“We can’t all be Block experts Ro”

Head of Household: Beth
Nominations: (Ro, Tera)
The Power of Veto Players are: ?????
POwer of Veto Winner: Rohan
Power of Veto Ceremony: ????
Have nots: ?????

9:23 am Houseguest are woken up for the day. They have Nominations, POV player picks, AND the Power of Veto. Safe to say Rohan and Tera going up and Vic being the replacement is very much the talk of the town.

9:30 am Tera continues to do her makeup. Ro grabs his pants slaps them on.
Ro – you’re in a good mood
Tera – “I just don’t want to look like garbage.. First timer here OK. We can’t all be Block experts Ro”

Power Of Veto Players: Rohan, Tera, Tina, Tychon, Breydon,

3:20pm HOH room. Roh and Beth.
Beth – they’re reservations are we’ve talked to Roh so many times and he keeps saying our names. Roh – but who? I’m not the one saying their names. Beth – I was like were are you getting that from? I think you guys fight from 4 weeks ago needs to be wrapped up. Roh – yeah. Beth – And they were like why would Roh work with us and not Tina and Tera? Like why would he not put us up next week? Roh – I just don’t understand this Tina and Tera thing. Why am I going to go through this game with Tina and Tera.. like how am I going to go anywhere. Beth – that’s literally what I said. I was like if Roh stays this week and puts Jed and Ty on the block.. and let say Ty goes home .. he now loses Me, V .. Maybe V.. Roh – Jed, Breydon and then all I have is Tina and Tera. Beth – and you’re not playing in the HOH and you have to rely on them to win. It doesn’t make any sense for him to do that .. that is only guaranteeing himself one week. Roh – yup. And F**K IT! I’ll throw the HOH! Beth – would you? Roh – I’ll go tell them right now that I’ll throw the HOH. I will! I honestly will! I won’t even try to win it! Beth – and Breydon keeps coming in here saying guys we need to trust Roh. Roh – I honestly want to believe you and at this point that you fully recognize that I am better for your game. Vic is all over the place .. And lets get one thing straight I am not the one saying I’ll put Jed and You (Ty) on the block. It’s not me. Beth – and those words actually came out of her mouth not yours.

3:40pm Sponsor room. Ty and Roh.
Roh – I am having this conversation with you now because I don’t want you to think that I am saying your names because that’s what I am hearing. And I am not the one that has said your names. TY – yeah that’s what I am hearing but for me its also hard for me to imagine why you wouldn’t. Roh – for sure .. a lot of people are talking about Tina Tera and I. And how this could be a thing. Let just say I stay this week, I put you and Jed on the block and Jed goes home. Then I have Ty, Beth, Breydon, Keifer.. and those four would be upset with me. And then all I have is Tina and Tera. I can’t play in that HOH and then I’m going to rely on Tina and Tera to help carry me through that game. I’m a goner. My head is on a stick! It wouldn’t make sense for me to do that. Jed joins them and Roh goes over the same stuff with him. Roh tells them if they take him down 100% they are not going on the block next week if he wins HOH. I guarantee you I will put up Keifer against someone that he will go home against. If that is a T & T (Tera or Tina) then that’s fine. But if it makes you guys comfortable that I wasn’t HOH, then I won’t even try to win. Ty – would you feel comfortable putting up T&T? Roh – yeah because they wouldn’t go home.

5:30pm HOH room. Jed, Ty, and Beth.
Ty to Beth – do you want me to win (POV). Jed – I do. Beth – yeah. But it just puts a lot on you love. Jed – how? Just don’t use it.. in that situation. Ty – but if this is what we’re doing .. I should not win. Jed – if that is what we’re doing .. but if that’s not what we’re doing then you should win. Beth – I think my gut is telling me that Roh needs to go. Overall my ideal HOH would be if Vic went home this week but we have always played this game together. And you’re right we’re not sure about Roh at all. It is just a fresh fresh thing that it is a lot to gamble on. We’ve never really done that and I don’t think its time.

5:38pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the veto competition..

10pm Feeds are back! ROHAN WON THE VETO!

I am away from Saturday to Sunday midday. Dawg will be approving comments and updating in the evening. Have fun and be good to each other 🙂

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another name

Last night:
the moment the boys are trying to say mathematically they have a better chance winning HOH than Vic.
Beth says, “she’s won three, how many have you got” to Jed and Ty.
Now you just know. You know.
Their fragile alphaboys egos were hurt. You just know that sting made them want to chirp.
You can SEE it. Their testicles became innies for a second.

Kiefer laying out the plan to Tina. Like Kiefer isn’t putting it out there with the ulterior motive of trying to get Vic saved this week. He WANTS Vic to go after Beth and Jed SO bad. Tina still wants to believe that Kiefer will cut himself from the boys. Tina, m’luv, he’d be more likely to be nice to Rohan. He’d be more likely to chop off his own boys and sing in the Vienna Boys Choir as a Catrato.

So wait, they just did videos and not noms yesterday? I thought they did noms by the way they were talking after the close to 2 hour feed block. oh ffs. WHuteVVuuuur.

Anyway, the noms she’s doing are stupid and gutless for one reason only. Should have just thrown her two targets on the block and let them fight it out. Perfect excuse for VIc: You won so many comps I had to make sure you’d play in veto to defeat the veto king. Cuts off the dissent from the boys. Cuts veto usage possibilities if you use the week 3 threat. Cuts the Tera resentment. Oh you know Tera is feeling huge resentment. She does NOT have a poker face. More like a poked her in the face. When she talks i think she’s auditioning for Real Housewives of Rural Ontario. She sounds like my cousin Lori. Oh right. Like everybody doesn’t have a rural ontario cousin Lori.

I’ve barely seen Vic on feeds really. How are they going to have enough tape of her to give her 20 minutes of the episode? NO. I’m serious, are they going to do flashbacks? Just paste her face on other people speaking with deep fake software?

Jed btw, muddied the waters with Tina. He said if the veto is won, and they want Ro to go, Brey has to go up (Tina wants Ro to stay in that situation), and they want Ro to stay, then Vic has to go up.
Now, Tina isn’t a fan of VIc right now. And Vic is drawing a big ol target on TNT. But put in the way Jed worded it, what would Tina actually do? She’s got Kief saying if VIc hits the block maybe we keep her. She’s got Jed saying it’s a toss up between Brey or Vic.
Jed, you played yourself there. Tina knows you’re trying to snow her.

Beth’s speech for noms draws attention to the fact she’s in a trio. It’s not actually a trio. It’s a duo that occassionally share the same sextoy. I mean, how many people celebrate the anniversary of the day they bought a dildo? Or take their buttplug to the office christmas party calling it their other half? Put your hand down, I’m trying to be funny here. You just know if there’s a screencap of Beth with a big O shocked face i’m GOING to have to search blow up dolls for comparison. She’d be a puppet, but that ain’t a hand….
Okay. that was all in good fun. Because I think Ty and Jed are just as slutty as her… she just happens to be the HOH (do you know how difficult it was to type the second H? okay okay i’m done).


good stuff, hilarious and insightful
i enjoy reading your comments the most and
OBB is ?

Guy From Canada

Be safe for Easter while you are away. There is an excess of people traveling to the island from Vancouver so don’t get that variant…. crazy about that road block in Ucluelet and all the Vancouverites defying Dr Henry travelling


I mean honestly…”The variant”? You would fit right into the geniuses left in the house….Influenza C (Sars 2, Covid whatever) has precisely the same mortality rate as Influenza A and B variants that have been around all of us since the day we saw the light out of the womb. The data is the data, the science has not changed. Viruses “mutate” always….Btw, children/teens under 18 are 7x more likely to die from A and B strains vs the magical C variant (Sars 2)…..But, let’s keep schools closed to “protect” the kids….

What on Earth has happened to critical and rational thought? Common sense is not so common anymore. Emotion is not science…..But as of 2020 we are being told it is….

Can we keep this chat related to the wonderful BBCAN 8 as if I wanted to read irrational comments about a flu virus variant under the Influenza “C” family, I would watch CBC, CTV, City and/or Global at 6pm as they parrot all the talking points.

another name

So here’s what I heard:
Jed, in front of Beth, says if Ty and Beth were put on the block by Vic, Beth would go.
Breydon and the four sucksetters are meeting (i know, right?) and TY says well it’s three to two Ro goes. Then calls for a hands in. Beth won’t hands in.
Tera is saying if she won she’d nominate Beth and Breydon.
Tera plans to reveal the backdoor plan to Vic after the veto.
Vic is saying her best way to final 4 is with the trio.
Yeah. Beth is evicted next week.

another name

Wait. DId Vic just say she’s an anti-masker, and doesn’t believe dinosaurs existed?

This a long after Tina tells Tera that VIc leaving would be amazing for their game.

another name

brey tells ro that there is push back in the backdoor plan, and Beth might cave or rethink it.
meanwhile, the guys talk about how Vic was allowed to cheat in the first comp of the season and feeds cut so fast i thought i’d gone blind.
brey tera and tina do the weekly why can’t we catch a break, man those boys are never going to touch the block check in. They agree Vic was invisible HOH, but wonder what she’d do if she stayed. Brey points out that Vic wants to be sitting in the position of the trio occupied by Beth.


Just the type of lunatic you want as a ‘youth worker’ for vulnerable and troubled kids.

another name

Rohan, Tera.
Ty, Breydon, Tina.

Btw. Tera said earlier the reason nobody has to sleep in the ballpit have not room is thanks to her.
Anyone else imagining a Karen speaks to the Managers moment in the D/R?

Rohan begins to rat out Kiefer to Ty. Jed joins. This would be better if it were one on one between Ty and Ro, because any time Jed is swayed, Ty takes the opposite opinion. Ro says that Kiefer goes to them and says Ro is after them, but goes to Tina Tera and Ro and says the boys are gunning for them. Kiefer is the origin of chaos in the game he says. Ro says taking a shot at the boys is a fool’s errand because taking out 1 means going to jury right afterword when their 4 allies are gunning for him and he can’t play HOH. He says Kiefer is his target because of the broken telephone (Kiefer has been a broken telephone since feeds came on, I’ve noted it a million times). Man, this convo would have been much better received by Ty without Jed’s presence.
The boys string Ro along saying Kief volunteered to go on the block as a replacement, and they’d consider voting him out given what Ro told them.
Ro goes on to say Vic plays emotionally, and can’t stand to see 2 people get close, that’s why Ty would be safe, but Vic would 100% put up Jed and Beth. That she talked about it right after Beth won HOH when she took Beth’s bags to her (almost threw them over the balcony).
Tina has told Beth that if she wins, she HAS to use the veto or the entire house would think you can’t trust that Tina, she wouldn’t even save Tera. It’s an optics thing.
Beth tells Tina that Ro or Vic leaving is better for her game anyway.

Ty is skeptical about Rohan’s pitch, and Jed wonders why Vic said that only in front of the others, not the trio (yeah, Jed, she’s going to tell the trio she’d put two of them on the block). They do however, want to test Kiefer to see if he will admit that VIc has named Jed and Beth as her targets. So… they believe it enough to know that Kiefer isn’t sharing information, but don’t believe Vic would name the showmance as her targets in front of TNT and Rohan and Austin, tell Breydon seperately, but the trio wouldn’t know it. sideye. logic failure, not everyone is like Tera going in their face and saying she’d target them.


Keif is being a REAL DICK today — I can’t believe how he speaks to women. He is talking so condescendingly to Tera. His disdain toward women is obvious & he’s having a much harder time covering it up.

AND it’s clear how tight he is with Vic & the boys over TNT –

Unlike Beth though Tera puts him in his place & tells him if we’d kept Austin I wouldn’t even f*cking be on the block right now.

And he’s getting loud & rude with her debating about taking out Ro over Vic if she’s OTB & he says okay so Ty & Jed are OTB & Beth wins & takes one down – who goes up? Tera says Ro puts up Brey. Keifer curses at her & says NO they’re in an alliance. And Tera says OK but STILL, ONE OF THEM LEAVES!!! And YOU (Keif) are telling me to be calm right now in precisely the same scenario you’re outlining – so you need to pick a side are you with them (Ty/Jed/Vic) or are you with us? (TOUCHE TERA).

Keif says I’m with myself (what a dick). He spent all this time telling her to be calm but won’t commit to doing it himself.


In HOH Brey/Beth tries to convince Ty/Jed why keeping loose cannon Vic is a dumb ass idea. Right now the argument is over the fact T/J feel they can trust Vic & Brey points out well she can tell you one thing & do another – ask me — she just did it to me. He reminds them that she has said Beth/Jed to him although he believes she’ll put him/Beth up.

He also points out Vic has won 3 HOHs & Ty keeps saying “but they were all chance” & Brey is like – um most of them ARE CHANCE & hello she’s won 60% of the comps!

I wish Brey would tell them – she told me every week I would NEVER put you OTB & I want to go to the end with you & Austin & LOOK what she did to me last week. So you think she has your back the last TWO weeks?– I thought she had Austin & my back since week one.

And, why do you think as a superfan if she wins on the double she wouldn’t make a move to break you two up? B/c she’s been good to you for TWO weeks? Come on guys – she is the one talking to me when I was at my most vulnerable & telling me she’ll take you out & looking for confirmation I’d cut you guys– I bet she has the same thing with others. Part of her wants to be Beth & part of her wants to blow you up -that’s what happened with her, Austin & I.

Vic is being obnoxiously FAKE with Beth – even her voice & how she’s smiling at her – if Vic stays for SURE Beth is gone in the double (although part of me will be pulling for Vic to win if she stays & then double-crosses Ty or Jed — THAT would be perfect karma).

The feeds are too difficult to watch b/c Ty/Jed are full-on intimidation mode – the way they interrogated Breydon was ridiculous. Keifer is now doing that to TNT as well.


Anyway — bottom line is Beth is thrilled to have Breydon in the house b/c she KNOWS in her gut that Vic needs to go this week.

PIcks will say a lot – I’m expecting production will screw with us but will naively hope for Tina, Brey & Keif & it’s something physical that bigger individuals can’t win (Keif). In that scenario, one of Ro, Brey, or TNT can win. However, I’m expecting to see it be Ty, Jed & Vic (UGH)

another name

Well, it is the go to move for the sunsetters. They’ve said it out loud so many times. Let’s go in there and force them; we need to go scare them; we’ve got to put them in their place.
It’s the reason the edit annoys me when it comes to scumsuckers. They get a million “loyalty” edits. They play the game by being absolute dicks.

Can you imagine the conversation Ty and Jed actually have with Kiefer? Has Vic ever said she’d put up Jed and Beth? No? Oh okay Kiefer, the guy that sits in on all the conversations… everyone is lying but you. end scene.

Notice the fragile egos of Ty and Jed when discussing Vic. They can’t believe that she could possibly be playing the two of them, but are wholeheartedly prepared to believe that she could be playing the rest of the house. It’s been mentioned before that Jed always looks for scenarios through the lens of nobody targeting the two boys. Ty used to be the rational of the two, but his egomania always gets worse when he’s with Jed. They can’t believe that the Ghost peppers wouldn’t keep the trio safe from Vic. I mean, it’s supposed to be a fake alliance to them… how could it not be a real one to her. shakes head.

I’m on Kief mute… so glad you’re listening to him. I can’t. at all.
Realistically, at this point Ty and Jed are silly to think the backdoor plan won’t become public knowledge. TIna Tera Breydon Kiefer and Rohan know about it. Now that they’ve debated the merits so many times, and promised Tera safety, what are the chances that the plan doesn’t get out post veto. It will be a race to Vic. If they don’t go through with the plan now, Vic is definitely going after Beth. With a vengeance.

Who doesn’t have Beth caving to the boys on their bingo card. Like come on.
Of course she caves to them.


Vic only won 2 HOH Breydon is confused

Feeds Gold

hes counting the first teams comp win in that endurance comp that would normally be regarded an hoh comp, but not technically an hoh win in this season due to teams twist

another name

first hoh (team) with the buckets. Vic was the winner of that HOH comp. Week one.
week three the head to head buzzer comp. VIc was the winner.
week five the count the falling rocks comp. Vic was the winner.
That’s three.

another name

With Rohan winning the veto… and a barbq (fuqifiknow)
Ty is shook.
I’m not sure if he’s serious or if he’s jury managing with Vic.
Vic tells Ty she’s going to pretend she’s aligned with Ro.
She’s happy to see the back of TNT.
TBH, Vic’s conversation sounds a little like desparation to me. Ty won’t pick up on it likely. He thinks he “has” her.

Meanwhile Beth is asking Tina about the Vic naming targets conversation.
Tina confirms saying she may withold information, but she’s never lied when she’s said something in the game. That’s not how she wants to play the game.
This means Beth knows that Kiefer lied. This means that by extension Ty lied when they both said the conversation never happened, that Vic has only ever said Beth and Breydon.

Better hold the veto ceremony tomorrow before Beth loses her nerve. You know that TY is going to be pressing. At this point it would be jury suicide to lie to Tera and TIna. They will have votes in jury.

Here’s the thing. Getting Vic on the block is one thing. Getting her evicted is another.
Does Rohan decide he needs Vic more than Tera?
Do Ty and Kief decide they need Vic to take out Rohan more than they need Beth to be pleased?

What happens? The trio and Kiefer end up trying to pin the plot on Rohan.
Tina and Tera try to fade into the woodwork.
Breydon offers to rub lotion all over Ty.
Beth gets Jed pissed at Kiefer for playing both sides. It will take about ten minutes for Ty to deprogram the truth with TyandJed fanfiction that Ty creates for Jed every time they talk.

If you are following the BBCAN 3 comps as closest to comparable… this veto should have been the projectiles aimed at targets comp. No retells yet, but that’s my guess in terms of timeline, knowing they’ve stopped doing the vomit inducing spin comp after so many houseguests in that veto were injured or ill for a week after competing in it. The next veto was a target shooting comp.




I was watching Gonzaga keep their unbeaten streak alive with a wild overtime buzzer beater & came here expecting to see Ty won.

This is awesome.

So the main points you made are about Keif & by extension Ty lying — this entire game Ty has preached about how he NEVER LIES (okay Ty) and can you explain to me WHY Ty is so hell-bent on keeping Keif & Vic in the game? Doesn’t he know they want them out?

To that end — is there a chance this goes sideways & Keifer goes OTB instead? I think before tonight is over even TNT are going to learn how Keif has been punking them too (will Tina ever realize REALITY?) B/c like Ty is the Jed whisperer who is the Beth whisperer Keif seems to be the Tina whisperer.

Tina has been calling out Vic & Beth for weeks seeing through their lies & she could see Kyle, Austin weren’t lying (ie: her bullshit radar is good) Does she blindly believe in Keif – how is it possible she’s missing the Keif/Vic ties ESPECIALLY after that convo this morning when he was rude to Tera regarding keeping Vic off the block & getting out Ro.

I want Vic up there — BUT — are we sure THIS won’t be when TPTB magically hand her (cough, cough) – she finds a power in ball pit? Could they mess around that much heading into a double eviction?

When did Brittnee use her DPOV— wasn’t that also on the same night as triple eviction?



another name

Ty knows that neither Kief or Vic want HIM gone. Both want Beth gone. Kief also wants Jed gone. He’s been pushing a final 2 at Ty for about a week.

Britt’s double butt have not veto was used to get rid of Zach or Bruno. Therefore it had to be after the triple when Bruno won the veto and saved Zach, causing Willow to go on the block. It was during Ashleigh’s HOH. Sarah had won the regular veto in the fill a tube with balls comp. Then the two of them were voted have nots that week by Canada to be eligible to win a secret prize. Ashleigh used Godfrey as the renom. Before the vote, Britt pulled out her double butt veto, removed herself, then removed Godfrey, forcing Ashleigh to put Zach and Bruno up in their place. So… it was the week after the triple, because the houseguests left were Ash, Pili, Bruno, Zach, Godfrey, Sarah and Britt.

Will Prodo push to save Vic? most likely. If they don’t throw in a special prize, they’ll convince Kief, Ro, Ty and Jed to keep her. I still see a large chance Tera is the first juror. Beth is pushing the female solidarity angle at Tina now that the house will be down to 3 women left.

Tina isn’t missing the Kief Ro tie. But, she thinks that tie is the Pre-90’s plus Vic that was discussed two weeks ago. Tina thinks they are close, but thinks Kief is closer to her. She’s aware he’s double dipping, but has assumed he’d rather sit in the finals with her than with an alphamale. She doesn’t understand the stubbornness of the male go team bros before mentality.

I almost wish it was Kiefer that took a big fall this week. He’s volunteered multiple times to go on the block. I’m hoping someone slips that news to Tina.

He’s already saying that Ro had to have cheated, in a veto comp that only Ro and Breydon completed. It involved enormous spatulas as launching devices. The spatula was almost as big as Tera she says. Sounds like Ty consistently shot too high. Tina did something to her shoulder. As we learned in season One, it’s only cheating if Production says it’s cheating. So take the sour grapes elsewhere Kief, because it seems to me mr. compbeast hasn’t won anything that everyone didn’t throw to him. And to be clear, If it had been Kyle putting down Kiefer the way Kiefer has been going at Ro for the past 2 weeks, social media would be having a VERY different reaction.

Beth is Nicole

Rohan won. So will Vic go to jury?

Guy From Canada

Depends if Beth is running her HOH or the boys are


YES RO! Fingers crossed that Beth follows through on the back door!

another name

Oh look, Rohan is having a happy moment.
Kiefer can’t have that. Guess it’s time for bad egg cooker cus ur a rich boy talk.
AAAAnd REmute.

Hey Production, come get ur pet, he’s piddling on the carpet again.

Feeds Gold

evict the ro-show out the dow dow? no bro, thats a no go yo!

ro-show has a new name…


only the 4th time in canada bb and 8th time in us/canada bb combined that someone has won 3 vetos in a row…

canada bb – ashleigh season 3, kevin season 5, kaela season 6, ro season 9
us bb – james season 9, shane season 14, frank season 14, kaycee season 20

if ro wins veto on thursday during the double eviction night veto comp, he will be the first person in north american bb history to win 4 consecutive vetos

Feeds Gold

hopefully we get a vic backdoor for some lit feeds

i wanna see beth and vic going at it, head to head bitchiness, shouting, pots and pans, multiple clashes, house meetings…lets go, time to turn up the voltage

Feeds Gold

austin singing i dont know why by norah jones…

happy easter to all

another name

The current videos going around of BBCAN alumni getting together and partying are starting to piss me off.
Y’know what, I take offense. Cases rising, Lockdown restrictions ordered, and here’s these wannabe d-list celebutards flouting restrictions and common sense, and essentially bragging about it on video.
Every one of them is now on my nope list.

Feeds Gold

if its vic and tera on the block i want no filter from either, a 3 day block battle heading into the double would be good to see

Feeds Gold

ro just like the roaches…never dying, always living