Chelsea “I just want to be able to do exactly what I want to do & control everybody & have everybody just do what I need.”

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8pm Storage room. Mark and Dane.
Mark – if Sam doesn’t go next week we are f**ked. We are big time f**ked! I do not want to see you go anywhere. I need you, just the same way you need me. They double fist bump. Dane – and that’s how we have to play it off because Adam might win. Mark – we have a f**king good chance and I can not leave it for Adam to win. If Adam tries to pull something funny .. there is a good chance we could backdoor him. We will do what you want but I swear to god if you don’t put Sam up next week. Dane – 100%.

9:50pm File room. Sam and Adam. Adam – you say that you don’t have other game talks with other people. Sam – I talk with other people but this is a game where you words can be manipulated against you. all I know is that I am not having conversations. I talk about what our group is doing. I want that. Adam – you guys keep telling me I have to go after Dane. Sam – all I know is that I am not having separate conversations with other people aboout out fout moving forward. I don’t have anyone talking to me about getting you out. You woke up today with someone in your ear telling you that Dammien wants to put me, you and Chelsea up on the block. And that is scary. I appreciate you coming to me and asking me straight up but you need to be having these conversations with everyone else .. not me. People associate us as a duo. So if someone wants to get you out ..And its the first time you’ve heard it from someones mouth. They are not going to come to me babe. We talk about getting married and having babies in front of everybody.. people aren’t going to come to talk to me about getting you out of this house. Adam – everybody besides the seven is talking about getting us out. Sam – and that’s been since day two! I told you that. Adam – their so f**king fake! Sam – yeah. You need to know that you can trust me. Mamma got in everyone’s ear yesterday. Adam – I am going to strike up a deal with Damien. It be on Thursday because if I do it now it will get back to Mamma. The only person I am worried about winning is Damien. He brought up before that the females are going to run this game. Sam – that just goes to show you just how stupid he is. Adam – I can use this to get him thinking that I want the same thing as him. I can just be like if I win, I won’t put you up and if you win I hope you don’t put me or Sam up. Sam – sure, I trust you. If he is smart maybe we can get Kiki and Est up or something. Adam – yup.

12am HOH room. Adam and Chelsea.
Adam – has anyone thrown out my name to you? Chelsea – no, the only person is Kailyn. Eddie said that he thinks you’re an Alpha and that he’s intimidated by you but he never said he was gunning for you. Chelsea – There are a few people that I do trust. Adam – I want to trust you and Sam to the end. Chelsea – I do. Adam – today people were in my ear. Adam – if I were to say that I came in here and didn’t expect to meet Sam and to be as close as we were and I am kind of getting close with Chelsea or whatever. I think maybe they might be plotting something to get me out. If I give him something like that and make him earn my trust. Chelsea – there is no such thing as bad ideas.. some are just better than others. Adam – I need something if I am going to strike a deal with him. I talked to Sam about it.. it won’t be true. Chelsea – I think the best thing right now is not get ahead of ourselves, wait to see who wins HOH and then figure out what to do. I don’t think he (Damien) is going to win. Adam – If he does, I don’t want to wait till after he wins to suck up to him. Chelsea – if were talking about maybe.. I talked to Cory about a potential alliance just to see where her head was at. She got wind of it and said someone mentioned something about the seven people. And I was like safety in numbers. What if we included Damien in that? Adam – yeah maybe. Chelsea – he’s not going to go for you if he is working with you. Its a lot easier to maintain than a lie.

12:50am HOH room. Kyra and Chelsea.
Kyra – there is a possibility that Adam brought something up. Chelsea – he can’t sit in paranoia. If he is paranoid he will try to reassure himself by having conversations. Kyra – I know. Chelsea – f**k. I just want to be able to do exactly what I want to do and control everybody and have everybody just do what I need. Kyra – you’re such a Type A. Sam joins them. Sam – Chelsea do you hear this? Chelsea – what? Sam – come outside. There is a glitch in the system and they’re like speaking over the speakers and they don’t think we can hear them. Big Brother cuts the feeds…

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Adam…..poor Adam…He just doesn’t know who to trust and Anthony is doing a good job creating chaos around him. Next week should be really interesting. In this case, even if Anthony as every intention to protect Adam, I still think that he is playing him like a fiddle.


Are the PB’s still as committed to each other? If they evict Sam next they may alienate Adam. And surprise Chelsea. It’s always exciting when they are ready to start a new week.


Anthony : Probably doesn’t want to win since he don’t want to show his hands. But would probably want to target Chelsea and Sam. But i’m pretty sure that he will throw it.

Dane : Target Sam 100%, not sure who’s the other nominee

Mark : I really don’t know since he seems to want to bring Kyra and Chelsea final 3…he his really hard to read

Adam : Someone from the other side, probably Kiki and Este

another name

the other house guests are intentionally putting on blinders, and due to self interest being willfully ignorant.
the boys don’t even need to hide their meetings at this point, because each group of people they are also working with would suspend disbelief in order to not have to deal with the fact that they are being played.

another name

so even with adam practically beating chelsea over the head last night with a parade of overt statements showing that he’s working with the boys and doesn’t trust the girls….. not a dent. even with sam hearing dane and adam discussing sam and chelsea as noms next week… chelsea wants to believe adam is playing dane, not them.
so… which layer of makeup was tested on zombies?