“What’s up America, I’m the target of the house going on the block.. this ain’t my first rodeo”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Sept 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 5th
HOH Victor Next HOH Sept 1st
Original Nominations: ? AND Big ?
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ? and ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 10-32-25-425

10:32am Victor and Nicole Tokyo room

Victor – how do I smell..
Nicole – mmmm good
Vic – man smells.. Feels good to smell good finally..
Vic – wake up so we can eat breakfast..
Nic – anyone else up ..
Vic- Corey would if you were..
Nic – We didn’t get to bed until 5

Nic – Does the TV show nominations
Vic – I never look at that.. Fool. doesn’t care..
Vic goes to check.. “No”

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 10-57-00-725

10:55am Victor making eggs for Nicole.
Vic says it feels good to smell good finally, “after smelling like d1ck all season”
Nic – you had good body spray..
Vic – now with the body wash and the shampoo.. Body spray deodorant..
Nic – thank you so much Victor
Vic – you’re welcome

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 11-13-01-552
11:11am Kitchen Victor and Paul
Vic – we made it to final 5 we made it to final 5..

Victor talks about his 2005 Honda Civic that we wants to keep it running, “Have her as my forever car.. If I keep maintaining her she’ll live forever.. I’ll get to the point I’ll change the engine if i have to” (we both have forever cars 🙂 )
Paul mentions that it might be cheaper to just buy a new vehicle than repair one over and over.
Victor – but there’s nothing wrong with her..
Victor – I’ll have Her for years.. That car is legit..
Victor goes on about keeping it and telling his kids he had that car when he was in college.

Victor talks about heading to Texas A&M football tailgate with Corey, “we can do all the things he said,… like the trophy room”
Paul says he’s never done anything like that before.
Victor – it’s fun you’ll like it
Vic – dude that memory wall bro
Paul- f** looks good.. f** everybody..
Paul says how James shit on him 30 minutes before evictions says they don’t owe him anything.
Victor says this will be the easiest nominations yet.
Paul – you have a speech
Vic – no

11:38am Kitchen Paul and Nicole
Talking about how immature Tiffany and Bronte where.
Paul – I was the baby of the cast.. Can’t wait until you meet my family.
Paul says he loves to argue.. he was on the debate team at public college and university.. “Public speaking.. never cared”

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 12-03-15-892
Victor comes back from the Diary room wraps his arms around Nicole..

Natalie joins them.. Chit chat..
Victor says he started school doing English then moved to History followed by Marketing finally settling on Finance.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 12-45-39-571

12:44pm Everyone up now random chit chat..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 12-50-34-548

12:49pm Nicole and Victor up in the HOH playing Dominoes.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 13-12-14-942

1:08pm London room James and Natalie
James – so what’s today day 80
Nat – it’s the day we’re going on the block together BABE
James- day 8 zero
James – what’s up America.,.
Nat – me and James are going on the block today..

James – it’s day 80 in case you guys didn’t know Your boy is finally a target the true target
Nat – the target of the house
James – i’m the target of the house going on the block.. this ain’t my first rodeo.. But.. hey.. I guess I can’t say I played big brother if I didn’t hit the block right
James – she’s going on the block she’s not the target she’s just a pawn..
James- If I win the veto then she become the target..
Natalie – or if I win it and give it to James
James- Actually that would be really interesting
feeds cut..

When we’re back James is calling Paul a flip floper..
Natalie saying she can’t trust Paul (Fries) but she always thought she could trust Victor.

James says he was working with Corey and Nicole since day 1 he thought they were with them.
Natalie says Nicole doesn’t talk to her again just like sh’es been “all season”
James says Nicole doesn’t talk to him either.

James says he hates how “they” (Final 4) are making them take all the heat for everything
Natalie is pissed because they tried to take out Paul and Victor the 2 strongest players and Nicole and Corey jumped ship.
Natalie – I didn’t trust Nicole I didn’t trust Corey.. I should have put my foot down.
Natalie – but you really trusted Nicole and Corey I should have been NO
Natalie – our social game was weak we were napping all the time..
James says every week someone has to go
Natalie – I’m going if you pull your’self off but I promise I won’t be mad about it..
James says he was blindsided he didn’t see it coming.
Natalie says she saw it coming a mile away..

James says he will not accept her using the veto on him, “Win it pull yourself down… ”
Natalie says she’s just going to lay low after he leaves lay low and tan.
James- yup and when that HOH starts you turn up..
James adds that when she wins the HOH and puts two people up she says “This ones for James”

Nat – I told you so we can’t trust Corey and Nicole
James- yes you did my little nugget, you did tell me so
Nat – would have been easy to get Corey and Nicole out then it would have been you me meech vs Paul and Victor
James- YES I messed it up that’s why I’m leaving..
Nat – you said you trusted Victor too
James- I still trust Victor.. I didn’t trust Paul..
Nat – and Nicole planted that seed (FRIES)
Nat – I should have never listened to her.. she never talks to me.

James- Jozea called it though all Nicole does is sit on the Hammock ans scheme..
Natalie thinks Nicole will win
James doesn’t

Natalie says the one HOH she won she screwed up she betrayed the 2 people that trusted her
James- I know I screwed up too babe..

James – you better turn up
Natalie – I do you see how I turn up for the comps
James- you do

Natalie says Corey was telling a story about how he drank and drove before
James- i noticed that too.
(That is why the feeds were cutting out so much)

James tells the Corey “Uber story”

James explains that a girl was bl***ng Corey in his car. He called uber cab for her and he could see it driving close to his house but he wasn’t done so he cancelled the uber. Then he finihsed and called it again and the same car pulled back in a minute later.
Natalie – he kicked her out
James- yeah he was like your uber’s outside..
Nat – what a douche
James – I was like dam

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 14-26-42-754

3:22pm London room Natalie and James
Natalie is going on how there social game was really poor last week they could have defended themselves..
James says he’s ‘Going out with his pride” this week.. (I don’t expect much campaigning from James. He’s down.)
Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 15-30-40-802
3:32pm – I’m still a Natalie fan and the Natalie fan club is still on.. thumb me down
Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 15-43-45-502
James put salt in Nicole’s water.. (I hope he does more of this)
Natalie – you’ve been doing it all season so it’s not maliciously…
James – prank number 1 going down..
nat – lets make this a fun week for us
James – lets make it fun..
James – alright.. salt in the water executed.. plan number 2 to get Corey..
Nat – how does it feel james to be a bigger threat than paul and Victor
James – feels pretty badass
Natalie – I honestly think Nicole and Corey won’t get the vote to win
James- all they’ll get is Paulie and Zakiyah,..
James – that’s the thing about it it’s how you treat people in the game… you can shit on people all you want but you gotta have jury votes ..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 15-54-26-394
3:46pm James Vaselines the bathroom door knob
Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 16-04-26-964
4:00pm Natalie and James
Nat – she’s smart she did what Derrick had said latch on to the strong competitors.
James – well she didn’t do that her first season.. that’s were she messed up at
James says he messed up his first season… “I was on point for awhile”
Natalie – it was sent from god literally that they wanted to work with us..
James – ya .. should have went with him I thought that Victor was more level headed..
JAmes – even if Paul wanted us to go up I feel Victor would have been no…
James – Corey and Nicole on the other hand this is a perfect opportunity to f***k them OK lets do it…
Nat – I knew that I just didn’t trust Paul but you were like we can trust them (Nicorey) we can trust them..
James- ya… but it’s because of the jury buyback we didn’t know that.. that’s what caused the whole chain reaction. (didn’t the gut tell you)
James – if Victor would have just gone home it would have been different.. but hey that’s the past there’s nothing we can do different..
Natalie – now we look like the bad people.. they have all talked shit about each other..
they talk about Michelle’s eviction.
Natalie asks James who was “Dan gooseing”
James – A pretty good Big brother player
Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 16-17-31-928
4:15pm James tells Natalie she’s the odd person “Paul and Victor will pull you in 100%”
James tells her to go to Victor and team up with him “I’m your vote in the corner.. be like I paid for it I lost James”
James – try to go with them.. DON’T throw your self to them..
James says don’t go to Corey and Nicole . “They shit on our face”
Nat – i’m back to the old Natalie stick to my guns…
(Natalie is against Nciole and Corey… can this season get any better? .. thumb me down 🙂 )

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 16-25-16-337

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-02 16-25-02-523

4:30pm chit

4:44pm Paul makes lemon juice (At least it’s not fries..)

5:00pm Natalie telling James she sees them voting James out then her and the last 4 of them “Playing it out”
Natalie says Victor called her FT’s
Natalie – all of them have said wrong shit…
James – I got Nicole with that Salt water..

Natalie says she saw Victor give Corey a hand single meaning they are all set to nominate the 2 of them.
Natalie says it’ll be very satisfying if one of them win HOH next week, “i’ll put Nicole and Corey on the block”

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Does James really think that bragging about being the target and it not being his first rodeo is going to make fans vote him AFP again? He is clueless. You ruined your game for a fake showmance with a girl that is not into you. America is laughing at you right now.


cory-nicole fake showmance to!so eh it that ok to!


I am rooting for james at the moment and I cant stand Nicole. I really hope james wins the veto and Nicole goes up and is evicted, that would be awesome.

Coin slot's bun

As much as I couldn’t stomach Michelle and her pity party’s, I love how she didn’t care to blow Sh*t up every now and then. For instance, shouting “Nicole’s gonna float to the final 2, she f*cked her way to the end!”
If she only knew how true that was……..


last night on the live feeds Nat was showing her true colors blaming everything on James. saying to James that someone on that side is gonna win $500K and that she is drowning in personal debt and school loans. she was right back to her game strategy of playing the victim. as much as I did not respect James for his lack of game play all summer, I give James respect for giving credit to Victor, Paul, Corey and Nicole on the flipping the house on top of James and Nat. Victor is in a great position now to go even further in the game, because James instructed Nat if he gets evicted to go after Nicole and Paul.

Tiny Trump Hands

Sorry, but it was James’ fault. (BTW, you might find marriage a tad difficult.)

Polyester hair

James’ daughter is pretty young, probably misses him. Kinda sad for her that this is how he chose to spend his summer. But at least she can watch him on TV.

An Apple A Day

James has made some bonehead decisions in this game. His gut is wrong “99% of the time”! And I like Nat. However, I believe she wouldn’t have made it this far without James. She has consistently aligned herself with the wrong people, the last being Big “Don’t Let the Door Hit Ya” Meech. She’s not good at mental comps. With another group of house guests, she potentially would be good at endurance comps, but she’s had Paul, Victor, Paulie and others who were stronger. It has been her decision to sleep alot, to play victim, and not work more on her social game (her strongest option). Vic & Paul have wasted no time making quick moves and shifts in the game when necessary. James, Meech and Nat laid around all last week talking about whether or not they should talk to Cory & Nicole. So it’s as much her fault as it is his, imo.


Deja’ vu


Totally agree, his catering to the camera for the feeds is hard to watch. Biggest waste ever bringing an immature, non strategical weasel back. And thinking that we’re all morons and are gonna fall for his stick and vote him AFP. And don’t get me started on him and Natalie. He’ll be lucky if she gives him a sympathy text after the show. Putting Bridgette on the block after he gave her his word was the one that did it for me. Showed what a weasely snake that he is.

Shame maybe but...

I love this site and Simon and Dawg do the best job covering bb BUT the fans here rarely are in tune with what “America” thinks…
Corey and Nicole are not well liked around here and both have won care packages James still in it for AFP


They didn’t win anything; Production gave them those Care Packages


Most of the voters are CBS show only watchers. They don’t get additional info so they just have the CBS edit to work with.

Powder Puff Girl

well said!

Shame maybe but...

It wasn’t a judgement
I too am one of the fans here…
Just an observation that what we think here doesn’t always translate…
Now production manipulation is another animal entirely.

Another Hillary Lie

James is just working the sympathy angle for America’s Favorite votes.

hernanday oleary

Wait Natalie doesn’t really like James?
When, where are you getting this from, I thought they were a showmance?

Froot Loop Dingus

It may not be his first rodeo, but by all that’s holy I hope it’s his last. I am sick of watching that little weasel.


Idk if you guys heard about this news recently, but did you hear that the whole Calafiore family is at war CBS for giving Paulie an “unfavorable edit” on the show?

They actually can’t be serious right? If anything the edit was too nice for Paulie on the show, if anything they should be thanking CBS for giving him such a nice edit when he was on. I can see where Paulie gets that narcissism from, apparently the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree with that family.


That’s actually good, now hopefully CBS will think twice and never bring back anyone from that disgusting family again, good riddance.


hantz family!


Paulie signed a contract. It would have included a release to be filmed 24 hours/day (even in the toilet), permission to dictate food, sleeping accommodations, outdoor access, contact with the outside world, and most importantly, a release for CBS to use any footage they film to edit and compile and produce television shows in any manner they choose. I never went to law school, but folks, this one is a no-brainer. Kissing Daddy is revealing himself as a pathetic wannabe who will say anything for publicity. The more he spouts off, the worse it will be for Paulie and him. He just needs to shut the hell up.


Exactly true. Their father has clearly raised Paulie to be an entitled arrogant jackass. Paulie will never own any of his actions. He thinks he is the best at everything. He talked just to hear himself. He believed all his own BS. He can do no wrong according to himself and his dad. Put the blame on CBS… WOW


What does that mean? What could they possibly threaten CBS with? Their son is a complete jerk and he was given a good edit considering his behavior.

Just Curious

Where do you guys get your information from?


It’s been all over different reporting sites for the last week or so (not sure about how long). Kissing Daddy just needs to bag it and go out and buy Paulie a nice, big participation trophy. Then both of them just need to disappear.

Never cared

LMAO!!! Wish I could give you a bunch of thumbs up for “participation trophy”! Funniest comment so far!


Google will bring it up


Where can I read abou that?


Maybe that is a ploy to draw attention to Paulie now that he is not getting any camera time except a few minutes when they show the jury house. Besides, wouldn’t this be one of those meritless cases b/c you have to sign a bunch of contracts before you go on the show, one of which probably states that you understand you may be portrayed unfavorably and accept that risk. CBS can therefore not be held liable for anything stemming from this which may affect you negatively. Prime example, Gina-Marie and Aaryn from BB15 losing their jobs after things they said.

Their Nuckin Futs

Okay so the last Time I checked this wasn’t one of those baby talking shows where they make it look like ur mouth is moving and saying what they want u to say. The words that came out of Paulies mouth were the words he said. The words he had control over. The problem was he thought he was looking tough by talking down to a female the way guys do in high school. And he didnt just make comments one time, he continued to repeat himself all week. I for one tweeted CBS and said that I really hope they don’t edit his actions toward women because ppl will turn their backs on CBS and that if they didnt show how he acted then it proved they were protecting Paulie since his family was supposed to be so close with production. I was shocked to find out that Paulie was in his late 20’s and behaving this way. Daddy needs to go the hell away and I would suggest u move out of NJ. Take ur white tennis shoe girly shorts son with u!

America listen

Watched the Jeff and Nat interview and she watched a few Big Brother with her and was hooked since and she said she wants to form an all girl alliance Really think she felt the guys out to see which 1 would bow to her which was James ????????????


Annoys me so much when James talks to the camera. Talks to “America.” While on the other hand, I think it is hilarious when Paul does, “Early Morning Coffee with Paul.” or whatever it is… I love it! Or the recent dating talk show with Victor and Paul. They are hilarious.

Side Note: Did anyone else notice that Julie Chen has taken some serious botox lately? I love Julie, but she was gorgeous without it…


I noticed it too. She is so beautiful and doesn’t need it. Hopefully, the puffiness will go down. It didn’t look good.

undercover The Talk watcher

She might look that way because she just lost her mother in law and is very emotional about it.


I can’t help but to laugh when they call Paul and Victor flip floppers, just show how clueless these two are. Hmmm let me think here maybe the reason they flipped is cause you wanted them both out! What do they expect them to come back and be loyal. Like how James is just playing for AFP and that alone, what is this 500k yal talking about.


Yes, I so hope people don’t vote for him!

sunny dee

More like ‘push & pullers” people push them out, and others pull them in

paul talks a bit about his social media, don’t know if it is twitter or instagram with 60,000 followers. whatever it was when i looked a couple of weeks ago it was over 90,000. thought that was interesting. Also it seems like he was dating someone from Disney XD , Oana Gregory who he dated for 3 years until end of last year, another thing he’s done is be in a music video (not performing music, just in the video with the singer). i don’t watch the feeds, so i don’t know or not, but i haven’t seen him mention those exact things. so while he has a lot of stories, being a braggy person with them or name dropper doesn’t seem to be part of his stories, maybe people think he’s exaggerating, but if so, why not tell these stories as well?

anyway i am good with him and vic being final 2. I hated derrick and cody getting to final 2, and i will loathe seeing corey and nicole being final 2. I can totally see nat winning next HOH (she should not follow james advice of putting paul/nicole, she should definitely do the pairs, and start with nicole and corey together. makes no sense to leave one half of either pair. my guess is the boys will vote nicole out because they have a better chance of winning if corey ends up f2 than if nicole ended up there.


As soon as Victor was voted out the first time Paul totally flopped over to paulie. He flipped on Da and still is keeping the lie alive that he didn’t know. He also has his part in zakiah going, but sat there and denied that as well. When it was Paulies time to go, Paul totally flipped on him and was one of the biggest cheer leaders to get him out. Paul is a text book case of a flip flopper! I have no doubt if paulie wanted Victor out straight away…he would have absolutely gone along with it.


Yeah, she turns up for comps you little comp beast. NOT! FT’s dilusional.

when getting her attention

“Hey fake tits”



America listen

Watched the Jeff and Nat interview and she watched a few Big Brother with her and was hooked since and she said she wants to form an all girl alliance Really think she felt the guys out to see which 1 would bow to her which was James ????????????


Not too long after the game started, the returning players Nicole Franzel, Da’Vonne Rogers, James Huling, and Frank Eudy realized they needed to get people on their side so they don’t get picked off. On day 5, HOH Nicole nominated Jozea Flores and Paulie Calafiore for eviction with the former as her target. After the nomination ceremony, the vets managed to pull in Tiffany Rousso, Corey Brooks, Michelle Meyer, and Zakiyah Everette.SuccessAfter Frank won the Big Brother Roadkill competition, he had to secretly nominate one more person for eviction. He secretly nominated Paul Abrahamian. However, Paul won the veto competition, so Frank had to choose another person to nominate. At the veto ceremony, Paul used the veto on himself, and Frank secretly nominated Bridgette Dunning. The plan was to blindside Jozea. However, Da’Vonne later told Nicole that Bridgette was talking trash about her, so this tempted Nicole, and Da’Vonne to get rid of Bridgette. However, on day 9, the alliance voted against Jozea, thus blindsiding him by a vote of 7-4-0.Shortly after Jozea’s eviction, Category four won the next HOH competition, and Paulie became the new HOH. At the nomination ceremony, Paulie decided to nominate Paul and Bronte D’Acquisto with hopes to backdoor Victor Arroyo. the alliance tried to prevent Victor from winning the roadkill competition, however, Victor ended up winning it. He secretly nominated Tiffany for eviction. When it was time to pick players for the veto competition, the alliance hoped Victor would not be picked. Luckily for them Victor was not picked. Paulie won the veto competition. At the veto ceremony, Paulie used the veto on Paul, and made Victor the replacement nominee. On day 23, Victor was evicted by a vote of 9-1-0.
Downfall Begins
Following the Veto ceremony in Week 2, houseguests started getting paranoid as plans for the next week started. Due to her constant paranoia and a fight they had in the past, Frank wanted to target fellow alliance member Tiffany and made this very vocal to lots of his allies. Tiffany reacted dramatically to hearing this news from Da’Vonne and set her target on Frank. Wanting Tiffany out herself, Da’Vonne fanned the flames by further pitting Frank and Tiffany against each other.Meanwhile, many female houseguests started becoming uncomfortable around Frank, most notably Nicole, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, and Natalie. This, along with his growing partnership with Bridgette started getting many houseguests wary of Frank. Soon, they started comparing notes and realized he has been making multiple deals with multiple houseguests and solidifying their suspicions that he was playing for himself, not for the alliance. While Tiffany was already considered kicked out of the 8-Pack by many of it’s members, they decided to reel her back in and shift their target on Frank.Following Victor’s eviction on Day 23, stakes were high for the HOH competition as there were many looming targets in the house now with Nicole, Corey, Da’Vonne, and James having been mentioned as further targets by members of the 8-Pack. Bridgette ended up winning the HOH comp, making many members of the 8-Pack believe Frank would have complete control over her noms, leaving Tiffany a likely nomination. This was proven true when Bridgette nominated Tiffany alongside Paul like Frank had told her to do. Frank taught that Tiffany would be evicted. However, he didn’t know that his jokes and attitude were rubbing people the wrong way, and his alliance was conspiring to eventually get him out. Frank managed to win the roadkill competition again. He secret nominated Bronte. Bridgette won the veto competition. At the veto ceremony, she chose not to use the veto thus leaving the nominations the same. Even after the veto ceremony, Frank still believed that Tiffany was going. However, Da’Vonne and Michelle were campaigning for Bronte’s eviction, so Frank would lose control.Ultimately, Da’Vonne and Michelle’s plan worked as Bronte was blindsided by a vote of 5 to 4.
After Bronte’s eviction, the houseguests competed in the next HOH competition which Paulie won for the second time. Paulie wanted to get rid of Tiffany. Meanwhile Frank told Tiffany that Da’Vonne told him that Tiffany was after him, and then Tiffany told him that Da’Vonne told her that Frank was after her. Frank also told her that Da’Vonne told him Tiffany was building an All-Girls alliance and Frank was her main target, which caused both former enemies to align together. On day 31, Paulie nominated Tiffany and Natalie Negrotti for eviction with Tiffany as his target. However, Tiffany won the roadkill competition and secretly nominated Corey because she wanted to breakup the alliance. Corey won the veto competition. On Day 34, Corey took himself off the block and Tiffany secretly nominated Da’Vonne as the replacement nominee. Prior to the live eviction,Tiffany told Nicole that Da’Vonne told her that there was an alliance between herself, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah, and Nicole which upset Nicole, Da’Vonne told James that they need to get rid of the couples which made James upset and suspicious because he is currently tight with Natalie, and Corey told Frank and Paulie that he wants to get rid of Da’Vonne because he believes that she is coming after the guys. However, Tiffany’s scrambling failed as she was evicted by a unanimous 8-0-0 vote at the live eviction ceremony.After Victor won the Battleback competition, he reentered the house. Following his return, the houseguests competed in there next HOH competition which James won. He then nominated Frank and Bridgette for eviction. Michelle won the veto. She wanted to use the veto on Frank because she wanted to get rid of Bridgette. However, at the veto ceremony, Michelle did not use the veto. On day 42, the houseguests solved the clues and discovered a secret room. On day 44, Frank was evicted by a unanimous 9-0 vote. Frank was revealed not to have the return ticket and he was evicted for good.Paul won the next HOH competition. While Bridgette was the easy target, Paulie managed to talk Paul into backdooring Da’Vonne. Paulie even volunteered to be a pawn. At the nomination ceremony, Paul nominated Paulie and Bridgette for eviction with Da’Vonne as a backdoor option. That same week, Paulie won the veto. At the veto ceremony, Paulie used the veto on himself and then Paul named Da’Vonne as the replacement nominee. On day 51, Da’Vonne was evicted by a 6-2 vote, with Michelle and Zakiyah voting to evict Bridgette. Da’Vonne was revealed not to have the round trip ticket and she became the first member of the jury.Victor won the next HOH competition. James won America’s care package. He won the power to eliminate two people from voting at the next eviction. Victor decided to nominate Michelle and Zakiyah for eviction, targeting Zakiyah. Paul told Paulie that he wanted Zakiyah out for being a strong girl, while Paulie told Paul he wanted Michelle out because she is an emotional train wreck and can blowup. Paulie then tried to get James to use his power so the can evict Michelle, but James wasn’t sure if he should do that. Zakiyah asked Paulie if he will use the veto on her if he wins and he says yes at the time. At the veto competition, Paulie managed to win the power of veto for the third time. While he wanted to use it on Zakiyah, he didn’t want to anger his allies. He told her that even if he doesn’t use it, she won’t go. At the veto ceremony, Paulie chooses not to use the veto, thus leaving the nominations the same.Blowing up Paulie’s game.Prior to to the eviction ceremony, Paulie’s game got exposed. Bridgette and Michelle pointed out that Paulie was running the house. They talked Natalie into evicting Zakiyah; and then both Michelle and Bridgette talked James into using his power which he agreed to do. Meanwhile, Paul started to lose trust in Paulie after Paulie said he wanted to target Natalie and did not want to listen to Paul. Later on, Bridgette told Paul that Paulie told her he trusted Corey the most, so this prompted Paul to leave Paulie’s side and get rid of Zakiyah. James said he will cancel Paul’s and Corey’s votes.Taking out Paulie’s showmance
At the eviction ceremony, Julie told the houseguests that it is double eviction week, and Michelle told the other houseguests that Paulie is running the game and right now they are handing him the money. Ultimately Zakiyah was evicted by a vote of 3 to 2 with Paulie and Nicole voting to evict Michelle. Zakiyah did not have the round trip ticket so she became the second member of the jury.Plan foiled.After Zakiyah’s eviction, the houseguests competed in their next HOH competition. Michelle, James, Paul, Natalie and Bridgette did not want Paulie to win because they wanted him out. However, their plan was foiled when Corey won the competiton. After the competition, Corey talked to the guys about nominating Bridgette and Nicole and the guys agreed. Corey then nominated Bridgette and Michelle. Then the veto competition occurred which Corey also won, thus giving him his second veto win. After the competition, Corey, Paul, Nicole and Paulie agreed to get rid of Bridgette. Then Paulie and Paul made up. Within no time the eviction ceremony occurred. Ultimately Bridgette was evicted by a vote of 5 to 1 with Natalie voting to evict Michelle. Bridgette did not have the round trip ticket so she became the third member of the jury.


You must be out of your mind if you think we’re going to read that lengthy crap.

Unbattled Block

LOL…There is NOOOOO way you wrote that


Holy wall of text, Batman…

Seriously more power to you for writing as much as you want…but paragraphs would’ve gotten me to read it.


Hummm? And the purpose of that post is????


I think he’s testing the character limit on posts.


Frodo, you promised to lay off the Red Bull.


Too much is as much as nothing at all.

Jake K.



Please! Tell us more.


Too long – whenever I see stuff like that I say f r o and move on.


Frodo, — did you finally sober up or did someone else write this for you? If you are hoping to take over from Simon and Dawg you are way out of their league.


Why are u repeating the story we have already seen and talk about. U have written a book.

Never cared

WTF frodo??? Thumbs down for using So. Many. Words.

WIU Leathernecks

Bill Shatner is that you?

Never cared

HAHAHA!!! Ya got me! I’m. Bill. Shatner.


That summary must have been copied and pasted from BB18 Wikipedia

Flip Floppers

Thumbs up if, like me, you scrolled straight past that like “Yeah, not reading that”


Great recap – unbiased and exact. tx

Mark Twain on Krokodil

Love the BB History book you just published. Now if you could only get the details of each house guest medical records, life history, beard gels, arm pit hair remover ingredients, Big Meech Lobotomy test results, Corey’s Gaydar readings & forensic papers of the goat sacrifice burnt hairs, Victors Honda Civic’s Vin number, Franks flatulence lab tests results from Chernobyl, & a detailed report on Nat’s Gynecologists reports on my desk ASAP. I need more info to investigate on to further my judgment on the season. Thanks in advance.




Wow! That must have given you carpal tunnel!


Look at the size of that thing! You must be Tolstoi’s great grandson or something. I think I will go read something shorter – like the Bible.


Final Two: Victor and his man bun.


And why not? Lol 😉


never cared


No in laughing at nic and corey stulid game move


Since Corey told Vic that he is not serious about Nicole, Vic is way more affectionate with her. He legit likes her, and Corey doesn’t even care lol.
Nicole screwed up in picking Corey the goat slayer.


Who knows if Corey really meant it, or he was just trying to sound like a stud? Either way, I don’t think it’s wise to romance someone’s sloppy seconds while they are all still in the house. Could have game changing implications. Just saying.


If it’s final 3, Nic/Vic/Corey, Vic will tell Nic Corey’s not gonna date her when they get out and she will vote Corey out…LOL


Victor has already been fucked over enough in this game. It’s time for him to do some figurative fucking. He needs to separate Nicole and Corey and not have the remaining one coming after him with guns ablazing. He already has bromanced Corey and Corey’s eyes twinkle with happiness when Vic gives him attention, hugs, etc. Now he needs to get to work on Nicole. It’s a good time to do this since she hasn’t been physical the last few days with Corey ever since she started her period. She still thrives on attention though. Play dominoes with her and let her win (even though this is the game you have been playing since you were a child), play to her ego and make her think that her every thought is special and brilliant, having subtle physical contact with her…not enough where she could outright complain, but enough that she would notice, ask her if she likes how you smell. Yeah, Vic is trying to charm her right now. Since he was trying to charm Corey two days ago, my money is that this is all gameplay from Vic. He is figuring out which of them that Paul and he should cut. Vic has been evicted twice. He knows they voted him out. He’s not that stupid.

Maury Povich

And in nine months Nicole, Corey and Victor are welcome to my show.

Vic Needs Some..

I dont think Vic likes Nicole, I think he misses being affectionate with a female…he has been so focused on trying to win and playing the game, but u can tell that he is very affectionate…And what were his options? Meech hated him that last week…Natalie would probably flirt back because she is still attracted to him (wait til James gets voted out)…and then curse him out infront of America…at least Nicole is somewhat responsive, and isnt taking offense to it…

But Vic, im gonna need you to win the game, and then find you a beautiful woman and enjoy yourself….lol


She played him well. Now, switch dudes

America Listen

James and Nat were loyal too meeche Watched Nat with Jeff before she came in watched a few Big brother episodes with her aunt and was hooked and said she was going to form an all girl alliance which didn’t work because she had the wrong guy


Why do you keep posting this?


That has been on the CBS BB website for almost 3 months now. She formed the Spy Girls and settled for James after flirting with the other guys didn’t work out for her. Old news. Nothing to see here. Time to move on. The game is almost over. Please stop posting the same thing over and over and over. Those who cared saw it a long time ago; those who don’t care don’t want to keep reading the same post multiple times.


Oh James . James is like a high school bro who just never made it into the cool crowd . Nice kid, but it’s almost like he knows he doesn’t have the full arsenal to win. Along came the cheerleader, who inflamed his ego . He had the perfect chance and blew it – He knows the showmance is ova and so is his game .. Just didn’t have the horses to see it out . High school never end bro ..


Didn’t Nat want to put up Paul because she caught him listening and stuff. Now she’s saying it was all Nicole fault.
Nicole just agreed with her then they started comparing notes about how sketchy Paul was.

Can someone look back on the feeds?


Production called Nat in (she said so herself ) and told her to work with Nicorey and put Vic and Paul up. She didn’t want to admit the real truth to them so she made up lies and stuck to them


Saw some hilarious stuff on a different site re Pablo. Paraphrasing, okay? Julie lied on Thursday because it was a live surprise double eviction to get rid of all of the floaters. This next week during the live show, Julie will announce that the summer isn’t over yet and they should still expect the unexpected. Maybe a houseguest will be returning to the game. Doorbell rings. *Panicked faces. They go to answer the door and there is Pablo laying there.


I think they will do what BB Canada did and have 3 people on the block and the houseguests will have to vote on who they want to keep and send the other 2 packing.


Marie, great idea to include Pablo in the voting group, but after all, he is the yellow pelican blow-up floatie that Paul wore around his waist to signify the “Sitting Ducks” alliance he has with Vic. Meesh grabbed Pablo as she was walking out the door and threw it into the audience. (Zingbot will get jealous if Pablo gets too much more attention.)


Ah …hindsight James & Nat! But really think Vic was fated to win this game. No complaints here – think he has definitely played the best game. And is this just “editing” or is something happening between Vic & Nic: 3:02 a.m. Corey & Nic: “Some of the passion is gone.” Perhaps because they are both thinking about Victor? 🙂 Anyway – I have actually enjoyed this season – full of twists & turns – & I have changed my mind even more than the houseguests! LOL! After loathing Nicole’s game the entire season – somehow she positioned herself into quite a comfy spot – so kudos for that. And even though James certainly dug his own grave – can’t help feeling a little sorry for him. Nat? Not sure. Sometimes seems genuine – sometimes – full of shit. But – to be fair – I guess most of us are. My favs by far are Vic & Paul.

Can't agree

Vic was EVICTED TWICE no chance he played the best game…

Too Far Behind

That is exactly why he should win. He is playing harder than all of them. Still a ways to go. I hope he makes it.

sunny dee

Battle backs ARE part of the game. The fact of eviction is irrelevant, a lot of worthy players are evicted because they are worthy. That’s why they get up on the block and have to win themselves back into the game. In Vic’s case he wins himself back with battle backs, others win themselves back by winning a veto. another might spin a good story and get the house to flip who they wanted voted out.

all these things are valid ways to stay in the game. i think the exception might be getting a care package that ends up saving someone from being nominated in the first place (michelle and nicole both got one of these) or the return trip ticket which is just chance.

i think the whole ‘nat was told to work with nicorey’ was design and plan. The only way to ensure vic would be able to double battle back is if they ensure he got evicted. even if paul didn’t take himself off the block if paul got evicted he would have also beat paulie. there is obviously no way corey could and it would be uncertain if nicole did, so tell nat to put vic/paul on the block and that’s TV gold having paulie back in the house is way too much trouble

so the design was make sure that they were on the block, which basically is a manipulation that is a detriment to natalies game in the long play. i think the whole jury back scheme with the ‘suggestions by production’ were so that this worked like a reset button. Ideally the exact same 7 would turn around and re do the entire week, with new HOH. risky, for production, but it did work out.


Listening James and Natalie I hear reality creep in and then the delusion smacks it down.
Here is the realty…. James, NatNat, Meech, Paul and Victor were in the HoH hating on Nicorey. Meetch wanted Nicole out…. but she was very unaware that James and NatNat had made a deal with Nicorey. Nat and Michelle put up Paul and Victor…. the TAREGET was Paul… but Paul saved himself so they put up Corey… They were selling the big lie to Vic and Paul that they were going to evict Corey. Then they betrayed Vic and Vic came back.

Nobody in that house knew more about James teack redord than Nicole. She knew all of the people that James has “boned”… she did’t want to get boned. Corey has’t liked or trusted James since Paulie. They only reason that Nocorey made that final 4 was because Corey was on the block (who would’t come on.). The fact is Nicorey looked at James and Nats track record and it is NOT Loyal, it is NOT truthful and it is for sure NOT a good deal to have a final four with them. They must undertand that the way that they have played the game is without and credibility. It gets to the point when people start saying I can’t tryst you. Even if the last person they betrayed was the other side.

So of course the people who have been actually ride or die with those they have been in an alliance with would side together…. also bad news NatNat calling Paul a flip-flopper and saying he has played dirty… does’t float when you have played dirty and so has James, the guy who snitched on Meech, you and all of the people you were ever in an alliance with.

Frank the tank

What sealed the deal was James admitting to Paul (and the whole house) that ft Nat wanted to keep Victor and evict Corey, despite having a final 4 with Corey/ Nic at the time.

They dug their own grave and now have to lie in it. Sorry, not sorry… never cared

Ms Anthrope

Good ole ‘home boy’ goat burner Corey is a vile disgusting pig. Yes Natalie you should have put up those 2 insufferable douchebags Nicorey when you had the chance.


Corey was so proud of himself talking about being drunk and kicking the girl out of his car. What a guy! He’s exposed his true self many times. He’s a dirtbag! Nicole whines about people playing dirty and lying when she bold faced lied about being in an alliance with James and Natalie. Tired of her acting so perfect and that she’s played such a clean honest game. She needs to get over herself. I sure hope Nicole and Corey get kicked to the curb.

Butters Mom

Who did corey tell the uber story to? Did everyone hear it and specifically did Nicole and Victor hear it?


Hi…Will you please share the story about Corey’s animal abuse? What happened, and what was Corey’s role in the situation? Thank you very much.


Travis as in Travis County, Texas PETA?


Way early in the season he told a story about his college roomies getting a goat, dousing it with lighter fluid and starting it on fire. He wasn’t the one who actually did it if I remember right, but he watched it, didn’t stop it, and laughed about it. Even sharing the story (thinking he’s telling a cool story) on the live feeds shows you what an a$$ he is in that he doesn’t see how horrible it is. Many of us have hated him ever since. It’s all over the internet.


OMG!!!! That is the most appalling animal abuse story I have ever heard. Thank you for taking the time to fill me in. I certainly am in the “we detest Corey” club and I hope he knows that karma’s a bitch. Perhaps he’ll burn in hell.


The goat was never on fire. They flicked matches at it and laughed at how terrified it was. Corey said he never flicked matches, just watched and laughed. So more appalling than atrocious behavior.

Too Far Behind

1st or 2nd BBAD. They were chatting and telling stories. His story was about him and frat buddies dousing a goat in lighter fluid and throwing matches at it to get some laughs.


Thank you for filling me in. This is an absolutely horrific story. I hope that through sharing his story, someone holds him accountable for taking any part in this act.


Why did I get “thumbs down” for asking about Corey’s involvement in the animal abuse incident? Would some please tell me what happened? Thanks.


Corey was laughing when telling the story about how he and his frat bros were hanging out and bored. So, one of the frat boys bought a goat, poured lighter fluid on it and they proceeded to flick matchies at the poor goat attempting to set it on fire. Corey further stated, while laughing, how terrified the poor goat was!!! I can not recall which hg’s he told story to. BUT, who would hang/like him after that story??? Not to mention homeless story and disrespecting women once he slept with them. Nicole should’ve seen the douche a mile away…


Thank you for sharing the back story about Corey. I don’t really think “production” influences the season’s outcome…BUT…if they do, I hope two things: 1) Corey is evicted from the game ASAP, and 2) CBS turns Corey in to the proper authorities to prosecute him for such grievous animal abuse.

Mister pickles


Mr. Pickles is a D-Hay

Is that your safe word? Seriously, stop being an a**hole. It’s a BB forum, we leave comments and ask questions. If we wanted to hang out together on Google, we would. So go play with your little troll friends on Google and shut the hell up.


And there you have it folks. Corey just showed who he really is. Not such a nice guy. The drunk uber story and the goat burning is twisted. He and Nicole played a horrible game. Playing under the covers and now acting so superior and entitled is disgusting!


Natalie you had your chance to go against Nicorey, infact thats probably why Meech got Co-HOH because we thought she would put them up as well. But nope, you listened to Ratcole and James’ “intuition” and have to deal with it now.

Teri B

Simon & Dawg:
Love you guys as always, thanks for all you do!

Can anything be done to help this poor season out of the doldrums?

I feel like it’s done. Stick a fork in it. Write the check to Paul or Victor and call it done (doesn’t matter which). Similar to last year, and totally predictable. Ugh.



If I was in the house, with nothing to do, I’d manage to see a what if scenario completely. For instance: If Nat/James/Michelle stay loyal, Corey goes….and Paulie returns. Then Nicole wins HOH, angry Nicole with Paulie in her ear, and Paul the schemer scrambling. It’s very likely Nicole is talked out of her target of Michelle and talked into going after James and Nat, with Michelle as the pawn in case of veto.

In other words, this week happens 1 week sooner…and who’s to say Paulie, Paul, and Vic aren’t together with Nicole as their 4th or maybe Paul doesn’t flip for safety (and Vic does what Paul says) and it’s Nicole and Paulie on the block, but it’s Michelle that’s sitting good with either James or Nat.

Nat always has to be victimized by somebody…now it’s James’ turn….


Do people really think that Victor has played the best game? Because lets be honest, he got evicted twice.


Funny how EVERY bb alum / past HG EXCEPT for Evel Dick gives props to Vic openly on social media and hopes that he wins despite having been evicted twice.

Hi, Evel Dick. I advise you to stop being a jealous hater.


Did you ever think that Vic got evicted because he was a strong player and no one wanted to go up against him. But he just kept coming back like a bad penny. In the end he deserves to win.


Victor was evicted the first time because everybody thought he was a sanctimonious dick. He came back and adopted his current persona which he admits is fake and he’s said that in real life he’s kind of a jerk and his friend’s girlfriends all hate him.


So what!

Unbattled Block

I was supporting James and Natalie, but they blew it bigtime and do not deserve the 500K

James made a deal and broke it, commenting that “You can bounce checks in the BB Household”

Well now that cuts both ways James

You also GAVE Nicole that HOH and did ZERO follow up. You let Paul and Vic wedge your alliance apart by doing nothing but hanging out with Meech, who you KNEW was Nicole’s enemy

You let a showmance lead you into oblivion

Like them or not Paul and Vic are playing THE game and one of them deserves the 500K. My only gripe is that slotnosed whiney RatCole will make Final 4. Can not stand her. I can only hope Corey rediscovers his feminine side and goes Final 3 w Paul/Vic


So about the new BB coming thi fall Sept. 28th, they are calling it Big Brother: Over the Top and they will air the episode on tv only once a week and live feeds will never be shut down. It’ll be interesting to see if that will work out.

Marvin Gaye



JAMES … no need to tell America this ain’t your first rodeo …. but America wants you to know, it will be your last.

Maple Leaf

What is going on with Vic and Nicole? Wonder if Corey knows Vic has the hots for Nicole. Too funny, I’m thinking Vic is alittle lonely!

Maple Syrup

Is lonely a euphemism for horny?


There is a montage on youtube on Nicole and Victor called Why don’t you love me. You can tell he really likes her.

Vic, She's Not Good Enough For You

Here’s the link to the Victor and Nicole video. It’s actually super-cute. Almost enough to make me like Nicole. But not quite.


Thanks! It is cute.


Corey asked Nicole on day 4 if she thinks she’s met the person she’s going to marry. It was one of the first questions he asked her. While in the Hoh room today he asked that question again and she snapped at him and said you already asked that question and said it was a weird question to ask. He got really sad afterwards and really awkward. When Frank was still around he called Nicorey cute and they started asking who made the first move. They said Nicole made the first move by picking him on her team she denied it. He says it’s okay it was love at first sight baby and later said the feelings were mutual. But things have been rocky since Vic came back.

no bb gods nooo

pleaaaassseeee tell me victor doesn’t actually like nicole. he’s way too good for her!


She’s annoying. Corey’s lack of interest makes her look worse to us.

But Vic seems like the openly affectionate, ride or die type guy who would nurture someone like Nicole. She actually shines when he pays attention to her.

Nicole and Vic have genuine chemistry. I kind of like it! 🙂


He does like her. Jozea Paul and Victor were playing pool together. Paul asked who would you Marry, fuck or kill between Tiffany, Michelle and Nicole. Victor instantly said Nicole was pretty and wifey material. Before Vic’s eviction he sat in the hammock with Nicole he told her he’s mean with girls because all the girls he really likes have all shitted on him in high school. He mention Natalie and him had no chemistry and she was very superficial. Victor told her she had a good personality and would like to hangout with her outside the show. This was the second time he asked her out. It seemed very genuine.


If he gets Nicole I’d say he deserves her. Be careful what you wish for.

These people

Do James and Natalie actually believe themselves right now? That was really annoying. I think anyone in the final 4 “deserves” to win, they either schemed and flipped votes and saved themselves or they one critical comps at critical times. My feelings about them as people aside, that’s what this game is.

Jake K.

A few things to ask….
1) Simon/Dawg will you be covering OTT or will you be taking a break during fall like normal? I hope you are cause I really hate following the (majority) pain-medicine addicts over at Jokers.
2) Who wins AFP? I think James has fallen from grace to many fans and Victor will take the win.

Jake K.

Only on Fridays nights. Oh wait…..lol


I will read live updates of the fall show. I look forward to all new people. No has Beens


Good, I hate to commit too much time to it to have it turn out like a middle school production of Our Town.


pack 8!


This may not be James first Rodeo< but its his Last,Well in this game anyway, To bad he had his head so far up Nats ass to realize what he was doing!! See Ya! James.

Another Anonymous

Is Paul in the kitchen cooking eggs?!? First fries and now eggs?!? What a LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love a man who can cook egg and chips.

Dark salad

Can we move onto next season now?
It’s pretty obvious where things are headed now.

James' Baby Mother

Didn’t anyone get confused like I did how young James daughter’s mother is? That was her in the family segment for James wasn’t it?


Couple of random thoughts here. Nicole really doesn’t like women. Did she have a close relationship with any of them? True, the pickings were slim, but at the very least I would have thought she’d have common ground with Bridgette. I hope Vic comes to his senses about her.
I think James is counting on getting evicted so he doesn’t have to listen to Natalie berate him again about how this is all his fault. Once he gets to jury he’ll have Paulie to commiserate with.
Natalie will always be a high maintenance girl who thinks she’s the nicest, prettiest girl in the room. My son was engaged to one of those, and thank goodness things didn’t work out.


Nicole is really good friends with Daniele Donato BB8,BB13. Dani has said that herself and she’s also very protective of Nicole. She won’t allow anyone to say anything negative about Nicole to her


WTH is going on with VicNic? What did I miss in the updates? Vic, beware, “leftovers” can be tainted with E Coli.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

What is your first rodeo, James? Please tell America.


Ain’t your first rodeo, but definitely your last!!!


Spiced rum is mighty tasty in the fall, Simon.


I’m starting off with you Simon, but do know if I’ll continue


Victor and Nicole, REALLY??? NatNat is going to get her knickers in a twist when she finds out. She probably planned to latch on to Vic when Jamesy leaves.


I think Corey wants a F3 with Paul and Victor. If Corey catches Victor and Nicole in a compromising position, it will be his excuse to have Nicole evicted and to solidify his F3 with the boys.


I think Corey wants a F3 with Paul and Victor. If Corey catches Victor and Nicole in a compromising position, it will be his excuse to have Nicole evicted…so that he can solidify his F3 with the boys.


Looks like ANOTHER boring HoH. James/Nat on the block…oooohhhh, what a big move!! Please win the Veto Nat!


But Nicole needed someone who could go deeper then Jamesy………..In the game yea, yea deeper in the game.

WIU Leathernecks

James got small fingers.


Corey is visibly upset with Nicole and Victor flirting. She keeps playing dumb, did I do something wrong. You wonder why he’s been so standoffish. His body language is guarded now with his arms folded or holding his wrist most of the time. Usually he’s open with Nicole but as of right now he’s not happy with her. He been cracking his knuckles, roughly rubbing his neck and his mouth anytime Victor says something. Thats a sign of threat, aggression and bottled up tension. I don’t know how much longer he’s going to take before he finally cracks. He has major jealousy issues from his ex girlfriend cheating on him and always blames the girl for cheating. Corey doesn’t like to express his feelings and is very shy, so he’ll let people walk all over him.



Kathie from Canada

Thank you Dr. Phil.


Maybe he’s not putting out for Nicole and saving that tension for when she’s gone…


Nicole’s leading Vic on she likes the attention, heck she would probably have a showmance with him if Corey wasn’t there. I’d take Vic over Corey mr. No personality lol…the real thing is is Vic a jerk or a nice guy he’s portraying now because if I remember corectly he was an a** in the beginning

Too Far Behind

Nicole wants to stir a little jealousy. See where Corey is at with her. It’s an old female trick.

It's the chase

It’s like Hayden and Cody all over again. She flirts with all the guys and acts cute and innocent. If she’s not into them she’ll flirt openly and not be awkward or uncomfortable to rub there hair leading him on like what she does with Vic. If you notice the guy she’s actually attracted too, she’ll flirt for a bit but won’t look in there direction or give them attention. She’s more of a tease to them and not fully engaging with him. With Corey she always keeps her attention on someone else to make it seem like she’s not really interested. She doesn’t sit by him and walks away when he starts showing pda. Leaving the guy confused and questioning if she’s really interested. So they’ll want more from her than just friends. I think that’s why Corey won’t tell her how he feels because she keeps giving him mixed feelings. The guys start to develop feelings because she’s not as easy to flirt with compared to most girls like Natalie.

Nina Young

Vic is suppose to have a girlfriend! If he does I hope she is smart enough to dump his as&.
I felt sorry for Vic until I saw these pic’s of Vic laying all over Nichole. Maybe he doesn’t mind left overs. (Sorry, I had to say it.) <3