“We still have the numbers and with America on our side, I believe in America they ride with me” – Kryssie

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-13 16-04-58-698

2:45pm Kryssie and Neeley
Kryssie talking about the 8 thousand people that follow her on twitter and how she can interact with them no problem even with all this social anxiety she has. Says she’s a entertainer.

Kryssie – I was so scared coming in here.. I’m so f****g thankful for you girl
Neeley – me too girl..
Neeley says none of the people in this house other than Kryssie she connects with.

Kryssie says the people on our side of the house are the only people she would give the time of day outside the house. Calls the other side of the house Phoney.

Kryssie says Scott isn’t playing a game he’s being a douche. She’s not going to run to him and kiss his a$$.
Kryssie now blaming the “Other girls” for taking advantage of Scott because he’s HOH.
Kryssie hopes “America sees it”
They start talking who they want America to put up.
Kryssie wants Shelby to go up.
Neeley wants a big fish like Alex

Kryssie is worried Alex will win the veto.
Neeley brings up how they all thought Monte was a huge threat and he only one that 1 competition.

Kryssie says if her and Danielle going up she’s gone.
Neeley says Kryssie is safe, the other side will vote out Danielle.
Neeley says she’ll vote Kryssie to stay. Adds that she’s ride or die with Kryssie.
Neeley mentions how she wants to be on the show so show people that black women can work together and get along. However she knows Danielle won’t ride to the end with her and Kryssie will.
Neeley brings up coming into the season she said she wanted a strong girls alliance to team up and prevail but.. “That’s not how the game is playing itself out right now” (all girls alliance that was strong on BBOTT never heard of that)

Kryssie – I know in the beginning when you were preaching the all girls alliance .. i was like good luck girl.
Neeley wishes Alex had played a better social game they could have come together, ‘It just wasn’t in the cards for this season”
Kryssie – this is our chance to be the ultimate success story..
Kryssie – We still have the numbers and with America on our side I believe in America they ride with me
Neeley – we’re hungry and humble

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-13 16-04-51-387

Neely – if it comes down to you and Danielle.. Danielle’s gone, sorry boo
Kryssie – I would love you, me and Jason final 3

Neeley – I was really open to working with Alex.. more so Alex than Morgan.. Making moves
Neely says they both wanted to break up the showmance down the line.
Neeley – they’ve made it us vs them.. I hate that
Neeley says the other side has made it obvious they don’t live the same lifestyle as her.
They mention Alex lying to them about not putting Kryssie up.
Kryssie impersonates Alex in the storage room “You went up we all have to make sure Monte’s going home”

Kryssie says she’s made 2 promises in this house and that’s with Neeley and Jason
Kryssie says Alex’s word is sh1t and she’s not a good game player.
Tacks on Scott also as a shitty game player with.
Neeley – he’s a floater that got lucky yesterday

Neeley says Scott is picking two people from their side.
Kryssie knows it’s her

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-13 15-47-13-558

3:45pm Backyard Jason, Danielle and Shane
Jason says Scott won’t put Justin up.
Jason mentions how their side will flip and it’ll be the showmance vs Neeley and Kryssie.
Jason – thanks to the America’s nominee we really have been lucky .. and they thought they were goign to steam roll us outta this house but instead we’ve been kicking them out.
Danielle – it’s just funny 2 head of households haven’t been able to send any of their nominees out the door .. what a waste of Head of household.
Jason – they’re not playing smart..
Jason – America is never going to f****g roll with them
Jason says the entire opposite side of the house will become floaters if America nominates one of them.
Jason says Scott is putting up two on their side and “Hope” hope they “Shatter”
Jason says they are not going to Shatter.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-13 16-03-29-324

4:01pm Julie chen Q and A

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Big-Brother-18 2016-10-13 16-19-36-463

4:19pm MOrgan and Shelby
Shelby is complaining about Jason “He was glaring me down during the eviction last night.. ugh.. get over it”
Morgan – it’s so petty
Justin comes by and offers to get them a drink.
Morgan – thank you love

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-13 16-46-49-759

4:46pm Shelby and Scott Hammock
Scott says Shane is the outsider out of the other side.
THey agree it’s best to study in smaller groups. Doing this will avoid one wrong answer taking out the entire group.
They wonder when Justin is going to start playing.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-13 18-48-06-658

6:47pm Chit chat

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-13 20-33-19-949

7:26pm Krackle bag FOUND

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-13 20-36-02-910

8:25pm Morgan, Shelby, Whitney and Alex
Talking about Danielle saying she’s a big threat. Alex says Danielle is a big threat strategic ‘She’s go t a lot of people in her pockey”
Shelby calls her a snake, ‘Shane’s more of a Snake”
Alex agrees.
Shelby says it was Danielle that got Kryssie to “Pin it all on Scott.
Shelby – it was Danielle talking but it was Kryssie talking
Whitney bring sup what if one of them goes up beside Danielle/Shane/Kryssie

Morgan counts votes says they have 3 and the other side has 4 and America’s vote..
Justin comes by says he’s made them food.
They all thank him for cooking. Chit chat..

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First off can we just talk bout how Julie called Shane out, ” you know your on camera 24/7. ” That was funny. Its gonna be hilarious when LNC crew gets noimated and get put on slop from America. They need to be put in their place and realize they are not so loved. I really wanted monte to stay and send Danielle home, but hopefully she will leave on Wednesday.


Morgan is the next to go


My thoughts exactly.


I can’t wait to see their faces when they are brought down a notch. I want scott to have the CP and look at their faces. . Have note Shane Danielle and krissie. What would their opinion be of America then. Time will tell.


Because of what the CP is, a lot people are purposely voting Scott or a plastic. This care package is worthless and doesn’t help the receipiant at all. They only pick which veto will be up for grab.

So people are saying to give it to one of them to knock them out of the running for one that would actually benefit them.


Shane and Danelle want to become porn stars. This is their audition. Sold the soul for a fraction of what it cost.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Thanks for the updates Simon.


Who the hell would thumbs down a thank you for Simon’s updates? Morons.

Franks fumes

Yeah I know lots of people thumbs down the most mundane stuff……maybe they just hate themselves!


I think it may be a thumbs down to the name about Hillary being a liar?
Stick to Big Brother

Fact Check

Maybe she should tell the truth sometime?


Can someone please explain to me how Americas Care Package is beneficial this week? Choosing the type of veto doesn’t give the care package winner any type of advantage. Am I missing something?


If Scott gets it and does not pick diamond veto then he will ensure that he still has the power to choose the noms. If someone chooses diamond veto then they can pull someone down and choose the nominee. Hoping Scott gets it.


Scott is in the lead I voted Scott!!!!!!!

Cornbreads dirty sheets

Give it to Alex don’t reward the rat!

Season 8 Was The Best!

If the person with the care package is on the block I’m assuming the owner does not have to pick what kind of veto they want played until the Veto Meeting. Anyway, Let’s say Danielle or Shane wins the care package, which I’m just saying bc they are most Likely to be on the block together, than even if neither one of them wins, they can choose and force the Veto Winner to play the Double Veto. Meaning that person must take down at least Shane Or Danielle Or both, which would be unlikely. Eiyther way, the double Veto must be played! The Boomerang Veto doesn’t have to be, neither does the Diamond Veto.

It looks to me like Scott will get the Veto Care package, which is stupid but whatever, so depending on who wins, most likely Shane, Scott will choose which Veto Shane can Or Must play. If so, Scott will probably pick Diamond Veto, so yeah if any person from the LNC wins it will screw up Scott’s plan for sure, but the only way to ensure a LNC member leaves, is if the Plastics or Scott win the Veto. Otherwise his intended target stays. And America would probably still vote out a LNC, but maybe not the one Scott Wants, So he’s pretty much ensured to make at least 2 enemies this week…

Hopes this helps!


The person this care package benefits most would be the winner of the pov. Winning any one of those vetos would give them a lot of power.

The only way it would benefit Scott is like the other commenter said, he can not chose the DPOV. But it’s still nothing great for him.


HEY SIMON!! Can you put an eviction poll up next post??? TY! You guys always do a great job!


I am going to be nominating Kryssie for America’s nomination. Getting too cocky thinking America is behind her/them. Would love to put them in their place for once…


Very true about kryssie, but Danielle is worse. She hasn’t even gotten a cp thank god cause not sure if her ego can get any bigger.


I’m with you brother let’s can her early


I totally agree, they suddenly feel they are empowered and its gonna be a cakewalk to the end. Jason and Kryssie are working a nerve on me with all their cockiness. The late night XXX rated Shane Danielle show is really hard to take. Alex is my favorite player in the game. I like Neely and Justin is kind of growing on me as time goes on.


Kryssie and Neely both said lastnight that “America saved” them! They’re delusional!

And i’m sure Kryssie thinks she gets ZERO votes from America, when on eviction night she hears, “with zero votes to Evict , Kryssie you are safe”


i meant Kryssie and Dani


Anyone else here crushing on Morgan lol

Cornbreads dirty sheets

She reminds me of Mandy Pepperidge from Animal House…….that boy (John Belushi) is a P-I-G……..pig!


Absolutely! She’s eye candy for the feeds,
Too bad she’s leaving this week!

Who Is The Biggest Duckweed!?

Cornbread – Fuck Y’all
Scott – (Steve – Ian)(Ronnie)= Scott
Alex – No Way! Let’s Have A Girl Win This Season Too!
Shelby – Spoiled Stuck-Up Monotone Bitch
Kryssie – Disgusting Inside Or Out?
Morgan – Also Just Known As Alex’s Sister
Monte – Has The Hots For Cornbread!
Justin – Isn’t That What He Does On The Daily?
Shane – Austin Without The Fake Intelligence
Neely – When Did She Start Playing The Game???
Whitney -Big Buckeyed Bitch
Jason – Oh My Atlanta?! Bombingham!? 1960
She’s Not Getting A Slot On This Poll Guys!

Please Comment!

Man Guy

Her slot was already on a poll. 8-D


Kyrssie and Neeley are going on about Alex looking kyrssie in the eye, shaking her hand and breaking her word. Why would Alex put Scott up knowing Scott promised Alex he would vote how she wanted? That is the reason Kyrssie and Scott got into the big fight and the LNC alleinated Scott. The LNC had all intention of breaking their word if Scott went up they were going to vote Monte out anyway. It’s ok for them to think about breaking their word, laughing about it but when someone else does it’s not ok. They created all this drama with Scott. Yes Scott was playing both sides but now he knows which side is more loyal to him. Now Shaen is up Scott’s ass even making breakfast for him. Kyrssie and Neeley also keep talking about how obvious Alex being choosing a side. Alex is not a part of their alliance and never was. They don’t include her in on anything. They also were the first ones to draw the line in the sand when they made their alliance LNC OTT. It kind of forced the other side to work together.


Do they post the Q & A’s somewhere for people who missed it?


Kryssie spends most of her time horizontal. I haven’t seen a HG lay around this much since Amanda. Oh and she’s a power lifter like I’m a supermodel. And believe me, I’m not.


I think I’m the only person here that likes Kryssie lol she does talk a lot but for some reason I like her and I can see why she thinks America loves her! She got the first CP and everyone in the house has been telling her America loves her so what is she supposed to think?! Lol but I’m over the showman ce! They can go!


I freaking love the ball slashers, they are so funny and work really well together. They just found all that candy that the petty LNC hid


I literally cannot stomach Kyrssie, can we all take her down a few notches pretty please?

Jason's acne

Neely looks like she’s 50. How that happen? All that crack she smokes I guess.


Omg! So much dislike for one small divided group of people when one group is really no better than the one you despise once you look at them individually. I’m with the LNC at this point but hoping Danielle is booted out.


Hahahahaha Morgan found the Krackle 🙂 I love it, hopefully she hid them.
On another note, I love how everybody talks about the “underdogs” all the time, but they don’t do anything about it. If you think the LNC are underdogs you’re an idiot! It’s obvious Alex & Co are the underdogs. They’ve been HOH both weeks and both weeks they lost 1 of their own. It’s sad. This isn’t even BB. HOH means crap this year(if your not LNC) America is seriously ruining this season, which had the potential to be a great season with an awesome cast! The only thing HOH is doing is pi$$ing off 3+ ppl. America seriously needs to pull their heads out of Jason’s a$$ and save this season. If you’re a true BB fan, you’d want sides, conflict, alliances, etc. I don’t wanna get rid of all the girls then sit around and watch the LNC sing campfire songs. That’s not fun to me. So please please please, let’s get together and nominate Kryssie this week, if Danielle’s not already up there. If Danielle’s not up, obviously we’d put her up. I think she’ll be Scott’s nom though. So please put up Kryssie. We can’t let Jason steamroll this season. That would be dumb. He’s already gonna win it, we know that, but let’s at least make it a good show to watch 🙂