got it engrained.

Guy From Canada

Take ownership and become that weak player. Jackie is by no means a Dan, but he brought back the perception of being a weak player to make it to the end started by Dr Will. Jackie could be a Karen and brought to second place because at this point she could only win against Karen.


Maybe I’m missing something, but dre pass her time telling William that Kevin is playing him and William is just a boy toy. From what I saw, Williams plan was to play Kevin and renom Bruno if the pov was used. To me this really look like dre is jealous of Kevin getting close to William. I didn’t watch the feed that much but every William/dre convo I catch is about that (I speak French)

My question to all of you is: do you see Kevin playing William that much? They are not in the same alliance but he seems honest to him without sharing all his info.


I think she was looking out for a Friend. You can tell how genuine and worried she was for William. Like there was legit concern for William not to do something stupid and be hurt.


Meanwhile, MAMA Karen is nursing her hangover in the Pink Room thinking …..” Keep fighting all you bitches and a-holes while I win another HoH, and send one of you out the door during the Double! ” – I have a feeling Bruno and either Jackie or Neda are going during the Double.


Ika keeps saying that she’s going to flip the house and so far she hasn’t done anything. She goes through the process of going against the house and then ends up doing exactly what the core 6 want. And this whole schtick about keeping entertaining players in, I don’t even get it. Gary was fun but Cass and Dallas just annoyed me. I like ika but she needs to actually do something substantial than just talking a lot, making plans and then helping out the 6.

As for Neda, I suppose she’s playing the game at least, getting things done. But I don’t think she’ll go far. She literally doesn’t have a ride or die this time around and I think that makes the game for so many people. I don’t even know, Bruno might take the win and that would suck, for me. But yeah.


Is Kevin playing Will? Of course. He’s said it a million times.
Was Bruno using the sick kid angle and crocodile tears to get to Dillon yesterday? Of course.
Is Dillon playing the weak wanna go home game? Yes, both to stay and to get a thank you bang from Emily before she’s evicted.
Is Neda just as bad as Ika? Yes, just quieter about it.
I guess the ends justify the means is the lesson.


Why do people hate Neda more than Ika?


I think perhaps people dislike Neda more than Ika because Neda seems cold – not a fun person, never letting loose. Ika is much more animated than Neda so maybe people are more drawn to Ika.


I think it’s cuz Ika has more of a heart. She’s been loyal to the original 6-alliance. Neda is kinda not a nice person sometimes – like her true colors are kinda … not very nice. Apparently, in real life she can be a bitch.


Random thought

What if Karen in week 1 puts up her original 2 nominees without being swayed by Sindy. Neda will be in her under dog element and plot. But in the event that it wasn’t good enough, Neda goes home. We won’t see Neda terrible side and Canada will still love her and prolly might be bitter and hate Karen.

Mark will still be around in the house – a really good looking eye candy.

Technically it’s kinda Sindy’s deceit that allowed this to happen.


Sindy is benefited by none of the veterans being put up. She’s playing an excellent game so far – and is set up to go far this time.

By the way, Sindy is the one person saving Ika’s ass from being turned on by her entire 6-alliance right now.
I didn’t know of the pre-existing friendship on the outside world between Ika and Sindy. Now knowing this, Ika’s decision to always stay faithful to the 6-alliance doesn’t seem so mis-guided. She actually kind of has a sure thing with Sindy and Demetres. That’s half of the six. Smart.