We’re not changing our minds any more with this decision? .. “NOPE! Steves staying”

POV Holder: Vanessa POV Competition Aug 22nd
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 24th
HOH Austin Next HOH Aug 27th
Original Nominations: Steve and Jmac
After POV Nominations: Steve and Jmac
Have Nots No have nots this week

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-26 17-27-26-442_jpg

5:28pm John and Vanessa
John says the twins told him they will vote with Vanessa. They are going to tell him tonight.
Vanessa – I hav a bad feeling tomorrow.. I think it’s going to be a physical one.
Vanessa says she will tell him when it’s a lost cause “I’m going to do whats best for my game”
Jmac says the angle to try with the twins is tell them how it “strategic” to keep Him over Steve
Vanessa- I think Meg and James wants Steve out
Johnny Mac – makes sense he got out Jackie I was closer to Becky
Johnnymac says he’s not stressed he ready to leave but that doesn’t mean he’s not going to fight.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-26 17-47-18-418_jpg

5:46pm HOH Liz and Austin
Liz is saying that they told Johnny mac they won’t blindside him. Austin says he wants them to tell Jmac he’s safe than tomorrow at the last minute they’ll tell him the house flipped. that way it’s not their fault when he goes home.

Liz says she wants to keep Steve this week.
Austin – The boy never rat, if he comes back he’ll rat
Lilz – Vanessa wants the boy out
Liz – the boy is coming after us than you (Vanessa)
Austin – is he
Liz – just tell her that

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-26 18-04-13-523_jpg

6:01pm Steve, Meg and James
James reading through the rule book. picks the chapter about expulsion. Says physical threats or intimidation are grounds for expulsions.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-26 18-12-00-012_jpg

6:11pm Austin and the twins HOH
Agreeing that Johnnymac has to go this week. Liz says Vanessa is coming up so they can decide. Production has been asking them in the Diary room.
Austin – Julia you need to go fiddle Johnny Mac deets
Liz – just incase he comes back, ya flirt with him
Austin – he said the house makes him feel a-sexual.. he said he has no feelings in the house..
Liz – he has no drive for it
Austin – no drive to have s$x, must be the cameras on him

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-26 18-24-10-275_jpg

6:15pm Vanessa joins them in the HOH
Austin – my gut is saying stay with Steve
Austin – is there any way we can get a insurance policy or do we let him fly
Julia – let him fly he won’t win
Austin – he’s still going to ask you where you are voting
Austin – we still need to talk to Meg and James and give them a real reason to keep Steve.
Austin and the twins all saying they want Jmac out.

Julia – hwy keep a guy that we can’t even have a conversation with.
they all ask her what happened between her and Jmac they use to always chat.
Julia – there’s only so much you can talk about dentistry and game of thrones.. I’ve only seen one season.

They decide to say to meg and James that Jmac has more connections in the jury house.

Julia – I’m going to throw in I have a better personal relationship with Steve
Austin – don’t say that
Julia – you’re right
Vanessa says this has to come out as a group decision

Vanessa tells them jmac told her of the twins won’t vote for her his plan B is to go to the goblins.
Liz – let’s tell him what he wants to hear
Austin suggests they pull Meg and James up tell them that Jmac isn’t going after the Jury member he’s going after one of the sides.

The twins tell them that last night jmac was very good with his words last night he never said he was going after anyone.
They agree they’re stupid to think Jmac will put up a jury member next week, Becky, Shelli, Steve, jackie he’s not putting any of those people up. They agree Steve will stick with them and take out a jury member.

Vanessa – it’s better we keep Steve he’s a shield
They decide it will be a group decision this week.
Liz – minutes before the decision we’ll tell him alright you’re leaving
Vanessa says they have to add if he comes back they still want to work with him. The reason the house is voting him out is because it’s a strategic decision he’s so close to the jury members.
Vanessa then says there’s no way Jmac will work with them if he comes back he’s going to go rogue
Austin – he’s already gone rogue

They start practicing what they will tell Jmac tonight
Austin – make him feel like there’s hope
Some points they will cover when talking to Jmac

-Johnny Mac and Steve have made a compelling case
-Meg and James want to talk to them because someone is coming back from Jury
-They want to decide together and make sure it’s a house vote so no one’s left in the fire

Vanessa Now suggesting they get Meg and JAmes to vote out Steve so that Steve goes after them next week.
Austin thinks that’s too risky they’ll know they all voted together
Austin – Steve’s already with us, he’s already gunning for them (Goblins)

Austin adds if the vote is 5-0 and jmac comes back then “everyone has f***d up”
Vanessa says Jmac told he’s been “Gunning” for her all season so she has enough reasons to vote him out. Adds that she also has a lot of reasons to get rid of Steve.
Vanessa doesn’t understand why Johnnymac had this vendetta against her.

They decide to keep it open ended until tomorrow. Tonight they will tell Jmac the house is voting together.

Vanessa warns them that Jmac is the favorite for her to win the competition to come back. Says the only reason he has been winning out in competitions is because he’s been throwing them.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-26 19-04-38-347_jpg

7:00pm HOH
Vanessa – we’re not changing our minds any more with this decision
Austin – nope, Steve’s staying

[envira-gallery id=”130595″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-26 19-24-51-548_jpg

7:20pm JUJU, Steve and Vanessa
Talking about 2.5% of Americans watch Big Brother. Vanessa says they will be noticed in airports. Julia mentions how she thinks older people like the show because she’s 23 and everyone she knows doesn’t have a clue about it. Vanessa thinks it’s a niche fan base that includes a lot of young people.
They bring up there being only 4 weeks left in the game. Steve points out there’s 8 players left in the game after this week.
Steve tells them the final week is really sped up there’s 4 players.
mentions when Frankie got evicted it was to a CBS employee Audience.

Steve say there was time in past season where people escaped and watch a episode. He doesn’t know what season it was thinks it might be season 6.

Steve show them a cut he has. Vanessa tells him to go clean that cut out because there’s “Staph” all over the place. brings up Becky’s toe.
Julia can’t believe Becky wasn’t acting up some of the toe. If it happened to Julia and she was on the block she would play that toe injury to the extreme.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-26 19-32-20-959_jpg

7:31pm Bathroom
Boy comes back, Julia heads out to grab some water leaving him with Vanessa.
Vanessa – we’re good right
Steve – Ya
Vanessa – we need each other
Steve – I’m aware of this
They start talking about Competitions Steve tells her Face morph and Otev have never been this early

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-26 19-52-00-175_jpg

7:54pm Cooking
Meg – James don’t eat vegetables
James – I eat green beans

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-26 20-01-54-302_jpg

7:58pm Bathroom Steve and Vanessa
Steve is saying there will be 2 short competitions in the backyard one live during the show. Tomorrow there will be a competition for the returning Jury member and later in that night they will have the HOH.
They start talking about Microphones Steve wants a “Akg C414”
Steve explains why it’s better to use a XLR cable over RCA.


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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Min O'Pause

I have come to believe that the amount of time spent listening to Asstin and The Twits is directly proportionate to the amount of brain cells that wither and die.




Big loud collective sigh….oh Please make them stop. The twins need bark collars that shock their stupid asses every time the speak. ZAAAAP! Oooooooouuuuuuccchhhhy….ZAAAP ZAAAAP! Juuuuujuuuu hel……ZAP ZAP ZAP….P……coma

HOH's Before Bros


Mrs. Mac

That is the funniest comment I’ve read all season long, on any site. You know they would be too stupid to just stop talking.


I can’t stand the whine in their voices! Reminds me of Rachel!


John going out .Steve going out John going out Steve going out
Make up your minds! They probably will change there minds 9 or 10
more times before tomorrow.


and will probably do it live on the air tonight. “attention house guests when i read the name of the evicted house guest he will have just a few moments to gather their belongings and” “Ummmmmmmmmmmmm Juliiieeeeeeeeee I need to go back in thereeeeeeeeee.

Like...I'm Jackie

I wonder if Vanessa wants the goblins to vote out Steve so she can flip it on austwins and vote Steve out?


Vanessa is not the only one playing this game.production makes her look good because that’s the gal they want to win. They don’t show her crazy. I hope she gets help with her gambling addiction. If she has money now- she won’t have it later. The house always wins.


She doesn’t play the house. That saying doesn’t apply to her skill.


You obviously don’t play poker and don’t understand that when you play it, you don’t play against “the house.” It’s ignorant to say she has a gambling addiction when you obviously aren’t educated about poker.


You are a dumb ass! What a hater!


Aww, I hope Johnny Mac comes back, wins hoh and puts up Austin and Liz.

Backseat Driver

I hope ANYBODY will put up Austin or the twins……I am drowning in their bull$hit.


All I hope is that whoever wins HOH tomorrow will shake the house up… A house shaken up is a great House to watch …


This year’s Big Brother started of great. But now it shows you how disrespectful people can be in this world. Those twins need a life check on manners and respect. There parentsmust be so shameful how they have acted on BB this year.


The twins suck at life, it’s that simple


I’m not entirely sure their parents are ashamed of them. They behave that way because they’ve been allowed to. I’m sure their parents have enabled them their whole lives, and that is why they are the spoiled, disrespectful, stupid human beings they are today – you don’t just become like that especially two people from the same family.


The Jiz sisters are the most annoying thing to crawl into Big Brother since Rachel, if one of them wins they will bitch about depositing the check.


the other day someone said the returning jury member gets one week safety from eviction anyone know if thats actually true?


Didn’t they combine the HOH comp with the returning juror comp one year? All HGs, including jurors, played at the same time. It was endurance, the last juror got back in and whoever was last to fall won HOH.


Ya Judd won the juror part and I believe Elissa won the hoh


I think the could have done a better zing to Austin like: “Austin, everybody knows how you like to workout all your muscles, including the ones in your fingers ZING!


I agree. Zings were not entertaining but the fact that Austinks zing was predictable … priceless. What a stinkin tool fool


If vanessa reallllly wants Steve out over John, why not lie and say in front Austin,Liz & Julia that Steve wants to work with her getting the twins out…. or why don’t she try talking Meg and James to vote steve out and than have them go up to the HOH room with her and say “we voting steve out”.


I was wondering if the returning jury member gets a week of safety? Didn’t that happen before?


seriously Liz? Now you’re pimping out your sister to flirt with Jmac? love to see Jmac reject her.


BB is getting boring twins Austin and nut case Vanessa production is stupi the year all floaters come on man


I’m upset that they aren’t telling JohnnyMac until just before the live show. They must really hate him. Not giving him time to accept his fate is just mean.


Yes – On BBAD 27 Aug Austin says he wants jmac to suffer and squirm as long as possible. This trio makes me sick. That’s not good game play. It’s just trashy behavior. Since Meg and James seem to be going with all of this, as if they won’t be subject to the door hitting them in their respective rears shortly after jmac, I have this sinking feeling that we’re going to see the Austwins in the finale. The only reason they would deserve to be there is the production crew has selectively chosen imbeciles with lower IQs than the trio.


Johnny mac’s engine die?


Vanessa doesn’t need help with her gambling addiction, she’s worth millions. I wish I could contract her gambling addiction.


I didn’t think anything could make this show more boring than its been but CBS found a way. We finally have some good confrontations and they don’t show them. They should have fast forward the comp and squeezed some of the good stuff in there. Even if they did the fights in fast motion (which by the way would have looked pretty funny) and it would have made the show a little better. You can’t even tell who’s bat shit crazy. Everybody looked normal on the show tonight.


Van is their girl, why would they show America what’s she is really like?

Big sexy 40

Here’s the deal. Jmac has completely stopped giving a fuck. Through some fault of his own, whacked out housemates, and whatever other lunacy is involved. But he’s pissed and smart . His play here is he wants out bad tomorrow, so he can use his 25% chance to get re booted in game vs the other 3 jurors. If he wins he can lick his wounds, be safe for the week ( that’s the rule) and try and re align himself down the stretch . Brilliant play. Knew it once I heard his veto speech. And if it does not work, he doesn’t give a shit. He sees what we see, a bunch of nutcakes, and if his plan doesn’t work, oh well, back to banking $$ at work .


Every one thinks Van is smart but the two smartest players are JMac and Jackie. Van can’t read them she doesn’t have a clue.
Jackie was trying to rally people to take out a meaningful player and was sent packing,so it basically left JMac with a house full of f*cktards with the cumulative IQ of potting soil.


Austin needs to shut it. He doesn’t get a vote. His w***e and sis can vote JMac, let James and Meg vote Steve and then Vanessa is the deciding vote. Why does everyone vote as a house? So dumb! James and Meg are only helping Austwins and not looking out for their game. Austwins are nasty mean players and I so hope next HOH will put Austin and Liz up. Watch them act just like all the other alliance on the block did. I’m sick of them. Austin thinking he will get a career ( in god knows what) put of this, he is delusional! Good luck to the twins in the marketing field, not sure I would want them working for me.

Why was Liz so upset at the Zing…she knew Austin had a GF. She thinks just because she is single (who is Ryan that she told Ju she was going to end it with when she got home) doesn’t make her innocent. She knew about thevGF so she is just at fault. I feel forvAustins Ex that has to deal with this daily.


No, she is not at fault. She has no obligation to the girlfriend, someone she doesn’t even know. The person cheating is almost always 100% at fault, unless the person he/she is cheating with is a friend/family member of the boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, etc. Why do people always blame the other person, who is not even involved in the relationship, when He/She has no obligation.


I didn’t say she was the only one at fault. She is just at fault, that means 50:50. If you know someone is in a relationship, you don’t even bother. If the other person lied and said they were single, then no fault on Liz. But if you know, then yes you are just at fault. You are just a scum like every cheater out there if you don’t see that. Let one relationship end first. That is class!!!


BBAD sucks so much on the east coast when all they do id fling headbands onto plates. Who the fuck cares?!?!

Johnny Depp

Can someone please put up Julia/Liz and Vanessa next week? *PLEASE

freud's cigar

Vanessa’s edit is golden. So is James’ edit. The tantrums are edited out. So are the perverted sexist comments. Very few people have gotten less than golden edits this season.
And Johnnymac’s edit? In all honesty, his d/r commentary should be, “rrrrrayah i’ve been asleep for 12-14 hours a day and didn’t speak to anyone for three weeks rrrrarrrr…. why are you asking me what’s going on? moo-rrrrah. You tell me. Wait, what? urrr? I hate Vanessa now? oh, okay. I need a nap. gyaahhhhhh.”


That’s some funny sh*t thanks


That Vanessa is the FIRST person to shake down the next HOH and give her 2 cents,or 500,000,000,000 cents worth of ideas on who should go up and how it should play out this week…etc.etc.etc …as SOOn as it is humanly possible to do so.. It is just TOO much listening to her right after HOH comps…Nails on a chalkboard doesn’t even come close to how it really sounds..I can’t wait for her to FINally be a target and get booted…With all that being said, I really hope the Austwinfest gets put up, no matter what happens..If it doesn’t, then we’ll truly know this season is either the most clueless bunch of people ever assembled on BB, or it’s simply “fixed”


You summed it up perfectly and accurately.


Gamblings … Gambling. Easy come – easy go. Today you win- tomarrow you lose. I suggest gamblers AA.


Can’t wait til these horrible twins are rock paper scissored out of there. So sick of them. They are such Bitches.


Reset or get Venessa to work magic and have the goblins a boat out Steve and she can be the deciding vote I know someone’s Artie said that but I’m really hoping that happens. I have definitely hated some of the houseguest over the years but Austin and Liz and Julia make me ill. They are so mean and so stupid


After the jury member comes back in the house everyone will try and friend them? Then everyone will get into their teams and unfriend them? The returnee, if still there after HOH and hasn’t won HOH will be toast? My wager would be that the returnee will team with whoever want’s the Austinktwins out and then be voted out themself after Vasmessa does her(production) thingy


Anythings better than the bore fest of last year. Let’s face it, last year had no flavor.


Earlier I think Steve said that he watched TAR and Jeff and Jackie did not hook up.
Wrong again Steve!
I watched that season and not only did Jeff and Jackie hook up they hooked up on the first night and she was very proud to let the camera men and us know about it.
They were given the option of two separate rooms, which they could’ve taken, then waited for the camera men and producers to go to their own rooms/bed for the night , then discreetly snuck across the hall to Jeff’s room. Instead she made a scene about sleeping with Jeff on the very first night/pit stop.


Jmac it sucks.he is going home does he have a.plan or someting i will not vote for america player to him if he does.not campaign

questions abt the live feed

– vanessa is bribing people? what does she offer/ to who/ for what?
– does james really have stds?
– are liz and austin hooking up now? since when?


Omg gross


I’m sorry but Austin, Liz, Julia and Vanessa must be crazy if they think James, Meg, Or Steve would target each other and returning jury member if they won HOH….like why would anyone do that….how would that help them get further in the game…. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN….

Steve would have every reason to put Austin/liz/julia or vanessa on the block since they put him up and didn’t use the veto on him and would have just voted his friend John out….

If Beckie came back, she would have every reason to put them up since they are the ones that got her out…..

If Jackie came back, she would also have every reason to put them up (since they got in steve’s ear about targeting her)…she also friends with James & Meg.

If John came back, well he would have a very good reason to target them; like they just voted him out and are the reasons he was on the block and they put him up beside his friend Steve…..

James & Meg are happy they weren’t put on the block, but why would the target Beckie or Jackie or John or Steve; they need numbers on their side…..(james and meg have said on the feeds, they would put Austin/Liz up and if veto was used, Vanessa or Julia would go up)

Shelli might would target James, but after being in jury house talking about what went down in the BB house with Beckie & Jackie; she might would even want to target them since they did vote her out over vanessa….

I Just can’t see austin/liz/julia/vanessa not being a target….. (they have to win HOH)

not looking good for them, since the hoh comp will be 4 vs 3 —- and who know’s vanessa, might throw it….she is a risk taker ….might not want to get blood on her hands this week.

Be Crazy not to target them, since Austin, Liz, Julia are a tight threesome & the fact that Austin & Julia have never been on the block….and doesn’t look good when u win HOH back to back(austin/liz)


Austin and Twins are delusional if they only think 2 of the four will target them. All 4 will target them. The returning juror is not going to waste their time in the house if the survive this week. They know the numbers and will at least go after Liz. But they need to put Liz next to Austin so they can feel the heat and know what it’s like to be next to someone they don’t want to throw under the bus.


The zingbot missed an opportunity if they wanted to slut shame Liz and give an appropriate shaming to Austin.
it should have been:
Austin, who are you more excited for Liz to meet after the show? Your parents or your gf?
Liz, you’ve spent a lot of time trying to play an undercover game, so who’s the better under the covers, Austin or Jeff?
Then both of them are pissy and humiliated.

Dear:Johny MAC

would you mind getting in the oven to clean it?


Vanessa makes my ears bleed, and I would ask to evict myself if I was trapped anywhere with her.