“This is our game to lose really … I’m getting goosebumps thinking about the final 4.”

Head of Household: Beth
Nominations: ????
The Power of Veto Players are: ?????
POwer of Veto Winner: ?
Power of Veto Ceremony: ????
Have nots: ?????

Big Brother Spoilers – Beth is going to nominate Tera and Ro. Ro is the primary target. If Ro comes down Vic will be the replacement and target. Beth seems to be very much into the idea of taking out Vic and using Ro to go after the boys. Tera and Vic on the block will be crazy fun. Beth is taking Ro to wendys to see if she can use him to go after Jed/Ty.

1:20 pm Beth, Jed, Kief
Kiefer saying he doesn’t think Ro is as smart as he thinks he is. Kiefer tells them about Ro asking him if he thinks he might go up.
Beth – I’m glad people wonder like that
Jed – what do we do if Ro and Tera are up and Ro takes himself down
K – do we want to make a big move or not
B – we need to talk about this
J – I just talked to Tina and Tera and they are pushing hard for this (Vic Backdoor)
K – You would have the support to do it
B – There would be a blow up
Kiefer says there will be a blow-up and they will all suffer the consequences
They agree this conversation needs to be “so tight-lipped”
Jed – if Ro takes himself down what are his plans moving forward?
Beth – that is what I want to know
K – Ro needs to go over our second option (Vic)
K – We can’t waste this HOH on somebody like Tera
Jed – exactly
Beth – NO
Beth is telling Tera she needs to chill out she’s going up but is not the target.
Kiefer says right now getting rid of Vic would be the biggest move in the game.
Beth – if I get Tera out it’s such a weak HOH. I have the numbers to do what we want to do. I don’t want Tera to go. Even if we don’t personally get a long I don’t care.
They talk about Vic acting “So kiss a$$”
Beth – out of .. crazy
k – Nowhere
Jed – shows she’s scared

Jed – if Ro doesn’t win he goes if Ro wins Vic goes.
Beth says even if one of them win the Veto they still can do something with it “It’s an option I’m just saying it’s there”
Jed suggests if he wins the veto go to Ro say I’m going to use this on you so Vic goes up but if Ro wins next week he’s not to touch them.
Jed – that could be a conversation s well
Beth looks at Kiefer ands says she know he hates that idea
K – as long as it’s ain’t us

K – I think he’s coming after you guys no matter what
B – what if I say something like.. so he doesn’t put you guys up against each other..

B – Ro is too sketchy to bring up V at all
K – Tina will never vote against Tera even if I was sitting next to Tera. I would stay and Tina’s vote wouldn’t matter
Beth – telling Ro today I want to take a bigger shot..
Kiefer says she should be tight lip.
Jed asks if Ro knows he’s going up. Beth plans on telling him.

K – there are too many players to be putting Sunsh1ters up.
Beth – no no..
Kiefer – If Ro goes we stop planning week to week and start planning end game
They all agree they would be worried if Vic won HOH
Beth – She’s crazy, with Ro you can maneuver around .. ish
Jed says Ro will put them up in the short-term like next week but Vic won’t put them up next week.
B – She wants to be with you and Ty since the start. I’m just in it because if with you. That’s why she got Latoya out
Kiefer – it worked out pretty good for her.
Beth – yesterday all day Ty I love when you give attention
K – for me Ro is a much bigger target
Jed agrees
Keifer – she thinks she is in more with you guys than I am with you guys

Jed reminds them that Vic could have f***ed them last week with the HOH.
Beth agrees says she could have easily have put them up and blamed Ro on it.

Beth – same thing it’s Ro and her same sh1t
Jed – Put up Tera and Ro. If he comes down put up Vic
They talk about how Tina isn’t really close to their group
K – She doesn’t have those in-depth game talks
Kiefer – This is our game to lose really … I’m getting goosebumps thinking about the final 4..
Jed – that’s what I’m saying
Beth – at least we know our Noms they are clean and fine
Jed – Ro, and Tera
Beth – yeah. I am going to say to Ro we do have a bigger thing..

K – I’ve been doing work with Vic about Ro..
Kiefer – I think I’ve made her think he’s rich
Jed – why does it matter he’s rich?
Kiefer – it matters to a poor person..
Jed agrees says it’s a good move
Kiefer – I’m poor too I can smell it
Beth called to the Diary room for Wendy’s

Kiefer and Jed talk about how much they like Breydon. They go on about how they got this after Ro is gone they have no competition.
Kiefer says it will break Tera’s heart if he wins POV and not use it because she thinks he’s really close to her. Adds that all he’ll say is if he uses the veto Beth will put Tina up.
Jed says that won’t look good for Beth

Kiefer – we’re playing with Dynamite here.. this sh1t might blow up
Jed – we can’t let Vic know anything. If Ro comes down she can’t think this was an option
K – I don’t know where I can hide.
J – Tera is worried what she said about Vic will come out and Vic will come after her hard
Kiefer says Tina thinks Beth wouldn’t make a big move. Kiefer goes on about how he tried to tell her if Beth is HOH a sunsetter isn’t touching the block. They can’t understand why Tina doesn’t think the sunsetters are solid.
Keifer says day 2 they established “this sh1t”
K – me, you LT and we were like you can get Ty. ME and LT got Tina. then you got Beth..
Keifer – we’re going to watch back just like how they talked about the pretty boys and stuff they are going to talk about us like that
K – we’re going to have little sunsetter cartoons and sound effects and sh1t..
Jed – it’ll be so sick
K – pretty boys 2.0
Jed – funny how they ask you about your strategy then when you are in here it’s out the window
K – not mine, My strategy was align myself with the best-looking people in this house
Jed – are you serious?
K – yup.. I wrote it down
they laugh
Jed – why?
K – look where I am I’m doing pretty good.. Best-looking people stay the longest
k – if we get Ro out we’re in the end game. It doesn’t matter what happens after that. Breydon isn’t touching us, Vic ain’t touching us, Tina Ain’t touching us.

2:15 pm Tera crying

3:42 pm Kiefer and Tina
Kiefer says he’s certain Beth is going to backdoor Vic, “It’ll be a bloodbath”

3:38 pm Beth and Tina
Beth says she’s told Tera and Ro they are being nominated.
Beth brings up the conversation about backdooring Vic.
Tina says if Vic hung around to the double she could be dangerous
Tina says her vote is where Beth wants it.
Tina – if Ro wins POV he comes down… do you think?
Beth – it would be SO scary
Tina – you know what for your game that is probably going to be the biggest move of the season for your game.
Beth – that cannot get out at all (LOL everyone knows now except for Ro and Vic)
Tina – listen my lips are sealed
Beth – the second it gets out it’s really bad for Tera’s game because she is going to blow up
Beth – I need you to keep Tera calm. If you get picked for POV I need you to F**Ing gun..
Beth – I need Vic to stay as calm and safe as possible I need her to feel like the safest person in this house.

Tera thinks she’s the target because Ro got to go to Wendy’s

5:25 pm Beth, Ty and Jed
Beth goes over her conversation with Ro during Wendy’s.
To told her he would promise at least 2 weeks of safety if someone uses the Veto on him.
Beth says Ro knows she’s willing to make a big move this week. There’s a bigger plan in play.

Beth – Tina knows, We know, I don’t think I’m going to tell Breydon. He doesn’t need to know. The worst-case scenario is if Vic wins the Veto.. (hard to hear with the water running in tub)
Jed – she won’t use it
Beth – Ro might say some sh1t
Ty – so this is the plan? vic is the plan?
Jed – Yes, Ro assumed the bigger plan so he knows
Beth – he has to know to offer you guys a deal
Jed – if he doesn’t come down he’ll expose it.
Ty – there’s nothing to expose
Jed – that she tried to backdoor vic
Ty – but she never said anything
Jed says if Ro gives them the safety deal he would feel more comfortable with using the veto.
Beth brings up Ro warning her that other than Jed and Ty the entire house is targeting Beth.
Beth – Ro was like just so you know you are next.. he’s not saying the name of the person..
Ty – I’m just wondering if they are setting us up to take out Vic for them as of now Vic is a number for us
Beth – they are taking a HUGE chance they are going on the block
Jed – they are going on the block regardless if we backdoor VIC it helps them more than us
Ty is worried this is a setup says Vic says a lot of sh1t.
Jed – why are we so confident Ro isn’t taking a shot next week?
Ty – he’s not on outside
Jed says Vic is on their side right now
Ty wants to take Vic out during the double
Ty – if we want to take her out we can if we want to take out Ro later
Jed – we can’t
Jed says Ro, Tina, and Tera have something.
Ty – we’re certain Ro is coming for us.
Beth – I think he’s going after Kief
Jed – why
Ty – give me one good reason
Beth – think?
Ty – because Kief put him up? Is Ro the type of player that will take someone out because he doesn’t like her
Beth – Ro said everyone thinks Jed and Ty are the moves of the season and they aren’t He said a lot of people win up against Jed ant Ty

Beth explains that Vic staying is better for Jed/Ty’s game and Ro staying is better than Beth. They go back and forth about what they should do. The boys trying to convince Beth that Vic isn’t coming for her and Beth trying to convince the boys Ro isn’t after the boys.

6:20 pm Ty and Jed
They’re not down for getting Vic out they think Ro, Tina, and Tera are together and are trying for Vic to go out this week.
Jed – I am not down
Ty – I’m not sold
Jed – he will do what he needs to do to stay.. keep his word? absolutely not (Ro)
Jed – if he’s on that block I’m voting him out.
Ty points out everyone is against Vic they should keep her as HOH for next week. Ty wants to tell Vic about the Backdoor plan so she doesn’t find out from someone else.

9:00 pm Feeds return after 2 hours.

12:30 am Kiefer, Ty, Beth, Jed

Back and Forth what they want to do.
Keifer, Ty, Beth, Jed.
Jed – so basically Breydon told a bunch of tea about Vic last week for when he was campaigning to her for why he should stay. So she was like okay give me names right now.. Who would you put up? Next week you said you would take big shots.. Who would you put up? As a default he just said me and you. Beth – he told me that you knew that though straight up! Jed – yup and he said who would you put up? Jed and Beth. Ty – he said me and you? Beth – Breydon did. Jed – and Vic said she would put up me and Beth. And she said oh I shouldn’t say that be but yes Jed and Beth. Aside from that she went up to him on the day of the vote and said that everyone was flipping except for her. She said you got me, you got me no matter what. She was balling her eyes out to me and Austin the night before saying that she felt so bad. She was doing some sketchy sh*t. Beth – and what I just told Keifer .. lets just say Roh stays this week. And wins HOH and puts you two on the block. You go home .. lets just say .. he has pissed off me and you. Beth – he can’t play HOH the next week. He is pretty much going home. Ty – or you show your loyalty card again to Vic. Keifer – I would rather it be Roh because se wtill don’t know what these. Beth – but didn’t you just see that we were trying to sh*t talk everyone.

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another name

Hey Beth,
have you noticed how much energy Kiefer expends trying to deflect you from Vic? Most energy he’s expended since that veto comp was thrown to him.
have you noticed how Jed thinks you three need Vic to go after someone? Who? Tina and Brey? C’mon now.
have you noticed how your HOH is now their HOH, and your opinions are consistently rejected, while their opinons are constantly reinforced by each other?
But you go ahead and let them dictate your game to you.
Because there’s a consensus award in Big Brother. blank stare and a blink. I mean, Kiefer ran his HOH by consens… oh… he didn’t. did he? Well Vic ran hers by… oh… she didn’t either. sideye.

What’s really ticking me off?
Okay. I admit it. since season 6 the first alliance shown in the episodes has been the winners of the season. There’s usually up to 25 alliances in week one before feeds that we never hear about.
The edit just happens to show the one that goes on to steamroll the game. and we’re supposed to buy that foreshadow. riiight.
Would have included 5 and 4 but 5 was vets as a team all there to support KevinMartin (as mentioned in feeds) and 4 it was introduction of a duo as a single player.

another name

examples in case anyone is saying well if we didn’t hear about them, how do you know there were so many alliances.
the west coast alliance mentioned in week 4. started day one or two. duration two days.
Everyone from Alberta and BC. Kiefer and Beth jumped ship to the sunsetters.
the alliance between Kyle, Ro, Vic and Josh. made night one. lasted until day 3.
The alliance that started out as Julie and Vic with Austin Brey and Beth on the fringe. talked about briefly week 2.
the women’s alliance shown in the first week. lasted a day and a half.
the guys alliance everyone was talking about. according to a conversation in week three it was becoming a thing, until Josh spilled the beans which they didn’t understand because they wanted Josh to be a member of it.
the four group of Jed Ty Beth and Austin that was a thing but unnamed, but Austin pushing to include Brey and the Sunsetters becoming more of a priority ended it.
I’ve listed others in early charts.


Can someone please explain why they close the backyard? They talk about it a lot on the feeds and I’m confused.


To prepare the competitions

another name

The back yard is closed for 3 reasons. It’s closed for set up and take down of competitions.
It’s closed for maintenance to the hot tub area (there’s been multiple years where the hot tub has been a stew of bacterial infections) and formerly the bathroom in the hallway to the hot tub area (that is no longer in use after season 7).
It’s closed in order to keep all the houseguests in a limited area in order to heighten their anxiety levels.

Beth is Nicole

Beth may be a goner next week in double eviction if she doesn’t get Vic out this week. I think Vic will win the double eviction HOH. Vic wants herself and the guys in the house

another name

At the current moment, Ty, Jed and Beth are all in on the backdoor Vic plan.
they aren’t having the nomination ceremony today. suspicious.
Does Kief actually vote out Vic? I don’t think so. He’ll convince the boys the other nominee is worse for their game.
If Rohan comes down does he vote out Vic? He thinks Vic is his partner in the war against the trio.
The vote still is suspect if they manage to get Vic on the block.
Oh, there’s Kiefer now to rain on the parade of backdooring Vic, because he’s decided to treat Rohan like crap for the past week, and wants Rohan gone.
Test: do the boys back Beth or Kiefer. My money is on Kiefer.
Yup. after Kiefer was poopoo on the plan, Ty is no longer for it, and is pretty much putting Beth the HOH in the corner saying she can’t think of her individual game.

Beth is Nicole

Beth should really try to get Vic out this week. I think if Vic stays she will win the double eviction HOH and get Beth out at that time so it’s her and the boys with TNT on the side


Jed and Ty wont let her get Vic out

another name

If Prodo wants the backdoor plan: veto players Kiefer, Tina and Breydon

If Prodo doesn’t want the backdoor plan: veto players Jed, Ty and Vic.

Let’s keep in mind. For the first time in my memory they aren’t doing noms today.
No seriously, THIS is odd.


It’s a legal holiday and maybe they want to keep to a skeleton crew rather than pay them all double time and a half. It can wait until tomorrow at regular time.

another name

Oh I’m aware. And many seasons they have shut off feeds for Easter weekend.
It will be a full day of blackouts on feeds if they are doing noms, and veto picks and the veto all on Saturday.
Part of me thinks did they just forget to put it on the screen. That has happened twice before that I can remember.

another name

That would be SO much popcorn.

Of course Jed and Ty are considering ruining it by telling Vic that people keep pushing a backdoor Vic plan to Beth.

But let’s face it, Kief wants Beth gone to be the final three with Jed and Ty that counts.
Ty lowkey wants Beth out to be the final to with Jed that counts.


Agreed – but to this point in the game, she’s always succumbed to Jed. And while I know Ty/Jed are laughing it up over how Jed is playing Beth – call me crazy but I kind of, sort of think Jed actually likes her, but he’s not willing to man up to Ty and say it.

Which is the other part of this equation– who died & made Ty the boss of everyone? Why does Jed always give way to what Ty wants? Doesn’t he also recognize that this move could put Beth in danger next week AND if she goes how secure is the Ty/Jed F2?

Is Ty that confident that he beats anyone? Surely he knows Vic beats him even if he finally starts winning b/c she’ll play it up that she got THEM to do what she wanted.

You have to think both Ty/Jed would be too fearful Keifer to take Kefi based on who would be voting (friends). Breydon and Tina look like great goats to bring to F4 (even Tera at this point). Call me crazy but I can’t understand what Ty’s motivation is to bring Vic deeper in the game UNLESS TPTB has promised him she leaves prior to F4.

Sure Ro is a risk – but isn’t Vic an equally deadly (if not bigger) risk?


I haven’t watched feeds today — so this is strictly presumption based on production running BB outcome & notes from Another Name plus Simon and Dawg updates (thank you btw).

I’m assuming TNT, Ro & Brey have all filled in Beth that Vic is gunning for her by now– right?

So, to Another Name’s point, this is pretty ridiculous that Ty & Jed are expecting her to just roll over & do what they want (other than DR directives).

But if I’m Beth I don’t go down without a fight. I pitch the following to T&J to make them see my perspective but also get THEM worried about Vic:

  1. Vic wants me out & has told virtually everyone in the house I guess other than you two (side-eye) & Keifer although I doubt the latter. Dive into why that is– b/c she has alliances everywhere in the house.
  2. To that end, why is Keifer so keen to keep Vic? The only people he’s ever fought hard to keep safe are you guys but in this instance, he’s gunning to keep Vic? WHY? Because those two are F2 and plan to take out one of us in the double & beat the other 2 at worst at F2. And while I know Vic wants me out if we’re logical they would be more worried about separating the two bigger threats– which is you two!
  3. I catch TNT, Keif & Vic in a room together constantly & Austin told me she was sure they have a F4. She even mentioned in her pitch that she knew the “foursome” were plotting led by Vic & Keif. So think about that b/c once Ro goes they have the numbers if (or in my estimation — when) Keif flips.
  4. You keep saying “we need Vic so we can take people out” Who? Once Ro is gone who is this big target we need her for? Surely not TNT or Breydon – & she’s the tightest with Keif. She also loves to make the big move so if we keep her here for the double do you really think she’s going to come for me or TNT who she thinks she can easily beat? And if Ro & I are gone – then who is she putting on the block? Again– not Brey, not TNT & certainly not Keif. Think about it she was TIGHT with Aus/Brey & just cut their throats in about as vicious a manner as she could– you don’t think she’s salivating to do that to you two in the double?
  5. Don’t ask Keifer b/c he’s clearly her #1 – ask Ro, Brey & TNT or I will – let’s get to the bottom of this & see who she’s saying to target next week. I’ll bet you right now it’s your two names being said – b/c Austin told me the reason she was having such a hard time believing it was Vic who was the invisible HOH is b/c of how hard she pushes everyone on the other side to target “the two guys”.
  6. And if you feel confident she’ll leave you alone & take me out instead, consider then that it’s you two against four others who will band together & force you to win out.

AND — if you’re that comfortable keeping her in the mix – remember she is capable of winning out & guess what – – not one of us wins sitting beside her – no matter what we think about how we’ve manipulated the game I’m telling you every single person has told me – she wins if she reaches F2. Is that really a chance you want to take when you don’t have to.

Or not- you decide & then when she wins double-eviction next week I’ll tell you “I told you so as one of us walks out the door!”

another name

Beth tried the Vic wants me out route. Ty countered with well we’ll protect you, so what if Brey goes. But if Ro stays and puts us both up, you’re the renom (completely discounting that she could win veto there).
Ty and Kief are well aware that Beth is her target. Jed is too. that’s why Beth is kindasorta a Ghost Pepper in absentia when they made the alliance. But they all know. Ty and Kief sort of want Beth to go to decrease Jed’s final 2 options. Jed tbh only thinks a final 2 with Beth might be okay because the rest of the house never votes for Beth to win.

To be 100% with you,
Beth needs to woman up, show her big brass ovaries, and tell the boys to listen up, you’re going to respect me and my HOH the same way you preached we had to respect Kiefer’s HOH, because honestly, everyone in this game has been carrying your asses, and you are contributing nothing to our success. So shape up and respect my plan.
Beth doesn’t have the chutzpah for such direct and authoritative declaration, but it’s what is required. Would Jed or Ty have dared to challenge LaToya’s authority?

another name

Tera to Tina:
isn’t it odd that Beth, Jed and Kief all used the same words in their explanation for why Ro was chosen for the Wendy’s date?
She’s putting the rat theory she had last week back out there…
Tina is still deflecting, but not as strongly as last week.

Kiefer is volunteering to go on the block if Tera comes down with the veto.

Brey to Beth: okur Vic was like this and like i was like this and staaap then Vic was like f**k f**k f**k Jed and Beth. and I was like… serious. okurrrr. perrriod.
Beth to Brey: totally.
Me: sideye. eyeroll. looks to side and eyerolls again. looks back and shakes my head. Ponders the future of communication. sinks head in shame.

If the backdoor happens who gets credit?
Brey had lowkey been hintbombing since last night.
Tina came up with the idea to get Beth to look at Vic a little less hinty.
If she follows through, Beth does as well.

If the backdoor doesn’t happen who gets credit?
the three sunsetter boys for heightening their chauvanistic tendencies when they are in proximity to one another.
Beth for caving and going to sit in the corner during her own HOH.

Beth is Nicole

Is Beth with Jed or Ty?

Guy From Canada

Jeds with Ty, Beth is just cannon fodder


Clearly, it’s Ty who makes all the calls b/c Jed was initially open to keeping Austin and to backdooring Vic.

Why is it that Ty can see Ro could be aligned with TNT but can’t see that Vic & Keifer are also aligned with them? Like Keifer is the guy bringing you information about TNT constantly — how does he get that if he isn’t close to them?

Cue production setting up a “timed POV” where TPTB picks the winner. Based on this overly produced season my guess is we have a POV featuring Ty, Jed & Vic playing with one of the guys winning it b/c Vic winning would only increase her target & since she’s production’s pet they can’t have that happening.

I’d rather see Ro or even Tera win POV just so we get to see more drama in the conversations about who the re-nom would be. The boys would push for Tina (yeah let TNT see they rank last in the pecking order – really smart guys) or Breydon since Keif would be untouchable.

Bottom line:

If Ro wins POV then a discussion about whether to put Vic up ensues

Ty, Jed, Keifer, or Vic win & noms remain the same.

Breydon does what Beth wants (although he could say screw you all & take down Ro although he doesn’t owe Ro dick b/c of last week)

The interesting scenario is what happens if Tera wins POV – Sure – Ro is likely still the target. But who does Beth put up as the re-nom? If she puts up Tina then she has the ire of both TNT with Ro leaving anyway. If she puts up Brey she loses all credibility with him. If she decides to go with Vic she could say to Vic we can’t afford to piss off both TNT this week & they might work to keep Ro if Breydon goes up whereas I know Keif, Brey, Jed & Ty will keep you. Then they watch her implode and even if Ty, Jed & Keif vote to keep her Brey, TNT don’t & Beth sends Vic out.

Of course, it’s all a moot point b/c production is going to make sure Ty, Jed & Vic get what they want.

another name

well at least they just forgot to put up the noms today sign and it wasn’t more indirect manipulation. At least i’m enthused by that.


Anyone else having issues going back on the feeds to play? I’m able to play live but it just keeps buffering if I try to go back further.

(maybe it’s a sign NOT to watch – lol)

East coaster

Jed, Beth, keif, and ty in HOH. Beth and jed seem to be really pushing to get Vic up on the block or at least backdoor and get rid of her. Holy eff I hope that happens. Keif and ty are still wanting to get Ro out. Especially kief. I hope they get rid of vic honestly. Seeeeeee ya.

another name

Just to close the night the same way I started:

Hey Beth, the remix
Have you noticed that when it’s you and Jed he agrees with you, but the minute another man enters the room, he jumps to their side? It’s happened three times today alone. It even happened after Jed learned Vic said his name as a nom. Usually that’s enough to get Jed adamant that whoever says his name has to be evicted. Guess that only applies when they say Jed and Ty’s names together. Not so much when it’s Jed and Beth. um Hello, Beth.
Have you noticed that getting rid of Ro is only better for the guys game because they don’t actually care that Vic is gunning for you next?
Have you noticed that the Toad is practically shitting tadpoles about Vic going and Ro staying? Maybe think about the motivation the Toad has for that. You know… think. And while you’re thinking about the Toad, maybe listen to the tone of voice he uses with you compared to the tone he uses with Ty and Jed. In the same conversation. If you ain’t hearing it, you is deaf.
This isn’t even bbMath level hard Beth. Think about it.

Should have taken Kyle and Austin and Ro up on their offers over the last four weeks.
Your triangle alliance isn’t a triangle, the other two are just making Loser signs and pointing at you.
You’re still number six in the sunsetters. They even value Tina’s opinion over yours.. And Latoya’s been gone for three weeks. You are valued less than the woman that left 3 weeks ago…. that should STING.
When Kiefer won HOH and the boys thought getting rid of Kyle over Austin was only better for Kiefer, not for the boys… they still went through with it because they said they HAD to respect Kiefer’s wishes as HOH. Are you getting that respect? No, the boys are now pulling the better for the alliance line in earnest.
If Ty is pushing so hard to keep Vic knowing that Vic is going after Beth, you have to consider that Ty might want Vic to go after Beth. He secretly does. And Jed knows this.

Most of the Wednesday Waffles ala Friday have been irrelevant, actually. They are attempting to play out the entire week before the veto comp. The sunsetters constantly do this. Jed and Ty were trying to plan out the next three weeks with oreos.