“It was basically a threat. I was like well game on!”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: Claire Britini and DerekF
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Claire, DF, Alyssa, Azah, Brit
Power of Veto: Alyssa (OTEV winner), Kyland (High Roller winner)
Power of Veto Ceremony: Kyland used the veto on Claire. Britini nominated in her place.

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SPOILERS Britini is being evicted as of right now. I don’t see this changing.

7:18pm Backyard – Britini and Claire.
Claire – how are you doing? Britini – I’m nervous. I am nervous man! I mean I started compiling together all my arguments today or earlier on. I think I have .. I mean I know there are reasons for me to be in this house. I know that for a fact! This move is only beneficial for one persons game and that is him (Ky). It doesn’t benefit anyone else in this house for me to go. I am a shield for every female because I’ve won a comp. I really don’t know how that makes me a shield but I am a shield somehow .. right!? And then you’ve got the fact that with me in this house you’re going to hit the block 50% less. Claire – MMmmhmmmm. Britini – that seems to be my home. You’re going to hit it less. And that fact that like there are big threat competitors .. and the only way to get them out of this house is to beat them and I can help in that effort. That I can do! There are definite reasons to keep me in the house. I’ve showed that. And this whole unpredictable comment is only for people I don’t trust. And that is to him. And you would never say that I am unpredictable because you know me and you know my intentions and I’ve made that very very clear to you and you would know that. What I don’t appreciate right now is that I was talking with Alyssa and he pulled me in to talk to him real quick and he apologized to me 3 hours .. 5 hours after the fact about the veto comment that he made to me. Basically saying sh*t on all the jokers you all lost the veto because that was just disrespectful. Claire – no that is true. Brit – he apologized to me and told me how I should run my campaign saying he was indifferent to whatever happens. He was like if I was you I would run your campaign as to why you should stay here and not against me. And I was like Mmmmhhmm what?! You’re going to nominate me on the block.. He was like I don’t think this should be a battle between us because there are reasons strategically to send both of you home and I .. it was an unforeseen threat. And he says if you start putting it against me it is going to be a he said / she said battle. It was basically a threat. I was like well game on! Neither of us is in the wrong here. For me, so he was like tomorrow we can talk and be open about everything. I was like there is nothing to be open about you already don’t believe what you already shook on so there is nothing to be open about and you don’t vote. So for me I took that speech to be very disrespectful to me and I have nothing more to tell him. I am going to tell him flat out .. you don’t respect me or else you wouldn’t have said the speech you did.. so for me that is unfortunate so that is where I am at. I want to work with people.. I know I can be an asset and help out in that regard. Alyssa brought up a really good point – think of the reasons why people would want to evict you.

Bathroom – Hannah and Azah.
Azah – what I am very nervous about is that this week exposed a lot I think about us and people are getting suspicious. Hannah – who do you think is getting suspicious? Azah – I think pretty much every person that is not in the cookout. Hannah – I don’t think anyone would target you or Big D. Azah – Why would I play roulette? It makes no sense for us to do that. From our standpoint in the house it makes no sense for me to do that. Hannah – well isn’t it anonymous? Azah – No, the only anonymous one is the HOH. The roulette is not anonymous. It makes absolutely no sense for us to play. Hannah – are you suggesting I put you and Big D on the block? Azah – I think the people that play HOH next week should be X, me or Big D because balance of the house and what’s been taken as a hit .. right now its this side against this side. And I think this side should hit this side if that makes sense? I still view Kyland as part of you guys. Hannah – but who is the target next week? SB? Azah – for me the target stays open to SB or Claire. I like Baby D so I would rather not. For someone like X or Big D it might be different. Hannah – for X the target would be Baby D. If we take out Baby D next week that is fine except we have X, Alyssa and Claire left and none of them are targeting each other.. so who are they going to target!? A cookout member. If you leave Baby D in the house at least you have SB and Alyssa coming after him. Azah – Baby D is good for my game and its completely fine.

8:30pm Dinner time..

9pm Kyland and Sara playing chess inside. Claire and Hannah are pretending to play chess outside.

9:17pm Bathroom – Tiffany cutting Derek X hair.
Derek – I want to talk to ky and see if there is any conversation we can have around why it would be best for us for Britini to stay. Tiff – okay, what do you think his speech was about? Derek – that Britini is unpredictable. I think she is unpredictable on who she would target on the other side especially after this week. She could target me, you, Claire or Hannah. Maybe she would target me the most but after what Ky’s done.. I don’t think so. Tiff – she would definitely target Ky. So who do we have on our side if we keep Britini because Ky would team up with .. the jokers? Derek – The jokers would never team up with him. Tiff – I didn’t mean the jokers, I meant the kings. Derek – here is the thing.. if I can make it through next week I would have enough money for the coup d’etat. Possibly. Tiff – you probably will. You will probably get a $100 every time. And if I have the coup d’etat I might just make a really big move. Tiff – if you win HOH who would you target? Derek – It might be Big D. Tiff – I did not even see him staying this long when I first walked in but Christmas stayed in a freaking boot. Derek – yeah no one wants waste their HOH on a floater.

9:47pm – 10pm Backyard – Claire, Britini and Hannah.
Hannah – I can’t win sh*t. I’m at the bottom of the pecking order. Britini – I don’t want you guys to be targeted for any reason. Like today that speech.. did anyone get anything from that?! Hannah and Claire – no. Hannah – not a single person. Brit – that is the thing, I know I can help people in this game go further and at the end of the day I am here to play! If Y’all want to see me home send me home against someone that is not Big D. I respect the sh*t out of him and I know he is not campaigning against me but the weirdest part about this week is that even though he isn’t campaigning I could still go home.. and I don’t want that to happen. I came here to fight. I know I came here to play this game with people that I genuinely trust. And I am a number! I am your shield and I am your block. I am literally your block! I will go up, let me do my due diligence. Let them throw me up next week, that’s why I saved my money. Let them do it to me next week y’all. If you have me its a number. And it is someone that wants the best for you I swear to god! I don’t need to win the whole thing but I want to help y’all go further. I do! I know what I offer. I do. I know I can get everyone further. I have been very transparent. Y’all know I am not afraid to take shots. Y’all know you’re not touching the block. Hannah heads inside. Claire – I think a lot of people are in the middle. I think the person that is not in the middle is SB. Brit – does she want me gone? Claire – I think so. Brit – okay, shocker. Brit leaves.

Hannah – she has some very good arguments. Claire – she does. Hannah – I am curious what Tiffany thinks Claire – I think she is open to it. Hannah – I don’t see Alyssa flipping. I don’t see SB flipping. Claire – no SB will never flip. I wonder where X’s head is? Hannah – I see X wanting to keep Big D. I don’t see how Brit helps X’s game. I think Brit only helps X’s game if Brit is going after Ky. Hannah – but does taking Ky out help X’s game? Claire – its better than Alyssa going. And if Brit is still in the game then maybe he still keeps going after Brit. Ky won’t want to look at them.

10:45am Bedroom. Azah and Britini
Britini – hey America, if you could sent me or Big D something we would really appreciated it! We need some help! Big help! I’m scared!

11:16pm Hammock – Azah and Xavier
Azah – I wanted to talk to you about something that I haven’t shared with anyone else. I wouldn’t share it with anyone until I got HOH if I was to get HOH. I wouldn’t go forward with it unless everyone was on board. I would be completely transparent about it. Its a very risky move and it might only work looking at sides of the house if I was HOH, you were HOH or.. Xavier – Big D? Azah – yeah. One.. I want to make sure no one has any suspicions of us working together.. and two I want to make sure that power gets used so that people don’t have an option week 3 to use it. I want to make sure the power gets used next week if possible. Anyone else outside of the cookout as many people as possible .. I think we should have as many people as possible so that it can’t get used week three because that could F**k a lot of sh*t up along with the anonymous HOH.
Azah – if a cookout member wins HOH and then puts up a cookout member and a non cookout member and then a cookout member plays (roulette).. that means 3 cookout member and 3 non cookout members are in the roulette so we have a 50% chance of being picked and put up on the block. Now if a cookout wins HOH and puts up two cookout members and a cookout member plays only two people are eligible to be in that roulette. Xavier – I’ve thought about this. Azah – I do want to throw people off suspicions .. I do want to get people off out trail and not start to make assumptions and figure anything out.

12am Living room. Derek X and Xavier
Xavier – is Big D a problem to deal with this week or another week. Derek – yeah that is kind of where I am at. Where are you at? Xavier – it seems like people are leaning more towards the Britini side. Xavier – how do you feel about Big D being the serial pawn? Where whoever you want out you put him next so the other person goes home. Derek – yeah that’s a scary concept though because people could target you and put you next to him and then its a wrap. Xavier – but at the same time I don’t think that would be the case every week.

12:42am Backyard. Big D, Azah and Hannah.
Big D – how do you feel about how he (Ky) is going about this HOH? Hannah – its whack! Big D – I haven’t seen anything like it. And it took me going up stairs to curse him out about him saying we’re the three of us and we could have won veto like that was a slap in the face. Hannah – that was unnecessary. Big D – that was unnecessary and he is making it very difficult. Hannah – because he is a liability. And what I don’t like is that he obviously did the memory wall exercise twice? He is sitting on a lot of information right now but not sharing that with a lot of people. But the thing is all of us know that he is sitting on that much information. There is such a thing as collecting too much. Azah – did you participate in either of them? Hannah – yeah. Big D – think you were the only one that didn’t because you were mad. Hannah – I gave him very safe answers. The most influential person in the house .. I said the person that everyone would select. Whow are you targets for next week? Anyone outside of the cookout. Big D – I put Alyssa. He should be sharing that information. Hannah – He is painting himself as an incredibly big target. There is such a thing as holding too many secrets. Big D – when I win HOH I am going to meet with everyone right away in the havenot room. No one is staying up on my HOH. Hannah – I’m going to have office hours.

12:40am Havenot room – Xavier and Alyssa are studying the days / events of the season.

1:40am Bathroom. Azah, Claire, Hannah, Tiff and Derek X talk about holding their own BB olymics.

1:55am Kyland is getting some sleep before he starts his next round of one on ones..

4:00 am ZZZzzzzzzz

Updates will resume later this afternoon.

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Brit, Brit, Brit sorry to tell you but your mouth saying you got $100 from America sealed your fate. Ok I’m not sorry. You put yourself in this position. People aren’t going to want to protect you all season. Also, team Joker doesn’t exist anymore. You’ve also spill too much information to wrong people. Bye Bye Brit

I have a Question

Do you think that Azah will sabotage the Cookout? She already admits that she is petty. She feels that the HOH should have been given to her. She is paranoid about people knowing about the Cookout. She doesn’t consider Hannah a true Cookout alliance. She is suggesting that two Cookout members go on the block together. Not to mention she previously was willing to go on the block instead of Brit before the Cookout had the numbers. She appears to be a total train wreck.


Although anything can change in a heartbeat… a lot changed specifically for Azah. Last week’s drama opened the door for Hannah/Azah to talk more game & they’ve continued to do so this week b/c of Ky going back on his promise to throw HOH & his crazy HOHitis.

Big D weirdly suggested (read: production fed?) Azah form a F3 with Hannah/Tiff b/c if he can’t win he wants a female to. Also Tiff/Azah sat down with X mediating to work out their differences. During this chat it was discovered Brit lied to Azah about how the Wild Card comp went down which is really what created the initial rift.

Before this week is over I suspect Tiff (or X) will also reveal to Azah that Brit volunteered to be DX’s pawn & knew about the backdoor plan. That’s significant b/c much of last week’s drama was tied to Azah/DF protecting Brit who was playing up the victim role. And they’ve already learned Brit made a deal to protect Ky for 2 weeks but never shared that info until she was nominated.

So, while I don’t think Azah will tell Brit – the lingering effect will be her new target is Ky (but not until F6).

Game fan

so brit is not even loyal to her team?
i dont understand her gameplay at all.


I believe she will end up spilling the beans soon.

another name

Today’s sigh moments have had nothing to do with the veto ceremony.

  • Azah’s plan for next week was one sigh. I think it’s too many moving parts involved and too much hope for favorable luck.
  • Couch saying he will win Slip and Slide because Fessie did. Let’s remember the season Fessie won Slip and Slide. They shortened the length of the slide to slip on to half it’s usual length, and they increased the size of the cup they transported while decreasing the size of the receptacle they had to put it in. They altered the comp to be about sprints rather than endurance. They didn’t even shorten the ramp as much for season 21 and they were fiddling with ALL the comps in 21.
  • Alyssa already running to EVERY man in the house one after another to tattle on what every woman in the house says. She’s THAT female BB player. She’s decided she doesn’t have a crush on Dx anymore most likely because as she subtly flirted when they talked, he didn’t respond. Ever wonder why a woman’s alliance doesn’t work: the Alyssa architype is the answer.
  • The cookout members minus Ky trying to keep a vote flip from happening. Ky’s allies outside of cookout are pissed with how he ran his HOH. Ky’s allies IN cookout are pissed with how he ran his HOH. KY thought things were fine. Nothing was fine, and now as people bring up the possibility of a flip, the quiestions will rise and suspicions of a cookout will rise. All because of the way Ky chose to run his HOH. If Ky hadn’t gotten cute so many times, and been so vague, Claire and Dx wouldn’t be saying flip.

It won’t be long before the Cookout is exposed but I don’t think it will be due to anything Kyland is doing. As far as Derek F, he needs to win something soon (the main reason I think America gave him 100 BB bucks is to motivate him to do more than just lie his ass off)


Maybe people thought they were voting for Derek X, not Derek F?


I don’t think so unless they think Derek X turns into Derek F when he takes his glasses off


You know some people probably just said Derek and TPTB gave the vote to DerekF.


If memory serves, it asks for clarification if you just say Derek


You can’t put that on Alyssa; those girls have been wanting her out for weeks!
For one she stuck in a house with a couple of insecure petty black women which we know is a fact and For god sake Britini has wanted to target Alyssa for weeks though Britini was put on the block by XAVIER, Kyland twice, and Derek X!

Alyssa shouldnt be questioned on her actions especially on this BS SERIES ARCHITYPE that you are claiming when all the woman are mostly insecure and jealous and she’s stuck in a house with people that basing their gameplay off of race.

another name

Actually, I can put that on Alyssa. She joined an alliance with all the men in the house week one stating she preferred working with men. She jumped into a showmance week two.
The only 2 times she was even vaguely interested in aligning with women was firstly, when she heard there was a woman’s alliance she wasn’t in, and even then it wasn’t interest, it was bitterness; secondly, when she was in her showmance, because if they worked with them (Cl and T), they’d be easier to beat later down the line (her specific stated intent). This isn’t game judgment as good or bad. This is fact.
Nobody can say she doesn’t flirts as a strategy. Look at her and Brent week one, Christian week one-five, X week six, and the abortive attempt with Dx in week six.
The entire reason women’s alliances don’t work is because there is always that woman whose strategy in dependent on the men (either for protection or for salvation). Alyssa is one of those BB women.
Does it mean she’s a bad BB player? No. She is following a strategy that she feels works for her. Do I respect that strategy? Not very much (only because I’m not a fan of showmances). Does it mean she would NEVER work well in an alliance of women? Yes.
I don’t dislike Alyssa. But I’ve been willing to point at EVERY cast member’s flaws. I don’t think I’ve been particularly soft on any of them. Why should I treat Alyssa any differently?

I already stated earlier this week that it had been bothering me that nobody considered Alyssa a POC. The first time it was acknowledged was this week. Puerto Rican (and if one source is correct, black Puerto Rican) father, and she isn’t considered a POC? Weird.


Agreed – and Ally knows this is her game. She threw Whit & SB UTB immediately & they were the two closest females to her.

That said, Azah is similar wanting to go to the end with X/Big D. She makes excuses for Baby D & X that she doesn’t afford Tiff & didn’t want to include Hannah in TC. She cited her reason to evict Whit was her crush on X.

She’s not as overt as Ally but definitely more invested in working with men.


Yo you couldn’t be further out of touch.
Its not Alyssa fault that there wouldn’t a female alliance this season!
You obviously are bias and fail to see how much of wacko Tiffany, Azah, and Britini are when it comes to men giving other woman attention in the house! They are completely insecure and there is no way it’s Alyssa fault there’s no female alliance when she’s stuck with a bunch of women that are jealous!


Wait wait who is Couch I’m sorry? Hahaha that made me laugh on sight

another name

Couch: Df. Because he is horizontal 90% of the time and has been playing like he’s furniture, not an actual player of the game.

The Beef

Regarding Fessie and the Slip and Slide – Let’s also remember Fessie was a two time All-American and three time All Conference tight end for the UT-Chattanooga football team, and at the very least got a try out for the NFL. Athletically, I just don’t think Smoking D falls into that category, regardless of who his father was. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxA3PNajefA

another name

True. but you see what I was saying about altering the comp to be more sprints than endurance? I mean, it was clear that the slide ramp was 1/2 the length of every other time they did it.

The Beef

I do and my point was more addressed towards DF trying to compare himself to Fessie than it was to your comments. I don’t think it would make one bit of difference whether or not they were shorter or longer, DF isn’t winning no slip and slide. He’s way too fat and just not athletic enough to get it done. It’s laughable for him to imply he’s going to win because Fessie did. Athletically, he’s nowhere close to Fessie.

The Beef

Oh, and I certainly don’t disagree with your point – in fact I agree with you 100%.

another name

As the houseguests talk about how nobody can turn SB against Ky…

does anyone have any ammunition to make SB wonder?
If Claire were to reveal that Ky tells others what Sb tells him (Jackpot).
IF Dx were to reveal that Ky has multiple final 2 deals.
Would this turn SB against KY? Or make SB run to Ky and reveal Dx and Claire have turned on him?
I actually wonder. Because I’m not sure.
She’s insecure, jealous and pigheaded. What does that personality type do when confronted with betrayal? Kill the messengers or turn on the betrayer?

Game fan

if she is on the block. she would turn against anyone.


In each of Brit’s retells about Ky’s promise the lie got more elaborate. I did some checking & he never shook on the deal. Brit said he did & by the third retell it was up to shaking on it 3 times. She’s also saying he “threatened” her not to campaign using negative things about him (good luck with micromanaging that Ky).

But there’s so many lies coming out (like saying she got $75 instead of $100) or keeping things from her closest allies (Jokers). In the end, I think her playing up the victim role while knowing she was safe will cause the most damage.

I expect Ally to tell her at some point – Christian WAS your shield & I know you had a F2 with him so you telling me you tried to save him is disingenuous b/c YOUR vote was all he needed to stay & now MY VOTE could be the flip vote that sends you to jury.


Azah’s plan if she wins HOH next week is to nominate Kyland and another CO member (my guess is Tiff) then have another CO member play roulette hoping they’ll win. Her reasoning is that way 4 CO members wouldn’t be on the roulette board so only two would be in the mix as a renom plus SB, Ally, DX & Claire.

This is a whack strategy & I’m hoping Hannah/Tiff/X can make her understand why. First, SB & Claire won’t be able to play regardless of how much money they get in the votes bc Roulette costs $125 & they spent all their money. Baby D made it known he has no intention of playing – saving his money for the Coup d’etat power.

Of the Cookout group Ky won’t be eligible while Tiff & Azah would each need to move up a tier to be eligible (another reason why that sort of dictates Ky/Tiff OTB). What if Hannah/X want to save to play in the final Coup d’etat comp or if Big D only gets $50 this week?

Ally got $50 last week so she needs to move up a tier to $75 just to have enough money to play.

Stating the obvious – Azah is creating a plan based on ONE person MAYBE playing roulette Ummmmmmm wouldn’t the far easier play be for her nominate Ky/SB & have X tell Ally NOT to play b/c after last week no one is going to try to save Ky/SB & they don’t have enough money to play so that way no one gets blindsided unnecessarily.

Azah needs to use the KISS principle – Keep It Simple Stupid!

another name

The reason they want someone to play, is so that it doesn’t get carried over.
I’m a little annoyed by the part of the discussion where they said Ky wants us to decide which particular person should win HOH. Actually, Ky wants to tell them not to nominate a cookout member at all, because he knows it will be his ass on the block.
I find myself getting a little tired of the cookout. By that I mean the presumptuous discussions.
Don’t hate me, but I’m actually at that point where I want the vote to flip. As annoying as Brit is, I’d rather somebody drag the couch to the curb and leave it for Goodwill. Without the other cookout members protecting and deflecting for him, what would be his longevity in the game? With the way he doesn’t talk game with others, doesn’t form other relationships? He’d be gone. As a player of the game, I’m actually having more respect for someone that is at least trying (Brit) than someone who depends on everyone doing for him (Couch). We’ve both noted how much of Tiff’s time was spent weeks 2 through 4 deflecting people off of Azah and Couch as targets, while covering multiple people so that the two of them could manage Brit (poorly).
I know, A 6-4 majority in the house is better than running at a 5-5, but when the only thing that a couple of the 6 contribute are that vote? I’d be tempted to say as long as we win the next HOH, the vote will be 4-3 in the cookout’s favor anyway. They won’t do that. I know.

The Beef

I’m right there with you. So sick of the “pet” treatment of the other players, and yes, I’m also sick of the oblivious stupidity of the non-TC players as to what’s going on around them. I too question are they really that stupid, or are they just afraid to call it what it is for fear of being labeled themselves? I know that question has been asked here several times now.

I know you don’t watch the show, but if you did and watched Sunday’s show the receiver of the “golden edit” of the week was the Cookout alliance itself! There was not one mention of “pawns” by the players during the show, and there was a pretty long segment featuring Azah and Tiffany about how much they “loved” the new friends they had met inside the house, and just how much it hurt them to have to “lose” them during the game. To me the whole purpose of this segment was to “sell” the nobility of the mission they are trying to accomplish, while showing how loving and caring they are, and their “regrets”, if that’s the proper word, about how they are having to go about accomplishing their goal. I’m sure the casuals were eating that stuff up, but all I could think about while it was playing was, “There you go Grodner, pushing your agenda and trying to make the public feel good about what you are doing behind the scenes.”

BTW, did anybody see the initial formation of the Cookout alliance? I remember seeing the Slaughterhouse, the Butchers, the Royal Flush, the Detectives, Hell, I think we saw the formation of even every fake alliance, but not the one that’s running the entire house for the entire season. I wonder why?


Right – that was one of “production’s changes” to the initial rules wasn’t it? Still, wouldn’t the Roulette winner have to use their power first? And if so, the Coup d’etat would make that power null & void anyway. Azah suggesting only Big D, X or her could win HOH though is suspect in itself & barring X winning it would be almost impossible to deliver — especially if it’s a physical comp (slip & slide).

The players most likely to win that comp are X or Baby D & maybe Claire if she can stay on her feet (I envision Bambi on ice). Although my preference would definitely be her winning b/c that presents the best shot to take out one of TC.

Do you think TPTB would purposely use Roulette to put up someone in the six? Let’s say Ky/SB go up – & then Roulette lands X up there (so he can win POV) wouldn’t Claire or DX use Big D as the renom? The question is who would the house evict – one would think Ky would be in more danger in this scenario.

And yes, I remember us discussing how Tiff was having to do so much in week 2 b/c Frenchie was OTB & suddenly Azah/Big D who had been AWOL the week prior were up & creating fires she had to keep putting out.

My theory on X — is that HE is the chosen one. I mean he’s got a great argument for it anyway b/c he doesn’t ruffle feathers & is highly competent. All 3 Cookout females want to go to the end with him. None of them want to bring Ky — BUT once SB is gone I could see Tiff maybe shifting believing she could beat him at F2. I suspect Tiff already knows X will beast through comps at the end. The problem is Tiff doesn’t trust Azah/Big D (or like working with them which I can’t blame her for).

Back to this week… DX/Claire are keen for the flip & Ally could be shifted b/c DF is one of the few males she doesn’t prefer to women. If DX/Claire were to tell SB/Ally that Big D is pushing them as targets next week that should cement Ally. If they key in on personality than playing to SB’s hidden mean girl side could work (just tell her Big D is implying things about her/Ky behind the scenes).

The tricky part would be convincing Azah they weren’t voting that way to ensure she voted out Big D.

Tiff/Hannah would have to pretend they didn’t know — b/c that seems unlikely. Although they could feign ignorance – point back at Ky saying his HOH was a sh*t show & what about SB’s vote?

And the elephant in the room — that group of voters could meet on Thursday when feeds are down to discuss the reality of what’s going on & why they have to switch the vote this week or accept leaving one after the other.

I wonder — if Big D left would it be all that was necessary for the rest of TC to shift to working with who they wanted? Tiff & Ky would be the most open to doing that & honestly I think it would favor Tiff/Hannah especially after Ky’s micromanaged, arrogant HOH week that pushed DX to likely not be able to trust him again.

Lots of hoops to jump through — but it could work. And I’m with you on this — TC got every POC to jury which already made history. Now I’d prefer they finish the game with the allies they prefer to work with.

another name

We both are aware that the Grod kept close tabs on BBCan9. To see how the casting changes were perceived. Grod viewed it as her beta test. It’s not the first time.
In the prototype model, each of the major alliances had POC, but neither was made up solely of POC.
In the Grod version, it’s more pronounced. They kept the prototype for the team aspect, making sure that each team had 2 POC.

I’m still having a very hard time with the non cookout houseguests discussing the possibility of a large alliance, and saying no and laughing… while one of them looks up at the camera deadpan like ‘yeah, we know, did we do good Grod?’
I stopped buying it 2 weeks ago. I wager they are getting the same D/R talk that season 18 got: Whatever you do, don’t nominate Nicf. Only now, it’s whatever you do, don’t notice that alliance.

X does feel like the golden child, doesn’t he? Like the golden child that got to eat club sandwiches on his Have not week.

The Beef

I almost chimed in to correct you and say “Oh no there weren’t! There weren’t 2 POC on each team!” until I thought about Alyssa and DX, and I felt almost like Azah and BigD SHOULD feel when they want to deny Hannah as part of the Cookout! Yes, of course there were 2 POC on each team, yet I’ve been so focused on TC as a group, I pretty much lost sight of the other 2. I don’t know if that’s good or bad – maybe it’s neither or maybe it’s extremely one way or the other and I just don’t know about it.

Surely Grod doesn’t have the stones to not only allow racist game play, but to promote it against half of the house, and then to forbid them to even acknowledge that it is going on does she? I mean we KNOW she’s promoting it, as I posted earlier about the “golden edit” she gave TC in Sunday nights episode to put a positive spin on that narrative, and there’s also the fact Julie has failed to even bring up this alliance that is totally running the game, and we all know why. But to encourage or refuse to allow the players themselves to even speak of it if they do in fact have it figured out (and really, how could they NOT at this point in time?) would be a real kick in the nutz! I hope she has more integrity than that, and if she doesn’t, I hope they challenge her on it.

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they also might still end up having one of the on the rulette even if its just 2 options
then 2 of them on the block and 4 people can win veto and not use it


Seriously Britini STOP frigging asking for a special power to save you & Big D — wtf do you think the Casino Big Bucks are for? YOU chose not to play this week — THAT’s on YOU!

I still have a hard time grasping (even casual fans) voting both her & Big D in the $100 tier. Even if I only watched the TV episodes her constant screaming & vowing to win every comp would be enough to land her at the bottom of my ladder. In fact, I put her there after the first episode with Brent. It took me two days to move Frenchie there & I think about a week to add Big D into that tier.


LOL. Reading your last paragraph is as if I wrote it myself.


At this rate, Kyland will still be doing one-on-ones from the jury house.


I laughed out loud on that one! I can’t imagine him answering questions if he makes F2 – they’d have to cut him off & the jury would be laughing b/c he’d never make a point.

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I think the best strategy that the cookout could use is to take out one of their own before just 6. They would still have the numbers, but it might keep a cloak of secrecy for just a little longer. Please take out Big D – he just sits and threatens a rant. BTW, why didn’t anyone notice he was so cool about being on the block?

The Beef

Two reasons not to do this. 1. They run the risk that person would blow the whole thing up to the rest of the house. 2. They run the risk of being crucified in social media for turning on one of their own. You think #2 isn’t a real thing? Just ask David from the last two seasons.

sick of it

This game won’t get interesting until the very last non-poc is gone…and even that will be a stretch

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This season is most closely following season 17 in it’s comp format.
It’s not exact, but it’s pretty close.
The belief that the next HOH could be slip and slide is not so far off. Week Seven.
That’s the season Becky won all three prizes, almost like she was late to catch a train.


High praise for the way the Cookout has been running the game. Each “having” a non-POC is a brilliant move and has kept the cookout under wraps. Been a fan since Season 1, and cannot recall a more well-hidden large alliance. But, the if the uberwoke non-POC’s would have bothered taking a math class, given who has exited and will exit Thursday, the cookout is obvious. Not “seeing” color, as opposed to Cookout seeing only color, will doom each non-POC’s game.
That all said, if the situation was reversed, all heck would break loose and every non-POC player would be accused on media as having a white hood in their luggage. And, “having” a POC to use to hide a non-POC alliance would cause the “S” word to be thrown around indiscriminately. And both of those reactions would be totally valid, but somehow, a POC alliance is given a pass. Sure, they have their societal reasons for a POC alliance, and for using non-POC’s as temporary buddies, but regardless of their motives, the results are obviously racist, but no one will call that out. Non-POC’s in real life have their “reasons” also for discriminatory actions, but the result (racism) is in the pudding. No diff here with the cookout.
I fully expect only vitriol in response, given the BB fan base core, just starting their independent lives.. Come back after 20 years of real world living – then your comments would be worth reading.


I agree. No vitriol from me. If there were a non-POC alliance, CBS would have already cancelled the show due to mob outrage.


Many of us BB fans HAVE called out the racism to no avail. I agree that if the different groups were reversed all hell would break loose. One would think that the network would recognize this problem because many complaints have been made. Especially about how the POC refer to their non-POC houseguests. If non-POC had referred to the blacks as “Nigga” as Azah said they would indeed be crucified. It’s a shame that this has to be shown on television as what our heritage as Americans has been reduced to. An embarrassment to our country.

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First you give TC high praise, and give them kudos for their brilliant strategy, while at the same time saying the non-POC are basically idiots for not sniffing it out. You then point out all of the reasons why what they are doing is wrong and why if non-POC were doing it they would be totally hung out to dry, but you then justify what they are doing because “racism is in the pudding”, and then base this on your wealth of life experience and assume none of us have any.

I have enough life experience to know that racism is wrong, no matter how it is used. Personally, I’d like to see a black winner of Big Brother, and it’s obvious we’re going to get one this season, but the way they have gone about ensuring that leaves a bad taste in my mouth, especially with the caliber of players we have this year, they didn’t need to do it (X, Ky, Hannah, and Tiffany all potential winners). IMO, they would have to beat DX straight up to do it, but he’s about the only one that can beat them without the Cookout. With it he has no chance.


I adore the fact that x plays like Dan. Always a thinker. Emotional players are stacked. Clingons or life rafters lol floaters to the max & a whole lot of talking in circles by more then a few players. It’s sad bc I really liked the cast in the beginning. I’m seriously tired of watching Claire walk around the kitchen & eat while everyone else is her maid. Those are my final thoughts for today.


It would perk this season up if someone learned about co and with azah sympathy vote, big d went home 5-3. The looks alone. Then anyone non co won hoh. (I hate every season the alliance of 6 run things and sadly get picked off because they don’t band together).


Both tiffany and hannah seem to want to go to f4 with xavier and all i keep thinking about is… do they not realize that a f2 against him is almost a confirmed loss??? Think about it, he has the jokers, aly and prob sb locked. How is that not obvious to such smart women??? Why want out ky first? Who will vote for ky? Sb… but im not sure many others tbh.
Im just shocked that they havent thought of this, especially when X has proven to be both a mental and physical threat

Another thought i keep having… CLAIRE!!!! when will she start doing something with the info she knows???? Why is she so fine with being so expendable??? Its more frustrating to watch someone smart who actually picks up on a lot of whats happening around her but does nothing, than someone whos just oblivious
Why not plant seeds on tiffanys head??? She needs to start making tiff see that X is the biggest threat. She needs to remind tiff again and again that theyre all there for 750k! Only 1 person will take that. This doesnt mean not achieving their “mission” even, a poc will win almost certainly with how many votes theyll have in jury, but they gotta start thinking of moves to ensure theyre that person!
Getting to f6 with all cookout wont ensure tiff the win, and claire needs to start REALLY reminding her of that.


Britini and Kaysar are having a remarkably mature conversation with some philosophy mixed in


I am honestly shocked that Azah was the only one who didnt answer all of kys questions. Thinking back on past seasons i know a lot of players that also wouldnt have given up that much info. All of his questions were wayyyy too muchhh and to ask twice?! I definitely wouldnt have answered half of them if i was in the house.