Dani “If David gets HOH we just have to convince him that Memphis was going to backdoor him.”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Kevin and Enzo
Nominations – Kevin & David
Power of Veto Players are – Cody, Kevin, David, Tyler, Enzo, Nicole
POV Host: – Memphis
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony – Veto was not used. Noms stay the same.
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7:20pm The house guests are sitting around chatting. Memphis and Cody are making dinner.

7:50pm Bedroom. Dani and Nicole.
Nicole says that David hasn’t pitched to her at all. He did the day before the veto was used. Did he make you feel okay or no? Dani – I don’t know.. I feel like he is always just telling me what I want to hear to be honest. Nicole – that sucks! Dani – he blamed everything on DaVonne basically. Nicole – oh really? I don’t trust him.. but what are you going to do. Dani – all I told him was look you’re not my target. I was not coming after you. You can believe whatever you want to believe but that is the truth. Whatever! If he gets HOH we just have to convince him that Memphis was going to backdoor him. Nicole – yeah. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Dani – if he (Kevin) goes .. who is he (David) going to go to? Nicole – Cody. Dani – which we have some pull. He (Cody) and I talked forever last night about life and stuff. It is so weird because I don’t want to say a lot in common because its not that but we just very very easily get along. Like it is very strange. He is easy to talk to and we can relate on a lot of things. I told him if you ever evict me I will kill you. Nicole – that is funny. I like want to hate him but I genuinely like like him. Like I like talking to him. Like when he opens up and stuff you know?! Its really weird. Its really annoying. But in this game I don’t like him.. don’t get it twisted! Nicole – I don’t feel that at all with him. Dani – because you don’t have real talk with him. I don’t have any talks with Enzo anymore. Its like he doesn’t have anything to say. I am ready .. lets get on with this eviction. They (Kevin and Day) will have fun together. Nicole – yeah. She probably doesn’t want to see him but wants to you know what I mean?

8:40pm The house guests are getting ready to eat..

9pm Lounge room. Kevin talking to the cameras.
Kevin – it is looking bleek.. It doesn’t feel the same as other times on the block. Memphis told me flat out he won’t vote for me.. when I thought he would. Enzo told me that he won’t vote for me unless Cody gave him the thumbs up. The idea of Cody giving him a thumbs up is so slim. It was slim before I even talked to him. I get the feeling that Nicole is patronizing me just so she can get a jury vote from me. I think Dani would but one person is not enough. Dani might convince Nicole. Christmas might but I don’t .. even that is a long shot. Like 50/50 chance she will. I don’t think I have Tylers. It is coming down to basically Cody because Cody has to give Enzo the feeling like he is neutral. Enzo has to feel like he is safe to vote for me. Like all Cody has to do is say na bra .. Kevin has to go. I want you to know that I tried and didn’t give up. I needed that veto and I didn’t win it.

9:40pm HOH room. Cody and Enzo.
Enzo – I keep envisioning it! I keep envisioning us in the end. Can you imagine like the flight home?! Like we F**KING DID IT! Cody – there is a lot to go still. Enzo – And this part of it is going to get F**king hard yo! Lets just have fun man that’s it! If they put me on that block I am going to f**King ___ out. Cody – Memphis said if he wins he is going to put up David and Nicole and tell Nicole is a pawn. And I think he means it that he wants David out. Memphis joins them.

Enzo – I want David to go so bad YO! For real bro! F**K! There are things that are starting to annoy me. Its your HOH and he (David) is making money (Won 10K in the veto) on your HOH! Because I told him (Cody) once they’re (Kevin / David) out, I am going for the money. And he was like alright no problem. Then the first.. up the f**king hill and I am like MOTHERF**kER YO! Memphis – I looked at that as so many levels of annoyance. Enzo – so disrespectful. And we can’t get rid of him because Kevin is the target. But this just makes his target even bigger. Next week we need to send him out no matter what. Memphis – then we just have to fight and we got to win. And if we win, we’re good. And to be honest with you as long as no one thinks that we’re together it adds our odds up crazy because then we’re not going to end up on the block together. Cody – I think we’re in a good spot to just win. Kevin knows what to say. David is just f**king lost. Enzo – he is a good kid but that just rubbed me the wrong way. Memphis – but next week it just give a good reason to get him out. And we should be peddling that to everyone. Lets get him out so that they don’t fire missiles at us. That will be an easy week to get him out. Cody – but if you put him up against someone else .. people will be uhh.. David sucks! They talk about how Christmas is a soldier. Memphis – if she wins and wants Dani out .. we will have to back her.

10:47pm Big Brother blocks the feeds…

11:03pm The feeds return.. Christmas is talking to Memphis about fights she has with Zeb and how he sometimes doesn’t understand. I’m like are you f**king with me?! Are you f**king with me?! And then I remember he’s a man.

11:07pm Big Brother blocks the feeds again..

11:31pm The feeds return..

12:15am All the house guests are sleeping.

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BBAS2 baby

Can they stop shaming David for taking the money?? Anyone who has a brain would go for it knowing their game is done next week.
Jealous a holes


And Dani is the main one saying things. I wish David knew she has the $5,000.. And it would’ve been $10,000, if Tyler didn’t tie her score in the comp.
She’s just mad because she wanted the whole amount. Lol

Dropping a Deuce in Frisco

I have a feeling that Dani is not going to survive Thursday……fingers crossed that she gets evicted.

Money money money

They are just mad that he took it and they didn’t even really have an opportunity to try for it. They probably thought. I won’t take it in round one. Maybe round 2 or 3 and here comes David taking that opportunity from them. Lol. Idiots. Get a grip. I’m glad David did it. He’s still an idiot but an idiot that is 10,000 richer.

Just Sayin'

Its not like I don’t think he deserves the money, but this is big brother. Like he was on the block and could have won the veto and chose not to. That is stupid and totally against everything that big brother is lol, if he pulled himself off and won hoh next week, how is that not better for his game? How about showing people that you fight even when you’re an underdog? As a big brother fan this is unacceptable, its like throwing the veto away

Game fan

That’s true. It’s different from danni trying for money instead of a hoh that she doesn’t really felt the need to. (Even though..she needed to) or trying for power she didn’t wanna be in again. David didn’t even waited for Kevin to be out of the comp.. he didn’t gave himself even a chance.


He knows he’s almost done unless he can win veto until the end.


He was told he was safe this week by Cody! Still knowing it’s only one week more to be there but it was the best thing to do by getting that 10k

Just Sayin'

Would you believe the hoh or Cody?! Pawns go home, fight for your life like your always going home


I just noticed how good Enzo is at telling everyone what they want to hear.


He’s the master at appeasing everyone.

“Right” or “They all gotta go” or “I just want us to get rid of people right now”

He’s typically is “Sure, sure Yo” It’s him agreeing without agreeing.

The funny thing is early in the game I noticed he just would agree but lately I’ve noticed he’s been doing a lot of instigating the conversations and then going to Cody mostly but also the others to complain about how they never stop talking with Xmas & Dani his main targets.

Tom is a Canuck

I am so sick of Enzo and his broing down. He follows his same dumbass script with everybody. I’m sure everybody is onto him now but just faking that they like him. Is he eye challenged?


Nah I don’t think everyone is onto him. I think he’s set himself up in a prime position as I never hear anyone talkin about how annoyed w/ him they are…or they need to get him out. As TTOTambz said…he is a master at appeasing everyone and w/ all their egos…they just eat it up.


Disrespectful to take the money??? It’s a game where you can win prizes and money. David should just sit back like a stooge? While everyone else talks about taking the money?

They are MAD that a guy who they deem “clueless” was able to find his way to $10,000!

David may he BB dumb but he’s not leave $10,000 for someone else to get dumb when he’s a constant target/pawn.

They say David is clueless in the game and when the committee got suckered out of $10,000 and they still want Kevin out over David. He is “winning”. THAT is why they are mad. They need/want to get rid of Kevin. How dare David not stay clueless for them to use and go home with no money!
I wonder how the families of these players are viewing this.

Franks Farts Are Juicy

You go on Big Brother to win the game. That is the reason you are there. If you are on the block there is a chance you will go home and miss out on $500,000. Winning veto is the only guaranteed way you stay and get to compete for that 500G. If they ask him back in the future he shouldn’t waste everyone’s time. Let’s not pretend that real competitors would ever give up on themselves. He’s a disappointment and has been all year.

Tom is a Canuck

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I’m sure the families are supportive of their spawn.


Just give Cody the money he is calling all the shots and they are letting him!

Dropping a Deuce in Frisco

I’m not going to be surprised if Cody is one of the last two standing.


Yea this week they are, cause he’s HOH. I don’t think he’s running it though.


Warning: avoid this post if you dislike long reads.

The house is buzzing after Dr. Will’s message and unfortunately Tyler shared that he thought it was a triple eviction. I wish he would’ve kept that to himself .. but I also understand why he would tell Enzo so they have their ducks in a row.

Dani’s face tells the story of how worried she is — she KNOWS she is one of the biggest targets and has worked Xmas & Memphis HARD this week to try to get them on her side. It worked with Memphis – not so much with Xmas. She also noted Enzo is barely speaking to her anymore, particularly about game. Part of that was also a test of Nicole IMHO.

The other big development is Cody is now shifting off Ty — or APPEARS to be based on his Enzo chats. However, if Cody thinks about this he knows Enzo has two separate F3’s with Memphis which should tell him Memphis is aligning his game to knock out Cody to take Enzo to F2 instead. If he (or the DR gives him that knowledge) watch for things to shift. It’s clear why Enzo is suddenly pushing for Ty to go b/c he does think Memphis will take him & that he can beat him.

So moving into the triple eviction — based on chats this is how I think the seven hamsters would handle winning HOH:

Untouchable: Cody, Enzo, Christmas
Two target nominees: David, Tyler
Third nominee/pawn: Nic
Replacement: Dani

Notes: Based on what Memphis told Cody he was going to put up Nic as a pawn – I think he’s leaning toward Nic for a couple of reasons. He believes that would ensure David’s eviction. Second, deep down I think Memphis wants Nic out to remove the potential for Cody to take her to F2. A key note is none of the evictees recognized Memphis was in the big alliance and once they learn he created it that would push many to vote him the winner.

Influence: Winning HOH could be tricky for Memphis as it would show Xmas, Enzo and Cody where his true allegiance rests. They’ll want him to put up Dani and their preference would be to take her out before Tyler. The problem is (like with Janelle/Kaysar) he feels safe with her so he’ll put up Tyler instead which should also be a warning to his allies just how safe he is.

The big issue would be whether Cody pushes to keep his true F2 (Nic) or if he recognizes he’ll need to keep Ty to go after Dani since she’s obviously safe with Memphis & they would only have Xmas to target her.

Untouchable: Memphis, Tyler, Enzo
Two targets: Dani, Nic
Third nominee/pawn: David?
Replacement: Cody?
Notes: She’s unaware of how big the target is on her and how many people really want her gone. Therefore a few well placed words could find her taking a big swing to take out a big fish.

Influence: Memphis has her ear & will try to get her to target Tyler and I think Enzo & Cody will also push for that. But she has a F2 with Tyler so I think she’ll listen to what he says knowing that keeping him in the game is good for her (shield).

Tyler will tell her Cody/Enzo & Memphis are in a trio & have a F3 deal it will give her pause. While Ty needs Cody in the game as a target he’s also aware how he’s got protection everywhere. Because they are close I think she’ll tell him about the Wise Guys (if she hasn’t already). How Ty processes that information will be critical and depending on whether she has to put up a replacement or not. I think Ty would use her HOH to garner favor with Cody and if he won POV & Cody was on the block I could also see him save Cody which would then put him back in good stead with Cody.
Untouchable: Cody
Two targets: David, Tyler
Third nominee/pawn: Memphis or Xmas
Replacement: Dani or Xmas?
Notes: Unlike Enzo, Nic sees through Cody’s F2s and for that reason she’ll try to cut at least one of his ties. B/c Cody talks to her a lot she knows his affinity is to Enzo, Memphis and recently David. Also, b/c of what happened with Da’Vonne she also knows her path to winning is almost erased. That means she needs to make a BIG move but would she be willing to cut ties with Cody in order to make the biggest move of the season? (doubt it)
Influence: Cody is probably the only person she’ll listen to which is why she’ll shift from nominating Memphis to Ty. She isn’t as keen to take out Xmas as others, has a vendetta against Dani b/c of the pinned vote & knows Enzo/David could usurp her F2 wth Cody. Still what she should do and what she will do are two different things.
Untouchable: Does she have one? I’d say Cody and Nic but they are all disposable.
Two targets: Tyler, Xmas
Third nominee/pawn: David
Replacement: Enzo

Notes: Dani knows she is public enemy number one. Winning HOH would buy her some leverage. The conversation with Tyler would be the most important and he should try to see her last so she has no time to fact check. He’d need to convince her in a short discussion that everyone in the house was going to put her up with Cody/Nicole each aware of that fact. He could say to her I’ve got no F2 and I know Cody/Enzo/Memphis have a F3 & want to bring Nic, David with them so let’s partner up and shake things up.

Influence: She’ll listen to what Cody says but only if it gives her some sort of guarantee he’s got her back. If she feels things are still slipping out of her control I could see her taking a shot at Enzo. As per above I doubt she’d bite on Ty’s offer but if he won POV her smartest move would be to pull him in a room & say OKAY TRUCE – I give in – we are now F2 partners so you tell me who do you want up as the replacement and who do you want to save? Tyler of course would have no reason to trust her afterward but if he could take out a target it could work. Given David & Xmas would still be on the block his best bet would be to tell her – you have two choices we either put up Memphis and Nicole & I vote to save Xmas or you put up Cody and we save David b/c we have to take out the duos and the strongest member of those duos. I highly doubt she’d take the shot at Cody but you never know.

Untouchable: No one
Two targets: Dani, Nicole, Memphis
Third nominee/pawn: NONE – he wants all 3 of the above gone
Replacement: Who knows?
Notes: As per above, Tyler saved him whereas Cody nominated him & Xmas shared intel with him. He sees through a lot of Enzo’s double speak. I think he might put up Cody b/c he nominated him.
Influence: Again, I’m not sure he believes or trusts anyone but if anyone has a voice I’d lean to maybe Ty based on early game ties & his actions last week.

Untouchable: Cody, Memphis
Two targets: Dani, Tyler/Nic (?)
Third nominee/pawn: David?
Replacement: who knows

Notes: I don’t think Enzo even tries to win b/c he’s the safest in the house and he’d have to show his hand. If he put up Xmas she’d freak out on him & it would show Memphis he’s not trustworthy. If he puts up Tyler his game is toast to the jury b/c he’ll tell them Enzo played Cody’s game not his own. What he should want to do is remove any/all Cody F2s which would mean he should target Nic/David with Dani since she would cut him in a hot sec.

Influence: Cody is his influence but Enzo needs to start displaying some savvy. The fact he isn’t more worried about Nicole is surprising. It’s reading between his double speak b/c he tells Cody one thing & others another. His true desire is to get to the end with Cody, David & Memphis b/c he thinks they’ll all take him to F2.

The problem is the option of having David available could mean he wouldn’t land in a F2 chair b/c you’d have to be crazy not to pick him if you have the choice. Let’s keep an eye on DR talks with Enzo in the coming days b/c him suddenly pushing for Tyler to go is a new development (see notes on Cody at the top).

Untouchable: Not sure anyone is but Xmas/David are who he’s likely to keep off the block
Two targets: Dani, Memphis (but see below)
Third nominee/pawn: Nic
Replacement: It will depend entirely what information he learns in the brief chats

Notes: Ty is the one guy in the house I have any hope can still break up what Cody wants. The question is whether Enzo in his paranoia would tell Ty what’s really going on. If he outs that Cody isn’t his friend then Ty won’t be afraid to make a move

Influence: No one – Ty will do what he wants for his game & depending on what each person says to him in those few minutes will be key to who goes up. Dani will be the primary target but he won’t be averse to cutting Memphis or breaking up Enzo/Cody.

If Tyler wins either of triple eviction (TE) HOH or POV we should get some good intel in his chats with the hamsters. Odds are at least two of them would divulge how low he is on the totem pole. Once he has that information he’s the one person I could see changing his nominations. Ideally he’ll want to keep Xmas/David & Cody/Enzo off the block to prove he has their backs and to work with them moving forward. But…

Dani will go for broke & tell him everything she knows, Enzo will spin webs but if a replacement is required he’ll get more nervous. Cody too will try to dictate who goes up. Xmas will keep it real with him & may even tell him how Enzo is in the Wise Guys which would show Ty how intricate the deals are that Cody/Memphis/Enzo all have.

B/c people panic in these situations & Ty will remain calm he has the potential to do the most damage. He already knows Cody has deep ties everywhere AND he is armed with the knowledge that while Cody/Enzo both knew what Dani was doing they did NOTHING to protect him or stand up for him.

What we should want to happen

In a season of boredom and pre-alliances dictating every week this triple eviction will finally shake things up. But if the two players leaving in the triple eviction are Dani & Tyler then the season is a complete failure. We can lose one of them but not both.

The reality is whether you love Dani or not the best thing that could happen for the season would be if somehow Tyler & Dani compared notes to realize they are the two biggest targets and the only way to shift the season would be if they paired up. The problem of course is Dani has been anything but trustworthy so she isn’t someone that Ty can feel comfortable working with sadly.

The other thing to wish for is one of Tyler, Christmas or David winning HOH. It always seems like DE (or triple in Canada) ends up falling into the hands of someone you don’t expect to win so watch David win it. THAT would be deserving of this season. At least those 3 would be open to taking out two of Dani, Nic, Cody, Memphis or Enzo.

While Cody is playing the game it’s come with so much help (Derrick/Grodner) so getting him out would make a lot of fans cheer with joy. The ONLY way that happens is if he’s on the block with Enzo as well as one of Dani or Memphis as the third nominee.

At this point I just want to see two of Cody, Dani, Memphis leave and Tyler to be safe so there is some semblance of a season played in the final weeks. As much as I want him to win HOH to be safe I’d almost prefer David or Xmas win it & he wins POV followed by him winning the F6 HOH so he has a week to get information from everyone – – he needs that at this point to piece together some of the puzzle he’s missing.

Whatever happens I’m pulling for drama on Thursday so let’s see some blood and outing of information. Here’s hoping Cody, Memphis and Enzo specifically have secrets outed that puts them in a less comfortable position moving forward.


I love reading these – thanks so much for taking the time post this! It’s a difficult season when there’s really no one left in the house you’re rooting for. On the one hand it’s good not to care, LOL…but there’s no “payoff” when someone crappy gets evicted because that brings someone else crappy closer to the win.


I enjoyed this very much and even more so because I agree!! As much as I hate Dani, her staying in the house keeps it interesting. On BB15. I felt the same way about Amanda, but as soon as she left it was boring. I will still be happy to see Dani go though!
I still cant fathom why production gave them the hint about a triple eviction!!! I have tried to see it from all angles and there is no good reason to not blindside them with this news!! Frustrating!!


It’s funny you said that b/c the other post I put up today I had started last week and finally got time to finish it early this AM.


As usual great analysis. However I don’t think they will be doing this triple eviction the way BBCAN does. I think it will be 3 single evictions (initial eviction, typical double eviction that follows and then a third eviction with a separate HOH and POV) with traditional 2 nominees since it is a 2 hours show and BBCAN does their triple in an hour. There would be no need for the extra hour if they are doing the triple like BBCAN. In that case, I think the winner of the 2nd eviction HOH may be in trouble. This is the one time I can see one of the committee taking a shot and if the wrong person wins the 3rd eviction HOH, the 2nd eviction HOH will be a sitting duck.


Yeah – I brought that up earlier this week – in essence two separate evictions (one in the first Initially I was thinking the same thing (2 separate 2 person nom hours with individual evictions) b/c of the 2 hours but Another Name suggested that one triple eviction (with 3 noms) is more likely.

Then I vacillated to think you know what it would make sense to do the TE in the two hours b/c it would afford them the ability to touch on anything related to Will but more importantly it would offer them more time between the HOH having to pick noms & the POV.

Typically there is a single commercial break for the hamsters to get in 15 secs with the HOH or POV holder. With a longer time frame it would afford them time for every hamster to talk to the HOH/POV holder. Given at least one Committee member (or meow meow) will be leaving there is bound to be some drama & tension.

Even though there isn’t much excitement with the existing noms (ie. it’s what we expected & just more of the same) there has been a lot more game talk. I noted early this week how it seemed a lot more people not named Dani were talking game suddenly so there would be segments with Cody & his F2s (Enzo/Nic/Memphis) & both Wise Guys alliance members. Plus there is the Nic/Dani falling out, Ty’s rising target & David being Victoria’d/goated.

They might also show family videos which would take up more time.

Basically I could see it going either way with two separate two noms each taking place in an hour time span (or splitting the time after the initial opening & eviction) or the single 3 nom option. Let’s just say Another Name swayed me proving yet again why he should play BB b/c of his persuasiveness lol


Isn’t the first 30m going to be the regular eviction and then 45m each for the next 2?


This is what I think as well. I think an immediate vote and eviction (Kevin/David)…and then a double eviction.

Tom is a Canuck

Thanks TTOTambz! I’ll be sure to refer back to this tomorrow.

The Beef

Outstanding as usual! I’m also hoping that Xmas, Tyler or David win the HOH Thursday night (if there’s only one) and finally get this game started. Would love to see Dani, Nicole, or Cody walk out that door after Kevin does – any two of them. And if not those three maybe David or Memphis would be my next choice.

I just want to get the damn game started. I’m tired of having the same players on the block week after week. Let’s get the blood flowing!!!!!!!

Lady E

I think Enzo might get 3rd place again, if he’s not careful. I mean, Hayden evicted him. Cody might also do the same.


I like the analysis but then you stoop to Grod somehow helping Cody win HOHs and POVs? Just stop.


You don’t think Cody had an advantage in the 1st HOH when he could see which of the stools not to step on? But then for each subsequent hamster she waited for them to stop moving before the next person came from behind the screen? Or the fact Ian made a comment to Nic A about Cody’s HOH (before they even competed?)


Boring… Nothing is happening at all! Even with the thought of a triple eviction coming everyone is still targeting David next! It’s no way David makes out of the triple eviction……


I just want David to win 1 of these HOH on Thursday and hopefully takes out Cody or Memphis. After that David can go and be just as lost in the jury house – with an extra 15 grand in his pocket. He deserves that money as I feel BB production through him to the sharks by casting him in the first place. I thought last years cast was bad but this one is not much better.


I meant to say 10 grand, my bad.


Warning – this is a long post – skip it if you prefer to avoid long reads — and yes two in one day (I had time)

Spotlight on Dani:

Dani has vaulted to inarguably the biggest target in the house. Without question she created most of these problems by spreading too many seeds in too many places. The situation became caustic b/c the 9 people remaining are comprised of a 6 person alliance plus 1 Meow Meow. Since they’re all incestuously intertwined those seven have no reservations about fact checking. The resulting effect was Dani’s double talk got exposed on a much more frequent basis.

Her HOH amplified the spotlight on her especially when she went rouge with her own agenda. The choice to put up Ty instead of Day was one thing BUT the bigger issue was not sticking to her choice and finishing what she started. That shows she hadn’t fully thought it through. Her intention was always to backdoor Tyler not have him on the block from the start. The problem is Dani tried to play too cute & keep all her options open & putting Ty on the block wasn’t a small move – going for broke like that required the full commitment which meant she needed to get Nic/Day solidly on board to vote out Ty & tie in Ian, Kevin and David & commit to going after Cody, Enzo, Xmas & Memphis.

Her failure to a) foresee the options of abandoning that choice and b) look ahead to realize not doing that meant she’d have to concede to who Cody wanted evicted (Ian) which then would jeopardize her & Nic. By not sticking to her initial choice and backing out of her plan it began the domino effect of where she finds herself in current day.

Disclaimer: While you may not like the way Dani plays or her tactics at least she’s playing the game AND if she were a man who was owning their deviousness (like she is in the DR) would we be as quick to judge her? Personally I don’t like her sloppiness BUT I respect that she’s one of the few not resting on her laurels and I’ve credited males for similar game play in the past. therefore I give her credit for being the master of her own destiny.

With that – let’s dive into the other dynamics that led to the progression of the dominoes and how some of her allies are now keen to get her out…

Cody: is manipulating to get what he wants BUT — how much of that can we credit to his skill and how much is tied to TPTB or Derrick’s preseason cookie cutter strategy/boot order? Since he’s tied into five F2’s each individually doesn’t want to go against him (or production demands) which means half of his job is accomplished before he “LIKE” opens his “LIKE” mouth. To wit, Cody also spills a ton of information (like Dani) the ONLY difference is no one tells on him b/c they are scared of the Golden Production Goose.

Cody’s has two issues with Dani — first she has zero desire to take out his priority targets even pressing her point about give and take — “I’ll vote out Day but then you have to give me who I/we (her/Nic) want next.” Her second sin is failing to be devoutly faithful to him. Learning she had bad mouthed him to others, lied about things he said (or told the truth but shared them) doesn’t sit well with Cody.

Hell, we just saw him lose his mind for a day and a half b/c Kevin called him privileged so this type of disloyalty from Dani won’t be tolerated. It’s a “good for the (golden) goose but not the gander” bs rationale but nonetheless it exists especially with the females of the house. Again, Cody can say crap all day long about others, share with everyone anything he’s told & there are no repercussions. Case in point – he already told Nic about the Wise Guys 2.0 Xmas version & it’s only a matter of time before he tells Ty in case she hasn’t shared it with him.

The final straw was Memphis telling him Xmas was worried she was the backdoor option. The reality is — she was. Although Dani likely did tell her Cody didn’t want to sit with her in F2 I’m not sure she was guilty of sharing that ditty about her being the replacement. Ty & Enzo were more likely the culprits & told Xmas to say Dani told her.

And now Dani is the Goose’s priority boot & once they discover it’s a triple eviction he’ll be on everyone else to ensure she’s evicted b/c there won’t be enough time for her to spin a web & they won’t have to deal with the after math— she’ll just be gone.

In this case though – I think it’s b/c she’s too hard for him to “manage”.

Sssssscole: Again, Dani was the catalyst for part of this during her HOH – and could’ve saved herself a lot of trouble had she nominated Day instead of Tyler initially. Yet, the truth is the demise of BFF’s Dani & Nic extends back much further.

A week prior to her HOH Dani said something to Cody about Nic that pissed her off so Sssscole had been waiting to respond (which she did by sharing something with Ty & oblivious to why Ty then questioned Dani who subsequently caught Nic in a lie).

It’s consistent to who Nic is — she plays the fake niceness card & whines but her dominant traits are being VENGEFUL & JEALOUSY. It’s one thing to be told what to do by her Alpha male meat shield but she’d never give a strong female the same courtesy.

Ian’s nom/eviction only served to widen the fracture and the piece d’ resistance was Nic getting wall yelled for the pinned David vote. She begged Dani to come up with a plan — it was up to Nic to do it or use a more reasonable ‘I don’t trust David -I’m scared’ excuse. THAT is on Nic – – not Dani. That Nic expected Dani to throw away her game to share the blame again shows her true character. This is coming from a girl whose won the money already but she’s so angry & jealous she can’t win now that she’s invested in making sure her BFF (even outside the house) can’t win either. Pick your adjective – petty, selfish, greedy, jealous …. They all fit.

The rest of the hamsters: Dani’s worked hard all week to try to repair some damage and plant more seeds (hey it’s in her DNA). It’s worked with Memphis but she senses how far removed Enzo has become. She’s also trying to sell the “best alliance ever” to Xmas knowing how much she loves the Committee but it’s not working.

She doesn’t really give David the time of day b/c she doesn’t respect his game. As for Tyler she’s putting in work to save her own ass but Ty sees right through her — although this pair should really try to get past their differences b/c together they could stop the Cody inevitable win.

Ultimately as my previous post noted aside from Memphis or Nicole she’s likely sitting on the block as one of the initial three nominees and has a ton of work to do to stay past Thursday.

For fans, I’ll reiterate the point that while her game is messy at least she’s playing which is more than we can say for the majority of the hamsters.

Tom is a Canuck

Dani is at least working hard unlike most of the others.


Great analysis again but then you mention her gameplaybis only viewed as negative because shes a woman. She’s playing the game and there’s no gender issue here.


Curious if anyone caught David when talking to the live feeders about winning $10k? He told them he would give a PORTION of his extra money earned to BLM movement?

I’m not chastising him for taking the money I’m just curious. He’s told Tyler if he wins AFP he’ll donate the money and told Cody & others he was donating the $10k.

I prefer the game players/strategists but Dr. Will (my all-time favorite) would have most definitely gone for the money & prizes… I’m just trying to decipher if David actually has a plan & like Ian did early in the game maybe this whole time he’s been playing naive. Based on his heart to heart chats with Bay/Day it’s doubtful but how great would it be if that turned out to be the case?

Side note: gotta give Dani credit – not one person suspected her for winning the $5k. The fact she was so blatant about calling out Ty & David though would’ve immediately led me to think it was her – “me thinks thou doth protest too much”.


BLM has plenty of wealthy donors, he should keep the money, he deserves it.


Soros mainly

Tom is a Canuck

I think a portion of him is sincere about giving a portion of his winnings. The other portion of him feels guilty about betraying Kemi in his last season and appearing to look like an “Uncle Tom” then and now also again to the community with Bay and Day.


Dani wasn’t on the block and trying to fighting for veto to get off the block to stay in the game . I believe that’s the issue. IMO he felt safe so he took the money instead of trying to win the veto. Cody told him he was a pawn.

Big Brothers secret Contestant

he wasnt gonna wain the game.. why not get as much money as he can… fuck the other houseguests

Darrell Harris

This season is such BS, every week its more of the same. The committee running things and bullying everyone else around. I cant wait til tyler, cody, enzo ,and memphis have to cut each other to rty and win. And jury isnt gonna like any of them

Dropping a Deuce in Frisco

I don’t think you are going to enjoy how this season plays out. The jury is probably going to end up choosing from the winner from two committee members.


Sadly Cody spelled it out earlier in saying the more time on TV you get the more followers you get and the more money you can get. So it has become how long can I stay on the screen rather than can I get to the end to get the prize. That’s another reason so many of the recent casts have simply gone with whatever group forms in the beginning which allows them to sit around and try to win over followers either with the super staged DR moments and comments or by just playing for AFP (James).

The Beef

Bullying? Seriously? Have you seen Season 19? If you want to see some bullying, I suggest you go back and watch that one. This season is BS, I agree with that, and boring, but nobody is getting bullied in that house, at least not to the extent of Season 19.


People are just dumb. Pedophile Paul and his crew should have been beaten for their antics. Cody showed too much restraint.

another name

We’ve reached that time of the week where the nominee fighting to stay gets made fun of and insulted behind their back for not accepting defeat and waiting by the door to leave. I hate this time of the week.
I do honestly think many of the large alliance are making an incredible error. Nah, not in terms of David v. Kevin. That’s pretty much irrelevant. The error is the way that they treat the nominee they’ve decided is leaving, hoping a goodbye message will clear things up. Goodbye messages will give background information, but, will it assuage bruised egos and hurt feelings? Say what you will about juries recognizing game, but natural inclination is to recognize the game in conjunction with being shown respect (ie. Ian will stick to his voting system. Da’vonne will lend more credence to the hg’s that were more honest with her than saying ‘i don’t know’ when asked about the vote), Kevin’s bitterness (it’ll happen given his personality) will be fed by Da’vonne. Someone is going to be bitter by tomorrow’s added evictions. Which table are they going to sit at? Ian’s three legged table of analytical voting, or Da’vonne and Kevin’s table of bile? If both of tomorrow’s added evictees are sitting at Da’vonne’s table of judgement: that’s 4 votes already, and 5 wins the game. Seriously. Tomorrow someone is going to take the first big shot, and that shot will be taken because they won’t have to face the house guests being taken out (adding to boldness)… without goodbye messages. No bandaid. Bitterness is likely.
Jury management is more than a goodbye message. That’s all I’m saying.




Agreed 100%

I find it so distasteful and very unnecessary.

I’ll never forget Dan saying how you treat someone in the house — game aside— the genuine moments is what they’ll remember and often will influence their vote (maybe that’s why he remains the only unanimous winner).

Enzo may be roasting Kevin behind his back – but they’ve had a ton of personal convos in the Have Not Room talking about cars, dating in high school, Kevin’s husband, Enzo’s ex wife and the type of lady he finds attractive, having acne in high school lol. Bottom line, it was sincere and genuine to the degree that if Enzo did reach F2 I could see it providing the reason to vote for him.

Think of all the players who lost by a single vote – – Tyler, Porsche, Ivette, and Cowboy plus it happened to Paul TWICE.

I listened to BB3 Danielle Reyes – Jason Guy podcast this week. Danielle made a very astute observations. First she said it’s crazy how many winners don’t even thank the people who voted for them & that led to her Nicole comment. She said there is no way I’d ever trust Nicole who waited until Day 2 in the house to thank Da’Vonne for the vote that changed her life 4 YEARS AGO so how could Day believe Nic was trustworthy or sincere?

Janie nailed it & as I’m typing this I’m watching the TV episode which confirms precisely what I said about Nicole in an earlier post- she’s vengeful, spiteful and jealous. She’s selling Dani down the river – her best friend in the house & also very good friend outside the house & her reason is b/c Dani’s dumb pin the vote plan — For the record – Nic begged Dani to come up with a plan. Dani didn’t approach her & say “hey – let’s do this crazy plan” & Dani didn’t pin her down to stop her from telling Day the truth. Although it could just be DR ‘scripting’ her actions match the vitriol spewing from her mouth.

Nicole won BB laying in bed with her meat shield & with TPTB protecting her but knowing her game is toast she’s screwing Dani over. I don’t know but if I’m in that house with an existing friend & I can’t win I’m doing everything in my power to help them win.

So yeah I guess I’m more Janie than Nic. Went on a bit of a segue there but it does tie into your point about how this mob mentality treat the noms like outcasts.

another name

The entire “we have to keep the alliance a secret until goodbye messages” idea… still being a thing? Complete bull. None of them have the stones to actually own their game until goodbye messages, that’s the entire point. Look at how each of the hg’s act when confronted with their own game. Cody whined for how long being told he’s self centred? a day and a half? Nicf has been on a three week production sponsored image edit fix? Christmas? Don’t even get me started on that whackjob that honestly has NO business even being there. Sure, David is not an all-star, but neither is ANYONE that took part in season 19. Season 19 started with the house ganging up on the female veteran multiple times, and triggering her ptsd so that she quit the game. That was prefeeds, and production set precedent for the season then and there.
Side note because I find Xmess’s sanctimony tiring: She thinks voting for Tyler to win would be a slap in the face of the game because he tried to quit. She’s still friends with Josh, a ‘winner’ that tried to quit multiple time in week one and two. MULTIPLE.


Any more details on prefeeds of S19?

another name

I can’t remember what three sources i cross checked after the rumors started to circulate that there were issues in the house pre-feed. It was a few years ago now, but I remember most of what they agreed upon.
Some of the information is still out there, I’m sure. My method at that time was to check with three sources giving information, and only taking the common parts of their stories as possibly viable. Anything all three didn’t site, I left out as complete conjecture.
What was verified by all three: Josh tried to leave repeatedly even getting out of one of the doors, but not out of the building once. Meghan was mob mentality victim number one of the season (Cody’s HOH, and his entire alliance took part) both before and after Paul’s entry, and there was a huge argument between M. and Alex after M. said she overheard Jessica referring to Alex as a panda, Jessica denying it, and Alex believing Jessica and going off on M. Alex thought M. was trying to race bait.
It was agreed by all three sources at the time that multiple people had been asked by production to push the button to go for the money in order for Paul to enter.


I was once a huge (MASSIVE) fan of Dani. I was routing for her most of this season, even after the “messy” game she has been playing. I agree with a lot of people in saying that she is actually trying to play the game. However, I think she is also playing very scared this time around. One thing that made Janelle and Rachel legends, that Dani is so desperately seeking, is that they owned being a badass (or as some would say B*tches) and they took names and ran! Dani needs to show up! Put up or shut up!!!

another name

Problem: that’s not new school. That’s not what production wants.
New school everyone follows what the HOH wants (except for the rarest of occasions that get the most fan of bb excitement before everyone jumps right back in to follow the leader one day later). Sad, demented and sickening as it is, Social game in bb now is get into a big alliance, do what the HOH wants, never rock the boat, treat the outsiders with no actual game respect and very little human decency, become annoyed if a veto is ever used, unless it’s an HOH endorsed backdoor, become more irritated if a target campaigns or dares to even try to stay in the game, and then hope that a one minute cut to hell d/r clip goodbye makes everything ok. Jesus jumpin Jehosaphat, Christmas is the frickin posterchild of new school big brother. Shudder. Let that sink in.


Worst season of bb ever.