“we had this game in the palm of our hands we literally had it”

HOH: Kyland
SAFE: Claire and Tiffany
HAVENOTS: Brent, Derek X, Whitney, Hannah
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Sarah Beth (didn’t take it nobody safe)
Nominations: Frenchie and Britini
Power of Veto Players: Alyssa, Frenchie, Britini, Kyland, Claire, DereX | HOST – Tiffany

Power of Veto: Derek X
Power of Veto Ceremony: – RANK THE HOUSEGUESTS –

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Big Brother Spoilers Looks Like Frenchie has rolled over and accepted his fate for now. I can’t believe I just did an update and there isn’t one Frenchie conversation I feel like most of the ones we’ve been doing since the beginning has been 90% Frenchie. Aww life after Frenchie is going to be okay

12:01 am DF and Brit
Brit – At this point, Ky was very clear he wants tot chaos to end and that means Frenchie
DF – that’s fine
Brit – that means he’s going I wanted them to know I’m not pissed at anything
DF – whats’ Ky going to do?
Brit – the whole thing is this I told Ky and I told DerekX if I won HOH they are both safe
DF – OKay
Brit -it neither one of their faults this is happening they are being manipulated (LOL)
DF – Okay I’m cool with that. Here’s my thing I need to talk to Ky because he has three members on his team we’ll have three members on our team we’re now both down a player
DF – I’m coming for each one of those b1tches heads secretly
Brit says she told them she’s not coming after them next week DF can go after them.

12:05 am Azah and Brit
Brit says it’s not a good idea if she wins the next HOH She wants one of them to win it so she can lay low. She says she doesn’t think winning it after being on the block is a good idea.
Brit – I made a pack with Ky going forward he’s going to tell them that I am not associated with Frenchie’s actions in this game going forward and/or I have not been

12:33 am Ky and Sb watching a pool game. Ky hopes there’s not a twist.
SB – are you good at pool?
Ky – I’m good at giant pool
They chit-chat about perfect scenarios like having the person they want win HOH three weeks in a row.

12:50 am Christian and DF
Hard to hear with the audio from the hottub group.
Christian – unless Brinti goes out it’s someone from the girl’s alliance
DF – it’s hard because we just talked about not putting anybody up and somebody’s up
Christian – first chance..
Df – first chance. so now what are we going to do
DF – we’re going to have to regroup and work together
Christian – it makes more sense for him to stay for our alliance
DF – I don’t know all I know is I’m going to work with the alliance
Christian – we haven’t even meant
DF – after the veto meeting. I just want to make sure we stick to our word and stick to our plan
Christian – we’ll just be picked off. that’s assuming we don’t win HOH next week
DF – we had this game in the palm of our hands we literally had it
Christian – Frenchie hasn’t talked to me in three days (count yourself lucky)
DF – he’s so emotional right now
Christian – I hear he’s throwing my name through the dirt
DF – I didn’t hear him throwing your name. I just heard he was pissed and talking to different people. He’s missing home he doesn’t want to be here.. He is so upset because he can’t understand he put people together. He’s on the block. he doesn’t understand.
DF – everybody threw him under the bus he finds out what does he do? spazes out
DF – Try to calm him down saying he don’t leave like that hold your head up high. YOu know it’s just hard for him right now. H
Feeds cut..
DF – I’m willing to do what we need to do to get where we need to get. I just don’t want to regret doing it then I’m the first one out of the group getting cut.
Christian – I feel like we’re screwed.. completely
DF – any of them win two of us are on the block.
Christian – I’ll be tossed yup quick
DF – me and you both
Christian – do you know who the votes were
DF- no
Christian – swear
DF – I swear
Christian – Frenchie knows he just won’t tell
DF says it cold be anyone
Christian – if it doesn’t matter why not tell us
DF – the plan is when the veto ceremony is over Ky will call a meeting with us and we’ll talk from there. We only have each other now.

Frenchie rolls through the backyard and lays on the hammock
DF – Frenchie, You ok? . ok if you need me let me know, please
Frenchie – I’m good

DF – This is what we do we just chill out and see what happens and go forward from there.
DF – we’re losing a player it’ll be 7 and 7. If we win veto we got 6 votes it they win veto they got 6 votes
Christian – we hav eto consdier wildcard
DF – for me I’m just chilling my worst fear is my name ended up on the radar people want to send me home when I mean I never did anythign or made any moves..
Christian – HOH that’s it
DF – of course, I’m worried that next week people will be like lets get D up.. that’s what I’ worried about
Christian – I’m worried about the same thing
DF – the best thing to do is win HOH so I I’m safe and my alliance and pick off the other house if not they are coming for us

1:10 am hot tub time (DAMN Azah is fine)

1:12 am Brent and DF
Df – WHY one of our teammates is on the block and we’re getting rid of one of our numbers that’s my thing
Brent – Frenchie should not have told everyone what sort of trust is that with the person that built our alliance?
Brent – he went up to people and said I knew who made the votes but I won’t say any names what good comes from that. You’re putting paranoia into people’s heads.
Brent says nobody would have cared about the 2 votes if Frenchie hadn’t run around telling everyone he knows who it is.
DF says he’s just going to chill this week check up on Frenchie “I want to make sure he’s Okay of course”
Brent – he knows he betrayed me cause he’s been so distant to me. He said some things to some people that are close to me about me. I didn’t even come for you he’ threw my name under the bus..
Brent – I did nothing but tried to protect the alliance.
DF – it’s just so hard
Brent – we’re good
DF – we only have each other now
Brent – we have the 7 plus Hannah and Derek on my side. So that’s 9 there are two people going home we win every time we just have to make sure we take away their numbers.
DF – I told Christian there should be a girl going home and there’s not
Brent – there’s too much he did after a stressful first week. It was too much
Brent – I don’t think there’s a single person in here that truly trusts him fully.. he went from being fully to being like to now.
DF – we’re slipping now
Brent – we have to make sure we maintain our grip.. Slaughterhouse will bring us to the end. Anything you hear outside of the alliance come to me first and then I’ll talk to people that are trustworthy.. like KY, Alyssa and go from there.
DF – okay
Brent – we should be able to salvage it
DF – right.. we don’t know how any of this will work out. These b1tches can turn on me and you..
Brent – if I win HOH or anyone on my team wins HOH two girls are going up
DF – I thought we were doing that this week..

DF comes back with the smoke “I love Tiffany but I don’t trust her”
Brent – I know
DF – I don’t trust her
Brent – she’s outside the alliance she has to go
DF – I definitely don’t trust her
Brent – make it through this week we’re safe makes sure we win. We have the perfect excuse to nominate two girls.
DF says he just wants to get to five and he’s happy “I just want some prize money”
Brent says he cold call Fnrechie out but that will only put a target on his back. He knows America knows the truth and that’s good enough for him he’s just going to make the peace until Frenchie is evicted on Thruday.
Brent – Let’s go win some money
DF – I’m cool with that.

1:30 am Pool party

1:33 am Xavier and Christian
Xavier is talking about Alyssa being nominated last week for no reason. Christian says if he never won wildcard he would have been evicted.
Xavier understand why Britni was put up Kyland gave his explanation “Alyssa there was no explanation and that’s what pisses me off”
Christian – the bait
Xavier – the bait shouldn’t be up on eviction night
Xavier – and he told her HEY you aren’t going up
Christian – he promised people 18 different things
Xavier – you reach a point.. I don’t want to be loyal to those who have been loyal to me. There’s three people that have been loyal to me since the jump, You, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
X – I’m centering my game around that

2:13 am Britini and Azah
Talking about next week’s HOH
Brit – they have four people that can win it we have 6
Brit – we can do this I know we can they are not unstoppable
Brit cites her performance in the veto today “I was 14 seconds slower and I’m 14 inches shorter than him in a wet comp where I can’t run as fast.. we can do this thing if it’s endurance watch the hell out”

Brit – you know who I want to see win it? BIGD

2:54 am Hannah and DerekX
Hannah says she doesn’t know where she stands with Sarah Beth “I don’t feel like I am a target of hers and she wouldn’t be a target of mine”
Hannah – I was talking to Brent and maybe that all girls alliance did form and for some reason, they put their trust with Frenchie.
Hannah – even if I respectfully declined my invitation that doesn’t mean other people did
Hannah says she feels good about most of the people in the house.
DX – but closest to the kings?
Hannah – team to team? Yeah. like we spend most of our time with them. I know Brent is super close to Alyssa. Alyssa is probably my closest girlfriend in the house. I’m good with Christian and X.
Hannah – BigD is a litte…
DX – he’s kinda scrambling right now
Hannah – from his alligeance to Frenchie
DX – the only one I would be worried about is BIGD if he won next week. He’s putting me up. He called me a threat multiple times today.

4:25 am Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

9:25 am ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

10:16 am Waking up

10:18 am DerekX and Claire
Claire – I’m hoping today will be chill/ I guess you have veto so you’ll be in all the meetings
DerekX – that’s good and bad.
Chit-chat about relationships.

10:32 am DF and Azah
DF saying people are pointing their fingers at him because he’s not willing to let Frenchie go out that way
DF – everybody doesn’t understand you also have to be Human at the end of the day
Azah – at talked to Ky and said that is someone on my team and if you see me talking to him.. well that’s my teammate
DF – correct
Azah points out that Alyssa told them when Travis and Alyssa were on the block Frenchie told her she was safe in front of Travis.
Azah – maybe that’s just how this game is.. but it still hurts.
Azah – some people can receive it and be fine others receive it and get very hurt. It’s crazy man how people follow power like this
Feeds cut

DF – at the end of the day we’re on here to make reality TV.. nobody wants some dry a$$ macaroni and cheese last time I checked so we’re entertaining the world and having fun ..

DF – Today I’m going to left alone I dealt with Frenchie all night
DF – to hear what he’s going through breaks my heart you know.. for me if Kyland is a man of his word and he’s on team cookout he’ll understand for me I’m sitting in their consoling a teammate making sure he’s ok and doing what I need to do to keep him calm
DF – I’m not goign to kiss thesese people’s a$$es
Azah – I’m voting for Brit becuase she’s been my girl.. I voted for Travis cause I wanted to

Df goes on about consoling Frenchie is the “human” thing to do

10:50 am Frenchie on the feeds!!!!

10:55 am SB and Azah
Sb – Everyone is saying we think you’re allergic to cats and I was NO WAY like shelly especially cause she is also allergic to cats
SB – she’s like you’re allergic to cats. So I went to get tested and sure enough, I was
Sb – I was still in denial about it I was like I dunno I think it’s wrong maybe I should go somewhere else
SB – I’m allergic to cats.. I just deal with it cause I’m not getting rid of my cats

11:00 am Brent and Tiffany
Talking about Frenchie coming into the house playing hard.
Brent says he’s throwing everyone’s name out there now.
Tiffany doesn’t know if this was always his intention or he’s just reacting to being on the block.
Tiff – Who knows..
Brent – I think he started out genuine.. that conversation we had that first day isn’t something you can fake.. you can’t fake emotions of past traumas.. you can’t fake that..

11:00 am DerekX and Claire
Claire – next week people will probably want to take out a girl
DX – depends on who wins HOH
Claire – I’m nervous if Whitney or BRent win
DX – they haven’t mentioned it at all ..
DX adds they mentioned it last week but not this week. they did mention they want to get closer to your team. “They like Kyland”
DX – if it’s the wall and it’s you or Tiffany on the wall I’ll throw it to you guys so you can do what needs to be done.
DX – the worst thing is if I win the comp next week what am I going to do pick BIGD? it’s horrible (BRent and Whitney are on this team)
Claire – that’s what’s tricky..
DX – no matter what you know I’m riding with you, Tiff and Kyland
Claire – same
They bring up the group they were talking about the other night at the chessboard was like “the French kisses” except for with Kyland/DX and no Frenchie.

Claire says almost every single person told Ky to put up Frenchie.

11:21 am Tiff and Azah
Tiff is reassuring her she’s never done or said anything inside the house to personally offend anybody “you’re good”
Azah – I called Brent a used car salesperson (HAHAH)
Azah – I said Frenchie was a broken clock that works twice a day
Tiff – and.. if you’re worried about that
Feeds cut.. When we’re back Tiffany is reassuring her more..
They talk about how amazing Xavier is.
Azah – when he was telling a story about this brother it broke my heart and I just can’t get over how in his grief he’s comforting me.

11:32 am Chit chat..
Earlier they were discussing if Frenchie will actually self-evict.

11:48 am Frenchie, SB, Kyland, Brit, a bunch of houseguests in and out Chit chat..
They’re talking about working out..
Frenchie says he does a lot of boxing and hitting the speed bag. that is why his core is so strong and his arms are so small.
SB says she has no core muscles.
He Suggests tossing hay bales if you want a good workout.
Frenchie – at home we pick hay bales up and toss them. That’s a really good workout I look forward to that time of year.

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Paul Sucks

Could it be that DF will take the lead role of the insane clown posse? He is absolutely losing his mind with the fact that his mentor is going home.


Big D could be losing his mind he told Christian and Brent the same thing ‘it’s us two’ and if C and B compare D could be in trouble.

Fruit Loop Dingus

I get BidD shading Tiff to Christian to keep the Cookout quiet. I just wonder how Tiff will feel about it? BigD is probably the biggest disappointment of the season.

Feeds Gold

big disappointment

Golden Gate Granny

Me too. I REALLY wanted him to be like Mo from Zoey’s Playlist. Teehee.


I think of all the players, Hanna is probably the most underrated, she has a pretty good read on most and is not sharing a great deal with anyone.


Instead of losing his mind over Glue Clown’s inevitable eviction, Big D needs to lose some of that God damn weight!

Troll much?

You are by far the rudest commenter on every post. Maybe try adding some empathy to your life?


What a sad life you must have, I feel sad for your comments and your life must been pathetic for you to come here and spread all your frustation on a houseguest from a reality tv show 🙁


My favorite line in this non-Frenchie update is when Brit says, “we can do this thing, if it’s endurance watch the hell out,” followed by wanting to see BigD win it. Yeah… I don’t see BigD winning any endurance comps.

Feeds Gold

unlikely but my ideal final 12 scenario for balanced sides after the wildcard phase is over…

frenchie, one from the girls alliance, and big d is gone

6 on 6…

(aces/kings crew) brent/christian/xavier/whit/alyssa/hannah


ky/dx plus the other 4 girls


But Xavier and Hannah are part of cookout. I see them being loyal to that over anything else.

Feeds Gold

remember my scenario involves big d, and likely a female member of cookout leaving after frenchie, so cookout would be majorly depleted (i also think kys loyalty would be dx and the girls at that point)

also xavier gets on so well with the slaughter house side, and im thinking their side bring hannah in(she also gets along well with them all)

also i want to see 2 evenly balanced sides for after the wildcard phase so my scenario is more what i would like to see happen as opposed to what is most likely to happen

MDW-Gilbert AZ

I really do not see Big D as an asset for anyone’s group. I don’t mean this in a bad way, I’ve never seen anyone his size play in any season, I think about the comps, I definitely don’t see him being very good at any physical competitions, his role so far to me seems to be a tag along. I don’t see him being able to hang on and support his weight on the wall or swing comps with the small foot pedestal, I sure can’t see him running up the slippery slide during an OTEV comp.

Brent told him if he hears anything negative, come to him first and then he will talk with the trustworthy people, Bigd said ok he will do that. BigD needs to start playing the game and stop laying around calling everyone “Bitches”, do something, stop drinking the kool aid his buddy Frenchie gives him. I’ve heard him say more than once, he hopes he can at least make it to Jury, seems to me he, wait until Brent tells Tiffany Big D said he does not trust her. He needs to be more social, get out and mingle, dump Frenchie, he is in the dark it seems when it comes to the horrible job Frenchie did as HOH, or he’s just ignoring it.


I wouldn’t mind seeing BigD go pre-jury. We have enough players this season who are actually strategizing that I don’t see it getting boring, even if the dramatic personalities leave. Plus, new drama will emerge because going on the block always brings out the crazy in seemingly-normal BB players almost every season.


BigD is offensive to me only because he constantly demeans women and only sees them as contenders for the being on the block.Perhaps in his personal life he has no women around him as friends? If ever there was a season where an outwardly gay, proud man could find some female friends to scheme with, this is it! Come on BigD, get your head out of the clowns butt and into the game! ….and, by the way…YOU thought you had the game wrapped with a ribbon the FIRST week??? You kill me!!!


I just hope this season still gets exciting after French Fries leaves.. i don’t wanna a boring steamroll season even tho the majority alliance seems likeable


I question how solid that alliance really is though. I’m seeing several subgroups which may shift with each HoH. I think the smaller groups are pretty solid but when they hook up it’s more convenience than true trust. Also, we’ll see who picks up the left over players after Frenchie gets tossed.


I kinda like Alyssa but she needs to step up her game and start making some deals and bonds

MDW-Gilbert AZ

I kind of feel Alyssa is going to be carried through the game by the guys. I could be wrong, but I truly feel she is all talk when it comes to actually making big moves, plotting and scheming. I really don’t see her winning an HOH unless it’s thrown to her.

She strikes me as a person who is in the game to be carried by the stronger players, I hope she steps up her game and shows that she came to give 100%, and show everyone she’s not just a pretty face.


Exactly, she has the potential to align her group (Kings) with the Queens group but instead of developing and nurturing that bound she is spending her time making sure to keep her ties with Brent.

It looks like the typical “meat shield” strategy. She even brought up the Brigade & Britney Haynes. She also plays up pitting Brent & Christian against each other in their protection of her although she clearly likes Christian more.

I’m wondering what will happen if Brent leaves next and Whitney gravitates to X – will she suddenly turn on her?

I don’t dislike her — but I also don’t view her as a strong player. Rather she comes across as a big talker who expects that trio of males to drag her to the end.

Golden Gate Granny

“DF – we had this game in the palm of our hands we literally had it”

Day 11. Hahahaha. Newbs are so cute.


And the way he goes on about how everyone is hurting Frenchie. Wake up! Big Brother is not a game for the tender-hearted. Has he watched the show before?

Golden Gate Granny

I personally don’t think French Super Fried will self evict. Their contracts are uber intense and he’d be breaching. Big time $$$ to S/E. I’m positive he’s been reminded and coached to just enjoy the week.

Theresa Nichols

Come on BB can you make this game any more damn racist??!!?? X stating he can’t put up Azah because she’s “one of his peoples!” Disgusting! Oh, gee, I’m guessing a black wins!! If so I hope Azah or Derek F wins!!!!