Eddie “Did you see how flirty I was with Adam, when I don’t even like him?”

9:15pm Bedroom. Eddie and Damien. Eddie – This week they’re (Kiki and Est) very very scared. Damien – they are, that’s why they’re hanging out. Eddie – Kiki actually walked out of the room right now saying she can’t do this any more. I don’t understand that. This is a different Kiki I see. Do you remember how brave, how courageous they were last week? Damien – MMMhhmmm. Eddie – and this week they’re very scared. I don’t get it. Its very ironic. I don’t believe in humility any more. People are very scared right now. Damien – don’t be scared. Eddie – I am not scared. I am just saying people are scared. Damien – well when some people are scared you have to bring them up and lead by example. And you have nothing to be scared about because you’re not on no block. Take it with a grain of salt. Like if someone is all of a sudden giving you the time a day when they wouldn’t before. Eddie – Did you see how flirty I was with Adam? When I don’t even like him. I think we need to plan a head. I have to find a crack on their side and put some numbers on our said. Damien agrees. Eddie – I feel the best bet is telling the people that are close with them. We are also a number, we could replace Adam, Sam and Chelsea. We have four numbers – Me you There is a way to win this game without looking bad.. without siding with the bullies. Eddie – I think their side is too strong. I can’t vote for her. I am voting for you I really honestly don’t care if I go home next week.

10:20pm Storage room. Kiki and Eddie. Kiki – basically it was a hard week for me .. that’s all. Eddie – okay. Est – I am not against you. Eddlie – I’m not against you

11:10pm Bedroom. Adam and Sam. Adam is crying. Sam – its going to give you strength.

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Oi Adam is a douche. Also? Eddie? Really? How you flirted with him…..? Where EXACTLY did you think that would get you…….!!!!!?
We need a medic. AND an evac for Eddie. I tried to like him. But. I. Just. Can’t.

another name

imo, eddie is currently learning the problem with playing the game by sucking up to every hoh. at some point, the other house guests stop believing you, realize they can’t count on you, and know that they can’t share information with you because another hoh is right around the corner. He’s done this to himself.
anthony. why would anthony engineer and weaponize kailyn an hour before lights out on a wednesday night? 1) kailyn won’t torpedo his game in her speech. 2) he can test and see how many of the house guests he isn’t aligned with are malleable to his mentoring schtick. 3) he can make every person think anthony is on their side. for another week. 4) production needed more campaigning clips.
at what point did mama hear cory say she’d vote to save mama? cory said she’d vote with the house so she wouldn’t tank her game.
now that mama has given eddie hope, and put the blame if it doesn’t happen squarely on este and kiki… does she realize that instead of consolodating an under dog alliance like she preached for days… she’s actually caused the individuals to be even more distrustful of each other than they were? like she cares.
wait. did damien ever actually campaign? i mean… did i miss a lethargic slow walk from the bed to the couch wherein he stopped at each person and said hey, vote to keep me? how is it that the guy that barely talks is getting such a good episode edit?
observation from episode: the veto comp. in it’s edited form didn’t match the circumstances that each house guest spoke about, but fell in line with the explanation in the release tweet. i still contend big brother will only consider something a rule breach if they want it to be a rule breach, so i’m not crying foul on their ruling. i am… perplexed though why four retells from four house guests not in an alliance together in four different rooms at almost the same time didn’t match the edit. that’s… just weird. oh well. next.
my one big question: who is actually not throwing the hoh?
anthony says he’s throwing. mark throws everything. chelsea told kyra to throw if the boys she thinks might be out to get chelsea are out of the running. is adam going to try? 60/40 on that one. cory says she’d try… but i suspect she wouldn’t. call it intuition.
if the backyard didn’t close until bed time for set up, and there was no practice round for a comp, i think we can safely assume that it will be all the houseguests on the a and b up or down steps (not a two at a time knock out, they just did that) answering questions. just a theory.


Adam is crying …… Bwahahahaha priceless. We might get a better snapshot of that when he is evicted next Week !

another name

anthony has awakened with the push to keep kailyn. it’ like he can’t stand the marathon pace and wants a sprint today.
he’s got dane on board (so long to the hockey brothers final two).
so at the moment the prettyboys are a split vote.
while kailyn plans to say evicting her is giving the game to sam and adam in her speech.
oh. this is going to be an odd day when it comes to retells.

another name

why do i get the feeling the only reason anthony is actually doing any of the things he’s done last night and this morning is to see if he could.
i don’t actually think he wants to keep mama as much as he wants to cement his place as the actual power behind the throne in the house. mama is just an excuse for him to cause a disturbance because he can’t stand the down time.


Pretty excited to see what hashes out today! Honestly not sure who to root for, I like Damien and I hope to watch him play later in the game cuz he’s done a good job as “pawn” so far which is a good player to keep (for now). MommaK is a wildcard which always makes great TV! I almost hope she stays just to cause chaos. I’m usually one that goes for the underdog team but I don’t like them a ton so far (not that I like the Sadam team much either…) Haha but still liking the season so far anyways.


When it comes down to it. The Pretty Boys are just too pretty to be on Big Brother..


The girls catching on the guys alliance is good. If SAM of all people somehow gets Adam out…. it’ll be the biggest irony ever. I’d just forget all her bad gameplay till now and stan her for he rest of the season honestly.