Dillon – “Fake like a 3 dollar Bill”

Kevin Didn’t use the Power of Veto. Nominations stand, EMily and Dillon

Ika says Emily needs to sit with Jackie and secure that vote.

Bruno saying he can’t believe they “jumped” on him like that.
Emily asks why was he saying to both of them that he was keeping them safe.
Bruno – I told you this morning you’re like a brother you’re like a sister to me, I have to go with what they want man..
Emily – Why.. it’s breaking my heart

Bruno – you’re like a f***g sister to me and you’re going to pull that f***g shit on me, I was with you guys since day f***G one
Bruno says they’re day 30 and he’s been with them the beginning
Emily – why did you tell Kevin not to use the veto

Bruno – Who’s saying that I want a name right now.. Whatever the HOH wants I have to go with
Bruno tells them they jumped on him to work with people that were targeting them.

Bruno says if kevin uses the veto he would go up.
Dillon and Emily says that William is putting Jackie up.
Bruno doesn’t believe it, “You believe William.. This is Big BRother man.. Why the F*** would he put up Jacke.. He’s on the other side of the house guys it’s us versus them”

Emily – he was legit going to put Jackie up
Bruno – C’mon guys.. You’re smarter than that
Bruno again says whatever the house is going he’s got to follow they don’t have the numbers
Emily – it’s breaking my heart, what’s the point of an alliance..
Bruno tells them if they are talking like that they are throwing the game away
Dillon – OK Bruno..
Bruno I’m telling you guys..
Dillon – OK Bruno..
Bruno – I don’t have the Veto
Dillon – you probably wouldn’t have used it anyway
Bruno – you don’t have to be like that.. Be like that.. Trust me you don’t don’t scare the F*** out of me you don’t scare me one bit

Dillon – What the f*** is this scared paranoid .. you sound like a paranoid little punk right now..
Bruno – Don’t talk f*** shit right now.. You’re not going to talk to me like that..
Dillon – Keep cussing at us like we’re some punk on the stree.. you sound like a little punk on the street
Karen joins them.
Dillon – fake like a 3 dollar Bill

11:50am Neda and Jackie
Neda says Emily has jumped onto the other side.

11:51am William and Kevin
Kevin – I’m sorry I chickened out man
William – you lied to me
Kevin – they’re was sketchy sh1t this morning.. I wasn’t trying to play you last night

12:01pm Kevin, Bruno, Dillon and Emily
Emily – did you tell William you were going to use it.
Kevin – we had a discussion.. I felt like I couldn’t use it
Emily – what was your game plan if you told William you were going to use it
Kevin – we discussed it.. William is mad at me
Emily – you’re showing home you’re a liar.. and not saving you’re own alliance I don’t know what your game plan is
Dillon – to win 10K from the brick
Dillon and Emily says they would have used the veto on Kevin no matter what the house says.
Bruno keeps telling them that William/Dre is trying to get them to fight

12:10am Hot Tub Dillon, Kevin and Emily
Emily – So one of us goes and the alliance stays
Bruno – we need each other more than ever
Kevin says if he uses the veto he had no idea who the replacement would be.
Bruno points out that other side has put them on the block twice, Bruno would never have put them on the block.
Kevin says his target has been Karen he would never put them up.

Kevin says William is his only friends on that side of the house he couldn’t have seen him throw the veto.
Dillon – if I stay and win HOH I don’t know what will happen
Bruno and Kevin says they still won’t but them up.

Emily says kevin has way more pull on William.
Kevin disagrees says Dre is the one that has all the pull with William.
They say if Veto was played Bruno would have gone up.
Dillon – if I do stay I’m a lone Wolf..
Kevin says he had to go for the veto adds that the cash prize was important for his mom.
Dillon – if I was in your shoes I would have thrown the Comp
Bruno says the money means something for some of them .. they don’t have Dillon’s kind of money.
Dillon says keeping his word is worth more than money.
Bruno goes on about his son who’s getting surgery… Feeds cut.

12:24pm Demetres, Bruno and Kevin
Demetres thanks Kevin for not useing the veto.
Bruno – the six comes first

12:25pm Neda, Sindy and Ika
Talking how Ika should vote with William so she can still play the middle.

Kevin joins them.
Neda – Dre’s hit list is Kevin, Bruno, me and you
Neda says EMily just showed how shady she is she doesn’t want to keep her.
Ika – I don’t think you have the votes.
Ika tells them William and Dre talk about putting Kevin, Bruno and Sindy up.

Kevin says his relationship with Dillon and EMily is now over.
Kevin gets called to the Diary room
Bruno joins them.

They talk about how Dillon/emily are pissed because Kevin wouldn’t use the veto. Neda says it’s selfish for them to be mad when they had no idea who the replacement nonminee would be.

12:31pm Emily and Dre
Emily says Bruno thought he was the replacement.

12:44pm Bruno and Dillon hug it out

1:07pm Ika and Kevin Storage room

1:14pm Ika and William HOH

1:46pm Demetres and Dillon Pool game

2:37pm Sindy and Neda compare notes about Neda
Neda says “I swear to God” every day Ika is coming to her with something new about Sindy and Neda knows Ika is doing that to Sindy about her. She brings up Ika wanting to keep Dre around to target Bruno and Neda.
Neda says Ika tells her that she told Demetres Neda is her number 1 over Demetres. Neda knows this is a complete lie.

Neda – she doesn’t liek that I’m close to Kevin and Bruno
Sindy – she trying top make me not trust you
Neda mentions Ika saying that Sindy is going around saying “Neda can’t be trusted”

Jackie joins them.

4:00pm Neda and Sindy Storage room

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i feel bad for bruno
you cant argue logically with emotional irrational players (dillon and emily)
it’s so stupid how dillon and emily cant see that he won veto so that bruno doesnt go on the block
and obviously bruno and kevin are tighter than kevin and dillon, and kevin and emily.
also these hypocridiots hate kevin but are also trying to make him feel bad that he didnt use the veto on either of them because they’re in an “alliance” that they said they don’t want to be a part of anymore?
neither dillon or emily are going to win
they’re now firmly at the bottom of both alliances


Well that was anti-climatic!

sunny dee

pretty sure we can thank Ika for the snooze fest to come this week


Pretty sure we can thank Ika for ruining this season. She has had the chance to flip every vote and has sat firmly with Neda. The worse is that she pretends she hates the six. It’s like everytime I think there is hope for her and she is gonna make a move, she runs and spills the beans to the other side.


I know right! Honestly, neda is still running this house. She runs everyone on her side and even though ika wont admit it, she is running ika too who is then running the other side.

glenna schooner

I actually like Ika for the first time ever!If shes doing this consciously,its brilliant!Going into a DE and the house is in an uproar yet. shes safe with everyone.She might be in shit when the dust settles,but if all goes well Kevin wont survive the DE.We all knew Kevin would never risk the six by using the veto,and I think IKa and DRe were instrumenal in creating all this drama we all enjoyed.Ika ruining the season?I dont think so


She is not safe any of the vets who caught on to her game – she is not safe with Jackie – she is safe with her boy toy and the French Connection. Regardless, once your game is exposed, it’s difficult to make it to the end let alone win. Sure she gave an evening of exciting feeds but the moment Kevin was out of the room she was yelling to abort, about and then went and spilled the beans to Neda. It would maybe be entertaining if this happened for a week and she backed out. But this has been happening every. single. freaking. week. It’s becoming exhausting to watch. At this point I don’t think she is doing this consciously (she is not smart enough to pull off a Tim chaotic type of game which requires careful treading). She is just too coward to pull the trigger and start the war so she chickens out.


She turned out like her worst nightmare…
Sabrina from her season going back and forth playing people
That sad part is she’s playing will and dre not realizing she’s more loyal to a side that’s ready to cut her any minute

Club H.O.H

Uuugghhh!!! The 6 MAKE THIS SEASON BLAH! Mind you Ika is all over the place but at least she gives these feeds life. Neda needs to go! #BringCassBack!

Club H.O.H

Hopefully Jackie leaves on the double too. Is the double this week? And I remember them saying someone is coming back but is that before or after jury? Also where is the link to donate to OBB?


Where did you hear that someone is coming back? I haven’t heard anything about that.

sunny dee

i don’t think anyone is coming back unless it is post jury. and why waste a come back when they know neda is not going out before jury, right? so maybe they do a gary season one type come back with jury members, rather than the first 5.

i haven’t heard anything about a comeback, not sure if they have the number of players they need to do one of those.

Blair bear

I literally don’t like anyone on this season anymore. They all fucking suck!!!! I thought I liked ika but I can’t get over her calling the vets snakes but she rides their dicks all day, until they turn their backs then she has a bunch to say about them… she’s no better. I’m rooting for Karen… I guess


I’m rooting for Neda and Bruno. Say what you want but they actually are playing this games well. There’s a reason underdogs are underdogs…they suck.


I am so friggin sick of Ika and her two-faced selling out both sides to each other. There will be no drama because she is doing this. Has been since the start.. since Dallas, since Cassandra, even since the whole Mark first week… When are they going to catch on that she has absolutely no loyalty and just can’t stop herself from blabbing … she talks 90% of her waking time

Toe Cutter

Are these people stupid? really Dillon and Emily? So its okay with you two if Kevin used the veto and Bruno was put up instead. Dillon is an A-hole period. He knows he’s a prof boxer so he has to start calling Bruno a punk. Freckin Idiot. Emily, maybe you should try to do something instead of just walking around like youre at some slumber party. “Legit William would have put up Jackie”….Yes Emily, Legit, because youre so in . *bangs head.

Who ever said William had his chance to play this game was totally right. But he blew it and should have used that veto. He is a pawn even though he has HOH. Dre also needs to do something besides trying to be a mean girl. I have no use for her in this game.

I do like the way Ika is thinking and actually playing the game. BUT she needs to pull it back a little bit and stop making all these decisions out of emotion and who piss her off that day.

Glad Kevin didn’t use the veto. Send one of these people home, why, because they are boring and have no game.


I personally feel sorry for Simon and Dawg who have to listen to the vile nonsense that spews from the mouths of Ika, Dre and Karen especially. The amount of backstabbing done by Ika is just over the top, and the fact that Demetres sits there and grins while she is doing it baffles my mind. I have the luxury of turning it all off, but for the people who can’t…………..have a good stiff drink!! I agree that Neda, Bruno and Kevin might not be exciting to watch, but the drama Ika continually creates each week to screw with the game, and then backs out of is really getting old now. I knew when she was going along with the backdooring of Bruno this week that it wasn’t going to happen. She pulled the same crap with Dallas, Cass and Gary. Then she and her minions lead them on up till eviction time without giving them the courtesy of knowing whether they are staying or going. To me, that is an extremely nasty person or a huge coward. I have absolutely no respect for that woman at all, and hope she gets the eviction she so richly deserves.


Ika does and things she knows that make for great televison i wish there a houseguest who rip into her and not put with her comments i tired of Ika and comments.


I swear Ika is the canadian version of Andy. She is a rat floater.