Frenchie “Am I seriously the only one that’s been arrested here?”

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HOH: Frenchie
SAFE: Derek F, Britini, Azah
HAVENOTS: Xavier, Christian, Sarah and Alyssa
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Christian
– Christian also saved Xavier
Nominations: Kyland Travis and Alyssa
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Frenchie, Alyssa, Travis, DerekX, Tiffany | HOST = DerekF
Power of Veto: Derek X
Power of Veto Ceremony: DerekX used the veto on Kyland. Frenchie nominated Travis

WILDCARD Winner: the winner will also be safe for the week (just the winner, not the winner’s team). With this reward there is risk. If the winning HG chooses to accept safety for the week, it will result in a punishment that may affect them, their team, or the entire house.

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8:25pm – 9:20pm Living room. The house guests are playing the never have I ever game.
Xavier – never have I ever had an@l.
Never have I ever been arrested. Frenchie – am I seriously the only one that’s been arrested here? Big Brother blocks the feeds.
Never have I ever had s*x in a movie theatre. Alyssa – Oh my god, I just said that I would want to.
Xavier – never have I ever had s*x in my parents bedroom.
Whitney is up to 40 or something.
Frenchie – Never have I ever f**ked a guy.
Big D – Never have I ever used a s*x toy.
Claire – Never have I ever worked in a retail store.
Brent – Never have I ever used a whip in bed. Whitney – you guys are lame. I’m on 30 now ..this round. Frenchie – if you’re not leaving marks you’re not creating sparks.
Sarah – Never have I ever had more than one cavity.
Whitney – Never have I ever been away from North America.
Big D – Never have I ever made out with someone in public.
Britini – in the first 80, I only put down 12. I am the ultimate winner for both rounds.. and I’m not lying.

9:25pm – 9:40pm The switch to playing charades.
The first category is animals. Then the impersonate each other. Disney movies. Telephone.

Big Brother gives them 6 beer and 2 bottles of wine. “You ready to get f**ked up!?” Frenchie – ohh, its coors what the hell!?

9:50pm They’re now playing a detective, mafia, nurse game.

10:07pm Kitchen. Big D and Kyland.
Big D – He is like my person. I didn’t think I was going to get emotional but yeah I do. Just today. I think its day by day. Kyland – it literally just hits. Big D – This is a mental game and I have to remember that this is only day 7. Like I am trying to make it far. It might be a week and I might be like I’ll make it easy on you. Kyland – no, lets not. Big D – I just miss him. Its hard not having him around. I want to fight and see how far I get but this is crazy. And thinking about how many changes will happen when we get back home… I don’t know what I am going to do. He talks about his friends being the three gay musketeers.

10:15pm – 10:30pm Storage room. Kyland talking to the cameras..
Kyland – WILD! But fortunately Derek X came through and I definitely want to come through for him. And fortunately things are moving around in a way that, that is possible. So I am super stoked for that. Its weird like I just had my birthday here .. its my dream. My 30th birthday. This is a dream to be here. And now here I am. When they were singing happy birthday to me I got emotional because its like …….. this is stupid I shouldn’t be emotional right now. I looked around at the people here and its only week one but it feels like its been a month. I love all these people here and it sucks we have to vote someone out this week. We know everyone’s hopes and dreams… think about two of your friends that you know their hopes and dreams and now you actively have to crush their dreams. I just can’t imagine .. I wish I could explain how much harder it is when you’re in here. Derek X made a comment about how he felt like everyone was out to get him… that’s because they are. Only one person can win.

10:35pm Living room. Christian and Alyssa are having a hard time with being havenots. Brent lets them smell his crackers. Alyssa – I had mustard, pickles and pepper for dinner. Christian – I could eat my thumb. When he ate his taco my knees were shaking. He (Xavier) is working out and eating just as much and I am suffering. I need food!

10:50pm – 11:40pm They’re playing the mafia, detective, nurse game again.. Frenchie is the narrator. Brent takes over narrating. Brent – this is my first time. Tiffany – figure it out! We’ve been playing for two hours. Brent – I’ve been dead two times. Tiffany – Even I understand how to play now.

12am The havenots can eat! Christian, Alyssa, Sarah and Xavier finally get to eat again. Alyssa – I think I might cry! Xavier – I don’t know what food tastes like anymore.. They head into the storage room. Xavier – kings don’t die! Alyssa – no more havenots, next week HOH!

12:10am Brent and Whitney.
Whitney – so if our side were to win I think we need to come together on who would go up. I just want it to be a group decision .. I love Frenchie but he didn’t consult with us. It just bothers me because if you’re in an alliance, what is the point if you’re just going to do things on your own. So together we need to come up with a solution. Brent – absolutely. Whitney – who do you have in mind from the other side of the house? Brent – So I would never tell Frenchie who I am putting up because he has promised all these girls .. so I am just going to put Britini and SB (Sarah Beth) up. Because Britini and SB are both sweethearts which they probably are but they are both insanely intense when they need to be. Whitney – and Britini is super intelligent and athletic. Love her so much but. Brent – and she knows the game. It has to be a girl that goes home because if we don’t the girls will have another vote. Whitney – I agree. I want it to be Claire. I don’t trust her. Brent – she tried to make an alliance with me.

12:25am Brent, Frenchie and Big D.
Brent – I definitely think the play would be that a girl would go home next week to keep the numbers even. Frenchie – who though? Brent – we need to do some infiltrating. Ky is buddy buddy with all of them so maybe he knows. Frenchie – I might know a little bit. Who do you think would be a threat and I will tell you yes or no. Brent – Britini. Frenchie – no. I can tell you right now she is just having fun. Brent – well she is very passionate, knows the game and is athletic. Frenchie – she definitely knows the game but she is just having fun. And I am not just saying this because she is on my team. We need someone who could later on down the road f**k us. Derek X joins them. Brent – it has to be a female. We can’t send another guy home. They talk about putting up Claire. Brent – and who with her? SB? They agree they will wait till the HOH to talk about it more.

12:45am – 1am Bathroom. Claire, Travis and Tiffany.
Travis – about the game, I would not let me go out unanimously because you want to install a little spice. One or two of them so that you can blame them on Derek X. Tiffany – I will do it and blame it on him. Travis – I definitely have some spice to throw down tomorrow. I want to talk to Frenchie and Brent. I would like to potentially sway his team vote. To sway Brent and at least half of his team. I only need 7 votes and you are three. If I get four other votes I just need 3 other votes my teammates. Tiffany – right now my vote is going with Alyssa. I don’t want to upset anybody. Travis – so I need to flip him on what he wants and then I will come back to you. Tiffany – Frenchie being HOH I am voting how he wants. Christian to Claire – is that the same for you? Claire – pretty much. Tiffany – if Frenchie asks you who you would put up if you stayed and won HOH? Travis – Christian. Tiffany – good you need to know the answers to these questions. Who else? You need to have 3 people.

2:00 am Travis, Kyland and DerekX
DerekX – are things looking good for you?
Travis – I have nailed down 4 rock-solid agenda points to bring up tomorrow
Travis – the agenda points I have, it looks like a no f***ing brainer for him. I’m only bringing it to Frenchie I’m a target in the house right now and everyone has already agreed and is comfortable with me going home
Kyland and DerekX leave, Claire and Tiffany join Travis.
Tiffany about DerekX – I trust him and I love him to death but… French has a lot of influence over him
Tiffany suggesting he distance himself from DerekX and make Frenchie think that you would put him on the block.
Travis – Frenchie is in love with the guy (BRent)
Travis – Frenchie is like the little kid that tugs on his shorts and goes I love you papa
Tiffany – I think BRent is playing Frenchie like a violin because he’s HOH this week
Travis – Yup I agree Brent is a very direct upfront person though
Tiffany – he’s in here to win this game not make best friends.
Travis – Frenchie runs this house right now
Tiffany – he’s HOH
Travis – his demeanor the way everyone shuts up when he talks
Tiffany – he is the first HOH you haven’t seen another person become HOH come Thursday someone else’s ass..
Travis – all the little girls are scared of him regardless if he’s HOH or not. Sarah Beth eats and laughs out of his hand. She’s scared of him. He’s like a f*ing father figure
Tiffany – that’s the power of the HOH. If she won the HOH everyone would eat out of her hands.. How many seasons have you seen
Travis – no.. I’m no answering
Tiffany – Okay

Travis was suggesting they can get Brent to work with them. He’s developing a close relationship with him.
Tiffany – I want you to be careful. Frenchie is his guy. Brent’s already got a boyfriend his booty belongs to someone else.
Tiffany – Frenchie has sway and swayed him to his side
Travis – Brent is playing his ass
Tiffany – he is not going to leave Frenchie until Frenchie leaves this house.
Tiffany – it benefits him to keep you over ALyssa you need to figure out a way to convince him (Frenchie)
Travis mentions that Xavier is in love with Alyssa.

they head to bed..

2:07 am Meeting Whitney, DerekX, Brent, Hannah
Brent is saying Christian will always be a HUGE target over him
DerekX – what if Christian wins?
Brent – then i’ll work my magic with him. He knows I’m tight with Frenchie and he kjnws the numbers will be in my favour.. I’ll say if you do this you’ll upset a lot of people ..
Brent says he might not gun for HOH. Mentions if He goes up against Frenchie Franchie will stay because everyone likes him more.
hannah brings up the girls alliance how she doesn’t think it’s forming because they never work.
Whitney – I don’t trust Claire
Hannah – Claire really just sits around
Brent – Look at Brit, Claire look at Alyssa.. they’re not talking game.
Brent goes on about not being able to win HOH because everyone will see him and Frenchie as running the house.
Brent is worried that because he’s so close to Frenchie the house will put them both up.

2:40 am Brent, Whitney, Frenchie and Xavier
Brent saying he’s trying to get DerekX off the Christian scent because Christian is in their alliance.
Frenchie – if I was approached by 1/2 the opposite side of the house.. It was literally the other half of the house. Should I say F*** it do it take all that information fro the slaughterhouse
Frenchie says sending DerekX home this week was stupid
BRent agrees.
Frenchie and Brent suggest using Azah as a pawn
Frenchie – I don’t think she would be comfortable at all
Brent – no one will vote her out
Frenchie – Azah won’t even tell me what is said in the Diary room
BRent going on about how Claire is the biggest threat out of their choices. HE says they can’t go put up someone from their alliance as a pawn it’ll shatter their alliance people will stop trusting each other.

Brent suggests that they start to separate a bit with Frenchie the house is seeing them as too close. At first Brent was Frenchie’s target then they developed this relationship. “it’s good they don’t see us.. like what Alyssa is doing with Christian”

Frenchie – Everyone distancing themselves from me as soon as teh VETO Ceremony happened I’m not supid I’ve been noticing more pow wows with other people and i’m not even brought into the loop in any of those.
BRent – DerekX is being loyal to me
BRent was trying to get DerekX to not target Chritian
Frenchie – everyone is saying they are loyal to everybody
BRent – the alliance comes first we have to start eliminating people we can’t make BIG promises the Alliance has to come first.
Whitney says she will even put Britini up if that is what the alliance needs even though they are close.
Brent warns that Kyland is “Canoodling” and massaging everyone not in their alliance
Brent – once a snake always a snake you can keep them in your garden but make sure ou know where they are
Frenchie – who is DerekX putting up if he wins HOH
BRent – anybody we want
Xavier – he’s on the outside and wants anyway to come in.

Brent – I’m going wioth the narative that a girl alliance is being made. hannah was really hammering it in
Frenchie – What the f** do you think I just brought up to you?
Frenchie – i’m telling you it’s f**ing happening you’re not listening to me
Frenchie – I’m going off proof. I was asked to be in it that’s what I’m telling you
(Classic frenchie the clown forms a all girls alliance then say the girls came to him askign him to join)
Frenchie – Listen to me.. I’m telling you now
BRent – I didn’t know they asked you to be in it. If you won HOH who would you nominate them
Frenchie – easily
Xavier – that’s when you draw the line
Frenchie says when the girls want to make it official he’ll pull them all up into his HOH room and tell on of them it’s happening. They can then put their ear against the door, “Just listen”
Brent – I would love to walk in afterward then they’ll get scared.
Frenchie – I will know everything.. I will know the targets everything.. something we can prepare for every single week. NONE of them are going to get teh veto or any important sh1t. there’s no way a group like that will get Veto and HOH every week.
Frecnhie – the only reason I am beign asked is becuase I am HOH after that I will be expendable
Brent – we have all the numbers people lie numbers do not.. Math never lies..

3:11 am Frenchie the clown and Whitney
Frenchie asks her if she thinks they are on the top of their alliance list.
Whitney doesn’t see it happening and thinks it’ll be Brent and Xavier.
Whitney – you, me and CHrsitian will be the first three blocked off
Whitney thinks BIGD will be kept around because they don’t see him as a threat.
Frenchie – are you going to let them pluck us off so we will go home and waste our time here..
Frenchie says it was Claire that started the girls alliance.
Frenchie sounds pissed about bRent saying they need to distance themselves because people are talking
Frenchie – nobody is talking about that I’m not DUMB.. nobody is F***ING worried about that.. he’s worried about it not me
Ehitney – he’s scared and over analyzing
Frenchie – more sh1t is going on than they are telling me
Frenchie – I’m not an idiot I’m a smart person I can tell when something is going on. I see who is together
Frenchie – why do you think you being one of the most powerful women in this house.. And me they think I’m a wild card now.
Frenchie says he’s going for the safety comp this week.
Whitney – you are safe in our alliance if they f** us I won’t work with them anymore and I’ll tell everyone about the alliance
Whitney – you are my final two
Frenchie – same
Whtine – and I love Britini to death
Frenchie – same

4:05 am The glue alone
I hate having to sacrifice my morals It’s a fun though. Its as fun as I thought it would be and I’m as good as I thought I would be. I just really miss y’all. I didn’t get a letter this week It kinda broke my heart a little bit.
I did it though I got a meathead outta the house.. week one everything I said I would do.


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Houka Inumuta

I’m very impressed by Sarah. She has to be one of the greatest players of all time.

How is it possible that she aligned with every single person in the house.

Alyssa, Christen, Frenchie, Tiffany, both Derek F and X, Kyland, Hannah, Brent, Azah, Xavier, Travis, Claire, Whitney, Brent and Britini all are working with her which means whoever wins the HOH she’s 100% safe which means she has an easy way to victory.


Ok…let’s put a pin on this comment 7 days into the season!! One of the greatest players ever?…Hahahaha

No one on the season has done anything yet to be considered great. And they’re all aligned with each other at this point!

Golden Gate Granny

Whoops… lol. You got Houka’d.


How come everyone seems to dislike Whitney? Did I miss something? I kinda like her. Hoping she plays smart. Stay away from the guys and focus!


ive heard other hg’s say she wins comps and is opinionated

Sir Kirby Williams

Claire told the cameras that Whitney didn’t believe in Sandy Hook. I don’t think anyone else heard any of it. Could be Claire blowing smoke. Feeders automatically painted Whit as guilty.


A – being close to Frenchie
B – Claire saying that Whitney told her Sandy hook wasn’t real

Golden Gate Granny

If no one can produce a timestamp on her saying that, I’m not gonna put her in the same box of despicable as Margorie Taylor Green just yet. If she did say that? Cut her at the 3. (That’s the harshest BB cut)

double d

Do the houseguest check their brains at the door??? Do they not know how to play BB? What the hell is this “Got to get a girl out next week to make it even?” You get out the person who is in your way to $750,000…male or female. Make big moves now before the alliances get solidified. As history has shown, it will come back to haunt you.


People like to make easy distinctions in the early rounds, provided those distinctions are in their favor. It’s a major factor in why old folks and minorities were often early targets in previous seasons. They stood out.

Now that this HoH is over people are trying to see where everyone is really leaning before making long term plans with half the house.


Is Travis really staying this week?

I don’t see why people wouldnt want to just vote him out right now he’s a massive threat!


It’s a major factor in why old folks and minorities were often early targets in previous seasons. They stood out.”

This is an absolute despicable lie and anyone can check this claim and see it’s false


Ha! We knew it would happen (see previous page) Brent is already trying to distance from GC and the new HOH hasn’t even occurred. GC isn’t oblivious to what B is doing so how long will it take for GC to completely implode & try to place a target on B?

Brent is on a warpath to get out a female with Claire the primary target (SB/Britini secondary) which are players I personally want to stick around. The only good thing is he’s saying “I can’t win HOH or people will say GC/I are running the house. (um – you’re essentially telling them you are already so that shouldn’t surprise you!)

GC outed the “French Kiss” alliance that HE created (SHOCKER — NOT) & all the girl’s reluctantly agreed to be part of. He’s walking on thin ice here b/c he’s blaming Claire for creating it & IF when that intel gets shared he’ll be buried as the girls can blow up his game & then the next domino would be all the other alliances he created being outed. (Visions of Devin 2.0).

I’m not necessarily a fan of Travis but if I had my druthers I’d like for the news about GC outing “French Kiss” & blaming Claire to get out today — then all the females (except Whitney & prob Hannah) band together & vote to keep Travis to prove there is no all female alliance. TOUCHE GCB! If that happens Derek X & one other vote (Ky?) keeps Travis.

Here’s hoping Claire wins HOH b/c that will only serve to make the above situation explode giving us ample live feed drama (and hopefully the exit of Brent).


Sorry for the lack of morning updates our Tuesday and Wednesdays morning and afternoon updates are going to be slow coming this year.


It would help if the houseguests did anything worth updating. Take the afternoon off, they sure did!


That’s quite alright. Sometimes things get in the way. Maybe the excessive interruption of the live feeds can be timed to when you are not able to watch & update, lol


Does anyone know why Frenchie did not get his HOH letter from home?


First HOH never gets a letter

Golden Gate Granny

We’re super close to the end of week one and I gotta say… so far I really like this cast o’ hamsters. TPTB should of canned Kass many seasons ago!



I’ve been saying that for years
b) increase prize money
c) reduce twists

2 outta 3 ain’t bad