Kyland – “Seems like the house target is Brent if he doesn’t win”

HOH: Kyland
SAFE: Claire and Tiffany
HAVENOTS: Brent, Derek X, Whitney, Hannah
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Sarah Beth (didn’t take. Nobody safe)
Nominations: Frenchie and Britini
Power of Veto Players: Alyssa, Frenchie, Britini, Kyland, Claire, DereX | HOST – Tiffany
Power of Veto: Derek X
Power of Veto Ceremony: DerekX did not use the power of Veto.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Frenchie the clown is being evicted and Brent needs to win either HOH or safety or he gone.

2:00 am Brent and DerekX
Brent – I would rather take us four to the finals.. We had slop together
DX – we ate that pizza together. What do you think Wildcard comp this week should me or Whitney go for it?
Brent – depends on who wins I think you should if it’s anyone not aligned with us. I think because you have two veto wins. They are not going to go after Whitney. They will go after all the guys. I can’t use mine I used my last week.
Brent – if we can avoid double nomination of the alliance
Brent – if they put me up with Ky or Christian we have the team numbers..
DX – that’s crazy how important it is to have a four-person team so strong
Brent – we’re sitting pretty. we’re the most powerful and I think that is what people are seeing that is why they are coming to us. With your wins and the way we’ve been handling everything
DX – we’re calm.
Brent – been through hell and back built trust again.

DX – watch Frenchie stay
Brent – he thinks I’m a vote. I’m like in what f**Ing world am I a vote? After you did everything that you did?
Brent – it should be unanimous but if he does get two votes you’ll know where they came from BIGD and Azah
DX – shocked
Brent – if they are bold enough to vote for him after all he’s been doing
Brent – Hannah’s been spending a lot of time with Christian which is good. She trust Christian then she can get us intell. Alyssa tells me everything about Christian.
DX – I don’t think Christian is playing the game anymore he’s just gunning for Alyssa’s heart.
Brent – he likes Hannah too.. he’s kinda doing what I’m doing. I’m playing game but I’m obviously one of the other.. just having fun..
Brent – he’s laying low because he started too hot
DX – he came in guns blazing
Brent says Ky came to him and asked if he’s gunning for HOH. Brent is gunning for it.
DX – I told Ky I would feel comfortable throwing it to someone on his team.
Brent – BIGD is going to be a problem
DX – Yup.. I feel.. that dude is already stressed out
Brent – he’s lying too I know it.
DX – lying about the vote?
Brent – MMMhmmm. He’s lying about it which bothers me it’s not that big of a deal. Why get himself in the mess of Frenchie by lying. Dude just say so people can trust you. It really doesn’t matter but when you hide it.
Brent – he can just say Frenchie made me do it
Brent says they are trying to frame the two of them for the rogue votes.
DX – you think Frenchie was a smart player just overplayed?
BRent – to be honest, I think he’s dumb as hell gamewise because he has too big of a heart and as soon as he nominates someone he’s like ohh I think I like them as a person.
DX – dude you were able to talk Frenchie out of it
Brent – I know it’s wild I didn’t even try to talk him out of it we just had a heart to heart
DX – that is how you talk Frenchie out of things you get him to like you as a person
Brent brings up how the two of them were targets last week. “we had HUGE targets on our backs from last week”
They talk about how Frenchie through them all under the bus after this week. Brent, DX, Christian and Xavier
Brent – Xavier didn’t even do anything all the dude does is cuddle. ALyssa is the brains of their operation.
DX – Frenchie would always say X is the one to worry about
Brent – I agree not right now.

Brent – the next two weeks will be easy picking it’ll be Azah and Brit or Azah and Derek. Azah and BRit will be the ones going home. Derek will be the one left to worry about.
Brent says if the jokers win the HOH they’ll target Kyland.
Whitney and Hannah joins them after chit chat with Kyland.

2:07 am Ky, Hannah and Whitney
Ky wants the Big Brother house to be a comfortable environment. And Uncomfortable environment builds more unpredictably which hurts strategy.
Ky – the less on the male side the physical people ultimately benefits my game
Ky – what would be your concerns if Brent was the next to go after Frenchie?
Hannah – you jumped the ladder in terms of threat
Ky – would I be the next physical threat with those other two guys in here? (X and Christian)
Ky – my concern if Brent went out next I’m worried mathematically speaking and I would like to not. I’m curious of your thoughts.
Hannah – three white men in a row?
Ky – take out the white part
Hannah – three men in a row.
Whitney – as far as I am concerned I trust you and DerekX more than anyone else in the game. I assumed all the other women feel the same way. I would love to see it being female and people of colour dominated.
Ky – what you said about me and DerekX seems to be true. My knowledge it might be true more for me than him
Ky is worried that the girls will loosely work together to make sure a girl wins. “if the women do decide to work together nad try to remove the 5 guys if possible uhh.. I don’t think 8 will be able to go 8 and 0. If that 8 gets to 7 on the road to cutting out the 5. I am curious if it’s likely if I was last on the list of those 5 at least I would get further in the game. it might not be the worst thing for me.
Whitney says Ky can make it further with the girls as they try to take out Brent and Christian than if he stuck with the men.
Ky – what do you think are my odds of the women not picking me as the early male target.
Whitney – you and DerekX will be the last men to leave this game. (in this scenario)
Whitney – I trust you, I trust Hannah and DerekX, I’m getting to know Claire better and Tiffany I feel like I can trust her. I would love to continue to work with you. We love your team. As long as we can get Brent out I feel we have the numbers
Hannah says she’s close to Tiffany and Claire and Ky is well respected in the house ‘We can tell you have sisters it shows you respect women’
Hannah – we want it to be the 6 of us.
Hannah says she would be happy if her team or the kings don’t win HOH.
Ky – I feel very strongly that Brit would not put me up because she said she wouldn’t
Ky adds other than that promise he has little confidence in Brit.
Whitney says Brit never talks game to her.

2:30 am Ky alone talking to the camera
Ky – THis is wild. this is weird. I either have a great sense of all of the dynamics of the house or none of the dynamics in the house. THats is a weird place to be.
Ky – I don’t want to feel too cocky or confident we’re early in the gmae.
KY – it’s weird cause I knew there was the dissension with DerekX and Hannah. I felt that uhh.. Whitney was playing Brent and didn’t really like him but didn’t mind working with him as a duo. yesterday she made me feel like she can’t stand it but didn’t say anything. Today she confirmed that. They also were under the impression that the kings want to work with BRent when I know that’s not true.
Kyland – Seems like the house target is Brent if he doesn’t win
Ky – I don’t have an idea about one person’s head and that is Britini. People have told me now she wants to go after Brent also.
Ky – it feels like I am in a good spot.
Ky says if a KING does win the HOH and puts up Whitney/Brent he can talk to Whitney and hopefully maintain something “the main thing for me to figure out to decide wheater or not I knwo what is going on in the 9ouse is knowing if there is anything romantic happening between ALuyssa and Christian
Ky – I think they are more like Brother and Sister and Xavier being close to them might have a good sense if that wasn’t true.
Ky BIGD is doing great if you don’t want to be a target. Azah isn’t doing as well but there’s enough bigger targets so we can make sure she’s not a target soon.. Tiffany.. Tiffany is the biggest threat in the house not to me but to other folks. SHe getting people she wants out out.
Ky – my plan moving forward after Fnrehcie tomorrow the next day people in an ideal world to go out in no particular order. Brent, Whitney, And BRitini. I love Britini but she’s good at this and bad a laying low. People are talking about her singing and noise in general which I don’t mind but people from different teams are bringing it up. I can’t save her and have it be good for my game. She doesn’t have strong connections with people at this stage. Strong enough that keeping her brings other people onto my side.
Ky – I would like to ride with the royal flush.. it’s a good group. Could be hard but we can do it. I do like KING KY has the name. I don’t want to put myself into any leadership role of the group. Assumes a lot this early I haven’t done sh1t.. For now, remove the EGo call me sir Ky call me peasant Ky.. let me in the group but not as the leader.
Ky – the duke of Kyland
Ky – BIGD said he wants at least 5th.. he did come to me with that final 2. depends on who is left I would be down to support that.
Ky says it’s killing him trying to figure out what the two votes were last week.
Ky’s guess is Britini and BIGD or Tiffany
KY – BIGD came forward and said he would take the blame. the look in his eyes didn’t convince me he’s faking it
Ky – I don’t see any reason that this can’t be a history making season at least in terms of getting all of the cookout including Hannah. That understanding there are things bigger than us as individuals and bigger than this game. We can get that group to Jury and then.. we’ll see what happens from there.
Ky – I think

Ky likes keeping it so that Whitney and Tiffany think they have influence over him. He’s hoping that will mean later in the game Tiffany will help rally votes for him if he’s up against other cookout members.

3:30 am – 5:50 am Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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His monologue wasn’t entirely wrong so Kyland does seem to be in good shape for now

Leopold Stoch

I like Kyland. He’s wise and insightful, but DAMN! I’m surprised that he doesn’t see the sparks fly between Christian and Alyssa. Where I come from, normal brothers and sisters don’t sleep together or snuggle up on each other all the time. Maybe he doesn’t see this from the HOH room, but there are plenty of other signs that they’re attracted to each other.


Why do they worry so about the rogue votes?


I hope Brent wins the HOH, otherwise next week is gonna be a snooze fest


I agree with you. Brent or someone from his team has to win the HOH. I don’t like how all these people are plotting to get Brent, Whitney and Britini out.


He might get the veto. Which might be fun.


Sometimes I wonder about Kyland’s thought processes (probably because he never seems to finish any of his thoughts), but he has a lot of allies.The Queens have positioned themselves well going into next week.

On the male/female thing: BB20 had three guys go in a row (Steve – Wk 1, Swaggy – Wk 2, Winston – Wk 3), but the next four were all women (Kaitlyn & Rachel pre-jury; Bayleigh & Rockstar first members of jury). Of course, BB20 had no all-female alliances, but I still think the focus on keeping male/female even is misplaced energy that could be put into building relationships and staying another week.

Sir Kirby Williams

I think he internalized far more of his thoughts. I get the feeling that when he vocalized, he is working out what’s on his head, and using far more inner dialogue than verbally expressing outward.


I really like Ky, I hope he goes far in the game. He comes across as a very genuine person, he’s playing the game, he does not have a big head thinking he’s the best player, or he’s doing things nobody from previous seasons has ever done. According to Frenchie, Ky’s letting everyone use him, Ky only put him on the block because Ky is being used by everyone in the house.

Wait until Frenchie is home and finds out America is not as thrilled with him as he thinks. He constantly brags about how smart he is, Frenchie created chaos, went back on his word in regards to telling everyone they were safe. Thinking he’s running the house, he asked America for a power to save him, yet he brags he capable of winning every competition.

Frenchie needs to learn how to listen, SHUT UP, don’t do all the talking when you are siting around with other houseguests. His voice is so annoying, and his country quotes, they are so rehearsed, he thinks he is being funny, when he is just being an annoying person.

Alyssa and Christian are really annoying, I don’t see Christian doing anything other than trying to connect with Alyssa, Christian and Alyssa should have signed up for Love Island, not Big Brother. Alyssa is enjoying having Brent and Christian fighting for her attention.

Azah, Britini and DerekF, need to show they can win something, stop being pissed when members on your team are nominated. If you want to keep your team safe, then you need to win a competition. Stop saying you don’t want to be the HOH yet, make a move, build your resume, stop blending in with the furniture, do something !!.

James Boned

This whole season has been so race induced that it’s hard to even want to watch anymore. There is a clear focus on having an African American player win for the first time. That’s fine if it is based on merit as it always should be! But between the “cookout” and other tribalistic things that have been said, it’s disheartening that this is what this season has become.


what are you whining about it being race induced, in past seasons it was usually black players being sent home by white players, I hope a black person wins this year.If it is bothering you so much stop watching, this coming from a non black person.