“We’re going to get Adam out of this f*ing house.. bu-Bye”

2:00pm Cam 3-4 HOH Sam and Chelsea
Sam – you want to know what I just heard
Chel – Adam and I come in and no ones around
Sam – I’m pale I’m about to pass out.. I was in the bathroom Adam didn’t know I was there Dane walked out and they threw out names out ..
Sam – I can’t tell you how many times I heard Sam and Chelsea .. Sam and Chelsea .. Sam and Chelsea – WHAT
Sam – I didn’t say anything to Adam yet.. He didn’t think I was there
Chel – What the f*
Sam – Dane and Adam are working together
Chel – Ohh my f**
SAm – yeah

Chelsea says Kailyn was in the “red room” calling a house meeting giving people all these reasons to keep her.
Chel – talking about her life how she didn’t have a easy life before this.. Like.. It’s not that I don’t sympathize to that we all have a story.. You are going to manipulate people ..
Sam – I can’t even think about that.

Sam – All I could hear was Sam and Chels, Sam and Chels, Sam and Chels
Sam – they are planning to get us out 100% the two of them Dane and Adam..
Chel – you can’t trust anyone in this house
Sam – it was bad is was not good..
Sam goes on about Sam and Chels.. “It wasn’t like lets safe Sam and Chels.. “
Chel – don’t say anything not yet..
Sam – That’s going to be very hard for me.
Chelsea say it they go guns blazing it’ll make them a target.. Unless we.. F** this week… all this f**ing time all people do is stir sh1t up. Everyone in this house is shady everyone is a liar I trust you and Kyra.
Sam – I only trust you
Kyra comes in
Chel – Listen to this sh1t
They fill Kyra in.
Sam – I wanted to bust out and be like I can hear you.. But Adam is throwing out my name and your name
Sam – Sam and Chelsea in a bad way..
Chelsea suggests maybe Adam is just saying that to stay good with Dane.

They agree to play dumb for now.
Sam – he’s throwing me under the bus..
Kyra – Cory was in the bathroom crying and hugging Kailyn
Kyra about Kailyn “she’s trying to guilt trip people for her to stay”
Chelsea – YES ..
Chelsea says Adam is playing Dane. Kyra is unsure. Sam is certain Adam is playing them.
Sam – the conversation I just heard I swear to god it was not good..
Chelsea – that is why he gets so defensive with Dan..
They start piecing together things Adam does..
Sam – he’s f*ing playing us
Chelsea – WOW
Sam – the way they are talking they are 100% working together
Chelsea – is Adam that smart though.. (LOL)
Kyra says it might be the guys working together and playing the girls on each side..
Chelsea – I’m not about to get played
Sam – “It’s happening”
Kyra back to pointing out Dane is with the other side of Girls and Adam is with this side.
Sam looking at the camera – we know what you are going.. Smart move but not smart enough..
Chelsea – sure Kailyn stay in the house go after Adam
Sam – should we talk to Kailyn
Chels – no

Kyra – do you think they also have anthony.
Together Chelsea and Sam – Yes
Kyra mentions how she’s seen Dane, Anthony and Adam talking “that one day”
Sam – should we talk to KIKI and ESTI
Chelsea – maybe just Esti..

Chelsea warns them if they “blow shit up now” Kailyn might stay
Chelsea – what’s best going forward
Kyra – we have to wait until after Elimination

Kyra – we have to lay low act normal ..

Anthony comes in … “Same sh1t.. “
Goes on to explain that momma is telling everyone about her life, kids, Age. “it was really hard to hear… wasn’t really campaigning”

2:20pm Chelsea, Kyra and Sam
They don’t think Adam will go after them this early. “He might throw the comp”
Chelsea – ohh my god I trusted him so much I’m so dumb…
Sam – why do you think he defends Dane
Chelsea – he’s always saying it the guys the guys the guys.. We think it’s because he’s stupid and delusional
Sam thinks Adam is a “BIG FAN OF THIS SHOW”
Sam – he might not be able to put a sentence together and spell pineapple but he’s really smart in this show.
Chelsea – if the guys have a secret thing to get the girls out we have to turn this f*ing thing around or we’re looking like dumb chicks..
Sam – we need the girls on our side
Chelsea- those girls.. They’ll be like WHAT DANE THERE’S Something going on
Chelsea- the whole thing will blow up and we’re a HUGE target
Kyr – I can’t get Dane out nobody will got to get rid of him
Chelsea says they have Sam, her. Maybe Mark

2:22pm HOH Kyra, Chelsea and Sam
“Oh my god we have to f* them over” (the guys)
Chelsea – we need to get Cory
Adam joins them… They talk about Kailyn talking about her story
Kyra calls it Guilt tripping
Chelsea says she’s not calling that she believes kailyn has had a hard story
Adam – he just gotta win or they’re all coming after us 100%
Chelsea asks him who’s going home this week. Adam – She’s still going home.. I talked to Anthony right after. Plans still the same? He said yup

Sam – did you have a talk with Dane
Adam – he just told me to calm down
Adam – I really don’t want you guys to go home.. If I win KIKI and Esti are going up.. You are two faced..
Chelsea – who do you think Dane would go for if he won
Adam – I’m trying to think what would they do.. It just seems like it’s us.. It’s us against them.. If Dan would win yeah maybe Kiera..

2:51pm Cam 3-4 Adam, Anthony and Dane
Adam says the girls won’t look him in the eyes
Anthony – don’t worry I’m going to work on them..
Adam says Esti and KIKI are the two fakest people
Anthony – yo.. I’m going to make Sam and KIKI (hate each other) early on it was Adam you needed to worry about but I’ve talked to him and I don’t know if something happened I think Sam did something but those girls are doing some f*ed up sh1t man (sam and Chelsea)
Anthony – I’ll just let that sit
Adam – just wait to see who wins don’t start that sh1t if Sam ends up winning..
Adam says if the Esti/KIKI win than yeah if they don’t win..
Adam – Even if I win I don’t want to be the one that takes out Sam.. I don’t want to do that
Anthony – don’t worry we’ll make sure it’s not you..
Adam – If I took Sam out and I got off the plane people would be with the pitchforks and knives. Ready to kill me.
Dane joins them..
Adam says Esti and KIKI “won’t even look him in the face”
Dane – you’re fine man..
Adam brings up the conversation with Damien says everything is good with them now. Suggests they make a side alliance with Damien.
Dane – yeah we should make another one.
Anthony leaves..

3:51pm Cam 1-2 Chelsea and Kyra
Kyra says she trusts Sam but they need to keep this conversation to them.
Kyra – Dane see me walking upstairs.. he looks at me.. come lets go for a smoke..
Kyra – he said Trust me .. your name hasn’t been mentioned once..
Kyra goes on that Dane said the target is on Chelsea/Sam now Kyra should think of themselves as a free agent now.
Kyra – he’s so f*ing stupid..
Kyra adds that Dane said that Kyra and Chelsea are close on a personal level but they never tell Kyra anything
Kyra – he’s just like be smart.. be smart.. he’s trying to turn me against you guys
Chelsea says Anthony is trying to do the same thing..
Kyra – they make it sounds like you guys are using me and keeping me out of the loop

Kyra says they want to try and keep both Sam and Chelsea off the block together but if they both are up. Kyra will vote to keep Chelsea
Kyra – at this point if you act paranoid it’s bad..
Chelsea – I’m acting like I’m sad I put kailyn up..
Kyra – we have to start thinking about expanding
Kyra says the group is Adam, Dane and Anthony and they are playing the whole house.
Kyra- Anthony is always saying spend less time with the people you are working with..
Kyra says they’ve been getting more suspicious about Adam and Anthony.
Chelsea – If one of the ‘GIRLS’ wins HOH we can go to them and be like HEY you need to open you eyes and see there is a guys alliance.
Chelsea – we’re going to help you pull off a big move we’re going to get Adam out of this f*ing house.. bu-Bye
Chelsea says if Dane wins Chelsea and Kyra will be nominated. THey still and Sam as a number.
Chlesea – if we have to work with Esti and KIKI FINE. We know Esti isn’t a idiot and we know KIKI can be manipulated so that’s not the end of the world if they win.
Chelsea – we have to sit on this for now.. if they are playing us playing along is very frustrating..

5:06pm Playing along….

8:30pm Eddie, Esti and KIKI
They are talking about”doing something” (teaming up).
Eddie – the best move right now is to protect ourselves first.
Eddie doesn’t want them to do anything big until they get into power. They have to lay low.
Eddie – We’re getting picked off one by one
Eddie – unless we do something this will never change.
Eddie – we have to plan ahead .. the HOH tomorrow the nominations are after tomorrow..
Esti – I agree with you we should plan ahead but we won’t know what happens.
Esti – we have a good chance to win HOH tomorrow
She doesn’t want it to look liek they are working on a plan.
Eddie says the other side of the house alliance is going to crack.
Eddie – Last week you were so courageous and brave we can do something we have to shake up the game but this week we’re not doing anything..
Esti says this week 2 people that are her friends are on the block.
Eddie – i’m saying for next week…
Eddie – we should pull some numbers to our side.
KIKI – I’m trying spending time with Kyra.. Kyra didn’t know I was coming off the block. That was a shock to me.. that was a shock to everybody.
KIKI mentions how close Kyra and Chelsea are.
Eddie – you think they’re lying
KIKI – NO .. Chelsea isn’t as close to Kyra as Kyra thought they were.
KIKI – Chelsea has proven to be a really really dangerous player in this game.
Eddie – we cannot turn against each other you know that right..
Eddie – If underdogs start turning to other underdogs than they deserve to be underdogs.. To be honest.

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DAMN GIRLS finally catching onto the boys BOUT GODDANG TIME, but too little too late.

Guy From Canada

They didn’t catch on, they were basically told and then they put it together….,

another name

and yet, why do i sense that chelsea’s pride and her worries about public perception won’t allow her to believe that the football team is having a kegger and didn’t invite the promqueen? she’s having a harder time believing the guys are working her than the other two. a much harder time.


Finally! This may be very entertaining.


Useless Mark is not on the radar just yet. I am glad they are putting together who is controlling the house and all of a sudden I want either Kyra or Sam to win the HOH.


finalllly. I would love it if any one of the girls won HOH and backdoored Adam. He is pretty to look at, but it would just be so good if sam was one of the votes to get him out. he would be so shocked. Why are they not realizing Mark is part of the PB alliance?


No. Adam is not pretty or attractive: weak chin large forehead will lose all his hair in about 5 to 6 years. Why can’t the “young folks see that?” So sad. Wake UP!! Also? Seriously thick as a brick. In my world we refer to someone like him as a “Thickie” Laymans’ term “a fucking idiot”


I think I may have underestimated Sam. She had the wherewithal to go to Chelsea instead of Adam…well played!