“I could do [Evict] Claire if I needed to. At the end of the day, Claire is Tiffany’s so I can drive that wedge.”

HOH: Derek X
HAVENOTS: Christian, Xavier, Alyssa
Nominations: Britini Christian and Sarah
Power of Veto Players: Sarah Beth, Britini, DX, Claire, KY, Alyssa | HOST: Hannah
Power of Veto: Britini
Power of Veto Ceremony: Britini used the power of Veto. DX nominated Chrisitan in her place

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Big Brother Spoilers – Christian is the target. Alyssa and Christian are working hard campaigning but it’s not going anywhere. This vote won’t flip unless Tiff has another dream tonight. Feeds are being blocked a lot again today.

1:27 pm Christian and Alyssa
Christian – Tiffany will put it together herself I’ll say Kyland said ‘now that I know half of it right’ she’s going to think when they get to jury they split half of it right and that the reason why SB was upset is because somebody knows about it. Tiff thinks she knows about it.. So if TIff knows about it she would think they would come after her if they had the chance.
Christian adds the purpose is to make Tiff think ohh sh1t we have to get her out so she doesn’t get the money “Confirms her theory that she gets a check and it makes her think they will come after her”
Christian – I don’t know it sounded better in my head
Alyssa- maybe the wording where it’s not so much a complete sentence… you heard bits and parts
Christian adds that the reason she took the money was so Kyland would take the Veto which means they both had the money because they were going to jury.
Alyssa back to telling him to not say you heard a complete sentence cause that is not how Kyland talks.
Christian – I’m talking to Tiff she’ll relay to Claire.. be like this is what I heard and lead her into making the connection herself.

Christian – it three plans in action, the agreement I made with DerekX, this plan I haven’t yet convincing TIff and Claire that SB gets an advantage and they’re coming after her.
Christian adds the final part of his plan once he knows Azah is voting for him he’ll go to the queens and tell them he’s staying and they need to get on the right side of the house.

1:36 pm Tiffany and Claire
Tiffany says she knows Alyssa and Christian think they are guaranteed votes because they had that FOUR. The thing is they don’t have any other votes in the house
Tiff – Regardless of what the jokers are telling you.. it’s not that we’re not giving you the votes.
Clare – the votes aren’t there
They start to plan next week.
Tiff – I wanna win
Claire – who do you put up
Tiff – SB and Ky
Claire says Hannah doesn’t want to do it.
Claire – I worry a little bit that Ky is going to want to have a four them two and SB.. (HA they already do)
Tiffan – if we go after Alyssa X is going to be pissed
Claire – it doesn’t make sense for us to go after Alyssa. She’s not coming after us
Tiff – DX won’t let us go after Ky it’s Jokers and SB
Claire – Who cares we let him go after Christian .. we didn’t want to we fought but we said Ok and well vote him out
Tiff – I’m still going after SB
Tiff – I think we do SB and then Ky
Claire Agrees, “Ky is panicked he told me today multiple people have asked him if him and SB know each other”
Tiff – then you all shouldn’t be all hugged up over there.. I did ask him I wasn’t the first someone beat me to him
Tiff about SB – the emotional thing is going to get exhausting
Tiff – he might have told her to build it up .
Claire – Azah has been calling her moaning Myrtle
Tiff – I said that too I called her MOANING MYRTLE three days ago..
Tiff says Ky and Azah are tight. “she doesn’t trust me on a personal or game level”
Claire – she trust me and she trusts DX
Tiff doesn’t think Azah is coming after her she just thinks it’s awkward
Claire – you guys mix like oil and water
Tiff – I’m a whole lotta oil..
Claire – This is the thing, The Jokers are now the tightest team in this house. Everyone else has cracks.
Tiff – that’s what happens when you just leave them.. I keep saying they are a trio
Clair e- I want BIGD out over the other two but I understand why Britini needs to go..
Feeds flip.. to BIGD in the kitchen.

2:01 pm X, Claire and Tiff
Tiff – what are we doing?
X – you guys get a sense of how the jokers are leaning?
Tiff – I think they are lying about keeping Christian
X – you guys are voting the same way
Tiff – wouldn’t make sense if weren’t not
Tiff – they’re lying making us look like the swing
X – mmmm I see what you are saying
Tiff – I think they’re lying to be left alone
Tiff – if Christian doesn’t stay this week I am definitely going for SB
X asks if that is the house’s target next week?
Tiff thinks she is and that is why Ky is so scared.
Tiff – she [SB] is playing a very emotional game and it’s weighing on people
X – you think people will put up Sb and KY?
Tiff – I would, if he does win veto he’ll pull her off the block
X – 100%
Claire – we saw that this week he really wanted it. if it’s Ky and Sb on the block pretty sure SB goes. Dang the Jokers have three votes they can do whatever they want.
Tiff points out how solid the jokers are.
X points out that the Jokers are working like a team just like the Kings were. the only difference is they won stuff.
X asks if Ky wins HOH who will he put up
Tiff says she doesn’t know.

2:11 pm X and Tiff
Tiff is wondering who Ky will put up “Will he put up Alyssa?”
X says he’s worried about it.
Tiff still going on about wanting to take out Sb next week.
BIGD joins them.
Tiff – what are you doing
BIGD – What’s best for my game, Can I run in a circle?
Tiff – you have to tell us right now
BIGD – I’m voting Christian to leaves. Is that what you’re doing?
X – I’m doing what has to be done
BIGD – we all made a promise to the 6 I’m doing what needs to be done of course I want SB to go.. She’s next week for sure she’s gone.
BIGS – that’s why he [X] can’t win.. it has to be one of us.
Tiffany – what if Ky wins?
X – you think he will take a shot?
Tiff – hell no
BIGD says if he wins HOH he’ll take the show he’ll try and get people to throw the Hoh to him. “he knows she’s got to go he’s said that.. he knows that”
X leaves..
Tiff tells BIGD to be quiet when she’s in her room she can hear everything that is going on in the storage room.

2:30 pm Alyssa and Christian have been bombarding DX with one-on-ones for a couple hours.

2:31 pm Ky and X
Ky – hows Christian doing?
X – he’s campaigning.. doing what he can to fight to stay
Ky – both of them .. it is such a different week
X – what is best for the six is Christian goes this week
X – what would be best for the six is what you suggested you DX and I have each other back
X – whats you ideal order
KY – my ideal order for the six.. ..
They move to the storage room.

KY – my ideal order for pretty much what we said..
X – I’m fine with Christian leaving this week if that’s what the 6 wants. The 6 comes first.
X – if the 6 wants Christian this week and SB next week, You know what that means?
Ky – that’s what I’m saying I can’t win..
X – I can’t either.. neither of us.
Ky – if the vote went a certain way I think I can get her not to win it.
X – if the vote is 7-2 I think you can get her to throw it.
Ky – I Agree
X – we have to encourage the 7-2 vote instead of the 4-5 vote
Ky – Tiffany, Obviously she’s locked in with the 6 but she’s also like.. she won’t let her emotions stop her from helping with the six. I can see her wanting to give him a vote. because it won’t jeopardize the six.
Ky – I think if she knew I can get SB to throw it.
They agree neither of them can win HOH along with SB.
X – otherwise we have to take a shot that doesn’t help us with Jury management
Ky – the only thing I could do If I won .. I could do Claire if I needed to. At the end of the day, Claire is Tiffany’s so I can drive that wedge.
Ky – good for the six and I don’t lose mine
X asks what Tiffany will think of that
Ky says Tiffany told him Claire is second after SB.
Ky – it would just switch them.
Ky says SB won’t do Claire or Alyssa she’ll probably target Brit.
Ky – could you do claire to?
X – possibly ..
Ky – order, SB, Claire in those first two..

BIGD comes in .. “Oh OH well.. conspiring”
X – when was the last time three black dudes were in the same room in the Big Brother house
Ky – this year the first and last
Ky says to DF if the vote is 7-2 he can convince SB to throw the HOH.
Ky goes back to his order – SB, Claire, DX, Alyssa Brit or Brit, and Alyssa.
Ky – The house is underestimating Alyssa.
DF says his individual game doesn’t kick in until they reach the 6
DF leaves..
Ky saying he’s wondering if they should move Alyssa in the priority list.
They agree to watch the next couple weeks to see how Brit and Alyssa are.
Ky – Could Alyssa convince the jury of anything?
X says he could steer Alyssa away from the 6.
Ky – all 6 needs to talk more than we have bene.
X says he can take out Dx he’s got reasons.

2:54 pm X and Tiffany
X says he’s talked to Ky trying to get his target but he just talked in Circles. X does say that he reinforced the 6 with Ky and it’s all good.
Tiffany says there are only three options Alyssa, Sb and Britini

3:00 pm DX and Hannah
DX says Christian and Alyssa told him that Ky threw him under the bus he said he was sketchy.
Hannah doesn’t believe it says Christian and Alyssa are grasping at straws. She tells him every single time in Big Brother if the HOH goes back on his Backdoor plan it never worked out for them in the end.

DX says his four would be him, Tiff, Hannah, and Claire
DX – what looks good after this week. Alyssa has vocalized she doesn’t like Ky and Sb and KY/Sb have vocalized they would go after Alyssa..
DX – then you have the jokers cooking and cleaning..
Hannah – I trust you, Tiff and Claire
Hannah – Ky is sketchy
DX – I believe Ky thinks I’m sketchy because he saw me get close to Tiff and Claire..
DX – Christian said I was sketchy Alyssa said Ky said I was sneaky.. I believe Sneaky more than Sketchy
They agree taking DF and Azah to the final 6 is better than Ky and Sb.
Dx saying it’s not smart for KY or X to go right now. The last few competitive guys need to stick around for the short term.
They laugh about how they never consider BIGD
DX – I always say we’re down to three guys.. three guys that have won comps.
Hannah says if it’s a double eviction and she wins she’ll put up SB and Alyssa if veto is played she’ll throw up someone she doesn’t talk game with “X”
They agree Alyssa has good arguments.


3:33 pm Claire plays 52 card pick up .. “Get that money Claire”

4:13 pm SB campaigning to DX, Christian campaigning to Hannah

4:30 pm Hannah and X
Hannah says for her personal game she wants Christian to stay but he has thrown out her name out. Plus 3 of his targets are in the cookout.
Hannah says SB leaving helps her personal game because SB had her name in her mouth a while back.
X says all the kings have mentioned members of the cookout as targets the only reason they haven’t targeted them was because he’s steered them away.
X says he’s not pushing hard for Christian to stay. Hannah says she heard them.
Hannah – the vote should land 7-2 if it’s not that means we can’t control our pawns.
Hannah – Ky and Tiff are under the impression you are pushing for Christian to stay.
Hannah says she has DX more than Ky has DX
Hannah says X was the only piece of the puzzle DX was unsure about in regards to his plan this week. “I told him you need to work on that, There’s no reason for you to go after X and there’s no reason X to target you. He doesn’t know about the cookout so he’s going home anyways”
X – Tiff and Ky were worried about me with Christian?
Hannah – not worried per se.. they were under the impression you were very upset Christian ended up on the block yesterday
X – that’s what I have to do
Hannah – yes..
X says he had to do damage control yesterday.
Hannah – moving forward the more we get attached to our pawns the more we start to question the six

They being to discuss the boot order.
Hannah – SB first..
X – if it’s a double
Hannah – DX, and Alyssa
X – Dx, and Claire or Claire then DX something like that.. only because Claire is more capably
Hannah – Alyssa has come close to winning competitions.
X says Claire has won 2 competitions and Alyssa none. Those are proven numbers.
Hannah – SB goes first DX next if Alyssa were to be taken out right after.. Ok.. If Claire is the last pawn to go home before Battle back.
Hannah – who is more likely to target two members of the cookout, Alyssa or Claire?
Hannah – Claire has not mentioned anyone inside the cookout except for BIGD Alyssa has mentioned Ky and Azah.
X points out the house is full of cookouts there won’t be anyone else to target.

4:45 pm DX and Tiffany
Tiffany mentions how emotional Kyland got after the Veto ceremony.. “it’s too much I can’t figure it out”
Tiff – he’s telling you it’s okay if she leaves but he’s out there busting hs a$$ for the veto
DX – he didn’t want her to leave..
Tiff – they have built a relationship so close that they are seen as a pair she’s his number 1
Tiff says Ky is ok with losing SB as much as she’s ok with losing Claire “I know at some point I will probably have to lose Claire”
DX says he riding with Tiff/Claire way more than SB/Ky

DX – I see a lot of house targets right now, SB and Ky, Alyssa
Tiff – X will be mad as hell if we go for Alyssa
DX – She’s painting a narrative around SB and LKy she’s saying SB is the most dangerous person in this game she’s controlling everyone.. She’s doing one on ones with everyone.. People don’t like Sb and they don’t like Alyssa.
Tiff – don’t make any deals with her right now

Tiff says Kyland asked Claire about adding a sixth to the detectives.
DX – I was the one that planted that seed in his head
Tiff doesn’t want Kyland to sneak SB into a deal with them that makes it so they can’t target her.

DX – the four he wants are SB, Me, and Hannah
Dx – honestly I don’t like that idea.. I wanted to solidify something with X
Tiff – what about the detectives
DX – when was the last time you saw the detectives?
Tiff – storage room after you won
Tiff – you’re thinking if Sb is a number for us
DX says he’s fine with SB leaving
Tiff – you still have Azah.. Me Claire Brit and Azah had started working together. it’s a clash of personalities.
Tiff – me and Claire can bring in Azah and Britini for sure
Tiff goes on about not making any more alliances just make deals.
Dx – maybe my goal is to work a deal with X
Tiff – Don’t promise him anything
Tiff says she has no plans to get rid of Azah or brit anytime soon, “Even though we don’t see eye to eye on things.. I’m a b1tch sometime”
DX – what is your pecking order for the jokers
Tiff – BIGD first, Azah, Brit last.
Tiff – I don’t want to be in this house without you. don’t leave me in this house with Britini .. there’s always three me, Britini and…
Tiff asks if he was trying in the veto
DX – yeah I was trying.

5:24 pm Brit, Tiffany, and Claire
Brit is in a pickle. Right after Christian was nominated she was cornered she said she’s voting for Christian to stay.
Brit – they think in their minds they have my vote, BIGD, and the vote they’ve been working their a$$es on is hers (SB) They said if they get her vote they get both of yor votes. (Tiff/Claire)
Brit adds that Claire told her she should tell them before so it’s not a blindside
Tiff – Alyssa is going to still be here..
Brit – every week when someone asks who her target is she always says, my team. So do I really owe her anything?
Brit – BIGD got cornered.. I got Cornered we had no other choice than to say yes otherwise I felt I was going to get punches thrown at my face… (LOL punches? really. ok)

6:00 pm Claire and DX
Talking about Alyssa and Christian still cuddling on the couch..
Feeds cut. (feeds cutting all the time)
When we’re back Claire is saying all the jokers are going for SB.
Claire says if the Eviction after next is a double a lot of people might not want to win this next HOH.
Claire – Tiff wants to take that shot at SB..
DX – Hannah is looking at Alyssa
Claire – I really think X is a twist.. why was he in the DR so long last night then again this morning.
DX – his [Christian] pitch to me was F** my entire game and ride with him and Alyssa .. (LOL)
Dx – except Hannah he would keep Hannah.. he was like let’s roll to the final 6. Us four (Alyssa, Christian, Hannah, and DX) and two-week players
DX – Alyssa pitch to me was don’t trust Ky they’re solid with me..
Claire says Ky wants to form things. DX isn’t wanting to.

Claire says she would like to work with X but she has no idea where his head is at..
DX – what is X’s game ?
Claire – I don’t know if he’s a mastermind or if he’s asleep
They laugh about X being so Chill.

DX – if we make it to final 4 that would be soo good.. so much fun
Claire – what four do you mean right now?
DX – You, Me, X, and Ky
they laugh
Claire – just me and the boys..
DX – me, you, Brent, and Alyssa..

DX thinks X will start winning competitions when they hit Jury says he’s “chiselled” and super smart.
Claire says they need to “Build out by one”
DX – if you three feel good about x I feel good about X I just want to make a group decision
Claire – Tiff and Hannah feel good about X I am wary of X i don’t know what X does next week.. maybe he does Ky and Sb.. I don’t know..
Feeds flip to the backyard.
6:35 pm When we’re back DX is saying the first week he thinks Ky rated them out. Adds that Frenchie told him when he left to not trust Ky.
Claire says that Fnrehcie never trusted Sb and he fed her fake information that she is still using. Apparenlty DF told her this.
Dx says the 5th person should be someone he enjoys, trusts and can win comps. “You need that to go late game”

Claire says they shouldn’t be talking for so long and they shouldn’t be hanging out in the HOH all the time. “But I can’t tell Tiff that”

6:30 pm Tiff and X playing pool
Chit chat.. Kyland delivers sandwiches.

DF – they’ll never cast someone like me again.. never..

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Repeating one of my earlier comments, but it bears repeating – I love how the HGs are getting into their punishments this year.


Damn! I missed that. I loved watching Derek X with his punishment. It was hilarious


they have no choice. Personally though i feel these are the lamest punishments they’ve ever had

another name

countdown to a twitter war.
Debate will happen imminently about Pigpen finally taking a shower.
He’s a have not.
He’s showering on the Have side.
Personally, don’t give a crap, because I swear I’ve been able to smell him through the feeds for a couple days.
Part of social media though are going to scream penalty vote.

My suggestion: everyone just stand back and watch and don’t get involved because frankly, Grod’s gonna do what Grod wants to do and you ain’t forcing Grod to do anything else. It’s not like he set up a buffet in the shower… not that that gets punishment anyway…oh. wait. too soon? And why would that matter with the whole have nots can eat club sandwiches deal anyway.

On another talking point entirely:
When did Dx learn to adapt his long term plan?
He’s giving Tiff all the Ky-Kombucha she can drink right now.
I… wow.
So, he’s got the Ky, X deal pending on one side.
He’s setting up the Ky-less four with Hannah, Claire and Tiff.
He’s setting up his side deal thing with Azah and another with Brit.
He’s trying to find the sweet spot in the middle of the house???
Is that what is going on?


It’s like Tyler’s first season. Wanna work with everyone but in the down low. Not as low as the cookout but they have an agenda (not that one but the win one) he’s trying to figure out where he fits or how to stay off the block. Or I continue to give these people props they don’t deserve. I think much of the rest of the season hinges on this weeks hoh and the next Will they fire or hold their powder? Tip it or stand in line? At some point there will be a canyon form. Who will walk through? And it could continue plodding along. There is not enough life I’m this crowd. They seem like they are all taking downers. Except for tiff she’s like a bee buzzing around sucking up info twisting it around and spilling on another flower.


I love Kyland’s costume. Claire and DX was cool too

another name

Yeah. this is all i got.
Still think the vote isn’t etched in stone.

BB23 WEEK5 VS.jpg

Can X shut up about the Kings?


I usually love X but not this week. His complaining as much as Christian.


He’s got to sell it lol. Is he upset that Christian is going probably but not near as upset as he is playing up to be