“What happened to Sarah B what was she replaced with what is going on…Moaning Myrtle”

HOH: Derek X
HAVENOTS: Christian, Xavier, Alyssa
Nominations: Britini Christian and Sarah
Power of Veto Players: Sarah Beth, Britini, DX, Claire, KY, Alyssa | HOST: Hannah
Power of Veto: Britini
Power of Veto Ceremony: Britini used the power of Veto. DX nominated Chrisitan in her place

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Big Brother Spoilers – Christian is the target.

10:20 am Jokers
Brit I’ve been trying to come up with a plan
Azah – I think we can take out Christian this week and act like we’re close to Alyssa and take out SB
DF – Correct
Azah says the votes are going to be 2-7
Brit – she wont have anyone in the house
Azah – except for X
Azah wants to put SB and Ky they go balls to the walls and make sure SB gets out.
Azah says once CHrisitn is out Alyssa has no other option than stick with them.
Azah says no one will care if they take SB, “thinking of a way to dream Ky and Sb what do you think”
Brit – I got my way.. easy .. let me Win HOH

Azah – I don’t get it I don’t know what happened to SB she’s completely gone replaced by this scared little girl
DF – it’s an act
Azah – it’s getting annoying
Brit – She’s scared shitless because Christian is so well-liked in the house

Brit – SB told me yesterday .. I want to ask this to Christian. SB said that Christian told her he was going to try and convince me to use my houseguest choice on him then pull SB off
Azah – didn’t he ask you to pick him for houseguest choice
Brit – yes
Azha – Christian is a strategist a terrible strategist at that, his people relations skills are shit.
Azah – they wanted to keep all four kings.. he was either going to keep noms the same or take SB off.

Azah – I can’t tell you where I heard this from.. Be careful with SB (LOL I wonder..Tiff)
Azah – she had your name in her mouth
BRit – yesterday
Azah – last week as an option to put up with Hannah
Brit – of course, she did she knows I can kick her a$$
Azah – I foud this out recently apparently she had yours, Christian and mine as an option to put up against Hannah
Brit – you tell DX
Azah – I can’t say who told me
Azah – at the end of the day SB has become a Whitney to me.. I don’t know where her loyalty lies
Azah – sometimes it feels like it’s the kings or with Kylan. Her loyalty is with herself. She gets scared and has insecurities.
DF says SB’s crying is all a f**ing act
Brit – here’s my idea.. not today tomorrow, I have my one on one with her and I tell her Look I have every intention of keeping you this week.
Azah – nope .. nobody knows this if you tell her she’ll know where it came from. You’re best currency with information is to keep it to yourself and only share with people you trust
Azah – she does not need to know the good thing is you know

10:28 am Claire joins them.

Azah says Sb reminds her of Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter
They laugh
Azah – what happened to Sarah B what was she replaced with what is going on
Azah her speech yesterday was her being Anne Hathaway it was scar worthy
Azah – this damsel in distress thing has got to stop
Claire – it’s working on one person only I think
Azah – BRAH you have a freaking girlfriend.. what is this?
Feeds cut.. When we’re back
Azah – Alyssa is dangerous but at least I know she’s Dangerous SB has become a Whitney to me
Claire – I agree with that, During the veto she was being straight-up mean on the bench. I was like I’ve never seen a side She was being mean like about you [Brit] about Alyssa She was cursing like..
Brit- what did she says about me
Claire – I don’t want to repeat it I probably shouldn’t have said anything. She was being so F**ing obnoxious that is what she said
Brit – F***ing obnoxious? B1tch I beat your a$$
Azah – you obnoxiously beat her a$4 and she sat there like a b1tch
Claire – she was crying.. it was too much. I was on the bench and she was crying.. I’m like C’mon

(later Azah had a conversation with Kyland where she told him to cool it down with SB and said that she reminds her of Moaning Myrtle)

1:00 pm DX and Christian had a long talk in the HOH.
After the talk, DX gives us his thoughts to the camera

DX – OK that actually is interesting so he would be bringing me to 8 houseguests.
DX – if he stays he’s taking out KY, Sb and Ky would be gone. I’m on the weaker side and I lose Ky.. this doesn’t make any sense to my game it would be him and X vs me in the final 8 that’s dumb
DX – the reason I did this was so it wasn’t Him and X vs me and Ky in the final 8 and now he’s offering him and X vs me in the final 8 it’s even worse.
DX – interesting that Ky said I was sneaky.. This week I need to get as much information from Alyssa and Christian about what Kyland has said about me because after this week, I think the next targets I am seeing in this house Alyssa, SB, and Kyland.
DX says he doesn’t think Ky will come after him if he wins HOH.
Dx – the only person I am missing is X right now. How do I get X on my side?
DX – I need to talk to X today and see if I can bring him in. If I can bring in X I think we’ll be in a good spot. I just won’t take a shot at Alyssa it will have to come from the jokers.
DX – my path to the final 4 is Claire Tiodfany, Hannah, and myself. WE can make it that far me and Hannah can take out Claire and Tiffany. The question is how do we get to the final 4.
Feeds cut..

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Unless Derek F manages to win HoH Thursday, he should be the next to go


Why would they evict him? Everyone in the house could beat him.

another name

My guess:
Because everyone else in the house can beat him. If you Identify the layup that everyone could take to final 2 and beat, eradicate the option.


They usually keep a slightly annoying, lame, maladroit, or a weak player to take to the finals. Happens all the time on Survivor – and usually works. BUT sometimes it backfires. They argue that their “social game” as they usually say carried them through – and not winning comps was the plan all along.

Has DF said anything like that?

another name

Tbh, I’d have to count on being dragged along like furniture if i were playing (with my mouth sewn shut and a blindfold so nobody could watch my eyes roll). I totally understand the concept of how and why the layup gets taken so far.
I also think strategically, if you see someone being carried while you’re walking behind them, get the passenger out, and climb aboard for that free ride yourself.

The Beef

But but but, what’s Azah’s role then? And Brit’s? Aren’t all 3 of them essentially “Victoria’s” so far in this game? Yes, I’m aware Britini did win the veto this week (finally – blind hog/acorn), but it was one of those luxury prize/cash comps, where people get to choose whether or not to take it, and we also know there was a backdoor plan in place, so it’s entirely possible it was basically handed to her, especially since her block partner “chose” to take the cash.

But I know they’re not taking out BigD or Azah next week – not while SB, Claire and Brit are still available to be sent out before them. I’m just pointing out there’s still some fat to be trimmed inside the house before you get down to “the obvious loser” who gets dragged to final 2.

Irene kerkula

Hahaha… I am hoping, Derek F isn’t going anywhere tell they get to the final 6. ‘COOKOUT’ all the way.


I wish Derek F was already gone. He’s been a disappointment and I don’t think he deserves a spot on the jury.


Be he certainly deserves a spot on that couch!

Ian's Beer



If he would self-evict he can have the couch!

Big Brother 23 Fan

I think getting rid of Derek F would be a waste of an HOH. He’s not a threat unless they have a napping competition. He’s in alliances, but no one seems to care about his input.

The Beef

It’s thinking like this that gave us BB 19 winner Josh M.


DerekF is like JC from BB20. He’s semi-aware of what’s going on, he’s useful in the votes, and he has the other HGs dreading his reaction if he’s ever OTB. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in F3.


Unlike JC he completely lacks the ability to spit out “I vote to evict”


The sad thing is that English was NOT JC’s first language unlike The Couch…


Come on SB win the HOH Thursday

Not Sorry

Kyland won SORRY


Ok, I totally might change my opinion later on, but right now I’m officially Team DX and Hannah. I think they’re the smartest duo. They’re the two the Cook Out has as designated add-ons of the CO, bottom of the CO, and it would be sweet if they’re the last two left standing.

Hopeful for a Good Season

I agree, I also think X is playing a good game. I watched the last episode and he knows what he’s doing.


I don’t think Ky can doing anything about his relationship with SB. Personally I’d like SB to have the power to Blowup the Cookout. Though Ky maybe need to turn the focus. Or maybe America could punish the Cookout


I hate that nobody’s even mentioning Tiffany.


There is a lot Ky could do about his relationship with SB, starting with getting her out of his bed.

She is playing like Nichole, who was awful. Position herself to be better than the other girls to the guys, cuddle up to a man for protection, don’t win anything but mental comps, and sleep your way to the end.

It’s disgusting. I hope her girlfriend breaks up with her.


If any of the remaining non-Cookout HGs figure out the Cookout (and that’s a big *if*), their only pathway to F6 and beyond is exploiting the Tiff/Kyland dynamic. My prediction is that the Cookout will stay loyal for another 2-3 weeks, but I can see Tiff or Ky taking a shot at the other once it’s down to 7 or 8 HGs. I can also see Tiff having difficulty letting go of DX and wanting to cut Azah or Ky instead.

On another topic, I love the positive attitudes that the HGs have about their punishments this year. DX was really getting into his role. From what I’ve seen on the feeds today, both Claire and Ky have good attitudes in their costumes.

another name

I think I read too much into the Claire Tiff conversation earlier.
They discussed targeting options.
Did anyone else almost get the feeling that Claire was testing Tiff as much as Tiff was trying to steer Claire?
Topic of Jokers. Claire brings up the couch, then says she can see why gollum might be the choice to go.
Topic of Ky/Sb. Claire asks if it’s bad to almost wish Ky was gone first.

I’m scratching my head for one reason: is she intentionally bringing up the names of people that Tiff has had Muffy hate ons for? Just to see if Tiff will talk her out of it?
She already got curious after the first Muffy episode, when suddenly the next day the Couch shouldn’t be targeted anymore.

I don’t know if Claire’s intentionally doing this or if Claire’s asking Tiff the prepare a eulogy for Claire’s game.

Side note:
Until Tiffany the nursing home psychic death cat cuddles up to SB and starts being extra nice, I’m not considering Sb in danger from the vote.
Side note 2:
Way out of the box thinking. Would Ky have such a boner to knock out Tiff, that he would endanger Sarah Beth by voting to evict her, and pin the vote on TIff?


Side note 1: “nursing home psychic death cat”……. CLASSIC!

Also….Moaning Myrtle also had me in the lols
You gotta admit this crew is more entertaining than last year’s group or JC on BB20 and his sexual harassment and misconduct. In other words, there have been worst casts!

another name

Remember the first three weeks of 21 when the house addict was going through heavy withdrawal including physical, emotional, and psychological side effects, and production not only kept his ass in the house, but curtailed the season for him to win? (they even brought in like a million watermelons to help with the detox efforts)
Whenever anyone says CBS needs to step in, that’s my answer: if they aren’t stepping in for that situation, you really think they’re stepping in for this?

another name

It’s become part of my oops shock and awe eviction error thought process right now.
(just a little game of what is the most absurd thing that could happen)
x, al, df (cus he don’t actually want to sadly evote any more men and resents all these heifers tellin him how to run his business), tiff (because what’s the difference he’s going home and I’ve already told everyone I’m voting him out so I’m covered, I got away with it week one) and Ky (this will make everyone think it was tiff, because she’s been saying she’s voting out Christian but now they’ll see she’s gotta go). Aaaand… oops.


I’m so tired of listening to Tiffany and Azah auditioning and hoping to be discovered after big brother. If any other group was doing what the final six has plans to do…oh my gosh the nation would be in an uproar!

another name

I view all sixteen houseguests as people, and end my classification scale at what is shared. I’m not blind to the differences and further classifications and identities, but from a game analyzing point of view, I don’t care.
With that as my point of view, Here is what the game analysis is:
A group of people form an alliance on week one, and each one attaches to a non alliance member in order to control the game secretly.
This is not a new strategy.
Everything else?
Not my circus not my monkeys.

I’m going to point out the good moves a person makes in the game, and the bad moves a person makes in the game, and sarcastically quip and make fun of them. All of them at some point will have a snarky sarcastic commentary made about them most likely.
If one of the people in the house makes comments about another house guest that i’m not impressed with, based on further classifications and divisions, I’ll point it out as something that has left a bad impression on me.

All of the extra stuff assigned to this season? 16 people are houseguests on big brother this season. That’s it.

*I’m not asking anyone else to change their view, or see things in the same way I am seeing them. I’m just stating my perspective.


I’m a fan of Azah she’s funny and kind, but now she starting to sound more and more like tiff especially regarding SB and Ky.


She’s Kind??? She just said SB reminds her of moaning myrtle…and making fun of her for crying. That is not very kind.


SB is not cookout quality!