Nominations and Veto results “We got problems, bad news all the way around”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-17 10-03-33-909

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-17 10-04-22-664

The Three nominations this week are

Scott’s nominations
America’s Nominee

Veto players are

Scott, Danielle, Neeley, Kryssie,

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-17 10-05-06-529
SCott pulls Alex

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-17 10-05-18-727

Scott pulls Justin

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-17 10-05-31-720

Scott chooses Jason as the host..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-17 10-05-47-974

10:05am Danielle and Shane..
Shane says the Veto is at 1 o’clock
Jason saying something about “Daylight savings”
the three of them head into the London room..
Shane – you better kick a$$
Danielle – I have no idea
Shane – That sucks.. that did not go the way we wanted it to go
Jason says Justin is the 1 person on their side that is not wanting to make a move
Shane says Justin’s got to start making making moves.

Jason – Bad news all the way around..
Jason – we got problems

Shane says Scott was looking at him during that Ceremony he’s teh target.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-17 10-11-02-675

10:11am London Room Neeley ranting and is pissed from the girls behavior (They girls were celebrating in the bathroom about the great Veto picks and America noms were)
Neeley says “the girls” are being “Ignit”
Neeley says the girls are being reckless because 2 of these 3 noms will still be in the house next week and they’re coming after them.
Neeley calls Shelby a “Dumb b1tch”

Says Alex, Morgan and Whitney are “scandalous heifers”

Neeley – you want delight in the fact one of us is going home this week
Kryssie says they are being unsportsmanship like
Neeley – you’re only gettign one of us out just one we still out number you

jason and Neeley now claiming they have been the sportsman this game.
Neeley – that’s some f****G bullshit and it shows their f****G character
Jason says “Those girls” Character is being “22 and spoiled”
Neeley – it’s so gross..
Big-Brother-18 2016-10-17 10-11-45-740
Neeley – I pray to god all three of them are up next week..
Neeley – I am so disgusted in their behavior.. I am beyond.. I work with over privileged and they don’t have that level of disgusting character.

Neeley is going on and on about how gross and disgusted she is that Kryssie has been up 3 times in a row. She goes on a swearing tirade about Shelby, Whitney, MOrgan and Alex.
Neeley (about Shelby?) – that’s why your stomach looks all bloated you’re full of sh1t
Neeley – Looking like Ms. potato head because your a$$ is full of Sh1t

Neeley going on and on how tacky the other girls are.
Jason calls them a “bunch of b1tchs”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-17 10-24-59-425

10:25am Scott and Justin
SCott tells him he just wants 1 of the 2 vetos to be used because Danielle is already on the block.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-17 10-29-51-381

Neeley still ranting about the girls. Says they are screwed this week 1 of them will be going home.
Kryssie – If Danielle wins I’m going home..
Jason – no i’m going home..
Justin comes in “If I win the Veto I’m not using it on Danielle.. i’m using it on one y’all”
Justin says Shane is going up as the replacement.
Jason – it’ll be me and Shane.. with Danielle will be on the block.. Shane and Danielle will walk around making deals with everyone and i’m going home
Justin laughing says he wasn’t expecting this..
Neeley is certain Shelby had the second most votes.
Jason says they get annoyed by Danielle. Justin agrees he can’t imagine what everyone else thinks..

Justin says Scott doesn’t want to use the second Veto he wants Danielle and someone else.. Shane on the block.
Kryssie – nobody is going to vote for Neeley they’ll vote for me
Justin again tells her everyone hates Danielle.

Justin leaves.

10:35pm Jason tells Neeley and Kryssie out of Shane and Danielle, Shane is the one they want to keep. Neeley and Kryssie agree. they all remember that she threw them all under the bus last week.

12:28pm Justin and Kryssie
Kryssie – Please save me
Justin was hoping Danielle and Shane would last longer in the game but he knew they would get taken out eventually.
Justin says “The Girls” will vote Danielle out before they vote out Kryssie
Justin – time to kick a$$ and take names.. I’m putting on my tennis shoes..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-17 13-04-51-706

1:04pm The POV begins

Jason – Sometimes the key to staying in the Big Brother house is fitting in..

Scott tells them they will be competing in the double veto

The order is
Kryssie, Danielle, Scott, Neeley, Justin, Alex

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-17 13-14-02-086

Kryssie goes first and challenges Alex.
Alex wins the round.. Kryssie has been eliminated..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-17 13-17-15-926
Danielle next challenges Scott.. Danielle wins

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-17 13-19-46-865

Neeley challenges Alex, Alex wins..

Alex has won a veto!

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-17 13-22-28-204
Justin and Danielle up next. Justin wins..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-17 13-23-45-298

Danielle starts crying.. “Why didn’t he just throw it to me.. ”

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1:30pm full breakdown

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I’m so sick of the LNC side saying how it’s “unsportsmanlike” both of you are happy when someone besides your friends go home…get over it!!! Excited to see how this week plays out!!!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Exactly. Way to go Alex.


Something finally happened the way it should. Showmance will be gone. HG will be able to sleep. Giving the next care package to Shelby to tick off krissie. Maybe they will get the hint they are the problem. Hope the plastics win again HOH. All for team Alex.

Misty Quiff

Ha ha ha! 3-way tie for most ignit acting in the house: Danielle, Kryssie, and Neely!! You can dish it but you can’t take it.

Slop Cookie

Oh snap!! Yaassssss Queen!! Tell it!!

B!t@hslap the N00bs

There is 7 voters this week, There can NOT be a 3 way tie!! *facepalm*
freakin n00bs


Read the post again…….

Slop Cookie

Ohhh Ha ha ha ha ha!! B!t@hslap the N00bs just made an idiot of themselves trying to be so clever! Reminds me of so many of the Late Night Jamboree weirdos. LOL!


I am sorry, but the late night crew has gotten so hateful. They all just feed off each others negativity and nasty behavior. They are all dropping in the polls. I am so ready for something big to happen so the groups will finally mix up and have to kind of work together. If it is going to stay like this until the end, it will not be very entertaining to watch. If I want to watch people be nasty, I will just go back to high school… you know, where the LNC thinks they are just “so above”.


Neeley turned in to that girl from the exorcist. Her head is going to start to spin if she isn’t careful. Sad really. She had potential.
Now who’s true colors are showing Neeley?

Scandalous Heifer

The Late NIght Jamboree crew have been so low rent Jerry Springer/Maury Povitch trashy! Their delusional judgmental bitching and moaning about anything The Ball Smashers say or do is so pathetic, yet sadly hilarious to watch.


Yes, yes, yes!!!

Ball Smashers fan



Let’s see what happens.
Something needs to change.


Zzzzzz, you’ve got to be kidding me! This was one of the best days ever! I love karma even if they don’t get it. Bunch of crying low lifes. They dish it hard and cry momma when it bites them on the ass. Agregious arrogant butt wipes. Out with all of the low life crew and next we will tear up the plastics. Whoo hoo #BBOTTWalmartversion.

America's Nominee

I like how the house is always trying to come up with how America votes… like America’s vote is all strategic. It is ALWAYS a popularity contest. There are entirely too many people voting for it to be strategic. If America votes you as a have not and then votes you as a nominee, accept the fact that America is not impressed with your game play! Last week they told Monte it was proof America hates him, but apparently that is not what it means for Danielle, Can’t have it both ways.


You are so right. Danielle is probably thinking – “the reason America put me up is because they love me and want me to play in the VETO.” LOL I hope someone calls her out and tell her that America finally sees her true colors……

They are all starting to get on my nerves. I am not impresses with Neely – She is awful…. and I don’t get why everyone hates Shelby so much. I kind of like her and the more they gang up on her the more I will cheer for her to win.


Needy wants a strong black woman to win. Sorry, more like mad black women. You can’t be what you’ve never been.

Kanye West

This sites posters doesn’t care about black people. You know its true. Now dont sprain your white fingers pressing the thumbs down!

im Sick

of this F#@king race baiters. Just like Neeley saying there’s no black people in Harry Potter, OMFG!! Go AWAY!


Is there black people in Harry Potter? Neeley was stating a fact so why is it so wrong of her to point out that fact? Give yourself a break and face other people’s reality and get out of your own

BB fan forever

I really liked Neely until her attitude got ugly. Danielle is horrible and neither has anything to do with color. I don’t like Shane either and he’s white. No racism, it’s about character. Last season I had equal disdain for Zakiyah and Nicole. Explain that as racism. Love Da!

Yay America!!!

Let’s break up the Late Night Crew! Game on!


since danille America nom this week im voting all mind to morgan next week


I agree – her group is full of stuck up, conceited snots – they are no better than the LNJ and say just as shitty things. Honestly, my top three favorites are Justin, Scott, and Alex – the rest suck,

Cornbreads dirty sheets



Yesterday Alex said “Kryssie thinks she’s the smartest person in the house”, Shelby said “oh when did she say that?” Alex goes “oh she’s never said it, you can just tell”. Shelby goes “oh I know, she’s always trying to use big words. Like shut up, you’re a waitress”.

It’s funny how some people are crying about “Jason’s side” being mean when the other side says some pretty nasty things too. I only watched for about 15 minutes yesterday and saw that. People only see what they want to see.


Yay, there is a BB God! Justin and Alex win, one of the Misfits is going home! Dani is a horrible sport and a crybaby!


Glad that turned out the way it did with nominations and the now played Veto. But reading all the things Neely, Danielle and Kryssie were saying before the Veto and to a lesser extent Jason… they are big vile classless babies. Can’t believe the hurtful things they were saying and wanting to harm the other side. Monte and Cornbread have said some ignorant things, but the rest ball smashers and Scott I really haven’t heard them say anything too bad about the LNC, at least not as vile and hurtful.

Justin's Ho

YES!!!! Dady won a vito!!!! He ain’t going nowhere yall! I’m so happy I’m going to put in xtra work tonight. making that money!!!


Yeah the fact that anerica doesnt like alex group is crazy thenother side is so caddue and whinny want to quit complaining making stuff up starting monte racist shit pinning shit on scott for there bs.


WTF are you trying to say? Hey, Hey, Hey, it’s fat Albert


Im rooting for scot and alex!


As of now everyone in Scott’s alliance are going to take Neeley out this week. just in

No Longer a LN fan ...

Well i have hated dani for awhile now (besides aryan she is probably the house guest I have hated most and I have watched every single season and watched feeds for I think 7 yes now) .. but I’ve now had enough with kry also. I can’t believe her crazy butt looked up the rules because of what Scott said to her. she is out of her mind crazy and her ranting is also driving me crazy .. currently I like justin, jason, scott, Alex and Morgan and that’s about it. Up until a couple days ago I also liked neeley and Shane but both of them are getting on my nerves … OK rant over can’t wait to see who wins the next Hoh

I don't know what I said uughh I don't remember.

I don’t know why everyone loves the plastics so much. They are rude, stuck up, mean snotty little bitches who think their shit don’t stink. I love the LNC accept for Danelle. At least they’re real and not stuck up. LNC all the way!


Real my ass……pure wannabes. Listen to their life stories. Needy, Krusty, and Jason are loser gutter trash. Justin is at least productive. Shane is a clueless boy toy. The plastics aren’t much better but, given this cast, I’ll take them any day.


@True, You are truly lost if you believe that.


it’s not a belief! Just facts. Facts are accepted!


Dear I don’t know…,

Your screen name says it all. Obviously you like the Jason side because you are like them. Maybe that’s why I like Alex’s side. If you think your side is real though, you are as delusional as they are. They need a designated safe space and some BB trigger warnings. Who knows, maybe BB will dole out participation trophies this year.


Neelys gonna get them little frat snobs

You all a bunch of churchladies on here!…….LNC is SATAN!!!!!


Can’t stand how the Misfits are always complaining about the girls talking trash about them, when it seems to be the oher way around. Embarassing. Scot n the girls actually like(d) K&N, but who knows now? They are just pissed they were nominated. Poor sports, can dish it out but can’t take it. They get my vote.


Shane, first bullies Scott, now Justin. Ha ha. Hey Dani, who you gonna punch now. I hope one of them is gone.


Yes we did it, got one of the LNC out. Now on to next week what is everyone thinking Kryssie or Neeley ???????


Can someone help me out with who is in what alliances, and the names of the alliances? Thank You


LNC are very possibly the most despicable alliance in the history of Big Brother. And it’s only been 3 weeks. How low can they go?

Franks Farts Are Juicy

As bad as I hate LNC Aaryns group from BB15 was much worse. They would say and do nasty sh$t to front of the other hg and laugh about it. LNC is a close second.


I would really like to see Justin use the veto on Danielle, Alex veto Neely and nominate Shane. And then see America be the swing vote that gets kryssie evicted! She’s so annoying


Have not krissy, Keeley and Danielle or Shane who ever stays behind.


I hope Julie Chen calls out the LNC in their exit interviews for how cruel they have been vocally. But I doubt that happens…..


Here is to hoping Justin keeps his promise to Kryssie and pulls her down. Shane goes up and the plan is a go. The LNC decides to go with the house and take out Danielle but wait….The house takes out Shane! Justin is already in deep doodoo with the LNC. Dani will be lost without Shane, those gnarly fingers will be pointing at each other, It will be utter chaos!! Love it!! Jason has to be sitting there wondering what happened to what he thought was a good alliance for himself. Picked the wrong alliance again, didn’t ya Jason.


I gotta put this out there… watching Whitney eat is GROSS!


Danielle can’t be a have not again if she stays (shucks) but Jason sure can if he doesn’t win HOH, along with Neely & Kryssie–more drama for sure, and they will still blame it on the girls, even though America voted them because of their terrible behavior


I can’t stand that disgusting dirty mouth (and shit stained size XLXLXLXL panties) Kryssie. Her and Jason are trailer trash. I can not understand how the little troll has so many fans. A couple times being or saying something funny does not out weigh the hundreds of times he call women bitches and ho’s. Is it OK for him to degrade women cuz he is gay? But if someone called him a fudge packer he wouldn’t like it. Double standard as usual. You know the late night crew loves Killary. That is her ilk.


I really wanted to like Jason this season, but he is still being catty (just like on BB17) along with the LNC; and am sick of the insults. Cut out the insults and play the @#%$ing game!!!


So Alex wants Neeley out because Neeley lied to her? Seriously Alex??? This is BBOTT…….everyone lies so try again hater!


“Neeley – I am so disgusted in their behavior.. I am beyond.. I work with over privileged and they don’t have that level of disgusting character.”

And when she says “over privileged” she simply means white. Neeley’s a “ignit” racist.


Thank GOD! So freakin excited about this week. It’s about d*mn time America got their head out of Jason’s a$$ and voted someone from that side as the nom. Super excited Alex and Justin won the vetoes. If Alex was smart she’d go to Krusty & tell her she’s using the veto on her to right the wrong of putting her up when she was HOH πŸ™‚ This way it’s a win win. They wanna nominate Shane anyhow and it will keep Needy up there as well as making Krusty like her again πŸ™‚