“Can we just make up our mind and stop changing it”

POV Holder: Vanessa POV Competition Aug 22nd
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 24th
HOH Austin Next HOH Aug 27th
Original Nominations: Steve and Jmac
After POV Nominations: Steve and Jmac
Have Nots No have nots this week

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-26 15-04-55-625_jpg

2:58pm Kitchen table Boy, JUJU, Vanessa
Talking about crazy theories about Jeff and Jackie being engaged.
Steve says he saw the season with Jeff and Jackie. Out of the 5 blind dates that season the one couple that would definitely the most complatlaby was Jeff and Jackie.
Julia – did they hook up on the show
Steve doesn’t think so “They ended the race on the best terms”
Vanessa says Jeff told Austin that he slept with Jackie.
Julia doesn’t understand why Jeff and Jackie were cast.
Steve thinks it was more they agreed to do it.
Meg and Jmac join them and the Jackie Jeff speculation continues

Liz and Austin joins them.. They start talking about Da being a card dealer. Vanessa didn’t know that wonders why Da would hide something like that “They just move the cards around”
Steve mentions how Danielle from Season 14 hide her being a nurse.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-26 15-05-05-619_jpg

3:06pm Austin and Liz
Talking about if they’ve had their hearts broken or not

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-26 15-35-24-834_jpg

3:34pm Bathroom Meg and Vanessa
Meg says Steve will be harder to get out of the game later on. She points out that Steve always gets himself off the block he fights but Johnnymac remains. Meg wonders if they should maybe take the opportunity to get Steve out this week. vanessa is wanting that to happen.
Meg saying she doesn’t have a strong opinion asks if anyone in the house does.
Vanessa says she did have a strong opinion for getting Steve out “LAst week I was all alone.. He took advantage to being a hero in that moment, I’ll never forget it but I will forgive”

Vanessa – I heard him out he said he was sorry.. I get it he heard things.. everyone thought the things they heard was true.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-26 15-51-33-945_jpg

3:46pm Bathroom Vanessa and Liz
Liz says the target last week was always Becky
Vanessa asks Liz if Jmac threw the OTEV competition because she remembers Austin telling her. Liz says Jmac was going to throw it but he didn’t.
Austin joins them. Vanessa asking them if Steve threw the otev. Austin says he didn’t. Adds that the nominations were going to stay the same.

Austin wants them to have a insurance policy in case Jmac comes back. they might be able to tell him something happened at the last minute so they voted him out.

Austin says that jmac squeals everything he has no information left but Steve has a ton of information and if Steve goes and comes back all that is going to be told to the house.
Austin – Steve comes back we’re f***, if Johnnymac comes back we’re alright

Vanessa – can we just make up our mind and stop changing it

[envira-gallery id=”130571″]

4:20pm – 5:01pm Austin’s work out plan

4:30pm Steve and Jmac have been playing cheese for the last 30 minutes

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-26 16-58-16-864_jpg

5:10pm James has been showing them pressure points and joint locks.

The Zings
James – “Guess what I’ve heard that Meg is going to take you someplace very very special after the show the friendzone! ZING!”

Julia – “I’m confused. Suddenly, you’re less attractive, less intelligent & less charming. Oh wait…that’s just Julia! ZING!”

Liz – “Liz, you’ve become such an important part of Austin’s life. Are you more excited to meet his Mom, Dad or Girlfriend? ZING!”

Vanessa – “Vanessa, you have been playing a masterful game… assuming that game is the crying game! ZING!”

Johnny Mac – “John, 5 out of 5 dentists agree the only thing less attractive than your laugh is your back hair! ZING!”

Meg – “Meg, your New York attitude is very Sex in the City. Too bad your game play is more, sucks in the city! ZING!”

Austin – “Will someone please take out the trash. It stinks in here. Oh wait.. It’s just Austin! Zing!”

Steve – “Steve, what’s less cool than a trombonist who cries for his mommy? Nothing! Zing!”


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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lame. some of the worst zings from zingbot that i can remember. posters here have had better zings.


Definitely agree! The only one I liked was the one for Liz about the girlfriend, perfect! The rest were quite lame.


I agree. Zings were not entertaining but the fact that Austinks zing was predictable … priceless. What a stinkin tool fool

Meg Drank the Kool-Aid

Meg screeches, Liz I’m obsessed with you. Now we know what ages gonna do the last 28 days. ALOT more nothing. So much for hopes of teaming up against AusTwits. Wanna bet they take her to Finals?

Calling BS: CBS Doesn't Show Vanipulators 3 Hour Tantrums

Why is Meg crying??? Why didn’t she hug me after POV??? Were you all mad that I won??? This was a 3 hour tantrum sobbing screamfest on feeds right after POV NOT SHOWN?? JMac outting the alliance replacing her also whitewashed. Her betrayal screamer was another 3 hours and they didn’t show any of it??? Whose the biggest liar, cheater, backstabbed now CBS? You!! DR clean ups so she doesn’t look a fool are fake staged bullshit.

Producers manipulate this show so much it kills their fan base. This fantasy cut, scripts and staged DR’s are completely opposite what’s happening in real life. They do a good job of spackling her sunken eyes and hiding her drug addiction, while having no problem painting Audrey as crazy. This show and CBS is bullshit. No wonder they let Vanessa cheat and bribe her way through, they’re spending way too much on new sets, none on games. And the other losers they recruited throw the game to each other. They have to paint her a genius and ridiculous Steve a genius because this season is such a flop.


calm the f***ing down! They also didn’t show your precious JM being the sniveling low life that he is. These people are all so batshit crazy that they couldn’t possibly show it all, even in a 2 hour show.


Waaaaahhhhh! Crying game fans can’t handle the truth? Julie cancelled the twists and takeovers because Van’s drama was enough. Not that’s backfired, her PR folks called and her personality gets scrubbed with extra airtime. CBS shows everyone’s bad side, except Steve, James & Vanessa whose “characters” are actively promoted purposefully. Just like all the CBS commercials built into the comps. They edited out Vanessa getting her hand stuck and scooping Crisco into the fishbowl cheating at HOH comp. In the airtime that AssTwits constantly battle for, the Clelli love affair took precedence over comps. Audrey, Meg, Day, Jace, JMac focused on their crazy behavior, labeling them horrible players. Double standards only apply to Vanessa in her schizoid rants and the editing.

Precious JM? You can’t read. He calls himself a dead fish. Vanessa nor CBS can own how unlikable she is. Maybe people like Johnny because he’s the least offensive, isn’t nasty to others tells the truth, real integrity. You’re just pissed he doesn’t take her shit or her bribes. AssTwits said production told them JMac was popular with America so they try to tone down the Bad Girls Club routine to boost their image. Too late.

They spend hours on Steve’s hometown, James playing hide & seek and Vanessa’s DR. Everyone says lots fewer comps, no strategizing, and the producers aka fairies recruit, dress, script, the rest. That’s why no one’s watching. And this isn’t the only site that’s saying the same thing. You sound like you’re jealous he’s got more self control and fans than you. Chomp a handful of pills and read the Bible. It works for Vanessa.


After CBS did their 3 Takeovers, and dropped it, that should have gave hint that it was nothing more than an advertising scheme. One, was advertising The Amazing Race, the next, their Thursday Football ( Gronk ), and three, their ongoing Political Correct topic they have every year. ( K.G. ). After they got that out of the way, which was their self promotions, its not been a fun season. They no longer cast correctly, as they stereotype cast. You know the twins were coached or production would have had to burn any eviction early on with them. In fact, I think, one of the big “tells” that CBS is not screening properly, is the twins. The fact Liz had no clue about the HoH camera’s should pretty much be a tell all about being a fan of the show or not. I honestly think CBS picks contestants from talent Agencies more than random. Were the twins not in a phone commercial? They got Steve stereotyped in there as Ian. Vanessa is Devin in another gender. Audrey & Vanessa is their PC theme cast. Meg is a less naive Victoria. They thought James would be a Donnie maybe? Austin is a clustermess….. and so on.


Why is Vanessa like Devin? I can’t see the similarities?

BB Scriptwriter

You thought this was a real game?? ZING! CBS stands for Complete Bullsh*t Show dummies! ZING!

Bet you loved the new Skywalk and all the plexiglass we used on set this year representing the transparency of the game! Yeah right losers, transparently staged! ZING!

Didn’t you love Julie’s tour of the BB set? She’s a trusted journalist who legitimizes this mockery as a real social experiment! She wouldn’t lie to you, would she? ZING! That’s exactly why she’s fronting this scam, she’s married to Less Moonves the CBS head cheese!

We love suoerfans, and all your tweets, blogs and applications! Apply for BB18 now! ZING! Go to Grindr, we recruit there first. And thanks for telling us how much you hate the cast & comps so we know how to clean them up in DR. Sorry you don’t like our scripts, Not Sorry.


Vanessa’s zing was the best and most accurate.


Aka Production just called for their eviction decision. So much for a live vote. Austwits & Vanessa voting to keep Steve. They are going to lie and tell James/Meg JMAC is targeting them. Julia said JMac had thin lips would be a bad kisser and didn’t show interest when she flirted with him. Now we don’t have to watch show tomorrow either. It doesn’t matter who comes back, Steve the robot has been programmed to take them out.


You have to throw some shade with a good ZingBot that leaks some game truth…

Austin: You have been shedding all over the house…. I didn’t know rats could shed.. Zing

Liz: Liz… the Big Brother House has been great practice for you… faking you like the older guy you are going to marry for his money… zing.

Julia: Julia… nobody can tell you and Liz apart… until one of you has an HoH key or a Veto around her neck… Zing

Vanessa: Vanessa, you’re only as good as your word…. I’m surprised you’ve never been arrested. Zing Zing

James: James the only place you haven’t hidden in the house is in the toilet… wait your game is already there. Zing

Meg: Meg you are so New York… like Cockroaches that can survive anything just sitting there.

Johnny Mac: Johnny Mac… I guess somebody snuck laughing gas into the show because your game has been really sleepy…. Zing

Steve: SSSSssssssteve…. you are such a people pleaser… except the fans of the show… Zing


You’re right. Zings were not funny at all.


Omg the zing sucked


What I hope happens is everyone votes out Steve because he’s completely useless and Jackie or Becky comes back. Then Jackie/Becky, James, Meg and JohnnyMac can align together and take out the doublemint twins, Austin and conniving Vanessa- that would be AWESOME!!!!


But Shelly, what about Shelli?

Evict Vanessa's beanie, please!

Shelli would team up with Austin and the twins… She’s bad news if she comes back. Becky is the best option to take town Vanessa and the twins.


It is best if Becky comes back
( · )( · ) @-;——–

Thanks James

Becky’s your breast bet? Just as CBS planned. They broke another record casting so many fake boobs this year. The only real boob is James who makes an a$$ of himself with comments like these. But since they can’t script anything really fun or funny, gotta keep 13 year old boys tuning in for t & a, soft core prostitution. Why couldn’t they find any hot guys for the cast this year? The only social experiment happening this year is James curing or passing along his Herpes and why on earth Liz doesn’t force Austin to use condoms. Ugghh!

Right on the money

Breast bet indeed


I don’t think she will! She said Vanessa is good and would think about working with her. She also said she would work with JMac. I’m sure Becky has filled her in on Austwins and would come in to take out that 3. She knows the numbers are against her if she worked with Austin. I don’t want her back, but if she did I’m sure she would not work with Austwins except to use them for safety till she could hit.

brotalk to human dictionary

If the hoh is played before the return from jury, anyone that returns will kiss up to whoever is the hoh. What they’ll do second week in is what is significant, not what they’ll do first week.

Rip the bandaid off already!

Please oh please Thursday get here. Something must change or I’m done. Actually if Astwins or Vanessa get HOH I’m done.


Clearly not a Big Brother fan if you’ll stop watching because someone who isn’t your favourite has some power. The “I’m done” threats are so comical.

So, yeah, see ya!


Well we know Vanessa gets what Vanessa wants. Maybe Steve will go this week yes?

At the end of the day

Thus far Austwits aren’t budging. Probably first time she hasn’t been able to manipulate them and she’s been working them hard. Jmac’s only hope is to convince James and Meg and then Vanessa goes against Austwits wishes.
Don’t think stinky Austin can expect a sponsorship from Iris Spring as it obviously doesn’t work. Maybe he just has to realize that it only works if you actually take a shower.


Watching the episode now. Hope Big Brother made them clean up the mess in HOH. Bunch of pigs!!


….and burn the sheets for the love of God!

Modesty Blaise

There’s not enough detergent or bleach in the world to make me want to sleep up there. And spray Lysol on the couch. Ew, ick. Those 2 are gross.


what mess? i dont watch the feeds. can u please tell me?


I was referring to tonight’s episode. During the POV comp they had to stay in the HOH room as each one took their turn. They threw popcorn everywhere. Huge mess!!


After each HG competed they joined Liz and James in the HOH room. As they watched each do the challenge on a monitor, they threw popcorn at the TV and around the room.


I’m just hoping Steve gets evicted, Shelli comes back in, and John, James, Meg, Shelli, and maybe Vanessa realize that gargantuan and the Doublemint twins have to go.


Most of those zings weren’t funny. They were just mean.

Jeff & Jackie Didn't Want to They Just Agreed to Come On

Yeah Twits, just like you were recruited from Bad Girls Club and had no idea how to play, and “got lucky” to prostitute your way to Day 60. Jeff Jackie cross marketing from Amazing Race. Clay recruited on Tinder, self evicted. CBS should just get next year’s cast from Price is Right, it would be more interesting. They could read people better than Vanessa and shout assholes like her down too. Bet they could come up with something better to do on BBAD than Hair Band Plate Fling, Glory Hole Pot Ball and smelly porn. Contestants from Let’s Make a Deal would dress & smell better than Austin. They probably even find a guy without STDS to jump all the chick’s in the house. Come On Dooowwn! Do you read scripts and take bribes? You’re the next contestant on Biiiiig Broootthherr!

Rip big brother

Big brother please SAVE JMAC. He is the Life of the show. Give the power to audience to decide something…..ugh!


Vanessa is the one who keeps changing things up. She can’t stop F’ing with these people. She non-stop comes up with conspiracy theories and reads way too much into every little action or word choice. She keeps coming back around to grill Steve and Jmac and then runs her mouth in circles!! She thinks she can deal her way to F2!! Earth to Vanessa and the Austwits!!! You can’t strong arm people to the end!!! You can’t screw and run roughshod over people and expect them to honor deals made under duress. Not all of you will make it. It does not matter Steve or Jmac because you left the biggest threat to your game in the house. James. Because he is “fun”. It will be tons of fun for us the viewers win he throws the first bomb on your little foursome and leads the charge to take most of you down. DUMMIES!!!


I absolutely can’t stand vanessa and her b.s. and won’t own her crap. That last dr with her was puke worthy


I <3 Vanessa

CBS Trying in Vain to Rehab VaMessa

Steve slobbering how great Vanessa’s game is on DR is NOT WHAT HE’S SAYING ON FEEDS. Zingbore calls her game Masterful? And is mean to the rest. (Zing did not say very masterful, but producers favoritism is clear) CBS doesn’t show any of her screaming rants, Bible lectures, bribes
, torturous inquisition tactics, swearing, but doesn’t mind making Austin look like a douche. Why are they treating bet like a celebrity? I have never turned this show off like I do this year. DVR it and erase without looking. RIP BB. Lost another fan.


Well thank God we don’t have to read another one of that ones posts again.
Someone’s on the negative train.




I hope the next hoh is like bb15 for the jury the endurance. Because last year I felt it was unfair for the jury to return have the days comp hoh. I have feeling that next the return jury or james will be gone next.

Evict Vanessa's beanie, please!

Vanessa playing victim again on tonight’s show. She takes it personal and is out to kill anyone who considers putting her on the block. This girls is either severely mentally ill or has figured out the most fierce strategy that plays with human emotions. Either way I hate her.


Vanessa would have made Derrick her bitch


No way! Derrick would have had her pegged very early on and she would have been gone a long time ago.


Hate is a pretty strong word for a person you’re watching on a reality TV show. It’s Big Brother. Every person in the house is attempting to make it to the Final 2 in order to win 500K. There are no rules on how you do it.


I hate that damn green beanie!

No Rules?? Read the BB Rule Book

There are rules and James is reading the section on Eviction for Threats of Intimidation and Personal Injury. It has a picture of Vanessa, and James got a warning for welts, bruises and no more alcohol cause that’s his excuse.

Now they need to add no cheating, no bribes, no gifts, no splitting, no staking, no fake Adderall prescriptions and no STDS because this cast is a trainwreck. That’s why they had to get Becky out, Liz said cause she survives trainwrecks.

Didn’t you see the season a houseguest pulled a knife? Now the losers only get plastic. No rules of conduct? Their insurance company has more rules than you’re aware of. They can’t demean CBS either, it’s why you get fishes and looong DR sessions.

James is now reading Rules fit cameras & mics in the toilet and is fascinated. They’ll need to add some Rules for Glory Holes, throwing objects for the purpose of injuring others, use of condoms, and spreading Herpes just for him too.


Looking at it objectively, Liz is actually doing well. She sank Clay and Shelli’s game by saving Austin from Vanessa’s second HOH, she removes someone that would target her in her own HOH and this week she wiped the blood accumulated on her HOH by putting it on Steve. It still doesn’t change the fact that she is being played by Vanessa but she’s third on my list that deserves to win next to Vanessa and James. Hopefully next week (tomorrow) Jackie comes back Austin gets evicted and we’ll see the house against Vanessa, Julia and Liz.


So tired of hearing Vanessa say “I’m all alone in this game”.


VaMessa isn’t alone, she has Production.


“They just move the cards around”



That is what they do, isn’t it?


Vanessa has a God complex!


This week’s mistakes in my opinion:

Steve- should never gone back to Austin’s HOH room and say “I’m not comfortable being put on the block with Johnny Mac.” DUH! Austin had pretty much given away he was putting Vanessa up after her stunt in the room. By doing that he not only pissed off Austin for not being a team player, but also showing he didn’t trust them much and that something was up between JMac and him. Silly, silly, silly. Later (or on the next day), Vanessa pretty much told Austin “do what you have to do.” Had Steve said that first, everything would have been fine for him. Steve’s biggest problem is being a pussy.

JMac- Should have never told Vanessa about the plan to backdoor her, but instead filled her mind with stories about Meg and James. Vanessa is pure paranoia, she’d eat that sh!t up. He should have promised her an alliance by saying they would be a duo since neither she or he are in a duo with anyone in the house. He could also have presented her with two scenarios she could present to Austin as replacement:
– Meg. She would not come back from a jury competition and would do sh!t in the house that would be a match for them in comps.
– James. He would only have a chance to come back from jury, but he’s not very bright in comps when they aren’t about endurance. And, let’s face it, jury comps are never about endurance.

Anyway… at this point, so close to the finale, I don’t give a damn anymore. Just evict anyone… and the twins next, pleeeease.

And if you’re also annoyed at those silly zings, have a Xanax with chocolate milk because that works wonders!




Jmac needs to step up his game especially since steve know he has the votes since he know his alliances the scamper squad. I hope jamc fights or campaigns because I will not give my af vote to him if doesn’t.


Why does Vanessa feel everyone needs to tell her the truth? And why does everyone tell her the truth? This season is annoying.

AKA Twistin' ....

*yawn* I still hate Vanessa but I hate the twins MORE. Julia is the biggest floater who has NO idea she is a floater. These three at trash. I was loving the season for a while but I can’t take Vanessa’s schizophrenia much longer. They make trailer park trash
look good. Shit’s gross.

Big sexy 40

I’m no physiologist, beside her husbands passing, something deep and or dark happened to our little friend Vanessa . And if it’s game play, that makes her and more dark and twisted. Either way that kid is haunted. Couple sandwiches short of a pic in ic bas ket

Foreal tho

I’m not sure why everyone is targeting the return juror. I remember that person getting immunity for the first week. Am I wrong Simon?


Jesus was wrong!


Nicole didn’t last season!

Ian's lament

The only way this season changes I’d if Liz goes. She is the linchpin of the group and only chance group would breakup. It would also really throw Austin off his game and Julia might flip to new alliance.


the other day someone said the returning jury member gets one week safety from eviction.. anyone know if thats actually true?

Min O'Pause

I was biting my fingernails to see who would have a worse melt down, Steve or Vanasty. He looked like he might start slapping his own head and she looked like her head was gonna spin around.

Min O'Pause

Vannasty’s paranoid and argumentative outbursts would earn her a big old dose of haldol where I come from.


You from Michael Jackson’s Never Never Land

Min O'Pause

Nope. MJ did propofol. Haldol takes you to Never Never Batshit Crazy Land.

Mina Harker

Haldol, not Propofel. Haldol was a commonly used anesthesia; I think they stopped using it in the 70s because of side effects. Propofel was MJ’s drug of choice. It’s the only good thing about getting a colonoscopy!

Min O'Pause

Haldol is still in use as an antipsychotic but not as anesthesia.


I hope Jmac stays and wins HOH and puts up Austin and Vanessa and proclaims his game begins NOW and then tells both if Austin wins POV, I will put up his girlfriend, if Vanessa wins POV, I will still put up Austins girlfriend. Man, that would fun to see! I want the smelly Sasquatch to leave!

Twins' Eye Spacing O.....^.....O

Vanessa looks like Big Bird on crack. The twins with their wide-assed eye spacing look like older female versions of Family Guy’s Stewie. And they all think they’re hot??? LOL!!!


Pure Nectar, yeh usually they get one week of immunity, however last year pretty dumb but if I remember correctly Nicole wasn’t given a week of safety…

Gator clap

Am I the only one who thinks Julia is the cuter twin? Not that I like either anyway. . .


Vanessa lurking somewhere in the background. A specter… Eyes darting back and FORTH… Creepy. House guest feel the chill as she passes by… The echo of … Your dead to me vibrates in their ears…


Usually the returning juror gets one week of safety, but for some stupid reason if I remember correctly Nicole didn’t get immunity..let’s hope they don’t repeat that crap again! I don’t want Shelli to come back, she would team up with Vanessa again like an idiot and Jackie well she said she would go after Liz but if Meg and James tell her they are aligned with Austin, she might change her mind! Best case scenario either Becky or JMAC come back win hoh and hopefully get rid of Vanessa once and for all!


Meg Jackie and James were pretty much aligned with Austin and the twins before double elimination. They just didn’t have a name.


Omg I just can’t look at austink and those twin skanks anymore. Onlyreason I’m still watching is James and Meg. Vanasty is gross but can’t hold a candle to the skank twins and austink. Somebody please give austink a bath and haircut for gods sake PLEASE!

skeptical onlooker

It’s better to be thought a fool..than open your mouth and remove all doubt.
Liz is not into you. You’re her way to the final 2 ( she thinks).
Your stupid Judas is painful to watch and hear.
You are not a good wrestler…you’re tall..and have a lot of stupid tattoos.
Vanessa..it must be said…gives good speech.
You try and match that. Errrmmm….doesn’t work.
Austin..you look like a fool..you talk like a fool..you write like a fool…therefore..you are a fool.
You, Austin..are perhaps one of the most idiotic players on BB.
I actually feel sorry for you. You think you’re a HUGE fave. A romantic Romeo….a workout superstar.
Here’s the thing about Reality TV.
It pin points the * real* persona. What a person thinks they’re reflecting.
The truth is….it doesn’t. Reality is lost. Bloggers..real fans..see and hear the *truth*.
In truth…there are many who post here..who would make REALLY good players.
Insights are spot on.
Lesson to all. BB does NOT make you famous. In does, in fact…make you a laughing stock.
A FEW..a VERY few…make a lasting impression.
Ian grew on me..I was happy he won. Derick was OK..( next to whom he was playing with)
For me..the best * Reality* player..was Boston Rob. He made it look easy. He just rocked.


It’s funny, 2 weeks ago we were saying that this is one of the best seasons and now we are saying this is one of the worst. Sucks how things change quick, hopefully the pendulum swings back to it being good again if the Goblins get in control again.

Katie Couric

I like colonoscopies.


“… production wants us to decide which way we’re voting.”
Was that just a joke, or did Production actually call someone to the d/r in order to inform then that production wanted them to stop flip flopping and come to a consensus? On Wednesday evening?
They don’t want a rock paper scissor lizard spock decision? better criteria than the brain trust usually come up with.
A few things:
Steve telling Vanessa he is INTJ this week really clarifies a lot of things. And knowing that she is aware of the 16 personality archetypes, she would have at least a limited understanding of what that means. Of course with her pretty severe ADHD and under-developed emotional impulse control and possible persecution complex, that doesn’t mean limited understanding equates with empathy.
I’m not sure if they are still doing have and have nots, but after 2 weeks of creepy and crawly in the hoh room, can someone please make one of them have and the other have not for the week? just so the viewers can have a week of sanitizing heebyjeeby detox?
New drinking game. Every time a goblin whines or complains about their friends being picked off and the surviving goblins being victims of circustance, take a drink. i think liver failure in less than a day. I wish they would suck it up and change their lot if they don’t like it. The sympathy seeking woe is me is getting on my nerves. Sorry James and Meg fans. I tried. But it’s just gone too far. it’s to the point of pandering for america’s fave votes. Not that they need to pander when production is working overtime to show James as a loveable scamp prankster every episode. The Gremlins have always been and will always be Sabrina and Rochelle. No one else can ever truly live up to the name.
Jmac, guess a game can’t be played in the d/r for the viewers unless it’s actually backed up with creating and cultivating relationships in the house. not that he’s done for sure. It’s not even 8pm where they’re filming. There should be at least two more but what if’s coming up tonight before tasmanian Vanessa and the Austwits finally come to a conclusion.
What would have been the most fun imo, if Vanessa’s suggestion reiterated minutes later by Meg had actually happened. Like fight club, nobody discusses their vote beforehand, and they all just vote how they want to vote. Not that it will make a difference.

It's True

Production calls for decisions early. They claim for show production. A so-called live eviction is for suspense, the illusion of the unexpected and that this is a reality show social experiment. That’s why the disappointment BB is a scripted sitcom and we feel suckered rooting for a team like it’s a sport.


it’s not that they wanted a decision as much as they wanted the decision at about 730/8pm in a house where the majority of decisions have been made after midnight.
it also makes me wonder about the rehearsal and then return to feeds on Thursdays with the near weekly arguments. how legitimate are they? Do the d/r fairies get into someone’s ear, get them pumped up and send them off to watch the drama ensue?

disappointed BB fan

I think next season they should conduct extensive psychological testing on all potential house guests. They can then have individuals with dominant personalities fighting against each other rather than 1 dominant personality (vanessa) leading the rest of the submissives to slaughter!


As much as I want Vanessa gone, I really think Liz has to be the next one to go. Austin will want to go too and Julia can’t think for herself.

Too Funny

Why does evry1 think if shelli comes back she will team up w/vanessa watch her exit interview with jeff she says if she comes back in she will pretend to be allies with vanessa but is going after vanessa bigtime and will do exactly to vanessa what she did to her… Im conflicted on who wld be good to come back but i wldnt mind shelli or jackie coming back it might change the game up a bit where as becky or steve or jmac wldnt really make a difference. Meg n james dnt really like the 3 becky steve or jmac n steve is just a wuss n wnt take ppl out till the numbers are really small… shelli will go after vanessa n austin n so will jackie n thats what id like to see austin first, then vanessa or liz …


Vanessa is NOT the only one playing this game. Production makes her look good because that’s the gal they want to win. They don’t show her crazy. I hope she gets help with her gambling addiction. If she has money now – she’s going to lose it later.


they also don’t show James calling female players b!t(h and c#nt. or joking about chloroform, or any of the other perverted or sexist comments he’s made. They show him as the homespun practical joker. How much is the America’s favorite prize?

skeptical onlooker

This is one of the worst BB’s.
Boring players…not one player to root for.
I’m about to just wait for Survivor.


This is the first season I just couldn’t watch bb after dark. So boring just a bunch of no brain toddlers running around half dressed and soiling themselves. No gametalk because there’s no actual game just follow the hoh. One has to wonder what kind of sick warped production team they must be to pick this group.