Alyssa “I came in here to compete but now that I am bombing.. I think my plan is to act like I suck.”

HOH: Kyland
SAFE: Claire and Tiffany
HAVENOTS: Brent, Derek X, Whitney, Hannah
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Sarah Beth (didn’t take it nobody safe)
Nominations: Frenchie and Britini
Power of Veto Players: Alyssa, Frenchie, Britini, Kyland, Claire, DereX | HOST – Tiffany

Power of Veto: Derek X
Power of Veto Ceremony: – RANK THE HOUSEGUESTS –

View the previous day ranks on the – Ranking Grid

12:20pm Bathroom. Britini
Britini is practicing her eviction speech – “CBS Thank you for this incredible opportunity, Mom, Dad, Nana, Anna, Phil, my unity. I love you all so much. I am sorry for scaring you but in my defense ..huh I was scared too. My face on the wall and I was like WOW! Beautiful face but hell na get me out! Its been a crazy week full of laughs and tears. I’ve cried enough this week to last me for five.”

12:30pm Backyard loungers – Alyssa and Whitney.
Alyssa – My team or your team need to win next week. Whitney – that’s what Brent and I were just saying. Out of all the teams we trust your team the most. I know little D isn’t in the alliance but I really trust him. Alyssa – yeah, I know. He is growing on us. I think it was smart for me and Christian to apologize. I just don’t know if that did anything. Whitney – I didn’t know that you guys apologized. Alyssa – yeah we apologized because we were told that Derek was the one starting the rumors about us. And I don’t know if you know this but Derek was actually keeping distance from me last week because he heard about the rumor and he found me attractive and didn’t want it to cause problems with me and him. But I took it as he was keeping distance because he was the one who started the rumor. Whitney – ah see that is why communication is key! Alyssa – I just don’t know if we can trust him. Whitney – I think he is a good loyal person. Alyssa – but we’re at the bottom of his totem pole. Which is fine but its realistic. Whitney – I don’t know if you are though. Alyssa – if this worked of our plan of them getting out each other.. Whitney – you mean us two? Alyssa – yeah. Whitney – just don’t tell Brent. Alyssa – no that would be stupid. Whitney – I think we’re in the best position. Especially with our two teams working together and then we have the alliance side and then the girls don’t want to affect us. Alyssa – the thing that I am worried about is if you or I win.. and the alliance is not girls so I don’t want to be the first girl to take a shot at a girl. Whitney – same here. Alyssa – because then I am the target. Whitney – I don’t want to win next week or the week after. I don’t want to win till it is very clear. Alyssa – I came in here to compete but now that I am bombing ..I think my plan is to act like I suck. Whitney – that’s what I thought too. Alyssa – maybe my best plan is to act like I suck. Whitney – that’s what I am thinking too.

12:40pm Bedroom. Frenchie and Britini
Frenchie – do you think you are still going to be on the block. Britini – Tomorrow is my only option and they told me they’re not using it. Frenchie – yeah, they told me too. I told them do what you want but I would prefer her to come off the block but if not its whatever. I know I am going home. I am okay with it.

1:15pm Backyard – Xavier and Kyland.
Kyland – This might end up being the longest time without a release. I did like a couple months before.. ah that’s not true, I told people I did a couple months before but it was more like 40 days. Xavier – round up to two months. Kyland – I was tempted in the HOH shower because you’re covered but I was like you know what its like that boxer / pro-athlete thing and how they don’t .. in my head I was like if I go home earlier than I wanted to … if I don’t win .. because we’re all here to win the game. I would be lying if I said I’m not. If I don’t win the game, I am going to blame it on that. Its because you cracked. So you know what I am just not going to crack. Xavier – because s*xually I had all this pent up tension and I released it. I got in a showmance. I did something I wasn’t supposed to do and now there’s a target on my back and now I’m sitting at home. Kyland – discipline. Xavier – this summer is all about discipline. Meals to the mental fortitude. Its all about discipline. Kyland – Not talking. Not panicking. Xavier – I think that is the toughest part is the paranoia. Kyland – there are so many variables that my brain doesn’t have the capacity. Xavier – you can think of it in terms of long term and short term.

1:25pm – 2pm In the pool – Alyssa, Brent, Christian and Claire are playing a guess the movie / tv show game. Tiffany and Xavier are playing pool. Meanwhile, inside the kitchen Kyland, Frenchie Big D and Hannah are talking about relationships.

2:05pm Hammock – Tiffany and Azah
Tiffany – I feel like if any of the cookout are on the block it will definitely be me. Azah – I think its me. Tiffany – why? Azah – because of the beginning .. I have been viewed as someone that don’t got nobody else. Frenchie is on his way out and I’m on the same team as Frenchie. Tiffany – you have Brit, you have everyone else, you have me. We’re the only two black women here. I am sorry Hannah. Azah – yeah. I really feel like if Britini was off the block Kyland would put me up on the block. Out of everyone in the cookout, I am furthest from him. Tiffany – I think he would have been forced to go a different route. Azah – having Frenchie around seemed like a good idea because he was a big shield that they could target and Frenchie could win comps. That’s why I felt like it was a good idea to keep him around. Tiffany – okay. Azah – because it distracts and takes the attention off of us. Now they’re going to have to find a new villain. Tiffany – I see your point of keeping him as a shield. He is a huge threat and a target that everyone would go after. Azah – between Britini and Frenchie, I am not voting to keep Frenchie. Tiffany – Britini is going to go right after him. Brent is playing a very smart game. Azah – Mmmhh.. okay, I don’t think Britini should go now. Tiffany – I didn’t say Britini, I said Brent. I ain’t worried about Britini. I want her to stay. She is a part of our team. I want Brent to go after Frenchie. Azah – yeah absolutely.

2:15pm Living room. Big D and Frenchie.
Big D – what are you planning for tomorrow? What angle are you going to pull tomorrow because you need to run it by me. Frenchie – I think I know an in. Someone who I thought I could trust, I can. Not trust but talk to.

3:05pm Kitchen – Derek X and Claire.
Claire – who knows maybe you or I will win HOH next week. Derek – oh my god, I really hope you or Tiff wins. Claire – I really hope so too. Derek – I am trying to figure out whether or not I want to throw it to the Kings. Claire – I think maybe throw it to SB (Sarah Beth).. Derek – X pulled me aside when we were playing pool ..and he said if I were you I wouldn’t try to win it next week. He said you can trust the Kings. I was like I am not sure .. I probably throw it for SB. But if its an endurance comp it will mostly be Christian and X. Claire – yeah, I think we just have to trust them. Derek – Yeah. You think I should throw it? Claire – yeah. I don’t think you have to worry about Alyssa or Christian. Alyssa said I feel so bad about some of the things I said about him. Derek – oh my god! I am literally going to get cooked in my DRs!

3:50pm The house guests are sitting around the backyard suntanning and chatting about random things.

4:45pm Backyard. Hannah and Christian.
Hannah – I think Tiffany really likes you. Tiffany also likes me. So I feel I’m good with Tiffany. Kyland can’t play. Christian – if you’re good with Tiffany, you’re good with Claire. Its just the Jokers, I don’t know. I could see the Jokers coming after us. Hannah – I think so too. Christian – I could see them putting me and Alyssa up. Hannah – I could see that too. Or maybe they would do one person from your team and one from mine. How do you feel about the Jokers and the Queens? Christian – I feel better about the Queens than the Jokers. Hannah – who’s behind me? Christian – Britini. Hannah – I don’t know what she would do. She kind of makes me the most nervous. Christian – its almost better if Britini goes home this week because he’s crazy. But like he’ll just go out next week. Hannah – I see what you’re saying .. keep a bigger target in the house. Christian – but I would prefer if Frenchie went home. Hannah – I get what you’re saying, she is more unpredictable. Christian – X came up with this perfect analogy .. that Frenchie is just like Devin. Hannah – I came up with that. X plagiarized that from me. Christian – and then I used it on you.

5:25pm Frenchie is still fishing for that big fish..

6pm Hammock – Whitney and Kyland.
Kyland – how are you feeling? Whitney – I’m feeling really good. How about you? Kyland – same. Whitney – good HOH? Kyland – I hope so .. like it was made simple. Everyone is on the same page so it is simple. Whitney – you did it right. I kind of don’t want HOH for a little bit. Kyland – I get that. Whitney – because right now I trust in our group so much .. but then that is kind of unfair because then I’m forcing somebody else to do the dirty work and I don’t want to do that either. We have to take our turn being the bad guy.

6:05pm Living room. Alyssa and Christian snuggling up ..

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Alexis DeCaprio

Who is Alyssa talking about “our plan of them getting out each other”? Sounds like they want their teams taking each other out and leaving just them left. Is that correct? I must have missed a previous conversation regarding this.


My guess is she means having Christian & X go after Brent and vice versa.

Alyssa was playing up to Brent earlier who is still saying a girl needs to leave & also warning her about Christian. (insert eye roll).

Go Derrick X!

Why is everyone calling Frenchie the Glue Clown? I wanted to like him at first, but that didn’t last past the first episode.

I became a Derrick X fan after his strategy during the first veto comp.


During his HoH, he couldn’t shut up, changed his target every time someone blinked, his rationale for most of his actions was illogical, and in general he acted like a person who huffed glue.

Go Derrick X!

Thanks. I knew he way overplayed his HOH, guess I just haven’t been around enough huffers to know how they act!


Derek X is likable and want to see what more he does. I am hoping that the cloud is lifted off of Azah’s eyes because I did like her in the beginning

Go Derrick X!

During the veto, I thought he was very smart to start at the bottom and just see what everyone else did for the top.

Maybe Azah will see the light, it’s still early in the game.


I thought she had a better read last week but then somehow she’s really slipped up now.

No fave yet

Who did Xavier “release” with. OMG


I believe he meant in the shower

Paul Sucks

Rosy Palm and her five sisters

Fraggle Rockbottom

Xavier was also the race pimp that made comments in the lounge to 2 of “his people” during the first week about some “fckn Aryan comments”…Not many caught it but I sure did. Wasn’t long before I stopped watching the live feeds and the edited show which is just glazing over so much info which in the past would be included.


This week Brent has been more palatable (for me) but mostly b/c he’s been trying to lay low. As soon as Frenchie lost POV & confirmed DX wasn’t going to use the POV he ramped back up into Brent-mode.

In less than a day he’s…

  • Working the SH crew to get back together sans GC
  • Of course positioning himself as the leader
  • Told Big D he should bring anything he hears to him FIRST
  • Despite confirmation GC created Frenchie’s Kisses & no one bought into it he’s back to pushing the “all-girl” alliance
  • Pushing HARD for 2 female noms (female out) next week with guys & Ally/Whit (Claire a common choice)
  • Revisits “be careful of Chrisitian” narrative with Ally
  • On his honesty tour “I’ve NEVER lied” (BULLSHIT) so far I’ve caught that convo wit him & Ky, Tiff, DF, X, Ally, Christian

Meanwhile Derek F (Big D) is on my last nerve. His actions this week plummeted him to the bottom of the ladder.

He tells Frenchie”I don’t know how I’m going to continue running this house without ending up on the block”. (DELUSIONAL – how has he EVER been running the house?).

Even more mind boggling was Big D telling GC they were on pace to equal Derrick & Cody performance in BB16 (GTFOH).

He’s STILL trying to force feed his “I wasn’t the rogue vote” and that he wasn’t part of SH – with virtually everyone knowing the latter isn’t true & many suspecting the first is also a lie.

Tells Brit he would target “those bitches” (meaning Ky/DX) for taking out Frenchie & has been very derogatory with his Tiff comments although they did make up. He might be doing that to take the emphasis off the Cookout but the degree of his wrath could backfire if Tiff/Ky end up hearing about it.

Also, not much need to worry about him winning HOH b/c he more frequently states he needs his team (Azah/Brit) to win HOH so what needs to be done can be done.

In other words Big D expects to have others take out his main nemesis DH as well as Brent, & Christian b/c he just expects to float to game end

By far these two are my least favorite hamsters. I’m a bit surprised by Azah taking the whole Frenchie thing so personally. In fairness, she’s not aware of all his antics (I think Ky is waiting until he leaves to expose them to her) and she won me back when she noted she called Brent a used car salesman & that Frenchie is like a broken clock (right twice a day).

She also explained to Tiff that her reason for wanting Frenchie to stay was 1) he’s a big target 2) she’s on his team 3) she plays more of a low key game. The first point being the main reason & she seem to be worried about her position in the Cookout.


Team Kings/Queens/DH update:

  • DX plans to throw HOH if Tiff/Claire are up with him so they can target/take out Brent/Whit.
  • DX still isn’t sure if he can trust Christian/Alyssa & he’s at least 1/2 right but not necessarily who you think
  • Each of Ky, X, Tiff, Claire & SB are keen to bring together these two groups.
  • Tiff pushed the idea, Claire stamped it & Ky/X spoke privately about it as did SB/Ky
  • Christian isn’t a fan of Brent & it feels he’s the one more committed to doing this marriage between the groups.
  • Tiff is working Christian to pull him in (much like she did DX) but typically not when Alyssa is around (which is the smart move)
  • Christian plays up being disappointed about SH falling apart but when he talks to DF or Brent it’s pretty clear he’s not onboard with bringing them back together.
  • Perhaps shocking (maybe not) is Alyssa is the only one of the Kings who really wants to work with the Aces. Part of the reason why is Whit is her closest female friend & b/c she’s playing Brent/Christian off against each other.
  • That means if Tiff/Claire or SB were to win HOH she’d likely go along with group choice to target Brent. BUT if anyone else wins watch for her to be the one bringing information to Brent/Whit against the Queens.

I like the fact that people are playing for themselves even if they aren’t doing a great job. I just love the fact that it actually matters who wins what and how they approach some of the players.


Having watched tonight’s episode after watching the feeds, it was interesting how the
1-on1 meetings were edited for storyline. Also, having heard Kyland’s Nomination ceremony speech, I don’t know why Brit was upset; I thought his speech was perfectly reasonable


Frenchie seems to be experiencing PTSD!! Not safe for the other houseguests!!!


Frenchie seems to be experiencing PTSD!!! Safety should be a concern for the other houseguests and he needs to go home!


I have been watching the live feeds… is it just me or did they cast the most boring cast of all time? I can’t cheer any of them on because I keep dozing off.

I have no idea what their game is?… because they are all dull.


its what happens when they focus on sjw’s and diversity over good casting


I hope this cookout blows up in their face(BOOM)
I would put up Tiffany and Azah!

It’s not game related making it about race, I don’t like what they are doing; the whole fake crying missing your kids when Derek x and Alyssa walked in the ship room give me a break!
I hope the wannabe grillmasters BBQ clambake gets roasted into FLAMES! Clever they are not.