Alyssa “She [Azah] said verbally I am going to say yes, I just can’t sign it yet.”

HOH: Derek X
HAVENOTS: Christian, Xavier, Alyssa
Nominations: Britini Christian and Sarah
Power of Veto Players: Sarah Beth, Britini, DX, Claire, KY, Alyssa | HOST: Hannah
Power of Veto: Britini
Power of Veto Ceremony: Britini used the power of Veto. DX nominated Chrisitan in her place

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Big Brother Spoilers – Christian is the target.

9:57pm Kyland the “jackass” has to make sandwiches. Big D – I can’t with this outfit! Look at this f**King outfit! Sarah – that could have been mine!

10:06pm Bathroom Alyssa and Hannah.
Hannah – The HOH is someone that I am aligned with closely so I do not want to disrespect that. Alyssa – that’s what I figured. Hannah – If I were to let Christian stay in this game.. where does that leave me. That would leave me in the crosshairs. Alyssa – I don’t think so. Christian is in a very desperate state right now. Hannah – would we be able to salvage something? Alyssa – Honestly if you were in Derek’s ear more I don’t think this would have happened.. so I don’t know why Christian wouldn’t agree with me. If I win HOH, you’re not someone. For him, I don’t. He is not going to believe me if I say I do. There is no way I could trust someone who could just flip a switch like that after the conversation us four had with a few of days ago. For him making sure him and you are safe if he falls. And I didn’t even have a chance to say Christian’s name because I was falling. And I understand taking the shot .. and Christian could have done that last week and he didn’t. So I don’t see how I could look at him that way but you wouldn’t be someone that would be sitting on the block if I was HOH or be a replacement. I have other options. Hannah – if Christian were to leave, and if I were to win HOH you would not be going on the block. Alyssa – I worry that if he leaves I am the next target. Hannah – I don’t think so. I don’t think you will just follow him out the door. There are other larger targets.

11:30pm Bedroom. Big D, Azah and Britini.
Brit – what are you doing?! What did you just tell Christian in the storage room that he then came straight to me. Big D – oh I didn’t tell him nothing. Brit – yes you did. Big D – no I didn’t Britini! You said that he is never going to have Azah’s vote. Big D – I didn’t say that, I said it was going to be difficult. Brit – don’t say that. In order for this to work we need to make it as comfortable as possible. Big D – I said is was going to be difficult but he could try. Brit – he came up to me to get both of your votes locked. What we need to do right now is play the YES game. In the deal that you’re going to take till Wednesday.. Azah – oh that was my plan, my plan was to tell him I would think about it. Brit – We need to play the I will think about it yes game. On Wednesday, the only person we will not have with us is Alyssa and she is going to have to deal with it. And she will realize very, very quickly that she is alone in this house and she will realize that she will need somebody so I don’t think we will lose her for too long. Who we are going to pull in is X. He needs to know that in this deal he was not included. HE said that we could pick any target other than Alyssa, so X wasn’t included in that. So on Wednesday we need to bring X in and tell him that plan. .. and be like look not to be that person but your team is making a deal and you’re not even in it.

11:38pm Storage room. Azah and Xavier.
Azah – I forgot to tell you one more part in the deal that he mentioned. Xavier – what was the deal that he mentioned? Azah – he said that .. what he told Big D was I will let you be my virtual HOH for the week. You pick whatever you want in the basket and I will tell them in the DR all that stuff. He said we will keep this between me and you. He also said that I can put up anyone that I want but it can’t be him and it can’t be Alyssa. So I found it interesting because he didn’t say you. He said he has the votes and would just need one more. He was hoping Tiff and Cliare would follow suit. Xavier – he said this to you as well? Azah – he said to the jokers that we decide collectively who would go up but not Alyssa or him. Xavier – what do you guys think about it?! Azah – UUMMM..NO! Xavier laughs. Azah – I am going to do what the HOH wants but I am just going to tell him I would think about it. Thursday it is going to be no. Do you want me to keep him? Xavier – I want people to make their own decision based on their own personal game. I am not campaigning for him or Sarah Beth.

11:48pm Havenot room. Alyssa, Christian and Xavier.
Alyssa – tell him what you offered. Christian – I said in the event that I stay I can offer the jokers all of them.. if I win HOH … If I stay and if I win HOH.. then the Jokers will be honorary HOHs which means I will change my basket. They will get what they want. They will get the music they want. They will get the HOH bedroom. All of the amenities. They get all that, and all the power. Alyssa – other than putting one of us up. Christian – other than putting you two up. I will nominate and target whoever they want besides you two and I would take the blood for it. I will not even mention their names. Or if it is any type of competition where any of the jokers are still up I will outlast everyone else to the best of my ability and hand it to them so that they can just have the HOH themselves. That was what I offered them. And if we have to nominate havenots we will not put up a joker. Xavier – so you offered this to Azah and Britini? Christian – and Big D. I only did it to sway Azah and she was.. Alyssa – she said verbally I am going to say yes, I just can’t sign it yet. We said to be honest I don’t think the other person (SB) on the block can make an offer like that. Xavier – did they say who they would target? Christian – no. Alyssa – I said for me I can’t promise that but if I win none of them are going on the block. Christian – did I do good?! When I said all that Azah’s face lit up. Xavier – do we know how close the jokers are to the Queens? Christian – honestly I don’t give a f**k who goes home as long as its not us two. The queens don’t have my back. Xavier – what I am thinking is if you made this deal to the jokers.. Christian – oh they will tell the queens. Xavier – if they tell the Queens .. then you just lost Tiff and Claire. Alyssa and Christian – I don’t think they will tell them. Christian – The whole point of the deal is that I get the blood on my hands without anyone knowing. Truthfully I think it is just going to be a gut thing. I don’t think they are going to tell me. Xavier – I have a lot of issues right now .. so I don’t trust anyone. Christian – it is a last ditch effort but her face lit up. Now that you’re on the same page do you like what I did? Xavier – you did good. Christian – and she (Alyssa) didn’t hit me so I just kept talking.

12:17pm HOH room. Hannah, Claire and Tiffany.
Tiffany – if SB stays, she is so f**king scared I don’t think SB will even try to win. SB was a turtle. She doesn’t want to win. I think SB doesn’t like this attention on her. She is uncomfortable with it. She wants to go back to playing that quite little girl that she came in the house playing. I don’t think SB is even going to win a comp. She can’t. She wants to disappear right now. Hannah – you don’t think she would target me next week. Tiffany – I don’t think she will even try and win. Hannah – Mmmmhmm that is interesting. Claire – I could see that. Hannah – originally I thought she would put me up next to DX but I don’t think that is the case. Claire – if she put you up next to DX that is the coldest f**king thing. Tiff – I don’t think that she would. I think Ky realizes that he needs DX and it is just him and Sarah Beth. He would need you and DX. He would not let her go after you. He would probably let her go after me and Claire because if we are on DX’s team it would be us against them. I am not buying all the emotion .. but this is the worst week for her. I think she got the sh*t scared out of her. She won’t want to win. She wants to go back to being quiet. Tiffany – we have to get Christian out.

12:45am HOH room. Tiff, Claire, Azah, Derek X and Hannah are chatting and laughing about past moments in the season.

1:03am HOH room. Hannah, Derek X and Azah.
The feeds return from being blocked. Hannah – did Alyssa say the same thing? Azah – no, just Christian but don’t say anything please. Hannah – yeah no. Azah – just put your all in for this HOH. Hannah – oh yeah. Derek X – Hannah if you’re not at least top five, I am going to self evict. Hannah – yeah if its memory and I am the first one out, just send me home. Derek – that is was I expect of myself. One of my biggest fears coming in here was embarrassing myself on one of those memory comps. Azah – I am going to go to bed.. I just wanted to make sure to tell you guys that. Hannah – thank you. I really appreciate it. Azah – and if you hear anything else otherwise.. just know it is not true. I am just telling them I don’t know what I am going to do. Hannah – do they (Alyssa & Christian) think they have you locked in? Azah – no, they think they have the jokers locked in but they feel they need one more vote. To them think think its a yes from Brit and Derek F. (Big D) and that they just need one more. I told them I am thinking about it but I haven’t confirmed or denied it.

1:13am Bathroom – Tiffany and Claire.
Tiffany – I think what we should probably do is get with the Jokers before Christian tries to get us with the Jokers and see what our stories are and how we plan to move forward since we know they’re f**King lying. Claire – I know, I just don’t trust Big D not to run and tell.. Tiff – then maybe we talk to Azah and Britini.

1:20am – 1:35am Kyland has to make sandwiches again.. When he finishes he says that its a waste as he doesn’t eat ham or cheese with somethings. He says he wishes he could just make the sandwiches for the havenots so at least it wouldn’t go to waste.

1:39am – 1:50am Havenot room – Alyssa, Christian, Xavier
Christian – how possible would it be for me and her sleep up here without.. without.. Xavier – OH MY GOD I am so sick of this PG13 SH*t! How possible is it for y’all to get busy in here without anyone coming in? Christian – no, no, no, no. That was not the question. The question was how possible would it be for when we’re no long havenots… Alyssa – for only us to be sleeping in here. Xavier – oh well why was that so hard to say!? Alyssa – because he doesn’t have the balls to just say it. Xavier – how possible.. well there are going to be other havenots. Alyssa – not on Wednesday night. Xavier – oh you mean Wednesday night. Wednesday night it would be very possible. So basically why don’t you just ask me to not sleep in here on Wednesday night!? Alyssa – because that’s what he was going to do but he doesn’t have the balls to just say it. Xavier – I will just sleep downstairs on Wednesday. Alyssa – we let you sleep with Whitney. Xavier – when did you let me be with Whitney? When you guys were sleeping in the f**king HOH bed?! That is when you LET me sleep with Whitney. Christian – yes, so this is how you owe us. Xavier – I would love to sleep downstairs so I don’t have to listen to your giggling. I really hope America doesn’t see us (Me and Whitney) as an item. I hope they don’t, ah f**k .. well whatever I made it clear with her and America. She is a wonderful woman, just not doing anything.

3:00 am SB and Ky
Ky says with all certainty he’s voting to keep her, “I am doing my best to get in the loop which is difficult because of our closeness”
SB – Am I stupid I didn’t think it was obvious until this week
Ky – I think we were doing good this week added some pressure.
SB – we can worry about it next week I don’t have the energy..
SB – oh my god Alyssa could win it and put us both up
Ky – she might backdoor BabyD so that’s ok..
SB – maybe she wouldn’t ..
They mention how they both think X is trying to help Christian, “At this time”
SB – I think he’s just a nice guy, I know for a fact that Alyssa was up there campaigning for Christian
SB says X will do what’s best for his game.
Ky – Christian is both a weapon and a shield for him at this moment and you are less than that. especially when your skillset is more an ally to me
SB says Alyssa said to her three times today that it looks like the house is voting out Christian. “I don’t know what she’s trying to do bait me or make me comfortable”
Ky says Alyssa is trying to cover all her bases.
Sb – some people are literally ignoring that I exist.
Ky – whos ignoring you exist
SB – Christian is.. I don’t care about that.
Ky – remember he’s only 23 years old
SB – I was dumb when I was 23
Ky – I was dumb at 28
Sb – I feel like I want something to do. My biggest fear is going home and feeling I never did everything I could. I don’t know what to do? Like just hang out with people chill and have a good time? Have my One-on-ones on Wednesday and hope it’s not too late to change people’s minds
Ky – I’m not saying that at all There are other things you can do.
Ky says she can say exactly what she told him “I would hate to go home when there was more I could do”
Ky – Like is there anything right now that makes you feel unsettled about me..
Ky – Say my biggest fear is I don’t want to be Brent. Everyone telling me I’m fine and I just believe them. I’m always going to try.. Christian is a bigger threat of course I want to believe it. I’m just wondering if you have any suggestions.
Ky – That’s a place where you can start an example. there are various levels in that conversation of how tactical you are.
SB – You know I’ve been working with Britini after every single veto ceremony where she remaining on the block I would make it a point to go check on her and be like you’re good.
SB – Brit told me I’m good, BIGD said it, Azah did. Claire, Tiffany, and babyD have not spoken to me about Game since the veto ceremony.
Ky says he’s pretty sure they never went to Brit right after the veto ceremony and said she was good. They probably waited for their one on ones.
SB – Yeah but they’re not working together.
SB – it sucks because I am a confrontational person I would have talked to them about it, Hey you hurt my feelings I don’t like how you treated me this way and I can’t it’s sucks.
Ky – 100% it sucks
SB – I just have this feeling I’m going to keep getting put on the block
Ky – If NicoleF can do it you can
SB – she didn’t get put on the block that much
Ky – neither are you

4:10 am Everyone sleeping
There won’t be any updates on Tuesday until 4pm 🙁

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To Another Name, Simon or anyone who wants to offer their opinion read through to the end as I’m curious for other’s perspectives.

Warning – long post.

The power struggle is real and I’ve got lots of observations and questions…

First I’m curious where Baby D’s true loyalty lies. Part of me thinks it’s Tiff & DX is only working Ky to ensure other levels of safety but on the other side it also seems like he desires a bromance with Ky. He’s been pretty good at not throwing either UTB to each other BUT has been more forthcoming with Tiff from what I’ve seen. AND the bigger tell to me is he specifically says they need X to target/take out Ky whereas I’ve NEVER heard him suggest anyone targeting Tiff (or Claire for that matter) & he always tells Tiff he wants them plus Hannah/Claire F4.

While we know Tiff vacillates between great manipulation to looking like she needs psychotropic meds with her SB/Ky obsession Ky was equally suspect in the past 24 hours. I get why he is planting seeds of doubt about Tiff but I don’t get his strategy.

It started Sunday when he was almost grandstanding with X on his control & implying — this is how it’s going to go from here on out, – while X was just trying to figure out how & why things shifted to Chris. Ky is trying to form all these new alliances always w/o Tiff — usually with the addition of Big D. Ky essentially TOLD X the order of eviction & said Azah/Tiff go OTB first of the six (if not sooner) with Tiff leaving first.

Shortly after X went to Tiff & due to feeds cutting we don’t know if he warned her specifically but it’s clear he’s not happy with Ky. My take is he’d rather Ky was cut even before Hannah from TC. I also think X believes Ky is trying to set up the house ONLY with his own interest in mind & feels Ky went out of his way to handicap him specifically stating X had two non Cookout members while the rest only had one which isn’t true b/c X sees him as having SB & DX.

With SB he’s pushing her hard to create a F4 with DX/Hannah adding Big D for a F5 calling him “their Victoria” & while she’s starting to pull back a bit from Tiff/Claire b/c of Ky’s earlier planted seeds SB isn’t necessarily buying into this new alliance. Partly b/c she doesn’t trust Big D to not rat them out & let’s be honest no matter what she says her main target has always been Hannah b/c they play the most similar games. SB thinks she’s closer to Azah/Brit than Ky knows although she messed that up this week asking Brit to throw her the POV.

Ky then goes to DX pushing the F3 with X, then the other F4 with Hannah/SB again adding in Big D for F5 & also pushes to add Big D to the existing alliance of Queens/Aces. During these convos he gets in his Tiff shade stating SB isn’t trusting Tiff (or the girls as much), implies Hannah also has issues with Tiff & that bringing in Big D is great b/c he can’t stand Tiff & will never tell her they’re aligned. Again, I return to DX’s true loyalty — to my knowledge he never shares the shade Ky or Tiff throw at each other. Again, I’m torn on whether his silence is a loyalty sign or simply keeping options open b/c telling Tiff would likely shift her boot order & after his HOH Baby D feels like he’s created all these long lasting alliances so why stir the pot.

And with X he’s pushing working with DX/Hannah/Ally/Big D but also making a major argument about votes to “see if we can trust them” (the Cookout) – but we know he means Tiff. Since we know Big D would throw a hinky vote for Ky to blame on Tiff — he also has to know that’s a possibility right? And right after each of these talks X makes a negative comment to the camera about Ky trying to control the house, how he’s set up everywhere or he goes to vent to Tiff.

Essentially Ky has tried to create about 10 new alliances – none that include Tiff specifically.

Final thought on what’s been happening — every winner cites “LUCK” as one of the intangibles to winning. And, while I enjoy the non medicated version of Tiff – I also think she’s avoided potential danger via luck. For example, no one assumes she had as much to do with these noms as she did (well maybe Ky does). Instead it’s Ky who the key players are focused on. Brit, Ally, Chris, X (and even SB at one point) thought he manipulated nominations.

Meanwhile Ky is gaining a reputation as being set up everywhere in the house but also for displaying a need to control & being selfish. In contrast Tiff gets mentioned occasionally. She can be overt about her targets/comments BUT when it matters most she typically navigates the situation to present it like what’s best for the individual whether that’s helping the HOH, the person OTB or her ally. Azah/Big D are the exceptions but that’s b/c Tiff doesn’t respect their game play (Azah – too emotional, Big D – well b/c he’s a selfish couch).

Okay -long winded explanation to get to this point (sorry) soooo.

1) Do you think DX is more loyal to Tiff or Ky? (& is that person his F2 or is Hannah?)

2) Do you agree Xavier trusts Tiff more than Ky now? If yes – will X target Ky first out of TC? or possibly even sooner than F6?

3) Will X, Baby D, Hannah stay quiet about all these alliances Ky’s trying to create w/o Tiff in them OR will someone tell her? (if yes – who is most likely to spill the tea?)

4) Will X tell Tiff (or has he already) what Ky said about trapping TC with the votes? AND if he does (I think he might) then would that give them (Tiff/X) reason to get perhaps Claire or Ally to target him in DE & send him to jury asap?

5) Claire is clocking the Cookout – noting when groups of them meet & often walking in on several of them talking. She’s also NOT a fan of Big D & struggles to trust X b/c he doesn’t share any game intel with her. Last week she said Big D/X would be her noms – I’m wondering if you think she would stick to these noms if she wins HOH or based on Ky’s shadiness this week put up Ky/Big D (or perhaps X or maybe beside SB). I have a feeling she’d rather take out another male with DX being the only safe one of the 4 if Christian leaves Thursday.

6) With the power struggle between Tiff/Ky raging I’m curious how likely you think TC is to stick with going F6 or if they’ll abandon it once jury starts.

7) If yes to above – IMO the four most likely to win HOH are X, Ky, Hannah & Tiff likely in that order. Ky will target Tiff (as will Big D) but I think the other 4 would target Ky. And while Azah has issues with both Tiff & Hannah I still think she’d rather keep them over Ky. Do you agree? — it would make sense that’s why Ky is trying to set up Tiff now to abandon TC too no?

Another Name, I hope you see this b/c I’m dying to hear your take (or Simon or anyone who wants to offer their perspective).


I sense a low key rivalry between Tiffany and Claire about to heat up


You know it’s a weird dynamic that’s been building with that duo especially considering how everyone else in the Cookout is so protective of their “others”.

Xavier seriously wanted Baby D to keep all four Kings off the block and wasn’t happy about Ky’s nonchalance about Christian needing to leave, particularly after he just finished fighting so hard for SB to stay & the work he put in to pull DX to him.

Azah says she got hardened by Brit’s nomination & won’t volunteer to go up for her again – BUT she still clearly wants her kept in the game even pushing for her to be the last non Cookout player evicted. Big D doesn’t really have attachments to anyone outside TC but his actions also speak to him targeting everyone ahead of Brit (I’ve heard him say Tiff’s name ahead of Brit).

In contrast, Tiff brings up Claire leaving almost as much as Big D. But I think the strain between her & Claire is tied to Tiff restrategizing to align to the Cookout. Once Tiff got the DR whisper & came up with “the plan” she focused on strengthening her ties with X, Hannah & Ky. Prior to that point the pair were unanimous in their targets/strategy. Claire clearly struggles with ‘the new Tiff’ & I think b/c she knows the game so well she suspects something is up (and it’s why I think she’s onto TC).

If the current Ky/Tiff tension continues to fester or Tiff learns about ANYTHING he’s been up to another flip wouldn’t surprise b/c Tiff really would prefer to go to F4 with Claire, DX & Hannah.

I’m pulling for Claire to win the next HOH to see her noms. She won’t put up DX & the only female I think she’d consider is SB (but it would be beside Big D or Ky). We know Ky would try to micromanage her & it would piss Claire off to the point she might swing for the fences & put up two of Ky, X and Big D. OR she could go with SB/Ky. Then the question would be whether X & Tiff would say screw it & take out Ky b/c of his recent actions to align the house best for himself.

With “the special fan voted powers” coming this upcoming HOH could get interesting The two polls I checked have DX, Claire & Hannah in top three with Tiff 4th on one & Xavier on the other. THAT could also play a factor in Tiff’s thinking especially if Claire or DX win (non -Cookout members). I’m kind of leaning to giving it to Claire b/c she’ll make a big move & it might send Tiff the signal that going with the people she wants to play with would be better.

Imagine if she did & Claire & her resolve their issues — end up in F2 & the Cookout is so bitter they don’t vote for Tiff to win. It wouldn’t surprise me at all.


She won’t try to win until the clock has run out with her reward of not being able to be nominated until Jury

The Beef

And that reward ends Thursday night, as soon as either Christian or SB is evicted. That will get us down to 11 players – the Final 2 and 9 jury members.

Sir Kirby Williams

Awesome post and thoughts!

I still think it’s hard/too early for definitive answers. Most players don’t want to win HOH because they don’t want to show their cards and aren’t willing to play past the river card to expose how others are truly playing.

I think most players are trying to fill their baskets with as many eggs as possible (everyone is in survivor mode) only because they don’t want to be the person to take the fall or first voted out of their alliance(s). Keep as many people close, avoid being a target, survive week-by-week, go on from there and see who is left to play with.

Ky/Tiff = problems from when she was talking about knowing her days and comps, him asking for help and then her telling him that she can’t and to check with Sara Beth. The attitude, the tone, and a TV not wanting to help out another TC; of course Ky will break away from Tiff. There is different energy between the two. I still think that TC stays in tact until two of them are on the block or they get to final 6. Another thought is that everyone is afraid of how each person will be in jury (bitter or reward gameplay).

BB fan

You can’t even see that DX is a blind puppet having his strings pulled by Tiffany and Hannah And a large reason why this season is going to become boring and all cookout members in the end is because he is a tool for them to be discarded.
After this week unless two of the COOKOUT are on the block they control all the majority votes and can send whoever they want home- it doesn’t matter; you have no power!
They literally wear his pants for him and make all the decisions. Your takes are absolute garbage.
If you played you would literally be the bonehead Jacob from big brother season 9- the stupidest and worst player ever; that is you!

Sir Kirby Williams

Hey Frenchie,
How’s it going? How’s the fam? How’s the farm?

You now get to see and hear all convos (which the current HGs don’t) and you are still playing out scenarios of what if, with no certainty. You’re a good and off the rails as you come out with name-calling and insults. Get your head checked bud.

You act as if the entire house knows about the Cookout. You write as if all HGs have privy to all info and convos that the live feeders have access to.

At least it’s good to know that you made it home to your farm and fam, but I thought you were going to stay off social media for a bit…another broken promise, I guess.

BB fan

At least frenchie knows how to put his pants on in the morning and make his own decisions LMAO

And no You stinky turd I’m not frenchie !
Expect nothing else from you princess!
You really are an absolute bonehead!

You’re an absolute buffoon if that’s your excuse their Jacob. That is the worst arguement I’ve ever heard “he doesn’t know it exist”- that just proves that he sucks at this game and doesn’t have freaking clue about the social dynamics in the house! When you are in that house you are suppose to figure that Sh1t about groups and alliances!
It’s not an excuse to say he doesn’t know it exists that just proves that he is dumb And not good at this game. Not to mention it is horrible gameplay to be a puppet and have people make your own decisions for you especially when they are setting you up to be the most physical male target with 11. The cookout is playing kid like a fiddle!

Don’t write a check your butt can’t cash their Jacob; on this board early on you started this crap you whimp, And now you’re acting like a pansy about it.
You really are one of the stupidest people here talk about this show!
Furthering proving that you are the bonehead from big brother season 9.
That is your gameplay you bum.

Sir Kirby Williams

So, based on your opening, you are not Frenchie and you do not know how to put your pants on?

Oh, and Mr Big Brain, you actually spell it, “there” based on how you use the word “their” in a sentence.

I would read the rest of what you posted, but you are the most lame and obnoxious poster on this site. You’re just a troll trying to make it in a world too complex for you.

You’re anger and jealousy stems from a long time of getting very little attention. My only buffoonery is actually giving you and your posts any time or thought. Once I stop paying attention to what you have to say, you won’t exist because no one will bother too pay attention. No need to post your reply, no one will read it.

Maybe one day, hopefully, you will learn how to use your brain instead of just re-writing words and phrases you’ve found from copying South Park.


I missed a Baby D – Tiff chat that sort of confirms he is closer to her b/c they worked in concert on who to target with both offering insight on who/why & agreed on the order. It was one the version of Tiff where she’s being open/strategic & working as a partner (my favorite version of her).

Some of the points:

  • DX was going to cut “the remaining Kings” 3 weeks of safety but Tiff convinced him to only do that for X
  • He told her Ky was negotiating with X for them to work together & Tiff told him of the friction between X/Ky & advised he speak directly to X instead
  • DX noted then they could have X take out Ky at F6
  • Also on that front ^^ when DX suggested Alyssa go next Tiff suggested it wouldn’t be wise to piss off X by taking out his 1, 2 back to back so it would be better to cut SB b/c that would pull Ky closer to DX
  • DX likes Azah so they agreed to work with her deeper in the game b/c her game play is more transparent than others but also note someone else would need to take out Brit so they could gain Azah’s trust

Proving the above was real DX only suggested to X it makes sense for X/Ky/him to watch out for each other with Christian leaving (not forming a F3 like Ky was trying to get him to do).

Some may not like DX’s move but he gained leverage in the game with several people including Azah, Brit & I do think X will want to work with him/Hannah/Tiff/Claire/(Ky?). They’ll prob try to find a way to throw Azah HOH to take out Ally.

Their agree on an eviction order of Christian, SB, Alyssa, Britini, Big D, Azah next bringing Claire, Hannah, Ky and X with them to F6 and if everything cuts their way have X win take out Ky at 6th & then try to take out X at 5th. Of course this is in their perfect scenario.

And notably, while the Cookout remains intact this ^^^ F6 would have four Cookout members in it with Claire/DX replacing Azah/Big D. IMHO that is also the order Tiff would prefer if she wasn’t committed to TC (we’ll have to track how close this order is to reality).

another name

The power struggle between Tiff and Ky is, imo, going to ensure that the cookout not make final 6 intact. It’s going to end up being a case of who can get the majority of the 6 on their side and take the first shot at about week 7 I’m thinking.

Interesting side bar: Ky wants Tiff to be painted as the disloyal one so that he is free to break off and go his own way to some extent. He’s painting her behavior as disruptive and disloyal to cover what he is doing that is disruptive and disloyal to the cookout. He’s spent so much time pulling SB away from Tiff and Claire, but hasn’t realized that now he’s got to control SB from actually taking the shot too soon. Sure. Try to get SB to budge an inch. On anything. Take as many years as you want to get her to move. I’ll wait.

Dx in that mix? I use his conversation with Hannah a couple of days ago as the starting line and extrapolate the knowns. He told Hannah that he doesn’t actually have a viable line to f3 let alone f2. He was trying to get her to agree to be his final 2.
extrapolation points:
He knows Ky has multiple final 3 final 2 deals all over the place. This made him uncomfortable at least a week ago before Tiff told him about the final 2’s. He had asked Ky about proposing so many final 4 deals, and how that might be sketch. He is pretty certain he is not Ky’s ride or die because if Ky has deals with everyone, he actually has deals with nobody.
He knows Tiff has an agenda, and that everyone else is just there to fulfill her agenda. He’s clocked a lot of her hyper rabid gamer squirrel behavior. He thinks he’s not her number one.
The way I read Dx’s personality: if I’m not their number one, they can’t really be my number one. So, at present, he’s thinking he’s going to go with each of them as far as he can while he finds someone to be his number one. His ideal, I think, actually involves trying to keep BOTH Ky and Tiff with him and a fourth. With their animosity, he’s hoping if either won the final 4 HOH or Final HOH, they would take out each other and take him to final 2? That may be giving him too much credit, but there is a reason he isn’t revealing the depths of Ky and Tiff knocking each other. He wants them both and isn’t good at adapting to change from the ideal plan in his head. He’s letting each think they are the architect of his HOH. Once he decided, were either able to change his mind?

Realistically, he should actually think of Claire there as a final 2 / 4 choice, but he’s convinced she’s closer to Azah than to him (I don’t know WHERE he got that idea), and both are way after Tiff in that line.
Claire’s growing concern with Tiff? That’s stemming from the first night Tiff let Muffy out of the box, then crammed her back in the next morning. The sudden and diametrically opposed plans threw Claire. Revealing the Royal Flush to Hannah added. The concern that Tiff has game plans she’s keeping Claire out of has added even more. While Claire is close to figuring out the cookout, she’s not quite there yet. Reasonably speaking, when she comes to the conclusion, if she tells anyone other than Dx, she’s in serious trouble. Let’s face it, the entire reason Tiff is pulling away from Claire is because of Muffy night. She’s thinking she let too much slip that night, and set Claire on the path to discovery. She did.

In essence, I think the rest of the cookout are equally getting tired of Tiff and Ky’s bullshit.
X will go with the current but try to control the current. Azah will land more on Ky’s side at present, Couch will be on Ky’s side. Hannah will be more on Tiff’s side.
The big issue with the cookout: they all think they are manning the grill, and the rest of the group should line up for dinner. If they don’t get that under control soon, everything on the grill is going to get burned.

Larry Pooper

Great insight name… great insight indeed

another name

My take on Dx was before he told Tiff the Ky was outwardly plotting her downfall.
Now I’m guessing he’s trying to find a safe zone in between multiple little groups or something. I don’t actually get what he is doing totally.


Will be glad to see Christian go…too bad Allysa won’t leave with him. Hope she’s next.
Tiffany can leave too. She is very annoying and her being constantly in people’s ear and repeatedly trying to force her own agenda is really getting on my nerves.
I think DX did the right thing by backdooring Christian. At least he’s showing he’s up for the game.
I don’t know what to make of this Cookout group. I don’t like how they each have an assigned
“other (non-POC) person”. That strategy doesn’t seem to be working out so well anymore.
Well, we’ll just have to see what Thursday brings, huh?

BB fan

Yea right move for Tiffany and Hannah.
Derek X is literally their blind puppet doing all of the dirty work for the cookout!
He is an idiot to want to be the most physical male competitor with 11 people total and 7 woman left.


Tiff is pushing her agenda — but so are each of TC players. Ky essentially told X the order they are going to use & tries to micromanage everyone. X wanted all 4 Kings in jury (to guarantee 3 votes), Azah is pushing for Brit to be no worse than 7th (and would prefer she be ahead of Hannah).

While Tiff isn’t everyone’s cup of team she’s a great manipulator & I do think much of the dramatics are tied to Production forcing TC on her. In fact, I feel like Ky, X & Tiff all are alphas each seeking control but via different game styles. We only are just now seeing X play not in his calm way b/c he hasn’t needed to until now.

As per the previous post I’d love to see Claire win HOH & depending on what the fan power is perhaps that too b/c she’d shake things up.


The cookout won’t be breaking up any time soon which means the boring game play will continue of Christian going this week, SB/Alyssa goes next, the other the following week and then were left with DX/Britni.


I love the cookout. Watching them try to “stay loyal” while also trying to set up the game in their own interest is the most game play I’ve seen in the big brother house in several years.

How is it boring? This week is great and I expect all of the follow weeks will be just as interesting. Watching X and Ky each try to not lose their minions while not saying that they are not trying to lose their minions is what this game is all about.


Its boring when the f6-7 is pretty much guaranteed. They’re not turning on each other.


That is the point that the cookout now has all the power because next week unless two are nominated that they have all the power and votes to send whomever they want out of the house. So yes it extremely boring when we already know that at least 5 cookout members will at least make up f6 or f7 if not all of them. That is why in the long run this wanna be big move is going to blow up and ruin Derek X’s game the cookout will roast him for dinner mid jury. His HOH reign just ensured that the cookout has all of the numbers in jury to take over and take out whom ever they want! Ultimately now guaranteeing that the first African American will win big brother in another month; that’s why this has become so boring and predictable. We already know that the cookout has a win now.


Fair enough, but we don’t know what member of the cookout is going to win.

Usually at this point the house has established their order and you know who production has decided is going to be the final 3. This year we don’t and we don’t know if the cookout will turn on each other, as they are not friends in real life or in showmances. That makes for actual exciting game play.

Instead of two sides of the house, with 10 members on one side and 2 on the other, we essentially have 5 sides of the house.


What happened to SBs leg? Not the bruise on her thigh but the red wound on her lower leg that is always bandaged up. Looks awful and painful.


With the difficult task of understanding Kyland-speak — imagine if he manages to land in a F2 chair. How will he ever deliver a speech in 60 seconds let alone string together cohesive answers to questions.


I find Kyland the most difficult person to listen to ever.


Is it bad that, as a fan of Dr Strange and the multiverse(don’t know if it is because of it), I can follow his trains of thought ?


Either one is a good person to go. It will force the dynamics of the house to shift and will cause either X or Ky to lose a little bit of control, which needs to happen.

Besides, Christian and Sarah Beth are both extremely annoying and add nothing to the game. They are both just there for the camera time. The fact that Christian continues to try to push his catch phrase of “do you like what I did” any time he does anything besides sleep is grating. Watching SB throw herself at Ky because she needs a big strong man to protect her is also just as annoying.

Christian leaving will make it so Alyssa is actually free to play the game, which she is actually pretty good at. Everyone seems to like her and besides Tiff she is the coolest person there.

Sarah Beth leaving will free up Ky, who has to be bored of her insipid whining and baby voice by now.

Either way it’s a good thing.


“Sarah Beth leaving will free up Ky, who has to be bored of her insipid whining and baby voice by now.”

THANK YOU!!!! LOLS about the insipid baby voice! So agree!

I’m happy with either one of them leaving. It will change the house dynamic. It will allow Alyssa to really play her game and to interact with others in the house. – OR – it will allow Ky to go back to being a savvy player and to also interact with others in the house.

This has not been a bad season so far! Let’s not forget the horror that was Frankie Grande!

And to all ya’ll who are crying that the COOKOUT is unfairremember these 12 alliances? With only a a handful of people of colour included? AND Danielle Reyes was included in two of them! Let’s keep the thinly veiled racist rhetoric down (or off this nice board) and watch the game play?

Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 3.40.21 PM.png

I think America’s Vote this week will be to keep one houseguest safe from eviction, since the Wildcard has ended.


Since Claire is temporarily safe now, I don’t think so. Unless they bring back something like the Diamond Power of Veto, I say it should be deciding who to give the power to change a nomination (The key being that they can’t ever tell the other houseguests that they were the person granted the power or else they face a penalty)


Oh I like that one!