“We should have never betrayed them James they were loyal to us”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Sept 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 5th
HOH Victor Next HOH Sept 1st
Original Nominations: ? AND Big ?
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ? and ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 00-12-44-040

12:20am Dominos..
Victor – Dominos is huge in Puerto Rico
James- they play this a lot in prison..

12:46am Dominos
Natalie was called into the Diary room.
Nicole losses 2 games jokingly says – I don’t like playing you guys.. I’m taking a breaK”
They all have a blast laughing away as they play dominos

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 00-56-10-728

12:52am HOH JAmes, Victor, Paul and Corey
Paul – 13 days after next week.. 13 f***g days.. That’s nothing.. That’s Nicole’s HOH in the beginning..
Paul – I found my versace cologne in my bag didn’t know I had it
JAmes says the person that goes next spends 7 days in the Jury.
Paul thought they went to Jury
James explains that you go to the hotel room for 1 week then to the Jury.

Paul hopes they can get the “DRs” out of the way so he can shower and sleep.
Corey wants to go to bed.

Nicole – is Drake rap
Victor – I don’t think you like that music
Corey how can you not like that music
Nicole – how do you not like this music..
Corey – ya it’s good.. everyone likes it.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 01-00-04-831

1:00am Victor and Nicole
Vic – we made it to final 5..
Nicole – I know it’s been crazy
Victor – you’re telling me.. I was telling you we’ve had a hard a$$ road to get here.. Fool’s been on the block 5 times evicted twice..
They reminisce about the season.
Victor points out hot Michelle would get pissed at “them” because they weren’t fans of the show.
Nicole says Meech only started watching Big brother for 3 years Nicole says that really doesn’t make her a super fan. Nicole been watching it for many years.

Victor says they can breath again..
Nicole – nothing bad has happened since you’ve been back.. 5g’s, you and your BFF are safe, made an alliance and now you are safe..

Vic – I just want James to leave soon… I don’t want him lollygagging
Nicole – he’s just going to like chill up there
Vic – I don’t know what he wants to say to me.. He literally can’t say anything to me.. I had a conversation with him before I left about him saving me he didn’t save me I left so what does he have to say to me now..
Vic – He was.. it’s just Strategy.. Okay ‘G’ my strategy now is doing the exact same thing..
Vic – I guess in his defense you gotta say something..
Vic – His girl put me up and he sent me home what can you tell me at this point that will change my mind.. They knew that going into the competition and they knew that when they lost..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 01-08-30-737
1:07am Nicole and Corey
Making plans to hang out with Victor and Paul all week.
Nicole – James is going to tell him we were working with them..
Corey – yeah,… I don’t think that will change anything..
Nic – what are we going to say about that
Corey – i’ll say YA why that’s why I threw that Veto comp…

Corey – we gave him 5 thousand dollars..
Nic – you mad at me.. You are being standoffish
Corey – no i’m not
They notice Meech “tore up Corey’s basket”
Nicole – meech’s here for 1 week and it’s destroyed
Nicole – Correeeyy I can tell you are being weird.. Don’t be standoffish

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 01-14-48-146

1:10am HOH Victor, James and Paul
James says he wants to talk to them in case they have nominations early.. “OK.. well down to final 6 I feel like.. My backs up against the wall.. Umm I know you guys are probably close with Corey and Nicole.. You know which is cool”

James- but I wanted to come at you like.. And explain some of the stuff that happened. There was a reasoning to what happened… I wanted to straight shoot it with you..

James says he knows he’s going up on the block tomorrow..
James- I spoke my word and my game, it is what it is at that point.. I’m not going to BIG MEECH YOU (LOL)

James – back a week ago when you were on the block you were campaigning for my vote, the reason I didn’t give you my last vote and the reason I didn’t commit to a final 4 with your guys because me and Natalie had a final 4 with Corey and Nicole.. That is why I couldn’t commit I was being loyal to Nicole or Corey.

Victor – was that final 4 made before or after Paulie left the house
James – after
Vic – exactly.. Cause we were together before Paulie left so after I did the dirty work you switched to them.. And then it went to use being the targets.. And I get it that was your game..
Vic – I got all the flak for Paulie leaving and after that you just hopped ship before everything happened
James- ya ..
Vic – I would have understood if you were with them before Paulie left.. You were loyal to use when it was convenient..
James – right.. But
James – I deserve to go on the block.. But Natalie wanted you to stay the whole time .. She really wanted you to stay.

Victor – If you go up it’s not that I want her to go home.. The situation is the same just flipped on you guys..

James- I’m at fault not running from what I did I deserve to be on the block I didn’t want to hold it against Natalie..
Vic says her going up has nothing to do with her it’s the attachment with James.

James is about to tell them about how he was on the fence about keeping Victor and Corey told him.. Corey and Nicole walk in before James can finish.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 01-31-56-020

1:23am HOH Final 4
Going over the James conversation..
Victor – basically he can’t say anything..
Paul – he was trying to keep Natalie out of it..
Paul – I told you they approached about a final 4

Paul – they (Natalie/james) literally shit on both of you and presented it to us..
Nicole – they’re dirty..
Corey – they weren’t loyal

Paul – save Nat save nat save nat.. No no no no
Nicole – Nat just told me in the bathroom she didn’t want Corey to go she wanted Vic to go
Paul – let’s bring that up (Please)

Victor – you showed us we can trust you and now I’ll show you can trust us..
Nicole mentions what was James argument about wanting Paul out 2 hours ago
Paul – no argument.. Never brought it up..
Nicole – Natalie is going to freak out..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 01-29-28-149
They have a beer.. “Has a nice IPA bite” (of course Paul likes a IPA)
Nicole – I never realized how dirty they played
Paul – why do you think the jury house hates them..

Victor wants James gone this week he wants the “satisfaction”
Nicole – I want the satisfaction of keeping Noms the same..
Paul says Corey should say he’s voting to keep James and Nicole should say she’s voting to keep Natalie than Paul is the deciding vote and it’ll force them to talk to him. (AHAHAH beautiful)
Victor is going to say to Natalie that she’s not his target like he wasn’t her target.

They talk about how the entire jury house is pissed at James and Natalie.
Nicole says James and Natalie played everyone dirty.

Paul points out all these people say that they love this show so much and they go out like a sour little b1tch.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 01-39-01-806

1:40am Natalie and James
Natalie – what’s wrong
James says he talked to Victor
Natalie – it didn’t go well
James – I pretty much sealed my fate so you can stay.. (champ)
Natalie – that just made me sick to my stomach..
Natalie can’t in in this game alone.
James- I gave it to him straight.. The reasons why I did what I did.. I said Natalie didn’t want any part in you getting out..
James- I said I’ll go home.. I decided to flip on you guys

James goes on about how he told Victor he deserves to go up but Natalie doesn’t.
James says Victor told him Natalie is not the target.
Natalie – see they are all working together..

James says Victor feels they betrayed them because they flip on Victor and PAul after Paulie left.
Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 01-51-53-774
Natalie – I should have won this HOH I would put Nicole and Corey up
James- Victor will want me to go home this week.. Nicole and Corey will agree..
Natalie – my heart can’t take it..

Natalie starts to cry says she can’t win comps and they will target her.
James says they might do an eviction on wednesday they might not be apart long.
James- Nicole knows .. and that’s my fault.. that you wanted Corey out instead of Victor.. So if they win they’ll put you up
Natalie – i’m going out
JAme s- not if you use the veto

Natalie says if she wins the veto this week she’ll use it on him
James- this ain’t my first rodeo.. Honestly it felt good I got a lot of things off my chest.. All those secrete..
James says Nicole and Corey are nervous, “They know our butts are on the line”

Natalie says James deserve to win this game, “If I go to Jury … I want you to make it far.. Getting separated from you is going to be hard for me”
JAmes- if I don’t win that Veto I’m going home” (I shit on James and it’s really more directed to his gut not him. he’s taking all this like a champ)
Natalie – they are going to lock the noms and you are going home i’ll be really sad..

James – they’re is a chance you can win.. You’re not a piece of meat sitting out on the yard.. You’re a person
Natalie says she’s been trying on every competition, Nicole and Corey have been throwing comps all season and winning more than her.

1:53am HOH Corey, Paul and Victor
Paul tells Corey they have nothing to worry about what they did last week showed them they c

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 01-56-56-614
1:55am London room Natalie and Victor
Vic – I wanted to tell you like you told me..
Natalie – thank you for telling me I appreciate it..
Vic – when I put you on the block I didn’t want you going home
Victor says James is his target..

1:58am Victor HOH
Victor – I leave come back leave come back..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 02-26-32-286

2:06am Natalie and James
James saying she’s not the target this week and next week Natalie won’t be the target either
James- I like being the target I feel like a bad ass
Natalie thinks one of those 4 will be 500 000 dollars richer
Nat – we literally had Vic and Paul trusting us.. I should have not listened to you
JAmes- we don’t know what would have happened if Paulie came back in
James- Paulie was a smooth talker man.. him and Victor were broing it yup on the damn wall..
Natalie – i Could have won this comp and kep us safe.. we almost had it..
James – I spent 80 days in this house with you it’s been a good run.. no being sad.. l;ets me happy and positive.

Natalie – yeah Nicole really wanted Vic to win..
JAmes – of course she did it’s strategy
Natalie – I knew in my gut James not to trust them.. I also knew not to trust Paul..
Natalie – if you leave this week Paulie is goign to be really happy..
James – Paulie really doesn’t care.. he cares in the game but he doesn’t care on the outside.

Natalie again says she’ll use the veto on him
James says he won’t accept it
Natalie – James i’m not going to last in this game I’m goign to be alone in this game that’s scary..
Natalie asks who she should put up if she wins HOH.
James says she should put up Paul and Nicole.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 02-15-05-650

2:15am HOH Paul and Victor
Victor says he was praying during the battle backs that he didn’t see Paul coming “through that fog”
They talk about the amazing journey they’ve had this season.
Victor says when James comes through the door Paulie will be so happy “he’ll have a boner” (LOL)

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James and Nicholes Pre Show Alliance

No kidding Natalie. The 2 reasons you all turned on vic paul was because the diary room convinced james to vote out victor instead of corey because production loves nichole and james. The other reason you all turnd on vic paul was because he couldnt vote to evict corey because of James and Nicholes PRE SHOW ALLIANCE. Now its going to be interesting (not) to watch nichole convince th boys that natalie is a much bigger threat than james…..

Powder Puff Girl

and thigh-gate


Yea that’s right the fries!!! I also saw him cooking bacon TWICE! That fool can cook. He sautéed some onions in the bacon grease and then cooked a burger. Yea I said it a burger. Nat was 100% correct he can cook and it all started with the fries man. If it was not for those fries Jamesy we would be safe this week!


Ok, what is the deal about fries? What did Paul lie about? I’m sure it’s stupid, but I missed it.

Mister pickles



Paul told everyone he never cooked before, I think it was when he was making all those muffins, then told a story about making fries for his buddies. That was Frygate. Yes, that’s it. Really, nothing more to it.


That was the excuse Meech,Nat and James used for justifying voting Paul out.


LOL Thank you 🙂 It IS stupid. They must be loosing their ever loving minds if they are reaching that far to give themselves “moral excuses” to flip. Rolling my eyes. PS: Mr. PIckles, bite me.


If noms stay the same it won’t matter b/c Nicole/Corey have the votes to take out whoever they want. AND Nic already has Paul leaning towards Nat.

What will matter is if The Powers That Be (TPTB) decide to throw in a How Bad Do You Want It Comp and James wins. Then one of NiCorey go up on the block. With Victor not playing in HOH next week and Nicole now deciding she’ll go back & say well actually we really did have a F4 with them but…. the ducks might see the sense in taking out Corey or we are lucky Nicole.

And maybe if I can get something nice “Back Yard Guy” could toss over a couple of rubber snakes with the words LIAR written on them!

Thanks for showing me the light

now i m just gonna pray for this scenario- JAMES POV, NICOLE on the BLOCK, NICOLE EVICTED…

I wish!

Unfortunately unless you give Victor a good reason or Paul convinces him otherwise…he is loyal. I’d love for Nichole to leave!


It’s almost perfect for James’ BS narrative. He’s falling on his sword, being chivalrous, yet suspects that he will ultimately get the vote as long as Nat stays on the block. So he gets to do his bad soap opera acting all week…and there’s a real good chance Nat will start working for after he’s gone (He will subtly suggest she go make nice with Vic and Paul, blame him for the betrayal) which James knows CBS will portray as her dumping him.

It all but locks up the $25K as AF even if Nicole and Corey don’t do what he suspects they will….and if they do realize Nat does nothing for them and is suddenly hanging around Vic and Paul (the latter of whom will be making every effort with Nat, thereby ratcheting up the Nicole paranoia), then they decide to keep James, realizing the next HOH is 3 on 1 and even if Paul wins, James will be the one to go.

All the desperate/unfulfilled/lonely women will lap this stuff up….

Ya know...

I actually liked Nichole her first season. This season I can’t stand her and she just keeps getting worse. I’m hoping and praying that Paul and Victor bring Natalie in and turn on those two dumb @sses! And I’m not a fan of Paul or Victor…I can’t stand Nichole and Corey that much!

james should not of threw that wall comp

see james throwing the wall comp screwed it all up for him. vic and paul shoudl of went up and meech should still be in the house but NOOOOO he gave nicole the HOH. obviously she’s gonna be a dumb Cu^t and screw up the game for him. if he won he would of solidified a final 4 with corey and nicole but he let nicole con him with “i just want a letter from my mom”. what a dumbass. and now your on your way out. STUPID JUST STUPID. should be VIC MEECH JAMES and NAT final four. MORON

Powder Puff Girl

I do not think James threw the comp I think he was done. That he was tired, freezing and Nicole showed less stress than him.


I totally agree, he was DONE. He started that talk so that he could cover his butt with Nat, without saying he threw another comp. He says he’s thrown every one of them, but I don’t believe that either. I’ve lost all respect for him and his “gut”. It hasn’t been right ONCE


He was already screwed. He turned on a solid final 5 for what? His pre-game deal with coin slot? If most of us were in that house at that time I believe we would have seen the better move to get the furthest was with Vic and Paul. It is about winning to most players. (Shows Lamesy is not) Vic and Paul both have proven themselves loyal if nothing else. They were not sure of a jury battle back at the time and had Munchie put coin slot on the block she might not have even been on that wall. Yes Paulie would have reentered the game but No Game James would have been HOH and Paulie would only have had Corey. Paulie and Corey on the block. James sucked for 2 seasons and deserves to get the boot again. At least he has his 25K, his stipend (if they get that on top of the 25K) his 5K and his best and biggest prize of the summer……….a pair of Nat’s dirty panties


I don’t think James ever did want to win the game. All he cares about is AFP. Just watch how he acts he’s trying to do a “sacrficie for the love of his life” it’s sad


I think that’s a lot of what James is doing. He’s trying to build the James is awesome brand so he can charge people to have him show up and be James.

Pinocchio Obama

You’re right. James is now just playing for America’s Favorite and raising his appearance fee. He would love to win veto so he could take Natalie off the block for his brand.

The Truth

Again, Victor and Paul had a conversation before Nat and Michelle’s HOH that they would get rid of Paulie that week, take out Corey the next week, then target James. Because it would be easier to beat the three remaining girls (Nicole, Natalie, Michelle).

He was screwed regardless.

I don't think so ....

Well Vic has proven himself to be loyal but Paul hasn’t – he had a deal with Paulie that he didn’t follow through and has shifted with whatever way the wind has blown (or rather the power in the house). So I agree Victor IS loyal but Paul is far from it! He is loyal however to Victor.

Tears on my pillow

James last night on BBAD…”Damn, the same thing happened to me last year”!! DUH…Dumb Ass!!


James is like the Looney tunes cartoon. “Duh just what I always wanted. My own showmance bunny rabbit. I will name her Bratalie and I will love her and hug her and squeeze her and pet her and keep her forever!”


LMAO…good one!

James isn't worth discussing

Don’t any of you dare feel sorry for Lames. I won’t go through all he did this summer to make this season not as good…he deserves to go and we deserve to enjoy his exit.

Suffer for a week and then get to steppin’ you little rat turd boy.

Nicole and Natalie my most hated in house once Lames leaves. I will love seeing them both go also.

Corey did nothing all summer and I hope neither Paul or Vic take him to final.2. Vic won’t but Paul might to win the game.

Lames jealousy over Nat liking Victor is eating him alive. Wait till he in jury and she in house with Vic. Little rat boy will be going crazy. I love it! Haha!

Bye Lames you b*tch


James evicting Vic stopped Paulie from reentering the game. Had that happened, everyone would have been p’d off, so either way, James get crapped on. Glad you’re so perfect. And I bet most people would cave to what production wants. Easy to judge from your couch. I’m not a James fan, I just dislike jerks more.


I am optimistic about Vic/Paul F2, however, the best player doesn’t always stay. Remember Janelle S7 All Stars? She won the most vetos and HOHs and look what happened. She loses one and is sent packing. It just might happen that someone like Nicole wins the next HOH and sends Vic home- just like she said she’ll do. Nicole in the F2 would suck, but she has a 20% chance of making it there. Next week Vic can’t play and if Paul doesn’t win, the temptation to get Vic out instead of Natalie, would be palpable.

Nina Young

Totally agree with ANON! You sound like Whiney Nichol. LOL In hindsight James did the house a big favor. If Paulie had come back into the house, it would of been a very nasty end to BB18 .


I think Paulie would have jumped off the wall if it was Corey too. Paulie just lost wanting to be in the game. Having watched that wall I think it would have been Corey coming back. I think James would have fallen off the wall last week still, he was not looking good. He would have then gone home last week because he broke his word to Nicole and Corey…. possibly still big Meech going home.

If Paulie came back it would have been Nicole, Paulie, James and Natalie…. because James and Natalie would have been together… so really James made the biggest bone head move sending Vic home because Vic can beat Paulie and Vic would have stayed loyal to them. The other thing that was stupid is James arrogance (his real reason for going back on his deal with Vic and Paul.) “I can beat Corey.” No you can’t. Corey has obviously been throwing comps all Season long.

Oh sure...

James is the sole reason for this lame season. Not any of the other worthless people that just laid around all season doing nothing…just James…ok.


Vic should get out the stronger players first, not James and Nat, but he’s not the brightest bulb. He could friendship himself out of $500k, Paul will bounce him first chance he gets, Nic and Corey will stick together and are harder to beat than Nat and James. And how soon people forget what a creep Vic was in the beginning, and he even said he’s a creep outside of the house. Plus every other time, in BB Canada too, someone gets to come back after being evicted, fans are mad and attack them. But Vic comes back twice and no blow back. Hypocrites much?


And another fun fact, as Da’vonne brought up- No evicted houseguest that re-entered the house has ever won. If Vic does, he would be breaking all sorts of records this season!

Still anoid

And how the heck has nicole manage to go all season avoiding the block..Crazy!


The only other strong player left besides Vic is Paul. And that isn’t happening. So who is left that you consider a strong player. No brains Corey or whiney Nicole?


They keep saying that everyone hates James in the jury. So he is actually the perfect one to take to the end. I wonder if anyone will bring that up. I know James won’t cuz it might screw up Nat. But if she won veto and took her self down that would be a perfect a perfect reason that James could use against whoever gets put up there with him. Just saying.

Does James Know?

For that matter, is anyone sure that the “jury” hates James? I didn’t see anyone from the jury talk about James. For all we know, Vic is making it up because James is the one who voted him out and he wants James to be hated by all. IAC, I don’t think James knows about the jury hate, so how could he use that as strategy?


I think the Jury when they came into the house during the wall comp, said get James first. I cant remember who said it, and who they said it too, maybe Z or day to meech? That was a guess.


If James had saved Vic, Paulie would be back in the house and everyone here would have been p’d off. Either way James gets blamed. Hypocrites


I don’t think winning comps necessarily makes you the best player. You have to be strong mentally. The DR people are not waking these people up for chit chat. Sure. they’re influencing the game- if you let them. I remember reading- pretty sure it was Derrick- he would go into the DR and agree. agree. agree. Then go and do what was best for his game. Can you imagine the edit James will get out of this? I am gagging already. I hope Vic sends out Natalie, throws a monkey wrench at the star crossed lovers.

Just Sayin

I disagree. If James would have voted Corey out, it would have been Nicole & Paulie vs James, Vic, Paul, Natalie & Michelle. See, James would not have thrown the wall comp to Nicole b/c he would have thought Nicole would be targeting him for voting out Corey & Paulie would be targeting Natalie for blowing up Paulie’s game. If James would have been HOH, he would have put up Nicole & Paulie & Nicole probably would have won the POV & taken herself off the block. No matter who James put up in Nicole’s place, Paulie would be gone again this week. Vic would still be HOH right now & would have no beef w/ James b/c he had voted Corey out instead of him. If James would have won the wall comp, Vic & Paul would not have spent all that time this week w/ Nicole & thus Vic & Paul would be indifferent to Nicole & she would be the target this week.
People would be pissed w/ James for being boring but they would not be pissed for being stupid.

Only can wish

Thank you, Just Sayin’, for pointing that out. I was thinking that also, but didn’t know how to word it without being long-winded.


So we need to assume your first hypothetical wouldve happened, in order for the other hypothetical. I could also say, Paulie comes back, took out James instead of meech. Or what if Frank never got evicted, then he was there and teamed up with vic and james… Blah blah blah. Its all fantasy in your brain, because it never happened, so you will never know.


I predict that James gets his butt off the block & b/c Vic loves Nicole he will put Corey up and Corey goes home this week..one can dream


I like that! Vic should do it!!

Instead of Doing Actual Work Im Here

Id rather see Nicole up and they take her out cause then they can still have corey in a final 3 bromance

Another Anonymous

That final 3 bromance would be like something you would see on LOGO. The testosterone would be flying. Lots of manly hugs and wrestling throughout the house. And each morning they would talk about the wet dreams they had the night before.


I would prefer Nicole to be the one to go home and it is possible..with all the flirting with Vic and Nicole, Paul may pull one over and take her out…I just don’t see Vic putting her up. I also think that’s why Nicole is flirting with him like crazy now.


Let me get this straight. James and his “gut” run up to the HOH to talk to Vic but he told Big Meech not to go up there and campaign to Nicole? What a hypocrite

Wait a sec

He didn’t want her to say something detrimental to his and Nats game. Plus they did tell her to go talk to Nicole. Some people are just looking for things to slam him about.

Yeah Well....

We don’t have to look very hard, he’s just the gift that keeps on giving. lol



What Did You Expect?

Love how Vic called James out for letting him take all the crap for the Paulie situation then jumping ship on their alliance. What can James say really? But at least James made an attempt unlike Meech who thankfully is gone. Unfortunately for James when Big Meech left she didn’t just take Pablo she took any chance that James had to avoid this situation. It wasn’t James’ job to campaign for Meech but it was in his best interest to try and influence Nicorey to get out either Vic or Paul. He chose to opt out and now all his bounced checks have come home to roost.


I like the way Vic talks to people straight up and doesn’t beat around the bush. “So when did you make this final 4 before or after Paulie” “well after Paulie” “exactly you let me do all the dirty work and then jumped ship, that is why I can’t trust you and why you are the target this week” It is easy to be an armchair QB when we see everything they do not but damn if I don’t think James should have played it with Vic and Paul to get out Corey and Nicole and then take a shot at them once they got to the 5. Let Crunch & Munch have her glory of putting up Nicole (seems like that is what most people wanted when they gave her the CP)

It look like Nat is already looking to bail on Lames. “We should have not put them up Jamesy” “I should have not listened to you Jamesy” “I told you to evict Corey Jamesy” she will make damn sure Vic knows she wanted Corey out and it was all James’ fault. She needs to win HOH next week or she is toast for sure. This recap was the best so far. that look on James face is priceless.

The Truth

But let’s also be fair here. When James went to Paulie, Corey and Nicole and told them Zakiyah was getting bounced, he told them Paul and Victor knew nothing of the plan. James actually took the heat for that one, which started to sow the seeds of distrust from Paulie, Corey and Nicole.

Newbie loving it

Wow! That is all I can say. Its going to be fun watching James try to change Victor’s opinion. Which I doubt will happen. Can’t blame Victor for wanting to vote out the people that voted him out. Either James or Natalie will go home next week. No doubt about that. Would love to see James and Nicole go at each other for Nicole lying to James and for him being an idiot in believing her. LOL And then Natalie and Nicole go into panic mode and provide some entertainment for us. Nicole and Corey need to get out of bed and if they are in bed to stop playing with each other under the covers while Victor or Paul is in the same room talking to them. I found it so distasteful yesterday having to watch Corey trying to play around with Nicole under the covers the whole time Victor and Paul were in the room talking to them. Get some class Corey and Nicole. Mark my words Nicole is gonna to ditch Corey really soon so she can get closer to winning. They are all playing with too much emotions. Put James or Natalie will be going home next week. Now I really do not believe that James and Nicole have a final 2. There is no way I believe that now. Not after yesterday.


James and Nicole going after each other could definitely happen this week. Nicole is already worried that all of her lies will catch up to her. James has already confessed to Vic about the past shady dealings between Nicole and him. I could see either Paul or Natalie waking up and realizing that they are coming to the end game with 2 vets. Time to sweep the cellar, so to speak. Those two have a good chance of being on the block together after the veto is played if one of them don’t win it. Paul will see that is the better game move and will point that out to Vic.


Is Natalie blaming James for putting up Vic & Paul? I thought she was the first one that went to him about putting them up when she was HOH? And she was the one convincing Mich to put them up instead of Nicole? Or did James start that? Confused

Deja Vu

Vic telling Nat that she is not the target but she is still going up with her best “friend” in the house. Couldn’t imagine a better revenge scenario. Now if only James wins Veto and Nat ends up on the block with Corey so Paul can be the swing vote. Talk about a mind “f#ck”.


If James wins veto, he so needs to blow up Nicole’s game wide open. He has nothing to lose. If James could convince P&V about just how conniving and lying Nicole has been, the most excitement would be if Vic puts up Nicole and Paul joins James to vote her out. It would be golden if they told Corey beforehand that they were doing it and if Corey wanted to stand proud with the bros and voted her out, too. Put the snake on the block! (Maybe dreaming, but it sure would be fun to watch!)

Morgan LaFay

My head hurts, so excuse me if this is fuzzy. I’m getting a sinking feeling feeling Vic is inching close to breaking the bro code about women. If James starts observing how huggy Vic and Nicole are, he could try to get into Corey’s head about it. If James wins veto, he could put Vic up in his place and Corey, James, and Nic would vote Vic out. Does this make sense or is it my hangover?

Morgan LaFay

Scratch this -Vic can’t be put up because he’s HOH. It made sense through the fog of Krakken…


thanks a lot Michelle …. I wanted Pablo to win and you evicted him.


Meech cr@pping on Vic as she left just might have hurt Nat. Everyone knows that those two were always hiding out together and now they know what they were talking about. So James and Nat saying that Nat really didn’t want Vic to be evicted just doesn’t ring true. Not that it matters since James/Nat gone this week. But it seems like Meech is this season’s herpes. The gift that keeps on giving.

Corey is..


:: sigh ::


Corey won something.


Yeah….he won Nicole, if you call that winning.


Honestly I still think turning on Paul/Vic and working with Corey/Nicole was the right move. The mistake was going into shutdown mode for no reason after Nicole won HOH. They should have camped out in the HOH room and solidified their alliance instead of burying their heads in the sand and letting Paul/Vic have free reign up there. I don’t know if it’s just lazy game play or if they’re scared of Paul or what.


Hey new Dan What’s up! While I do not agree that they should have flipped on Vic/Paul I do agree with the fact that they just laid down and died which totally screwed them. Watching them lay in bed and Lames say “they are probably just up there talking about stuff not game related” WHAT! Had they been up there pleading their case that Vic and Paul will win if not taken out and let’s not let your petty beef with Munchie derail our chance at winning. Anything besides what they did! They only have themselves to blame for the spot they are in. The two girls for listening to James and not taking control of their own game and James for listening to his gut.


Any smooth talk needs momentum and if James and Natalie would have popped in from time to time it would have disrupted it. They could have sold Nicole on targeting Paul and diverting the Nicole/Meech conflict. If they had Meech throw Paul under the bus by telling Nicole Paul was the one filling her head with the hate towards Nicole. It could have turned out like the Bridgette, Meech, and Natalie turn.

BB fan for life

I’m so happy Vic won the HOH comp, and James with his tail between his legs is fantastic! This is a game but James has been scurrying back and forth between lying the whole time, throwing ppl under the bus. It’s finally caught up to him. He sealed his fate when he told nicorey that big meech is going after Nic, then telling meech to put Corey up?!? Seems like he’s playing the same tired arse game he played his last season. Tired and lame! Paul and Vic final 2, they’ve played the best game strategy, hate them or love them, still a social/strategic game! Woot woot!!! GO VIC!!!


Seriously, Nicole thinks she will be F2? And the (girl heavy) Jury will vote her over Paul or Victor? This woman is delusional.


Seriously, Nicole thinks she will be F2? And the (girl heavy) Jury will vote her over Paul or Victor? This woman is delusional. Given an all guys alliance her even Corey will dump her.


Nicole will get Corey to help her evict Natalie. She will let James know that they can team up next week against P/V since only P can play for HOH. She will really be playing both sides again. She cannot fool Natalie like James which is why she will have her and Corey vote to evict Natalie. James will win the next HOH and put up P/C with Paul as the target.


SITTING DUCKS … looks like the only place you will be sitting this week is in the HoH room … congrats Victor on yet another competition win.


I love how Natalie is wanting to go over James and James won’t “let her.” Looks like Mr. Straight Shooter is ready to kick back by the jury pool and count the money he’s earned thus far.


It’s Natalie’s fault. If she hadn’t hedged of the final four with Corey and Nicole they’d be safe, Paul would be gone, Victor would be next prime target and they would NOT be with Michelle. Like Paulie, it was the pre-planning to back stab their alliance that did them in. Clearly, Vic and Paul are strong contenders and should have been on their own. So, Nat, stop putting this on James. You could have been sitting pretty with Nic and Corey!

Final 2

Man people really don’t like Nicole and saying she’s playing a bad game but, I mean look at the facts. She’s never been nominated (the only woman to make it this many days and never be nominated). Won two HOHs, convinced people not to target her on numerous occasions even though her name was coming out of everyone’s mouth. Da’Vonne, Frank, Bridgette, Michelle and even Josea (haha) all wanted Nicole gone.

The whole point is to make it to the end and Nicole has always convinced the HoH not to put her up.

Victor well he’s won comps, Corey is know for being with Nicole, James and Natalie turned on absolutely everyone they’ve worked with save for Michelle and Paul well he’s actually playing a very good game.

Nicobra deserves more credit than she’s getting, I think if she were a man she’d be getting a lot more credit. Big Brother is a marathon and Nicole is trying to finish strong.


You mean Production has convinced people not to put up Nicole.


This is my biggest gripe with Nicole. She doesn’t make the game interesting and it seems production is trying to keep her around for some reason.

The Truth

Um, she “won” an HOH because her team lost three competitions. That doesn’t count.


True, I agree with you. But on a personal level, she’s unbearable.


She wasn’t nominated because she is not and was not a threat to anyone. She was used and abused by the all guy alliance as just a vote (which she was fine with) and did as she was told every week. Why put her on the block when she will vote as told? Besides they couldn’t find her man hungry azz. she spent most of the summer under the covers playing finger puppets! (Not sure if she was the finger or the puppet more but I am leaning towards the finger) That is just her game when you add in the voice and the complaining “what have I done to them and blah-blah-blah Coreeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy” makes he very unlikable. I loved the comment about her outfit. That lacy shirt thing with the daisy dukes and wedges (I think they were called wedges) the person said she looked like the hooker from Ubly! I pictured her walking down the street in the one horse town in that outfit. dudes pulling their tractors over. When I saw the 1/2 shirt 1/2″ lace thing on the TV I was like what the hell? And it had these long sleeves that came down over her hands or some sh*t. I am not sure how she can have any fans left after this display this year. I liked her on her first season she should have left it at that. Her and Hayden young love cute and likable, and from that to man hungry needy whiney and down right trashy.

Final 2

Not a threat to anyone but she’s in the Final 6 with a solid shot at Final5. Again if Nicole was a guy she wouldn’t be degraded like she is.


Paul play best game but sadly I see him finished at fourth place. James as 6th and Natalie 5th. Probably Vic and Nicole make to f2. Crazy things happend.

Newbie loving it

That is a good possibility that Victor and Nicole are final two or Victor and Paul. If Paul or Victor are next to Nicole in F2 then which ever one is F2 will get the jury vote because everyone in the jury house either hates nicole or likes paul and victor better than Nicole. Nicole may get to the final but she will never get the jury votes except for James and Corey. My predictions: Da’vonne, Bridget, Michelle, Natalie will not vote for Nicole because they do not like her. Paulie will vote for whichever guy is next to Nicole. And Z who knows because I never paid attention to her. If Paul or Victor are F2. Who knows as that would be a close race but predict Paul winning. AFP will go to Victor.


Wow those sad pictures of James above brings a tear to my eye 🙁 I feel so bad for him…………………BAWAHAHAHA NOT!!! Stupid is as stupid does ole Lamesy. Off to jury young man. I am sure they will be glad to see you and your pranks too! I hope Nicole’s mom still respects you in the morning. (Homely woman she was. That will be the coin slot in 20-30 years)


Nicole is saying James plays dirty, but he was always true to their alliance with Corey and Nicole. He took out Paulie because he couldn’t trust him. Even Corey told Nicole he understood why James took out Paulie, and told her that Paulie betrayed James first. They talked back and forth about who to vote out Corey or Victor. Who doesn’t in this game before eviction. Nicole does all the time. In the end he kept Corey. So to me it’s Nicole who backstabbed James first. I agree that James is not good at this game and has disappointed me this year. Just find Nicole a very hypocritical person. She never owns up her to her actions.


I actually agree with you that Nicole did backstab James first. Unfortunately for James and Natalie (and Michelle) they backstabbed Paul and Victor first and now Victor has the power. There are so many different opinions of what makes good strategy or what the smartest game move is. Most people feel keeping P&V in the game is the worst move. In a lot of seasons it would seem like a bad idea to keep a strong duo. This season isn’t like most seasons. There are 3 duos left which means they will likely all be 2 votes the same way. Because there haven’t been any alliances that have stuck together, I think if you can find someone to trust (even if it is going to be the 2 people who will be hardest to beat in the end) then the best move is to keep them around to help you get to the end. Paul and Victor would have worked with JNM the same way they are working with Nicorey now. There has been a lot of backstabbing and flip flopping in this game and James was one of the backstabbers/flip floppers. Unfortunately for him it caught up with him.

Ian's Bedside Tissue Box

Mark it down — this will be the eviction order of remaining house guests (assuming Natalie does not win HoH next week):

6. James (he will win POV and take Natalie down in an act of chivalry & attempt to win America’s Favorite)
5. Natalie
4. Vic (America’s Favorite)
3. Corey
Final 2: Paul & Nicole
Winner: Paul

After POV this week, watch Paul and Vic swoop up Natalie. In the unlikely event that Natalie somehow wins HoH next week she puts up Nicole/maybe Vic as pawn and Corey (Corey going home).

If Vic wins HoH two weeks from now, then he & Corey switch spots. I think Paul knows (esp with his goodbye speech last night) that with Meech on jury, his best shot at winning is to be standing next to Nicole at end.


I really think that Paul and Vic will make it to F2. From now on, Vic is going to win every single HOH where he can play. I think these 2 are deserving of the win for different reasons. Vic has been a clean player on a social level and a com beats. Paul has been shady as F***, a good liar and manipulator. These 2 guys complement each other to perfection. To win this game, you need all these factors.

Tiny Trump Hands

Yep. That’s pretty much what Natalie has been saying for the past 2 weeks.

Victor's Missing Facial Hair

Jamsie dont let the door hit you in the ass! That’s a wrap for the season as Nat will go to the Victor and Paul side. Next they will cut Nichole, then Coreeeeeeeee. Nat will go out third and Victor will win over Paul who does.not need the money.

The Truth

Nicole – I never realized how dirty they played
Paul – why do you think the jury house hates them….

Da’Vonne is the only one who has flipped to hating James. And it’s because she realized he was working with Nicole.


James NEVER cared for Vic because Natalie was attracted to him. He also NEVER cared for Paul because Paul reacted negatively to his stupid pranks. He only helped Vic and Paul to get Paulie out to save himself and Natalie but as soon as that happened his targets stayed the same based on emotions and salty that Natalie wasn’t flirting with him first. That’s not playing BB in my opinion. Bye Jamesy Boy…your rodeo is over


I have a real issue with James trying to say (to Victor) that Natalie didn’t have any responsibility in Victor’s eviction. How does James expect anyone to believe she had zero responsibility? And why is Natalie trying to lay the guilt on James that he basically forced her to nominate Victor?
The day before Vic’s eviction there was the argument in the kitchen and Paul said that James and Natalie made decisions together. Natalie emphatically denied it and the whole house heard her. She said that she and James were separate people who made their own decisions. She said she begged James not to put Bridgette on the block and he did it anyways. There you have it-when James was HOH HE did what HE wanted. Now Natalie wants to use the excuse that she didn’t make her own decisions 2 weeks ago? (And Meech accused Paul and Vic of being flip floppers.) I do believe that Victor was not Natalie’s target, but Paul was and she made that very clear. If anyone was pressured during HOH it was Michelle and the pressure came from Natalie. Paul was the target and Victor had to be otb so he couldn’t win POV and pull Paul down. Even though Vic wasn’t the target Natalie was willing to nominate him and gamble with his game. She can’t have it both ways. Either she did make her own decisions and control her HOH or she didn’t. If she did then it arguably would have been a good game move if not for the returning juror but it is also the reason she would become a target if the people she targeted gained control. If she didn’t make her own decisions, well that is just pathetic and makes her unworthy to win this game. The same way Michelle’s non-campaigning made her unworthy.

Kudos to Victor when, during his convo with James, he asked-“Did you make a F4 with Nicole and Corey before or after Paulie was evicted?” Realizing that James was indeed working with Victor and Paul when he needed them to do the dirty work but was working with Nicole and Corey once he didn’t need Vic and Paul anymore shows me that Victor is smarter than people give him credit for. And it shows me that Michelle was right about flip-floppers, she was just wrong about who the flip floppers were.


Victor deserves to win! He fought his way back into the house! He wins comps and is cool to other house guests!


Anyone else think Nicole’s allegiance to Paul and Victor is more about her liking Victor than anything else? She has a proven track record of playing with her heart first, head second…or never (and this coming from a former fan of hers). It just happens to be working out for her this time. Ugh.


Interesting. I actually agree with your suggestion.

Nicole and Victor seem to have strong chemistry. Their body language lately suggests they are into each other. And Nicole and Corey share the appearance of disinterest when around each other now.



Maybe Nicole can be the first BB player to bang two guys in the same season. The only problem with that is that Vic would probably never disgrace his family by banging a girl on t.v.


Vic would probably never disgrace his family by banging a girl.

Ditch the Dependocrats

He doesn’t have a problem humping Corey though.


JAMES … should you happen to find yourself on the block next to Natalie and you win the veto …. use it to save Natalie … I triple dog dare you.

NATALIE … should you happen to find yourself on the block next to James and you win the veto …. use it to save James … I triple dog dare you.

NICOLE … should James and Natalie be on the block come eviction …. vote to evict James … I triple dog dare you.


Breach of etiquette skipping the dare, double dare, double dog dare, and triple dare and going right to the coup de’ gras’ triple dog dare.

We have to watch that every year because my brother loves it.


my wife watches The Christmas Story marathon every year


My nieces and nephew can recite the whole thing, word from word from any point in the movie.

Hey America!!!!

Nat is slick shes reminding James what makes it look good for her and he will just agree with anything and half of its not true and her and meeche always together and scheming so Vic and Paul knows this they won’t fall for their lies and I still can’t get over meech rubbing her dirty ass BIg feet on the ice and nat laughing that was gross and I can’t believe BB let her get away with it and the stuff people are missing that bag was heavy lol and meech was so mean and cruel running off with Paplo she had it planned and she was only super fan for the last 3 big brothers Fans don’t act the way she did


….and they’re coming to take you away ho ho he he ha ha to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time


I can’t believe nicole thinks she can still win this game the only way she’ll win is if she’s with corey and F2 everybody else can win If she’s in the finale ex. Corey I don’t see it and basically is playing for second place


I really James and Nat have coasted a tad this game, but no matter how people get to the end doesnt matter, its the fact that they did. You have to do what you have to do and vote out the stronger players…helloooo these people whine so much about being betrayed. Its a game. Lawd!!! You have to win somehow! Im a southerner and i always root for the friendly, humble, and nonconfrontational players. So obviously i dont want Paul or Vic to win. James and Natalie are just good people, they never talked crap about people with no reasoning, they voted out what was best for them to survive. Corey honestly is an airhead. Sweet guy but i never heard a bit of strategy that wasnt already told to him. I could handle nicole winning. But Paul and Vic need to go. Cocky cussing fools!


Damn did you just use Natalie’s name with the terms friendly and humble with a straight face? Nat the over “friendly” victim of the season who hit on every guy until only Lames was left? The same girl that “could have any guy she wants” That was the same girl that included me, me, me in every conversation and situation right? Humble would not be one of the terms I would use to describe her myself. I will give you non confrontational with James as he was too much of a sissy to confront his own shadow. And you also say corey is a “sweet guy”? The guy who laughed at someone flicking matches at a goat that was doused in lighter fluid? The guy who got his rocks off pretending to like a needy emotional girl all summer with plans to kick her to the curb ASAP?


For the love of all that is holy and pretty! Paul lied about the fries! The fries! He should be castigated and rushed to Gitmo and waterboarded to find out what other foods he’s cooked. The kind of man who would lie about fries is the kind of man who would torture and kill innocent unicorns.




Pablo has more f*cken brains than stupid ass James.What an idiot !!! I hope he is next to vamoose and the other
midget (Paul) right behind him. I hope Vic gets first and AFP !!!! He is the only one deserving of this shit. I hope Nat Nat aiias (Eat Eat),(Brat Brat) marries Victor and Corey and Jamesy can be flower girls!!!!


James is in the situation he’s in because of himself. Natalie is playing him like a fiddle. There’s no way she wants to go before James.
Natalie: I’ll use the veto on you.
James: You better not.
Natalie: I can’t be here without you.
James:It’s all my fault.
Natalie: I shouldn’t have listened to you. Victor and Paul trusted us.
James: I thought is was a good move.
Natalie: Please let me leave first.
Natalie: Who should I put up next week?
That female is using the hell out of him. Never trust a person that brings you bad news with a smile. She’s always smiling when she tells them, she think they’re going on the block or they’re probably the target. She always has a stupid a@$ grin on her face. James should have played for his daughter and not a piece of tail. His jealousy and “I’m a Vet” ego, got him in the position he’s in. Now he wants to play this soap opera sympathy card? Hell no, he’s not AFP. This is the same guy that back stabbed every alliance member to protect his Nat Nat! His game was terrible last season and twice as bad this season.

Tiny trump hands

I knew it wouldn’t take long for the reason James fell off the wall, Nic and Corey flipped, Meech made off with Pablo, To all be “Nat’s fault”


Props to Vic for winning HOH. Don’t think he’ll win it all though. He’s far too attached to Paul. He reminds me of a lot of Cody & we all know what happened to him. F3 may be Paul/Vic & Nicole. Although if James leaves this week (likely), Paul will probably see that it’s better for jury votes if he drags Natalie with him to F2. She doesn’t have the comp wins to brag about. James will be her only jury vote. I know Corey’s all about the “bros” thing but Paul & Vic are just playing him with that. So barring Nicole & Corey waking up (not going to happen), Paul’s going to win BB18.

Note regarding James: I know that there’s a lot of hate for him on here but…….he stayed loyal to Natalie, stayed under the radar for most of the game, made big moves when he thought it would get them further in the game, and is A NICE GUY (which, except for Victor & he’s getting a swelled head, you can’t say about anyone else in that house). The only mistake I can see that he made was not camping out with Nicole & Corey last week. Hope he does this week because they’re the eviction votes.

So….Paul wins BB18. The only guy for whom $500K will NOT be life changing. He’ll just buy Mama her Bentley. SIGH……….

And I’m voting for James for AFP! PFFFT on all you James haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What “BIG moves” did he make? He made ONE move and that was putting Frank on the block. That was not really even his move in my opinion. He was doing what his leader (Butterfly Boy) told him to do. I clearly remember Lames and NAt in the have not room talking about putting Bridgette up (you know after he promised her he wouldn’t put at least her if not both Frank AND her up) And Paulie came in and told Lames “You have to put her up” So what did ole Lamesy do? As his master wished! His under the radar as you call it was the same as Nicole. They were not a target because they were not a threat and doing as they were told every week like a loyal blind follower they both are. I for one do not think he deserves AFP. He did not deserve it last year either. His lame pranks and lack of game (except pot-ball he was good at pot-ball) is pitiful. He chased Meg’s ti*s around last year to no avail (at least those were real and spectacular!) and this year allowed himself to be sloppy 4ths and used by Bratty Natty. He may a fairly nice guy (if you do not take into account the stuff they say about him outside the house like not paying child support, drunk driving ) but as far as the game he is a disgrace. “This is not my first rodeo” like he is some kind of bad azz. He is a chump.


Dear Can (not a typo)



Can, can? Meg did have some nice cans!! See we can agree on something 🙂


Smh, and the idiocy continues…As someone who likes Victor, as someone who lives in the same town as Victor, I’ll say it again. It was NOT A MISTAKE for James to turn on Vic/Paul. When you get down to this point, it’s about who you can beat in comps. They had a f4 alliance with 2 other players that they had a better shot at beating. How th hell was James supposed to know Vic would come back for a 3rd time? You are supposed to get out big threats! aka PEOPLE YOU CANNOT BEAT!!!!! Yeah, if Julie announces that the jurors are playing to get back in BEFORE the live vote, OBVIOUSLY james votes out Corey. And OBVIOUSLY James stays on that wall til the end. Did he do a piss poor job last week of socializing outside of the London room? Yes, absolutely he did. There’s no denying that. But all in all, dude has overachieved, if you ask me. He was integral on th Bronte flip, getting Frank out, Day, Zakiya and Paulie and HE EVICTED VICTOR. oh AND despite being a returner, he also avoided being nominated until Day 81. He’ll take his 55k and go to jury this week. He knew he had absolutely zero shot at winning it all before he walked back in the house. There were 12 evictions before he walks out this Thursday and he’s leaving with second place money and a new friend for life. He won’t win a true GIRLFRIEND and he most likely won’t win the AFP award again, but he’s coming out of this pretty damn good for all you sickos on here that are rubbing yourselves with glee on the dream of him being assassinated the second he steps out of the house. smh

It’s all a moot point anyway b/c Vic is going to bulldoze over everyone left, he’s like a man playing against children now. But, b/c he does not have the true game saavy, he will take Paul and lose in the finals. Paul is th deserving winner left. Paul in the f2: Never been evicted, better all around game. If Vic wants to win it all, he takes Nat or Corey.


I think it goes along with “If you take a shot & miss you better be prepared for the consequences”. James & Natalie didn’t adequately prepare for when Victor reentered the game. Now is his time for payback.


You’re right, they/he didnt prepare. But then again, I’d be willing to bet 95% of th hate-spewers on here wouldn’t have anticipated another buyback. They would have thought, well this guy came back once, but this freakin beast can’t come back a third time so I’m good. And in the process, he honors a deal with at the time, a couple he had been close with the entire game. Dude was damned either way, except if Bridgette would have outlasted Paulie. If that happens, there’s no way dude gets off the wall.


What irks me is that, with the exception of Paul/Vic, the houseguests have been more “Oh Woe is me ” when they are in danger or something doesn’t go their way than actively trying to do something to change it. You are probably right that Paul will win but Paul and Victor are the perfect team; one has what the other lacks in terms of games skills.



Glad there’s at least one person on here that isn’t up Pavicul’s a$$es. Yeah one of them will win. SIGH….Boring!

You’re exactly right about James.


You really have some kind of ax to grind. I can “dislike” a player and not wish them ill. James has not played well in my opinion. He may be a nice guy but I find him boring. He also tries to hard to be America’s Sweetheart. We can agree to disagree.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

So James gets to f*ck up Natalie’s game and play the martyr when he tells everyone to evict him? That’s the kind of class that we can expect from ol’ Jamesy.


Did Michelle take items from other HGs before she left? Does anyone know what she took? There used to be a rule that you could mess with people’s things by moving them and hiding them but stealing or damaging were against the rules. That’s why I was surprised Victoria was allowed to cut up Zack’s hat in season 16. I think that once your evicted, if you take things that belong to people who are still in the game that should be considered stealing.


The pink hat was actually Victoria’s that Zach used all the time.


The more I think about it, if in BB16, Devin got hold of Nicole and Amber, instead of Christine and Nicole, who knows, maybe Nicole would have played exactly like Christine and becomes the one getting booed by the end!


Yay Vic!!
I’m so glad he won, and even more excited to see that he put lamesey in his place…Victor is gonna be Victorious! (Or so I hope) This veto should be interesting…I personally think that the final 3 will be Victor, Paul & Snorey…since all 3 of these guys were in the, “She man woman haters club”, all had agreed in the beginning to make sure the vets don’t make it to the end, and it’s obvious that Snorey dreams about this scenario since I’ve never seen him smile this much since hooking up with those 2 boys, so I think deep down he’s already trying to find ways to make this happen.
Have you noticed his face when he’s with Ratcole vs. The boys?? Poor guy is definitely not feeling the paranoid rat anymore, & having the boys in his back pocket may finally be his escape ticket!


That’s why I think that if either James or Nat win POV and/or if James steps up and totally exposes Nicole, it would be so awesome to see Nicole leave this week. Corey would be relieved, and Corey, Vic and Paul are for sure stronger than James and Nat.


catergory 4 first team gone!jury groups big sister-day,z
cat4-bri,paulie,meech.you think that victor natalie jame would work since strongest team with 3 members

America listen

Nat is smarter then what u think she knows how to pull James strings and meeche made it worse Nat knows what to say and watch her eyes and smile when she talkes to Jamsie take notice the day before HOH nat was extra nice to James she is pathetic don’t feel sorry for her r James ????????????????????????


Is Nat smarter than we think … or … is James dumber than we think?

… I would go with the later …. Natalie is pretty transparent

America listen

Noises behind the walls? Meeche trying to get back in !!!!