Beth “This is going to be the dirtiest thing of all time..” Ty “I don’t care she is dirty. She did us dirty!”

Head of Household: Beth
Nominations: (Ro, Tera)
The Power of Veto Players are: Rohan, Tera, Tina, Tychon, Breydon
POwer of Veto Winner: Rohan
Power of Veto Ceremony: ????
Have nots: ?????

*** Rohan won the Power of Veto Competition. He plans to use it on himself and as HOH Beth plans to nominate Victoria as the target.

10pm Sponsor room. Beth and Tera.
Tera – it just embarrassing. Its just embarrassing I don’t think I could have physically done it. Beth – you just need the holding on one. Tera – even then I will probably fart and let go or do something stupid. Beth leaves.

Games room. Tina and Beth.
Beth – were you in a room with you, Tera, Roh, V and Austin? And V said Jed and Beth? Did that happen? And she was threatening to throw my bag and stuff down the stairs? Tina – oh yeah! Beth – that happened? Tina – yeah, I think you came in to get something out of your bag. Beth – I am going to tell her (Vic) that I am going to put up Tina. Tina – I will play it like I’m spooked. Beth – I have wanted to play clean this whole game. This is going to be the dirtiest thing of all time.. but if we stick together. Tina – You came here to play but at the same time you came here to play your game. Beth – I am going to say that I’m putting up Tina and that I’m going to break up the duo (Tina and Tera). Beth says that she can’t wait to see Vic’s face when she puts her up. Beth – I did tell Tera that if she stays we have to collectively get Roh out next week. Tina – oh we will.

10:50pm HOH bathroom. Jed, Ty and Beth.
Beth – its good, people owe us now. Jed – yeah no one owed us sh*t before. We were influencing moves but didn’t make any ourselves. Beth – people are like no I owe you Ty and Jed. Ty – they owe us now. Beth – you guys this is going to be so f**ked! Tera was like is it okay if I acted surprised when you put Vic up? I was like literally do whatever the f**k you want. If you want to act cowardly like that .. sure. Jed – yeah that’s cowardly. Beth – she was like she is going to say the worst things about me sitting next to me on the block. Jed – oh she will. Beth – but at the same time it will be so obvious that Tera is staying. Tina was like just know whatever Vic says it will be in one ear out the other. Jed – it has to be for everyone in the house. She is going to say some crazy sh*t. If Vic says we were in a final four should we deny it? Beth – that was back before Latoya. Ty – we should just deny it. Beth – oh this is so scary. Jed – this is going to be sketch but whatever! ITs going to blow up it is going to get crazy! Beth – it is going to be PERSONAL! Jed – and you’re not taking the heat for all of it. Beth – Breydon was like get ready to see the real Breydon because the second anyone says anything personal he is like pack your bags bit*h! Get out! Man gut feelings were real! We knew Vic was dangerous! Jed – lets just run with it. Ty – you guys are savage! Beth – you are. Jed – this is a huge move. Beth – I said to Tina .. the second this gets out you’re going up with Tera. She was like oh sh*t. Jed – I just had a full conversation with Vic about moving forward without Tera… like this is dark! Ty – I don’t care she is dirty. This is frailty. Take our shot! She did us dirty! We don’t know who she is. All she wanted to do was go to jury. Beth – that’s what she was saying all she wanted to do was go to jury and we’re cutting her short. This is going to be so awesome! Jed – she is going to completely isolate herself when she freaks out. Ty – this move has zero repercussions. Jed – if there is a secret veto … we’re done! They all agree that this is a move that has to be made. This is our only opportunity.

Tina and Tera.
Tera – we can’t be messing with her right now. Whatever she says she wants we have to do. Tina – yes. I told her we had her back because she said if she keeps us safe we have to get Roh out next week. They agree they’re fine with that telling Beth they’re good with that if they’re safe.

12:20am Chess time..

12:55am Sponsor room. Jed and Ty.
Jed – We all knew that Roh was an easy way out. I think deep down we all wanted it to happen like this. Ty – I know, I know! But the fact that it did. Jed – we all just wanted it like we kind of wanted our hand to be forced a little bit. Because if you had won we still have had a choice to make. And its like ahh.. should we do it.. but now its like.. Ty – I don’t think we would do it if I won. Jed – me either. I think we go back on it. Ty – and then we f**k ourselves down that road. Jed – because it would literally be like week two. I bet she would hear about it but it wouldn’t happen and we would get the repercussions. 100%! Ty – oh yeah they would spit that to her next week. Jed – imagine Roh stays and Vic stays .. Roh would tell her everything we were going to do. Ty – and then she would believe them. Jed – that would be terrible. And she’s already been saying our names. Ty – yeah she has to go. There is no doubt in my mind. Jed – I don’t know if it makes me a weak person but its hard to look someone in the face knowing what’s going to happen. Ty – its going to be bad! Jed – she is going to be furious! I think she will get over it eventually but.. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

1:05am The house guests are chatting about the veto competition in the dark..

Easter Sunday at 2:40 pm just turned the Feeds on and they appear to be down for a bit. Possible Power of Veto Ceremony?

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Vic is going to know soon enough karma is a bitch.

Latoya and Austin >>> Vic..


more than likely, i’d rather see Keifer go up

eddie taylor



i flipped

“Go Ro Go”

Feeds Gold

austin last week to vics face…”this was a dirty personal move, whoever did it will get bad karma, what goes around comes around”


ditto above^


QUEEN knew the future!


Poor Vic. Not exactly the BB legend she thought she’d be and I for one couldn’t be happier. Karma baby.

Guy From Canada

Flas backs to season 5 and Nedas behaviour, first jury member ha ha


The arrogance of Neda with her safety. I was so proud of Sindy!!


Ro king of povs <3

Bye Victoria i wont miss u dumb beotch


Im loving beth and ro if ro goes i will root for beth


Rohan is the new James BB6

King <3 <3

Feeds Gold

anyone know if you can simulate bb can seasons 6, 7, 8 or 9 on brantsteele? i was able to simulate season 8 last year, but i cant find links/pages for the last 4 bbcan seasons there now

i just did a brantsteele simulation of bb14…ian out first, dan cuts janelle at f3 taking jodi to f2 to win 5-2…jani won 4 hohs and 5 vetos for 9 comp wins her same totals as bb7

is there a way to add veto comp punishments and the 2 pandoras box twists to s14 as a custom option, including the quarters unleashed in the backyard to play the skill crane game with the winner getting the golden ball of veto at f8 in the simulation of that season?

Marcie Roy

Try archives. They have every season and every show.


I hope vic and kiefer gets evicted on DE night


That would be so sweet!! He and Vic would gain 100 pounds each by finale night lol


Lets go Ro


Beth slaying this dumb pig victoria


Tera utr icon not even the target


Beth is using these boys when shes done with them she will throw them in the trash


hopefully, cause they both suk

Guy From Canada

Did anyone else see the video Latoya posted last night of her, Madeline, jamar, ika, Demetres and poutine poppy in a house party? A city under stay at home orders and they are out partying….so disrespectful……


And people don’t respect cops to tell them what to do. Way to represent Latoya!!

Guy from GTA

Lol Chill, they are all quarantined by BB production for appearances leading up to the finale. Making accusations without any facts is what is disrespectful. 😛


No one should have any unnecessary gathering period


Exactly! This type of behaviour infuriates me. Zero respect for other people’s lives. Shame on all of them but especially Latoya because she’s a “frontline worker” therefore sees it all. One would think ? Bunch of morons!


Quarantine involving Ika and Jamar? I doubt BB commands that type of power over these peoples lives. Don’t they have jobs?

another name

Given Ika’s public condemnation of Global/Canwest ET last summer… I somehow don’t see them salivating for her to make an appearance. She may have been correct in her assessment (I believe she was, personally), but I didn’t see her doing interviews this season, so I think they’ve got her on their no play list.
The fact is that at the moment in the GTA the current advisory is no social public / private gatherings of 5 or more from different domiciles. They are most likely not bringing prejury back for the finale because quarantining them would involve continuing to pay them daily rates (something the production company would be loathe to do), they’ll set up video call like in BB22. Therefore the quarantine for appearance is a presumption, but they are gathering in breach of current health and welfare advisory warning is fact.

Joe Franco

Bunch of morons

another name

Last night was the night both Beth and Brey plotted.
Beth and Jed got it on according to today’s feeds.
Brey snuck over and got in bed with Ty when feeds switched after lights out.

I’m sure Tina and Tera are already discussing how sound travels from the hoh to the destiny bedroom when moaning is involved… but confused how it sounded distorted last night.

Everyone is sort of excited. Ro and Vic received ‘consequences’ for failing to get up after warning from the camgremlins. Don’t know what the consequences are, but if they make it house wide after the number of people that have complained about Vic’s napping… yeesh.

Anyone remember yesterday afternoon when Beth Jed Ty and Kief were discussing and plotting? Did they just forget that Vic was in the HOH shower at the time? Might be why someone wrote a cuss in the steam on the HOH shower glass. She sure showed up quick when it was discovered to act like she knew nothing about it… like almost ripped her mic off on the towelrack quick…. like listening at the door quick.

Suddenly Tweedlepump and Tweedledump have come back to the narrative that this week is for Cappy. Discounted that notion when Beth raised it before Veto boys, so… mmhmm sideye on the play. Kiefer has raised the proposal that any one of them could be used as a pawn to get out Ro. He says for jury management. Oookay. Let’s have some logical assessment here: So Kief proposes that if one of the 4 is HOH (meaning they now have 3 votes) another of the 4 should be the pawn (meaning they are down to 2 votes) in order to get Ro out… when the house is down to the final 8. So at a time when there will be 5 votes, Kiefer is saying lets give away our control of a 3-2 vote situation. I’m waiting for someone to realize the BBmath error. Jed was in the conversation, so I’m going to be waiting a while.

Ro, Tera and Tina have followed through with the plan to tell the sunsetters that they will put each other on the block next week. Tera is saying Ro. Ro is saying Tera. Tina is saying this is hypothetical so it’s not a lie so I’m comfortable with it.

Remember when the toad cowered for his life and fake cried about being bullied and intimidated Week Two, saying he feared that Ro was going to physically attack him?
Today his royal flatulence, when confronted with the idea that Ro may be on the edge of calling the Toad out, says, “He doesn’t have the stones.” So which is it? The fake I feared for my life to try to get the sympathetic victim fan support, or the cock of the walk he’d never step to me ego talk we get now?
I’d suggest performing a test. Let’s see if Kiefer is really as brave as he’s talking now. Let’s have someone steal Tera’s darts and say Kiefer did it. Let’s see how brave he is when he’s confronted with all 12 days of Christmas all at once.

Beth thought veto ceremony was in an hour… 2 hours and a bit ago. Ro insists that according to his flowchart, the ceremony won’t be until tomorrow. Gee, they held it Sunday last week. What’s the haps there BB? Then again, feeds have been down for 55 minutes… so we’ll se what’s going on soon.

In terms of this weekend and staffing and oddities to pattern in the past 11 days: if they follow the same contract I had when I worked pre-production for a couple different series, then the past while has been wonky because they are trying to lessen the overall hours of staff in terms of how much they have to pay them in holiday pay. The old contract was an average of the number of hours worked over the previous 28 day period equaled how many hours you were given in holiday pay, not the hours you worked on the actual day x2 or 2.5. But I admit that contract was before the last federal changes to allowable banked hours and overtime / vacation pay, so I don’t know if that still holds true. It’s been a while.

another name

Okay. I’m still sort of laughing.
The Ty Jed kitchen talk:
J: Sealed the deal last night.
T: whu?
J: sealed the deal.
T: with what?

c’mon Ty. Beth by Sealy Posturepedic in the HOH room, and ur asking with what???
Damn Ty, good thing ur good at comps… oh. Good thing you’ve got those show muscles.
You were the smart one…. what do you think he sealed the deal with? the toilet brush?
I mean c’mon Ty, you’ve already been flritmancing (in order) Austin, Beth, Brey and Vic… and Kief was in the room with you last night, so who does he think?

Maybe this is why Ro wants to keep Ty around, and get rid of Jed out of the duo.
Well that and Ty IS sorta looking like a comp chump.

Joe Franco

Hopefully Beth still puts up loudmouth Vic and doesn’t Chicken out or listen to Ty and Jed.
Please Beth don’t say anything to the weasel (Kiefer)
Arrivaderci Vic.
So much for being a BB legend!!!


OMG RoSHOW won the veto! Going to be a fun week.

another name

Feeds return after 2 hours of feed blocks for… absolutely no reason. But hey, my Easter dinner was ready by that time anyway, so no big deal.

Tera and Tina are discussing being on to Kiefer, and Kiefer making a personal vendetta with Ro for no real reason. They have figured out Vic as invisible HOH screwed them over to get in with the boys that will ditch her in Toya vengeance.

They seem to have figured out the house dynamic.
When Tera grasps the subtle nuances of the house dynamic better than you…. grimace. Hey Ro, you could have used some TNT logic last week. Durp.

D’oh. Tera used to be a puckbunny and dated a Leaf back in the day.


I’m super not up to date on Beth’s romanceS ….. She was totally boning Jed? Now she’s onto Ty? And Jed is chill about it and continues to be a part of this “triangle??” ,


I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to like Vic. Her life story, her career now etc but wow did she take her power to the next level! I’m always down for a good shakeup and\or power moves but she has become evil ? ……. Like really mean! And then on top of that, NOT nominating the boys ….. Like WTF ??????
Karma karma karma …… Bummer thought, I did like her.