Victor “I’m the fox. OHHH I’ll tear people up! UN-EVICT-ABLE!|

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Sept 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 5th
HOH Victor Next HOH Sept 1st
Original Nominations: ? AND Big ?
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ? and ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-01 20-49-54-953

8:50pm In the havenot room – Victor is alone and celebrating winning the HOH competition. The portorican sensation strikes again. They tahought they could get me out!! Keep the ears on.. I’m the fox. OHHH I’ll tear people up! UN-EVICT-ABLE! Corey joins them. Vic says Nat was getting close. Paul and Nicole joins them. They all celebrate. Corey says that sh*t was hard. Nicole says that was a hard one. Nicole tells Corey she is going to sleep in here with him. Vic says no but you’re a have. Nicole says not yet. Vic says no one here is going home. We’re guaranteed final five. Please we have to win the veto. Balls to the wall!! Vic leaves. Paul says don’t listen to anything they say. Close the coffin.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-01 20-52-59-735

In the bathroom – Nat tells James if I win the veto I will use it on you. James says no. I know we’re going up.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-01 20-50-31-673
9pm Paul, Vic and Corey in the havenot room. Paul says remember when you campaigned to get me out? Veto f**K YOU! Nicole asks is everyone else here related to a past BB player? Paul says she was lying. Paul says that Nat has been playing dumb when she’s not. Once you take James away from her she will crumble and I will get in her ear all week! Nicole leaves. Corey and Paul talk about how they’re going to make it to final 4. We sleep easy this week. Natalie is going to be broken. We keep it ambiguous so they don’t know who is going. Get James out and Nat is crushed. Win the HOH and get the other out.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-01 20-58-25-837

In the kitchen – Paul, Vic, Nat, Nicole and Corey. Nciole talks about how Michelle didn’t talk to her all week. Nicole comments on how Michelle talked so much crap about her all season. Nicole says I did nothing to you. Nicole says I will not hang out with Michelle after this she had NO reason to crap on my so much. She’s got me so fired up! Paul says you evicted her out of the house. You got her out, that’s pretty bada$$.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-01 21-20-44-491

9:55pm London bedroom – Vic and Paul are talking. Vic says I don’t care if people sh*t on us we played a phenomenal game. Paul says but we made it to top 5 .. you know that right? Vic says the sitting ducks. Paul says the sitting motherf**king ducks. Vic says I’m still in shock. We helped them and they sh*t on us so we ruin their game. Vic tells the feeders that he and Paul have had the hardest game right now. I have almost more comp wins than the people left in this house. Paul says man I hope I win the veto. They leave the room. Paul tells Nicole I’ve never felt so good. We’ve always been on opposite ends and this is how it should have been. They talk about how Meech would have gone the whole way if she had just kept her mouth shut. Nicole says and she flip flopped. Paul asks do you mind if I taunt her in the house this week. They talk about Meech and her exit. Corey says she told me she loved me. Nicole says I want to vomit.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-01 21-56-00-514

10:10pm Outside the HOH room – Nat tells James that I’m going on the block tomorrow and you’ll win the veto or I’ll win it and use it on you. We betrayed Vic and Paul now they’ve gone to Nicole and Corey. We should have never listened to them to put them up. Nat says I think I’m going home. Jame says they would be stupid to keep me in this game. Nat says I begged you to take Corey out. Nat says I just don’t want to go home to a bad situation. I don’t know if my family is proud of me. James says your mom was shaking pomp poms for you. Nat says why didn’t I just put them up. Nicole and Corey are going to win. Just gun for that veto. I want you to gun for that veto as hard as you can. Nat says dude Nicole is good at this game. She trained Corey really well. James says well its time to play big brother.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-01 22-06-52-547

10:40pm – 11:35pm Nicole, Corey, Paul, Vic, Nat and James are hanging out in the bedroom chatting about random things. James and Nat head to bed. Paul tells Corey you should say you’re voting out James. Nicole you say you’re voting out Natalie. I want to be the flip vote. They’ll have to come to me. I’ll tell them I’ll flip a coin and let Jesus decide. Paul says he’ll tell them to pick a number from 1 to 10. They still won’t know. I’m here for the mind f**k.

11:15pm – 11:40pm Nat tells James I’m ready to fight with you baby… with the truth! James says with the truth. Get it all out there and let the chips fall where they may. Nat says its just a game. Lets just have fun. Lets blow sh*t up. I have Bronte and you from this. James says and you made a little bit of money. Nat says I made it to final 6 .. why am I sad. It would literally be the best moment for us to be on the block together and for me to win the veto and save you. James says oh man automatically win America’s Favourite player. You’ve been doing better at this game that I have.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-01 23-45-33-645

12am Paul says watch mid week she (Nat) is going to abandon ship. Nicole says she already is. Paul says she is going to get mad at him for something. I’m predicting Nostradamus. Paul says how are you going to beat Nicole … I don’t know I’ll figure that out after you’re gone.

12:05am – 12:10am Vic gets the HOH room key. They all head up to the HOH room to see his room. They check out his photos and Vic reads his letter.

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Started from the bottom now we're here

Nicole is going to sleep her way to the top.


I can’t Nicole. But to her defense Corey did say Victor can flirt with Nicole and he didn’t care.


Nicole and Corey I hope they go home soon. All they did is sleep around all summer. Nicole self-esteem is very low she needs to get some counseling. She thinks we don’t know what her and Corey have been doing. Nicole say she don’t know why girls don’t like her. Please Nicole you very sneaky and I believe Nicole have and will again mess around with other girls boyfriends and then play innonent


Nicole and Corey I hope they go home soon. All they did is sleep around all summer. Nicole self-esteem is very low she needs to get some counseling. She thinks we don’t know what her and Corey have been doing. Nicole say she don’t know why girls don’t like her. Please Nicole you very sneaky and I believe Nicole have and will again mess around with other girls boyfriends and then play innocent. She is very dirty I don’t think she can be a loyal friend to a girl at all. Nicole is the type of girl you have to keep your eyes on at all times. The minute some man or her friend boyfriend say Boo she is in love and will sneak and see him then play the victim when caught. She far from being innocent. This type of girl is loose as goose and will never keep it real with you. She smile in your face all the time want to take your place the backstabber.


She got bullied by girls in high school because she did the same shit she does now. Flirting with all the girls boyfriends. Zaykiyah was her true friend and in girl code don’t touch Paulies hair as simple as that. Corey told her he didn’t like Vic flirting with her. I kid you not she told Corey I know how I feel about Vic so its not the same as Natalie. Victor likes Nicole it’s obvious he can’t be trusted but Nicole doesn’t respect Corey enough to stop flirting back. Corey pointed out the way you feel about Natalie is the way I feel about Vic. She brushed his feeling off and continued about Nat. She even said it to a few people, I think it’s Vic funny that Vic flirts and she’s know Corey doesn’t like it but still didn’t care,


To Puhlease:
His Texas A&M roomates became pro, Corey played his freshman year for Texas A&M. His father was very firm and disciplined to Corey about training properly for baseball — verging on abuse (read Corey’s blog). Corey obviously was trying to go pro and for some reason didn’t make the cut. So yes indeed, he was almost pro.


He played a little college ball. There are millions of people who endure brutal training regimes and get no where. I don’t believe he even went to the minors or any of the A’s so I don’t consider him almost pro.

Bets Anyone?

They are planning to evict James. How long before Natalie turns to Victor for comfort???

Blame James

James was real cocky, telling Meech she staying….telling Nat shes in a good position because she is aligned with him and CBS loves loves him…

And Meech left me speechless, it was great tv, but what an idiot! a fan, i lost any respect for her game

Pablo the Pelican

I was abused today by a lunatic…please save me!#!!!

Blame James

Watching this season, James is literally throwing his game away…hoping that he has chance with a girl that will not be with him after this.

Natalie is truly annoying, self centered and always plays victim.

NiCorey actually seem loyal to their new alliance, but it may come back to bite them

Team Vic/Paul for the win!!!


that’s the same way he played the game last time . he makes all the wrong decisions when he has power . he sits around and watches all his alliance peeps get evicted. he always 100% of the time has F’d over his own people after making deals with them . Jace , shelly and clay , frank and Vic . teaming with him is always road to eviction .


Can’t evict the Vic!


Put A Beast In Your Belly!


Well way to go Cory and Nichole…now Victor will have $255,000!


Why 255? Is that after taxes? Are you effing telling me that the 500k prize is not tax free? Don’t tell that that CBS is CHEAPCBS!


What an absurd! CBS should pay taxes to IRS just to let the winner take 500k home. That’s so ridiculous… 340 may be a lot of money still, but it’s definitely not as much as what it was back in mid 2000s. Some other BBs around the world reward tax free prizes – Canada being one as you said. In Brazil I hear they pay 1.5 million! Brazilian currency is not what it used to be at this point, but it still amounts to US$500k (used to be 750k according to my friend). I think that US, Canada and the UK do not reward their winners accordingly. Not to mention that they never give out cars and motorcycles during the weekly competitions as I have seen happening in other BBs. Such a shame…

An Apple a Day

It’s our freaking federal government that does it. The Olympic Gold medal winners are even taxed on the value of their medals when they get home. Sucks!


Really? Taxed for winning a gold medal for your country? What a scam. That’s so wrong that the government can just automatically take 40% of something you win or earn. Smh. Guess we’re not as “free” as we think we are. I understand everyone paying their share for roads etc., but that’s ridiculous.

We Get The Govt We Deserve

Just wait until the state of Louisiana gets it’s hands on the prize $$$. New governor is tax CRAZY. Know who you are voting for!!!!


WOW @ congrats….just got called out on incorrect dollar amount….it’s a half million prize….


Evel Dick and Andy Herren both said they got $350K after taxes and you get your check a few days after finale


Time for the guys to cut the head off the snake and send Nicole to face the girls in the Jury house. A lot of nerve commenting on James not campaigning while he is trying to get that knife out of his back.


Yeah James could ask Victor what it’s like to have knives in the back, instead of giving them to your back.

An Apple a Day

Are you kidding me? Meech, James and Nat were clearly working together as three; Nat & Nicole barely talk & NEVER game talk. How were they in a Final 4? I’ve been watching After Dark every night… They had NO conversations. At best, the house was divided 3/2/2 till Paul and Vic struck a new deal with Nicory. James looks like a deer in headlights while they are all waiting on the HOH room to be ready.

NOW brilliant James just said to Nat, “I guess it’s time to play Big Brother.” Uhhhh, you THINK?

Bolt Uprite

Dude…..Vic has been evicted TWICE. Thank Production.


I found the angry troll. “It’s” name is Bolt Uprite.

Bolt Uprite

And I found Vic’s paramour, a dim, limp, trollup hiding behind the name Anonymous.


I am very excited victor won great job victor


the Jon Snow of BB.

Very fitting

I stopped wathing GOT after the dead ppl started coming back I m slowly but surely stopping BB…I liked the rule of death meaning DEATH in GOT and I liked the rule of being evicted means u r evicted …
everytime a person is evicted in BB I feel mad that they were evcited before sb who was in a hotel room for 3 weeks and was evcited 2nd…

Bolt Uprite

More like Queen For A Day.


Thank you BB God! Now where is that troll from the last page calling everyone here names? A bitter beech she was! She’s probably trolling Michelle’s EBay page to buy some panties. Awww sorry boo

An Apple a Day

LOL wasn’t there some angry dude like screaming at everyone, too? Calling everyone idiots and morons? Like take it down a notch, Bro.

So happy for Vic! Doing the Happy Friendship Dance. So glad that rain cloud, Big Meech, is gone. Now everybody just play the game, don’t lay in bed all week, take your showers, wash your dishes, play along. Don’t steel s#!t, don’t name call, don’t put your dirty feet on the fridge, just have fun!


Done. James and his p#@@y chasing he isn’t going to catch has ruined the season for me. And the game too, because i won’t watch online. Only redeemer now as Vic and Paul head for final two is that Nicole won’t win the 50k and hopefully James won’t get AFP. Corey and Vic will declare their love at the wrap party and Nicoole. Will wail louder than meech.

Busta Fooligan

What does the fox say? Go Victor Go Victor Go!


Hoping Vic uses Nicole or Cory as a pawn and Nat or James wins Veto. I can’t stand the thought of Nicole or Cory being in final two.

Franks fumes

Just be happy one of those 2 are finally leaving no pawns this week!

Franks fumes

YES!….James and Nat on the block James goes then easy pickins…..After we met Vics family it makes me hope he wins AFP even more!….Vic or Paul for the win!


Yes!!!!!……. how sweet it is!!!…. James and Natalie on the block together!!! Revenge is sweet!!!


Loyalties get passed around like STD’s in this house!
And someone get Nichole a new shirt! That black lace thing is ugly as hell!

sunny dee

it wasn’t the shirt as much as wearing it with daisy dukes and wedges. The entire thing, from a stylist point of view, was a hot mess, matched only by whatever the heck she does with her hair. Why have lovely long hair and do that mess with it? it is NOT attractive, she looks like she’s being told she has to wear it that way for the feeds, it’s ridiculous. plus for someone with long hair she doesn’t seem to know how to care for it. it shouldn’t take that long to brush wet hair after washed/condioned. it’s because she knots it up with that mess on her head she is ruining it

An Apple a Day

I’ve watched her wash it on After Dark several times. And she’s straightened it before. But when she brushes it out wet, it sounds like she’s tearing it by brushing it downward like she does. My hair has never gen longer than mid-back, but I always brush it from the ends first and work my way up, and you don’t attack it like that or you get split ends. The top, yeah it didn’t work lol. But I think she’s a cute girl.


I cringe when she brushes her hair. That sound is like nails on a chalk board.


I can’t feel sorry for James and Nat. They had Paul and Vic on their side but decided to screw them and now Nicorey is reaping the benefits. P/V would have been loyal to James/Nat/Meech if they hadn’t put them up. And yes I know at some point they will have to battle out F4 and MAYBE P/V have an advantage but weak players like Nicorey and J/N/M can’t get to F4 without strong leaders. Lets face it neither of the two remaining showmances was getting to F4 without some outside help.


Neither is the bromance!


As I recall Paul was pushing for James to be the target on the day before Natalie won the HoH last week. So I don’t think James was bad for trying to get him out.


Getting a little cocky! I hope James wins the veto! Can’t stand Paul an Victor!

Only can wish

So you aren’t rooting for Paul and Victor because they’re alittle cocky and playing the BB game. Unlike James, who haven’t done anything but throw comps., hid behind other players, and just said “I guess it’s time to play BB” with 6 people left in the house. That means for 70+ days James haven’t done s!$t!!!


YES!!!!!!!!!! My man won the HOH!!!!!! I am soooooooo happy! (Typing while doing a VICtory dance!) ????????????????????????????????


Lol I was dancing and celebrating so hard that my fingers accidentally hit the “???” But what I meant to type was “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Yes! Go Victor Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Another predictable boring week with the same 4 people in power. Is it next Thursday yet.?!?


Sometimes predictability isn’t such a bad thing. For instance, when the uneVICtable one is HOH.

Who Cares

Who cares if it’s boring and predictiable. James and Natalie had one week of power with the chance of a second and they pissed it away. James gave up HOH, sent Vic home, and is dumb enough to believe Natalie likes him. His “gut” is 0 for infinity and barring production throwing him another endurance comp to have a chance he’s going home and

So anyway....

I was just getting ready to say the exact same thing. YAWN- FEST!

sunny dee

I don’t hate this final 4 group, but only because i feel like nicole finally woke the heck up after 2.5 months of hiding in bed being afraid of everything. she was not performing the way bb fans wanted her to, making former fans pretty much loathe her, which has a lot to do with clinging onto corey. but i don’t think Paul/vic let people burrow into holes, they tend to talk loud and drag them out into the light. both corey and nicole have benefited from their energy. James and Natalie and Mich could have, but chose to go back in the hole.

Their loss, one is gone this week, the Final4 is making a mistake by choosing to get out James. He isn’t going to win the challenges, Natalie always always comes close to the finish line, it is when Vic can’t play (outgoing HOH) that she pulls the win. she’s given a win to him, and won on her own the following HOH. Anyone who keeps dismissing her is a fool.

An Apple a Day

Agreed, SunnyDee! And Paul & Vic sort of force people to socialize. They sure woke up Cory & Nicole… they were laughing all week, joking, having personal conversations, game talk. Cory & Nicole are both the kind of people who need stronger personalities to bring any life out of them. Nicole seems an introvert and Cory is just a little “vanilla”. That was what was so ridiculous with James/Nat/Meech crying and whining the week away in bed. And even more stupid, Nat & James weren’t even on the block and at LEAST didn’t have to lay down a die with Meech! Seriously, no problem with those two going on the block. After last week, they deserve it.


“she was not performing the way bb fans wanted her to”

Well she’s made it to final 6 so I guess that’s more important than trying to please fickle fans.


She made it to final 6 but not due to her own gameplay. Well unless you consider gameplay staying holed up with Corey in bed all summer. Even he tries to socialize more. She has said more than once she “doesn’t want to talk to these people.” It’s big brother. Give me a break. Like them or not you HAVE to socialize and talk to the other hg.

James turning on Vic/Paul was her saving grace for a summer long of little to no gameplay.


It’s easy to say she was holed up with Corey. But was James holed up with Natalie, or Paul holed with up with Victor?

It’s futile to argue for Nicole on this forum but I feel people give her a very bad wrap and it’s not deserved. Sure she is meek and doesn’t make ‘big moves’. But for my taste both Victor and Paul are arrogant, loud mouthed and push way too hard in the game, almost to Devin levels. When you watch BB after dark you see them crapping on non-stop to Nicole and Corey. I can almost guarantee they are talking 90 percent of the time without any fear of exaggeration. They think the way to win is to just push push push but I believe that makes people hate you.


This makes for a very boring rest of the season. I don’t mind Vic winning, he actually deserves it, he’s had to work hard to be where he is but I HATE he is taking Nicole and Corey to final 4 and it’s going to be very predictable from here on out. Yawn, wake me on finale night.


Does anyone have the live feeds clip of Corey giving the $5000 bribe to Victor?


8:58 p.m., Aug.31st


Honestly James isn’t cut out for this game. He begs for the little prizes instead of pounding his way towards the big one. He gave away the HOH that sealed his and Nats fate. I want to feel bad for him but I could just shake him for sitting there and doing nothing to influence this weeks out come.

Natalie's tw@t

No more floating. It’s almost over for me and Jamesey.

Pauls French fries

Something tells me Natalie’s no PDA on camera policy is going out the window this week! We may get a parental advisory before BBAD! She was already hot for Vic’s junk now with James heading out and Vic being HOH it’s time to put those discounted FT’s to WORK!


Yay Victor! Oh how I LOVE Paul and Victor! Sitting ducks all the way to final two!


Yes!!!!! Team Sitting Ducks all the way!


Nicole is going to be all over Victor this week. Corey called her shady and pointed at her these girls ain’t loyal a few weeks ago. She did eff her way to the top. I hope she’s evicted next or at least Corey evicts her. I can’t stand her, I know why the females don’t like her. You flirt with all the guys and don’t expect repercussions for your actions. You are doing exactly what you accused Natalie of flirting to the top. At least Nat stopped flirting. You are very heartless selfish brat. The guy has done so much for you all season and shitted on him when he needed you to support him. Now she’s in the London room by herself with Vic


time BD james now!


Backdoors are impossible now because everyone will play in every veto from here on out


I predicted James is going home this week. Next week it will be Nicole. Paul and Vic will (Paul). Smart enough to know to turn on Nicole and take nat to final 3.


Taking Nat to the final 3 is very very risky. She’s not that bad of a competitor and she might make it to the end and win the game. Nicole on the other hand is a Vet ( strike 1) is and not likeable by the jury (strike 2), so she won’t win under any circumstances. I prefer to take Nicole for F3 for those reasons

Meech the Thief

James is going to buy Nat a car for her family and go on trips…oh wait fool is greeting a paid trip to jury. Hope them 5 G’s he chose and his stipend are life changing enough for him. Jack ass got played AGAIN! What a moron he let a couple of triflin skanks talk him in to sending home an alliance member that would’ve took them to final 5, but nope had some power and pissed it away! Serves I right you little mark!


I have been away for many weeks because this season has so turned me off. Tonight’s eviction was the most boring in history which really represents how the season has been. I have enjoyed ONE week this entire season and that was when Tiffany stayed over Bronte. She called out Day’s BS and decided to work with Frank/Brid(former enemies) which is what BB once was. I am SO beyond sick of these showmances, if you are a viewer like me close or mid-thirties and up its not what we care to see. The production has obviously let its loyal viewers go and care about what the young 20’s people want…showmances,high school drama like Jersey Shore and Real World…..its a shame my favorite show has turned out like this. One day production will regret turning its back on its loyal viewers because the young ones are not true BB fans…time to either revamp the show(new casting team, new production) or just end the show. Sorry its my opinion


Beyond F’in Boring! Can this season end already?


I think Vic should call Natalie aside and tell her “look you are not my target but your bestie James is and I am nominating you as the pawn. I “promise” you aren’t going anywhere” Ha Ha Ha. UNLESS James gets the veto. Then she can sit on the block next to Corey and Paul will be the swing vote. Payback is a Meech.


Well said! I would give your comment 1000 thumbs up if I could!


I don’t like any of these people (Vic’s just OK)…but man Paul is just a major league a**hole. He shows his true colors when he’s winning, always has.

I get not revealing who’s going, letting James and Nat twist in the wind, just to see how it shakes out….and I especially get wanting everybody else to do it so I can run and play nice with James and Nat, just in case one wins veto and the next HOH…but I could manage to say it without being such a douchebag.

I guess it’s an improvement over talking about punching girls in the face, threatening to confront guys then backing down, always blathering about pots and pans, claiming he’s so irresistible girls rape him….but he’s still a loser.

skeptical onlooker

But..Victor can’t play next week or HOH..but I know he can win the veto if he’s on the block. Could be the Comic one..and paul will do great.


James and Nat will be getting a taste of their own medicine. Stupid of them to not talk to people and just assume things. James as a vet should have put more work into his game. Oh well.
Bravo victor.

Well placed bribe

Bet Corey and Nic are wondering how they got so lucky. James ran Vic and Paul straight to them. Then Corey gets the bribe and gives it to Vic. The comp beast. Who is so loyal and grateful that he will not turn on him. Sure the bribe had no affect on this eviction but it sure helps with the one coming up since Vic has the power. I don’t think even Paul could convince Vic to go against Corey right now.

Nicorey is dead.

I think Corey’s crying in the dr because Nicole used him. Meanwhile Nicole and Victor are lying in a bed together, Nicole not even concerned. that its wrong to be in a bed with another man. Corey just wants Nicole to tell Vic stop. Never cared. To be continued…. I honestly feel bad for the dude. She’s been stringing him along all season and I genuinly think he loves her and is playing it cool. He’s been an ass to her because he’s afraid she’ll leave him for Vic. She did the same shit to Hayden and Cody. She strung Hayden along until Cody evicted her. I think she would have chosen Cody in a heartbeat. She pulls the boys in until she breaks them.

Franks fumes



Huh?! Omg! Where did you pull that out of? Not sure what show you have been watching but if you are watching Big Brother especially the live feeds, you would see that it is the other way around. Corey is not that interested in her. Seems like HE is the one who is just passing the time with her until they get out of the house. Get it right!


Corey called Nicole his Girlfriend when he was in the heat of the moment venting about Vic to a group of people. Corey asked her on a date a few times and she denied him and he was visibly upset. He verbally told her, he loved her a lot three times. He did it in sign language too. He played it off saying best friends afterwards. But I’ve seen a few times now that Nicole has been overly flirting with Vic in front of Corey he’s done the breakup sign with Nicole was unaware what the sign language he was doing.


Corey was interested in her in the beginning but she treated him terribly. Always criticizing him is what turned him off. But Coreys the type of guy that gets walked all over In relationships. He has jealousy issues with Vic pre jury buy back because Victor asked Nicole out. Corey is the reason Vic got evicted in the first place. Nicole felt bad voting Victor out. That made Corey question if she liked him back. But now it’s clear now Nicole’s been reciprocating the flirting. Laying in bed with Victor is shady and not loyal at all. Corey has not disrespected her with other girls especially with Natalie.

Art Vandalay

Stop doing drugs. Your brain is FRIED!

Franks fumes

Nicole in that weird black lace thing and short shorts…….she looks like a Ubly hooker!


For those of you saying James is gone if he doesn’t win POV this week I can easily see Nicole wanting Natalie out due to the clear commitment James and Nicole have to keeping each other in the house. Nicole can easily get Corey to vote the way she wants and Natalie could be going home as 2 votes is all it takes.


Nicole thinks that James is sketch since he almost voted out Corey. She doesn’t care. As long as she doesn’t get blood on her hands.

Reality Check

James to Nat- Does Victor not know winning this HoH was bad? He is wide open next week. He will be up there if Corey or Nicole wins

James, who gives a shit.
This proves that you James, has QUIT. Vic is playing big brother because he is passionate about the game.

What is worse, your girlfriend Nat was playing hard on the HOH. Nat, I be very careful if you decide to hook up with James after the show ends.

Franks fumes

I cant wait until Nat nat starts selling James down the river…….YES!

Reality Check

Simon and Dawg, thank you for everything with this wonderful site. Everybody and I mean everybody appreciates what you two have done this season.

Here is the thing for Simon and Dawg, Big Brother 19 starts on Sept 29 and my guess that season will end the second week of December. Big Brother Canada 5 starts approximately middle of February 2017. My humble opinion is you two should take a break on big brother 19, enjoy your families and just chill. The last thing the fans want to see is you two burning out. We do not want that on you guys.


BigBrother 19 starts next June. The season that starts on the 29th is called BB OTT. (Over the top)


If it weren’t for your comment, I’d have no idea that they were releasing BB Over The Top! What a crazy idea. I hope they aren’t testing the waters to eventually axe BB from the regular CBS Summer schedule and move the show to streaming only. Let’s face it: CBS already doesn’t air enough episodes (I personally think it should be broadcast at least 4 times a week). I probably won’t be watching Over The Top since I won’t pay for CBS Live Access… I already have too many subscriptions + a cable bill. I don’t even have live feeds because I have no time for it.

Franks fumes

Watch Vic reject Nats advances after James leaves (or before he leaves!)……A SECOND TIME! KARMA IS SWEET!


I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but WOW so much negatively and personal attacks in these comments. Why watch the show if you hate it and the people on it sout much? I hope Nicole wins just to spite all the haters

Franks fumes

Your right……you shouldn’t be surprised.


Sooooooo glad Meech is gone. Don’t care who wins as long as she is gone.


Nicole…brother looked like he could take her head off. Nicole told Corey her family did not tell her they were proud of her. What! They are not proud of you Nicole all that cuddling and sex on national Tv when you should have been playing the game to win and just for a roll in the hay. All summer Corey Corey Corey! Well…Corey don’t want you and you will get the boot soon. Well deserved. When she gets home fireworks from her family. Her mom did not show up…her family is mad at her for sure.

Misty Beethoven

I am so happy Vic won, if for no other reason to make James and Nat sweat a bit. Nat, you hitched your wagon to the wrong star. Almost everything James predicted was wrong, yet she acted like it was the gospel from God himself. I think she’s going to try and get in Paul’s good graces, since she knows trying to get close to Vic isn’t happening.
I also sincerely hope that before Michelle was taken to jury someone from CBS has a firm talk with her about her alleged stealing of HGs belongings and give her one chance to turn over anything she may have. In addition, if anything goes missing from jury members and she is the one who took it, she would be expelled with no stipend. I f@cking hate people who steal; it’s a real sore spot with me.
Simon and Dawg, thank you and good night. The Krakken has made me sleepy!


James talking about spilling the beans that Jatalie had a F4 with Nicorey. So What??!! That explains why James. Nat and Meech screwed PaulVic over but it won’t shake the trust that the F4 alliance now have. Heck Paul and Vic also thought they had a F5 alliance with James & co. Surprise another bounced check by James. Too much happened last week while James took time out to just lie around with big Meech and bitch and “trust his gut”. Corey gave Vic the 5k, Paul volunteered to be a pawn and Nic held true to her word and voted out Meech. I think that James is finally going to have to face up to the fact that all his bounced checks have caught up to him. No one especially Vic and Paul are going to be influenced by his big reveal that he previously had a deal with Nicorey. They have proven trust worthy and like it or not either James or Nat is out this week.

I'm Done

Un-evictable Victor? Just like the Un-sinkable Titanic.


Here lies michelle who’s only good quality of getting information out of people could have been used for game play if she wasn’t such a hater and slept and ate all day. Rip bigggggg meeeeeech


So just watched the show tonight here on the west coast. Did Meech say Vic was a flip flopper?!? Who got him evicted last week?


Victor I’am happy you won. Paul is a disgusting player. Nicole I have no respect for you at all. Corey get to the final 2 with Vic. Victor wins everything.


Life of Pablo what a super jealous, childish move damn big meech just snatching Pablo like that, isn’t that like duck abuse