Tiffany “Azah and Big D are still drinking Frenchie’s Kool-aid”

HOH: Kyland
SAFE: Claire and Tiffany
HAVENOTS: Brent, Derek X, Whitney, Hannah
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Sarah Beth (didn’t take it nobody safe)
Nominations: Frenchie and Britini
Power of Veto Players: Alyssa, Frenchie, Britini, Kyland, Claire, DereX | HOST – Tiffany

Power of Veto: Derek X
Power of Veto Ceremony: – RANK THE HOUSEGUESTS –

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8:55pm HOH bathroom. Xavier and Tiffany.
Xavier – I like Frenchie as a guy he is a very good man but his gameplay has been so unpredictable and erratic because that is a liability to us. Every time he gets involved people are like what the f**k. I don’t want to be seen with him. Tiffany – if you’re connected to him. To have him as your boy and have him throwing your name out there and I can’t believe he threw it out there to me… the one he so called wants to protect and you know cover and shield and whatever … but how the hell is X who has not been in anyone’s mouth .. how is he the head of a three headed snake?! Xavier – I heard it too .. it was Brent, Christian and Me. Lets look at those people I talk to everyone. Game wise I only talk to a few people. Christian that boy is the cutest puppy of all time. He is a head? HE is a HEAD?! And then Brent… the Jersey Jock!? We masterminded this operation?! You knew about everything going on in the house and you had things in place to make sure you were okay. So basically you were throwing everyone under the bus but what I am hearing is that you were safe. Tiffany – did he tell you about this so called alliance the slaughterhouse? Xavier – Azah told me about that. Tiffany – I knew he was in an alliance and if you didn’t know I don’t know what house you were living in. I don’t trust you (Frenchie) at all. On a personal level I don’t think he had been intentionally trying to mess up everyone’s game. Xavier – he was trying to give the fans a show. Tiffany – he came up to me and Claire and said you know if I leave the ratings are going to drop. Xavier – he said that?! Tiffany – he did and then he laughed it off and said I’m just joking. He was serious. He thinks he makes this house. He thinks he make this show. Listen Frenchie you don’t make this show. If he is on the block come Thursday, I am casting my vote to evict him. Xavier – I am too. Tiffany – Azah and Big D are still drinking Frenchie’s kool-aid so all I say to them is I see what you’re saying. Xavier – He is on their team. If you want to talk or vent come to me. As boys I’ve got love for that man but his gameplay is jeopardizing my game but not only that he put my teammate up on the block and he put a n!**er up on the block. Tiffany – and he is still coming for your teammate. Okay, I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page. How do you feel about Kings, Queens and one X? Xavier – oh I like it. I like it!

9:37pm – 10:10pm Bedroom. Whitney and Frenchie.
Frenchie – I am feeling like a real big a$$hole and its been bothering me the last couple days. Outside of this game I would never compromise myself and inside this game it is hard. Super hard. I have had to do things and been talked into things and asked to do things that I normally would just be like no. That is honestly why I am super emotional and why I am ready to go home is because you know I thought I could put that aside and it is hard because I can’t and it bothers me… there is no one that I have lied to in here. It hurts my heart and I am not like that. And outside of here I would not have done it. Whitney – can you be more specific and let me know what you did? So that I can decipher from what I’ve heard from multiple people and what you have to say? Frenchie – You can let me know what you’ve heard I can.. Whitney – No I want you to tell me what you did. Frenchie – I was told the other day that I got thrown under the bus by five people. You were one of them. Christian was one of them. Brent was one of them. Xavier was one of them. Alyssa was not one of them. It was Hannah. Whitney – who would have told you that? Frenchie – who do you think? Whitney – Big D? Frenchie – I asked why I was going up and that is what come out. That hurt me. Whitney – wait someone told you that myself and four other people threw you under the bus for something? Because I have not said one bad thing about you till I found out everything yesterday. Yesterday was the first time I said okay I am over it. Frenchie – That’s when I started to hear stuff was yesterday. Whitney – the moment I was over it was when you asked me why I was smirking and I was like I am only smirking / smile than glare at you. Before that I had no idea anything was going on. I just have a really hard time believing you because I thought you were one of my really good friends. Frenchie – I thought so too. Whitney – I don’t know how much I am going to believe you when you do tell me your side of things. I have just heard so much. I thought we were very very close. You did some really irrational things. Like when you went up to everyone on the hammock and said I want to have an alliance …also someone has to go up on the block. And then I was sitting here on this couch and in front of everyone who wasn’t in the alliance you pointed at me the person that has had your back and I thought we were close friends ..You were the person that I considered closest to in the house.. and said I was out. I was so caught off guard and had no idea what you were talking about. Then you went to my own teammates and told them that they could not trust the people that they are closest to. Frenchie – the thing with the hammock .. as HOH you consistently have coming up to you talking about I am with you 100%. So what can I do if someone would actually have my back. I didn’t want someone to actually do it I just wanted to see if someone would be like I will talk to you about it. Whitney – but we only knew you for two days. Frenchie – I saw that afterwards. I heard crickets. That started a little bit of paranoia. It confused me. I think I took it out of context. If everyone had been like no, I would have taken it better. I wanted to trust everyone in here. Frenchie – the reason that I took it out on you the most is because I liked you the most. I didn’t want to me angry at you. I don’t like being agree at women it makes me feel weird. Whitney – I don’t get why you would even be angry at me. I hadn’t said anything about you at that point. Frenchie – honestly I don’t think you did anything.. it was just a feeling. (WTF) Whitney – so you talked to my team and got upset with me based on feeling. Instead of any facts or talking to me. Frenchie – yes and I am sorry for that. I admit I was wrong. Frenchie starts crying. Frenchie – I thought that all our conversations about family and stuff was used to get close. I didn’t say anything because I was hurt. Whitney – if you could I would really appreciate if you could talk to my teammates to let them know that what you said was based off feelings and not anything I said because at this point they have a hard time understanding me and I have a feeling it is going to make me go home early.

10:43pm Bedroom. Frenchie and Big D.
Frenchie – Hey, I am going to ask to go home. Big D – What?!! NO! Frenchie – Yeah, absolutely. Big D – NO! Frenchie – Yeah. Big D – Frenchie NO! Frenchie – no, I am. Big D – that is not how you go out! Can you stop please! Frenchie – it is and at this point I am fine with it because I don’t want to take the chance of staying in a hotel room for four weeks man. I can’t do that! I can’t do that. I do not want to take the chance .. I just wanted to let you know. Big D – can’t you just sleep on it!? Frenchie – No I just want to pack my stuff and go. Big D – Oh my god! I can’t!

10:45pm Big Brother blocks the feeds…

11:13pm – 11:40pm The feeds return. HOH room. Kyland, Britini and Derek X
Derek asks how Frenchie is doing. Big Brother blocks the feeds again. Britini – I guess my reasoning for talking is just.. I am just a realist and its crazy because you’re (Derek X) in the same position and we (Kyland) flip flopped. I know you know exactly what it feels like. And I know the period of time from the objective has now passed and I just wanted to prepare myself if you had any intention of wanting it used or if I was sitting up there for the week? I just thought I would ask it. Kyland – I appreciate that and first of all to be speaking of any kind of authority .. it is not technically my choice to do anything. It has become the consensus of the house to want Frenchie out. To not come off would be upsetting and Alyssa knows that more than anything. People as a whole feel like we could have a calmer environment .. even people on a personal level they don’t love this .. that is why right now that is the consensus. I can say that I do not want him to use it because I would have to put someone else up and I do not want to but I don’t get to make that decision. Let me know if that doesn’t align with what you (Derek) are thinking. Derek – no, my understanding is that Frenchie is going home this week. Britini – I understand that come Thursday I will still be sitting there. Britini tells Derek and Kyland the they are someone that she would want to work with. If I do get it next week, I am not going to reiterate and boom to you. You made a game move this week that had absolutely nothing to do with me. I just want you and you know that if I win next week you have nothing to worry about. Kyland – I appreciate that. Britini – The last thing I would want is for me to come down and for Azah or Big D go up. You don’t need that blood on your hands. I just don’t want anyone to question my character based on the people on my team. When I make a promise to someone I keep it. So when I say if I get HOH next week I will not put you both up. That is my promise to both of you.. and let me prove that if I get it.

11:50pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.
12am Big Brother opens up the backyard. The house guests rush outside..

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Backseat Driver

A standing ovation to Simon and Dawg for transcribing all that Frenchie has to say!!


they need a translator for Kyland

Feeds Gold

there should be a counter for the amount of times he says “like” per convo

Rachel’s Ratty Extensions

He’s neurodivergent. Cut him some slack.

Feeds Gold

the best thing about frenchie leaving is other personalities will be able to flourish more

Feeds Gold

i will be interested to see which players have the game sense to try to pick up whitney and see her value in the game in terms of loyalty and comp ability

im surprised almost the entire house under values her potential as a solid ally to this extent

Feeds Gold

frenchie self evicting potentially!


Yeah…him just saying that makes me mad. So many people would love to be in that house and you are there, dude. Granted, it may not be for long, but quitters never win. You could turn this around. It’s been done before. I have too much respect for the game to just quit. Don’t do it!!!

Feeds Gold

he is either playing possum for sympathy as a strategy so people keep him or if he does quit, its because hes such a control freak he even wants to control how he leaves the game, on his terms, nobody else controlling it, so he walks

if he does actually walk, i think production will try to convince him to stay until at least the veto meeting for dramatic and game mechanics purposes so he hugs everyone and says his goodbyes the moment veto isnt used…they may even have an earlier than expected veto meeting to accommodate it(this would mean the rest of the week is basically 5 days off)…that way they could hold the veto meeting over to the thursday episode as a non voting episode, also allowing them to have an extended hoh comp in the live ep thursday


My gosh, this is so cringeworthy. If Frenchie just up and quits, that’s really pathetic, especially for a “fan” like he swears he is. Dude you tried way too hard, got caught in a bunch of lies, and are now facing the consequences of your actions, suck it up and face the vote. Going home early on your own, before the vote, with your tail between your legs is a loser move, period!


i hope he walks, and kyland has to renom, that would be much better for the feeds

Feeds Gold

i think its too late in the week/round for that in terms of editing this weeks episodes and keeping proper schedule on track


No, the veto has already been played. They will spend a great deal of time telling Frenchie he needs to stay. He wants to get paid, he seems to like attention so he’ll milk it.

Josh Todd

Derek for AFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Which one?

The Veto King or the lazy annoying blob?


Regarding Frenchie’s comment that if he left the ratings would drop, don’t you think someone in the DR is telling him how great he is for the show? Especially if he wants to leave early.