“We got rid of 7 people in 57 days .. they want us to get rid of 6 people in 28 days”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Kevin and Enzo
Nominations – Kevin & David
Power of Veto Players are – Cody, Kevin, David, Tyler, Enzo, Nicole
POV Host: – Memphis
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony – Veto was not used. Noms stay the same.
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9:25 am Kevin struggling with his brain worms
Kevin – If Nicole wins at least an HOH and at least a veto and she’s up against Cody I will give her my vote because that’s a finesse to make it to the end and be a winner. that is a finesse.. so ..

10:56 am Dani and Nicole
Dani – the only thing I’m worried about is a triple .. Nicole think of it what if Christmas won it would be the three of us
Nicole – two goes one of us stays
Dani – I know right
Nicole – that’s stupid (wrong)
Dani – anythign else you can get out of.. that’s stupid
Nicole – not cool
Nicole – But if I won the triple that would be (wrong again)
dani – sick as hell
Dani – I just don’t think it’s fair not that this game is fair but you gotta have some shot right?

11:20 am neat shot of the house.


12:49 pm so close..

1:39 pm Sh1tmas, Enzo and Cody
Cody – we’re in the home stretch
Christmas – if you’re final three you’re f***ing cruising
Christmas – for 6 of the 9 of us for the next 3 weeks it’ll be a blood bath
Cody – the bath is filled with blood
Enzo – you’re right YO
Cody – whose blood is it
Christmas – not mine.. I’ll f***ing get dirty (see image.. tell me more about the dirty part)
Cody – I will be sitting in the bath.. or my blood can be in there I dunno.. then I would be in the jury house
Cody says there’s “Some strategy” in this game
Christmas – if you are final 3 whatever strategy fo you have going.. you’re either locked in or..
Cody – if you’re final 5 .
Christmas – that takes a little.. yeah
Cody – you gotta win COMPS you can have all the strategy in the world and not be winning sh1t
Christmas – bye
Enzo – you can’t be mad at your self.. look you had chances and couldn’t do it. You know
Enzo – it’s a blessing to just be in the final 5
Christmas aka the BB Mentat – for everybody that has played this before and we’re all in the same house the majority of us have gone the distance we know what is like. The mental fortitude it takes to get to the end and like not f***ing crack, or spin out, Or lose your mind. Like get really weird more weird than normal.. but like.. you see it people crack in two weeks the first time they play this game. they freak out it’s a little scary..
Enzo – this is allstars season, not your first time playing you know what you got to do .. (could have fooled me Big move Enzo)
Christmas – yup
Feeds cut when we’re back.. Enzo and Christmas alone are talking about Dani and Nicole thinking they were running the house
Christmas – Dani, she’s got to deal with Nicole, she’s got to deal with Cody she doesn’t have to deal with me because she doesn’t want to talk to me
Christmas – between her and Da’Vonne they f***ing have it out for me
Enzo – they’re intimidated by you .. f*** it that’s what it is .. that’s it win an HOH do something
Christmas – she’s going to be pissed.. whatever..
Enzo – she put up 1/2 the house..
Christmas mentions how Nicole is asking her to play in the veto if she gets houseguest choice and asking her if she will use it. Christmas says to Nicole yes but she won’t.
Enzo – no no.. it’s too soon
They laugh
Enzo – it’s like week 15.. it’s too soon
Christmas – you want the veto to be used.. win it
Enzo goes on about how he respects Memphis and likes him says that Memphis has shown him nothing but the greatest respect.
Enzo goes on about how much just being on this show is winning for him he’s thankful for the relationships he’s formed he’s grateful for CBS giving him this opportunity.
Enzo – you’ve been on the same wavelength since the beginning..
They talk about Kevin’s pitch being he’ll be their Pawn.
Enzo – Kevin I love you. I think you’re f***ing awesome and I appreciate that I met you but your time is done in this house. You had the chances to prove yourself win HOH’s and POV’s that’s not our fault I don’t feel bad sending him home.
Christmas – I don’t feel bad sending him home and I don’t feel bad taking a shot at a bigger target if I win HOH
Enzo – I’m with you..
Enzo says Dani is at the top of the list of a lot of people in this house.
Stars.. when we’re back
Talking about Kevin always being on the block
Enzo – it’s over. you pigeon-holed yourself in the love room with Da’Vonne and Dave
Christmas – and DAni
Enzo – yeah a couple of times
Enzo says that Dani is throwing these rogue votes because she’s after Jury votes.
Christmas – you’ll get a jury vote because you are voting for me in the finale
Christmas laughs
Christmas says her boot order is Dani, Nicole then David
Enzo says Nicole is a champion and she’s won nothing “Look where she’s at. If she starts winning sh1t look out”
Christmas says Dani is “Playing Dirty,” thinks that Nicole is more of a threat because of her “smarts” in mental competitions
Christmas – they’re one and the same. they will protect each other if they are HOH and they will go after Pairs.

Memphis joins them. They talk about Nicole he doesn’t think she’s that smart given how she’s playing the game right now
Christmas brings up the fear of Nicole’s mental prowess in Comps.
Memphis says they are mostly crapshoots
Christmas – they’re not they’re about institutional knowledge
Memphis – OTEV there’s luck involved..
Christmas goes on about how she will destroy the slip ‘n slide comp “I will army crawl through that b1tch”
Memphis – we got 6 evictions in 3 weeks.. it’s going to be quick we got to win or we gotta win the POV.

2:27 pm Cody and Memphis
Memphis telling him everything he does he thinks about the two of them and he thinks of himself.

3:14 pm Nicole and Cody
Nicole says she wants Kevin out “For sure”
Cody brings up David bragging about going for the 10 thousand dollars smirking while saying “it’s never been done before”
Cody – yeah.. pure f**ing stupidity
Nicole – it’s nice to have one person that doesn’t know what’s going on
Cody says David only gets his vote in the scenario where he comes up on finale night and says he was acting like he didn’t know what he was doing.
Nicole tells him not to say that if David hears and makes it to final 2 he’ll use that.
Nicole – there’s no way
Cody says it would be the same thing as Victoria getting up in the final 2 and saying it. “there’s no way”

Cody brings up Christmas pointing out that every time they speculate about something production says they are wrong
Cody – why would they do that
Nicole – they may warn us about a triple. We’re short on time.. 28 days max. we got rid of 7 people in 57 days .. they want us to get rid of 6 people in 28 days
Cody – ohh my gosh.. we got rid of 7 in 57 and 6 have to go in 28
Nicole – for the first time I’m scared.
Cody – say you put up Memphis and David and you say to him .. you push for David to go home that will get Memphis to want to go after Tyler.
Cody says Memphis wants David if they get rid of David instead of Memphis it’ll show him that he’s got you.
Nicole – then I’m getting rid of his target
Cody – right.. it will show him that you are game in I want Tyler
Nicole will tell Memphis her number one plan is to backdoor Tyler this week but her backup plan is to take out David.
Cody – but I need you to win the veto because you are the best. (Memphis)
Nicole – what if he says you are the best
Cody – I’m worried about that
Nicole – you’ve won 2 out of 3 vetos.

3:30 pm Cody and Tyler
Cody says certain people are having Convo about the vote because “they still have to make a show”
Cody says Nicole came up hinting about Keeping Kevin. He says he nipped that right away.
Cody – no I’m not going to switch on it.. I feel like there could be an attempt but there’s no shot.. Who can they flip who will the votes be?
Tyler – Memphis seems easier to flip to vote out David than we think
Cody – I dunno.. I think Memphis.. I feel that one it all stems from Dani
Tyler – it always does
Tyler – David is reckless like hell he could be reckless against us but Kevin is more precise he’ could be locked in against us
Cody – theirs a possibility I could go on the block because of David
Tyler – me too I really think he might say f** it all and put us both up
Cody isn’t sure David can even win a competition says there’s not an endurance comp he has a chance against them.
Cody – he doesn’t even know the types of comps that are coming up.. he hasn’t watched the show.. just bits and pieces of yours which tells you nothing about the comps that come up at the end of the game.
Cody says David’s whole thing about flipping the votes was to expose Dani
Cody – what is your stuff David you’re f***ing lost. That’s what makes me nervous he says I can’t be manipulated into doing other people stuff.
Tyler thinks that David might put up Dani and Memphis or you and Memphis.. any of those three
Cody agrees says they all put David up.
They both say they’re telling David Dani is trying to get him out right now.
Cody – I told him you taking the 10 grand was stupid because Dani is already talking about it.

Cody says Dani and Nicole are “So f***ing tight” they’re trying to be in a situation where they are not up against each other
Tyler – if I win Hoh should I go David and Dani or should I go Nicole against Dani?
Cody – I don’t know ..
feeds go to stars When we’re back
Cody – I’m not keeping her (dani)
Tyler – Nicole wouldn’t vote her out I wouldn’t want to leave Nicole out to dry and I wouldn’t want to put Nicole in a position where she has to vote her out
Tyler thinks Nicole will tell Dani “Who will vote her (Dani) out, you, Enzo, Memphis, Christmas.. it’s 6 votes this week.. it’s 5 next week. ”
Cody – she’s gone there no way it doesn’t go that way (Dani)
Cody – if you can keep it and save face with Nicole
Tyler – I don’t want to put Nicole up and next week
Cody – she’s gunning for you.
Cody says if Tyler wins HOH Enzo and him are ridding anything Tyler wants to do.

Cody leaves.. Tyler stays to listen to music for the next 30 minutes

4:00 pm – 5:06 pm backgammon and playing with balls.

5:35 pm Turning to GOD and snacks

5:57 pm Memphis set up a barricade to the key room.

6:45 pm Christmas and Nicole
Nicole – Dani’s like David is going to put me and you up.. I’m like whatever I’ll take my chances I don’t want her to get another number again. I feel like over and over..
Christmas says the worst case scenario David wins puts Dani and Nicole on the block
Nicole – if she goes up she’ll go home
Christmas – hands down she’s going home
Nicole- if you put her up I will not use veto to save her or annnnnnyyyyyyyything

Christmas – there’s no way she’s winning the veto.. no way she’s shooked before going into teh veto.. shooked she gets freaked out. she’s not like you you get dialed in (ZOMG)
Nicole – she’ll throw anybody under the bus.. I will never throw you under the bus

Feeds cut when we’re back they are giggling with Memphis
after he leaves..
Christmas – Her staying in this game freaks me out
Tyler comes in to use the toilet..
After Tyler leaves…
Christmas -I think if she hears that I know she’s coming after me then she’ll be forced to take a shot
Nicole – she doesn’t know she has no idea (If Dani wins HOH he’s targeting Christmas and vice versa.. 1 Hundo)
DAvid comes in to chit chat and to use the toilet.
Christmas forced to stop scheming against Dani.

7:00 pm Cody and Enzo
Cody talking about coaching soccer being his main job but he’s going to do something with real estate. Is worried COVID will impact his job during the winter because they play indoors.

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Cody is so small. I can only dream of Cody vs Enzo on the block.


They are all afraid of Tyler.




When they should actually be afraid of Cody.
Cody’s holed up in the HOH room acting like the Godfather and taking favors on the day his daughter is to be married.
Just in this conversation we can see:

– Memphis is looking out for himself and Cody
– Enzo is looking out for himself and Cody
– Nicole is looking out for herself and Cody
– Tyler is looking out for himself and Cody

Tyler is dangerous, for sure, but Cody has everyone sitting snuggly in his pocket.

I implore these people to WAKE UP!

Golden Gate Granny

Thanks for all the ear shredding work you guys do Simon & Dawg!

Sooo tired of Cody’s voice. It. NEVER. Stops. May he not win another HOH everrrr.


That cinches it. Not knowing how evicting 3 people will work, I want Dani, David, or Tyler to win the next HOH


enzo’s doing really well with jury management. still not sure he can get to the end though (same problem as his first season).


has anyone ever been voted out immediately after winning a prize the same week (that the rest of the house knew about)? seems like an actual good way to deflect attention from yourself as you’re signaling you won’t try in comps and will be an easy target later on.

Native Texan

I knew Cody wasn’t bright but really he thought a Texan was an animal roll ?

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

Cody could not understand all of those comments about states.They all were using the first 3 letters of the state.Floridian,Carolinian,Tennessean ,Texan,and him being from Jersey,I guess that would make him a JER…….(add the appropriate letter to complete).With all due respect to all others from Jersey).

another name

Episode thoughts:
So at least in recap they aren’t calling Enzo a member of the Committee again.
Otherwise same crap edit.

Nomination Reactions:
D/R is about what you would expect: Cody acting like it’s a big move. Kevin acting veto or bust. David acting why not someone else. Tyler excited for prizes.

Nicf still saying Dani made her do it (the last two weeks of lying). Let’s be clear: it was Nicf’s idea to not tell Ian the truth. It was Nicf’s idea to make up the vote flip lie. Dani liked Nicf’s idea. The show is fixing nicegirl image. Look back at the week Ian was on the block and the episodes. She cried about fighting to save Ian in the d/r, but in the house she was crying about having to vote him out and lie to him (a choice, not something required). She made it about her, then got the nicegirl edit. She refused to admit the truth to Da’vonne hoping to use goodbye message again. She voted Da for image, not because she wanted her to stay. Same reason her mother went on social media saying Da’vonne for AFP. Image. And production plays into it with nicegirl edit. So sick of the edit. Quit shining turds and telling the viewers that turds are gold. Sure, Dani is cold blooded, but Nicf is a willing participant.
David comp win crap talk again, which is going to be egg on faces depending on edit. Enzo wants the vote change, so he can cut someone out of committtee and stay in between. In between what? crack the committee in half and pretend to be on both sides. That’s his ambition. He’ll be disappointed. This is what happens when Enzo is putting all of his eggs in a Cody basket. Disappointment.

They are going back a couple weeks for the ‘blackanese’ (his term) otherised talk, and mixing it with week 2 clips and this week talk… it’s a weird edit. Sorry. It is. So many weeks of snippets gathered for a one minute clip.

Christmas and Nicf talk. Nicf is making sure she’s safe no matter what. And she’s putting a bigger target on Dani. Women aimed at women game… the Nicf specialty. Can’t wait for Nicf to tell her real world bff Dani it’s just game. Hey for game it’s a good move to aim 2 people against each other, it’s the entire against other women game that Nicf always plays (3rd season, she’s pushed the narrative against another female 12 times in those 3 seasons, so don’t even) that I’m tired of seeing.
More stuff inserted from talks over a week old (i think) for fluff. The Cody state things. He’s already said he plays in the dumbness for more screen time because screen time equals more social media followers. New School Asshat for followers douchecanoery.

Xmas mad about veto picks. Everybody has to suck up to felony. awww. shaddup crazypants.
Enzo wants to shake up the house… remember when Enzo wanted to shake up the house as HOH by going after someone because they’d said Cody and Tyler’s name? Dance production puppet. Dance.
Veto: Otev the Psychedelic Salamander.
Look for t-shirts amidst pool toys. $10000 t-shirt for first one to get it, but they are out of the game.
Round one: Janelle Ian shirt
David wants to win. Kevin wants to stick it to Cody.
oddity, come shirts are rolled up with an elastic. others are completely loose… where Cody is looking. um. David is going for the money in round one. Xmas is pissed.
Round two: Kaysar Bayleigh shirt
Kevin won the veto in this comp. He’s first to get it. Tyler never wanted to win this. Let’s get real. He’s won this comp before.
Round three: Keesha Nica shirt.
Comes down to a race between Cody and Kevin to the top of the ramp. Cody got to the longer rope first. Look at the ropes. it’s longer. shush.
Round four: Davonne Ian shirt.
Enzo to the first Nicf comedy routine pratfalls. sideye. Something smells.
Round five: Janelle Bayleigh shirt.
Cody wins veto.
Post Veto vibe:
David happy for the money, Kevin hopes that money sends David out, Xmas hopes she’s not backdoored.
House mad that David took money first round. A night of complaining and ass covering is paired down to one minute. Without Dani inclusion, which was a pretty big plot point on feeds to explain turning against Dani… oh. okay.
Veto Ceremony:
not used. David d/r wondering if he made a mistake. Kevin is hoping to capitalize. Xmas is overjoyed and calling herself Mama again.

Two hour episode first triple eviction tomorrow.
I’m annoyed they’ve already tipped them off. Gives them time to strategize in some ways. I’m also annoyed that, by standard rules, Cody will not be able to play in HOH, and in the Can triple for a couple of seasons, he’d be sitting out of veto as well, but he will be in zero danger. That’s just because i dislike the pregaming that marks him as the centre of the entire plot.
Options we have are the Canadian template with three noms save one, or the first unrefined Canadian template which was an instant and a fast track. Difference? Instant has no veto. Chances of option 2? I don’t think they would. The instant has always been a slap in the face because it didn’t give the nominees a chance to fight and stay in the game. Could they play hoh, veto, vote + hoh, veto, vote? logistically they’d need a full staff on hand, meaning exposure to covid possibility for staff and hg’s heightens, likelihood negligible imo in terms of public health and safety concerns. They’ve been limiting the number of staff on comp builds and number of staff that come into contact with hg’s because the staff doesn’t live in a bubble. They’ve had some of the staff working from home as well, so calling in a full staff doesn’t feel right. Just my opinion. I could be wrong easily.


2 hour episode makes me think it will be eviction, hoh, veto, eviction, hoh, veto, eviction. at least two of the comps will be quizzes so they can reuse sets.


Why couldn’t they use the basement they used in the safety suite? Seems like that could have been setup for a while now. Please send Christmas home tomorrow, I have a bottle of wine ready to celebrate that! Nicole is such a rat as is Christmas, they both need to go. Thinking bout, I’m not a fan of any of these people. Right now I’d take Enzo, Dani and Kevin over the rest of the self absorbed freaks!

another name

My reason is camera set ups for live rolling. per comp they need five designated cam set ups one long shot two medium shots on one end of the comp(start line) two med shots on the end line of the comp. on a live-ish episode. The basement isn’t actually in the basement of the house. They are driven to another sound stage area. On a live-ish episode. We are aware from past errors in eviction votings (audio and video errors) that they are not running at full capacity in the control room. The more working parts they add to a live episode, the more chances that it becomes a two hour shit show of unintentional errors.


Hahaha I cracked up reading this (felony)

Golden Gate Granny

Dani’s vengeance face edits? She really should do horror films. She gave me the chillies. In the land of never ending fire even. Her crazed face is fuquin’ scary, yo!

another name

I really think they are trying too hard with the Dani as villain edit. She already is, they don’t have to try.
The entire throw Nicf’s choices on Dani and then yell, hey Dani’s a witch so throw her in the lake, if she drowns cool, if she’ floats burn her at the stake thing JUST to make Nicf look better? It’s annoying af.
I’m not a Dani fan. Wasn’t a Dani fan in her first or her second season (they’d better do their best to remember that she was a bitter jury vote last time voting for her friend Porsche over her enemy Rachel who cares about what game they played). But it is totally screaming trying too hard at this point.

Roisin Dubh

She’s Harley Quinn.

The Beef

The whole Nicole trying to get up the slope thing looked completely staged! My first reaction was, here we go again – she’s throwing because both David and Kevin are out now, and she doesn’t want to risk eliminating and thus pissing off Cooooooooody. But I also thought it would play into the whole image rehabilitation thingy with the “Oh my, look how cute she looks busting her ass trying to get up that slope! And she’s smiling the entire time!”

I wondered why she didn’t just move over to her left to the much longer rope you mentioned that Cody had used before? I mean why not use that one if you really wanted to get up the damn slope? But no, it’s much cuter to wait and let Enzo and Coooooody drag you up there after you’ve been eliminated from the competition, as if there was no other way you could ever get up to the top (despite having done so easily in the earlier rounds).


big brother boring THE MASKED SINGER ROCKS

Guy From Canada

I’d rather watch Love Island. Shame it’s finale was tonight


I need to see if my memory is correct. On most seasons that there has been a double eviction, hasn’t either the houseguest who needed it the most or the the houseguest who hadn’t won HOH before been the one who wins the Double Eviction night HOH?

another name

Describe the perfect HOH comp for Nicf to win?
Julie: house guests, this HOH is up for grabs. Literally. When I say go, you will wrap your hand around the tube in front of you and work your hand in an up and down motion until you build up enough pressure in the tube that the liquid inside explodes from the top.

another name

Well we already know Xmess’ is a bumper car themed one, where you have to repeatedly bash into the cut out of another houseguest.


If that’s the case, I hope those tubes are industrial strength. Girl has been working that grip strength fast and furiously for years.

Guy From Canada

how many coins can you fit up your nose at the same time

another name

Petty thought.
Let’s pretend I’m David. Let’s pretend I’m a juror. Let’s pretend Cody is in final 2.
Me being petty thinks that I would say:
D: you have 10 seconds to convince me why i should vote for you. 10,9,8,7,6
after Cody’s answer I’d say:
You failed miserably there.

Turn the obnoxious little dipshit’s pre veto meeting ‘joke’ back against him by throwing his own words back at him as a point to say how you treat people in the house matters.


Okay burning on the inside reading Christmas talking to Nicole… there is nothing more I want than for her to be out on Thursday.. her shock, disappointment, annoyance, being thrown off her high horse, realizing that Dani has gone further than her.. NOTHING will bring me more pleasure! A lot of the times “the villian” has made it to the final two! I really hope Dani turns on her witch powers and smokes Christmas in this HOH, I think Dani realizes she is in trouble and I think she is severely under estimated when it comes to competitions in this season, although she has been saying “I can’t win anything”.. she has done well in the things she actually wanted, the power and the golf money. I truly believe she threw everything else, trying to convince the house she isn’t a good competitor has worked for her so far. I hope it works so well that she destroys Christmas and Im very curious as to what Nicole would do if she herself wins HOH.


My hopes exactly, send Christmas packing!

Guy From Canada

Actually the fans want 8 people gone now…


Nicole single handedly ruined this season of being a Kracken season! Her flipping on Ian killed our chances at really being entertained. Like Memphis said up top she is not playing smart! If she would have voted Tyler out she would be in a great position with the numbers…. It would have been Nicole, Dani, Ian, Davonne, David n Kevin VS Memphis, Xmas, Enzo n Cody! She still could have Kept Cody close to her and Dani!!! No one would have been mad Tyler was gone but they would have lost all of their big Group power control ( mainly Cody). He would have had to work with Nicole n Dani still because they would have had the numbers then…


O….M…..G….I think Nicole has actually started to play the game